A glitch in the matrix & the world's biggest dumpster fire!


How? Our I, it might tall on the computer. So radical brandy, and like every show we set time that we're going to do this and then I come up to my studio and I get ready to call her and I usually wait about three minutes after we're supposed to start then I'd texter a you ready and then inevitably it's always all five more minutes five minutes I got off the Horse Shit to pick up today six minutes after start we do in this thing hammering behind give me ten minutes and then I did like the IRA emoji to say why don't you tell me this before we start because I still be downstairs in tacos. All right. Well. Waiting, for Brandy oh I want to tell you guys about one of my favorite BRECON companies dude. If you guys are stuck at Your House looking at your furniture and you're like this, all sucks, which is what has been happening me. You need to go check out article DOT COM this company will make your house finally make it look coup because due to your house and extension of you and you're. 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You don't get turnaround like this. I was all the time I. WanNa hear why I wanNA hear about the. It's been raining here for like the past twelve days and you know how the rain affects my Horse Situation I. Now Keep My Horse Training Barn an hour away from my house. So I drive an hour each way there and back, and I drove out there today and it was sunny and nice and then I got there and it was pouring rain. So I got all tacked up I stood there and I just was waiting for the rain stop because it had been so on and off I was like it's GonNa stop and I'll get a window and then I don't know all of their, but it did stop until I got on and then I was on for five minutes and it's and it was sunny and nice and then out of nowhere started pouring again and I was like arms going to ride in the rain I don't care and then after like five minutes it started doing the kind of rain that feels like needles like pelts like pelting rain and I was like I gotta go back inside so I will got off back inside and said that stood there And we diverged up and after a little while did not had to get back on. So just took me a lot longer at the barn today and that whole hour drive back. So I'll have you know I have not eaten. I have not showered. I have not done anything but walk in the store and sit down in front of the computer to talk to you to talk to everybody not just me usually talk to everybody on Mondays and we're doing it on Saturday because wells has to go somewhere I have work. I work all year How's it feel? Feels very weird. I'll tell you that much. I can record I need to hear the steaming hot tea that you that you have any about what the bricks going on in bachelor nation right now all. That's going on the you know nothing. So okay. So for those that don't know, I didn't know this until last night, it was like scrolling their instagram. On my explore page and a few things popped up rumor on the street is that Clare is causing some problems. Apparently, she's not playing along and do it wanting to things runway shocker. The rumor is they're threatening to ax her ass and bring in Asia as the Bachelorette for the season. That's the rumor. The rumor is that production wants to act because I heard it was the other way around I heard that she fell in love after twelve. To just end as you yeah, and I'm sure the shows like but okay but we have to film television show you know yeah I wouldn't be shocked at this is all true. It sounds I mean not that I know the girl in person. But from what I've seen on television, I wouldn't be shocked if she's done this, it makes me happy because that means she found someone she likes but I imagine it's just not to make this about me but I mean why not when I filmed joe season. I'm pretty sure. She knew that was the guy after days. You know. Yeah. But she stuck it out and you know you know jump through the hoops and did all the bullshit. To finish the stupid television show you know, right? That's why you do yet. It's also also lady, this is the only time that you're allowed to date thirty guys with no judgment from anybody. You might as well because if you get engaged get married one guy thrust of your life, which is great. I support that but you have an opportunity, you're not wrong over lifetime. So yeah, guys. That's that's the T- I'm here to find out if it's valid. Yes, I mean. Like. Can you guys must be like wait what? Like. Let's just say that this is true I. Don't know if this is true just citing this out there I have no idea what's going on so there's thirty guys there either like maybe maybe like twenty now she sent him home okay and then she's like okay I like that guy whatever his name is I'm leaving the show and then you comes in or whoever it is and they're like wait hold on now this chick. All right. Let's go you know that's so weird now I now but I did see like one of the reasons people think this is happening is because they've asked the all the guys that have already been sent home to come back or something so I on. Going I would love for Taylor to be the Bachelorette I. Loved Teasha I, thought she was awesome. The one thing that kind of bums me out about this. If if there's any truth this which who knows what's going on, you know it was such a cool thing to have like an older bachelorette on you know when you think of an older more mature women, you think like someone who's not GonNa take any shit and I hope that she hasn't come across as just kind of Kooky old cat lady you know. Okay but. Of course, it's clear like she comes across that way already to me like every season I've ever seen her on like if you wanted to like that ass I, don't know like. I don't know like Clare was not the choice if that's whatever you just described. If that's what you're looking for I know that when you think of like having like an older woman, you walk a strong powerful. Now someone who's like I mean Lubbock like seventy dollars. Off The show but like Whoa Dude at least get Thailand you know I know well, but they're not an has covered. They're stuck in a resort in palm springs and maybe it's because I heard saw how hot it was. It was one hundred and twenty degrees maybe she's she's like a one out 'cause too hot. And so much I wouldn't blame her. Will I. Hope to God at this? All true. Do you? The Best Season F-. Okay Chris. Harrison WANNA be no I didn't see the most dramatic. The Best Super Bucket Bachelorette quits after five days of building and they've got to bring it somewhat knew and bringing everyone got kicked off the show if that's true holy Balzac. As long as they keep the guys I liked I mean, obviously, I haven't seen it yet but from there like breakdowns I thought the Group of guys seemed like. I was excited to watch them on TV like they were older earlier. Can you imagine there's says the picks one dude, right? What do you think happened? Do you think that they were on a date and she was like you know what? It's you let's just leave now. Probably he probably was like. Wait what hold on An inside. And now, he's like, no, no. No. I'm here to be the runner up in the become the bachelor next. and. Coming out coast, Kinda. Hoping to get a one way ticket to paradise. Yeah Man. All right. Let's. Let's. Let's bag the the bachelor talk. Show. Okay. Sounds good. Mir you sister Um you bros... Does, your listening to your favorite thing podcast with. Brandy the fact. That voice it was trying to do like in a world. You know that like the movie the movie voice like, yeah it's a different was different than the review voice idea. So we got multiple movie voices. On the man a million voices in. You get really close to the micro on in. Hold on. Let me do it. Let me took move the thing. Here we go. In. A world where everyone stuck at home in quarantine one. bachelorette decides to throw it all away for one shot. Just one shot at love seventeen minutes into filming. E crack yourself up don't you? In one man can't believe what he's got himself into. Everyone's GonNa stop. PODCAST. Coming this winter to ABC the Bachelorette. The BACHELORETTE dumpster fire edition. got. that. Funny. Or. Did you see that trump is trying to cancel TIKTOK I? Know there was like a rally until Lsa for president trump and then on this thing on Tiktok where everyone went in plied for tickets for it and then like no, in showed up. So he was embarrassed that like no one came to his rally Yeah Amanpour and that's why he's mad because it was happened on Tiktok but also like of all the things I think you need to be focusing on maybe don't follow. SUNTEC you know. Ha just my thought I mean, can you do that? Is this like China we live in now where you can like be like that APP is not you can't. You can't have that. APP. Okay. Here's the scary thing. Do you know that instagram is literally taking down posts about Corona virus treatments like if you if I were to post something right now about how the hydroxy chloroquine whatever the frick drug people say works and some people say doesn't if I were to post something right now to say that drug secure for coronavirus, it would get taken down and the message would pop my instagram count saying that I'm spreading false information about Kobe nineteen and that it's been taken down. Insane. But there should be some accountability on the social media providers account. That makes it. So you can't perpetuate false information and there's been multiple tests done that say the hydroxy chloroquine doesn't do anything, but there's also been a lot of people that have taken and it has no see brand. My cabinet we I'm going to call her right now my friend Cavanaugh had and she took it and it made her better of all the studies. The CDC is done. They've found that it doesn't have any effect. Either way if anything is detrimental to healthy people, go read the reports I mean I've read says both ways and I don't know the answer not here to tell you I think one way or the other I'm just telling you. We're at a point where like freedom of speech is that's I mean you should be able to postal. You want you know what I mean like I posted that I had a cure for the flu wouldn't get taken down. Crazy you don't have the cure for the flu so that would be lying. That's what I'm saying I would be lying, but it wouldn't taken down it wouldn't get flagged that would just live there because no one cares about the flu right now. Okay. So this all comes from Madonna made a post about that one doctor who believes in like the crazy shit in the world the all this coming from like this one thing that have with Madonna now I haven't read about Madonna well anyways. tiktok man don't take away my. I liked Tiktok now dawn you know you cannot call him dawn. Why can't I call them to on you give someone a nickname of the up someone you like he gives everyone nicknames. Sneaky Hillary in fucking. Bells and. backstabbing Joe I don't even know what it's. All he does what did I give it I'm not going to be his name is Donald. So dawn I feel like he wants to get rid of Tiktok because it's owned by a Chinese company I know too bad tiktok. Russian. Oh I think he wants to get rid of TIKTOK because a lot of people on like him. Yeah. I think so too. My Mom's going to be crushed. She just started learning tiktok dancing she really enjoys it. Bet Bet she's at it. You know. Camping. Go I saw some content. Great, we camped at a friend's really cool property. So everyone that's like asking like where it was, you can't go because it was so on private property. So sorry but we did go to a place that super dope have you heard a tree bones sounds familiar. It's like definitely very instagram e it's you can rent these years in big big-serving at overlook the water I think my sister's. Done this. Yeah, and then there's like these like nests that you can camping google right now tree bones and look at the images. It's crazy and you guys stayed there we went there court is friends with the owner. So we went there and hung out, toured the grounds and everything you're looking for a place to go camp sears go check out. It's so sick you're in living a year. Communal bathrooms and everything oh my god Bro. Super Awesome expensive to stay in one KINDA. It just depends on. Which one you go to, but it's definitely worth it in terms of the view. So Dude, so we took a gummy right? Oh brother. We start walking around to revotes or gay it's the Shire Bro. Hobbiton one. Oh one overlooking the cliffs into the Ocean. We walk past all these like beehives. All cool man wrecking honey, and of course, right next to the beehives. There's this little garden. Okay. So we're like that's smart. They're able to pollinate the flowers with the bees right next to us we go to the garden and we're dislike all man look at all the. And Man. Look the this. Looks like off the void and then all of a sudden someone out of nowhere materializes needs like, hello how is everyone doing and we're like, Hey, dude, who really sick I'm Daniel I am the gardener here at three bones and we're like, Whoa okay and so he starts foraging around. He's like here. Try this. He starts giving us always edible flowers, chives and. Everything Hyun try this. Now I love this this Rosemary Bushes, get amazing edible flower, try this and we kept on being like Okay Danielle we're gonNA thanks he's the only hold on it. You haven't tried this yet and we're like Oh my God. So we all this stuff like straight from the ground from Daniel and mind you either way I saw someone was like Astrum yes. We wearing masks. Okay. Reverend and then we laughed I turn back to all the guys now like was that guy real. fucking materialized that guy like because we wanted to see some sort of woodland nymph fetus of. Chives from the guarded and everyone's like I was thinking the same thing I was he was real or not. Is The coolest job ever totally totally, and then we went back and we were like so like our whale is well on thing and they're like, no, it's too late in the year for whale watching, and then we go back and this property we were staying at their. They had these bathtubs like overlooked the frequent ocean and all of a sudden giant breaching gray whales were fly out in the water and we were all like is this really Wasn't really. Sounds like maybe not it was so good this whole quarantine things been real tough army and like I have been not doing well like mentally if he ever chance and it doesn't have to be frequent big Sur dukes that's ridiculous. If you can get out into nature for a couple days kind of escape you CNN for a section and briefly bachelor news is going on I would highly suggest it. It's great agreed. Ought. To be said, I have a bunch of favorite things. Okay and I'M GONNA. Start with a show that like I'm obsessed with a little bit and I was so bummed we binged it and then finished it in like two days and I was so bummed that it's over how much does that suck? It's the weren't even something and then it's done. It's like the biggest letdown like you it's just a sad. So. This one's on Amazon it's called upload. Have you heard of it? I have heard of this a man is able to choose his own afterlife after his untimely death by having his consciousness uploaded into virtual world as he gets used to his new life and befriends his. A real world handler questions about his death arise upload on Amazon. So it's Robbie, a male who played like Sarah's boyfriend in a bunch of movies and a couple of weeks, and then also I'm modern family when he started with was the duff movie. anyways, she lives on the street from us. So we've got noam? Is Really Nice. Guy I really like Robbie and so for whatever reason it took us a while to watch and then finally we watched it and it's phenomenal. It is absolutely phenomenal. It's SCI FI and comedy love story. It's everything. So it happens in like twenty thirty six it's so coys driverless car. He's having sex with his girlfriend who's kind of like this vapid dumb. Blonde having sex in the car taking them home, which is like this. So cool. I came with this to be real at re reality you know the stop and like she gets out and goes to her apartment or whatever, and then like he keeps on going then he gets into a car crash which is to happen with driverless cars right and so I. Guess. There's this thing. So if you're about to die, you can upload your consciousness into like this server and then you can continue living your like afterlife basically in digital form and you can still communicate with people that are living. It's just so interesting and so funny and the sci-fi part of it I. Love Anyways I really Brennan really think. You would like upload okay sounds. Of, really good. It almost sounds like a combination of ready player one meets like West with any westworld it's ready player one and did ever watch the good place. Now it's with Kristen Bell. It's kind of similar to that but little more brash and did a check it out I think little dog has to go pill 'cause she is farting can I let her outside? Dog Take a shit she's she's saying right by my feet and farting and that's just not normal BMC. Q., all this shit is happening. Did you guys see this video of this girl and talk that's like you will only hear the word reading and see their brainstorm or your back already yet? I've seen that, okay. I don't know what is happening with the world but. Totally, blew my mind same. Okay. Do you think it's possible that it really is just going back and forth between saying what what is it brainstorming? What else? I'm curious shoot him. Okay. What did you just hear that time because you can't see my screen right now I wonder if it'll be different if I'm not reading the word for forever, that doesn't know there's this girl that says like you will only hear the word you're reading. It's either says brainstorm. Or Green Needle and whatever word you look at on the screen you'll hear that sound here's the interesting thing. All the wife tears out there can't see anything. So I want I want and you as well I want to know what you hear without hearing anything or seeing anything. Okay. What did you hear? Green needle me too. So now think of the word brainstorm. Okay. Everyone out there think of the word brainstorm. Okay. Did you hear storm, I heard duck and brainstorm. I think the. Brand. I think this is proof that. All hope things assimilation bro. Like I was thinking because I was watching earlier and I was like is it possible that they really are going back and forth and saying both words? Somehow, and I don't know and there's tricking us into thinking that it's the same sound. I don't know. I. Think it's your brain trying to make sense of of stuff I. Think your brain does that the you know tries to make connections and stuff, and so you see the word that's what you're going to hear. But that's crazy. It nuts it's like that's stupid dress. But so different because it's like what you hear instead of seeing yeah or Yanni. Yeah. Was the other one boral? Laurel. Laurel Yami. That was weird too. Yeah. I don't know man. It's freaky beacon of Freaky I. Got a book for You sister. Ud. Do Great I need a new book? Okay. Hold on first of all I finished. But on tear Bro I finished the guest list. It's like the game clue you know who done it was it the the Butler with the candlesticks it's like that I really enjoyed it and I especially enjoyed it because of the narrator Shen Okay and by the way this isn't the thing that I think you're GonNa like this is just other. It's a recess book club pick. You love those the bride, the Plus One, the best man, the wedding planner, the bridesmaid, the body on an island off the coast of Ireland gathered to celebrate to people joined their lives together as one the groom, a handsome and charming rising television star, the bride, a smart ambitious magazine publisher. It's a wedding for a magazine or for celebrity the designer dress, the remote location the LUX party favors the boutique whisky. The cell phone service may be spotty and the ways may be rough, but every detail has been expertly planned and we'll be expertly executed but perfection is for plans and people are all too human as the champagnes popped and the festivities begin resentments and. Petty, Jealousies Begin to mingle the reminiscence and well wishes the groomsmen begin the drinking game from their school days the bridesmaid not so accidentally ruins her dress, the bride's oldest male friend gives an uncomfortably caring toast and then someone turns up dead who didn't wish the happy couple well, and perhaps more important why? What's also about this book? It's every chapter is split up it's narrated through the perception of a different guest at the wedding. So the bride or the plus one or the best man or the the wedding planner or the cook or the dead body. It's so cool how it's done. It's not like a mind blowing book that's like Changer World so good. I mean, it sounds great and then the book just started reading like two days ago that I am obsessed with this is the one I'm GonNa love. This is the one you're gonNA love. I. Great. It's called axioms end. Its Fall, two, thousand, seven, a well-timed leak has revealed that the US government might have engaged in first contact like with the Aliens Cora is everything she can to avoid the whole mess since the force driving the controversy is her whistle blower father even though core hasn't spoke to him in years is celebrity has caught the attention of the press, the Internet, the `Paparazzi, and the government, and with him in hiding that attention is on her she neither knows nor cares whether her father's leaks are hoax and wants nothing to do with him until she learns just how deeply entrenched her family is in the. Cover up and that extraterrestrial presence has been on earth for decades realize the extent to which both she in the public have been lied to. She sets out together as much information as she can and find the best way her to uncover. The truth is not as a whistle blower but as an intermediary, the alien presence as been completely uncommunicative until she convinces one of them that she can act as their interpreter becoming the first and only human vessel of communication there other worldly connection will change everything. She thought she knew about being human and could unleash a force more sinister than she ever imagined. Axioms end. So good dude. They don't have paperback it's only hardcover and it's like thirty bucks. Okay. I'll I'll buy for you. Now. You won't you said he'd by Libya vibrator and look at. What I'M GONNA? Do it right now you don't have kindle you. Now. I go back and forth on getting one something about holding a frequent real life. That I like so much. What? You're going to. Be, there by tomorrow. It will even possible. Great. Oregon guys. Let's talk about my favorite razor. 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Honestly it's to smooth shave ever and it's so convenient not to go to the store for this stuff while he's still there were talking about razors. The scooter. No. Are you in two thousand and two hour twenty twenty with us. You know that I had a razor scooter in. It got one at a party and I'm still angry about it had shocks and everything. Thank God it did or you probably wouldn't be engaged right now too haughty. Goto my. Billy Dot. com. To meet this razor that everyone's talking about that I'm talking about I love it. It's also an allure best of beauty winter and on Nyland's beauty hitlist for a reason good. My billy dot com slash Y. F. T. right now and you'll get the best razor you will ever own. It's just nine bucks dude launch even the razor scooter that I got back in high school was stolen from the party but whatever the starter kit shipping always free go to my billy dot com slash Yif. T. spelled my bi L. I e dot com slash Watt F. Deep. Also. Really cute colors I bet. But also if that guy or girl but I, think there's a guy is listeners of wife told my razor scooter in high school a. Okay Okay I also remember that parties really funny. Also that party my buddy Paul is buying weed and the guy that drug dealer whatever like some. Other high schooler drove up and was like selling the weed, my buddy Paul and so he's like gave them the bag and so Paul gave him the money and So Paulo smelling it, and then the drug dealer like out of the passenger side window was like, let me see that again, I want to smell it and. Though Paul give it back to him and he opened up the smell and the driver sped away they took his money. The We'd probably. Her Pose so mad but I remember. That was a good Mu. How old were you at this party is in high school I could drive. so as like sixteen seventeen. You're saying, did you not smoke weed in high school? I don't smoke weed now I don't either unless going camping. Oh Wow but I also I didn't even know anyone that smoked Tweeden high school. I was such a goody goody. God, which is so amazing because your parents are constantly baked. Ido. But my mom wasn't when I was in high school my dad was, but he lied about it and my mom didn't know he was doing it until like now and now but yeah, the whole `nother thing also legal Nelson give anyone crap about it. So it's all good good in the hood yeah. But don't still razor scooters and they'll still billy razors either. But do by one because they're dope. You really struck a chord when you talked about how depressing it is when you've been something and it's over. Because I finally reached the point in yellowstone season three or got up but I have to wait every week. Until it got me torn up. Sorry. But that's what I've been doing Benjamin Yellowstone guys. It's so good since March fricken whatever we've been quarantined and we all cruise through everything great to watch in the first like three weeks. So we've just been getting by watching reruns of lost and grey's anatomy and watching mediocre should on net flicks. That's like dubbed over in a different language doesn't even match up with the mouth moving and finally I found a show that is freaking thin tastic and not the end. You guys got to watch. It's just so good. First couple of seasons three I was thinking wasn't going to be as good as the first two seasons. But now that I'm deep in it, it is just as good and honestly Casey just keeps getting hotter and hotter and hotter and yet. I just love it so much. Okay. So is that what you got is the yellowstone thing that's pretty much. Yeah. But what I had a lot of Wyatt here's You know the show I talked about last week that Guy Casey that I know is in the darker whatever. So many people in my saying that I gotTa Watch it because people love it I'm going to start tonight. Yeah. I'm just excited 'cause. UMBRELLA ACADEMY SEASON TWO IS OUT SO I'm really excited about that I do have a cute movie for you guys out there I can't maybe we're actually talking about her earlier Kristen Bell is the Star in a movie that came out in two thousand eighteen. But for whatever reason we just saw called like father have you heard of this one? Now her father is played by Kelsey grammer. Everyone remembers him as frazier it was written and directed by Lauren Miller. Rogin do you know who that is? Now is the wife of Seth Rogan that Rogan figured. So he's in it as well. Loves that Rogan. Yeah. After she's left at the altar, a workaholic advertising executive ends up on her Caribbean honeymoon cruise with her estranged father. It's like a cute sea like gets it right in. The whole the tekere she hates her father because he left her, you know when she was a kid and made her kind of the woman that she is, and then he comes to the wedding and then she gets laughed at the alter and then they go get fucked. Up and when they're like outsider apartment ed like six in the morning, she realizes that her car service is there to take her on our honeymoon but she never got married. So she convinces her father who she doesn't really know to go on the cruise with and then it's all about them trying to figure out their relationship and like rekindle and everything and their ups and downs friends become enemies, and then become friends, and of course, there's the funny gay couple involve and there's a funny black couple that's involved and they're all on this crazy wacky. Crews and it is so good if you're looking at the normal if you're looking for that type of thing if you're not thinking ever, but if you're looking for like a cutesy like gets kind of in the in the in the you know it's Okay I did have a wife tear send me a book recommendation that I thought I would share because it sounds great. I might have to pick this up as well. Manda Smith thank you for the wreck. She's have a book series recommendation for you to series that is the perfect combination between hunger games and fifty shades. I mean the sounds too good to be true. Says it's a Dystopia in romance novel. There are four books anarchy Loyalty Revolution and annihilation, and the author is Meghan Davos. She said there's not a lot of buzz starting the series, but there absolutely should be books are way too entertaining juicy and literally down honestly she's at honestly would make a fire Netflix series of tests. The dish wants to produce sounds great and for someone like you wells at just really loves the hunger games I feel maybe you should pick it up down but I I gotta I gotta read axioms. End Seems in my also had a why of tear send me a pretty funny review. Can I? least what the best part about this review is, it is short sweet to the point and not eight minutes long your reviews. Okay. First of all, I hate to. Burst her bubble. Those are the highlights of the episode I. Okay, well, this one Sunday might have seen this. Actually it was on an instagram account to this'll is four a noise canceling headphones. So not. Playing Music yes Sarah mclachlan. Here, it's. So not so funny story someone in the apartment unit above US got stabbed. According to the COP interviewed us, the attacker rang the upstairs bill and when the guy answered, the attacker forced his way in and stabbed the guy you WanNa know what the scary part is. I didn't hear thing. Thanks to my amazing hyper cloud to headphones I. got them on Amazon for ninety nine, ninety, nine, free shipping and these things worked as advertised. Probably the best noise cancelling headphones I've ever owned ten out of ten would bagan. Did. Real. Hope. Creative and funny is funny. I was looking for a couple I wanted to do this one. I don't know if I'll be able to do it justice So this is a review for the book. English grammar for dummies. Five Stars is the best book may fourteen, two, thousand, five by Nikolai Croisette Sqi this review is from English grammar for dummies, the paperback version when I first come to. America. My English did cause me problem in Soviet Russia, I was strong teacher my English I know is best in all of petro paths across. My brother Nikolai, he said to me Nikolai you go to America they make you rich like czar take many women as lover killing. Many bear. My brother is very wise. He is the greatest toy maker. All Olive, Russia. So next day I, wake up I sell my house, say goodbye to wife and children and go to America to become a millionaire then in. America. I go to job interview and they say to me Nikolai you are not good for job here you are not the skills we need your English is poor black child I take the man I smash his table I, say someday, I will be greatest men in all of country. Your children will wish me their father that day my anger is best of me. It is then I know I must learn better English. By book English grammar is for Dummies by Mr Woods. Now I am perfect. English grammar. I write letter to Mickael he back Nikolai. Your English is like God you'll be millionaire soon all in Pella pep pep. Petro Alaska over. Is Proud for you good luck brother please send a letter when you are president or maybe even czar ha ha also your wife is killed by bear. So I say thanks to Mr Woods for this book when I am Dr Your family will be spared Ha. This is joke. Unbelievable. You had done that that one idea I also saw the review for the wolf of Wall Street. Like the movie. One Star as six by Sheaf of. This review is from the wolf of Wall Street Blu Ray. There were no walls in this movie. one-star. Anyway. Well, it's not a new movie, but Netflix's actually kind genius because I think they pull old movies from the vault and put them up on like what's trending right now you know what? I mean like. Popular movies, but this is from the Nineteen Ninety S. But it's crazy because I had two friends of mine that were always texting and like recommending stuff for each other to watch and all three of us, had watched this movie like in the span of two days because it was on the Netflix thing. So anyway, it's called how do you know and it's with Reese Witherspoon Paul Rudd have you it no but you love tyrod I mean I know. But I don't celebrate entire dishonesty. Well it's definitely a chick flicks. I'm not really sure entirely sure how much you would love it but reese. Witherspoon, I love this movie for her because she plays a like a professional softball player like she's on team, USA softball or something. So she's like a total bro, like she's just like totally not not normally her character but she's obviously beautiful. So she it's like a love triangle situation where she is dating Owen Wilson, who is the rich handsome he's also a professional baseball player like t plays for Team USA baseball but he's a complete douchebag and this like the whole freaking film, it will drop bombs on. Her like, Oh, you thought we were exclusive. I'm sorry and he's like banging for the chicks at the same time and just just like this whole thing and of course, Paul Rudd is the good guy that just like heart is for her and just such a puppy dog and she walks remember whatever. But it's just adorable Paul radzill areas. Honestly own Wilson is to the both so funny and it has acute feel good. You know to think too hard about it chick flick but we you know what I miss those we don't really don't make those anymore. Yeah I mean they do but now there's like the Kissing Booth To. Not like they used to I. Agree I agree I. Agree. I agree what isn't the greatest movie ever made is I have no idea. I can't pick like ironic because shows called your favorite thing but I have a really hard time like when someone asks, what's your favorite song of all time? I can't answer that there's too many. Pressure. What's your favorite song? What's your favorite song this week then well, that's see. That's an entirely different thing Do you really want to know is that the name of the song do you really want to? Know. But that would be a good song you're going to die. But so since we talked last week, I just felt like I had to listen to the Taylor swift record. I. Just gotTa here. I just got to listen to once and You know I think it's pretty well known I'm not the big swifty. All right but you know you can't deny she's normally got like one song sometimes to on every record just undeniably a great song but there's one song that I think is freaking phenomenal. It's called invisible string. Obsessed, was it very well written great fulke track Lubbock. Food. Dishonor three The League's. She said, I love plugging American. Singer. Sir. Open. With A. C. jusu pretty. I like the Bonnie there one because. Of course, you did by like Justin. Vernon. Bonnie there but I was. It was interesting that he didn't use his you know auto tune stuff but. It was still I can't believe we're promoting Taylor swift breakout link. Any help for us. Now she definitely. This. And I'm sure. Since I will say this Taylor loves. This it's a very Taylor run. Done content. Dennen Anonyna- dent. Annette she does a lot of songs I'm not saying Shitty. I'm just saying it's a very Taylor run that she does a lot. Yeah that's why I liked invisible string song melodies. I've never heard her saying in the cadence of you know the lyrics and everything we're just different. Thought it was cool as she had Bonnie they're on their I. Guess. Maybe I'd questioned. Who's one artists that you would want to Collab- with if you were like Taylor Swift Miley Cyrus. For me probably Ben Howard Ooh. He's just one of my ultimate, S-. Hemmer John Mayer which is cliche but I just loved John Maher. Andrew. Mahone in the Wilderness has a new song McMahon. Now, that's not what it says. I believe that's his name is incorrect man in the Wilderness. McMahon and maybe for what I remember of my radio days, that's what we said. So I could be wrong but you're probably right Mr Radio MIA. I you know I don't want I could be wrong. Song get on my wave. I get. Him. Out Saying. Just in space. Scott. Now, the coast is on five. Yeah I. I dig on man you know he was. He was in Jack's Mannequin, and then he was also in something corporate corporate. And that's why I like this song is very reminiscent of something corporate. Loved and then our Guy Andrew Bell has a new song called to be alone. I saw that. Too The. added. Fees. Added fears. Incision for. A. Andrew Bell I could listen him seeing and it just like. Me In, such a good head space. I don't know even when it's sad you now is the best. Last that here anymore music. Now fine for now. Okay. Last thing not an ad should. But not an ad, my buddy Jeremy Lister who's in Streetcorner symphony and I played stuff his before. Dude, they have this hot sauce called blister hot sauce that I'm not fucking with you. It is the greatest hot sauce I have ever tasted and he's been making this not saas forever he'd come on my show and like give me his lister blister hot sauce and now they make it and it is like I'm telling you anyone out there likes hot. Sauce not this has nothing to do with this. Guy's my friend I. Mean It. That's how I got it originally but like I'm not fucking with you, it is the best hot sauce ever. So he's going to blister hot sauce dot com you can get it or they're in Nashville. So I guess you could maybe by it there but like it is. The Guy Beyond with you, the the original the red one is I think better than the Jalapeno but they're both fantastic. So anyways, hot sauce get you some hot sauce man this is like not important but just curious if this is happening to you. I'm trying to think what I I've not been watching Netflix I've been watching like fellow and peacocks and watching elston maybe it's it's just on these platforms but is it just me or are there like five different commercials right now have a fucking doorbell sound in them. Every single time that it happens my dogs just lose their shit and just run out of the house like it's on fire barking and screaming, and it's like is it happens like every commercial break and I'm like you guys haven't. You figured it out yet that there's no one at the door they haven't though I think we need to ban doorbells from commercials. It's not cool. You know I really wish that I started playing what? What? What was Bob Manolo Somewhat doorbells. You'RE GONNA. Make me do it all over again. Just what what's happening? What's going on? Second. Commercials. Yeah they're making my dogs. Crazy. Shit. Listen. Save a dog dig doorbells, commercials I agree well, it should be illegal and I'll tell you why when. You know it's illegal to have sirens in radio ADS. I. Mean That's good. It should be. Yes. When you're driving here Saturday my fucking freak out and pullover. To right doorbells. The dogs that's like the same thing. But for the dogs freak out man every time, it's so annoying because they're all in my bed and they all like jump up and jump in start barking zoom out the doggy door like every time it's. So. An owner who you said you would. Collaborate with you plant a little bit Howard what close that with with old pine because this song always reminds me of Camping. And I. Actually even used it in. I think one of my videos from on his ramble from camping. and. Such goodson song. This. This whole album is epic is my favorite album by the way it's called Is it every kingdom? Yeah every kingdom. Yeah. It's the covers got like him diving down in the water. This whole rat what else on this record by the way? So, at so many things only love with the big hit on it. I love blackflies. A. Black flies on the? Window Sue. Gaffe. I know. Just like I should probably be Ben Coward. Data. All. Right. Well. I wish. I wish you good week. It's Astra's birthday on Wednesday. Let's Cute I. got her. Got Her a gift you know what I got her. The book you sent me axioms ends on him a son. Of. Bamberg come to know memories on this things you. Sing singing down. So far only the oceans. All right. Bring. Me Back Some Bachelor T. Fire sign up to the fall on around boom of some him too.

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