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Market Volatility Breakdown, Abbott's Top Brass, SAP Co-CEO, and Cloudflare CEO


My mission is simple to make you money on here to level the playing field for all investors. There's always more work in summer and I promised to help you find. It may have money starts now. Hey Al Kramer money. Walk Into Kramer. Erica. We WanNa make friends on this trying to make some money my job. It's not just entertainment. Educating teach you call me one eight hundred seventy three. Cbc or Tweet me at Jim Cramer when you talk to Grizzle Beckham's about this market as I do. They'll pretty much stay the same thing with unemployment spiking record levels. We're hearing forty. Seven million. People could lose their jobs. There's only thirty two percent unemployment stocks will soon collapse under their own weight. According to Morgan Stanley we could be looking at twenty five percent contraction and our gross domestic product my money manager friends role glued to the machine Senate glued and why of course like every Sunday night. They expect the futures to be down the limit. So how the heck could the market rally? Today I mean Dow gaining six hundred nine points. Three point three five percent. Nasdaq porting three point. Six percent simple because American science is at last in play science that may allow us to not only contain this virus but actually won the darn thing. Look I've been no means wanting to disparage the extraordinary efforts. We're making to get the pandemic under control to bend the curve so to speak. It's absolutely essential. It's why I've been calling for national lockdown much as it may rankle some we still have too many people gallivanting around like nothing's wrong. More than twelve hundred New Yorkers have died from this thing in a matter of weeks most in the last few days they oh god of him someone. New York City's a travesty. The Mayor Way to wait too long to impose the lockdown that we're all paying for so I think in nationwide shelter in place order would make a huge difference in the course of this pandemic. I WANNA nationwide travel ban to except for medical professionals is true. The traffic has dropped precipitously but still too much of it. We need people to stay in place. Not Spread this thing everywhere. We also need to solve this mass conundrum on Friday. We spoke to the CEO of Owens and minor makes he said hospitals normally order twenty thousand master now ordering two hundred and three hundred thousand now. The president suggested this weekend when he had the same executive in the Rose Garden. These hostels must be doing something. Maybe even affairs with him because he orders are so huge. I think it's a spike in demand spiking simply because nurses and doctors constantly need to change their mass to stop this insidious virus from spreading. That's why we need. We need a billion mask in gals that must be our goal one billion masking gals and we should do whatever it takes to make them or get them or procure them. I don't care it's unbearable seeing an American doctors and nurses wearing garbage bags because they don't have enough personal protective equipment. Shame on us. We better not most important. We need testing and then we need testing and more testing. We hadn't have Abbott Labs on tonight. They just rolled out a five minute test for Kobe. Nineteen that's the game changer. Maybe it will finally let us get ahead of this. Once we can tell whereas the disease and recovered from it we can start gradually opening up our economy again folly to lick this thing. We need to ninety eight pledge from big business that they won't lay off workers as long as the governor helped pay some at a cost. It's a tough nut to crack some businesses just can't afford it just macy's furloughing. Nearly all of their hundred thirty thousand employees. That's how you can contain this. Pandemic and help mitigate some of the economic damage but so far. We haven't been doing that job. So what explains this rally in? The faces truly grim predictions at the end of the day. Bending the curve won't beat this virus we have to do is it could save millions of lives. But it's not but it's not a long term solution. There's only one thing that can stop this economy from tumbling into Corona virus induced depression and that is science. We need a cure or a vaccine in the last twenty four hours. We've gotten some serious. Go ahead when it comes to potential treatments. I the FDA granted emergency approval for hydroxy chloroquine. That there are some but non peer reviewed studies suggesting this anti-malaria drug can potentially stop cove in nineteen in his tracks especially when combined with a Z at at at through Madison Azithromycin. You know what it is z pack. And that's an antibiotic. I am little skeptical in this one. you know. The president is hopeful very hopeful about this combination. These are old school. I'm Larry Drugs. They're no joke but the side confused severe honestly at things are bad enough that I think is worth prescribing this stuff to Krona virus-victims who don a preexisting heart conditions but please understand there are lots of people really competent doctors who say this is a dangerous combination so please it get excited but don't get too excited but get excited about this this warning Alex Gorski the CEO of Johnson Johnson talked about how companies developing a vaccine. That could be available early next year. The best part the scale. He's talking about a billion doses. Not Fifty thousand a million. That doesn't do us any good now but it could be our salvation next year. Nothing better comes along because this scourge is going to be back. He can't wipe this thing out in six months. It's coming back. Maybe we have something for when it does. I wouldn't lots of them. Better Roche's testing activists. It's a stroke. Drug could work against Cova created blood clots in the lungs perhaps the most promising the work for generations with monoclonal antibodies that directly target the spires. I think general may be our best hope of beating his thing and allowing everyone to go back to work. Maybe one of Julius in Uvira will work against this thing to although my money is on regeneration of course the clock is ticking. Knew the two point. Two trillion dollar economic life support package will help ms people get through the next month. The provision that allows employers to get loan forgiveness if they keep their employees on the roles is genius. It's going to really help the small business person and the people who work there but we need some insurance. We need something big. That will help working people especially healthcare workers. That's why we need to spend a lot more money issue a massive thirty year clothing war bond if we have to treasuries currently yield next to nothing the bomb markets desperate to give our government money the market with lap up a five hundred billion dollar. Beat the covy bond with a decent coupon come on Mister Secretary Pew it up. The main thing though is that the federal government needs to spend. I know we're starting to hear about something that plagued President Obama stimulus package shovel ready projects. Oh give me a break. We simply cannot afford to go down that path. We don't need to get the Best Bang for a buck with the stimulus. We just need people money. That's it in most of Europe. Governments are just paying one hundred percents of people's wages food duration. We want to avoid a depression but we wait for the scientists. Come up with something. That's the kind of thing we need. The Sea thing big. I've been saying for day one most important. We want testing and then testing and more testing. Forget so ready infrastructure projects. I WANNA testing center every blocked that we know who's healthy who's sick and who's immune because they've already recovered. I want their blood in the end. The weight and feet. This thing is to stay at home. Get tested when you don't feel well maintain fiscal discipline. Wash your hands. Get tested at home. Won't get people hard but it just might keep you live. I know it's bleak. I'm a natural optimus and I felt I felt it today. Separated from my wife by twenty twenty eight year old daughter. Who's an English teacher stuck in Madrid of all places watching our healthcare system implode right before is established Glenn Bags Clinics Webex? Marta Quebec's but the bottom line today the market says that maybe just maybe there could be some hope. Unfortunately tomorrow's another day let's go to Andrew New York Police Andrew. Jim I just wanted to first say that an anesthesiologist and things are really tough. New York. But if If everyone does their part like you said on a preview show wash hands stay away. We can get through this. I am with you. We are all with you. You are a frontline soldiers in. Thank you for doing what you're doing. Thank you anyway. My Star my stock is united healthcare. It's up quite a bit from its lows last week but I missed my opportunity or is it okay to start a position at this level. I would actually prefer to wait. I think this one is one. It's not that expensive but it's one that just had a huge bounce in a V eight. Pull back a little little more. W. Ish and then you'll be able to buy. I'd rather have you wait for this. One let's go to bill in Texas. Please bill agent who we are so. United Airlines was has the biggest swing these past couple of weeks compared to the other airlines with the help this recent bailouts and talk today with the DNC. Can we expect them decent growth soon or should we expect to see another significant drugs? No customers I and you have a lot of costs but my friends James Stewart was on Friday and he was speculating that listen go for the most down and out as well. You're looking at it so I may say this united just you know is different from say carnival. People will WANNA fly Sunday. Let's go to Cynthia Masters Weekly Cynthia. Hi Jan my question is about bed bath and beyond started buying you. There's about fifteen dollars. This chair in January through to recently and I'm found about fifty five percent. It's in it's in the news that it's been downgraded by the SMP. But not and just that distorts our closing in the US and Canada until April sometime until further. Notice which they do with this. I mean this is like many a retailer. I had there not been coded. I think that the term would be self evident with Kovin. It's just a house of pain. Kobe changed the game for retailers. And unless you're even one of the five or six retailers that I've been talking about that are going to take over the world A company that I like that bath on turn can't turn got to solve this. The only thing that can beat this fire stopped. Economy is signs and we're starting to see some promising progress on that front in the last seventy two hours. It's been quite hard on mad money tonight. Abbott Labs received emergency FDA approval for rapid coded nineteen tests which can tell if someone is infected in as little as five minutes and spun off to be used in almost any healthcare setting. Can you imagine we're going to sit down with the CEO's yes older new to talk about breakthrough then? I discovered a company benefiting the most from the current environment hour just ahead and I'm talking to the Cossio. Sap about other companies unique position to help companies adapt to the new normal in the workplace. So stay with. Framer. Don't miss a second of mad money. Follow at Jim. Cramer on twitter. I have a question. Tweak Gramer Hashtag mad tweets send Jimmy Mail to mad money at CNBC DOT COM or give us a call at one eight hundred seven four three CNBC something ed to mad money dot. Cnbc DOT com. This is the most exciting things happened since this period began. We can't get this economy going to beat the virus and you can't beat the virus without a lot more testing testing testing Portland lately. We've got a potential game changer. When Abbot laboratories launched a new molecular point of care tests that can detect the krona virus? In as little as five minutes. This is a very big deal and assertiveness moment for the Great American Enterprise Abbott Right when the company's longtime CEO Malls White is about the past towards to a successor by the way underrates leadership over the past twenty one plus years. The stocks gave me a monster. Seven hundred eighty eight percent return. So let's check in with miles waste bankable chairman CEO of Abbot Labs and Robert Ford and carve president. Coo Tastes over the CPO tomorrow. Gentlemen congratulations and welcome to mad money. Jim could be here all right. Miles let me start with you because you are the dean of the entire industry. What kind of enterprise are you leaving Robert with well? I'm leaving with one right now. That's going four seven trying to provide tests to make contribute contribution to fight in corona virus. I think it's pretty strong organization and I'm really proud of the management team and Robert for all they've been able to do and demonstrate. I leave a company that is just a tremendous collection of great managers that that can sustain our business and hopefully do something to help. Fight this virus Robert for the first time in a long time and it wasn't teary eyed so grateful because of everybody's lives being disrupted when I heard you this machine when I urge you could do five minutes realized. We're going to win this war but we were missing was the opportunity to be able to beat this on the spot. Tell us how it could possibly work this fast Robert. Well it's great to be here. Jim also let me let me start off by just thanking the abbot scientists. The manufacturing supply chain teams. They've been working twenty four seven to get this done and a lot of partnership with the FDA to be able to get this done in record time but the the idea now system which is our rapid point of care molecular tasks can do the test and a little bit five minutes. An innovation is incredible. It uses molecular technology to be able to identify a very unique kind of virus genome through an amplification process. And it does it Amplify it over a billion times in this little box to be able to find that virus and yet it's still very simple to use. Take a swab a nasal swab. You put that Swab into cartridge. That's got reagents chemicals. You close the LID. You follow the instructions on the test screen on the touch screen and you get a result in an as fast as five minutes. So if I'm at a hospital and I am worried about my doctors. Which is the the frontline soldiers in this war? I am able to determine whether they are sick on the spot absolutely. And that's and that's been focus actually as we've had conversations with administration we've had conversations with the task force with the FDA. We've had a lot of conversations with governors from different states over the weekend to be able to look at how we're going to allocate this test to be able to test as many people as we can the first priority as we roll out is our frontline workers The the Er doc the ICU nurse. The police officers frontline workers. That are taking care of us. We don't do but we do tests and we want to make sure that their test these these these people are safe so that they can take care of us all right so miles. I have to when it comes to add it. Abbott never stops at one thing. I have to believe that fifty thousand today. Maybe it's going to be maybe a hundred thousand in two weeks or more than that or a new kind of test. Maybe even one we can use at home. Don't have to go to a car line donuts. Someone's sticking our nose. We look and we decided we go back to work. Is that possible sir. It is possible and you know I have to say well. We're very pleased with the performance that that we've been able to deliver here. We've we've launched two tests in the last couple of weeks. There are still more and there's a need for more we have a collection of technologies and formats. We've got multiple. Rnd teams at work. There are more tests coming. There are serology test antibody tests were were looking at automated versions of that and what we call lateral flow version. That's more like a pregnancy test. It's a it's a test. That doesn't require instrumentation. All of those are a matter of weeks to a couple of months away and those teams are working around the clock. Just like the ones who brought idea now to us Worked and the ones who brought the automated test on the two thousand so there are more tests coming. They're also putting a Lotta effort in the organization to capacity expansion because while fifty thousand a day sounds like a lot. It's not enough and we know that and for a while we'll be allocating prioritizing too high need areas as Robert Syndicated. We know that that fighting this virus and being able to go back to a world. That's more normal is going to require a lot of testing in the right places with rapid turn around and fortunately we have multiple formats to do that with so yes. That's all possible. Robert you just heard model save maybe get back to the way it was when I think about the testing to me. That is what's key to get people back to work. I have to believe that the president knows what you're doing Dr Fouled. She knows what you're doing that the FDA FDA is so on the case to let this happen and this is the breakthrough in looking for. We had thermo. I Love Thermo. I think Roche is great but those turnarounds are not fast enough for the American people. This is correct. Well those are great companies. Also and I think we've got a look at this comprehensively without a doubt. The poincare is a game changer. To be able to do it in five minutes we've been in conversations as I said with administration with the Task Force to be able to kind of deploy this in a way that allows us to test as many people as we can but as miles said fifty thousand per day is not enough so we have to rely also on the lab instruments. That are in the labs in the hospitals to be able to kind of support all testing needs and as miles said. We had an approval ten days ago for our lab instrument. That's gone very well. We've shipped over a million tests by the end of this week and we're going to double that. During the month of April two so we have to test and ABBOTS is definitely looking as mile said across different form factors different types of testing an environment. So that we can get there okay. So very no one. I speak to Lynch light for. Generally speaking the people rose to the People. I literally everybody WHO's involved in trying to come up with a vaccine. What I hear about it. And she got have serology. I know that miles mentioned that Robert. Explain to people. How if we knew the blood if we had the blood of people who have beaten this what this could mean to be able to get our country back. I get super important. And that's why we kicked off Four teams the serology team is the third team. They've got the light shining on them right now and it is very important to be able to detect there to antibodies that are important to detect the antibody which is more of an acute antibody kind of pops up and then come down after about four days and then antibody which lasts collapse for about a year so if you know that for for some reason you were infected you got over it. You now know that you've had the antibodies and that's going to be important as we really look to as we look to reopen the country so miles you've been unbelievable. Stewart of great American company. Did you ever for minute think this thing could beat us you know. I think we're all properly challenged in. Meaning we're we're taking it seriously. We're afraid of it but at the same time or afraid of the damage it can do. Do I think and can beat us? No I don't think it can beat us. I think the frustrating thing is the time it takes for us to come back at it. I'm excited about the announcement. Jim J. made today and I hope to God they can get there faster than any other companies with with vaccines CANTU. Because we're GONNA need vaccines. We're going to need medicines. We're going to need a lot of things for a long time in order to beat it. Do I think are are scientists will beat it? We'll beat it and someday there will be another one that will have to beat so we'll learn from this one and we'll be ready if it ever happens again. Okay Robert last question when I look at it and I can be like a pregnancy test in mile said. What I'm envisioning is that there could be something maybe even by the summer where we could get tested all of us. If we decide you know what? I don't feel well that we could get tested. Maybe even over the counter by prescription. Because if we don't feel well we stay at home and if we do feel well we go back to work and we get the country moving and is that a possible vision. I think that's definitely possible vision. Maybe the summer might be very ambitious. But that's how we're working at it. We believe that we can scale up these these tests and I actually believe that you know we're going to have this. Cova Test Available. Not just beyond the you know the summer but maybe into the fall so that as you said if I feel a little that I need to get a test I can get a test so miles tell me. How's he ministration handling this gym? I can only comment on that from the perspective of the testing and I would tell you that the administration has been incredibly supportive. They've acted with urgency and professionalism. I'm particularly impressed with frankly all the support this come from the White House and from the FDA the FDA has turned cartwheel's here. I've never seen anything like it in my thirty five years at Abbot. Since nineteen eighty five when the first HIV blood screening test was done Dr Fao. She knows that but the FDA's done here with the review and the approval of tests has been phenomenal and incredibly supportive and so is the administration. So I have nothing but positive things to say about it. There's been no obstacle here. All the companies in our industry have been working twenty four seven to create these tests. And we've had all the necessary. Thank you so much down. The miles white outgoing. Ceo Robert Ford CEO at labs great to see you and best of luck it's official. The chronic viruses created magnificent bull market. Remember always say you got to find the bull market summer when it is in cloud computing. I've been telling you this for weeks but even I didn't realize the full extent of it folks Dan into a red Microsoft update on. Its as your cloud services this weekend and the numbers. They knocked my gold toe socks off. Listen to this quote. We've seen a seven hundred and seventy five percent increase of our cloud services in regions that have enforced social distancing or shelter in place order. You heard me seven hundred seventy five percent increase. It's not just as your Microsoft points to a quote significant spike spike in quote teams. Use that collaboration platform which now has forty four million daily users last week those users generated over nine hundred million meeting and calling minutes on the teams platform every day. These numbers are standing considerable much equipment. They need to meet this kind of demand. I needed a massive data center built up much. We have right now. We got a hint when things were heating up when Micron mentioned stronger datacenter orders for their chips when they're on the show s week so who benefits your besides Mike Run. Will you gotTa Think? About data centers that means invidia that means a n which is also by the way making a killing the processors for laptops and those are flying off. The shelves Intel works to same reasons. Second we all know. Zoom videos got incredible traffic. It's part of logic doing well but now I'm starting to wonder CISCO's webex video collaboration business which is roaring. I figured it wouldn't be enough to move the needle when so many of Cisco's other businesses are likely to experience slowdowns because of global GDP declined but maybe Webex will be big enough to offset that we just back in the days. When radio show we fell in love with sixes product for real time. Stay in touch software. Spend a monster winner lately as slack. Which is just like. Microsoft's teams but let's not bury lead people we now know. Microsoft huge beneficiary from the lockdowns as your platforms gaining adherents in part because retailers. Don't want to send business to Amazon web services as a blow to the largest competitor. Meanwhile Mexico's bread and butter. Windows outlook were installed in the vast majority of laptops and notebooks that? Stay at home. Workers now getting from their employers their substrate programs are getting better and better. I hear that slack bashing better teams but teams. Well let's just say it's embedded now. They're still one big worry from Microsoft most other tech companies supporter economy. I'm expecting a major worldwide slowdown. So there's a real possibility that Mike Sauce booming cloud business could get cut back. Millions laid off however I think the rapid fire adoption of Saas cloud platform over icees macro concerns. Don't over think this one Microsoft stock is a by. Of course I'd like it to come data to this gigantic rally but Microsoft. It may be the best tech stock in this market. Stay with me. We're going to get through this one piece. We need much beaten. Get FORTY A lot of businesses stepping. Take sap the German soper company. They're offering a slew of products for free to help their customers cope with the pandemic. So for the helps. Companies hire external workers so that helps organizations procure much needed supplies tools. That can help measures check in on their employees. Who are working remotely. This is what being a good corporate citizen looks like. So let's take a closer look Jennifer Morgan. Sap's new co CEO Your Company's addressing the pandemic and other things that he's doing this morning and welcome to make money. Kim Thank you for having me okay. So Jennifer Week. I've been talking to labs. Apparently you're involved without it and I think could be the game changer. That gets US ahead of this illness. Jim We are so first of all. Let me start with a huge. Thank you to all the people who are on the front lines in this pandemic they are the true heroes in the our is our debt and so to be able to partner with Abbott amazing customer of ours to help them team around. This irises is really special. Prosecutor require that. So will you help make it so that it gets where it has to go more easily exactly exactly you know Jim when you think about our business what we've always done is realistic to demand signals supply signals and now more than ever sentiments sentiment is really really important of virtual world all that together and make sure that we need when they need it speaking of sentiment you know our countries and trump in trouble journeys and trump in any trouble but I? I think you're stepping up to the plate and making it so that your workers don't need to be afraid over the next three months a pledge absolutely so Jim. Our pledge is that there will be no significant layoffs at sap over the next ninety days and we're focused on on our employees and we're focused on our customers and getting through this together and you're doing that because that's the way sap operates that's how we all right now you role in a lot of different directions. You know about customer behaviour better than anyone. You know Kobe. Kobe nineteen response. What's it really look out there? Don't I mean I got the economists from Wall Street? Tell me abetted his. But you're in the trenches. What is really going on so to? I'll talk about Jim. What is employees knew? This world went virtual overnight and companies are struggling to make sure that their employees brocade and thin steak. They're healthy. They have the tools that they need to be productive. But that doesn't add the first week that they're we all know that every week it's changing really really fast wall tricks would you? Great Company came into the. Sat family last year and they're focused on sentence. One of the first things we did something called remote work else and we've got over five thousand companies. You jumped on more amusing for free in his way to really listen to what's going on with your employees because this is changing every single that right right from city to work with other people at home when my kids were learning how Jimmy L. and gets really interesting when you really ask people are they. Okay what do they need? You get the real honest truth. And there's a lot of people who are alone and who are isolated so mental health is something that has to be on the minds of all companies today because making sure. Your boys are healthy. That they have what they need is going to be critical to anything or they can be Fall Culture is key and we hope that many other companies will will really take advantage of this offer. Jimmy seen a spike of about you know in the triple digits of companies were really watching these ulcers just essentially. Listening survey has rather than react to what happened yesterday. You have really prepare. What is the world Tomorrow voice the needs more than a big part of getting alternate okay. You bought one of our favorite companies concur. I which we using everybody uses. Because it's the best. What is that showing by the way travel is travel just ended so it shows what you would think. Jim. I mean. We're not travelling really right now. They'll tell you what's been great about this car. Has something called locate and a Lotta company went on his travel mandates in place in time emergency? We'll be able to very quickly locate employers and make sure that they got home safely. A big part of what could hurt us as well. Her author bandages Employees with our staff so when you look at some of the trends that were seeing Expect work is still happening. You are still spending. Employees are still expensive. But it's just a little different. It looks a little bit different. We see over in China. We see that picking up a little bit more based on what we were seeing Has Reducing incur back in January so does Cuba's leading indicators is an incredible network of information in also? You touched on this incredible source information. Rivas another source you know. We have a big network. If you think about not network is basically the business version of ebay or Amazon. We got about four and a half million. Companies buyers and suppliers transact about just about reached trillion. Commerce is over time like this. You know what I've talked to other. Ceo's out there. The number one thing that they're focused on is new networks supply. Where can I get used? Sources of supply? Last week we opened that up to the world to use the rebus report free so that we can bring together the demand in the slot. We had a construction company who was trying to repair a building to become a hospital in needed. Bet Faina we cannot them with another supplier in thirty minutes. Five hundred may need an stories on and on but this is what we're doing. This is how a company like ours which is last. How great business in bring that to the world and makes your company's also been opportunistic. They'll be companies that the stocks will be down but the companies aren't the companies are doing well and you see so. Is this time or do you have to wait to cove conquered that? Sap can be looking around trying to figure out what your next move is Jim. We got a great great portfolio now. And we're just getting started with new combinations that polio and so I'm very confident with the combination of all the solutions. We not right now may customers maybe just one or two of our solutions in have the opportunity to take advantage of others and really now is the time Either OUR CUSTOMERS. No strings attached. Make sure that we bring the best That this is what we do. We cannot demand I. We bringing the sentiment. We help companies actively and a lot of times. We're not talking about these things because they were business. It seems more time late this. It's pretty well our good friend bill. Mcdermott your predecessor sale tells me that one thing. I should know about you. You're about as competitive as it comes. How's the competitive landscape? It's about time like this gym. Is it's really great to see companies coming together regardless of whether they compete. And that's what I love and that's the spirit I love and a time like this and that raises the best. Everybody individuals teams companies from a competitive perspective. We feel good about our time like this reminds us that our portfolio is very vast very rich sustainably relevant right. It's all business problems. This is something really proud refurnishes. The lot of the other technology companies are out today because after success from Laura. You got a great spirit. I thank you so much for coming on on mad money. It's great to meet you Jennifer Morgan co-ceo AP thank you. Money's back into the break trying to make sense of things for you tonight in the face of this incredibly difficult but panicky tape. I like to buy hysteria not selling by him not sell. We don't advocate pin is. It's not a strategy to companies in the last one third and the ones that are really but bounces best. That's what you must be what day we have your back. We'll get through this gather. It is time. Seven and lighting round is over. Are you ready scheme? Peter Collar appear. Yuck we I paid are out here in Colorado. We give very very high demand. Great Ski Mountain Operations. What do you think of Vail resorts? I'm going to take a pass on that one because I do think that that is still regarded as being a place where people can get sick. Let's just put it that way. Maybe it's not true but that's what I understand. Let's go to deal Minnesota. Do Your Grandmother. My question I wanNA move is for General Dynamics stock. You've done to buy and you WANNA buy defense stocks right here right now but I prefer to be L. Three Harris which is come all the way down to three and one eighty one down fifty. Sunda bias go to Steven in New York. Steve in perfected cream. Thank you bring in real life to the dome of darkness. We're living in their best. I've always been a fan of Henry. Shine H. S. I C. and Thursday shining out of an antibody rapid blood tests dating to test delivers results within fifteen minutes with a pinprick and they anticipate having a leaf several hundred thousand tests available this week and significantly war beginning in April. How will this news affect the share price knowing that so many dental offices are closed due to the current mandate which could bring Henry showing dental sales to a halt stock is still too high company? Did speak on our network today. It's good that they're doing that but at the same time I've got to tell you fourteen times earnings and his business is slow in slow and slow. I'm GONNA say now. Let's go to Damon Damon in Pennsylvania. Damon creeper congrats on fifteen years. Remember that cheese pan that came and went. What's going on wondering with some government Making Cannabis in central and people stockpiling if your views changed on kill rape now. Let's go to wide California Merck. Hey how you doing? Good me better murder. How are you good? I'm a new listener. Plus we are of white. I what's up? I just saw Bob Caesar soft of win. That was down around four dollars a share. And my feeling was just gonNA keep going down but it's going up in just wondering too. There's there's no I don't know what's stock. Caesar's inserts done really. Well maybe they know I mean unless they know that. Sure I would say so I don't know anything about so. Let's go to Matthew New York Matthew. Hey Jim thanks for taking my call of course talking to you for my shelter in place that big government at all right which is which is arguably the capital the traditional ad agencies. Toy your thoughts on yeah. I'd like your thoughts on Advertising Golden Company on the Cup Group on the kindness could end up being the winner in this group. A lot of other companies aren't even GonNa make so. I think that this is one of those last man standing situations that I really really like. Let's and you get that Nice Hue. Let's go to Barbara. Barb high has an offer from Xerox to acquire shares HD stock for cash or xerox soccer combination of cash a couple of hundred shares of Xerox stock or I just keep my shares of HP considering the fundamentals of each company. And my age. Which sixty three would you recommend owning either hd or Xerox? We're not xerox their whole thing. They're awful thing that was very unappealing and ill advised. I do like HP Q. Because they have a good business getting better typically because so many people doing things remotely and remotely means you need. Hp Hewlett Packard Notebooks that Ledger inclusion of the be wrong is sponsored by two D. Ameritrade. We know this pandemic spin terrible for the economy's a whole somebody believes record because I mentioned earlier. It's been driven for the stay at home. Economy the sulfur companies allied to work remotely or practically Queenie money. They're like the guys who made fortune selling picks and shovels during the California gold rush take cloudflare which break up which provides a broad range of network services to companies all over the globe making them more secure enhancing the performance of business critical applications and a bunch of different content delivery services into a single platform. We had these guys on February nineteenth. That was right the peak but since then cloudflare stocks rallied thirty three percent. There are sensitive to stay at home economy because businesses rely on their software to assure their networks are running smoothly and if it were still understanding the scale. This opportunity to stop could be more to run. Don't take it from me. Let's dig deep with Matthew Prints. She's the CO founder and CEO of cloudflare for more about how is copies helping us cope with his debit prints. Welcome back to money. Thanks for having me on Jim. Y'All got a lot to feel the only real company that's doing well in this environment is zoom. The fact is that cloudflare. This is a time that we all need you. If we're going to be working at home don't we have to work with cloudflare? What I think that the real heroes of what's going on. Obviously the the people that are responding to this on the front lines the medical professionals scientists that are working on a cure but the the reliable sidekick for all of this has been the Internet and specifically the cloud and so I think companies like zoom companies like cloudflare as we help companies. Make sure they can continue to work. You know. We're incredibly proud of the role that we're playing today but one thing's for certain the Internet was not built for what it has to handle right now and you recognize that most of the companies. I deal with accepting the Internet as it. Is You have a different view of what the Internet can be. Well I think the Internet was really designed to deal with a different type of crisis if you look back to the original days that was designed around. How do you make a communication network? Could survive a nuclear war literally. I think that that original design has gotten US along way but over the last ten years. What we've done at cloudflare is help. Build a better internet and that is why are companies. The people who rely on us every day are able to weather. Whatever this crisis is throwing at us and we're seeing incredible volumes across the Internet. But I think it's pretty amazing. I can't imagine another public utility that doubled its usage which is what we're seeing around the world that it would continue to function and yet. I think that that's that's the case and I think cloudflare and I'm really proud of our entire team is playing one small part in helping. Make sure that happens. You're growing you. Millions of customers. Come what I want to know is ACA my Amazon alphabet. Microsoft cloudflare why cloudflare. Why do I go cloudflare? The real thing that's valuable about us is that we provide one global network where we've been able to continue to scale to meet the needs that our customers have and so if you look over the course of just the last week. I've been incredibly proud of the fact that we've been able to board when the largest medical providers in the world where we have almost twenty thousand of their employees there now relying on our network in order to be able to work remotely. One of the largest telemedicine providers in the world is using cloudflare in order to make sure that their physicians are able to work remotely around the world and we have one independent network that will allow us to scale and actually accelerate the rate at these. These companies are able to get their their business done and again. I'm incredibly proud of our team. And we're proud of the fact that we're able to help. These companies continue to do their work even this crisis. Okay so let's go back to one of those telemedicine which big is here to say so in other words when I use one of these telemedicine providers what I really hook into is the cloudflare network. What's happening is typically. These providers have had to work from their clinics. And when they do that they have different regulatory and compliance requirements that ensure that they have to be able to keep the data on their patients secure now as all. These providers are having to work from home. They don't have that same ability to access their systems. They're not working from within that secured environment. So what cloudflare allows is people to tap into our network. Get that same sort of secured environment and be able to work from home and so for someone like telemedicine provider. It's helped them stay online and be able to continue to serve patients. I get it okay. Now one of the things that you guys are famous for is elections. There are a lot of people who are worried that there may not be a traditional election in November in this country. What to say you know. I think it's something where you know. We really think that we have a public duty to do what we can. To ensure that the critical functions of our society continue to work and so we continue to work with state local and federal officials in order to ensure that any of the election systems that are up and running can be secured from what is increased amounts of threats that are happening during this perilous time. And so I. I don't know exactly what's going to happen but we were. We stand ready to provide our services to any governments anywhere in this country. That need help. Making sure that their election infrastructure stands up and that we can have a free and fair election. Well this question labcorp is a client. Labcorp is at the front lines of trying to get testing done for Kobe. What do you do to help them? So that we get the quickest and most accurate testing from lockport will fundamentally what we do is. We make sure that they're whenever they have to rely on a network whether that's their employees getting worked on or their their systems where people fill out requests for lab testing that stays reliable and it stays up and available throughout this and so where you see different medical systems different physicians. That are that are needing to be reliable. We're the company that's helping make sure that the network works the way we all need it to work again. I think that that the the Internet is going to be one of the real heroes of this crisis and again. We're really proud of the small role that we're playing in in making sure that's the case you're playing a larger role in your take your humble man that's matthew prints. Ceo of of cloudflare and a terrific stock member outperformer even since the top of the market. If money's back after the break got a great lightning around question about That path beyond his people There was a lot of cash. The new management team but they're brick and mortar and almost everything it's brick and mortar may not come out on the other side unless it's a big box retailer. That has a great balance sheet. The woman's really changing changing very fast. And when you see excellent outfits like like our HDL restoration hardware have so many of their stores close you say. Wow well they can make it. We know they can have got good capital that got a good debt plan but most of them maybe they just don't make it when we get out on the other side. Thank you Abbott. Labs and change for helping us get there and of course to all the workers everywhere who are fighting this battle. The lot of the retailers that you see will go. The way of the ones will worth of grants Montgomery Ward. That's what's going to happen. Why did you say there's always just money on Jim? Cramer's seat him while our special markings internal hosted by Ross. Sorkin starts right now.

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