156: Booksmart movie, Liam Gallagher biopic, Divine Comedy


At farmers insurance. We know every windshield collision has unique sound beetle Burt boop. Drone seen it covered. Click for more we are RBIs underwritten by farmer's truck fire insurance exchange center affiliates products unavailable in every state. Hello, welcome back to big mouth, while we holler over pop culture and drought everything, like a giant Chinook helicopter keeping awake at night. You may close the show. I'm Andrew Harrison, and as ever, I'm joined by Sean patent and the majesty the Queen to my grumbling, Jared Kushner Halley, Sean. How are you? Thanks very much. If Princess Margaret wasn't dead. I'd like to be Princess, Maha with a fact in Walheim, Jimmy. What do you think topical topical? What do you think of this bomb kill dron being banned from Boston rebound on gold kill Dory, skillman? And that was the point of. Guston brey. Renegades get together. What is it binding? Bandings glastonbury. Well, it was supposed to play the very, very prominent Shangri hell international TV stage, which if I know Mike, Lester breed will be a small amount of cans, nothing so may have been oversold this one thing. However, they've got marvelous publicity from haven't they can go on to sell out, Wembley. They certainly Laurie ska fats kilter with kilter available in Willie's, buckled under the pressure of the right wing media. It must be terrified of a to always buy an ice soul sleep at mouths infamous, kill Boris Johnson. Bans leave at months with the then Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers accustomed break. And she didn't go onto mode of Boris Johnson, and she's a good reason to well, absolutely free speech for a ham. They would go is the lesson here that no doubt this alert. If anything, it's pop music, it's meant to be about something that you may approve disapprove over. I mean come on kids, you know, the copycat stuff on kids. We know we know the kids listening to big mouth. We have got two guests. Office do he's the bass player to the stars with the seavy that includes Pink Floyd. Roxy music Bowie, Madonna Jacko, and even very briefly the Smiths, which is pretty incredible. He's a rock and roll raconteur of the first order notorious for his one month's comedy show, and extremely funny book, my base and other animals. And he's just come off tour with Nick Mason's Saucerful of secrets where he plays the Floyd's early stuff difficult with actual drummer Mason, and Gary Kemp of verse Spandau ballet on vocal chores, Gary Kemp. How does that work? I Pratt it works. Looks amazing. The guy's pretty much my best friend. We've worked together for years. She written two musicals together because the funny thing is. Nathe guaranteed. Both both basically just a pair of western Wendy's. About what an guys been getting really annoyed because people keep saying, oh, Michael, Joe? So good at this, and he's getting ready to lead of people said, well, what was I before? The other thing that people don't bury mind is that they took pink Floyd's pound up ally. It's not that big a jump, because they're both like all British music movements start with a band in a club in London in nineteen sixty seven it was pink Florida. The UFO club in nineteen seventy nine it was spent about the bliss. And Gary said there was a lawful. Lot of people who, who came to the bits, who, who roll UFO heads. So it's it was still part that part of the same culture, essentially, and, but Gary is a massive Brockett as well, massive protest. Yeah. That that's what actually find more shocking than anything is his obstinately, encyclopedic knowledge of prog rock. So does he bring him vinyls that you've never seen before what doesn't know, but he knows people when we played in Cardiff he had oh, he, he played them. What's his name? Mickey Jones from man's s g guitar which was brought in by his son. It's you know, he's so in on all this to the kilted holds at the blitz. I'm Gary Kemp to do a good impression where Syd Barrett. It's both of a singing. Off the singing. And so we kinda he's. No. We don't. I mean, the thing is that Gary is gonna slightly natural minis in London is, as I base a slightly natural Bowie leaning for the sit Barra stuff works fantastically. I mean we do think childhood's end which he sings amazingly, well, it must be said he has always thought I'd be the more natural one for Gilmore vocals, and he'd be natural for the others, but it doesn't actually work like that. It's all. But not. But he's also, you know, he's absolutely kind of primarily showman. It's so yeah. No, it couldn't what I wish I hadn't missed it again. We'll be playing again wonderful. Nick Mason's, weast, play smaller gigs, where you can actually see the crowd all enormous of. Lot of it is the hope I mean, it's a I mean, the idea of it's like, right. Which is played nearly stuff which no place. I mean within twenty miles of here, there's going to be twenty bands tonight. Playing dog side of the moon stuff in the hallway. Where the thing with this is like I've played in every possible incarnation apart from Russia. We'll I did she play with Roggio. Once though he doesn't know it. And but no one does he early stuff don't touch. And this is the one thing that Nick really, really owns this old dramas an all of next specially from the earlier because he played in a way that no one else did. What's great is. I mean, I've never played this stuff before was only three songs I've ever played before in the set. So, and it's, it's like rediscovering this pop this pop group that was the knob of before became so, weighty and serious informed. I switched off. Early stuff. It is like it's like an and that's the whole point. That's why we play theaters and everything because it's, it's you know, because it's, it's like the reuniting of Pink Floyd. If you will very nice thing to sits a better than one. Also joining us this week is a journalistic mainstay of Mojo magazine on Rolling Stone, a form of music sort of time out, New York out of woman who was into everybody's Casey Perry to Chevy Chase, she'll so teaches yoga and things folk music in half. Looting collective Springfield. It's a hell of a town returning to the show. Sophie, Harris also how you doing? Really? Well, how is the in these days? How is the youngest seen these well depends where you go if your yoga you know you can get you. You're kinda Jim bunnies hot yoga. You can get you spiritual vibes. Yoga is the research on the couch to compensate, mitigate yoga. Absolutely. I mean, there's restorative yoga, which is kind of lying down propped up with cushions. Maybe little bit Ray. He ricky. What brushing a feather gently across your okay to remember, all of it was invented by of Paltrow. Doing yoga Morrissey. Can you west people? My god. Well, actually, I was a lovely retreat center, a few years ago in New Jersey, and we would I think one of the new KANU records are just dropped and I had a long conversation with one of my yoga teachers about, you know, we should really start a retreat center for troubled bring him here. Look after them. That's move a bit. Let's be out in nature for its good record. Recold. It'll never fly. The ones who actually do yoga, rather, the ones who make sure that folks got for the lead of yoga still getting in and out of a car, that'll be the ones, you're expected, Moby, Madonna and sting in Britain space, but how marine five on for marine. Have you seen face yoga? I mean Feis yoga's just thank the you base. It face exercises. Right. I sort of think about. It looked like what I was doing in the ninety s. Hence you lovely bones trucks today. I'm has chiseled. That's enough yoga Sean funny. You should ask this week. We'll be looking at the must see indie movie of the moment, Olivia Wilde books mart. It tells a story of best friends and straight, students Molly, and Amy who realized the end of their high school career they've wasted all the time. They should have spent getting wasted like no kids. And they have one night to put it right? What do we think of it an commodity size movies changed the game in Hollywood? And in sharp contrast. There's the new Liam Gallagher fly on the wall documentary charting, his downs, as well as ups since the demise of ISIS, where does it sit on the spinal tap scale under, we need to bewail of intimate, documentaries, that are actually put together by artists record companies plus will be rationalizing, our paper borders and strategizing of supply going forward with office politics. The new album from divine comedy, all this after quick reminder from Andrew, are you biking big math on pitching yet because you really should think about it. 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Than book smart is the director Oriel debut of Libya wild of house, and rush fame. It takes a load of troops from high school graduation movies and gives them a very modern and very ridiculous spin. And it sounds a bit like this warning slightly sweaty. So maybe headphones. So this bit. Good morning winner. Take a deep breath these allies, the mountain of your success and look down at everyone who's ever. Doubted you fuck those losers. Fuck them in their stupid fucking faces. Are we going to go to school or? Isn't it? Crazy. School. Talk to her really cute smile, Amy girls are going to be up here for Jonah next year. Every time I come to busy you gonna be. Girls dude during his not a thing, don't. Get into tried it. The last day through high school year budget. Graduate off to college to do. I can't hear you can't soundproof glass. Party. What nobody knows that we are fun didn't hardy because we wanted to focus on stool dead into good colleges, and it worked responsible, people partied also got into those colleges. I'm incredible at hand jobs, but I also got a fifteen sixty on the eighteenth. Any rule name one person whose life was so much better. Because the rope couple rules also broke art rules apart. Anthony damn it. Don't say we're having a date night. It's funnier. Parents think we're going to have is fashion show each other how much we care about each other. I don't need to know all the words. Prepared to get bashed Infoway consensually, so Harris teenage guild this relates the within, you know, wasn't quite sure at first because what makes it good. And interesting is the girls are interesting. And you figure out who they are. And what they're going to be in the first opening moments, the other thing that I thought, oh, is this going to work? Is that it's so of its time, so technologically like the kind of social media interfaces and stuff? It's like ooh is this going to date badly because it's so so much of its time. And also. It's. It. Can we relate Artnews years to these teenagers, because it's so different because of social media that kind of thing, but you can because they are real. And they are fully fleshed characters. And the plot line is is interesting in the gags are good. What actually weirdly? It is. An odyssey isn't it that we begin in the morning, girls thing they have nailed it. They've conquered the thing that is going to go to Yale. They haven't wasted Harvard wasted. That's time like doing upon the bomb gets all of the the patriots. And then they discover all this babe in boneheads, actually are also going to haul crushed that we wasted alive. We must have one night. I'm the one. My journey takes them on a kind of a slice of society. You say, you know, the, the rich kid really wants to buy friends, and he's failing to do that. You see the lose the idiots the jokes. It's quite well, money dairy Romerike. It's to Bill. That's the other thing, this is interesting is like the idea of being. Teenage in, in LA, and I remember going to actually interview Katy Perry, the beginning of her fame when she was still drafted into vans tool, and they doing the vans warped tools in Cox, basically. And you know, if you like a punk door in a car park in Croydon, or whatever you can imagine what it would be here. But there it's these beautiful town kids, and the sunsetting and everything, some really romantic, even though your centrally in a car park. And so to that, extent that their teenage years are different on teenage years are going to be, but as you say, the older sees recognizable. Their friendship is so recognizable. So, for instance, they have a code word, which I'm not going to give away. But that's rocking Cody. Which means you now have to do. I'm asking you to do. You're only going to have one short every year at this code word. But then we have to be agreed and the code is so puff. Yes. So that would have been that be code. And that's the kind of like ridiculous thing that you do with your best friends is have some kind of own running jokes like that. So I love that. I also love that you're never quite sure where it was going to go. And it never it never fell at the first fence of resolving something like, oh, look this person gets this girl or guy, you know. Oh oh, isn't friendship. Grand like it keeps you working to see where their friendship actually is gonna go my one. No. It's really reservation. But there's a sense of. Hey, don't work too hard. It's good to go out partying. And actually, when I look back at being fifteen also remember where to make Tom Tom Jones, actually. And. Come out this weekend, and he's not. No. Actually, I'm going to going to revise GPS's, and I remember thing and he was quite cool. And I remember thinking, oh, that's an option. Is it, you can be cool? Undo work really, because we were always out all the time. And, and. Google. There's a slight glorification of let's. How, how badly suited volley labial to let's get wasted. Trying to inhabits kind of file show you also stuff. Did you relate to this in a major way? Oh, dear. That's making me sound like a real. Yes. They got release it in jumpsuit, some berries things on necessarily flanked up in the film, that is wonderful. When you see that's their idea of what the going only later to, they change into sequences. This was like, really? I thought it was really good. It doesn't fly what other films would do one of the main characters lesbian. She's been out for two years, but she's not kissed anyone on the things like that. And it's just part of the thing is a buddy movie. It's about friendship and with to see whether their French loss, this blowout wants a little bit cinematic is they have a blow out before the graduation ceremony. They had the evening afterwards all hung over with hearts on God. That was a really good night and it's the final doesn't you mentioned the fact Amy is lesbian. An I really liked the fact that no point, does the story go, and it's a very serious time in life. And we really need to have very special movie where we discuss this. Exactly. Lacked, the special one of the characters character one of the one of the characters in the film. It's accepted as part of the world, and they just move on now guy half of middle aged white guys, like me. Yes. Well, I was a teenage ago. I loved it. There's all this stuff to, as contemporary society lot stuff. I already lights and a lot of the guy good in the really, really good. But it this is where I get speak. Grumpy old man is just this thing with coming of American invasion of Germany. It's just the privilege everyone's going to have everyone's the poll guy, but no friend who's got a yacht and the abomb cater. I mean. Ferris bueller. It's kind of it's. Surely should be more for kids to relate to this, you know, incredibly more polarized world. But I think that actually that is the American way of looking at things this Oprah's also about people with corner shops miserable, because Americans love to see rich people being unhappy. A big marriage in American. I actually she went see book small separate from eight absolutely loved that wasn't really. So, so in this kind of really reliable, and we've talked about this a lot. She's why soap so bloody miserable while also shutting kind of dark colors and everybody's gonna have his breakdown. Well, America's absolutely like is huge success with cut of Riviera stroke dynasty style. India it's, it's fantasy old Americans believe themselves to be set way from being a millionaire. Steinbeck's thing, isn't it? The only reason that socialism never to in America's because all the poor people. The apprentice, they don't seem cells, as as a as an exploited prototype. But as temporarily embarrassed million. Late round and well off people speak machen pretends to be poll. Also moments of self awareness along the lines of, you know, we have one of protagonist who's off to do gap. You got helping women make their own temples, and it's like on a couple of other things. I love one the underwear they wear normal underwear. And they're all like hot teenage girls with massive knockers appreciate that the other thing. Yes, funny bit worth waiting at the end of the credits because I'm gay to stay for the whole a like the end credits go up and people mock me and say, what is going to be bloop is at the end. Might might be a cool thing at the end. And there is a strong impression that is far moguls don't think against the wall could get his this film that she was able to it just felt like some it's often people's debut movies are kind of tentative, let Daniel albums often the debut movie or is everything they've ever wanted to do in their entire life Crandon fantasy sequences some things that set in film, because rather rather gauche kind of overuse of techniques things. Too many angled shots, and too many strange frames. I don't care about that. I just swept away on the kind of reviewer excitement with making this film, that's old nothing soundcheck grant. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Now it's a few Mona's it, unfortunately, it hasn't done particularly well in America particularly, well, this, a few Mona's glows, particularly on the political rights of gloated over the idea that this film women lesbians by this. Bloody woman hasn't done very well. How isn't that great? And I just up for kickoff. Anybody seeing this film? Yukon get fund some joy in it as got some kind of a problem with their own outlook on life. But the idea that you would take you would gloat over film, like this not immediately mush in the box office. Seems to say quite a lot. It's only a couple of people turn of Twitter. That's what I would say. Those are just whispers in that will end. I think it will more. Yes. Russian that wall of mobocracy sometimes then give it's them because it's going to go, DVD streaming word of mouth, all sorts of things. I think it might have its own impetus. Also, why does a film have to succeed in capital? Let, yes that's an American thing. Why does it have? To break all books office records concert declining. Well, people go onto it's got an amazing cost, and I think there are three I rely can be who's Molly. Yeah. Cutting the entire services, amazing and is the cool girl who, then we see another side of her just, it's the springboard for a lot of things to happen. And that's quite exciting to see, I mean without giving away any zoom reveals very few of these characters turnouts, cliche, we'd expect from John Hughes, literally everybody has an decide. Really, not of non spur for this. And I think that shows and I think it's fresh. This is my favorite movie of the year when avengers film out, so. So we heartily recommend, I think people out there go and sit quickly while you count cinemas go and then go again, I think cranky praise again enjoy recoding goes now. Right now. Listen to pick mouth. Moving them. We always ask us to bring in a tune for you. The listener this is that recommendation guy print, what have you got a cough? Born in winter by crowing been which, which is a Thai greeting congress. What is and they're bad his to peace f- in the middle of nowhere in Texas. And they're just Britain something I've kind of pre she ate them. More in the way, I'd appreciate sort of dob or classical music in the it's not really track specific. They're just wonderful thing to have on. I love what they do. I just love the whole thing is a lot of Asian influence, and of Latin stuff have radio station, which placements most fantastic elected, Bitta music, and this that one of this girl bass player moves in a way, which is extraordinarily if I could do that. I think it's a big reach that sort of life would be very reliving looking guy. That. Currently all tied department say word for flying engine airplane. Someone said it was a greeting. But. Who lives in Thailand, and he said it was something quite weird. It was it was like combine roles. Agricultural machine. Combined. Albatross, going on a lot of a lot of albatross Petri. Yes. Definitely. It Krung been or airplane or combine harvester a cough. Born in winter. Neil Hannon is the divine comedy on an Aeneas thirty career is don't back, Iraq-style reminds fix fatalistic pictures of the modern world produced by knowledgeable Goto, director, lulls comic pop up as political concept, Dobbins crickets, and my lovely horse Eurovision entry on father, his twelve album office. Politics goes into new territory, the waste onto the modern workplace retail parks suburbia on Friday night on TV. What are we going to make of it? His taste attract this Norman and Norma. Got married. Nineteen eighty three. Flu. The divine comedy guy aware or follower of the divine comedy. I'm gonna wear for a long time, and he's very clever Brian, it's an love it. Very witty, right? Davis school of looking at stuff, I thirty enjoyed this album, but some again, this wide brothers and stuff like crying, but not really like having to pay. This once I'm gonna music journalist. Turn off to the thing I went to last night. So have about a minute. But yeah, it's pretty. He's one of those things, he's like cricket love everything about cricket. I love is there and I love the Evan loves that now as long as they keep loving. I just don't really have any interest in it myself. I think the divine comedy, a great, he's incredibly talented. I love got all sorts of classics knowledge and stuff and. Long may he do his thing, but I'm not necessarily gonna listen to kind of coal pollution no count and backpack. Indie Polly, very strong on humor, which isn't everyone I really like it. I like I like witty songs and songs. But the only problem is. It's like with Hugh human anything. Is that once you've heard a joke? You've heard the joke. Yeah. But then. There's this is why this is why you always cut out the dialogue on live albums. It's an incredibly very reconcile truck. Sounds like prince working at Wenham paper sales. The overarching themes as a frustrated lies and small wells. And Phil wanted love affairs. And it's kind of prism of performance of the world is human resources. So what did you think of kind of guy on this one, actually, I mean, one thing that struck me as well. I think there's like a fairly rich mini seem of office based records and song, say have like step into my office baby balance about power lunch by Gossett, and I, I kind of want a compilation tape of office base office wrongs. Yeah. Exactly. But along with that, when you get your, your kind of are the proletariat kind of songs, sometimes I feel funny about pop star singing about modern life in these little people could Norman normal. I'm not sure about that those some cracking moments on, like the single queue-jump yet is great. And I like it when he goes a bit glam and Stompie and all the tunes, I'm always a little bit, where even double album is sixteen trucks on this, and I it's, it's too long for me, like for, for an hour to really, really be to merit being double. It has to be extraordinary, and exceptional and I found this a little bit sprawling. And it didn't kind of hold by attention. But also really think that don't accommodate one of those bonds that people. Of them, the not that interested, which is which is more me and not so much statement of whether or not, he's good because he's brilliant songwriter, does what he does really well, just not really thing experiment, when radio did okay computer, and it was all about life in an office, cubicle, and the awful musical genius because add no humorous vein rolling through it. Whereas to me this. Okay. The very, very, very different by different kind of states and so forth for me there's a warmth and humor in this and I kind of satirical side, both makes it more listenable book kind of rubs of the serious. Art statement aspects one requires to kind of get in the end of year list. Out. I actually have a new that about okay computer what kind of lewd like already. Recluse about. Maybe that's the key. Illusion way. That's the hope that will rising and purchase. The whole thing is being able to paint your own pain, your own canvas to extent. Do you think I expected to really really hate it because I thought this is another team record. And I've heard Neil Hannon's not stuff, McQuay stuff. That's not, not pleased us. Don't do jokes. Please. I liked it. I thought I would there is an amazing lines in it. But again, we've got I've decided he's the Allen eight born of pump. It's this little middle England World, some pyre isn't it says signed many sports overseeing. Work has. Minions, whatever and do what they like with them. Which is a very old trope. We talked troops in this show. Yeah. Yeah. Yes, was typing pool and photocopier and things. That's the office. Sixties. Yes. This wonderful line though, we'll say, because it just made me laugh outline out in the street walking down, and it's about. It's about an office party. Of course, it is live for now, bugger the future thus speak. Zara Brewster put the snaps on Facebook page in following day, and it made me laugh. So in that sense, it's very, very witty. But this too much, but stablization filing, and then you get quite, a gorgeous love story, and then it goes in sleepers, and finding again, the some sense of some counterculture since. Somehow resurrect, John, and that Kennedy. The, the clapping will be very software. There are some great lines in. See that PowerPoint presentation, whether of with bafflement tickled me, and I like the fact that, you know, he can take a line like you'll never work in this town, again, which is just a throwaway comedy line familiar with actually makes it about industry, Chan and people losing individual intolerance, going a man play places alongside a call. It's so they could Tony Christie from nineteen sixty five glass code synthesizer service center super summer sale. Yes, managed to say that. I think is about him having a nervous breakdown, and where we will go Go's old synthesizers when we break down. It's the service center can be restored. And I enjoy that because it became very experimental infernal machines is quite experimental. That's the bit. I liked is that then popping up and down and doing puns actually you could stop hoping. Maybe it's the world of office misery, it's sort of rediscovering bed a little through, what is it a medical battle? Rich. And then there's the electric this sort of world Elettronica up, particularly, like the fact that the size of service into super sale, does it has its scams. It's. Because he's gonna musician Lee air heels very, very odd June Philip and stays removal company Doug that. This is a this is a great thing and repetitive. And then at the end is becomes this kind of barrel? Vocal run. And he has this day, Philip glass, and Steve Reich, you're gonna stall finish removal of what would there? Fused? I really liked that. But I also find I find that the kind of the poignancy, and the yen for the past infernal machines starts off sounding like a nineteen fifty five news broadcast with a kind of fanfare for the news and then plunges into this kind of roiling glam rock about how the amazing inside machines, destroyed everything, but I still quite persuasive alongside the oddness in the humor and the strangeness as far as we know he's never really had an office job. Yes. I was wondering that. I was went about because I've never worked in an office that was that was Springsteen says, in his show that like he you know, he wrote bones around, but he actually does five minutes from where he grew up always talked about working nine to five he's actually never had a nine to five job. So all the people who actually tell us these stories, all people don't tend to not know anything about Bruce Springsteen starts at nine on the off of five. He's time PM. Catching on this great deal of sort of stuff it. Hey, that is so you know, we talk about the -tarian June world. It's the opposite of counter cultural is Dario. Nobody's death of a salesman. It's every day, ordinary people almost a caricature, everyday ordinary people, but when the world is defined by Laviolette on Kardashians, and Instagram influences and everything is, you know, bikinis and hot buds. Isn't this the new council? The new council is a Brian nylon suit on a pair of national health specs any cubicle. That's how it's being outside. Think of book smart, and I think no, that's the counterculture. The counter culture is always going to be the youth in. Which is nice try to launch side of that one didn't they spoke nine hundred sixty I guess. Good. Live up flute, isn't it? Yes. Thing I cannot see I really enjoyed this record, but I say, why. It's mom. I mean, you do get these weird still a really lovely little song, like after the laws most show about what, what do you do big moments in life? Well, yeah. Not not everybody for everybody. But us for me anyway, counts. They go. All right. Then it's so I to choose a tune photos. You brought in sufficient Stevens with a love yourself. A hat side with with my whole heart. So this is a AA what he has released four pride month, which is with the proceeds going to LGBT. Q and homeless youth. I mean, that's kind of an interesting thing innovate self because was always coin quite gonnit about sexuality, and why should you not be, but, you know, it was kind of speculated on in the past because there would be kind of lose to Cuevas in the songwriting this kind of thing. But it was never he was never kind of openly out as it were. And then I think more recently, he's been clearer about that for whatever reason, of course, he, he wrote the Oscar-nominated song for Kumi by my name. And, and then you, you have a kind of adjusted like this, which is, you know, very openly about being queer. I guess. It's a great song is really uplifting. It's really unfair. If you have PMT and you likes of. Public transport is. Something. This Cynthia end of savannah, rather than the, the melancholy Kaley. And but also his thing, I really love happy record. You know, when I was a kid, I was so much more EMA poses brew out was really happy record. You know you get older fool in love and figure some stuff out you like this person's found love great. And it makes you feel happy. So I really enjoy it for that reason, I'm also going to slide in a mention here for my album. The bygone goes by the name of hallowed Negra, and he's on Matic. Kitty, which is Scipion record label. He has made an album called this is how you smile is one of, you know, when you go to your friend's house and they put some music on, and you're talking, like, wait, what is this? This is amazing. Is that record like you can listen to it for? But if I go listen to it's, it's so beautiful. It's really warm. A think he's done collaborations, his name is Roberto lying. And he's done stuff with defender ban, heart, and he is Ecuadorian Americans. Sometimes he'll be singing in Spanish, and his, his stuff's been described as calls, Mick folk, which may or may not make him sound interesting to you. But the songs are just like warm really groovy so listenable like it's so good. God listen to and then shout at me if you don't like it. That's the kind of another kind of in love sounding record. In the meantime, his Stevens with love yourself. Now, if you like big, Matthew, enjoy under the podcast that we produce be the with Dolly loudspeakers. It's a full ninety celebration of the minds behind the music from the Danish manufacturers of super behind speak is the latest episode is out now featuring guests Kato chanson on the new London jazz explosion, Michael ham on what it's like to hear his favorite album RAM's fables of the reconstruction through much better. Speakers any ever been used to be there with Dolly on your favorite podcast app, and don't forget to subscribe, and his taste? This is Caitlin describing what is for her the greatest moments in pop. Obviously, there were so many inches that I could have ties then I've chosen instead the wit backwards bit in Missy Elliott's work it. Yes. I'm it's been fifteen when that came out, and I don't think number one, I heard a woman before, and Secondly, she was doing it backwards or at least my question to you is, is she doing it backwards full of rude words and route thoughts, I think she's actually saying those words backwards, I think Tim Lamb was just like your thank thank down flip it and reverse it, and I think he was that by playing not backwards. But at the time I didn't know that I thought she was magic. A bit of be that Donnie FIDA, go to your favorite Pok, and search be there with Donny to subscribe finally, there's a Liam Gallagher movie out, and it's out right now released immediately to download light lightning, which is funny, because one of the directors lightning Br docs, all the medium, usual. In fact, you'd rather have a fun film than a new record for most artistes, wouldn't you now the movie as it was covers our kids are from the collapse of Alexis the short and slightly tense life in Beedi to his return as Liam Gallagher. So low person, but is it after the screaming soaps, is it spinal tap? Is it a promotional vehicle or what though he ain't will find out this taster as you are? Plus it. Era defining records the nineties. An is Liam Gallagher. Still. Crusade. Be more favors booking famous filming. I'm doing it for the morning joined the bomb because music. Congra- shits. Stay alive. They'll be committed full king. Get you down all the people. You won't see were sitting ten years, going fucking going to be dead. Now. He's definitely going to blow his brains job over those. They've all impressive lines. Wait in don't figure. The cow. Munches defied three much in the real, as it was the limb delicate talk mentally guy. Wasn't able to see this because he's not Rooker moan. But so fi under evils from guy. I did contribute. Pasco. Sophie, expecting is my first. I'm mean I expect really, but it was it was very diverting very entertaining. And, you know, and he comes across as really sympathetic. But of course, he does. Because, you know, it's his, his thing I didn't expect to see him leading his healthy lifestyle, getting up five in the morning to job across the Golden Gate Bridge, and that was lovely. It was really nice to see you know, with his family having discovered. What actually makes him happy? And sure, I'd love the, the acoustic. Now I'm happy. So that was cool. I knew beforehand that no had forbidden the use of. And my. I mean, come on, and I kind of wonder about his feel like apartment, you haven't partner one of the reasons that they can go, you know, that's a bit lame. You know, you cool each other out and kinda surprised that she didn't say, no, no, maybe this one but it's weird. It's weird to watch it and see footage. Oasis and only anyways is songs in. I think I think it really does take something significant away from the film, because you, you need that sound with those with those visuals. And you know the, the new songs on as good to, to Maya is away says were doing. But it's really into -taining is really well done. Sure. He's been staring it bun. You know what you do. See, I liked watching him hiking in LA with all of his family, and you know, it was cool. I liked it. Yeah. Are alluded to on there is the less the meets the eye to the split. Do you think is it just Barney? They had. And then something that often is. Yeah, I mean it's a big thing. It's like two brothers in the Banff. However, long ten years, who always had a fractious relationship, then eventually fell out to doesn't gets, like hugely surprising, and that, you know, trying to have relationships and then you, you know, marriage falling apart in this. What was more interesting? His kind of. Growing self awareness interest in having enduring quality relationships, whether with a partner kids recognition that he was in his words, a shit husband that stuff, you know, that's really interesting. I loved the bits where he goes home to most awesome. What do you think this mom, the mums lovely that she still lives in her own house, and his is kind of realistic faintly amused by the whole feud haven't seen ten years kind of strange, but, you know, it's wonderful. You go back into their childhood bedroom, which has sort of brass plaque on the. Liam anos bedroom. Yes. As he points out that wasn't there at the time it was, obviously, put it on visiting relatives. Maybe she makes a little cash on the side. Toilet. Andrew liam. We see him leap into BDI. This is the first we get VDI stage. We get it Poway swiftly. How did you feel that, that started the Liam story? And this is Liam. You exp- was this Liam you expected. Well, I've only been once surprised what a mess in, but what good phone and how kind of friendly he was admittedly? I was putting him on the go rookie magazine at the time. So it was going to be probably going to be on your side. In the past. They've been very, very horrible people who are in positions of power in the music industry. So, you know, I was this one, I sort of. Clearly, it's designed to present the most sympathetic Liam which is the, the Cape rain optimistic. A difficult nosy is a bit of a. Literally every scene ends with him saying what what was that about? Golden bridge world folks about, and you sort of get swept along by these Philarete Bedia was really about ideas. That was like get right back on your holes in the boat when you shouldn't get on. You'll say it just drugs itself down to two pretty ignominies end. Clearly, this has been designed to give a proper dramatic all who've rebirth Liam went away and showing that actually he has a bit of a good voice. You know, the, the kind of is, is, is, is ideas record changer straight from the Beatles. Belinda, pretty good set of changes to be repurposing twenty-first-century. So he's very charming, very funny. And he comes is known that staffed, it goes, it goes, much more committed than I expected on musically bats, particularly like meeting his new partner. Debbie had really sickly like seeing what bone it looks like now bone had now looks like some kind of cosmic wonder, oh. His is floral shirts, and his little a little goes, an alert saying, Paul Gallagher, who now looks like Sam this, it was actually quite a few days. Perceptive inciteful things to say about the family overall, it's I couldn't get away from the idea that Liam is still desperately desperately trying to reach Noel on some level. To make why don't you love me totally, but also in terms of them wanting to each other? It made me think of Joan effet Davis and John Crawford and their whole thing. Yeah. Bette Davis like yes, she's such a good actress, but she's not beautiful in the that was this narrative, and Joan. She's so beautiful. But she's not good actress. And of course, both were both. But they envied each other like mine thought they didn't have an Liam wants to be respected as a proper songwriter. Noel wants to be a rockstar to be reversal is complete. I now think about an exactly reversed. How are you? Liam is the one I fear the faction for. I mean he's funny which he's growing self-awareness whereas a noses becomes incredibly grumpy old. You know, it doesn't really. Nice everything dole can be very, very funny interviews. He can he has got interesting things to say, but he does seem to be a bit of a tyrant and you can kind of you look at leeann with this almost pull fish desperation, which he can't let himself show because he's from. Be more likely does quite a lot. The in Brighton has the most fantastic. I it's obviously coincidence. But there's the most brilliant bits of retail trolling I've ever seen, which is in the lanes. There's a pretty green big. That's right. I'll let you write opposite is a branch of oasis. Have you brushed cards? No, I know of few times, and, but Liam very mentioned to us one time I meant for which Ryan that heyday, and it was the Groucho club. And I was drunk, he was drunk. And he when he found out my name, right? And it was Tim. Europride front. Europe resident yes, maybe. Yeah. Destroyed hit destroyed, but it was literally ten minutes. So great. Stop think lamb comes from the skill. It's on. It's I think it's an old west thing. It's not funny until it's not really funny anymore. And then you keep going going and going and going and go to go, and then he's really funny with people to be wound minds. You don't see them without a coat the whole team. Yes, absolutely. As bad with the bloody cargo on. And I thought props, you even just for that, you'll keeping you are really, you know, I went to the orange the main road gig and. Yeah. Wearing huge expedition, wait parkers. The policy off to his holy and put. It's the same park. You haven't even got your party Parker is the same thing that must be rank. Underneath a coat and another coat. When? The north west of the northern thing, which is never wearing a coat Kotze all times. The. It's in the freezing cold felt doubts months, just it's coats, even if the equator I can attest that Liam is a very fit person because do seem on the hate sometimes around does. Does he goes person you just pretends to funny? One. I think it's too long. You can visit in the middle of the flab where he just tows the world. And you thinking we could get on with the. A now about the new album because the record company is making it. So it's not very interesting Kodo about making the new album. I really liked two sons in it sounds excellent. The family stuff was really good. And obvious keep saying he's if I'm if I'm member of the attributes moral values to him now, but he does seem to be. And he gets on with the sons, and there was something about that was the realistic. We have to wrestle company that was real don't arms espec- season. It is the age of movies like this, like, no Amy and Molly telling the story. By the record company. And I think we have to not reject them and be cynical about me aware of the fact, that this is not much being made by complete outside. It's being part of a positive. All the interviews with the PSA next to them. Yeah. One one quick note to bring back to book, small, one of the reasons that I love watching it so much. That was the point where I was watching the dock and it's minds minds world, marry a woman in sight, and apart from Debbie and just how used to used to as a woman just like way you suddenly realize this is reminiscent of dudes, and there's another all the people in this band, all men and so I love watching movies, like book small, we'll mis-educate Cameron post. It's. Also the Bush gigs all the audience, men, the girls and the South American. Why went like it was able to a festival in wanna salaries. They played an I was up on the side of the stage. And one thing I remember is thinking, I'm glad on in this band because literally all you could hear on state all the monitors and everything was Liam. Yeah. That's it. It's just a he has this was before we got himself together. It was nice when they may not calling me on his life for anyone else that bound fucking nightmare. The base pair, or you can was Liam if Trump lives just I've never heard so much vocal on a stage. Company might things I say, you I went to a an event last night, which means dry. Vice it, too, it was the upcoming print, Sal originals, which is, which is all the songs he wrote for other people and his versions of them. How's this is gonna be great fantastic? I know some guy who's doing the archive, who is actually good to Acuna, and it was it was at so her house White City, which I'd I I've been I call go, there myself, because it's dancing on the grave of television. It's still dancing on the grave, but wanted this and it turns out the guy that doing the Q with is actually who's in charge obviously doing great job Irving. But he's he was prince Zeh and Armand from two thousand fourteen two thousand sixteen. Interesting really and I wanted to all the technical stuff on these songs and everything it's like, well, no he actually off the Bengals to songs, and he turned one down. Okay. And then and what it really was was. It was an absolutely unique opportunity to hear load of music biz types talk really loudly over all these songs. So we'd never heard before I leave after two songs, I was fuming. You too. Bye bye. Talking over. Ooh. You'll never could write this beautiful. But everyone were killed. A few weeks time. So you probably comes into the end of the show is leaving interview amount means closing Jeter, what will, I guess be discussing over a supersonic gin and tonic. Leeann down the water outsing, King's Cross back in one thousand nine hundred four so she closing some data. Thing. Thing with my Powell's who now do annual expedition to the tiny village of faxed did for the facts did Morris festival, which is a festival of Morris dancing, and they hide out a minibus versatile on our little mini bus gets the village. And so they have all the pubs in the village of got kind of barbecue things and sales, and then you have Morris troops from all around the country and the world, there's a Basque Morrissey Morrissey. That was a sketch, the Keith Allen did when he is. Yeah, the Morrissey tossing fun, sorry. No, thanks. Thank you. Have a treat from Kentucky with that band's. And everyone's saying the Moore's Danzig outside the pub, and then you have a mast dawns in the middle of the village. So all the tree, the dancers dancing together, and actually really liked the music. It's rework. Amon. And you know you have the snapping crocodile head type thing and then at the very end. So it's probably about ten eleven o'clock at night, and it's dark, and everything's will be very room, people be Jolie, but it's dark now, and everyone is sure science and down the hill. You had this very quiet, little violin real melancholy mysterious violin real and the little special troop of Morris men, and they have dis mosques, wouldn't dare mosques and great big Antlers, and doing this very, very creepy. One of them is an old man dressed, as a widow all in black, and then there's a little child that and they just process doing their dance through the whole crowd, and his the other really good thing about apartment that it's totally like goose bump and juicing. Weird amazing women. It was mainly silent, though, obviously view drunken idiots were haying in the background. But it was totally legit to shush people because I always feel bad for Shing on wanting to shoot. But. The crops have never failed. Orest dancing black ops. This time next year hit faxed village was an obvious. No Hobie host those crooked kind of Hobe ask on Tuesday. Joan that could be more all hosted local festival. Come from say, let's do this. Oh, well, okay. Well during the summer go on tool. Which is going to be really not because this American. Yes. Secrets who've been nominated for event of the year by programmatic Zine this we're gonna stall, we could assault getting nominated for pro wards. And that's why I love me, Gary ping, funniest thing in the world. Yeah. But we, it's really nice to it. So various festivals but not no festival festivals. It's more like an Italian festival. Goes on two weeks. And with a thing, that's happening that night, and it was the first place, more encroaching. We're encroaching, in my oboe where actually playing the empathy names, which I did play with David Gilmour, slowly cranking up. So is it primarily European? Or would you be just European okay? British dates. You're still gun around house twice. We did. We did the law still tour. We did. I think might have been my, where we actually did all the classic Floyd venues to the Cambridge corn exchange fries and ellsbury, which I'd never played before gave me an award and everything from being a fries warrior. And that was because Pink Floyd kept them in business. They did one gig for them in nineteen sixty nine which apparently paid off their debts. And if it wasn't for that, there would be no fries. There would have been no Ziggy stardust premier amazing. Just a pale old announced failed Gloucester four o'clock in the morning. He just doing anybody. People would think they'd fall into a time home. We should call ourselves kill Tory, scum. Absolutely. Well, I've been listening to Joe woods podcast recently, which is about as alien nation get, oh, which is about foes, and she gets famous people to talk about. When they lost to the UFO said writer, Joe Michelle's czar, Dan ackroyd listen to that one. Brick Smith start listening to this morning, and it's Joe would who believes. Yes, who says, I want a UFO and then she awesome when they saw UFO, and they tell you get outta town. It's not bad. I think they need a few experts, I think they need some people to go. Well, you really sure I'm were you on drugs? But I you once one physical thing I set is the Atlantic about seventeen years ago, with ROY actually, and those is one thing that struck me which is when you're in the middle of the ocean nowhere. When Venus comes up it comes up literally flashing blue green flashing blue green light UFO, and it's famous. And that whole thing of the people know, you so Venus believe me, a lot of the time they see. Yeah. But it's very, very good. I actually did see once. Yeah, yeah. I was having so count your phone counting on a building. It's really weird. Looks like building. I'm not necessarily believe, but I am having a lot of fun listening to show mighty won't down the window, and it was both oh and you know. Do you believe in strays and they just go off? Listening to our conversation. It's we just want to leave because you listening to the explosive, I it was somewhere, suitably glamorous. This is the one Leslie. Well, Mark Levin, she'll be amazed to let. It's the football historic six. Yes. Six European championship game special mention and the reason I only podcast is Kevin Sampson both of a series of great Liverpool based books, featuring the story of the farm dressed in very thinly-veiled to getting sued things like that. He prepared about for a group of funds and a huge big red bond with a lot of bit in the middle. And it said fate over against your will thin, and I have a bony, meant historical six European Trump victory. I think what the people say, well, they'd say on books it got me in the fields. Got me right in fields. Field road took advantage because, you know, for the secrets we play Phyllis. All right. I'm we use the recording of the cop singing, you'll never walk alone. Right. We have. So we play that every night and someone sent us a picture of the Justice for ninety six they have a big flag. And it says we climbed the hill in our own way. Which is a direct quote from fearless house. During the lot of music quits appear on. Liverpool games. And I, I went to see Morrissey. Able to sing football fans didn't sing. They Brown women to pool inventing we invented Wilson vincit comedy. The Liverpool philharmonic many years ago, today's want us to go and see Morrissey. And there was a Liverpool Bana up there with them five European summit on the. The slogan was ringleader of the tormentors, which I was very straight pull from Manchester autism level anyway. Football, you might have noticed limit on the European Cup. Just just. Yeah, you can gigs will tell you. News of the universe has been restored and I'm gonna be unbearable about that's up. And that's the end of the show. Thanks to guy Pratt, and so feel Harris coming in. So what's your next exciting writing assignment actually working on two pitches? I'm dead excited about one of them is book wanted MS poed costs and I want to tell you about in, but I feel I can't say out loud on because I don't want anyone to Nick because we're the pilot and they. Very well. Going to talk about it. Kittens yoga? Yeah. UFO's. Okay. So we're going to stay around with the extra bit the highs and lows of festival life. In the meantime, thanks for listening for me, Andrew amd producers so feedback as a reminder to go and see book smart right now, as you come while it's still in cinemas, his attract from the brilliant soundtrack by the alternator. This is called one night left and we'll see you next week. At farmers insurance. We know the sound of a perfect hot air balloon landing and a less than perfect one. 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