68: Stage 3 | Henley-on-Thames Blenheim Palace | Women's Tour 2019


You're listening to the cycling podcast Femina an association with Reifer the fastest clothing in the world tour, the home of cycling with character ride and watch with rougher in twenty nine thousand nine estate partner, ES education, I and canyon shrimp. You're listening to the cycling podcasts feminine. Brought to you by Skoda dedicated to closing the gender gap in cycling, one race one scientist at a time. This is our time. Today. We are at Flint him palace. As to be back in the leaders of the women's. Well, of course exciting, but we only had two stages. So it's a long way to go. I mean it's not through FRANZ that bears is still long. But the it's, it's the women's Steuer so you know that. Yeah. That it's going to be hard. And let's see today. It's not that deficits on paper but. Yeah, right from the start it goes up. And yeah, we'll be lumpy all the way. So I expect some fireworks. You're bucking the leader's jersey industry must come as price today. Really big surprise. I have to say, I didn't even know until somebody after finish told me so I, I hadn't even thought about I just had my plan how to go into the final, and then I got seconds. But yet kind of weird. Kind of weird, because, you know, my she crash so hard, she dropped out of the race, and I feel sorry for her. And I wish her release speedy recovery from the crash, of course. And so it feels kind of weird to be in the neatest jersey as well. Well, we were played in there by two voices, which tell the story of the day, don't they, we heard Mariana Voss, who was the green jersey wearer this morning in Henley furthest, the stage stage three of the women's tour. And then the end of the day, it was Lisa Brenner in the leads m a dramatic day. It wasn't rose Manley. It was very nicely done. It was. I mean we, we wanted excitement. We wanted the race to be animated. You know, of course, didn't want this. It was crush field. Do any spoilers for all his story, the stage but it's not the animation that we really wanting was said last night, that might have a very strong position in the race looked in great form. She one, yes, the second stage but the racist completely turned on its head today because she's I with injuries. And a lot of other writers are either I or quite quite injured off the stage or with decimated teams. I mean. C C went into today's stage with the leader's jersey NFL call them into riders. They finished the day with their team leader. And with only three writers, one of whom looks fairly by the injured. So you're sort of looking around the fade night to see who's gonna full team laughed and of those then maybe they're they're sounding. The best chances, right? Ni- dude. Do you want to say he I am on who you? I'm Richard on we are we are, we are in the all for punish shop who is not what it's called in Warwick near the start of stage force. We've made the journey from the from London panel blend palace to here tonight bit. Sleepy. I'm tired tonight. And what a some of site. So I'll give you a little poke. If fall asleep willia-. Yes, a slap across. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What did you make? Stage live up to expectations. Did you see was very very past? It will it was portion. But in terms of raising it was quite mucky. Wasn't it? Ooh. Well, I didn't know post people are kind of like that, though, aren't they secret like a polo polo Corsi veneer of beauty? There's averageness. So we started Henley, which is very nice one or two people there, little locals, ups the description of as opposed stage as if everybody who lives in this area as it's Porsche. Complimentary isn't it? It's term. She's very, very glamorous places today even wasting the where the hen was. Was beautifully maintained villages. Houses and roofs and shops t show up at a lovely. You weren't portion. Trump, the F ball didn't it? Teashop and I could feel the ladies and the on the table. Nexus bristling. Dear dear dear. I'm actually very well brought up my mother listened to this podcast. She very disappointed, if I keep sort of doing myself, dynamite buck on done. My mom said, I was very much a stage to kind of. Yaar states to kind of the same three accent. Oh, yeah. But one of say anyone who took any sort of a fence, calling it the poor stage is they knew in our defense way bike. Wasting usually are you going to say often takes us another huge in industrialised estate on the edge of a big city or a car park, or they're never really very inspiring surroundings. And so I met this in a in a very positive way though. You're going to say they have the kinds of place that we live. We we saw the race today, didn't we are in the course on the second categorized climbed early in the stage. Didn't happen to this. She saw the race. Go pass this. Isn't that spoiler? We. And then we raised them, powerless. And that was a really beautiful finish for the stage. What happened in the stage Orla first of all congratulate our winner from last night. Yeah. I mean, we didn't really have a competition officially. We'll we'll, we'll call him a winner. For the glory glory. Tonight goes to Graham Denny not only forgetting all of the Charles Dickens references. Right. But four throwing a few of his own and his Email. Sure your shoe voting. He said, here's my attempt. It's funding. The references last night's podcast if I'm Rome, new monitor nothing that we do is done in vain, beautiful cities, and then he finished it off by saying looking forward to tonight's podcast as please, sir. I want some more. I appreciate that affect Graham say what they were very briefly gopher, great expectations old curiosity shop -til of T, cities, hard times it was the best of times. It was the worst of times are Mitchell friend pictures from across the nation. Is that time of laughing to myself, because he also then in foreshadowing with a question Mark, because I'm because I said something foreshadowed or or foreshadowing last night. And clearly, he thought, well, lots of big word for Orla that must be some sort of literary rat literary reference, but no actually Graham four shopping was my own vocabulary last night. But thank you never go. Do you want to mention before you do to change that? We've gone competition a really exciting. The great prize exciting competition. Right. Are we ready for this, so you have to pay attention to tonight's references because the winner will get to VIP tickets to stage five t spend the Dan hospitality, and they get to go onstage on the podium at the end of the stage on present the iceberg jersey free. That's on Friday. We enter if you're able to be in Wales on Friday and do let us new if you accept the pry do. Let us know when your Email preferably, give us your. You'll give us your name anyway, move on number would be, but otherwise, we'll contact you by Email. But yeah, you can enter anyway. Just for fun giggles. I would say, yeah. You can Email us contact the cycling podcast comb or the on social media Twitter. Facebook Instagram, come up chess tomorrow morning, start we should say, what references tonight. Yes. Dusty springfield. It's one amongst the curry because dusty Springfield has a grave site in Henley Henley, and her ashes were scattered between Henley and the cliffs have more her county Clare in Ireland which I didn't realize very didn't why. Yeah. Big admire of dusty Springfield, so yes suit. Tonight's references are doc- Springfield references, Sean. Get going say we in this beautiful combination last night, by the way. And I shared a caller. Yes. South catered, which is a bit of a shame because I quite some breakfast in bed. But it was a lovely place to stay. Anyway, kraken onto the story of the states, give me time on this one. I don't know what to do with myself with so much action compared to the first few days, but we had a very early categorized climb. First of all, giving us the mines in points after just nine and a half K Christine modulus again taking full points with Safiya Birgit solo virtue in second ahead of Cassini Duma and third almost immediately after that. And uplift show of trek Sigfredo record that. Well, if you go away early enough can stay awhile, art front. So that's what she did. And we as you mentioned, Richard stopped off pretty much in the middle of nowhere, just before the second categorized climb in Seoul Pletcher with a lead of just under a minute at that stage. So new. Surprise that. She held onto the second cwm took maximum points over modulus and doom up there again. I friend soap look up those points as well. Over coroner VERA and race leader at the time, marina voice, and then as we're building up the second sprint of the day disaster voice was being led by her. CCC mitts. When one of them had a pothole we understand Hans came off the handlebars, and anything from thirty to fifty or maybe even more writers hit the deck. It's absolutely horrific. We heard almost immediately that Trixie work of track had abandoned thank him. The news that Mariana voice was also, I'd anyone who had a heart would failure for the Dutchwoman stage winner and race leader from yesterday started the day in the latest jersey finished at hospital getting stitches to her face. So we are wishing and hoping that she guest batters sin. So the racist July's for forty minutes, while medical attention was brought to the writers finally we started and to who had a fifty five second. Vantage before the crash belted up little by little to woman, four eight with sixty eight kilometers to go COs e I always thank you cannot momentum building on goodness knows what goes on in the windmills of your mind while you're waiting for the Ristori start. But she did a great job finally caught with that forty one kilometer is to go. And then with about thirty kilometers to go another crossroads, we actually learned by when the race cross the line at MoMA Paseo was injured and not visit Diagne Kim's on his well at several others some of whom will hear from shortly. But all of those writers did at least finish the race and then it comes onto a sprint finish. You'll endure I've winning her second sage just three days, the Belgian beating Lisa Brenner with Demi volunteering in, in third. I'm just a fraction of a centimeter ahead of Roxanne forty. So the jersey, then Lisa Brenner is in US leader of W N, t the sprints jersey still belongs to Cohen Rivera, the points. Jersey stays with Yu-lian Dora Queen of the mountains, jersey once again goes to the bulls. Town on the back of Christine modulus best, British writer, Lizzie Diagne on, on Anna jump to the competivity jersey. So tonight, lots of injuries lots of breeze bodies. A lot of writers. I spent I suspect, we'll be all cried a dramatic day. The fastest clothing in the world tour, the home of cycling with character 'em watch with Rafeh in twenty nineteen as they partner e f education, fast and canyon Schramm. I think Rafa VIP show, so the one of the most important items of clothing, it's the main point of contact with the bike, and you spend hours and hours riding your bike scenes become suitable and have the support that you get from them high endless Bonn's race cannons from racing. I think they're rough a bit shorts of the best in the world. Thanks very much to raff are headline sponsor podcast Femina, and just a little shy type for an event that Lionel Bernie and I are hosting next Tuesday, the eighteenth of June in London is to raise money for ambitious about autism and it's called secrets of the pro Palatine. We'll be quizzing world through professional writer. A world tour team manager and an Olympic gold medalist all anonymous, this stage, they'll be there, and we'll be getting some prising some secrets, I do go to Rafa dot CC and linkup secrets of the panel tone and get ticket, if you can make it next Tuesday night, I have to say that we have been privy to half of the conversations that you've been having heard your half of the conversations about you being chatting to some of the people that you're going to be anything on say intriguing signed crack gang, I wish I was going, you know, one of them for a while. I'm wondering how many of his real stories, we'll we'll get. We'll get. He has his song secret nobody'll ever hear what was on there. So today's stage, a great effort or low, well, done, quite sports, because we were listening to Springfield worm in this morning. It's a lovely way to find. Oh. I was thinking I hit you've been good on the podcast. Anything tennis, but I listened to it. Nice thinking is comparable these days? Do we get singers like her anymore to get? Such a breadth of storytelling. And I just I didn't know if we do I lament that, just the voice beautiful. She made me very happy diversity Springfield song. Oh, I think breakfast and bad is mine. I completely disagree with the lyrics. Over time rose move. We're in a different. Oh, yeah. But some of the references in your story. Saying you want go back. Oh, you're going to say it because it it's another one. That's giving it another one. We, we want people to when anyway, are really dramatic day on the women's tour today and the main story were was that, well, the, the big crash, and then another crashes used said all in the finale, which may have Sears consequence rashy movement Paseo will here for her. And the moment m I went and spoke to make Bhanot the race director at the finish justify what happened on about the decision that was taken by the organizers to neutralize the race pretty quickly. And because we should say it was happening into sprint. It was it was very fast at the time, and the, the crash happened right in the front of the bunch, which is always worse. And so there was a big pile of Tim Harris's while he was driving the, the chief commissar behind the bunch. He said he'd never seen a crash and he's driven in a of races. He'd never seen such a pile up, so many writers involved and so many serious injuries. So it was a really serious, serious crash. And here's what make Bennett all the women's tour organization had to say a really bad crash. I mean, what, what did you see me, and I were you told about what happened? Well, it was still collecting accurately all the information from both from the TV motor, filming the front of the peleton at the time. But approximately between five and eight hundred meters to go the second sprint did cut the we're all across the road. There was a an actual onto the right and appeared to have been led out by CCC live with marina Voss in second wheel. And for whatever reason Marian appeared to lose control of a bike and came off the bars. She went sideways at the same time, there was a, a move going on the left hand side of her leading their riders app for the sprint before the incident was a ride on a plea was away. She had about forty. Eight seconds to fifty seconds. I was with her the front and some money on a crushed the move that was going down, the left hand side of the road continued, because they had no idea that she'd gone that as she came down. Domino constituted behind, and you can't actually see it on the film, but it would appear that the whole road decked will the crush 'cause a lot riders to go down behind at the back of the peleton, and, and we had president and radio to behind that, at all of our medics behind there, and all of our Metis had attended two before that. And that all collected at the back, so we had a full complement of medics, but then as a result of, of the blocking the whole road and the attention, we had medics on top of the, the incident straight away, and it required. All four doctors all of our paramedics to Bulent is one race. Doctors car one rapid response. Medics vehicle to attend to the incident where we took the decision to neutralize ended cut because would now be on the sprint an award the points to the goal that was sprinting that was fifty six head. So she got the points for the sprint. Then we neutralized it and we were waiting for reports. They were held for proximity twenty twenty five minutes, which hold on a plate that she would have her lead. Give him back to her fifth, forty eight seconds. And, and it was only when we were clear that we had a full complement of, of medical facilities back with the rice that we restarted. We always want one ambulance one hour and a doctor's car back with the race. And that's what we need one of our took a number of them to the hospital anyway. And they rejoined the whole race with the bat ten twelve ago, but the the, the threat to lie for the riders is the most important thing. For us. And we wouldn't Reese dawn. So we had a complement and the race, doctor and myself and the commissaire president was satisfied that we had a full complement that could deal with the, the, the race as normal before we restarted, and that was the situation make Bennett, telling us a little bit about what happened and the decisions made by the organization. The it was neutralized in our in our village in town where obviously with the race stopped some of the writers took advantage of the pause to take a natural break the side of the road in front of that some school children. Well, and that was a problem of Asli. And so, a, a local who run a tanning salon opened up, our tiny sound for the ladies of the women's threat to go and take a natural break in their terrible timelines. So that would have been. Comey across line having soared I. And priorities on the stage. We spoke to a few writers who were involved in the crash at the finish and thing rose use spoke to Hannah Barnes did. In the end. She says three of the canons rom went down. They will go back on that barks actually, the end of the stage Keeney did abandoned. So this is what Hannah had to say about the first crush of the day. It's clear that you went down and crush the. Eighteen hours of. Yeah. Really long? Actually elbows. Yes has. I'm but yeah, it was just it was actually quite. It's coming this spent chaotic. Yeah, I just I, I was breaking and I could've stop it. If someone just wrap me and it was quite scary. When you're watching reply, you can just his screaming. And yes, it's just saying that this race sometimes can be seven just from Hugh, face it through. Yes. Three go down. But thankfully received too, right? How far ahead in the pellets did it happen. Know how many people would you say you went? Team. I mean, tiff said the that was fifteen of them three so actually thing is pretty close to the Friday. I mean the media's sprint and this race in Sweden. Really important. I mean the two seconds. Sometimes you think. Everyone wants to push. Is this squad? A few Mitchelson skull writers involved in the crashes including Gracie Elvin, who I spoke to the finish her teammates, ROY actually fifth on the stage. She she was quite badly injured. She said, really wealthy out there. I only told Gracie Sarah ROY had finished second or third because that's what it light to me where I was standing, but she hasn't. She was. Here's what Gracie Alvin had to say about the crash on her own injuries. The review involved in our thing, what happened in the crash. From what I've heard from other writers. I think the CCC had a train going for the intermediate sprint and one of them, unfortunately hit a hole in the road. And she just crushed. And I think she was right in front of marina. So, yeah, everyone's really said that Marianne is out of the race everyone hopes that she's okay? I think those at least three or four of us from our team that came down, those to so many rod in that crash is to avoid it covered the whole road, and we will going so fos. Right in the front of the bunch. They're always the worst ones aren't exactly spread across the whole road. So it's pretty hard to avoid sometimes what about you were you hurt? I was it took me a while to get up off the ground. I hit my on pretty hard. So, yeah, it wasn't feeling so good for the rest of the day or helping to lead Sarah, ROY at that time. Not for the intermediate. But for the finish I was going to be, but I couldn't after the crash today. I even when I tried to move up in the bunch today, just had no energy. I don't know if I'm going to recover enough tomorrow struggle that was after the of the. I can see probably maybe second on the third on the stage. And she looked like she was quite badly her as well. So I guess in the circumstances. Good performance by her. She's she definitely got hurt today, but she kept her head on. And it's dangerous in these sponge prince. Yeah. So much respect for her that she could still pull that off today shoot that I think both cars team car the back of the pack fleas. The voice of race radio. The turtle fronts and Trump are women's to our coverage to me to tell you that tonight's episode is sponsored by Laka, the bike insurance people like a great ideas community driven insurance policy for cyclists, which covers your bike on your value. Choose. And the premium you pay is dependent on claims by other lack customers. I've come up with the women's tour is ensured by Laka and Orlan rose. 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Well, that's like a customer David, and you can get ten point credit by using the discount code podcast at lacquer dot co dot UK. Find out more lacquer. Kedah Ellie K, where we heard before the break there from Gracie Elvin, who seemed unsure whether she would even start tomorrow. And somebody make the law of writers were complaining through the stage by injuries suffered in the crash. You know there are a lot received medical attention at the time. But that crash can have a serious impact on the race tomorrow. And on the next few days a few teams really badly affected, including obviously CCC the league of mine. Voss elites in great farm, and really signed ending to her women's tour when she lutes such strong position and really up for it, and their plan b there are other car. Play was Ashi moving. Paseo, we discovered the finish that she had crashes. Well, didn't we? Crossing the line. And she looked. Quite delicate and quite shaken up. It wasn't sure why. Because we didn't know the second crash at happened the first long time ago. But it looked like she had been crying. So it wasn't sure if that was because of what had happened to the team or so I waited for a wide and allied her to be looked over by this one year together breath by 'cause she really needed a bit of time to south and even when I sort of waived the microphone, and she knew that I wanted to chat and very graciously came over and spoke, but even then it looked like she she'd tears in a she was clearly in a lot of peer and she was sort of clutching her. I overheard. One of the ways officials telling her that there were so many injured riders that they couldn't get anyone to the finish line for her. So she was going to have to make her way to the buses and be looked there. So it just goes to show, the extent of the of the lasting injuries, even amongst those who did make it to the line. But yes when I spoke to her she explained that she. Emerged pretty much on ski from the first crash, but it was a second cross brought her Dinesh had been able to write the line, which is encouraging, but you'll have to get a south check over tonight. And find just what has been damaged in that crash. But here's what she had to say at the finish line. Pretty big number. UK. Yeah. I mean I'm okay I just have some pen in my back in my ankle. But I finished. So I can ride my bike, but we'll have to see. I mean it's been really bad day for the team Mariana. I don't even know. I hope she's ok Kim done and not crash as well. And well he I did. But in that crash I was actually. Okay, 'cause I landed on top of everyone. So I wasn't affected by the crash other than eating by chance. So. Yeah, it was bit unsettling because I saw my teammates at the bottom of the pile. I kind of made constitute like mission not to really look to coast, because I think, you know, if you see it, and then to try and continues really hard. But John, then there was another crash. Yeah. I don't know about that. He cares from the finish and two, I was caught up in that, sir. Yeah. It's been a crazy day. What happened tonight or the crashes I read from Lyon, quote, it sounded like maybe she'd had Paul. So shauna. Expiate approaching the sprint and John Riano. We're doing lead up for Marianna and Shawna was taken wheel. And she hit a big puddle, and she lost her handle, and then you obviously Mariana was behind. Yeah. And do you have any update we we've heard that she needs to just hear face? You've any idea. I she is snow that she had quite a bad cut on her nose. I mean, I think it was quite bad. But updates obviously, we'll find out more now. What about the second cross that Kim's on so heavily idea what happened? It happened in front of me, and was one of those situations where I've hit breaks Flon to try and avoid it, but been from behind I got hit and. I, I couldn't do anything and the I think I've just taken quite a big knock to them. Yeah. The rat ten side. My lower back and my ankle, not so good. But we'll see. It's brutality of bike racing, isn't it? I mean this time yesterday, your team run a high Mariana you're riding together for the first time this year. What was she like in victory? And I guess how much sadder does it make today? Yeah. I mean Marianas or is such a gracious winner, you know. And it's always always lifting to see to see her win. So, yeah, I mean, we were really in, in very good spirits at the start of the race today. And yeah, it's crazy. How things can change just in, in a couple of seconds from such a high to really bad day for the team three writers out now, I don't know. I don't know what curation I may not have to see how it goes tomorrow. We'll have to see are you hopeful at this, just starting the stage tomorrow or impossible to say, I mean, I'm hopeful I'm here to I'm here to win. But yeah, we'll just have to see. So it was honestly moving past you. And I guess we'll find out tomorrow, the extent of her injuries whether she's able to carry on, if she's no, they've got big bucks of them. They see just three writers rattling around in that. Let's hope she's ok. Thankless situation. Suddenly doesn't look quite as bad this evening, does it because they're not the only team with very few writer. Absolutely. And one of the other stories of the polish writer, attract Sega Frago, who was off the front when we were watching the racist, I between the two K o M'S cwm sorry, and it was good to see somebody off the front every surprising to see writer from that team off the front. And she really persisted with it because he thought he don't presume he wants to other people, whether they didn't so she plugged away. And she was still offered front by a minute or so when fourteen seconds when the race was neutralize and she count on. She had a big day out, and you spoke to her the finish rose, because she was involved in that later crashes. Well picked up the competivity price for the day. But when she came to collect a price has had blood streaming down her leg, and as all said earlier, we didn't know about this second crash. So it was quite surprising to see her because obviously, she wouldn't have been affected by the first one being way out in the break. So really eventful Davor her she ended up finishing eleven minutes. Backs oversee. It was severely affecting the end, but yeah, his what she said about her big down. We saw you coming in with Grayson, your legs been from the first crash, what happened in the second crush. Yeah. That was another one really big Hosa prizes were involved. And also me. Yeah, it was just after the cash me. So I was on the Niimi then then. Yeah. We were trying to might it back because these was also there with me, but in the end, the she could make it and I didn't so. Yeah. Lucky for her she she was back. The group. And how was it on your silo break? It was a quite long day out front fee, wasn't it? Oh, wow. That was, so helping maybe someone gonna join me. But then, in the end the they did in so I will try to keep it going. And also, and they stop us when they did the first Chinese Asian after the crash, I spoke with enough to make decision. What we're gonna do. And yeah, she said the, it's good to try. So I was keeping going and how did you get to enjoy the crowds? That was some like I was really suffering during the front. But I was just making like from this point I had to get to another point where the people are standing there out, and then it's always getting like so much motivation for you. Hi, I'm Sarah story. I'm the kademi principle of this, go to cycling academy. The, the concourse just amazing truncated learn develop dry. We've got what bike sets up. We've got some Tebbe China's set up. And we're about to do testing day to select five applicants for the SCO to DS is cycling academy for twenty nineteen. So I've been aged, I actually started mountain biking race downhill for few years. And then I started an apprenticeship, and I saw about percents so could very likely and triathlons and then yeah, I've been married for a second year in now and I'm ready. Join from Wrexham in north fails down this morning star. I think at GD Elliott, one of the busted his as she shut it and read it. I'll give it go. I had no intention of coming in this fall. I'm ready to be here. It's been a real show system, but I've just come off six months, trade, influenza marathan. So did Linda Marston year and I've just started workman the cycling coach so. Per about a month now, so about steam sit and tested not so they can gauge I enjoyed being improve my fitness and haven't been able to do it before. But yeah, I've never done it. Twelve minutes husband that was quite. Thank you very much to SCO. And we heard a little bit more. They are from the school cycling, kademi David Lionel Bernie attended a few days ago where which is designed to find some, some new cycling talent. Give some opportunity, some women, and I believe some of them have been selected to join the internationales at the Twitter fronts. They're writing ahead of the Tertre fronts, and supported by Skoda. So they will go in. They will go and join them in France and seems to be a great success. Yeah. Interesting to hear some of the writers involved in that school, the cycling kademi and our school does doing very well. You both had a turn by the wheel. No. Mike. Police say that you do. Because they were discussing manual and automatic cars and too many causes are automated. And I really like a manual like the physical aspect of driving. So I really like and it's it's a lovely. Smoothie growing skiers grind actually, but I like to get Mahane I like to be hands on but day because otherwise you looking at me. Funny. Doesn't really really on. Sorry. Hope I can be quite get what's driving in automatic. Yeah. Lizzy all of those. Yeah. Emmanuel keeps you keeps you alike. Keeps you on it. So stay on it. The stage a second station for you'll door of bulls. Domains obviously, in great sprinting form. Some surprising names up there, though. I think Lisa Brenner second, obviously, a very strong writer, former winner of this race a very good time trials. I don't think of as a bunch sprinter, and she's often been in the service this year of Kirsten veal her team may W N T, and it just shows you what she's capable over the and she's a new leader overall Demi following out there is own third from park hotel, Valkenburg. She is claimer are ends. I expect to see her as as well. So amazing to see her in third. Roxanne Fernie, the movie star writer, the French writer movie star, one of two French writers, movie star, she's been there in the in the top placings every day, I think. Helpfully riding east finishing. Carla Sarah, ROY mentioned already fifth and Lizzy than containing heard good run in six. But I think you spoke, the stage, finish rose. It's or should I have been? Correct. Pronunciation say. Yolene dura. Okay, always do at the end. Do. And amazing to have. Yeah. Two stage wins in three stages for her, especially with the move to boast omens this year. And she seemed to be a bit slow of the Mark this season, but clearly she's coming to prime form. Exactly right time. How does it? Feel to get to statements. Yeah. It's amazing. I realized halfway stage was going to be a bunch of Brin than than our toll myself. Yeah. I have to finish it off again for the team for the goals, and they worked mazing amazing in the final again and I'm really happy. I can do it. And how did the last five hundred meters workout coming around the corner? Was that quite important positioning important? Yeah, I knew I had to be for position going into the last corner. And it was super narrow. I didn't expect it to be Dennard that narrow, but yeah, and then you could see the finish line from seven hundred meters to go so that was a bit tricky, and they started actually sprinting at three hundred fifty to go. So it was really long and was. A weird sprint but happy I could finish it off. And you see anymore between sees view, the fellow sprinters this race. I don't think so going to super hard, the next three days, but I hope we can pay back my teammates, and I can I can help them in. Yeah. One of the stages, you'll endure and. On the switch on moving into the overall lead. Lisa Brenner, and yeah, she's won the stage perforce such a great year loss. Here we go. Hi, five. But w n t she seems to refund her, her Mojo. I mean looking at the Carter Veira is interest on his last winter has even more style fully moved into second overall mainly through quite thing, bonuses, and intermediate sprints was dying in third. And but yeah, spoke to Lisa Brenner finished. She was she was helping pack her bike into the team car and before driving off to tell the bus it left already. So I grabbed a quick word with her at the finish is change. The race is well, maybe writers cop, and the crash a few a few injured. Yes. Yeah. Of course. I mean, it was a huge crash and I I hadn't realized because we were preparing for intermediate sprint on the other side of the road. So I saw crash happening, but I hadn't realized. How big of a crusher to us until the race got neutralize. And yeah. I mean it's really it's really bad. And, and I feel sorry for everyone who got injured today and. Yeah. Hope that most of them can continue three big days to come in looking forward to those. Yes. Of course. I mean tomorrow, a long day, and I think tomorrow's uphill finish as well. So tricky day for me and then we go towards the climbs. And yeah, I mean, I think I have to enjoy every day I can do you just do the. And so that's how I wanna start the stage tomorrow. And my, my teammates are happy. And I think they yeah, making big steps, and I'm really proud about how we racing here. Liking podcast femi- now is supported by science sport. Science bolt few why sites thank you very much to scientists four for supporting cycling podcast, Femina throughout the year and you can get twenty five percent off all your scientists for products. Of course, scientists sport. They'll come with the code rose, and Orla, maybe twenty five jomie. Towns takes me time, just take to sell his park and feel that loser. Ooh. Ooh. I'm very. And people food. And. I see. Five SIS's between see. Twenty-five CPA, twenty-five, SIS twenty four. Beautiful. Lisa brenner. We heard before the break there. All his voice said she was a former stage when she's a former winner of the women. I don't know why so looking ahead. So it has been a race of or is a race of two Hobbs. That's what we've been been told from the start. So we're halfway through the next three days ago. Summit finish tomorrow, I'm going to I'm going to record. I'm gonna ride the final thirty ks I think Tamara stage and then we've got a really hard day on Friday and then a tough day again on Saturday buck, the next three days, we've got to see a bit more action. I haven't really well, I really hope that we do, and with bounty, with a summit finish this is one that is plenty of climbers are really looking forward to this one, especially like, the more explosive climbers. I'm personally you mentioned before Demi Valerie. I think she will be we couldn't believe that she got podium today. I mean, not that I didn't think she was a strong writer to, to be so capable against so many sprinters is quite amazing. And so, I think she'll be definitely want. Watch, but then Cohen Rivera and team somewhere. But obviously playing very clever game with these they've been trying to collect these bonus sprint points with into media puts an is working because she is second. So I think that they may have it willing teams on what may have it will in control yet. Interesting with Jimmy vulnera- because, as you say you wouldn't necessarily expect you're up there, but I was trying to hurt DS yesterday, Bart fast, and he was saying that we were talking about cycling, generally really women's cycling and I was asking whether. Being Dutch of itself gives him a certain confidence among the pallets, even if they're not from a woman's world to a team like parkdale Valkenberg, and he said that it does because they knew that they can't beat the vast number that any given stage on any given day. And it just gives them not that confidence and volunteering could Welby darkhorse she's coming into this off a second place on the at the festival, Elsie yacob's fifteenth, the tippety orchard, as well as the brilliant results in the in the spring, context, so could be one to four and also because she as far as I knew some of the full team around her, but not everybody does not note, I would say also movie star might start to be a team that we need to be watching for because one of the few very strong teams at still has sex writers, so. Son to seem, I mean, forty MCI Scotland's for MCI I spoke to her the finish the today, and she was a bit scuffed up, but not her and they seem to get away. Luck is such an important part of stage racing. Lisa Brenner was saying that heart team were on the road. When the crash happened. So they avoided it and I think somewhere escape mainly unscathed. So, yeah. That could be that could be a factor. Mentioned Scott been badly affected as well. They're writers done CCC, obviously. They lost. Because you pass any of you would think would be one for tomorrow's stage. They are one of the teams who have been calling this race to house and waiting for sage four to to be able to kick off. So you would expect her to have a good showing tomorrow as well. I think are we going to hear from from Henley? Yeah. Spoke to this morning, and she's looking forward to the, the last three stages of this ratio thought today might be uneventful fortunately, not the case. But looking forward to the sages a hand has cash interview Duma fill cash, take categorized climbs at the start of today stage. How do you think that's going to affect the stage? For sure. Is going to be hard draft. Stor everyone wants to win the front, and everyone will be fighting fluorides. I do not believe that main action can happen, whether because there's still long ways to the finish line, although I do believe that everyone will feel some pain in the legs and that might affect is sprint but yeah, I expect having a bunch sprained and, of course, really hurt stages start tomorrow. And then we can see some little groups come to the finish line. Do you think the fact that it's a sense of t- half's, and we're waiting on stage four for the heart say just to start? Do you think that's why we haven't seen so many attacks and the races almost been July's extent? Yeah. And also, I feel like whether play the huge role because Spurs stage we had very nasty conditions. It was raining, and it was very cold. So I love riders were just numb be no muscles, were not working properly. And that's why you could not really see any actions. Yesterday. We will racing on the very short circuit so super difficult to get away because speed is very high and everything is very controls. So I would say that the Ephraim today on, we can see more actions and more things happening. So on pay per perhaps. If we didn't have the stages today could be a stage that might sit you an typical Lome loan attack. That's not gonna happen. Yeah. That's, that's actually once you once it's so hard to repeat it because everyone knows that you can do it that you're capable of writing like this. So for sure I miss having skin, the situations where I could really target and go for it because now I feel more control, and that's kind of like limit my wings. You know what stage are you in particular there and targeting? Tomorrow's for sure number four is the one that suits me an unrest, ROY Kirsh Duma interesting that she. She finds it more difficult now that she's a Martin lady. And when she because she tends to attack from the front, a lot doesn't shea. So, you know, she telegraphs and she just writes people offer wheel with, with, with shear strength and show have she will have opportunities as few days. I think one of us is going in the team car with Kanye strong on Friday. So hopefully that will be a an eventful day for them, but tomorrow's summit finish. It's not super hard, but it should be an interesting finish who's going to be in the green jersey tomorrow night, rose. Orla. Carnival. Bingo tomorrow. Lizzy dine, and Shays. Well, I'm going to say she said, on the moment, so and only four seconds back, which is really nothing. So hopefully see something from her tomorrow. I like that Richard. He's yours. Who's gonna be in the center said last night. Although there has. Question we own, so your question here is. Lot of say swith ring the other day with Ringo. Giggling at the same time. Jerry. I'm staring at the here. I'm staring juicy from studying GNC is no, no. There's not going to be an awful lot of. Change change tomorrow. I don't think I think Demi following a really good chiming. Obviously writing while fast finish Chris Madras writing well, but they're nineteen seconds, and I don't I you know, I think it's going to be one of these Lisa. Brennan are KARN Rivera Lizzy dyke. One of those. I mean, none of us. We're all guessing. Day when you get it, right. What are you? A room record myself saying several different names, eighty four different names. I'm gonna go for any of your Duma for the stage tomorrow. Though. I think I think she's going to light it up because she she's dole say, quite rightly. She cannot go in these long, solo tax anymore, but she still attacks from the front and a beautiful way. I mean look at gold and she just doesn't give up. I think if, if she's properly targeting tomorrow, which, hopefully, she is in hopefully it's not a case of still thinking of say five eight six, but if she's probably talking tomorrow, I love to see a proper Duma time becomes thrown to the final climate corn, Rivera's very good show. If no, I think a Longo bore gaining away in the last twenty kilometers, a so when the stage she was a good foil for her think she's in decent form. It's anybody's game. Isn't that anybody good to see a trick segregated writer on their time to the front more of please? Tomorrow. We're coming from Shakespeare country. Are which is very exciting for our spot the reference game or somebody else, I think we will do Shakespeare on last anyone else has got a better suggestion. Shakespeare super doesn't he job shaky. We did not shit. Can listen to turn things upside down. I think why. No, I mean, we can go for obscure references possibly. But if anyone's curse that famous writer touch syndrome, she was great. Patras shit. Hi, Corey lane actually. That's not do that. Don't do that one. Straying towards something quite low brow. If we do correlation this, okay. That's not gonna go low, bro. Okay. Thanks very much Orla. Thank you very much. Thank you, rose. You're listening to the startling podcast feminine. Brought to you by Skoda dedicated to closing the gender gap in cycling, one race one cyclist at a time. This is our time.

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