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NADDPOD Live in Manchester (Raiders of the Lost Croak)


This is a head Gum podcast welcome to the campaign pain after the campaign. This is not another podcast. Welcome back to a whom you everyone. I am your dungeon your master. Brian Murphy joined by Jake Hurwitz. Hard one sure. Foots emily expert main enchants sweet Lou last with a saddest SAS kickin ass pink and Cap. And of course Caldwell Tanner Beverly Togo the fifth an absolute mad lad. Add who goes around collecting. We're out tonight. I love it all right. The guys. Let's get right into it. So this is going to be a non canonical canonical side. Quest starring the band of boobs They are between adventures right now. Kind of just chilling on the storm born bumping some tunes and so you guys have any tunes in mind that you were bumping. I keep trying to suggest weird Al Bear and get shutdown that's right he's Sunni but we're trying to just hang out you always you always just keep saying it's funny because it's about food and we were like we know. I just think some of the parodies are funnier than the original all songs. It's the twenty first time it's actually not funny. Any of the parodies are funnier than the original song. They have. Yes sometimes sometimes a better quality to pursuit of crappy INNIS. It's funny it's about the toilet. It does take cutty a long time to get into it surprisingly long intro to that song on routes fault would you have any ideas for songs we should play. We're playing a teenage dirtbag by Huitus. Do you mean green teen dirtbag dirt. It's the the same song except they apologized for being dirty. So you guys are flying over the sea along along the western edge of Behobia your day drinking. It's still early. The Sun reflects off the beautiful Blue Ocean. And it's calm waves AIDS. Seabirds are flying alongside your boat while chubby little puff ins flowed over the below. No seat does know where she's he's I awaken puffins. I was afraid this might happen. Aw and yet I put in. There wasn't it is an eight hour casting time to awaken up oven. I did stock for eight hours. Can we hours. It's a walk in day. You guys take a full morning and afternoon you are. You fly super low you you snatch up a puppet casting it up. I was saying this is the best. Okay I'm not stealing you. I'm awaking. Look this bird looks attractive to me flying away from hard one and two moonshine I have a relationship with his birds. uh-huh come to me. You cast awaken. It takes a full a full day. It is evening. It's like four o'clock puff. It is as intelligent as normal human now adding super smart puff into my character Sweet Bravo. The POPPIN awakens he goes. I feel I feel stress now. It feels kind of wasted flying around trying to eat fish and stuff I give him a sword. This is still far too heavy for me. I give him. My sword starts to fly away. Yeah I can keep this now. I know she got same. Same factor. Abed you super smart puffer. Now what's your name a puppet. I guess I never really had a name. Do you WanNa give me one. Aw I awaken you so you can choose your own name. I was GONNA say Peter but that's the way better. I guess the Big One Peter in the and it's perfect because this ration- tasteful your poet his my name is Peter Peter's guys after a bit you see different tape of bird a raven flutters up to the deck. It is not cost. Don't even ask his best life or in a raven flutters up to the deck with a little note tied around its foot and Peter Goes. That's fine you you have no time to your foot. Here's a smart bird. This whole thing. Language read because I've averaged intelligence. Do you know how to just because I talking too. silly voice doesn't mean dumb motherfucker. I pick up my hammer. UH-HUH I step back. Go ahead be gone me. Mom hard-won me. May I hold my hammer. Sometimes you get one by a bird how it happens so beverly early grabs the note. You enroll the note and it reads to my dearest poorest. The dirty little friends over to your right out is there. In as if it were a Comma Dhamma I study it and accept that this is a normal thing and right now. I'm learning every day. I write to you in crisis honestly wouldn't reach out to you. Otherwise could you imagine me reading Yugoslav letter the WHO. Wow that one was cat all cap anyway since the hostile takeover of glade in home by the Creek owns my family has revisionist history. I rip up the letter. My family has lost out on a number of investments if things continue as they stand now. We're at risk at becoming only the eleventh richest family and all of aw that would take out of the top ten seeing as we are on the verge of being destitute I have found something that could save my family. There is a temple on our summer island that it's too dangerous and dirty to explore without some poor people with me. If you will hate me in this quest share eric cut of the treasure with you. There is said to be an idol. They're made made of pure Arcane mccain-graham in ancient element that could create powerful spell components. If you declined to help I'll probably just hire some mercenaries and take the treasure all for myself self enough to like us a wis spells. I can wish to end world poverty. AK- get rid of all the poor people who ran Dan. This letter is a threat. He threatens to make poor people disappeared disappear if we don't help him stakes I'M NOT GONNA lie if we enter into this contract. He's a world where we just keep everything for ourselves. I'm not above it. Accidentally lose him in a cave. No problem what do you think Peter. I really have no context for this relationship. Oh really really cause. That letter was really a letter was rude. Is there any reason you would help a person with speed you like that although it sounds like access to powerful spells you know. I don't know the council Peter Buff it never fails to help the old noodle get moving leader. Peter Leader Peter. I think you're right. We should help him know. Peter Peter would you like a tiny fish. It was down there looking for food. That's pretty much all I did before but now I think about how to wake up tomorrow. And they don't really have a purpose in life. I take I take fish and I dip it in creek water entire ease it immediately. We start seizing. This is actually because I don't have to worry about anything for like six hours down. Jealous as Peter puffins seizes on the deck of the storm. Born you guys travel west into the sea leaving the coast behind you. Remember that when King Selling R. E. R. Win win stepped down after a peaceful uprising by the citizens of glade home. He fled in shame to his quote Unquote Summer Castle on a private island highland when he left so did a lot of the other royals and rich folks around glade home including Ren and his family so you see as you fly west I you eventually find land and this is not a single island. This is a series of them. You see there is a huge one with with a replica of glade. Home Castle overlooking the sea. This looks to be the Kings Island. You see him out on a private patio sparring and full gold plate mail L.. Too Tall Frog in the water tip. Toeing the candlelight dinner is he getting worse I think I broke his spirit. Yeah you see. An attendant is sparring against him. Clearly having to like dive at his rapier to get hit but the only island and that comes close to this splendor is wrens. You see a beautiful keep with glass. Windows built atop a cliff overlooking the ocean out on the balcony is a bear prints style infinity hot tub that turns into a steamy waterfall. You see various bungalows outdoor taverns and communal spaces on the beach Hael's lounging about probably lesser members. Rans family line friends. You also see rand down on the beach waving for you. Come down here my friends. Hey Peter Leader will you shit on that guy's head. It's not really so much a puppet thing but I could. It's actually more of abandoned boobs things. So yeah you want to send you're GONNA go shit on rents head Ed. I'm going to but I am going to cast Mao strong on the hot tub. I'm just getting the hot TUB. Fills deals with disease and bubbles over Peter flies over and lets out a tiny shit on Iran Atta boy. Oh what no ooh buffets. Don't do. This started ornithology for like so long guys lands down on the beach. Each you see that ran still wearing the royal colors of glade Home Silk Robe in purple and gold and Silver He. He looks super tanned and relaxed just like well rested and he runs up to you. Oh my God it's been terrible here. Tell us us all. We'll we had ten homes before but now we only have nine in hell. Yeah Yeah we've literally you mean like like a Walmart or something not indistinguishable uh you see as he welcomes you. He goes like okay. Well you guys are my honored guests so could so many just so fresh tells Ooh you see what do I need to tell this. Moment brand looks super confused at Beverly. Beverly would understand. What do you mean you don't need a towel? How just just take the towels you take it? It's a it's a question. How not only change into the towel and air elemental brings brings a towel over to moonshine? Starts getting naked. Oh my God am I doing great. I also get naked and put on a towel. This is not okay. Do it that way where you put the towel on. I sure yeah commute to clarify you really is sixteen painstakingly. Put the towel around you. Take your full suit of plate. Ah The airline mental helps elemental. This feels we're the you don't get paid to thank Sir Beverly's feeling way too and hold on this island. Yeah this just feels like going on vacation. You're just like this is just what happens. Ren Waves to an Elf. That looks a lot. Like Cam you met Rennes father. When he tried to dismiss the Creek Elm Sprung glade home? He's this high Elf with this long long severe face slicked back. Silver Hair with knows just permanently pointed up in a scoff. I ran goes father reformer. You need to meet these people. Everyone this is my father Rin. Can I can charge at him and be like it's a quick takeover. Just kidding didn't hey John's happened. You see Rin fully shits himself upon seeing a Creek Elvin elven towel running at him saying it's a great takeover more towels here. It's more towels over here. You see Rin looks kind of confused will. You're not hios so presumably your the help so you go get some fresh towels who you're talking. He's talking to all three of you. It's actually good. We're going to need to do something to train this. One points. Want to Goof fresh tells and whatnot we usually have those. We need to enchant whatnot. We've been meaning to Colin's some dwarf interest in you. Get down behind him. Somebody bound possum. This dude falls is over. Ran Goes New Papa. Thir- here who we got Komo was on who I stuck. I stick the tells in my ears back back here to go with me to the temple. They're gonNA help Fitch the idol. We're GONNA make a lot of money. Oh you see ren turns you. Oh you're going going to help us make money welcome you. You'll have to come to dinner later. We're going to have puffing and put the towel and Peter's years what busy talking about why people eat a quiet gentle some more. This have some more of this creek fish. Start seizing again. They'll be fine. Yes I guess. We're here to help you locate an idol or something. Yeah we're here sort of as mercenaries definitely gonNA take our could our share. Obviously you'll have to combine spend some time in the infinity harder if you're an investor. I've three ghost daddy's that would love some time just privacy. You'll take a shower before we come up because you have shit yourself hoping there some got a decorum there was hoping someone would just bring me a fresh talent. But it looks like we're GONNA have to ask for one even though I've shit myself so clearly kinda just rolls down the leg. When you're when you're wearing a robe it's on the beats honestly kind of the problem so outsor- yeah? What is high of cuisine cuisine that you know that your business is so runny just puffing really okay? What's talking to that? They ran goes own Pablo. I don't know if we'll make it back in time for dinner. We might be gone all the way until dessert. We're going on an adventure you see. He whips off his robe. And he's wearing a full Silk Indiana Jones outfit. Aw that looks like my Halloween costume. What ran you can take my towel? Because I've actually never been dryer. The once once fertile land played an ren puts on a big hat who let's go king rents friends Out Hold on. I asked for the Air Mentos to get me a matching suit. They conjure up a Little Indiana Jones outfit outfit for you. Is there a whip. Yeah Okay Cool. Attach my story to be into the web. Check this out. It's just the way forward. Just like the storage clangs onto the ground disappears into the sand. We've found a good fruit tree three though you could just go nuts with that and make some fruit salad. Absolutely hell bent on losing your sword. Peter can you go get my sword. The Laura I guess Peter Flags over and grabs a sword. I of the perspective. This is expensive. Magic item. I doc excel this. Give me twenty goals role. Fly Away with it. Get Me Twenty Gold Twenty goal a little keep change on me. I just grab worth like twenty platinum. The this is this. Is Peter Hat. Now we'll have you for dinner later. What's he talking about So readily off. I'm you guys have been hanging out on the beach. I'm this area that has been heavily. Affected by Magic Rennes. Family has used it to build the various various structures all around it but now ren inlet leads you a deeper into the island and you enter a jungle this forest of deep green with a lush canopy overhead. Just a little bit of sunlight poking out and lighting your way. Eventually you arrive at the stairs. There's stone temple. The temple looks to be built into the side of a mountain. But it's impossible to see the whole thing because it's covered in Moss and leaves all you see. He is this long stairway leading to an archway over the door. There is a carving of a bully would king but it doesn't look quite like the swamp bully works you saw in Moonstone. It looks like a combination of Creek Bollywood's swamp bully works and scully wogs like some. I'm kind of frogman under the carving of the frog. I you see something written in a strange language. It's actually it kind of close to Elvis so anyone who knows. Elvis can make a history checker intelligence tech and tried to decipher what it says. I roll in inland virtual England. Baby Sir intelligence check because they're so classy here so so I get a plus zero to this. I went ahead and rolled. And I've got a net. Can you read. Can you read Elvis. I can wow. Aw Beverly you fully know the Bollywood language and you see that the script says you can stop ants. You can squash bugs but be kind to Golliwog jolly only works. These must be a distant ancestor of bully. Wads look at that things teeth. My God. How are the teeth? Can you describe the teeth to us. The teeth breath are perfect. There are too many of them. How often there and of course Tom Cruise perfect center tooth got? It's so strange. It's so centered their sippy to their perfectly symmetrical. How dare you to Gut Dan Symmetrical? We're we're up against too much. Turn around and go home. I can't go up against these smiles. Some say that pillow himself gave him that perfect center to get piller was an orthodontist was. That's how we made all honey indeed going to medical school all seemed too much work. Fuck you okay. So I think going up the he stares ran it seems like since. You're sort of the leader here. You should go first. Here's the thing I have been here before but then I saw a frog. There was like yeah. I think you should walk. I yeah go ahead and give me a persuasion. Check with disadvantaged Kim Baba make regular sure Baba gets in front and really starts Lord only mind fine you guys have only rolled twenty so far right I roll the twelve. I yeah. I'm not rolling anymore. I'm done so rennes going to have to go so yeah with you swore the poor people by my side. I'm invincible and devil may care Ren runs right into this temple. You see he disappears over the last stare and you hear you instantly. You're just rocks moving and violence and explosions. Okay follow quickly. Yeah we run out. Yeah we run after end. Everyone be careful that stare Daw Separa- Rin step. You guys run in you see. That ran is already fighting his fighting a giant stone aunts that looks like some kind of Ghalem a giant Stone Lady Eighty bug and there is also a stone Golliwog this like bullying looking this bully. Walk Looking Guard and you see around the room. I mean you're drawn to this because like ren is already going to roll to see how close to dead. He is because he's you guys it's fine. We can hear almost better him than US guys. Run into this throne room. You See. It's about two hundred feet long. You see it has extremely tall ceilings. He goes up and up and up. You see on the other side of the room. There's a another long staircase that goes up to a platform where an empty throne sits a two lit sconces on each side on the walls. You can see intricate carvings of these great gully was FG warriors carrying spears fighting different giant versions of bugs menacing butterflies ants and ladybugs with huge mantles dripping with poison. And then you also see on the wall behind the throne is a carving of the Golliwog King Riding a huge Dragon Turtle And you see the phrase. He'd the ancient words under him and ran. Is you see this lady bug and aunt like aunt has ren pains down and the lady bugs just like pounding on him with giant stone fast slowed jess. I need a real quick recount of the scully. Work that you can do this. You can do that but be nice to go and stop and you you can squash bugs but be okay so everyone just go go after everything because there's a couple of stone columns whereas one stone Golliwog who is not attacked Ranya role initiative roll the net one a bitter applause that one hurts to hear my initiative a seventeen sixteen in age and initiative suites. Now the let me see how much rent has gotten fucked Ren Ren has gotten hit by every attack. No you're silks your siltser ripped and gnashed ran has been hit for seventy damage. You See. He's just on the ground. Seizing who I regret my whole life. You look utterly destitute down there grow That's your turn man. You know okay. I'M GONNA run towards wear the are attacking him and and how motherfucker I'm GONNA him right. You know what I'm GonNa Throw him away from them then cast Gertie major myself. I'M GONNA run towards it. Throw him away fungal form. That means Papa will at least get an attack. How so Papa Lady Bird got a great and have you guys? Have you only rolled crit so far chapters thing. Yeah I know but he got a twenty on his check so a stent like pretty pretty much everything that has happened so far. You have cred kicking your ass. Man Walked okay. So Papa Hits for Sixteen and then the stone has to do a strength check. Ashby twelve thirteen strength or be knocked. Perron this and you're doing this to the lady Bug Lady Bird. You see the lady bug turns to you and goes have you come to this holy place to pray on you see the Lady Bug Lady. Just blinks. I was gonNA say something cool about how you should pray for a quick death. I just feel like ANA wherever you're like the good guy and I should be actually brain to you but I stand by we the ladybugs. That's a shout out to the two crew on its off Rod. Bob Dives up bites into this. Do I was GONNA say neck. ladybugs don't have necks bites. It's face it falls on the ground grounds teetering like a turtle so go after that you'll get advantage on those attacks old. You still have an attack or did you take action Beh. Yeah that is your turn. Okay go after the Laibach since I get advantage but I want to us ren as a springboard to launch. Yeah you you already. They have advantages on the attacks. I'll just give you super advantage saying you're doing a real good job caldwell. I like a lot as a friend. I think you're a good guy. I appreciate appreciate you adventuresome campaign thank you so much on. Can I do touch hands to run with my boots as I stomp on image of allow. Allow it to You can you can attack and do that okay. Cool so I'll go ahead and you know what he's a rich guy. I'm going to give him a poor amount of health. Pat Fifteen. HP Okay sweet who we feel have no facts little weird boy. It's just so hard to like you okay does a Twenty one hit. It does hit the lady bug. All right cool. Aw It just looks like a big chunk of stone right. Yeah okay. I'll just a normal divine smile on it. Then let's go ahead and do uh second level saved my higher slots next year struggle as you might ladybugs will wipe all other life from this earth that you're adrenal lady just ladybugs eighty bucks flying around flittering around hauling services. Yeah I'm kind of into it. I I represent the plight of the aphids and I shall prevent you from fulfilling your dreams. Oh that's forty damage the greatly injure this lady bug but it is still alive. It is tough that is my second upset Oh Haha Fuck you started out this turn. So do I get advantage on this one too. Yeah he's Brown just upside down. ooh I'm going to re rule that one arguably lucky arguably for sure Twenty five to hit that hits. I'll just do normal attack this time as just eleven damage that time eleven damage. That's nothing to a lady bug. Your wing looks real messed up. Your spots are falling off. Are these painted on. Are you fucking Beatle. You are you are. You don't say that Word Lady Bug your nasty little beetle your freaky little. I'm not alright technically. Listen technically I am beadle however I was an extra in the movie. ladybugs starring Rodney Dangerfield. So I am a lady bug in spirits. I am a lady bug and adds up after kill. You all reincarnate you into a lady bug go ahead and to check on her is my greatest. Dream is going to be eight. You do not have those powers which that is you Jay. That is while the lady bug is just conniving villain the aunt. It's just a monster. ooh That's goes goes hand know that he's not involved in your future plans. Uh The ads cool he can stay. Goes forward bite you moonshine. What that is a tra- twenty twenty two? Does that does that. Hey if my in sixteen damage Gore's you with an aunt talen their famous talents. That is going to try to kick you with that leg careful. Those are notoriously strong way. Did you also sunny into molly. We could really use your help here. Oh Oh yeah. The giant stone. Haven't heard of these ones. But misses is with the kick that is Renzo Turn Ren who's going to turn himself invisible. I feel like you guys can handle this boy all the faith in you. I see a puddle forming in the corner that must be him the corner. You see dirt said something about Shit just rolling down your leg robot. He's right that is why do I have ever done twice. That's asked me to go again. We are that is the ladybugs Turn Lady Bug is going to get up from prone. Oh you've done done it now and is going to love your vision for the world. I just don't like how you're going about it. You want to die so lady. Boats can just roam around rounded various surfaces. Can like your vision without actually wanting it to happen. So confused by you Mrs on the First Slam attack on Mrs on the Second Slam attack your worldview baffling to me hard one. That is your turn okay. What's what's this deal? This ad is just a monster turf. I WanNa hit with a hammer to do that is a Oh shit fifteen hit you do. You're not able to hit an aunt. I'm sorry go. No that's fine. I'll miss you miss on ants all the time. They're tough little bugs. I'll try again. That is a sixteen hit. You missed the aunt again. And let's try a different t twenty points Chris. I was starting to feel left out the ad earn it. Oh dear me so. Many numbers roll so thirty eight damage I think could be. I have no choice but to trust you. Ah Damage Yeah Weird. mathematically impossible. But I'll take it that you you messed the ants right up. That is the action search to try to ride it. Real Beverly move but I respect you. Go on we're alive. I gotta go ahead and make animal handling check. We know your friend of the animals. I actually I. It's one of my proficiencies. Yeah it's a really. I'm allowed to make to random. Thanks proficiency as a fighter so animal animal's once come on. I mean you do own handle them by sending them to hell this year. That was only eleven but I'm using point how hard twenty the four guys eat my credits pitch. Thank you Great Britain. We love being here a truly truly insane amount of credits. Hard one you you walk up to this stone God Damn Monster. I with Brennan's era in its native language and certainly as your master data this stone monster smells your hand Smells like the recent blood. It'd probably some horse. You killed or something. It certainly feels way more comfortable. DOC leans down. And it's going to let you ride it avatars ship. I'm so proud of you right now. Although hypothetically based on the rule I think we will have to kill it was going to have the bureau crush it with your thighs given the death so craze raise straight up. have this ant sick Back around to Moonshine. Sern Papa's going after ladybugs. Where's Balladur excellent? Oh my gosh. Bow Nor state at the hot tub still in a towel changing into his armor as he runs up I was is also confused by the towel. Rolls GonNA run forward. Take some cracks at ooh bound or credits. Thank you Manchester. Hey good Lord Shit Bowel L. Nor does a combined twenty seven damage on his two attacks. Buddy repairs is this lady bug right up. Seems the tides have turned on the lady the bugs I will spread your message throughout my queen. That is backed up to Moonshot sir. Attack her you're what we're talking about Peter. The public does not attack God dampered. Thank you for young. Yeah computer at least coming land on my shoulder you guys want Peter to potentially die. I'll let him attack back to the crowd spoken. Peter Peter is in the Malay he flies flies down attack. He makes a Goddamn beak attack against a stone monster he wrote the natural Darrelle to he has a minus two to attack gets into actual zero. Any hurts himself. That is moot moot turn good day fucking monster you a creek infested whitefish at his grave I do a level six Seventy hit point. He'll on Peter Getting so papa jags before before Peter went and he got a eight the and then gotTa make another strength throw for the lady bug. She'll be knocked grown rolls a six falls back down. It seems the tide permanently here for the lady inserted Lee in the wrong direction for the latest ruling. The Earth doesn't seem that good now. moonshine is GONNA user user great weapon fighter feet to do minus five two or attack to get potential plus ten damage and that's going to Logan Workout does a twenty two hit twenty two okay the spores for eighteen. Don't do anything to stone but you don't need it moonshine. Go ahead and finish this Jim. Well I've finished her. And because of my great weapons if crit or kill as a bonus action I get an extra extra attack. You destroy this Stone Lady Bug and then you see this ant has turns like to you kill you guys to just thinking hard one is on its side. No Sean thank you. You see the stone the stone AH column the Stone Gully Log Goes Ma. Ast Star I could convince it's to join us are no convincing and and our ancient and the Golliwog King or you I am a fucking gall among king. I'm a guard man. Hard one on. Close Your eyes and plug. Your ears. Aren't one wraps. The towel around his head is the you here is the de. Did you do any seven. Hit yes okay. That's going to be twenty. It is is super hurt bad. That is your turn. Okay I want to run over to the Golliwog Golam and I want to brush its teeth. Be kind to this Golliwog. You began brushing the gully works tea and he goes. You have been kind to me shall not forget aid us in destroying our friends new pit. Oh I would love to see the Golliwog gallon walks forward. No Anthony Flea stock deigning only makes it worse you see with two attacks. ACCE the Golliwog Doll House the into the ground destroying its head curse to lose everything. I love. Okay at least this time. He didn't kill it too. So you guys sufficiently stomped this aunt and you have squashed this lady bug this bug. You see the Golliwog Hollywood turns to you. Beverley truly been kind to take this And then really slowly vomits up key. Oh Baby Law Laura. You'RE GONNA have to catch it. I hold out a towel and catch it. Who Rents rents? Are you reading a magazine. The magazine floating in the Air Goto spill book. It says play Elf on it. Look at news magazine in my pocket so you roll it up put in your pocket sticks out a nude Elf might be door in the back. Can I heal Peter. Peter has not gotten hurt Peter. Herman detect once. Peter will die so so Another pet yeah this Column Hansie with key you see it has a little a little a little carving of a bully wog king on it and it's this key it's got two little teeth on in the end then look like bully walk teeth. 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These two you flaming sconces on each side and Moonshine. You go up to investigate the throne you see that there is some kind of like pad there and you lifted up and you do see that there is a keyhole underneath like into the seat. So it's like a day. Yeah I was just GonNa say I think it's a toilet day okay. Takes a shit. How do you still have to sit? Don't know often just goes right through you that stop eating it. Okay Yeah I put the key in you. Put the kin as you turn the key you see. It opens out revealing a shoot below the shot. We ended the whole show back you here go ahead and give me an intelligence check doc. Got A GNAT one moonshine. You hear someone a Creek Elf From down there yells moonshine dive headfirst thirty feet. I've got four cooter shooter. You take twenty one damage as you crash into a stone floor. Ah COOTER cooter. I lay out. COOTER treats those. Oh You lay Okuda treats Khuda does not to come and so you know Kudos not their Kunar tree. I sat up. y'All go to right down here. You guys here Moonshine just echoing through the cave okay. So now. Moonshine is down there. So we're definitely going to have to go. Yeah how long did she fall for based on her scream. Thirty feet okay. I'll cast feather fall on us so we can just like down the shoot. I have the rings a Scoop Renan. Okay you hold. Hold me heard one. I'm going to let go. I was sitting where you guys fall down the chute You guys are on the temples lower level. Now you land on the stone floor with a third above you. The shoot is still open so you have a little light here. But it is very dark down here unnaturally so you see even dark vision does not allow you to see through the pitch blackness. It appears to be some kind of enchantment but but amongst the darkness. I see emily like looking like she's going to walk me but I'm GonNa Finish my explanation. So amongst the darkness. Yes you see a single shining light on a gully would king idle it. Looks Gold on first glance but is a bit more more yellowish almost this radioactive looking color and thrums with magical energy it is on a short stone pillar on the other end of the room about fifty fifty feet away. It's so dark in here. You can't even see your feet on the floor. You can't see the walls. What do you guys do? Can I try. And like activate my sword to see if vit- Catholic a gleam around us sure go ahead I'll say a religion check I prayed to Lord to turn on the lights religion. You said. Yeah that's going to be twenty four. Nice I'm based. Hey good job buddy you hold your sword order it a lights with holy light. That does some of this unnatural darkness. You can still not see the walls on either side of you but you do see a cast. I'll say like a twenty five foot radius and you see that before the pillar there looks to be some kind of hit like this is a trap. You couldn't see the floor because you would fall if you had just run forward haphazardly. While we're getting our act together. I kneel down and I face Peter the puffins give him amulet and say keep this safe. You need it more than when we do okay. And when we're done I'll give it back to you for twenty five goal a shrewd businessman. CPAP PAPA STARTS TO LOOK JEALOUS PA clear hobby. You know your number one. I make I make a necklace of Cheerios for Papa. You're more of a public defender. CPAP turns from you. I mean you know the legal system in and out but you use use it for good Paul Paul. He holds up the CHEERIOS. He points to the amulet rear. Can I do and other religion check to see if if I can bestow the cheerios with radiant energy. God please that's going to be at twenty one Yeah there what. Now they're frosted cheerios. And Papa begins eating them happily with those are each. That's that's equal through a good berry. Goes to town on them. CNBC this we do. We see the edge of the pit or we just see the beginning of a pit. You see the edge of the pit like the beginning of it. You don't see the end of it no it. It might be a much bigger room because don't know this. What you guys see is the shoot above you casting some light down on you? You can see in the immediate like five or six foot area around you with like orange light and then Beth has held up a sword. You do not see anything on the on. You don't see walls at all costs so there's more to this room and you see some kind of whole before you guys on the pillar. Can I use produce lane to make torch just see Yes doing that for real quick does any. Does it trigger anything making fire so go ahead and roll and Arcana check because this is sort of an unnatural light Arcana plus zero five you just you have a torch now as you wave it you see if you hold it up like you know right down on the floor you can see the the stone below you but it is not casting any kind of it is not casting the radius that it should their hard one. Can you just pick me up and throw me and see where I land. I Toss Berg across the room. Go ahead and make a strength Jack. Gladly that is a seventy in eighteen. Thirty thank God. Pardon me beverly you. You are hard one runs up to the by the way you guys see that the pillar is thirty feet into this pit cool. Hardwood you run forward. You Throw Beverly Lahaye Chavalit Beverly's wearing this armor and everything he's small but you know with all the stuff on he weighs one hundred pounds you toss a hundred pounds super impressive toss it like fifteen feet beverly you start falling into the pitch blackness I use my whip to catch onto the side. Sweet go ahead and make an attack role already net twenty. Hello can perform his twenty that I don't notice him whipping himself up onto the pillar. Well you kill them. You just killed your friend through thirty fucking feeds that I get it so that there's less people to split the treasure sir. Between that's actually really smart. We should another one of grand into the pit. I'm fine hearts toss was really good so far Dr Beverly You whip your whip. Simon Belmont style around one gasoline fan. The whip the whip around the stone pillar in the center of the room. And you're able to pull yourself over there and You are right next to the idol now okay. So this is the idol with like the glowing stone in its center and is there pit all around it. Beverly can tell you that yes. There's pit around it. Oh now you have your sword. You See twenty-five radius US twenty five foot radius around the pillar. It is all pit in Gulf directions. Chuck Rope so people could get across thirty thirty feet. Someone could misstep for sure but you try and grab this misty step back. I'm shouting Mr Them Yeah you hear Ren goes to skin and bring it over here unless you WanNa died because again we could split between like four people which is great. You're just so cavalier about that man. There's lots of ways we can split it. Between four people dangle right the CAN I do an insight. Check to see if this thing's GonNa come alive and try and got me down if I take this jewel off it. Yeah go ahead and make an inside check. That's another net twenty all all those broken. What do you WanNa do man? I cooked it before. We came onstage. Okay so bad with Matt Twenty with an at twenty eleventh. Your sword glows a bit brighter. And you see the wall at the edge of the room and you see that there are holes through which spears are pointed out and it looks like they're lining the walls they're just just everywhere like this is some serious Indiana Jones Shit Okay Ren Ren goes who'll. It's perfect for food. I don't think he wore the Lauren. What y'all as soon as I pull out this gym? I'm pretty sure that spice are going to try. And crush us on one or possibly both sides so I guess get your spells prepped and get your taints clinched because we're going to need to make a run for it. Okay coach my teen. Are we running up back through the shoot. If we can try and scramble up that shoot that might be the best way what do you think rear ear. Baba just eating frosted cheerios. Not Paying attention. Let's do it. We should have given up sugar ms back all right. I rinse out this gym. Him and misty step back to where they are sweets bed as soon as you grab it the pillar in the middle of the room collapses like collapses under you. If you were holding onto that that when you pulled you would've fell into the pit below you hear it crashes and sizzles. There's some kind of acidic liquid down below and the spears start shooting everybody everybody go ahead and roll initiative okay. twenty-three also not nat nat one fallow. Allo it's all twenty once crazy dice. Crossing the dice. Devil are out fourteen hard one your first the spears you hear like something clicking into place but nothing has shot yet your turn thirty feet up shoot. Beverly is twenty feet away from the shoe. He's at the edge of the pit. Got It. I don't see where the clicking is coming from do I. I just hear no now you just hear it. Yeah I guess I'll just hold reaction great smart and bring you here spears flying flying through the air. I thought it was clicking into place. Like they're about to go and on the are you ready for them. Okay okay. That is a twenty five hit. Bev Oh side you good girlfriend. Fifteen damage go ahead and give me a a constitution saving. Throw twenty one to hit Moonshine Brian. No way my dear sweet friend. That is another natural twenty baffling affluent that blessed dice into the crowd. They deserve more more than I do. Yeah bought that off a bit. If it is weighted. Feel free to add me. We'll wreck on this thing thing so you can home and roll it. That is nineteen damage to Moonshine. Go ahead and give me a saving throw at a nineteen to hit hard one hard one. You do not get hit Bowel nor does get hit constitution. Save I got twenty two you pass. Beverly obviously passes Balfour gets hit for seventeen damage but passes con saving throw Ren is invisible so they roll with disadvantage to try to hit him still. They miss her in brave. You're wearing sunglasses. Everyone can see. You Bet. That's your turn okay. I'm going to activate my Yippee skippy boots and just high tail it for that shoot sweet go ahead and athletics check as you climb up the shoot you gotta do kind of like Spiderman style. That is a athletics. Yeah Twenty three twenty three you hop up you get most of the way up you just. Yeah you hands on both sides and start disturbingly quickly moving up this shoot. You got to move like this Peter the puffins vomits watching. You don't know why that makes me upset. That is more spears. They are going to shoot it. Everybody who still in the room. Mrs Moonshine Yeah Eh. Twenty one that MRS does. Does it really twenty twenty two. Oh no that seventeen seventeen damage to go ahead. And you make on saving throw your twenty-seven you're fine it. It feels fine okay Mrs Wren Mrs nor that is Belmore. Stern Balfour is going to try to do it. babs doing weird bud. But I'm going to do my best gotta split your legs foul nor way slower going up no you you gotta spare got bad hits my hip blacks. There's just absolutely no flexibility. He's going all arms and just grunting. Hooper resume legs man man. You gotTa Wake Up. Stretch with US gets gets up. Twenty feet is using all Armstrong. That is moonshine. Stern machines aren't okay. I'm going to go ahead just to be totally. Sure going to cast a Jump on hard-won pseudo-product just jump right up. And then I'll just start climbing up sweet athletics chick. Seventeen seventeen tweet. What is your movement my movements? Thirty F- suite with a dash action. You Mimic Beverly. You actually get passed balanced. It's Super Rude Ladies First Lady's really quickly while I'm here thanks. Yeah Yeah you push Baladora pop on BIB. And I'm by Peter the leader into my there. Okay you hear them instantly fighting writing almost Dan. Did you use your reaction yet. ooh Okay Then that is rent stern rent is gonNA cachefly on himself. Look hord one. Hey Arain a higher level you could cast it on Moore to do a little four only have ninth level spells. Did you somehow by spells. What I hate you? May I don't know where you are but you suck ran. Flies up that background in me. It's back back to you. Whenever you want to move all jumped now? I just casually jump just like poison tipped spears fly by you that it's a athletic with jumping you. If you would like to jump check with advantage you can just make it look cool. See if you do a flip flip no matter what but it's GonNa Struggle. If you do bad I got nineteen. That's not that good at this level man. Be Honest I so you can do better. Actually it was a little bit more than it was twenty two okay now seed older not yet was bad middling role. Yeah exactly resent this conversation. United Front opposition of string representing the American way fuckers. Still bitter the hard one you jump up what do you do. Is you jump up. Flip off the Queen. No matter you know I would never put buff moma through alongside the Queen. You guys have all gotten back to this first level of the temple. You rush outside. The temple is like collapsing. All around. You there's Earthquake as this idol has been activated has been stolen. You guys dive out. Can I grab a piece of the Lady Bug Rock. Sure thank you. Oh Beth notices the heritage site site sign right next to the temple. Oh Okay I turn that around you jump. It just looks in lived in now. Ah you jump out of the temple as it is destroyed as it completely falls. Apart you roll down the steps as the archway crumbles and turns into away pile of rocks and boulders and as you guys catch your breath bad you pull out this idol of this of this Golliwog Hollywod and suddenly it begins floating and speaking you'll have committed a great atrocity city this day seriously. Why are you trying to go in there? Just hang out there. Just as if it's a recording just keeps powering through you talking. You have vandalized our Holy Land. Dan Stolen from US ren there is only one way to make at this right. You see wrenches grabs it and throws it on the ground at smashes it into like five bits and pieces of our home. Isn't this great. I I feel like we should have heard that thing. You gotta read the terms and conditions man. What it's a weird little frogman? What's He gonNA do ribbit me? Wait and see if anything happens. Yeah I kind of want to know what the consequences of US feeling this idol. Is You guys. Wait outside the temple you. The temple is completely destroyed. The idol is destroyed ran just like with a skipping. This step has like the Arcane eum puts it in his pocket and starts skipping back down. What they're frauds? I take off my talent. I whipped him with. Oh why why don't do that to a fresh towel towel dare you. They're more purposes for Taliban you could ever know I'm a high off. I know every purpose for for every towel. While we're here I would like to reincarnate this. This ladybugs there. There's a lady bug. How many hours does that take one hour to take it to the hot tub? You wait for it in the hot tub. I'll wait till the hot tub to me. I'm going to call my dwarf Daddy's right okay. Let's go to that. She gets follow runningback ren takes you back to his family's home overlooking the ocean there are various aerial mental servants bringing out trays of food and wine. And you guys go allow into the hot tub by roll deep. I'M GONNA Call My Dwarf Daddy's by Ato this is sweat man. You just told you look at a yeah. Can I conjure animals and just congress cute offers for yeah you conjure. Cute otters that hold hands and float in the hot jaw joint you in the hot. Oh my goodness ghosting hosting autres my greatest fear who universally adored visible disgusting ghosting. We were going to have some otter puffs for dinner. You remember what get out. I'm sure to rent rent's looks off into this. Does anyone else here. Era Boulevard King just brewing. You Owe your curse your ziprecruiter's opposable ran. Can you show me to your kitchen. A AH goes to one old on. Room servants' gone. Stop really make food magically appear load. I know where that is as I get a servant to show me the kitchen and I free all the animals you go in there. Did you see puff INS ready for slaughter. You Open it up and Peter goes run fly really. Oh and the Buffon's fly away. Joined the Peter. Join your brothers and sisters start a new society I. I don't think they'll have much to talk about going to spend the rest of my life super board just thinking about stuff goodbye. I still have beds. Ebbs fries I look at the amulet one last time. The moonshine looks at the amulet as it flies gotTA GOTTA walk in this return to its rightful owner. Beverly you know what I always knew it in this this way exactly this way. Should we beat up. I rented the hotel. Yeah you push hit my phone in my pocket. So what's the game plan with this. Arcane is that what it's called Arcadia Manian. How are you planning on moving this product home? We'll it's not drugs then I hit the fuck did I come here Not Rocket a bunch out of my nose. Corden switch switch you. Can I mean you can use money to buy drugs. If you WANNA guess I do. I guess this go. Out on the beach and funded drug dealer something. I don't know this is like a powerful magic owed him. You can use to cast spells. You can maybe do like a wizard or something talking again. Wish Arcane idea. I'll follow your lead. You guys see after after a bit you guys are out in this hot tub discussing how you'RE GONNA win. This is just an element thoughts to you. Never be seen again. You just have it and you're going to use it to buy drugs and you guys see after a bit. It begins raining and then it begins raining harder. Usually a good side. You see the hot tub right now. He's older flowing utters falling off. Do you need to catch the otters to go off getting chills. Give us an umbrella run in get you an umbrella instantly flies inside out go ahead and give me a deck saving. Throw to not fly off. Lake Erie this would happen above is dying. That's Mary poppins in style. No it's not. Throw that into the crowd. This is God you throw it into the crowd. I want to get this another another crazy. You're you're fucking umbrella Kaluka Kalou Calais. God barely Togo practically perfect in every way see your umbrella. Glows with the light of power and does not turn inside Out while while everyone else is does. Hey guys I think I have a new amulet. We'll stay on the umbrella. The umbrella now works like the amulet. Yeah Beverly Yeah you have a holy umbrella you guys see. The storm starts to get very bad. You guys have to get inside you see that. It escalates to the points. That wind is knocking over trees pulling some of the smaller ones out of the ground. And you see. A bunch of lesser wizards are running around the island trying to report to reinforce buildings with magic and you see big chunks chunks of hail smashing into the windows you see a few hillside bungalows are washed away in a mudslide and get sucked into the ocean. The whole house creeks and shifts until finally you see the infinity hot tub collapses and you hit you. Hit the door of daddy's Golden What have we done as they reach out? Rendu you have some like scotch tape or something. What what we're GONNA need some duct tape or like a gorilla glue? Perhaps aero metals and stuff are trying to keep the house together you see shingles goals are moving off the roof and you guys are all kind of blown up against the wall and you see as you look out onto the sea amongst the storm is the silhouette of a Golliwog wearing a crown stands atop a large rock out in the ocean. Shen and you hear a booming voice go. Despite our warnings you have not been kind to gully paulie walks. Can you say that again. You can I sum in two dolphins to hold his mouth straight. Dolphins jump out of the ocean grab grabbed sheiks. Despite all warnings you have no what's been kind to goalie. Works your lower than ants crueler than ladybugs and you must pay for your sins With blood demand a sacrifice by morning. We'll destroy your islands. You can another time right now. Everyone relax you know what so. This works like a wish bell. You would need to be able to cast a wish spell. Do we have to combine them. All Augusta wish bell or does it have enough energy where you need to combine it all and have somebody who can cast a wish spell. You can't cast a wish spell Gotcha ran. It's looks like it's on in your shoulders bud. Wait if we're going to sacrifice someone shouldn't be someone who is worth less were you. Hey get what you measure that Ryan. How would you measure the quality of someone's worth behavior? It there's an objective win. Do you just look at how much money they have. And there's just a number all right. Yeah let's kill whoever has the most. Yeah `Cau- well you see Ren casts time stop and Yes he ran disappears. Here's do we get to resist or is it just automatically just casted the spell. It doesn't do anything to you. Guys locate creature. Kate how how far can that be. Be a thousand feet thousand feet ren is downstairs hiding tiding at a cabinet. You even the other people who didn't gases spell here all right. y'All what are we going to do in this situation. I think we take back. What's ours and I don't WanNa hurt? RIN Hi there yeah yeah. Let's just get that last piece and try and I. Maybe we can like wish for another into sacrifice or at least they'll get the satisfaction of sacrificing her N.. Then yeah that sounds good. I guess we had downstairs. Sweet you head downstairs you see that Rin rents as father has also walked back into the house. Who you're just in time? We had some orphans that were brought in. They're gonNa Cook us a nice dinner. Some puffins you see like like ten to orphans. Come in at the cook in the kitchen. I guess you son of a bitch each my brothers and sisters cooking my brothers and sisters are we cannibals. I I don't know what you're talking about when this day is over. Eileen to the dwarf this will be your island and just like tackle Rin pat so just. So you're so I've made this very difficult for myself. You are tackling Rin not rent. Daddy Rin Daddy Rin. Okay go ahead and make athletics check. It's not hard. He's week only eighteen. You form tackle call him and he crashes into the ground his head. Super hard is stunned and can't cast a spell immediately. What in the door? Vince instantly bounce on him. He lives Subaru through a so fast. So yeah absolutely just absolutely get in there give him some serious nukes start fucking compounding on him all right reports. Are we trying to actually sacrifice someone here. I don't know who's on way. It don't go. Dolphins come and you have a job. We demand maybe maybe maybe leader. Peter wants to die. Oh he was feeling we're but he just left really bored and he has real fast and did we just wish for this guy to go away. We're not allowed to wish. Oh we need Brenda. Wish you're right. Ran Ran High. We're saying outside. The closet door was not a good getaway ono. Who I I use entangle on the door so he stuck in there now? We can't stop it. So here's the thing I can't guess to wish spill because because I use my ninth little spill because time stopped to get away from responsibility. Also I WANNA keep my Arcadian if that's okay. Can we just give the Arcadian back to the to the bully. What's wrong rip? Open a cabinet door. What and we just sacrifice all the Arcadia? Yeah Yeah just seems too powerful for anyone to have everyone relax. Okay what about this. We can give up bow nor her. WHO's that guy who do this here? We're voice in my head is bullying me. I grant collar. Are we go out to the bully and I say what if instead of a human sacrifice you got a really sick house go ahead and give me persuasion. suasion check with advantage natto. Honey the good Lord Amazing. How many critics have we had tonight? We went to a restaurant and we put all our dyson malt vinegar last night. Yeah I also prayed to Christ all night to dice Chrysler regular I you guys I see as you drag ran out talk about the house you see the Gully Lug looks at you. The golliwog king still raining as you say this you see the rain begins to calm down to a drizzle and he goes rose. Will you help me fixing affinity hot absolutely as long as you don't eat the otters that live in it you you guys have vegans. We will eat only natural enemies aunts and the cruel ladybugs. The I don't know I love I am. I'm going to have to be firm on this one. I hate ants. I will kill an ant if I see an aunt could you you eat beetles. That have been painted to look like lady bugs. You see whispers to another Golliwog peeks Out Turns back. We could do that as a substitute for ladybugs putting out for ants okay. That'd be cared about answer that at long that's fine create food and water and make a beautiful buffet of Beatles painted like ladybugs. Yeah I also stacked that. Let's do a dance keys. This maybe we make some ants but they're like chocolate ants. You make a little platter chocolate. No ants on a log dog. You make heads on a log is it. Is it actual ants on an actual log or is it raisins on on. What does it go on a quick solo mission to drive all the answering the land? Go where your free brothers hard. Everyone wanders off you guys. Don't see him for the rest of the king. You see the Golliwog goes well if my weight doesn't talk like that anymore. Dolphins are still pinching his role. If my people are protected and we can have our ancestral Astra land back. Then my work here is done I see disappears in a flash of light and you see the above golliwog begin appearing in the ocean just these like purple little frogs. Poke their heads up out of the water. You see there's there's little ones little peepers plans are much busier new bowl. This is your new home. I wanted on the matter and you see you see as you're holding ran out. He goes way. Do we already kicked out. Why are you bring them back? You are not truthful. Well with US sir. I didn't say didn't kick out a frog community radio lurk votary condos randy you have do you have ninth level spells. You're talking Aram. Well does ran have ninth level spells. You see the door fence are still pounding on. Just why if we can get his we can get our keenum then we could get a wish bell and we could get you in a pig an nothing nothing would be greater joy and let's it's called my very own. You have no father. No mother no uncle but you do have an aunt let me about it. Add a wish go would never be better used under duress ren uses the Arcane Hurricane Eum to cast a whiz spell and summons a Gargantuan Aunts leap leap repub young dwarfing brought into the sunrise with me. You becoming a school bus driver a hard one. You get on top of this giant ant. It's like big like instantly destroys rents house just this giant. You get on top off of it you see all of these dwarf climb up and join you then you just hear chorus it like a chorus of Golliwog going Eh Godson upon us we've gone back or in central home fine meal clean. Take my heels. Frogs de I'd begin sending on the aisling as long strider on the judy won and the door FIMS ride off into the sunset Orlando session. Thank you so much. Manchester was so much fun. Thank you thank you. It's the end of the show. Everybody in that means we need to shout out our Benevolent Neverland Council of Elders. Starting with Brad D at Dylan be Danny. P Steel Breaker and Spencer Cask Brew Five Five Plump Juicy Crawdads. Who gave their life to help? Make Moonshine Hero. Fits Heroes Feast even more delicious rest assured friends your Brown. John was not spilled in vain next up. We got feared man. Dan Adam are Danielle. The Dastardly Dame and Alu Card Rennes four butlers. Sadler's that help him get ready for bed every night. Each of them is in charge of a single shirt sleeve or pant leg he used to have a v Butler that put it in his sleeping gap but since his family family was kicked out of glade. Home he's had to cut back tragic. How Door Frost back multiple four Jordan? Dj Jeffrey S and Cutter W five druids. We're all part of the circle of friends. They draw power from their connections to each other and wild shape and a muscular version of whoever posted. Most recently the group text chain Schubert the Mushroom Elena See mixologist. Michael mctigue Andrew M and bow north. Boy The only real life humans to have have a plus for intelligence. They can't cast spells but they're super good at remembering people's names and you could probably they could help you build a gaming computer if you ask them really nicely. Just an eye. Jacob See Elena M Mick pox and Josh strich a group of Creek Miss Carolers who are on a journey to stop the Ele- Allah through the power of Song. They also each have plus ten warble. Swords in case singing about a holiday doesn't do the trick. Daimyo are destined. See devin be Jibe G. and earl and Kathleen l five of JEN's Lindela officials instagram followers. They all follow Jen's on accident then keep meaning to block him but are worried that Jen's would personally. DM them if they did and he word. Sergio Salazar Salomon Zachariah states equality. You Mike Lindell SAM age. trae the cray fe and jewelry ass. Five Golliwog were imprisoned by the Golliwog government for their controversial stance that you can be kind to Golliwog and also not squash. Aunts were bugs. They're each expected to receive a life sentence without parole next step. We've got Adam. H Ryan Ryan Aaron G Jake L. and Zach. See The architects behind T.. He we know mish run amusement park with super super scary rides of super suspect construction. Big Buck Richard X mocking Sam L. and try Mixie the flight deck for the ASTRAL PLANE A super-slick super-slick private jet that flies only the richest and most privileged to the astral plane. It takes three days his way less efficient than teleportation but they let you smoke inside and the boozers free ice dumb are Josh S Nicholas Tse and Caleb storm the auto body shop where Jen's Lynn Dell is getting. His detail turns out he wasn't lying Mike Age Matthew. E Samuel be until for g a flock of Muna corns currently currently urinating onto a vine of moon grapes giving them their distinctive moon wine flavor. Aaron see but whom he has fiercest Ellen de Tj M. The GNOME barbarian and trust the traveler. A team of battle master fighters who took the fainting attack maneuver and spend every fight fight fainting at their enemies. It's so frustrating frustrating. Most enemies surrender before they even get knocked out. And my intellect Isolo Dolo Larisa Jay A.. And Dylan DM THE PRODUCERS OF T. He me the hit television show that looks at famous Bahamian family trees and find out that they all have a Lohmann them after all that fun. Column B. J. C. C. Lulu eight an R. H. A. Group of Creek elves who infiltrated the Christmas Bush. None Nursery and awakened all the bushes to try to bring awareness to the want in ways. That is Christmas Bush tradition. I'm hopeless. Timmy are Alex. Sam Aaron Selley and Eric G A group of scholars who claim that the gully would have given them a bad rap. The writing a book about Great Aunt's Hansen history including a hyper intelligent awakened and from Serie who did groundbreaking work in magical science. They're going to leave out the part where they worked with shuttle though yeah that's smart Lucas. Be Ruben a Jordan L. and tell with X. Rennes rich friends. Who would drive around with him? And a magical convertible notable pegging bore people with gold. Going P considered this charity Work Austin. Mr Just a pissed off Trista touch it. Kalia lease and Barnes and Aitor. Four puffins Paladins. Who now follow Peter? The bearer of polars amulet they wear full suits of armor carry little swords and are devoutly religious. It's adorable Gavin. W Sonoma Abi Jared and per seventy who has a good ring to it. A crew of dolphins who have been hired to follow the Golliwog only one king around holding his cheek so that he'll sound more eloquent with his threats since the dolphins got involved. Fear retribution has gone up thirty percent and sacrifices sizes are up a whopping fifty percent reese S. Eric and Andre A. B. Charles Arkadiusz and j parker the singers and billboard top ten. Hit Green. Tea dirtbag whether it be Karaoke night at the tavern or blasting from a Solo Cup day you're bound to hear this tune whenever good times are to be had even even see Maxwell's see Mike K.. Only and Callum l a family of unfortunate elves who just happened to have been on Rans island the same weekend as the band of boobs. They showed up expecting Margaritas but all they got was otherworldly storms and Golliwog attacks they did briefly get to use the infinity hat though so that was cool. Scott d noth or the Prodigy Ranger Shane the pinch and Dan the golliwog engineers tasked with rebuilding the temple at the end of boobs destroyed. They are not looking forward to it. A lot of those tiles were handmade. Just a real headache all around hatred. See Karen t curtis s this Michael C and PJ l.. The new troll king's up the FE wild. There's really only supposed to be one. But they couldn't stop killing each other so so they felt like it was the easiest option. Mickey W Andrew Be Christopher. Be embarrassed and Ken of the Wizards Tower. Nicholas P and Robert F Ryan the rams brothers and sisters. It was a big litter and they all live happy and fulfilling lives though. None are as content and safe as their brother Ryan Kevin N. Angel you'll be role and I am the atlas and Ryan of Clan Coogan all synchronized swimming team the vs. He's in this group. Were vicious but the judges were always kind meribel. The Kitty Morphing GNOME. As Mayem Robert Jens Christian tea and JOE MC G students students in Martha Togolese Baking Academy they are crushing. It and Martha is about to finally revealed the secret ingredient love also butter Meta amps Mr Mr Hydros Advocacy Tom. S Casimir the owner knowing end. Matteo see handy and his friend group. The folks on this list include a disembodied. Somebody put a but a cheek and ear. A solid grew luke h Jonathan From Creek Field Kelvin noodles and finally grace jeep repercussion. Bass Rhythm Guitar and frontman in the band that recorded if I lay here may they live forever in our collective memory. Thank you I'll y'all yes. Thank you to all of our Council of elders all of our listeners. In alvar patriots subscribers will be back next week with another episode in the meantime timing head on over to our patriot. Listen to the after show. The short rest will catch you. Guys next time is eighty. That was a hit gum podcast.

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