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Is weird odd strange or just plain. Bizarre is really your cup. Then the golden state media concepts weird news. Podcast will give you that fix. Can't believe it will listen for yourself as we delivered his strangest news. You'd deathly you won't find on cnn. Or it's the golden state media concepts weird news. Podcast hello and welcome to the sim see weird news. Podcast brought to the gmc podcast network. I'm your host choline and let's just talk about some weird stuff. So i was thinking about bands the other day and i was like you know what would be interesting. The weirdest bands that have ever existed and that exist now. So let's talk about some weird bands that have existed and actually exists now. So let's start off with okay a lot of these names. I'm going to butcher but bear with me so Stall ago also known as ghoul ago. So it's s. t. a. l. a. g. g. h. or g. u. l. a. g. g. h. So they seem to have two names and this consisted of band members from dutch in belgium. So it was kind of like a mishmash of people And they were a black metal band now. I love me some metal. I really love me some metal but this sounds like a band i would not be into and this is why they used to use actual mental patients in their music so on three of their albums. They actually used mental patients in these albums. Were between two thousand two and two thousand seven now. One of their members worked at a mental hospital like they were somebody who worked there and they somehow got permission. Which i i don't know but they somehow got permission to use some of the patients in their stuff. Which either this mental hospital is absolutely terrible or they were doing it and just said they got permission. You know kind of thing. But that's what they did. They use these poor mental hospital patients in their music and they said they did this because they wanted act. Schule dark despair in the music. Which i think this is absolutely horrifying. This is terrible now. I love metals. Like i've said before. I love all types of metal and the one thing that bothers me with metal and i actually won't listen to their music even if i'm not a fan of it is the people that do dumb stuff like this. So i'm i don't know i feel like i've met a good amount of metal musicians going to concerts and whatnot but i am. They've always been very sweet very kind. And i've never met one. That was not so. I like to stick with people who are very sweet. Very kind you know in real life and that actually goes for a huge portion of metal bands so these are just some that are the exception. I guess they're not all middle. I promise but I thought i'd just throw that in there. Just who are not thinking. Oh middle bands are terrible. They're not most of them are not terrible. Most of them are really nice people. They just like really heavy music. So let's move onto a punk metal band from seattle now. This band is called an m. e. so just the letters n m an e. So they were one of the first extreme metal bands in the us. I put air quotes around extreme metal. You can't see it. But i'm telling you i did. Not only their music. Extreme but the frontman kurt. Stroup ing. it's s. t. r. u. e. b. i. n. g. But kurtz drooping was actually convicted of murder in nineteen eighty-six because hold onto your lunch kids. He chopped his mother into pieces with a hatchet which is absolutely terrible. And oh i can't. It's so terrible. But after he was released surprise he was released in the first place. The band actually got back together and continued to do music for a while but he ended up taking his own life in two thousand and five. So i'm not sure. I couldn't find exact. Excuse me exact dates for this. But i'm not sure when he was released and came back but they did end and they're no longer thing and this is probably for the best once again. this is a metal band that just. They're making bad names for their music genre. Which is absolutely just horrifying. Let's move on to radio werewolf now. This one is a doozy. So during the height of the satanic period hysteria that was in like around the mid eighties in america They were considered the most dangerous band in the world now. This was due to the notoriety of their vocalist zena. Shrek script C. s. c. h. r. e. k. I don't know maybe shrek but this is because xena was the daughter of anton levay now. If you don't know who anton avai is. He was actually the founder of the church of satan. I also think he wrote the lake saito satanic bible as well or something like that. I've done some research into him. His whole thing's really interesting if you want to hear podcast about it tweet me at. Gmc underscore weird news. But let's continue with this. He so he's the founder of this and so in the music they actually use nazi imagery necrophilia. Serial killers and mysterious code rituals. I don't know if it was just in their music. Allies probably a mixture of in their music and also music videos. So i do believe people thought they were very dangerous. because it was really pushing the satanic church I don't think they're doing anything bad. I don't know you know. Let them do their thing but anyway they saw the big reason that this band was so big was because Xena was the daughter of anton lefay and it was a big thing. Then this is really this was when you know the santana church was really coming into the media and like they like i said earlier it was called satanic or they sit tanic panic said period. I'm so sorry. But it was during the panic panic hysteria which was like i said to in the mid eighties in america. So this really. I think was what was kind of pushing them to the forefront and i do think they were probably using a lot of this material not to promote the satanic church but i think they were using it to really kind of just shock. I think what they were after was a shock value. I couldn't find anything that said anything about. Actual you know killings or murders or whatever that was associated to radio werewolf. But i really thought that you know. I thought that they deserve a spot on this list because it is very strange that the daughter of somebody so big makes a band and then just goes full force into the ridiculous with their imagery in their music. I i don't know once again. This is just giving a bad name to music. I understand using music videos and stuff like that as shock value and that's actually really popular nowadays in music videos and also in Just music in general. I actually am an award winning. Music video director. I know it sounds like i'm tuned my own horn but i am an award winning music video director. I've directed a good few music videos. And i i try not to really go for shock value. Even if i do go i shock value. It's like a second of something and not really the whole music video because the shock value really pulls people in a does and it's a good selling point but at the same time. I feel like you can really overdue it. And then you turn into this band or you turn the band that you're doing the music video for in do just shock value in. That's all the people are looking for at that point. Now i'm going to take a quick break when we come back. We will continue with some more weird bands that exist and have existed this show built around the women of mma from the ufc to the extreme cage fighting. We got the fights. Cover the golden state media. Concepts women's may podcast. The latest news of upcoming twice discussions of previous matches join us as we talked to in about the biggest names. Women's mixed martial arts past present and future. When it's the women's fight game you know were to listen to the golden state media. Concept's women's mma podcast. Hello and welcome back to the gmc weird news podcast now before the break. We were talking about weird bands that have existed I believe the ones that i talked about. Don't exist now but let's move on to some more so let's talk about father yod and ya hawas thirteen so this kind of brings us back to a podcast or two ago where we were talking about strange cults now father yod did not make the cut in that one but he'll make the cut in this. One yard was the founder of the source movement. Which was like a spiritual commune slash colt like. It was a cult. That was big in hollywood in the early seventies now yod used his like all the earnings that he had gotten from this colt and actually put them all into a giant mansion in the hollywood hills so basically he used all the earnings that he got from this cold probably offerings and whatnot and he used that by this mansion which she filled with hippies and musicians where they played all day and they did drugs all day. That was pretty much it. I thought it was really interesting that there was actually like a full-blown co co leader. Who had a band now. Let's move on to some more in this strange region. So let's talk about zoll tar solaar. Excuse me zo lar- x. The zoeller ex came about in the mid seventies and they were a mixture between glam and punk rock. Now these guys let me tell you. They dressed like silver suited and tan. Antenna headed space surfers. This is real and they talked in their own alien language. Now this lake this band baffled. Hollywood so they were in hollywood and people were just intrigued and confused and like what is this. If i was in that time and i saw this i would be like. I need to listen because what is and they were like really big because of how strange they were once again. It's that like tactic of being a lot and using weird imagery and your music because brings people in now they were big and stuff until they just vanished in a puff of green smoke in nineteen eighty one so they just kind of then they were just gone. Yeah so that's the thing. I actually didn't listen to theirs. But i think i'll go back and actually listen to their music. I'm very curious but these next two. I definitely listen to their music. Because i was so confused. So let's talk about the all sports band so there was a sound engineer named tracy coats who came up with this weird idea. He was like what if we made a hetero sports vase. Sports based village people so we wanted to make a just a straits village. People that were all that was all about sports and the results of that idea was the all sports band now. They do kind of sound like the village people like. I said i did listen to them. Some of the ones in the beginning. I didn't listen to just because of their stories. And i didn't wanna you know. It was just kind of a weird area but the all sports band had a boxing drummer a football and baseball player for guitar and bass and then a race car driver on keyboard and a karate kicking singer now. Obviously that didn't go anywhere. Because i never heard of this and pretty much. Anybody that i asked had never heard of the all-sports band but they really do sing about you. Know wanting oh lady and you want a strong man and you know and stuff. It's a really strange mixture of music and like the sound of the village people. It's really weird. I don't know if it really displays hetero but that's the thing let's move on to the next one now. This one is my favorite or one of my absolute favorites. That i found so. This is katya K. ni-nice c. A n i n us now. They are death grind band. I did listen to them. They're definitely death grind But they started the band in like started making music in two thousand and three now. The vocalists are basil or and budgie. Now they have cute names me wrong because they are two female pit bulls. I'm not kidding. You the vocalist of death. Grind band are female pit bulls. Now this is the greatest idea i've ever heard and i listened to them and it's just death grind music with dogs barking and i love everything about it. It's just so funny. But so they people credit this guy. Dawn lila kerr liker l. i. l. k. e. r. of a band called nuclear assault as the originator. They they say he's the originator of the of this whole idea of the dogs being vocalists and that's because he ended up sending out a joke demo to a bunch of different labels with his dogs vocals on it and came canine s or whatever like took it to another level and made a whole band around it now. This is the greatest thing i've ever heard. I will definitely have to post this on the twitter and the facebook because it is so great and so weird. I'll try and post some of the weirder ones on facebook so you guy in the twitter at gmc underscore. We'd news and facebook. Gmc weird news. I just i have to because they are so interesting to listen do but unfortunately the band split up after the sad passing of both of the dogs. Now this is sadness. This is super said. We don't deserve dogs. They're incredible. I love dogs. I got two dogs and they're actually hanging out right next to me right now but This is one of the coolest things i've ever heard. Let's just talk about that. This is one of the coolest things i've ever heard. It's just so weird and so like it's a lot if you're if you've never heard death grind before it might be like way too much for you. I've heard death grind before. It's not my favorite genre but i do listen to one or two songs on occasion But this is the greatest thing literally. It's just dogs barking over music. And i love everything about that. I don't know if it's just the fact that i love dogs and i love animals. Altogether is why. I love it so much but i don't know someone should bring this back maybe not with the death grind. But someone should like do this because it is so fan tastic. I don't know i love it. I'm definitely going to post it on at the twitter at gmc underscore weird news and also on the facebook. Gmc weird news because you guys have to listen to this. It is so fun. It's just so weird but it's so fun now before it keep talking about dogs. Let's take a quick break and when we come back we'll talk about some more weird bands. This is your ultimate stop for everything. Sports the golden state media concepts or podcast. Should i say more from the nfl melby. The nba mma. It's all in here. Golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen Hello and welcome back to the gmc. Weird news podcast now. Before the break we were talking about weird bands that have existed and some that do exist today now. I've been talking mostly about once that have existed. But i will talk about more. That exists now in a little bit. But let's bring it on over to impaled northern moon fast now. They are an acoustic black metal band now. I listened to them because i was very curious. And man it. Is it something So impaled northern moon fest. They started off as an offshoot of okay. I can't say the name of this band because it is unnecessarily crude and both words are just not words. That i should say at all or anyone should say so. We'll call them a see now. Apparently they were an offshoot of a ac and they end according to. I'm not sure who. But somebody so. This is kind of a a rumored fact but they went full acoustic to avoid disrupting someone. Who's who was slumbering nearby. Now i don't know if that's true but that's kind of what's all out there when you're talking about this pant or looking up this band Now they this is like i said in acoustic black metal band and it exam it features a solo acoustic guitar a knee slapping percussion and a semi screaming vocalist. That you can't understand a word. He says now a lotta times when people listen to music. That's got a lot of screaming and it. They can't understand. I listen to a lot of music. That has screaming in it. So i'm pretty. I guess i can. I can understand a majority of what they're saying. But i could not understand a word and i don't even wanna call like screaming. It was like a weird guttural talking screaming like it was really strange. This is probably one of the strangest things i've heard. I've seen metal bands do acoustic of their songs. And usually it's pretty good and they really changed it towards the acoustic style and this is really like they took the metal singing from like an actual full metal album and then took the singing out and put it over some acoustic guitar and someone. That's just slapping their knee. Now that's a the. I tried to kind of recreate the actual sound of the song that i heard because that was like the beginning of the song was just this. Like almost galloping sound that was drummed on the knee but yeah it's really strange. Let's move on so this one is so cool. I'm definitely gonna post a video of these guys because this is probably one of the coolest things that i saw. This band is called compressor head. They are an instrumental robot band. Now when you're thinking instrumental robot band you're thinking like synthesizers and stuff but each member they were actually built from recycled metal between two thousand seven and two thousand twelve and they play actual instruments which is so cool. I saw a video of this and it was so cool. Whoever made these is just so smart but they are a cover band and they cover mostly motorhead. Acdc pantera and the ramones. And they're they're good. I mean it's really cool. There are four piece band and actually they had recently started a kickstarter to raise enough money to build a vocalist but sadly their funding has fallen short But this is one of the coolest things i've seen. It is kind of incredible to watch robots playing music and it. They have no vogel's obviously because they are trying to raise money to build vocalist. And i can imagine that's very expensive. 'cause i mean programming. It's itself building a robot in programming to play. A an instrument is one thing but programming a robot to have like a voice box and all of that sounds way more difficult and a lot more expensive. But this is one of the coolest things that i've seen. It is really cool. Really killer definitely gonna posted at the twitter at gmc underscore weird news. Because i want you guys to see it. This is so cool. This guy is a genius. Let's move on to a strange one. This is the monks now. That sounds kind of like your average band name. But they are not very average They wear garb when you look at them. They look like your stereotypical monk they wear the monk robes with the tassels and they shave their head in that like bald on the top and ring around style. i'll have to post a picture of them too so you can kind of understand what i mean. If you're not getting it but they make like a primal rock rhythms and they do it on a banjo. That is actually been strung with guitar strings instead of the normal banjo strings. And these sound killer. Like i actually really like the sound of this band but their lyrics are something else now. Let me quote some of their lyrics to kind of explain to you. what i mean. the lyrics and i quote my brother died in vietnam james bond. Who is he. We don't like the atomic bomb. Yeah it's it's a lot Their lyrics are weird. The sound of the band is really cool. And i enjoy it. It's not something that's weird to your ear when you hear it. The lyrics themselves are weird. But that's weird and the weirdest part of all of this. The just part of this entire band. I feel like oh. It's monks and they're playing rock music and they got weird lyrics and that's weird but the strangest part is they're not monks. They are a mayor or they were american. Gi's that were stationed in germany in nineteen sixty five. So these guys were american. Gi's who were stationed in germany and decided to make this weird monk band and so it kind of makes sense when they're talking about like my brother died in vietnam and we don't like the atomic bomb. That kind of stuff makes sense. But i don't know where james bond who is. He comes in and a lot of their lyrics When i was listening to their music did sound kind of war related and like peace related. So i can kind of understand what that comes from if they were you know since they were. Gi's american gi's so makes sense but it's really strange that it's kind of weird to see because when you look at the picture they just look like monks they look like your average monk that you would not think twice that they're american. Gi's or anything else than a monk but they are definitely not and called the monks. It's it's really strange. But like i said once again the music is really good. I enjoyed the music. At least it's kind of. It's just kind of your sixty rock. And i enjoy a lot of you know sixties seventies rock and stuff like that but I think that's i don't know. I thought this was really interesting because of you know you like all the monks and their monks singing and that's cool but it's the fact that they were american. Gi's it's really strange to me and it was also really strange that their music was so good. I don't know i listened to them. I also listen to the like. I said i listened to the impaled northern moon vest which is just beyond strange. And then i also listen to compressor head since i had to see robots playing instruments like. That's the coolest thing. I don't know it's just so cool but let's take a quick break and when i come back we'll talk about some more bands. Some more weird bands that exist and have existed shakeout show built around the women and the ufc invicta nfc championship. We got the fights cover. It's the golden state media. Concept's women's mma podcast. The latest news upcoming fights discussions of previous matches. Join us as we talked to in about the biggest names in women's mixed martial arts past present and future when it's the women's fight game you know where to listen to the golden state media concept's women's mma podcast. Hello and welcome back to the gmc weird news podcast now before the break. We end this entire podcasts. We've been talking about weird bands that have existed and exist today now. Let's move on okay. So i listened to all of these bands about to talk about and besides the facts i have for you. I have some stuff to say about their music so let's move onto abrupt them now. They were dubbed the essence of pure black evil and they were dubbed this by mayhem guitarist. Enormous enormous like it's it's real weird And it's two other members which are it and evil and apparently they raised hell with torturous and horrific atmospheric noise now. I heard this. And i was so confused the when i read this i i was really confused on what they meant so i went and i listened and man. This is not for the faint of heart. This is something that's really uncomfortable. Listen to it's a lot of screaming and like but it's not like screaming like in music. It's like there's weird horror sounds and someone's being tortured it sounds like you're listening to a horror movie in not watching it. It's it's really strange. I love horror movies. But i'm not about this This is something that like. I'm not gonna post but if you guys decide to go listen to it. Listen with caution because it's so uncomfortable to listen to now. Let's talk about the producer. Peter tag took grin t. a. g. t. g. r. e. n. Not sure how to say that but he explained that he would just leave them to make music. He wouldn't stay around while they made it. He just leave them and when he came back there was blood all over the walls and one of their albums in the can. That's an actual quote is blood all over the walls in one of their albums in the can now. This band is just i can't. The music is so uncomfortable. Listen to and i'm not about it. Let's move on to velvet cocoon. Now they appeared in the early two thousands and they are an ambient like black metal underground band that made a bunch of outlandish claims about their back story. Let's talk about this Or were they really eco terrorist else. Did they really have metal guitar. That was wired to a diesel power or two diesel-powered tubes tubes tubes. That were transmitting sound via fiber optics through fifteen gallon aquarium of seawater wine and blood. No they were not. This was all a hoax. But i listen to this too and it honestly sounds like schmidt goal or ghalem from lord of the rings saying words. You can't understand over weird ambience music not for me Definitely not a fan. I didn't listen to the whole song. Just like i didn't listen to the whole song firm abrupt them because it was just kind of uncomfortable not as uncomfortable as abrupt them but definitely just weird and they made all these weird claims that they were elves that were aeko terrorists that had metal guitars that were wired to diesel-powered tubes transmitting sound via fiber optics through fifteen gallon aquarium of seawater wine and blood. Now what like this is one of the weirdest things so obviously they were very gimmicky ban. Something that they really wanted to pull people in. But it was all a hoax. They did not have all of this stuff's they weren't ego terrorists. They weren't elves you know and people thought it was a hoax and they were right like it's just odd like really strange on another level in their music is just so weird. Not something that. I enjoy at all yet i. Let's move on to sleepytime gorilla museum now. I actually enjoy this. I really enjoy sleepytime gorilla. Museum didn't think i was going to because they are described as a nightmares nightmarish surrealist progressive band. Now i i love progressive metal. And i think that's kind of why i like this band I really liked their music. I like the way the singers got such a deep voice. And i really enjoy it and i don't know that's just for it's for me but They they use custom built instruments Including the tangle rem the pedal action wig ler and the electric pancreas. Now what like. I have nothing else to say but what is really strange that they claim this but their music really good. Maybe it's just me but also let's talk about their self-proclaimed mission. Now this threw me for a doozy. I i don't know okay. So theirself Oh my gosh words. Today their self proclaimed mission is to destroy rock music with the power of rock music. What like what. I just don't get it like i mean it's probably just still gimmicky. A lot of these things are just gimmicky to get attention. But man if they didn't have this gimmick and they win is just a band. I think they do really really well. Honestly like they're weird. Self custom built instruments with their lake. Electric pank pancreas and action wheeler lake. Come on and and then they wanna destroy rock music with the power of rock music. It's oh it's strange on another level. But i really enjoy the music so i was listening to it while i read about it because i was trying to figure out what electric pancreas outed like to be honest and it was. It was really good at like. I don't know. I really enjoy it as a fan of progressive metal. I just i don't know i just get the music video glancing backout while i was reading about them and it's just real strange and old-timey look in but that seems to be there thing i think they're kind of along the lines of like trying to be a little steam punky but I enjoyed it but their whole claims are really weird now. Let's talk about one more weird thing about them so their first concert you think performed a small crowd or whatever and that's fine. No their first concert was performed to a single banana. Slug what i feel bad for that banana slug a little bit. Either bad or he got the best concert of his life. I don't know but this ban literally performed to a single banana slug in their first concert and they're not shy to talk about it. It's i don't know if that's also a gimmick thing it might really just be another gimmick thing but it's hilarious they wanna ruin rock music with rock music and then perform to i dunno banana slugs At least they perform to one. I don't know maybe their next step is to perform to a stadium. Filled with banana slugs could imagine. I would love to be the only person at that concert. I really would just to be able to like. Take pictures of this band and like video of this band performing stadium filled with banana slugs. I don't know. I thought this was hilarious. I this band really good. I don't know maybe it's just me but let's take a quick break and when we come back we'll talk about some more weird bands that have existed and exist in the now. Are you tired of the same old news. Are you sick of the seemingly endless political spin and negatively the diaz mc. America's still beautiful. Podcast is a weekly news. Podcast covering all the top positive and uplifting news stories we cover stories that will inspire uplift and remind you of the good in the world tune into the golden state media concepts. America's still beautiful podcast to get all the great and positive news stories of today. Download the mc. America's still beautiful podcast. On itunes stitcher soundcloud google play or anywhere your podcasts just tight diaz mc in the search bar suit welcome back to the. Gmc weird news podcast now. Before the break. And this entire podcast. We've been talking about weird bands that have existed and exists today. Now let's talk about finn. Thomas finn tomas fantomas. I'm not sure F. a. n. t. o. m. a. s. And it's got a weird little doodle above the you or the oh. Excuse me let's talk about phantom is that's where i'm going to call him. This band consists of mike. Patton who's the frontman melons slayer and mr bungle. They've released four studio albums and each one just different end weirder than the next. There are like a weird mesh of metal lounge and like metal lounge and oven guard. Sounds now i listen to them and literally what i heard was just ding ding ding. Click on the on the The drum and the The frontman are mr mike. Patton was just staring at him intensely and kept having to skip through it. Because that's all it was until it got to one part where he started making just weird sounds. It got really heavy metal. And he's just making weird sounds of mike stops and then the dinking starts again on the drum and then it happens again and then it stops and then again it was just the weirdest thing i've ever heard but anyway They use different concepts for each of their albums Ranging from one horrific seventy four minute. Long track that made up a whole album so a whole album. That was one seventy four minute long. Track is it's ridiculous And from there to a brief blasts of noise which. I assume this is what. I heard But just to brief blasts of noise for a comic book themed record. Yeah real weird real strange not a fan but apparently they had been on a six year hiatus but then reformed for a tour back in twenty fourteen. And that's the last they've been heard of so they basically took a six year. Long year hiatus came back. Did a tour and then vanished off the face of the earth. I don't know this is one of the strangest things i've ever heard That was the number one thing i could find. Was that weird sound in noise. I dunno it was just so strange. And i can't even explain it now. Let's move on to captain beef heart in the magic band. You heard me correctly. Captain beef heart in the magic band. Now don van let villette via l. I. e. t. aka captain beef heart Started out as like a group that did some aren't being the sixties and that was capped beef heart and his merry band. They were said to be the next rolling stone. Says kind of what they were. Set to be and captain beef. Heart did not like that. He was not a fan of that so he ended up doing everything to be the exact opposite of what they were. He did not want to be known as the next rolling stones. He didn't i don't know why he didn't wanna be that big but he got real mad about it and win a complete opposite direction. Now i listen to this and man. Is it strange and The cover of an album was a man with a fish head. I don't know if that's a constant. But that's what i listen to you and it was a bunch of talking in the beginning and then some music with just the weirdest thing said around it would. I don't even know how to explain this man. So they're kind of like consist of slivers of normal music but mostly just pure confusion and weirdness. I don't know how else to explain it. It is so difficult. But apparently mr beef heart or sorry. Captain beef heart Ended up retiring in nineteen eighty two to focus on abstract art. Which makes sense. Because i'm pretty sure. His music is just abstract art. It is the strangest garble you will ever hear. Probably post a little bit of it because it's not bad it's just it's not like uncomfortable like some of the other things we've talked about. It's just weird. But he left to work on abstract in nineteen eighty two and then eventually he passed in two thousand and ten but his music lives on. That's the thing so. I'll probably posted on twitter at gmc. Underscore weird news Just this is. I can't explain it so i'm gonna have to post it probably post on the facebook it well as well. Gmc weird news. And i 'cause 'cause you guys got to hear this to know what i'm talking about. This also goes for the next one now. This one is a doozy. This one is even stranger than our friend. Captain beef heart and his magic band Let's talk about the residents. So sounds pretty tame right well. It's hard to even categorize what type of music they are. So they've got like advent guard compositions and a one of a kind like multimedia projects like their their music videos are the strangest things and the really really short songs. And what i had seen when i listened A short little song with a weird weird multimedia presentation a stop another weird song with a weird little thing and then a stop and they was just very short and not really long songs now. They take standard music and kind of create strange sounds rhythms tones. That fit their weird concept but man it makes no sense also. They use a lot of eyeball emma's imagery in their music. I'm not one hundred percent. Sure why. But this is one of the weirdest things i've ever heard and i've heard some weird things like. Don't get me wrong especially listening to all these other bands. Almost all didn't listen to some of the beginning ones because they were a little harsh but I man i just. It's i don't know how to explain it. It is so strange will also post this on the at gmc underscore twitter and the gmc Facebook because this is so strange. And i don't know how else to describe it and this is a podcast and you can't just sit here and watch and listen to things with me. I mean you can listen to me. But i i want to like really bring home that this is one of the strangest things i've ever heard hundred ten percent the weirdest things and i mean captain beef heart and the magic band is really weird as well as phantom ass- or fantomas over there really strange with this takes the cake when it comes to weird and it's not uncomfortable or like unsettling it's just really strange in avant-garde that's why i really wanna post it to show you guys because it's not. It's not uncomfortable. Weird there no murders in it. No no weird thing like that. It's just these this weird weird like other worldly kind of what they're going for kind of alien ask Thing that just doesn't make sense and is really really unbelievably hard to explain now. I really wish that i could explain this to you. But i'm definitely going to have to just send you send the video out on the facebook and the twitter for you guys to go see and watch. I'm going to do that with a lot of these. So prepare for a lot of post because i will be doing this the minute this comes out. I've saved all the music videos. So i can just send them out on the twitter. This is just so strange. This is just one of the weirdest things now. Before i keep trying to explain and not be able to explain to you the the residents. Let's take a quick break. And when i come back. Let's talk about some more weird bands. But maybe some that you haven't heard of but i've definitely heard of before the gmc live in happiness. Podcast takes you on a journey of exploration. We'll discuss tried. And true methods alongside the latest trends of how to best live your life to its fullest. Unhappiest from psychology to meditation science to sell books the genus mc. Live in happiness podcast. We'll help you to discover what makes you happy and how you can live live being the best possible. Download the mc life and happiness. Podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud. Google play or anywhere. You find podcasts just tie. Gsm see in the search bar. Welcome back to the gmc weird news podcast now before the break and once again this entire podcast. We've been talking about bands like strange bands that have existed and exists today. Now i wanna focus mainly right now and at the end of this about bands that exist today once in ones that i've actually known about ones that i've known about for a while and ones that need to be talked about and actually aren't on a lot of lists of weird bands and i don't know why so. Let's talk about first and foremost my favorite of weird bands oakley coakley. Now i've known about this fan this band for a while and some of you actually might have heard of this band or seen this band on tv. And i'll tell you why so. Oakley does is a heavy metal band that they all dress up as ned flanders from the simpsons. Now not only do they. Dress up as ned flanders from the simpson They all call themselves. Ned flanders. so you've got head ned guitar. Ned base ned drum ned. Like yeah and all of their lyrics are actual quotes from ned flanders. So they actually started out as just something fun to do at local clubs in phoenix. They didn't think this was going to take off. They thought that this was just going to be a fun thing for them to do. And it would get a good view laughs and then five years later from that. They ended up touring in a van. That they appropriately called. The ned vancouver's They also dress up. As ned flanders in the green shirt green sweater green sweater with the i'll i'll a photo of them all also post a music video of them So they dress up as as ned flanders and they actually ended up catching the eye of the people at the simpsons and they ended up playing the music video for white wine spitzer over the closing credits for the episode. I'm just a girl who can't say vdo now. This is ridiculous so this is probably why where you might have heard of them from. But they are actually amazing. I like them so much. They are hilarious. They're great all their lyrics ridiculous because they're all ned flanders quotes and. I really liked their music videos. All definitely post that on the address mc underscore weird news twitter and gmc facebook Weird news facebook page now. They are still thinking today. I mean they got popular and they had this episode. Not very long ago And they have tour dates for twenty twenty. So if you're looking for something to do and you see that oakley coakley is coming to your town. Go see them. It sounds like such a fun show. It sounds like such a good time now. Let's move on to another one that i've known about that. I believe have actually toured with oakley doklam. I think they did. But don't quote me on that and this is mack. Now they're an american parody heavy metal tribute band from la los angeles california and they started in twenty fourteen now they are the self appointed founders of the drive through metal. Genera- drive through metal genre there. The appointed founders they primarily parody black sabbath songs with songs like a pair of buns Which is a cover for paranoid frying pan a cover for ironman sweet beef a cover for sweet leaf and never say diet or a cover for. Never say die now. Their lyrics are actually Lake centered on fast food and they address negative health effects and lack of nutritional value as well as low wage jobs and consumerism. Along with a bunch of things that they talk about so they actually kind of have a semi-good message but they are a parody of black sabbath. They're hilarious too. Listen to and they. All dress is mcdonald characters. Now i've sorry is just kind of funny. I was looking at a picture of them earlier. I was. I was listening. You know just to see here. The new stuff because they are currently still touring and playing And let's talk about their names. So you've got vocalist. Ronald osbourne bassist grim. Alice guitar slayer mccheese. And the drummer is cat burglar or peter chris. Chris cut fries. It's great They also actually recently ozzy osbourne and he loves them. He thinks they are so hilarious. I can't actually quote him because he uses a lot of bad words but he thinks they're absolutely fantastic and hilarious. He met them and he had a great time. So i think that's kind of a great thing when the ban that your parenting is like you know what this is great. You guys are hilarious. Keep doing what you're doing now. I'm not excited to talk about this next band. Because i've known about them and you've probably heard about them. They've been on television. They tour a lot or they come to my city And i do not like them but we could not make this weird bands podcast without talking about guar. Now that spelled gw a are they are a heavy metal band that was formed in nineteen eighty-four and are still going on today. They formed in richmond. Virginia and They have constant rotating musicians and to this day they are Still going like i said But with no original founding members so they're all new members original founding members they don grotesque costumes. I'm not going to post any videos or any photos. Because their costumes are can get a little rated r. or more. And i don't i'd rather not i also just don't want to promote them because i can't stand them you know like i just there. There are a lot and let me tell you. Why so they don. These were test costumes. That are just over the top. They're trying to be like warriors and somewhat fantasy but they okay the use in their music and in their shows over the top like violent sexual and saddle logical humor incorporating political satire. Now they're shows are a whole thing. I've never gone to one. I know people who've been to them. I know people who like guar. And i just can't with them now at their shows. They have graphic violence and the audience will be sprayed with lots of fake blood urine and other stuff. That i can't talk about and i don't wanna share with you guys now. These i gore goes really far. They've been on talk. Shows the used to appear on mtv. They've done so much stuff and they're on every list for weird bands because they are extremely strange and i just don't think they're good. I don't think they're music's good. I don't like what they stand for. Because it's just all over the place overly sexual and very very violent and not a good thing. Now i'm just going to cut it off there with guar and i wanna thank you guys so much for listening to me ramble about bans. I'm about weird bands. I love music. I play music. And i sing music all the time and i actually thought of this idea because i i'm doing some shows with a a friend of mine another friend And they were talking about band names and everything they gave was really strange in just weird so i thought that this would be a good idea to talk round owner. Thank you guys so much for listening to me and thank you so much for listening to the gmc weird news podcast brought to you by the gmc podcast network. And if you really like podcasts. The gmc podcast network has pretty much everything they have a a topic. Podcast for anything you like. Go check them out once again. This is thank you for listening for the to the. Ooh i'm just rambling once again. Thank you for listening to the. Gmc weird news podcast brought to you by the gmc podcast network. I'm your host colleen. And i will talk to you in the next one. You've been listening to the golden state media concepts. We're news podcast. Part of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot jesus mc podcast dot com download. Our podcast on itunes stitcher sound clock and google play just type in jesus mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports entertainment and even we are news. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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