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It's Wednesday, September twenty six GOP senators have some tough questions, but they won't be the ones asking them. We start here. As the world waits to see what kind of munition Christine Blasi Ford has Republicans bringing a hired gun a woman to lead the charge to lead the questioning, but not everyone is toeing the party line Bill. Cosby is waking up in a jumpsuit. His head was straightforward, no reaction from Cosby. The moment. He was sentenced from a reporter in the courtroom. And when the Chinese military tells you turn your plane around or else what you do. We are getting warnings on the radio. In fact, six different times. We go on a ride along with the US navy over the South China Sea. From ABC news. I'm Brad milkey. Let's get you up to speed for the day ahead. Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard. Get started today at indeed dot com slash podcast that's indeed dot com. Slash podcast. How often do Ben Siegel ABC. If you're a member of the Senate Judiciary committee right now, you better be ready tomorrow. We will see some of the most anticipated testimony in a generation, Christine. Blasi four will describe what she says was a sexual assault that a high school party more than thirty years ago by supreme court nominee. Brett Cavanaugh Cavanaugh has denied it the both get their chance to tell their story. But yesterday Republicans told us they won't be asking Ford. The questions here the outside counsel. Why is this necessary for his mid sense trolley that was Lindsey. Graham fielding questions from ABC's. Ben Siegel in the hallways, along with his fellow producer Mariam con. Yet at the. Todd. Can you can't identify the month or the city? There's nothing would be acting in beer buddy mirror, and there's been a lot of movement around the stories involving Cavanaugh in the last twenty four hours. You've got pristine Blasi Ford, then you've got dead Ramirez, the woman who says, despite a spotty memory from a drunken Gail party, she remembers Cavanaugh exposing himself right in front of her face something. Cavanaugh also, flatly denies now. No, I witnesses have supported her claims. And yesterday, President Trump went after. I looked at the second. The second accuser has nothing gonna give doesn't even know things. Maybe maybe she admits that you was drugged. She admits time lapse were five lapses, but now a couple of Kavanagh's classmates say they believe Ramirez, including Kavanagh's, former roommate, and while many Republicans have highlighted the hazy memory and the six days spent reconstructing events. Suddenly a Republican swing vote said, hold up. Well, it's very important to take allegations of of those who have come forward to take them seriously. That was Lisa Murkowski from Alaska speaking to her was ABC. Senior congressional correspondent Mary, Bruce right now, Mary is sitting in her purse high above the Senate floor. Hey, Mary, hey, Brad. So now you've got some new details on what this hearing is actually gonna look like, Brad, this won't look like most hearings up here. In fact, they're still negotiating a lot of the details about this including how much access as reporters will have of here. But one thing that we have learned is that the Republicans on this panel and remember all of them are men have now hired an outside counsel, a woman to lead the charge to lead the questioning. This is someone who has a lot of experience in these kinds of cases dealing with discrimination and sexual harassment and assault, and it is not completely unprecedented for a committee to bring in an outside questioner like this, but it's just something you don't see very often you the Watergate hearings had this, the Iran contra hearings. Some big store. Go hearings on the hill. We those hearings you would wanna be facing. These are. These are the instances in which outside counsels have been brought in in the past and look. We, I've been up here chasing down lawmakers. Senator is it time for the FBI to investigate. These allegations are whole team has been out blitzing the hill trying to get through some reaction to this, and we've talked to Republicans both those on the committee and not who say, look, they think this is a good idea. I think it's really smart of them to get outside. Now, one Republican, Bob corker said that he thinks it's a good idea because he thinks. Something insensitive essentially saying that Republicans you an outside counsel to save themselves from themselves. Is that the thing that Mary is this prosecutor being brought in for optics or because she will be more capable of getting clear answers? It's probably a little bit of both. Brad. I mean, look, I've talked to some Republicans on the committee who admit that the optics don't look great of having an all male panel questioning, Christine, Blasi Ford by. But also they feel that you know, if you talk to Republicans, they think it's better to have someone who has them deep knowledge of this subject areas. I mean experience in this to lead the charge. Well, let's go back to Lisa Murkowski. The GOP says, it's going to vote Friday like right away. But when Murkowski says, hey, let's take these new accusations seriously. Like how United is the caucus. And it's really interesting, isn't it? Because you have Republican leaders that are rallying around judge Cavanaugh, right, right. Being led essentially by by the president who is also doubling down on his support for for cavenaugh. But yet you have these key Republicans, these swing votes that are sending a really clear message to their own party. You know, at least. Markowski saying, look, you gotta take these allegations, seriously, we'll listen to Dr Ford story. We will listen to judge Kavanagh's response, and that's what's tricky about this is that there's so much gray area here and how will the members of this committee determine how whether they find the testimony to be credible or not. But you already already Republican sending out paper statements saying, I'm going to support judge Cavanaugh even before they've heard one word of testimony from Christine, Blasi Ford, and you have the Republican leader, Mitch McConnell saying, we're moving forward. I'm confident we're going to win that. He's confident that they're going to get judge Kavanagh confirmed to the supreme court. And we're talking about these two accusers lawyer. Michael Evans has he has got a client with additional allegations of misconduct by Cavanaugh and his friend Mark judge in their high school years. They have denied they did anything wrong avenue. ATI has offered zero evidence so far and no, I d for that accuser, but he does say more will be revealed sometime today. Mary, we will see what happens. Thank you. Thanks, Brad. He's been thirteen years since Andrea Constand went with authorities, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Saint she'd been sexually assaulted by the actor Bill Cosby one month later, she saw her case dropped by local prosecutors. Come on now with some breaking news worthy. The wolves best. No entertainers appears to be heading to a prison cell. Very shortly. A judge in Pennsylvania has just sentenced Bill Cosby to no less than three and no more than ten years behind bars. But this morning Bill Cosby is in jail, and he will likely be behind bars for years ABC's. Mark Remillard was at the courthouse for this entire Cosby trial, and he was in the courtroom yesterday as Cosby was sentenced in Mark? What was that moment? Like? It was so much different than when the verdict came down in April this year when that verdict came down, there were gasps in the courtroom. Some people had to leave because they were holding back tears. This courtroom. Mhm. Was quiet when that sentence came down, that he would spend no less than three years in prison. Cosby's back was to the gallery where the press and the public, where's? And he did not move at all. His head was straightforward, no reaction from Cosby, but you could certainly tell the relief that this sentence was afterwards. As we heard from many of his accusers is other accusers who said that they were so pleased to know that Cosby was going to go to jail and not just to jail, actually, but to state prison for a minimum of three years, a significant time for an eighty one year old man. Yeah, his team is planning to appeal, but what does happen next for Cosby Mark because he was immediately taken away in cuffs. Yeah, he walked out of the courtroom in handcuffs. He was led along by a sheriff's deputy. We went to a holding cell was quickly transferred over to the Montgomery County correctional facility booked, their and a new mug shot was taken. And then from there, we don't have indication as to how long he will be housed there. But eventually he will make his way to the Pennsylvania state prison system. He'll be processed, he'll be given a Brown jumpsuit an inmate number. They'll essentially assess his level of security that's needed. And from there he will begin serving his at minimum three years in prison, and then he will be assessed on whether he stays or whether he serves more time Mark. I remember I was there covering the first trial with with a hung jury, and I would talk to people around the courthouse who would tell me this woman is looking to get famous or rich. Now you've got a jury of twelve people who have said, unanimously this did happen a judge said, yes, this man is a sexual predator. What is this been like for Andrea Constand. Well, this has been a long time coming for Andrea Constand. If you think about it from her perspective for fourteen years, she's been saying that she was sexually assaulted and for many years she was under a nondisclosure agreement and couldn't speak about it. When it finally came to charges and was brought to trial, she had to endure two trials testifying both times, reliving that experience, all while she says the Cosby defense team through every name in the book at her calling her a racist gold digger. So you can imagine the stress or the emotional toll that it has taken on her over these years. And she says in her victim impact statement that Bill Cosby took my beautiful healthy young spirit and crushed it. But she does leave with a. Mention here of saying that instead of looking back now that this chapter is closed, all she wants to do is look forward. Finally, some resolution in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Thank you. Thanks, Brad. Next up diplomats are not known for their sense of humor. So what did President Trump say that was so funny. Start here is brought to you by indeed dot com. And when it comes to hiring, you don't have time to waste. You need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot com. Get started today at indeed dot com slash podcast, that's indeed dot com. Slash podcast. Last year in first appearance at the United Nations, President Trump let her rip rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime, he blasted Ron North Korea and really the whole body itself. It is entirely up to us whether we lift the world to new heights or let it fall into a valley of disrepair. This year, though we were told things we're going to be different and they were a little bit more diplomacy from the commander in chief, but it was also a different reaction from the audience gone was the nervous deference instead the president heard laughter. I want to bring in ABC's and work a touristy who is based in New York who's been covering the UN for years and Aaron, can we start with that laughter? Like what was the feeling of the people? There was this a nervous laugh from diplomats that don't agree with him or was this like people laughing in the president's face? This was a group of people bread that laughed at something they clearly didn't buy. It came as the president was talking about his administration accomplishing more than almost any administration in the history of our country. America's so true, and the laughter was almost immediate and grew when the president said off the cuff didn't expect that reaction, but that's okay. This was really weird bread. This is not a group that is prone to reacting one way or another. Yes. The diplomats have recoiled in horror when a despot gets up to speak. But normally these are rather stayed speeches. There's polite applause at the beginning and the end to greet and then to send off the speaker, but nothing like outright laughter. These diplomats are are not one that want to show reaction. And generally the speeches are not designed to elicit one from the audience put is next for President Trump. Then he, he's in the UN for another day today. He's leading Security Council meeting. There was talk about him possibly meeting with the leader of Iran. Is there any chance that happens? This was a matter of great debate because the president lashed out at Iran Iran's leaders so chaos, death and destruction calling out their leaders and calling on the world to denounce an isolate Iran's regime. And he had said in more off the cuff settings that Iran had kept asking for meetings. But he said, now is not the time he was not going to meet with Iran's president Ronnie, even though he called him in a tweet, a a lovely man. And then Ronnie said to an interviewer that actually the United States has asked eight times for a meeting, and it was Iran that rejected the overture. We're not sure that the two are going to have any chance encounter in the hallway, but the president is sharing a UN Security Council meeting officially about non-proliferation, but with a focus on Iran where the president is expected to, again, denounce the Iranian regime and call on other countries to do the same. Yeah, he will chair that meeting today Erin following the president in New York. Thank you. Thank you, Brad. Even outside the UN in recent days, we've seen some major tension building between the US and China. In addition to tariffs the US put some sanctions on China because of a big arms deal with Russia will yesterday China responded by telling US naval ship. You can't dock in Hong Kong turnaround get out. Now while on that same day yesterday, the FBI arrested, a US army reservist seven year old man from the Chicago area for legendary helping China figure out whether certain Americans might be ripe for recruitment as spies. And this is just the latest jousting between the two countries for the last several years in the South China Sea, hundreds of miles off the Chinese coast in what used to be open ocean, man-made islands have appeared. They are Chinese military posts, and we're going to give you a sense of what is happening there. ABC's Bob Woodruff is usually based in Beijing, and he got a remarkable opportunity lately to fly with the US navy as it went on a surveillance. Mission. He is back in the states now and Bob, you actually went up in the plane with these servicemembers. Yeah, it was. It was it was a unique chance to get up here over the top of the South China Sea. It's one of dreaming about for a long time. I wanted to see these these reefs below that the China's now turning into islands, and we went up in the plan. You look down at the c. we're about twenty thousand feet in the air. Reside. We saw on these were reefs and that there are now islands really because China's building them. Them buildings in the area is she all this new construction, you see roads radar buildings, plane hangars, long airstrips their boats and their ships all over the place. And and even some China coast guard ships that had that label right on the outside of it. So they're not trying to hide anything. And there's also when you look down, it's from a distance, be see people walking around their workers under construction down there. You know that China really wants to expand their land all throughout the South China Sea. So they can claim that and have control over it as as the world starts to develop an Asia grows especially with trade. Yes. So is that Chinese turf then, or is that considered international waters? What is it now? Well, because it's a reef reefs have never counted as as as a land of a country. If it's China's land, you can't really get within twelve miles of it. But if it's controversial than how. How close can we get addicted Chinese? No up here. I would say that they have a good idea. So we're flying over the top of Xilin. We're really staying about twenty miles away. We don't want even go up to twelve miles or maybe it's just because the navy was cautious, but they are claiming that law does not apply to these places. We're flying of the time. We should be able to go right over if we felt like we won't. We don't want. We don't want to cause any trouble well that that's that seems to be what it is. But China does like the warn us. Chinese to there morning the US to get outta here. So the Chinese get on the on this radio, and they say, you are in a US military aircraft. China has sovereignty over noncha- islands, including soobee wreath, and it's Jason waters leave immediately. And so then the the pilots immediately responded to this saying, I'm a sovereign United States, naval aircraft conducting law firm, military activities here in the international airspace of any coastal state. And with the right. Is like a little script that they read. It's a script. They said it six different times, really the same exact way China, which is identify where they are and tell them to get your butts outta here. So what happened. So the US would say, and we continue on on the surveillance that we're doing. Should he be afraid. The US is gonna fly, international airspace and in the region regardless of what the Chinese do there. Okay. So you guys are up there you see what's going on. We've known that these islands existed. Now we're seeing more and more what is on an all this military buildup, but what does the US actually going to do about it? Like what are the options? Well, as of now, it's not clear what I don't think anybody wants to conduct any kind of battles any kind of war. But I think the US wants to continue to tell China that this is not yours if you think you can just keep taking this without any confrontation than you are wrong. In the South China Sea is giant. It's about, say about ten percent of the world's fish catch is coming from the South China Sea every year, but eleven billion barrels of oil hundred ninety trillion cubic feet of natural gas. So the United States is the one that all of our allies in that area have depended upon to make sure the China doesn't take over the world and you were right there over the ocean, seeing this play out both in the. And perhaps in the future, Bob would could to have you back in the states. Thanks, Brad. I started getting a lot of buzz. The rush things. You might have seen this a couple of weeks back a hotdog cart in Times Square New York City. Just two regular cart with the buns and the umbrella, except this umbrella was covered with thirty thousand beings. Then a guy shows up calmly gets on a ladder and starts to suck them up into a vacuum. This became a viral moment, right? It got even more viral. When we learned it was a New York City cop. So I'm police officer, Michael oriental, and I'm assigned to the first precinct of New York City police department. And recently I tracked him down and I'm proud to say that I'm one of their resident beekeepers how many beekeepers there's two there used to be zero. You didn't need them to have bees in New York City was forbidden for many years and several years ago they allowed it overnight. You had urban beekeepers in backyards on rooftops and officer low Riano was one of them. I would always talk to my colleagues that I've raised honeybees and that's something where you say, wait a minute, would you just say. Raise honeybees and then from there word spreads. So all of a sudden Laureano auto became the b guy anywhere in New York from parks to office buildings to, yes, hotdog cards. If a colony out grows, its hive and swarms he's the guy you call, he's got his vacuum. Do you have to protect yourself or do you just start walking up to them? So when I first got there, I had the jacket on. I didn't have the on and he says he kind of introduces himself to the bees before unceremoniously sucking them into a vacuum system. He created this is like hardcore contraption. We wanna make sure that we don't hurt them. So gentle and he'll gently deposit the bees in this big bucket and then do just pops them in his car. So you get them all in here. You transport them, where do they go? So knowing that this is my position, I already have hides that are on standby at my house. That's right. They're coming home with him and it's basically a phone call going home saying, hey, I'm coming home. Let's get that high ready and I get to my house. Now if an owner calls and ask for their bees back, of course, they'll get them back. But when a swarm wreaks havoc, no one ever seems to call and say, oh yeah, those were my Bs. So those Times Square Beezer living at your place on Long Island right now? Yes, they're currently residing with my current bees in this weekend was a big one at the lower Yano. Hi, this is a recording. He sent us from home as he donated fifty pounds of Honey to get these new tenants ready for the cold winter. And if he wasn't generous enough. So this is the view of a of a beekeeper. He let me try on his hood at the precinct is what it looks like in rockstar access. Because as you can see, you still got to work with that screen around you but your face now. So if a bee lands here, it's not touching you. There's no way the be. Could sting your face with that veil on if properly put on as you check this for holes ever man, I do when they get worn out. It's time for a new one. This one's doing pretty good. I am not doing a ride along to find out. And you can check out that home video from officer lower Yano on our Instagram page. Plus pictures of me in his bee-keeping gear at start here. ABC big day coming up on Capitol Hill tomorrow. If you are not subscribed, what do you do in click that button and start here? Brad milkey tomorrow. Are you hiring with? Indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard. Get started today at indeed dot com slash podcast that's indeed dot com. Slash podcast.

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