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Hi guys shouts out to a very loyal listener on twitter t- matt's just gave birth to a new well. He didn't play off somebody else who -gratulations on his new baby girl grace mccray how the picture i did not see the congratulations yeah listener great kids kids start. Em young gasoline. Adorable always throws me for a loop when i see babies with hair because my babies were all bald until they were like three years old whenever i see <music> owner i'm just looking at you. Well how it goes man. It is what it is what it is. It is been a rough maurice of seven fifty five key. Stop short sixty degrees downtown cloudy high eighty two going to cool off. Just a tad rosenhaus is doing going. It is a national snuff on national oy coming from these guys national aviation day headline presented by sprint where i sure hope he's okay. Let's just keep talking over the sponsor keys. Headline presented by sprint uh-huh cockatiel do cockatoo to see if i can get this right here. Okay here here we go so i've never been pregnant in either. Have you have you don't know about business. What background hunter low chances are. You're no there is there is no oslo and chances are another that you have do not feel okay fine. Okay well trod. When you're there is a woman who's pregnant not once not twice three babies triplets <hes> but she had no idea when she was pregnant woman from south dakota who recently gave birth to triplets says she didn't find out about her pregnancy until she went to the hospital in found out she thought it was a kidney stones in issue delivered triplets like how do you not a madman from million years ago on me no idea. She didn't know no she. She gave birth to healthy triplets on august tenth <hes> <hes> she did not know thirty four weeks pregnant. I just how do you i mean look i. I'm not a eighth grade health teacher but there are signs that you're pregnant. Sows stop happening. According to the reading the courting coach asked me where he says. Is that me you were. Oh come on south dakota that's going to take i don't even governor senator name or anything other than south dakota but that's me yeah. Coordinates happened like fairly often. Have you ever heard they never ring it. I mean not triplets but i've heard heard of top stories that women have thought that it was like something or some something else and then boom a phenomenon that they know they're pregnant. You can't look see i'm. I've never been pregnant. We've all had children right okay when your wife girlfriend partner is pregnant. <hes> the baby moves a lot. There's some movie you know. The baby moves a lot so you're not gonna shoot kidney stones when you feel an elbow go across the abdomen. You've got to have you ever. I felt the kick yes. That's what i'm saying is. She knows she's. She didn't want to be pregnant. She wasn't excited about having triplets potentially but the yeah no that was taken to the hospital up. She knew come on our show. Please call in pretty no. Let's you say to our female now. Listeners please call and let us. Maybe it's like when you have you hear a noise in your car and you know something's wrong but you just kind of ignoring it and just you know just fixes itself or you know something not as you know i i dated but at that point if you just ignore a rattled in your engine and your engine you got to buy a new car. Get it fixed with this. People show up. It's a little different. It's a little different. They just said i hope that rattled goes away and then you know what i need a new transmission in this isn't who i got three people. I gotta take care. I must be in and if you have triplets. I mean you would think that the stomach will look like chris. Sometimes it doesn't apparently chris pregnant treatment. Now it just twins. I think let me you know we we. Do you know the age of the starting <hes> yes i did. I did i i well and because if she's a young woman then maybe she just didn't really want to have to tell tell everybody that she's pregnant can be concealed. No we do not know the age of the young lady it unless she was doing her instagram pictures just gut which happens salah yeah that was key headline in the morning and you're listening to k s._p._n. Los angeles good luck to her and her triplets. Here's mike mayock talking talking about the latest with antonio brown. Y'all know that a. b. Not here today so here's the bottomline he's upset about the helmet issue. We have supported that we appreciate that at this point. We've pretty much exhausted all avenues of relief so from our perspective. It's time for him to be all in. We're all out so that's mike mayock raider general manager acting on the orders of jon gruden presumably because this is really key the first time we've heard mike mayock talk and he's out there with just out and saying hey you know you're either all with us or you're in or you're out there. The part that was never said was or else and until there's an or else else. I'm really not that interested in the pasta e so you know i don't know about him. <hes> he's one of those guys that that really makes me believe he knows nothing the thing about football like he just it's like he was on the n._f._l. Network for longtime he did. The drafi caught a few games but in all honesty. I really believe like he doesn't know a lot about football. Everything is acting act to him. You know he's he's a character of himself like he wants you to believe that he's such a football expert and i'm my chest is out with a dark glasses emma. We're all air all out. Look here's the deal man you traded for. You gave up a third round. Pick in the fifth round pick which essentially equates to if you do the math is probably amid second too late second round pick between the two okay on the card with that being said. I'm not so sure that the raiders raiders wouldn't part ways with a._b. At some point in time <hes> if they're if they could get some money back they could snap their fingers. They undo this in heartbe in a heartbeat because the one thing the one thing that i could tell you gruden didn't sign up for if you go back remember. I told you it was going to be good in the beginning. Everybody really got into the marine areas hug at the press conference and everybody's going media was good man something going to go wrong whether it was going to be a b- or whether it was gonna be gruesome <hes> but eventually it will start to affect some of the other players that start to see a bolt on a positive and a negative side because other players will start to see okay. This is what we gotta. Do we gotta. We gotta treat this type away and they're gonna cave in or other. Players will be like meh yeah. I don't wanna do 'cause they. They don't get that money for me just like they got from a. b. so so it's not a win win for him. It's not a win win for the raiders. I just believe that the raiders at the end of the day are going to try to figure out between the n._f._l. P._a. and the n._f._l. How they can go back back. If in fact this continues on getting money back because remember they gave him thirty seven million dollars of guaranteed money. They didn't give it to him today you the way you're gonna have to wait. You don't start really getting checks. They might have gave him. I think they might be giving him some sort of signing bonus. I'm not entrepreneur but they can always go back and get the signing bonus. This protection texas clauses that are in the contract and four for forfeiture language. That's their. That's what people fight for to get that stuff removed but it's probably in his contract. They're gonna look to get some of it back if he nats why he's kinda giving him this in or out hard deadline kind of you know if he's around bye week one we'll see because they already they already working behind the scenes to figure out how to get someone at guam back if not all of the part of this that is just so stupid to me just and there's really no other word for it. It's just stupid is that this is over a helmet issue that we saw coming a mile away like i get what ezekiel elliott's doing. Ezekiel really wants more. Money wants guaranteed. Money wants to get paid. He's holding out there in a contract but i didn't see i didn't see the helmet issue coming a mile away. The know what i'm saying that we would see the helmet issue. She coming awhile. Antonio brown knew that this helmet issue was that there was going to be a ban on his helmet. He knew that that was coming. The n._f._l. Didn't show up a week ago and said <music>. Oh by the way bad news guys these helmets javelin. These are no longer legal. They've had this out there for the better part of the year and this is the hill that he's decided diane. It's just let's see i don't know i don't know that and i said this the other day and i'll say i keep saying i don't know i said the stephen a. I don't know that antonio antonio knew that this helmet issue is going to come up. I agree with you even even if even if it was something that was toll posted several years. You're checked out when you're away from the facility. You're not going into the facility every day or every other the other day every week every month asking about your helmet. You're just not gonna doing that when you show up. Your equipment is in your locker because equipment managers have put it in locker. I have swapped out his helmet. He walked in. He looked at it where to go and he was like. I don't know where it is. I get it key and i get stuff like that can fall through the cracks i completely understand and but when it's been a year when you've been going on as long as this has been going on in every other places we've we heard about tom. Brady like in the new helmet weeks ago months ago last season. They were going to have to face these things out. I get that you could miss it. You miss the notice on the wall. You could miss. I'm assuming the players association. Send you guys male. They don't even even i shred. I get it but when it's all of those things over a year if you missed it. That's your problem raiders problem. It's nothing as promised your no it is it is something that is a problem. There's a lot of things that you miss because you're not interested or you. Just don't pay attention. There's things that the n._f._l. P._a. the the n._f._l. They sent to you all day long. Look at going to talk this the same stuff. You don't really dig into it. I'm sure they're posting theme. They posted stuff on the boards near the locker room. Hey this you can't wear anymore. These helmets on this'll be gone. I'm sure i'm one hundred percent sure but at the same time a guy a._b._c.'s isn't paying any attention to one of the things that he should have deal when he arrived in a switched the helmet he just put it onto. They could fix it and try to figure it out. Not i'm so mad. I'm gonna take my ball and go home. I mean come on man like enough's enough now being big defender of us okay. I believe he's a football player. I believe that at times he's misled by drew rosenhaus. They kind of let him do they what he wants to do. I've seen it for years. Would you rose his clients. He allows him just run wild and they do what they want to because at the end of the day he's gonna chew him up. Spit them out and keep it moving to the next guy so i completely understand that. All i'm saying is the do she just put the hell. No no go out there and play figure it out and if it doesn't work out that's what it's going to be. You have to play with the helmet thing that you brought up that. I think is the reoccur entertainment is that you know job is to do a lot and not just negotiated contract and then walk away wants to satisfy collecting checks so so if you know a. b. and i'm assuming he does the you know what his propensity for details and because of that you know that he wasn't paying attention to anything signal walls. You should have been having these conversations with your client. You should have been having these conversations you had him. Conversations your plan. If you don't know so you're saying drew didn't there. There's two people because honestly though i wouldn't know i wouldn't know because i'm not a equipment wise is you're not paying attention to them saying you can't wear certain helmet to his brought to your attention now. The difference between me and him is a beta brought it to my teacher to say out loud. You can't wear anymore and then i'd have been like got this close to okay cool out of kept moving because it's not that deep to sitting getting arale. It's an injury waiting to happen. Oh my god his safety is safety that i come on man you had the same him no. When you got hit by perfect you wind up having a concussion or whatever you claim you know it was a whole thing us going to lay out and they had to bring in amulets at all around the screen dan that you know you're an athlete and you're very focused in on the craft at hand. You may not see these insularity items of larry but the team has an equipment equipment manager the you have people like me. You're not listening. No no no no. I'm listening to you but i'm saying that the blaine being there space for blamed for a lot of people beyond just antonio brown when maria sharapova suspended using those drugs code food the players. This drug is going to be banned a good year in advance and so she's going like. I don't know dry moment. It's two different things. The point is that you told me it was a there was a year ago head and if you know if you told me if you told uh-huh that the drug was banned i hit that's different but if you told me years posted on the wall that the drug is gonna be banned and they'll see you. I'm telling you right. I mail as somebody has been inside a locker rooms walking up and down the hallways. You're not reading this stuff on the board. I got you you just not. I got shaking. Posts allstate post this stuff up there for their own protect. She i know damn well. The players ain't stopping about a bore looking. I suppose re this. They're not doing the players association which signed off on these rule changes needs to i if their membership is so derelict in not far like their senator layer then it's up to them to go literally go and put a hand on every player shoulder and say hey you this helmet not gonna work next year you you just say i didn't know and then kick up your heels and go crazy like antonio brown and co. It's not a viable excuse coach i understand you won't fill players association and put the hand on every player and tell them about this other. Excuse accuse me. Everybody see that's funny. You want everybody to listen to you when you put your hand on the show but at the same aim time they don't know the player doesn't know and doesn't understand that they're getting ready to change your specific helmet and give you some a new into you. Walk into the locker room and you see it. They don't know they just don't we'll. Keyshawn finally have enough the bids and find out next on the morning show but i want to say one thing to the american people. I want you to listen to me. I'm going to say say this again. I did not have sexual relations with that woman to bill's greatest hits the arsenio appearance in the it depends on what your definition of is good. Now you happy birthday to president clinton who turns seventy three years old friend of yours right. Yes clock here really talk about saxophone. No i just couldn't laugh at the bit. That's a bit. He knew he did it but i you know but anyway so damn smooth. He's have you ever met him. I had not had the pleasure of you talked to him. For like ten minutes walk away by gora alarms. Don't ooh don't believe present remember when he showed up on our city on the whole country was shocked that he could actually do something right. Yeah you can play an instrument government. While that's amazing up until that point we hadn't had any musically inclined present. Notre think no that is true. President bill clinton seventy three years old today's days birthday is brought to you by jaguar land rover newport beach off to seventy three or visit land rover newport beach dot com land rover above and beyond but see. I knew i was a cool friend. Here's though when my mom passed away and he sent a hand written letter out of nowhere to me that's when i knew i'm like yeah. Okay mess with us but i use some other words in front of myth story. Here's the first black president right. That was the old. Let me tell you something. There was an all star game in atlanta than i was covering. He went into the players sociation party. You would have thought he was jordan type. It's like the players might go. Shoot bill could ask you this booklet and he was already out of office. He was god as well shoot. Oh shoot man bill right there. He was cool as as you say. What else do you do that look. That's you you surprise us to change it up. All right now. One is new so last week. You did thirty two through twenty five. Who do you have a number twenty. Four at number twenty four hour will say it's the washington redskins quattro so i think when i look at them the quarterback situation co mccoy's toys now injured looks like case keenum will be the starter here going forward wayne haskins up and down a drought him as a rookie to take over he to at some point ojeda me too starting quarterback for the redskins in the middle of the year. I predict why not put them in their week. One i mean case keenum is not the answer to your problem yeah but you such self up for immediate failure. Oh you're if you put it away and haskins in and he just gets a now later because trent williams. The left. Tackle is not even camp. He wants more money. I was watching a game the other night. They were running around that do the whoever the left tackle was they were just racing around him couldn't play dead and a cowboy movie could play dan the cowboy movie number twenty three zero wiki. He wouldn't throw rice at a win number twenty three writing so light and stuff they do okay. I gotta ask do you come up with these or you. Just repeating things that you've heard other pizza. I've come up with is the number twenty three. Yes san francisco forty nine san francisco forty niners of sold us on a big big hype about jimmy garoppolo what they're able to do. I think that they bit off more than they were willing to chew. They didn't know that until now. I know he's coming back off an a._c._o. Injury but he just doesn't stay all seem like a team. That's going to get out of their own way. I don't i don't see any success happening for the forty niners anytime soon we talk about dak prescott getting a new deal or wanting to do deal and all the jarod goff is gonna be up next carson. Wentz just got paid but why did they pay jimmy garoppolo when they did because jimmy garoppolo resume is what eight nine games. Why did they pay him like that key. Why does he get treatment like that. Well because you you you wanna seem smart john lynch first time general manager was convinced that that this this was the guy he got bamboozled by the new england patriots and then shanahan obviously oh i can fix anybody quarterback guy blah blah but when you look at it as as i've always said you have matt ryan and julio jones the willie in joe's not the xs and os a lotta times coaches they could take the xs and os and go anywhere new will be successful well. That's not true in when you were in washington. Which a dad you had a young robert griffin. That was healthy. That was exciting and did some stuff so if you i really wanna break now shanahan. What has he really done. You have matt ryan who was already a made man in atlanta very good at the position at quarterback so mike like come on now number twenty to number twenty two no matter twenty two of the tennessee titans swap them out. You could swap shut up. You could swap out yeah because i knew he was going to say for real 'cause when i wrote it down but you can swap walk them out for any. You know you start playing around you. Go in tennessee washington san francisco you can kind of do a little bit of this and that but at least at at least <hes> marielle mario lead them into the playoffs to win so you don't know this can be a bounceback year for him although i watching the other day and he was dribbling balls at his feet and i was like ooh was pushing the ball ooh but this is not their style. They're going to be a run heavy team and they're gonna play defense and that's ass with rebel wants to do so to sit them where they're at alyce. That is really that bad. It seems really low. It just seems really high night. That seems low to me. No that's what i think you guys are both saying the same thing but just using award for you think you're better right. You think they're a better team than where they're ranked a salad. I think that's where they should be ranked. You've never been mariota guy. Have you know why would you yeah what does he do. You wanna heisman gets hurt a lot college. Football twenty one komo twenty one would be jacksonville jaggi warriors okay jacksonville. Jags nick foles if they can get some respect. That's why he's a super bowl m._v._p. Play stop trick play. You don't really philly philly philly philly philly as messed up. You wanna super bowl ring. Stop doing it. Don't don't drink. I know quarterbacks bolan. I think this is the type of team much. I like tennessee is a mirror image of each other play bully ball goran with four net allow nick foles run screens and dinka dunks you know chuck and duck into going to play solid alad defense and if they can come back to form away where two years ago in he can kind of just be nice manager and they run the football then i think they have an opportunity to chance within the division but the houston texas i'm going to go anywhere and it depends on what andrew luck does in if he's even coming back and winning comes back though offense to be a little better with marquees liebeck liebeck. Mark is because he coming back off an a._c._l. So you still got to wait to see numbers in markey's lee is not a frontline. Why are we seeing any n._f._l. Fail he is more of a two and a half to three number twenty. The tampa bay buccaneers thing in the temple. Buchan ears is only at this level because bruce airings the again. They got the same sort of issues that the tennessee titans have and quarterbacks spot. You don't really know what long-term jameis winston is is going to be but i believe heavily in the offense of mine. The mindset of bruce arians i i really do i think he's done a terrific job with quarterbacks and a pass of gotten him to respond gotten him to play better. I mean you just think about he went to arizona. They were playing pretty good when he was a coordinated and win the super bowl in pittsburgh pretty good indianapolis took over chuck modiano pretty good so everything is in his favor in showing meat and he's the type of coach they could get guys respond in play well plus todd bowles fits back at his natural position as a coordinator in not as a head coach for the buccaneers endowment consumers will be abound back player in the n._f._l. This year if it doesn't isn't happened this year for tampa for james winston in particular is that the end of the line for james because of all the reasons you just said with areas that winter winter winter winter winter and if all of a sudden it's not they're not gonna say well. Bruce zarian doesn't know what he's doing. They're going to say james. Winstons is not that guy. It depends on what james looks like. Jameis winston is a sixty sixty two percent completion percentage and he has thirty touchdowns the nine interceptions then it works but if it's reversed in all of a sudden he's a thirty seven percent completion percentages in twenty five interceptions interceptions twenty five touchdowns. He'll be out of tampa bay before the season even ins keys power rankings this week brought to you by asking drew rosenhaus how he's doing drew good morning. How are you good morning to be on with. You guys one andrew. How are you doing wow early in the morning. Andrew good yeah yeah you know working hard keyshawn on <hes>. Who did he's on really want to do a morning. Show with the answer could startle you next nightmare on elm street forwarded you know although yeah no. I take off mansor. There's a million of all of those kerala weaned friday the thirteenth elm street. This one was called the dream master. Let me guess freddy with the glove got some people. That's the switch and they had this song from it. Okay all right. This doesn't seem horror. Movie ish eighty different little girl in a room with a headset on listening to music can hear other people getting slaughtered next door slave uh-huh and then hunter pops into the scene fred dryer for no reason. I've story for you on that. <hes> first off thirty one years ago nightmare on elm street four was indicators miss that one. I remember seeing that one either freddie cougar bad guy but i didn't get to the fourth installment. I went three d. Yeah yeah no all right at work here carlo card carlo it s good morning. America looks like carlo so nobody carlos is one of our social media yes. He really knows but i just you know get them confused with someone else that works here all right then so demarcus cousins is down torn a._c._l. Bad news for him. Also bad news for the lakers. Lakers need to replace his spot. They need a big. They need to go into the free agent. The trade market whatever it is and the fact of the matter is it's a pretty thin field of available players in the guy the guy at the top of that list potentially a guy that the lakers are at least quote unquote doing their due diligence on is is dwight howard. I get shoulders. Dwight's name is it's going to cause a visceral reaction for most people and it's usually negative because dwight's tenure and you're here did not go well for variety of reasons but i'll be honest when you see what's out there and knowing what you know about what the lakers need to replace demarcus cousins i think dwight howard is probably the first person you try. I'm not saying you sign him up long-term but bring 'em in honestly though dog what's wrong with the way he's only good anymore anymore but not any good at the level in which you signed him to seven years ago. He's not that dwight but he certainly you can argue guy has averaged thirteen points nine rebounds and i believe over the life of his career. He's always been a tizzy now do and when i say that he's not any good any more what i'm talking about. He's not any good anymore anymore if he's going to bring in what he brings in it. It's not what you to draw is not worth the squeeze what he brought him but it hasn't gone away whether it was gone away when it's been in l._a. Or or houston or atlanta or washington or any of the stops that he's had post l._a. It takes about four seconds before the locker room has has has he but has he ever play play with anybody. The caliber and i'm talking about not just basketball <hes> play on the court but in terms of i q you in terms of not necessarily control but willing to work with guys like that i was he ever play with anybody like this. This kobe not fit that bill kobe doesn't fit that bill because the team was about kobe in kobe fits that bill about all the i._q. And this and that and one of the greatest of all time but it was about kobe. It wasn't about the lakers attain. Kobe wanted to sit down. Sit down and talk to you either. Do it this way not dog. It's up to you you either. Go jump on board or not you soft. You can't take that approach. You gotta know how to communicate which teammates clearly koby couldn't communique. Hey wouldn't even made certain type of away where i believe lebron james rondo just some of these veteran guys you look at that and you say we'll they. They know how to handle it and deal with it. That's assuming dwight wants to listen listen. I think he does he show up in l._a. Awful lot not gonna be here he does. This is a great spot for him but he's my number two option. You guys know. I feel that you'll kino's should be number. Oh here we go from from a skill set perspective like he's not the rebound dwight howard is and he's not the rim protected dwight howard is but he knows how to slide his feet. He's has intelligence spatial intelligence the spatial side of it he knows that space the floor and oh by the way if he is outside the paint he's still has to be account for because he's still can hit a little mid range jumper salsa all of a sudden now he can pass my high or you can hit open shot that makes it just a little bit more difficult for teams to plan for easy eze free free with technically unclear member of the grizzlies but the girls not him no came. No joking knows as well. Oh he's thinking we're still waiting for them to write him out. A release ms well okay so they've been given the green light to seek employment elsewhere so i think they're good either with either one of those two players before my money i think for what they need skill set wise jokinen keen fist his team a little bit better but the way if he's willing to do screen and rosalie offensive and he has to be jokey. Marty has a place here does he. I just feel feel like i'm ready to run him. A couple of times ran into him a couple of that he trains here. Okay santa barbara. He hangs out in santa barbara lot and there's a training facility so it's there that i've seen a lot of n._b._a. Players go in and out of okay so maybe that's what you're referring to. Why don't we put up a poll. Let's see what the people think. I think valid points on both big. Is your heating or you. Take <hes> dwight well. I've got a poll last week on this conversation just dwight alone and it was it's like a he knew a sneaky polls on e._s._p._n. Los angeles not sneaky. He didn't tell us it was sneaky. Community says he's being us down. Don't go down this path alert. He says well whether it's a sneaky poll or a regular poll by buffalo wild wings. It's called happy hour for reasons to buffalo wild wings now for three to five dollars all day deals. So what are you waiting for. Get here and get happy. Buffalo wild wings can rajin chris actually stay stay quiet for an entire segment. The answer is only minutes away on the morning show so travis yes i am. I non sneaky poll. I literally tacky los angeles gay to your question about dwight howard sixty. Five percent of the respondents says oh hell no and thirty five percents said do it. I think that'll change it be if dwight comes in and chill and because the expectations of what before when he came here the first time the expectation was be one of the best players. There's an league. That's not the expectation anymore. Expectation is be a complementary piece and if he'll wrap his head around that i think people get bored you subpoena lead singer kingston backup well. It's not easy vince carter. Did it is true but go ahead name me another one. I would say yeah. It's not a whole lot of vince carter's. No look. I i get parts to. I don't think you have to go out and sign these guys too big dollars long to just bring them in see what happens if it if it doesn't work there's no downside ride and there are other guys as kenneth reid who else stills able body not as skilled as the other two still got that energy but he's still got the energy <hes> but he's not a skilled field and he's undersized and he's under the boogie and dwight and noah are seven footers right right and that that is a thing yeah you either are you aren't right and farid isn't right but he's got the energy bounce deal so it'd be interesting to see what direction to go in. It's one of those things it's it's not a fatal blow for the lakers. It's not even a mortal wound. It's just it's it's <hes> and now we're a little thinner and now the team has a little smaller smaller margin of error. There's a little less cushion on any given night of somebody who can get it done like lebron's going to get it done most of the time on the nights that he doesn't anthony davis will the chances of both other than being bad all right. You got coups so there are some layers of secure through this but now you have one less right there but the thing is that you're right. It's not a fatal wound up a broken leg but it's a tweet ankle so bothers me yeah and you know i i i ki- so we had a whole bunch games week. Two of the preseason <hes> wraps up tonight. There's a monday night football game but go but keep looking at minnesota last night. We talked about that hit that <hes> paxton lynch took and that's kind of the thing that jumps out but minnesota twenty five nineteen over the seahawks and i wonder if this is this this season that we get that vikings team that we thought we were gonna get last season because coming in when they went to that n._f._c. championship game or actually it wasn't that crazy easy play where it gets knocked around. This is the team that's coming along where they scored that touchdown the walk off about the saints the saints game divisional <hes> divisional asian around to go visit championship game. The vikings came in the last season as hey. You know what that's gonna be. A really good team never really happened for them. Is it going to happen this year. I it is <hes>. They got down a lot of injuries to to their team last year in just never really got in sync. They had a new office a coordinated from saying his name right down felipe leap filippo or whatever it is he was the offense coordinator that was never that was never on even ground they lose longtime assistant <hes> <hes> tony soprano they lose him. You know in the middle of the beginning of the season they lost him. Longtime assistant passed away so they had like a little bit of turmoil. I would say within the organization but i believe i believe second time around kirk cousins looking at kirk cousins numbers numbers were not bad. He was sixty eight percent completion percentage pitch. He threw like twenty. Let's say like twenty eight touchdowns like ten interceptions. He came for forty five hundred yards but it just he never really hit you say kick keenum cousins cousins. You say okay yeah. He never hit the way that he was supposed to think. Dalvin cook injuries at times. It was a problem problem. I mean they had a whole bunch of issues but i think this year for whatever reason i like minnesota so thirty thirty touchdowns ten ten interceptions for for cousins last year that's real completion percentage seventy percents that's real. I said sixty eight but here's the thing do you remember a single passi through late. Did the point is kirk cousins. One of those guys that's gonna do it. I do the second you need it. You go to that rams game and obviously it's big. I remember at the best because it was the that happened right in front of us but they were moving and then he took to terrible sacks at the end of the game <hes> one of those guys i love the numbers i love the numbers because because the numbers tell you what happened during the game but it needs to tell you more about winning happened <hes> because that's the reason you can't remember any of those touchdown passes because because it didn't happen at a key moment that majorie member the win win always matter more and with her cousins his win is always left a lot of coaches right around the hallway chargers in the saints yesterday down the street chargers lose whatever whatever again preseason doesn't matter no philip rivers drew brees none of the guys yesterday but just watching charges loss georgia's nineteen seventeen. Oh okay it off. They look like they had commanded. Saints field goal late okay but watching those and again it's it's backups mostly but seeing the coaches and seeing the way that they play and the way that it was executed. Both of those teams feel teams. We'll see deep into january. No he look it. When i watch preseason games i watch up to the point where i can't watch anymore and dan that typically goes into third quarter and look the charges look fine. I'd for the first time twelve gauge which jones the backup quarterback actually looked like an n._f._l. Backup quarterback for the first time to me you know front line guys. They didn't play obviously but then you had backups arteta scott. The receiver position show flashes to me of what he did at clemson. I'm like okay. I get it. I see what this is the running game and it looked okay to me overall. I feel good about the charges third year for coaching leeann. He understands what <hes> being. A head coach is all about. I think he's going to be a head coach for a long time for the charges. I think that they you have something cooking there i really do. I think that they're going to now obviously in gordon does it cook without during james because james as a a big big loss for neom. If he comes you know they need to get him back. Let's just put it that way to get him and bolsa going. It could be as many as four months for derwin james. I mean he could miss just the vast majority of the season. That's a real thing it is all pro as a rookie but their defense coordinator and gus bradley is is phenomenal n._f._l. Calling defensive plays so i think he could figure out how to muster some note without during chains in the lineup but i think the charges are going to be around. I think it's going to be a two headed race in a._f._c. A._f._c. west for with kansas city to chargers so the texans they went again. They scored thirty points in every season. The texans have they all the gene. Formula slow start then they get cooking. They win the division or the getting the playoffs and then they're one of the first teams out every single any reason to think that it's going to be different this year because they got the quarterback that got the taking wide receiver. They got a pretty good defense but the texans are hey. We're in the a._f._c. South going to play offs boom out later well. I i think i think they could advance further depending on the seating and what where they at i think they win the division. Divisions gonna probably come down at indy depending on whether or not andrew luck plays <hes> watson's third year. I believe as a starter so you're looking at a guy that has some experience understands what the n._f._l. Is all about now. <hes> o'brien head coach understands what he has at the quarterback. There's not this rotating door of defensive physical ordinations anymore. Romeo cornell settled back in it's d._c. Even though he's he's just calling in now game planning it which is a little bit different so i like the texas. I think that they're going to be valuable option and a._f._c. I was watching the steelers and the chiefs to they came on before the rams and patrick mahomes was out out there for a minute. It wasn't long. He went out there and he every time he dropped back he. I'm thinking what the hell are they doing. Andy reid knows more about this than i'll ever hope to know. I'm andy reid has everything you could ever ask for as a head coach except for super bowl championship but i'm watching mahomes out there in a game that doesn't count thinking what the hell are you doing dude. I can't be around why because you like voodoo guy dolle with pins or worry about the world you just bring bad juju huge into the room. Mike kaiser every williams paxton bad judo. What are you talking about this team with you and you sitting around worrying about get hurt. You're gonna get hurt hurt. I bet you that williamson wasn't thinking about getting hurt and guess what he's done for the season yeah but it was somebody say what. What the hell is this. Somebody you know body. That's all i'm saying but i wouldn't have had patrick mahomes. No i wouldn't think so there'd be you know patients patriots. That's how it goes last. One browns baker mayfield pretty no not at all by the way they've gotten more action than the bears in vegas. They're not the favourite's but they've had more action on that team. Fallen in love because baker mayfield drove the team down the field and scored. I'm not it doesn't it's the pre. What baker do preseason last season you like going. It's just half a season which no he. I didn't do anything into the end of the season and what he did at the end of season was not like some magical miracle record for all time elsie l. z. What would he have to do. You go. You know what i do is pretty good win a super bowl no he's got. He's got to win. The division lead his team into the playoffs. You gotta win more than five games in me james winston ever done okay. You got to win more than seven. No give me this. I got all this talent in because i wear headband. I'm supposed supposed to be great. No i like baker. I like you but you gotta win. Coming up next travis goes for olympic gold old in the butterfly squat category on the morning show.

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