New Tools for Schools, RNC Events Canceled & Redskins Rebranded- Friday, July 24th, 2020


Today is Friday July twenty four. What to know about new guidelines for getting kids back in classrooms. How federal health officials say it can still happen safely this fall? Also we'll explain the big change of plans for the Republican National Convention Plus Airlines are cracking down on this one rule the former Washington. redskins got an underwhelming new name, and which big milestone is happening this weekend. Welcome welcome to the newsworthy all the day's news in less than ten minutes fast. They're fun and on the go America Mandy. Thanks so much for being here. You're ready. Let's do this. Students! Parents and teachers have a new checklist for back to school. In the age of Corona virus as expected the CDC released new school guidelines for the fall. They say students should wear masks, and they're telling parents to start practicing with their kids now they also want schools to encourage students to wash their hands, bunch and keep space between all the kids. For example, schools should come up with ways to spread out desks or use outdoor spaces whenever that's an option, but there's one. One thing notably not listed in the new CDC recommendations plans for virtual at home learning instead the CDC lays out many reasons why reopening in person this fall is the right call. The CDC says children don't suffer much from covid nineteen that they're less likely than adults to spread the virus, and that there are long term consequences to keeping children away from school. The CDC also says schools need to come up with their own plans for controlling outbreaks, but also if the virus does. Does start spreading uncontrollably than local officials can consider closing schools, some teachers, unions and the American. Academy of Pediatrics have said they want to hear more about the specifics of this. They also want schools to get more funding from Congress to help. Put some safety protocols in place. Lawmakers are debating those details now, but remember of city states and specific school districts have already announced plans for the upcoming start of the school year out of the country, fifteen largest school districts eleven have already. Already, decided not to have students come back in person full-time. Some are starting to school year. Online only decided on a mix of in person and virtual classes, so it's different everywhere, and of course parents and guardians still have to decide what's right for their own kids, so the CDC published a decision making checklist for families who don't know whether to send children back to school or not. We posted a link to that checklist and all the detailed CDC guideline in today's show notes. The Nation's top infectious disease experts says it's possible. Cova nineteen will always be a part of our lives. Dr, Anthony. FAUCI said the virus will not just disappear, but instead world leaders and public health officials can work to bring the number of covid nineteen cases down to quote low levels so how to do that exactly Dr Voucher says there are a few ways to control the virus with some regulations, but the real key is getting the overwhelming majority of the population vaccinated. Then he says we can start talking about getting back to normalcy. Remember there are vaccines being tested right? Right now they're on track to be ready. Early, twenty, thousand, twenty one and already the US put in multibillion dollar orders to get vaccines from three different companies, just in case they work for now. Though the new corona virus is not disappearing, it's spreading quickly cove in nineteen cases in the US reached the four million mark yesterday, and it's only been about two weeks since the US reached three million confirmed cases, so people are being diagnosed at a rapid pace, and unfortunately thousands of Americans are dying from covid nineteen still. California Florida and Tennessee reported single day records in-depth us. Over all the nations, death toll is more than one hundred and forty, four thousand in less than six months. A big change of plans for the Republican National Convention instead of having a four night RNC in Florida it's just going to be a four hour meeting with a small group of GOP representatives. The convention was supposed to happen in late August in Jacksonville and tens of thousands of people were expected to attend president trump had originally pushed for those crowd, and even shifted the event from North Carolina. To Florida back June in the hopes of making that happen, but now he says it's just not the. The right time to hold crowded events because of how quickly the corona virus spreading trump says he'll still give a convention speech, but it's not clear where yet he also says there are plans for so called Tele rallies during the week of August twenty fourth. Meanwhile the democratic. National Convention is still happening one week earlier starting August seventeenth that will still be a mostly virtual event. Former vice president Joe Biden is set to accept the nomination in person in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but all delegates will stay home. To government watchdogs are now investigating how federal agents have been acting in Portland Oregon? Remember the Department of Homeland Security sent agents to Portland to protect monuments and federal property from protesters and rioters, but last week the agents were accused of using tear gas and other weapons against peaceful protesters and whisking people away in unmarked cars without probable cause Portland's mayor was also teargassed when he joined the demonstrations now the inspectors, general or oversight divisions from both the. The Justice Department and Homeland Security Department are looking into those allegations, but president trump has argued federal officers are necessary in areas dealing with unrest or violent crime. In fact, The New York Times says the feds decided to send another tactical team to nearby Seattle Washington. They're the team is just supposed to be on standby and intervene if property is threatened, but Seattle's mayor told The Times the city. It does not need their help to be continued. The former Washington redskins have a new name, but this one is just temporary. They'll simply be called the Washington football team for the time being this is essentially a standing until the team settled on a permanent name and logo remember the team suddenly abandoned the Redskins name earlier this month because it's an offensive term that refers to native Americans so now the team. Team is working on rebranding. That's Ed one thing. Stay. The same ESPN reports the teams Burgundy and gold colors are sticking around another quick note about sports. More of them are coming back to competing the WNBA is such a return for its abbreviated season tomorrow and NHL teams all go to their home bases on Sunday with games starting backup on August first. We have more news coming up, but first this episode is brought to you by Rossi's. In case, you haven't heard about Rossi's before. It's a company making stylish sustainable shoes and bags for life on the go. 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Airlines are doubling down on mask, requirements both American and Southwest Airlines. Now say everyone over the age of two must wear a mask. People can no longer claim medical exemptions. Apparently, the airlines have seen too much of that, and they say puts their employees and other customers in an uncomfortable spot, meanwhile delta and United Airlines are also clamping down, but they're not being quite strict. United says passengers with a medical exemption must contact the airline I and Delta is having them show up early to fill out a clearance to fly form. That could take an extra hour. Disney is postponing movie releases again. It was supposed to debut Moulana next month, but the movie was pulled off the schedule and it's new release. Date hasn't been set other major blockbusters getting pushback to USA. Today reports next year's new. Star Wars and Avatar films were delayed until two thousand twenty, two. Of course, the pandemic is behind all of this. Since the virus forced production shutdowns by the way, some big name movie theaters are still closed for example, the theater chain AMC was supposed to open next week, but axios reports. It's now aiming for mid to late August we'll see. TIKTOK is giving US creators, two hundred million dollars. The company started a fund that compensates creators for using its platform. They just have to meet some requirements. They need to be at least eighteen years old, and they have to consistently be posting original content. They also need to have a certain number of followers, although that number has not yet been specified, still engage reports tiktok will open up the application process next month. This new program comes as tiktok faces a lot of questions about how it and it's Chinese parent company handle data tech crunch, says it seems this promise of payoffs is to fight that fire in the US. This Sunday March thirtieth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It's a landmark measure that protects people with disabilities from discrimination in all areas of life from transportation to employment over the last three decades. It's had a profound effect on the millions, of Americans, living with disabilities. For example, it's the reason buildings have wheelchair accessible ramps parking. Lots have accessible spots and close captioning is available across platforms to learn more and celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the tune in tomorrow for our very first special edition. Saturday I talked with Alli stroke or for this interview. She's the first Broadway star ever who uses a wheelchair. You'll see the episode Saturday morning. Right here wherever you listen to podcasts. And, that's for the main ten minutes of news today, but now it's time for feel Good Friday. Where we bring you one extra feel, good or positive news story before the weekend and feel Good Friday is brought to you by Magic Spoon, the guilt free cereal that tastes amazing. Magic Spoon has zero sugar and eleven grams of protein in each serving, and all the flavors are great from fruity and frosted to the limited time peanut butter. Yum, try variety, pack it magic spoon dot com slash newsworthy and use the Promo Code Newsworthy for free shipping all right so today we're talking about A. A creative way to feed people in need volunteers in Los Angeles. California have started putting refrigerators in public places, the encourage members of the community to stock them than anyone who's hungry can come by open the fridge and take what they need and be cla reports. The project started less than two weeks ago and already about half a dozen fridges have been set up across the city. Businesses have even volunteer to provide electricity for them, and it's not just individuals who are dropping off donations, restaurants and meal. Delivery services have chipped into. You can follow the project on Instagram at La Community for. Thank you so much for listening and thanks for sharing the show to help more people stay informed and special. Thanks to the newsworthy insiders for all your support, we appreciate you. Of course you can read more about any of the news. Stories mentioned at the newsworthy dot com under the episodes tab and we'll be back tomorrow with these special editions Saturday interview, and then on Monday with your regular news updates have a great weekend.

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