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Truth exposed episode two hundred sixty seven truth exposed a feature of quest for truth now located at Life Dash Truth Dot com here. Your hosts Keith. Held sleep and Nathan Caldwell Mrs your host Keith. And it's time again Is that how the mark I should say for the truth? Exposed this is the feature on our podcast where we dig into the Bible and we go through verse by verse or less and we look at some of the meetings behind what it's there. We're currently in the book of John. We're looking at John. Chapter six today. I'll be joined by my co host Nathan Caldwell and shares them home with his son and of course. Our usual favored a Bible teacher from the radio who has been deceased for decades now but his ministry lives on through the Bible ministry which is looking at ATP DOT ORG. Go check him out that's got for today and I calmly will from the he s and those and we're gonNA McGee tends towards the King James. We just trying to put them side by side. 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Subscribe to both today by searching for rap report on any PODCAST APP spelled R. P. P. report or click the podcast link at striving for eternity dot org looking at John Shepherd six versus one through fifteen is a classic passage about the miracle that every kid in church hunters cool probably knows the feeding of five thousand people. So let's see how it starts out here in verse one. After these things Jesus went over the Sea of Galilee which is the see of Tiberius. That's interesting reason. I said that's interesting. Is it makes me think of certain character on a certain audio drama but anyway back to where we're going after these things what things things that were recorded back here in the Fifth Chapter. These are the things that he had left. Jerusalem did come up. Pantley on the east side of the Jordan River crosses over the Galilee and he comes to the north section apparently and this took place. Oh about six months to a year after chapter five it was about one year. They four his crucifixion. By the way and the way that this date it is these fees that John mentioned so we read here. After these things Jesus went over the Sea of Galilee. Which is a CSI various? After this Jesus went away to the other side of the Sea of Galilee which is the see of Tiberius. The only thing I wanna comment with that is a galley in Tiberius course. Same Lake Same train feature There's also a third name Genera do you don't see that in John could do see it. I believe both in Matthew and Luke. In what are these differences? Why the different names well. Generic is the Hebrew name. Galilee is the Greek name in Tiberius. Is what the Romans called it in a Latin so just because the lake has always different names. You can see. It's a very multicultural. Place where Jesus Ministry is taking place. This is the most of his ministry took place versus two now. We read and a great multitude laws following him. You notice the change. Making in the tense of the verb Great multitude followed him because they saw his miracles which he did on them. That were diseased. Now this great multitude actually didn't believe in in in a saving way. They didn't trust them what they were interested in. They were interested in his miracles and they wanted to make him cheating that you're a member. Why because he was failing that Thomas and he won't become king of your tummy is the king. The Lord of our lives hearts and so as John said that the very beginning in chapter two he needed not that any should testify of nine for. He knew what was in mind and he didn't commit himself to that crowd back. Jerusalem and he's not even about the committee south of this crowd that as gathering around now because they see the miracles that he did in a large crowd was following him big because the saw the signs he was doing on the sick I don't have a lot of comment about that clearly. Crowds were following him He was doing a lot of signs. He was the very pinnacle of his popularity of his ministry. I would say verse three Jesus on the Mountain and there he sat down with his disciples. What I get for that versus. Simply he's just taking time to call his disciples apart to have a teaching moment in what why be? We'll we're about ready to find out. And Jesus went up into a mountain and there. He sat with US disabled. Now the place that's pointed out over that yes no mountain at all and actually in that land. Three thousand feet is just about as high as they go. But they're very rugged and I do not know whether the one might point out but it is very lovely spot and could well be the place where he had the five thousand. It's near Capriccio by the way verse. Four and now the Passover the feast of the Jews was at hand and the Passover taste of the Jews was not and this kind of anxious. The question back in verse two of word these crowds come from because in the previous chapter we find. Jesus teaching in the synagogue to a bunch of leaders. Anyone out but John isn't precise on what Jesus has done. Since we saw him earlier. Chapters chapter two. He was in Judea. He went back through. Samaria to Galle. He's been preaching for quite some time. The other gospel writers spend more time. John Lee big void here really if he asked me. But here's some more important things for we get too far along. Is this particular Miracle Describing all four of the gospels. So it's pretty important of all four riders. Talk about it the phrase after this like start to see. There's a big chunk. Oh Jesus Copernican ministry. Just John just glosses right over but what we do know is that time has passed it is once again time for Passover Passover feasts and festivities are approaching in one theory. Is that this crowd of people were on their way to the Passover fees but they had at least been around long enough or they at least heard enough about Jesus's ministry that they're like hey check him out so the best I can say is. When did this happen? I'M GONNA I'm just GonNa Guess 'cause I don't know but probably a year after what happens in chapter two so let's go on and look at Versus five and six when Jesus then lifted up his eyes he saw a great company come unto him. He sat under Philip. When shall we buy bread that these might eat now? Philip was the quiet one never had much to cite. An I laud was drawing him out at this particular time and you will find that Philip and Andrew seemed to gotten together we find Andrew in verse. Eight one of his disciples Andrew. Simon Peter's brother Seth Unday you see you Andrew Phillip. Evidently were quite active man very busy but they were not speakers. You don't hear either one of them and yet Andrews the one who brought Simon feeders Bradtha for the Lord. And you find that the Greeks game to Philip and Andrew and wanted to see Jesus. Philip got together with Andrew. Find out what to do and so we find them together here and he asked fellow. He says went. Shall we buy bread that these may eat now? A law and asking for advice mass ache to you. He never asks for advice. Have you ever noticed that about his ministry will? Why then did he ask Philip? This in verse five lifting up his eyes then and sing. The large crab was coming for him. Jesus said to fill up. Where are we to buy bread so these people may eat reverse six to? He said this to test him for he himself knew what he would do now. Jesus was fully aware of his people are marching towards him. These people who are coming at him and I bet you haven figured what they were one could do. But time we're all done with a down to Earth fifteen. But he offered the disciples a chance to make their own solution member. He called disciples to him why this is the teaching moment. He's he's asking them. Okay guys how would you handle this? And it also puts them in a place of responsibility. He's he's holding their feet to the fire with his crowd. What would you do of course it was the test? Jesus new situation. He knew how disciples might respond and he knew what kind of a thing he was willing to do. Shall we by Brad? That this may eat and this he said but proven for himself knew what he would do. He's just testing. Sell it and now take a break and listen to another great feature from Christian podcast community the good news is striving for eternity. Would love to come to your church. To spend two days with your folks each ing them Biblical Herman Unix. That's right the art and science of interpreting scripture. The bad news is somebody attending might be really upset to discover Jeremiah. Twenty nine eleven should not be there lifers to learn more go to striving for eternity dot org to host a Bible interpretation made easy seminar in your area versus seven. Philip answered him two hundred ten area. I would not buy enough bread for each of them to get a little. Jesus Ashville this but Jesus knew the plan already feel answer. Two hundred Pennyworth of bread is not sufficient for them that everyone may have little. He says we can buy enough. We can't buy bread for these guys the crumbs. Philip looked over that crowd. That was coming five thousand man. Besides women and children high estimated. Must've been fifteen thousand. That's a pretty good sized crowd and especially for that land and in that day and when Philip some common he's not thinking of a miracle at all he says two hundred. Pennyworth of bread is not sufficient for them that every one of them may take a little white says even if we had two hundred. Pennyworth OF BREAD NOW. Why did he lied upon that? Fixed Psalm. Two Hundred Dinara. What did he mean? By that well candidly. I think that's what they had in the treasure at that time. And Probably Juda said. Made a treasure's report that morning and that's all they hadn't looked the crowd and then thought or what they had in the treasures bag and he says why two hundred. Pennyworth of breads not sufficient for them. And so here. I large drawing Philip and he says live. We had. We've got here. We couldn't buying up bread the feed them. No two hundred a one there. I was considered one day's wage so he's saying two hundred days wages wouldn't buy a meal for five thousand people now. One denarius is equal to about sixteen to twenty percents. And any way you'd figure it be between thirty two and forty dollars and friends thirty two dollars. The forty dollars just wouldn't feed fifteen thousand people. It just wouldn't do it all to put this in a little bit of perspective this one dinar a common day's wage for common worker. Think of how much money minimum wage employee makes what what at least fifty bucks a day. Maybe eighty bucks a day. If Tomorrow Moon wages now ten bucks an hour I think j Vernon McGee references thirty or forty bucks a day that was back in the seventy s when he said that But the point is this you take your family out to dinner or is it cost if you have a family with off four or five or six might cost twenty or about twenty bucks thirty forty bucks right. That's this close to half of a day's wage so if you have a half a day's wage to feed a family and you have five thousand people and we know from commentators and other sources. That's the men doesn't count the Women. There's demographically speaking the same number owners about that. Many more kids could have been as many as fifteen thousand people in this crowd so it wouldn't be far off the mathematics to say two hundred days wages to buy food but it would be a meager meal. Blake. You know happy meal for kids may be happy with that but they adults may not be. Oh heavyweight at now. Another perspective is two hundred days wages about eight months. So that's quite a bit of salary. Outsource the other Gospel Writers Stylus that they advise the Lord Jesus and they said why don't you send the multitude away I logged said. Well we're not going to send them away. We're going to have them set down. We're going to feed them. And these men who elected themselves on the board of directors why they found themselves. Waiters serve in the crowd. And that's what they should have been doing all the time and by the way that leads me. Say this and I'm in a position to say now. The too many men today in the church that won't positions. They want to have an office and they won't be on the Board of directors. They like to tell a preacher. What the do they don't know for instance they don't have the information to begin with and the second thing is they don't have a spiritual discernment but yet they want to say that they don't realize they are the ones that ought to be out during the work of the ministry. They ought to be out witnessing for the law and they ought to be passing the bread by the way but they generally not verse nine verse. Eight and one of his disciples. Andrew Simon. Peter's brother said to him one of his disciples. Andrew Simon Peter's brother said she felt an Andrew dice together in verse nine. There is a boy here who has five Barbie lows and to fish but water they for so many. There's a lad here which has barlow's in two small fish but put her they among so many will first of all the child was willing to give all he had to God he had. Jesus who is God So you have a child a little kid and I don't know how old he was. I don't know if he was true. Eight or if he was A teenager I don't know how old he was but he had five loaves of bread and two fish delivery. She said I don't know how they were. Yeah you might hear true in the background. I'm kind of telling the story to him since he might be coming over here. You might get to hear his voice but Think about we have what we have and are we willing to give everything. We have to God how much you know. Sometimes we think what have I don't want to give away you know and and I'm not necessarily talking about money. I realize we have needs now. I do believe in giving to I believe the Lord blesses a cheerful giver. But sometimes it's talents and I know there's people out there going. I don't know I can't do anything. I don't know what I can do but God in God loves to make much out of little and and Andrew had been around through the crowd and he'd been making a survey this matter making surveys is important. I guess the only thing is that never is very helpful. You See Andrew Phillip. Where together and Philip says. Well what we've gotten the treasure won't feed him. Andrew says them all I found one and went through. The crowd was a little lad that had five Barlow's and too small fish. Now the five Barlow's are not barlow's of Ms Weber's bread. It's not a great big loaf of bread. That will like hamburger buns. Just put the fish with and the whole point. Was that this man Andrew. That's all he could come up with but the had the just sink right back down to hopelessness spy. But he says water vite among so many. Now think about this some things we see Andrew. We don't know a lot about either Andrew or fill up a lot of speaking parts as it were but every time we see Andrew he's always bringing somebody to Christ and here he He hasn't searched the money bins. He has searched people. He hasn't searched resources of finances but he's found a scrap of a resource with a kid. Who has a little bit of food but he still has to admit this. Meager lunch isn't GONNA be enough. Spas Bilo Commentary. They may comment barley loaves. This is the lowest kind of bread. It's very cheap is not the most flavorful in the fish may have been little tiny pickled fish is gonNa have to defer to them on that. I don't know but barley you don't really see Barlow's at least I have never seen it too much bud. If you've ever eaten soup new put saltines in it. Guess what kind of flower makes those saltines? That's barley flour so imagine the saltines without assault. There is your barley loaf now. They probably weren't that crispy barley moving on verse ten. Jesus said make the men's that down there was much grass on the men sat down and number about five thousand and I would call your attention to that five thousand man plus women and children and I think you could put a woman and one child with each man and we'd come up with a reasonable estimate and what you have there would be about fifteen thousand now the Lord Jesus is going to feed. The crowd is going to feed this multitude. And Jerry is something that is I think interesting now to know you have fifteen thousand people not Salah ability anytime if you've got to feed them and the only assets that you have our five loaves two fishes and also the two hundred Dinara between thirty two and four dollars. Now that's the only asset you have and liabilities of fifteen thousand people to feed now say friends. Many a committee would've handed him the report and said there's nothing we can do about it and again the committee's someone has called a committee. A group of people who individually can do nothing but together they can decide nothin. Convicted on. Our Committee is a group of people who take down minutes and waste hours. And so the committee's report. We have thirty two to forty dollars. We have five loaves and two fishes while we got fifteen thousand people to feed and we're not any farther along but you see what you need in this equation and here is what I call it. The Mathematics of America. You need Jesus and when you have him here if you have the five lows plus two fishes plus Jesus you've got something friends and without him why you don't have anything at all. The Jesus said the people sit down now. There was much grass on a place so demand sat down about five thousand in number. Sit Down all right. This is what Jesus said and I'm reminded of his first miracle. Remember that turning water into wine. Why did his mother say whatever he says? Do IT SOARS? Jesus tell his disciples go get more money. Go get more bit. Go find food no heat. No he said have him sit down and so they sat down. That's all there is to it. Really find the Javor McGee's comets on the tribal groupings fascinating. So we'll let him talk about that in the spas commentary makes a comment that having the crowd. Sit would have been Crowd control so they wouldn't continue to rush him. Civility could manage them well because dispersing that much food is definitely a daunting task I don't know if you've ever been to a Promise keepers or similar type of thing or they have sometimes a stadium full of people and they feed everybody within a relatively short period time. Maybe thirty minutes forty five minutes. Everybody then the reason is is they have broken out into stations and they have groups feeding smog retreating audrey groups about Jesus does Su is very organized each disciple how he took say one other will say twelve tribes so the represented in within the time very organized and very controlled Everybody was fed. Jesus said Mike the man set down and then they sat down and someone has called attention to this mark. Emphasizes this part of it. They sat down and companies. We're told and that is each a group of people that come from a certain section more aerob- a certain color and they all sat down together. Everything I law did was done decently and in order and each little group was color and on the background was green. Have you ever seen an old fashioned quilt? I'm the opinion if you could have been on the hill on the other side from where these people were sitting down. You've seen something quite beautiful by the way it had been very orderly because I lord was doing moving on verse eleven Jesus then took the loaves and when he had given thanks. He distributed to those who were seated. I may paraphrase a little bit so also the fish as much as they wanted. Jesus took the loaves. And when he had given things he distributed to the disciples and the disciples to them that were set down and likewise of the fishes as much as they would. Now I read that kind of but what Jesus did as I'm hugging my boy. What Jesus did was Jesus took five loaves and two fishes and he said five thousand people in some people who are smarter than me say actually that was just counting them in there may have been more people there Isn't that something? We've here's the basic steps. He took loaves gave. Thanks distributed simple. There's no fanfare not a lot of production. It just took him lest pass them out and he did the same. With a fish of course and a horse with the disciples doing distributing Jesus stood there infinitely just about multiplied and the crowd had as much as they wanted. Remember earlier if the disciples were did it and had they had the resources of eight months salary they could only feed people a little. But a here. They have as much as they want to do. As a buffet. Line as SMORGASBORD as it were and now let's take a break and listen to another great feature from Christian podcast community. What's up everyone? 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We're told that when they were all failed when they were filled he said into his disciples gathered up the fragments that remain that nothing be lost and when they had eaten their fill he told his disciples gather up the leftover fragments. So nothing may be live now. The only thing I had to say is this. The crowd was full. There was no longer. There was no Could use extra helping. Everyone had enough and verse thirteen. They gathered him up until twelve baskets with fragments from the five barley loaves left by those who had eaten therefore they gathered them together and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves which remained over and above unto them. That had eaten the disciples reverse distribution process and they gathered. Now why did they gather well? the thing that was mixed me curious is so that may be lost. What did you just plan on doing with it? Nebi? Maybe last. I think the importance of accountability but they were told to gather. And what did they do? Those twelve baskets filled the now. I don't know but I would guess that they were Bushel. Baskets doesn't give a measure it says large baskets is kind of baskets that they would haul large amount of fish out of a fishing boat. And it's kind of a basket that they might carry large bookie Heavy objects and it's just a large basket you know in fact it's whatever else. Were an axe peter. Not Peter Paul is had to escape and they him over the wall a large basket so it might even begin to hold a person who's how big is baskets were now I notice it said baskets of lows. It didn't mention fish at least not in John's Gospel. And it makes sense because fish wouldn't keep her law but Hairless like what? Mcgee has to see on these loaves and fish now. This is very important to see. I went to a liberal college. I never shall forget how they professor explain this Miracle Away. What he said. Laws that the disciples ahead of time had gathered together these loaves and fishes and stored them up in a cave and that the large Jesus just backed up that shave and then the disciples sorta slept them out under his arm of a flowing robe and it was sorta like Hocus pocus accurate the DABIRA and he passed out to see the only thing. That's wrong with that explanation is it just won't work. I sold a thing in the world wrong with it and you'd have to have more faith to believe that than to believe it just like it is my friend. May I say to you to begin with? We're in a world. Would you find a bakery in that area? That could cook up that many lows. And we're in the world. Would you get that manufact- from this particular occasion at this time and we have no record that Andrew and Peter Session? This is utterly preposterous and ridiculous. As you can see explanation is that America is performed here and when you put Jesus in this and add him to the side of the assets while you have more than enough and that you have twelve baskets of fragments and that doesn't mean they were scraps. I used to think that a follow a bite on a sandwich needs say beggar winning you put that down the Vietnam reach over. Get the new sandwich and that the fragments where these that had just been leftover that has been partially. That's not true that means that there were twelve baskets of sandwiches. That wasn't even touched. My brand and you know what that means. That means that crowd got all they wanted to eat and people in that land and in that day went hungry. There were many people in the crowd that day that for the first time in their lives had their Thomas failed. You see one the large Jesus does it. He does a good job of it. Verse Fourteen when the people saw the sign that he had done. They said this is indeed the Prophet who is to come into the world now as often as Jesus did signs the Pharisees refused to acknowledge him. These people earlier remembered the opening verses they came to see Jesus Cozier. They saw heard about the signs here. They specifically say we've seen the sign and Shirley this is the prophet. They recognize him for who he is so whether they connected him as Messiah they at least connected him as being the profit Sponsors Commentary. They make mention detonate. Maybe they connected. Jesus feeding a multitude with Moses Feeding Multitudes And and motorcyle of course predicted that there will be a profit would come to would do the same things. Science heated so that this may be undermines while they were connecting this now. Will you notice verse fourteen than those men when they had seen the miracle? Jesus did sad. This is other truth profit. That should come into the world. You say that following him because he's America works fairly verse. Fifteen perceiving then that they were about to come and take him by force to make him king. Jesus withdrew again to the mountain by himself when Jesus therefore perceived that they would come and take him by force to make him a king he departed again into the mountain himself alone and I think to get through that crowd again. You have a miracle in fact. I'm almost sure that you'd have to have a miracle for him to get free from the crowd and the reason that he got free from them they wanted to make him a chain. Well someone says isn't the chain. Yes the comments again. Yes but that's not the route he's coming to kingship no here the fact that they're wanting to make him king a clearly. They understand that they're wanting him to be a messiah that they want him to rule over them in a physical kingdom. They're not connecting his spiritual mission at all and again a opening verses are so Jesus knew what he was undo when he asked Philip and Andrew. Those opening questions and opening statements. I think Jesus also knew this crowd would do so. I don't think it was a big surprise He knew this wasn't a way is GonNa step as and so he withdrew. His commentary has a note that says that the desire to make him. A king marks the height of his ministry and popularity in the although he knew it was not as time yet also. It wasn't on his terms. Of course he was here to set up a spiritual kingdom to meet spiritual needs not a physical kingdom where there's no Heartfelt obedience behind it friends. It's not a full stomach. It is an obedient heart. And those are the ones he'll rule over. Now they're going to have a flows down. I tell you that won't nothing. But that's not the route that he comes to kingship. Well that's when I have just wrapped us up to summarize by saying that when it comes to huge overwhelming needs. Jesus doesn't need income or finances or wealth or any kind of material resource. He has it all with in his own self to provide for that and whenever he asks us as believers his disciples to provide. We aren't necessarily asked as to go onto Internet marketing. Mood and Yummy people can get into our fan base or whatever all were told to do is distribute it and take it back so here. I am distributing in hopefully I ask is a little bit of feedback. Let me know how much On taking back up it would just be an occurred to me personally everyday ministry podcast James Wylie Salad Kirk. Daniel check out our fully that every first and third Monday of every month in our short ministers minute episodes released every second and fourth Monday of the month. What is what is apologetic. They fry found. This important. Should be important the everyday ministry podcast where every day ministers gives together to discuss every day right. And that's all we got today over that was meaningful to you and he found it useful so I really don't have off. 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