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Hello, it's Monday August seventeenth in that means to me there's only two days left before nails innovation day at be pre-conference for the es so get on that get. Email Info at nailed dot org right now. So you can have the link when streams go live and it's time for the leading industry news brief brought to you by Keystone Technologies Keystone Tech Dot com or the Lincoln. The description 'cause we're talking about their direct drive led's so these are So these will swap out forty two WATT CFL's for sixteen watt led lamps that sixty percents savings. For. That savings, you still get who two thousand Lumens, fifty, thousand hours of life and a bypass ballast design. So it's a quick easy install available both horizontally, and vertically news is signifies closing their cancers plant. This is in Salina Kansas it manufacturers. Conventional lighting at least until July when all that production will move to Poland and India. New in trade show announced this is the arclight light summit at in Dallas September Twenty first and twenty second the Richard Kelly grants have been announced these are going to. TR- Netra Manic. MANICAS AGOM and you'll. Chew Cova for their works in color perception. Glare respectively Xio. Has Tested they're far UV SEA TAC successfully on humans. These are a filtered two, hundred, twenty, two nanometer light. co-produced by Kobe University and it reduced bacteria on skin without damaging it job cuts at Cooper's. Job, cuts it a cooper factory are threatening its tax benefits? So they're cutting three hundred jobs at their factory moving those to Mexico. Cooper has has released a statement that they regret. The job losses will work with former employees and local government on retraining and placement. There you go. new Lighting Design magazine from Edison Report Launches. This is called designing lighting and will focus on the business side of that field. The L. R. C. Opens An online health institute. This is an eight week online course already open for registration. You'll first lecture will run in September. The I. Al Deed Takes Enlighten America's enlighten Europe events online these had been planned for October and November will now take place on the Internet. LA plans a new virtual symposium seminars, networking groups and QNA sanctions. This will be running in September. Yes as a university membership category so students in lighting programs may now join the I e s cooper lighting names, the source awards winners. This is a grand prize as well as seven other prizes were given out on a virtual ceremony on the tenth. The AL as Women Enlightening Committee launches a mentor matching program which will pair Wyndham women randomly quarterly and They can share advice and network, and there will be guided discussions and other good things. ellison is back on the get a grip on lighting podcast not talking about lighting per se just talking about his story going from the mountains to the US and some very interesting misadventures with student visas in between. Infineon tech creates a new smart controller. This is an entirely new driver designed to control lamps. Signify joins the jail as UV standard newest group to affirm that guideline a Hubble launches a Smart Camera. So these are spectra safe luminaires that have hd cameras, microphones, and speakers so you to enable to a communication. Explaining why led adoption is so slow in the residential sector. This is an interesting read from trico holdings and their blog. recapping the figure January to June report sales and revenues are down a lot but they still posted a profit. Then guard profiles are a be lighting Scott Jape AAC obscene. This is a law blog. for. Interviewing A B.'s chief IP counsel. Amazon will now be held liable for products sold by third party sellers through their marketplace. This is after a court of Appeals decision. Five questions about Light Fair Dan? Army. Dan Darby showed director explains what's going on at this conference as well as next year's. Coffee break with Phantom Distribution C e L. This is a quick interview with Peter Agarwal. About, led distribution. Thank you might. Now, a thing or two about that as well. LEXA awards announces their judges It's two panels this year one for project awards. One for products they've been formed there's a list cascais lighting controls backs a charity golf tournament going on to day Gulf for a child invitationals how being held in Kane. County. Light Fair Twenty twenty. One is calling for speakers you make at your proposals in before September, Fourteenth West go has reached an agreement with the Canadian Competition Burr Bureau with regard to their merger with Annex Ter- they're going ahead with that Oz ram shows off a new exhibition centre project one, hundred thousand led's in stalled at the Shenzhen World Exhibition Centre. Occupancy sensor market will reach three point, six, billion dollars in value by two, thousand, twenty, five according to markets and markets. She and g industrial site lighting has launched a new website. Electric of Fort Mill. South. Carolina is secured one point one million dollars in financing to expand what they do and g focused shares are up almost ninety percent as of Friday. Sorry. Nine percent not ninety nine percent as of Friday Bo rhymes gives us a bit of analysis for the Stock Shifts for LS. G. and how interest in UV see directly correlates to that. explosion proof led market to grow by thunder eight percent by twenty twenty five reaching a grand total global value of six, hundred, eighty, seven, million dollars according to market insight reports eighty. Is the newest member of the zubi alliance They're also going to be part of their project ship that's connected home over Ip Project Mars Electric is moving. To a much nicer facility in Akron. Cre- expects to post a decline in earning earnings disease two different stock analysts predicting bad news for their earnings report. Tomorrow fluence has partnered with quality wholesale for their horticultural product lines across Canada led backed tomato farm grows. Montrose tomatoes year round in Moscow. This is signify horticultural project, but just finished up. Pianists intelligence sets the growth rate for grow lights at eighteen percent over the next ten years citing population growth and food security is the main cause for this. Analysis from Mali Graham at the N. E E A. is calling on the cannabis sector to improve horticultural efficiency. Panama. City is considering smart streetlights spending some of their stimulus money. we've got a good recap of the ongoing civil liberties discussions with regard to San Diego Smart Street Lights, and their cameras eib you horsemen and sons are moving just up the street but to a much bigger facility that's in Calgary Sun Valley Idaho plans a dark sky. Ordinance. City cancel is going to roll out regulations by twenty twenty, five, fifty, six main schools receives funds for an led retrofits. That's about a million dollars of incentives spent on this program. Howard County. Of Maryland has set a bird friendly building requirement Green or lead or lead certification will be withheld from buildings that threatened birds with lighting facades height. Just general position. So keep that in mind there Yolo. County in California as three new places you can drop off fluorescent tubes for recycling KC BEG Quist Inc will be representing Max Light in Colorado Wyoming Nebraska and parts of Nebraska Atlantic Beach North Carolina goes smart this a smart city at. A smart system for park that will run levels and schedules differently for different areas of the park sale expands in southwest Ontario this includes their partnership with signified these irrep agents for Kitchener Waterloo and the Golden Horseshoe as well as the G. T. H. A. Ontario Charter Tech has candy littlest of the best garage lights courtesy of reviewer, Morella Bush. a new study has charted Saint Hopper migration on lit bishops. They don't migrate so much when the beaches are lit up, they found PC MAG has named their readers choice for smart home products. This goes from smart bulbs to robot mops. HP led. Doesn't sell led's anymore. They only sell personal protective equipment. That's how far they pivoted. Jefferson city electrical workers donated their time to retrofit the lighting at Jefferson City rape and Abuse Crisis Service got on them trapping and reusing noble gases. This is a new material. It can capture Zenana and crypt on better and more safely than any previous method. a Washington you. Team has an led with energy stored in a brick. Classic Red Construction Brick. It's old story using the hematite that's already in the brick as super capacitors That's cool I. Don't know what to Tell Ya Otto has patented. Panted a life I ready smartphone Mrs, Chinese, consumer electronics maker. Moving into visible light communications. Michigan forest has been turned into a crazy light show glenmore trails and blue water technologies have partnered on A. trippy will say trippy night hiking experience. Ernie Smith. For the Tedium blog explains why those tiny indicator led's on everything you own are so annoying. A study at Cornell has proved that UV C can be used to kill mildew. On crops, they're suggesting that it will also be effective on other fungi and. Instant insects. And here's a party trick for you from Sarah Welsh how to make a fluorescent tube glow while standing under power lines. And another DIY project we have a color changing led clock. It's use origami balls and timing to indicate time of day and day of the week notes on hirings departures in promotions. It's just promotions because Davoli named Robert C. Pullman to the national sales manager position and carry ver- coal to the strategic. Account Manager. And, that has been the lake read sorry that has been the leading industry news brief. I have been Scott Walker. This has been brought to you by keystone and nailed. It's more than just me talking to myself in two days. It's going to be Mike and Greg from get a grip on lighting talking to some of the biggest names about in lighting. Researchers real experts great stuff. It's going to be the most important topics they could think of. It's GONNA be Great. But until then enjoyed Dala Bill I'll see you Monday. OFF We also. Off Screen. For. Another. Four her. Case. inclined. Steps made a dream on. Little. From. The woman around act. A certain kind of way house looking for a card and A. K. Making moves puzzle making. Making moves on. WanNa despite little. Birthday. For. On The pyramid stage made of green might be. Get there will be compete for you either in between. The. Break say on. Pesident. Closer. Little Only Hold up in. Radio said we're. GonNa. Chill. Far Rolling get out of Jacksonville. What Donald.

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