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You shouldn't go to barnes and noble by ten thousand books just so you can build a book fortress in yell out. I am your book leader. You shouldn't buy one hundred forty-seven copies of warren peace piece stuff them inside turkeys and serve them thanksgiving turbans and you definitely shouldn't buy up all the copies of dork diaries causing the neighborhood kids to stage a protest in your front yard hard but you could because at the barnes and noble book whole you can get over a thousand titles for fifty percents off stock up your local barnes and noble toboggans fictitious and should not be cooked at home. It's boomer and geo on the fan and the c._b._s. Sports network lockney investors bank studio on a thursday morning boomer and gio off on vacation jerry joe with you until oh ten a lot to get to tonight. We got the final preseason games before they do it for real in about a week and a half. I didn't say we need to watch star final preseason games. We do it for real in a week and a half that god. We're gonna call this a positive thursday because the r._a. Machine okay steamrolling their way to the playoffs aaron. Judge hitting home runs gary sanchez hitting home runs james paxton five they mike ward the crappy seattle mariners and do what they're supposed to do. It's a positive thursday because well we really need. Can i say joe go the we really need to see to rewind the game from yesterday was a tortured wasn't where i will say this. Let me let me thank noah syndergaard for this and that's exactly right. I mean after schwab hit the home run to make it eight the one i'm like okay well at least now i can sleep because they got to get up early in the morning. What a disgrace that well. I mean here's the biggest game of the year the biggest game of the year and talk about spitting the bit and you know he strikes out hayward to start the game any he he goes tour into on castellanos and he hits them and right dan slider yeah right then and there. I'm like oh. This is trouble and you know look you're doing okay. Maybe you re that ground balls the shore. Maybe you're gonna get out of the sitting and rosario. What does it what does he do. That was really when you you look at the killer play of the inning and look. I mean there's no exonerating syndergaard was brutal but the killer play it eating your idea good all right once these always three hanging there the killer play it eating knows aerial. No doubt i mean if you are not a hundred percent stepped on second base. Okay just step on the bass motions. During the first he should've would've 'cause he had a terrible angle to it was a bad angle to try to make that play like i get what he's trying to do is try to turn binding. I get it but if you're not gonna have your balance. I get the second hour it would have been to out and two guys on and maybe to get out of the inning and this play in the second inning and we've seen this few times that she would davidson rosario that paul's gotta get caught. It's gotta be caught. What are we doing here. Oh my god i mean on unbelieveab-. All of that said i agree with everything you're saying is is paying. You make a pitch and get out of the inning. Don't give them fifteen road. I'm not exonerating syndergaard terrible. I mean you're right. I didn't i'm like ascending and we're gonna end is it. How is it going to school. You know through the batting order. I really happening. I always almost going to go to sleep before the mets even heads. That's how bad it was. Eleven guys that play. I mean come on yet. They almost gave you something late. Thank god so happy because i believe in what ticked off they're hitting home gene kendrick all of a sudden can't find the plate but they're hitting them all over the place homer and left yet mariah mental yup and then all of a sudden you get the late innings things and they've got a chance and they got a couple of guys. I know nobody out and they're not able to do it so they gave you something but not enough and that is about if you would've told me you know walking into city field on friday night that they were not going to win a game until starts again. I mean nothing's out of the remote possibility but i mean you. You can't go lose five strange at home like this. It's on it's just terrific. I mean there's no other way say he's got four games in my opinion and i'm not jumping jumping jumping ship and i listen. I always said i thought they come up short. I didn't write this way but i'm also not after all the work they did not just going to say it's over over these next four games. Now mean everything oh because tonight in particular and then this weekend if you have a bad week in philly forget it you don't be done. He will be right that we will because i keep i kept <hes> you know the times i've seen it seemed too much today. I think he's doing our show today and i said umbro. We haven't been to get it through this whole big run. We haven't really seen each of these by the time we're together again and they'll be done and that may be the case they could. We all over. It's it's very possible. That could be very possible. They could straighten things out if they score a damn run for their pitcher tonight right. That's please it. Can you score runs for jake tonight. I mean i can't i would not take another. One of these gains. Were jake goes out there. He's dominant for seven innings. He gives up maybe run and they can't score run and either you lose a game that for him or wind up blowing it with the bullpen later on because they can't put you put two runs on a board and you're right. You're absolutely i we know now. He almost feels like he's got to go out and be perfect. Every time you get perfect game and it would be like okay still. They wouldn't still school runs for yeah. You're right. You're absolutely tonight. I mean listen last night. I agree with you. It was a big game tonight's obviously from bigger than that now but yeah really disappointed. He's funny about watching watching the game to last night. It was two nothing. I walked downstairs for something joe. I wasn't gone for six months. I like what the hell happened happen. What did i miss. Go back and you know it's funny technology these days. You can rewind yeah right yes. Is this really happening. I know it was unbelievable and all so you talked about going into the game is how syndergaard his last five. Yes love been amazing. Just never saw that coming last night no way shape or form. Did you see that coming. No no and that crowd you know was probably shell shocked by the way the game started late. Because of the rain garden minute rain delay shell shock though they had to have been because it's the first day before the mets come up to bat. They're getting drilled and you almost feel like they got no chance again. They battled back a little bit but not enough and it's just it's a disappointing. Thank god did not get booed heavily coming off the mound because he didn't. I would've been blown them. I'll tell you that. I love syndergaards your but you've got it. You know you gotta give gimme more than this. You're supposed to be one of the top pitchers in baseball. He's bosa me. You can't come out and do this in the biggest game of the year. You just can't do it and i understand. You've got undermined by rosario oriole couple times in this game but you just can't go out there and do what he did. I it just it's going to be better than that. You got to know there's no question. The balls are flying all over the place again at the stadium so big so it's goofy game though isn't it we were talking about. The cubs came in not a good road team. The mets have been a great home team and all of a sudden here you go. You lose these two. I mean it's just and the mets have been so good at city field to lose these five in a row now. It's a big damper on god everything they were. They were a big damper and leave it. In the first inning. They had a shot they load the bases with no rob has been red hot and he wound up getting two more twenty one game committing streak but in the big spot there. It's a little role at a second base. They gotta run out of it because he has somehow he beat it out. It was very close by the way i gotta tell you yeah. I'm surprised it was a challenge challenge by madden but he figured hey. You know what it's six one. Why should i waste a challenge here. <hes> you know it needed to get more than that. In the bottom in the first inning no doubt because then all of a sudden you could find and yourself chipping away right really quickly as opposed to what they put the five runs up. Whatever inning was the fifth or something like that and they chase him. I was long gone by that and there's the spot oh by the way for todd frazier that we talked about you. Don't start them. You pinch hit a couple of games why and hits the ball right at the orange stripe that runs several that kind of spark things a little bit for them offensively but not enough not when you fall behind ten to one and i didn't realize to some big comebacks in the history like every team has but i guess listening to gary last night he was talking about how they've never come back in one from nine runs down which i don't know why found that surprise now i'm not surprised i figured at some point and the great great bill russell who when he played i couldn't stand him because i hated the celtics and i still do but i have tremendous respect for bill russell. I have to say i mean eleven eleven championships isn't that you can't say enough great things about him and russell when he was broadcasting n._b._a. Games back in the seventies back in way way back when the knicks actually were good marian where he was broadcasting n._b._a. Games back then he would always talk about teams trying to come back. Not we'll be back twenty. We'll be down twenty twenty two points and they come all all the way back to cut it to two but they never get over the hump to the lead and he would always say that you don't want coming back. You expend all that energy coming back and then you get there are and you can't you just don't have enough to get it over the top and that's exactly what the mets were last night but that's exactly what it setting up to be for the mets this year. They made this big ron on their way back. They made the big run. They got close. They got to within one game. That did the game against the nationals. They wound up losing when after they had one the first two games at home and they lost that third game with the crazy play with alonzo and at first base the cost them three runs that game they were one game out coming into that they could've been tied or ahead of the nationals. They lost that game and that's as close as they've gotten now and i don't know if the four games back and i just don't know if it's going to happen and i don't think it's is going to happen bro person i as i said before. I never thought they were going to get there. I thought that they would hover and be close and give somebody watching timber shore. I and i still think that that's going to be the case. We'll see what it is difficult. When you put yourself on the whole that you're in the it was set up for them to make a run. They did what they needed to do the run they need the run now. It's a matter of staying hanging with these teams well after the good series against cleveland with showed me something. Surely it was a good baseball team and have been free. I want to say one thing about that. Though and i just go back on and i'll say this about that series against cleveland and i'm not taking anything away from the medicine sweep them and all that cleveland was in new york for about a we can half okay. They played the yankees four games. They had all this time in the city. <hes> they played an afternoon game on sunday and anywhere off on monday before they played three games with the mets. I know there's a lot of a lot of guys had their families with them here in new york and i wonder if that kind of the indians had a little bit of a hangover by being in new york and maybe that contributed to sweep okay. I'm just out there that you want to tell me the first game fine the second and third what winning all three of course i'll take i'm i'm taking them but i'm just don't caveat in there for that sweet jesuit point though about and i hate to keep bringing it back though to your point though about you know coming all the way back checking getting up close. That's what it felt like friday. As you know trying to push the stupid run across was just not possible that one into the ground rom game it was two to one to keep the momentum going on foot and do it. You know again not to go back to that game but that came to me just set up the entire weekend in the the wrong way and now these two no question about cops in terms of the yankees all kidding aside and it's really this is a story that's been on repeat and repeat and written sin continue again yesterday. They had a bunch of home runs. Pitching was okay <hes> from paxton he was fine but are shelling out the groin. Yes this has been the yankee season. Injury win injury when x guy comes up and plays better than the guy that preceded him basically been one. That's been and they've done what they were supposed to do. They be happy mariners team. They complete the sweep. They move forty one game over five hundred is there are running away with things in the american league east. There are not enough good things to say about this team and i feel like the show is by you could play the same thing we said yesterday because aaron judge in another homerun you can see him. He's been conscious. Oh my god. He's finding his groove yup. You know of gary sanchez at home runs. This team has a chance to be you know no if they want to keep playing for home field throughout which i think they will <hes> chance to just be unstoppable in september. Now you get docked tober. Things are going to change and we know that but i don't see them slowing down through the next month and a week the bottom line. Is this the yankees okay. They're not going to slow down near running away with the division. In my mind they will have the the home field advantage throughout the miracle league. They gotta win it. I mean there's nothing else left to say. I mean this would be as disappointing year as you could have for the yankees if they don't win the world series and i'm not even saying just get to the world series. They got to win it now. It's a long time since they have for the yankees. It's been ten years without winning. I believe if this if they don't get to at least get to the world series this year this'll be the first decade right okay since like the teens that the yankees have at least not been to a world series because they didn't win it in the the eighties but they did go to one thousand nine hundred one dodgers right so this would be the only decade that they would have really and how many how many thousands of decades it seems that they haven't gone through a series so the yankees have to get there and have to win. They've had an unbelievable year with the job that i mentioned the cashman. This has been an amazing job by brian cashman this year that every guy that he's brought in has more than got the job done for whoever was injured and then you throw in the lemay you move the best free agent ages signing it a year. He's been unbelievable them like i said i think he's the m._v._p. To league i know mike ford mike for mike trout. We all know the deal but i mean i look so you gotta give him tremendous credit. Ah cashman for what he's done. You know to to get this team where they are boone's at a very good years made all the right moves. They've got a great bullpen. We all rotations something to be a little concerned about. We'll see going into the playoffs but it's all about winning it all for the yankees. I mean that's it. I mean anything short of that is going to be a massive disappoint and it's what's interesting about that. Too are the teams that will be in front of them that they'll have to face because it's so top heavy you very tough. It's going to be the same regularly and it's the same reaction in los angeles because you've got three teams just just in terms of having remarkable seasons. It's the same the only the dodgers the dodgers definitely i minute dodgers haven't won. The world. Series is one thousand eight. They have two straight years in in in the series and have one they got to win. They're in a position at the yankees. Are i completely agree houston. I don't really don't look at it that way because houston won a couple of years ago. It's a little different for them. I i don't think it's as much that they have to win it. All as i see that for the dodgers and i certainly see that for the yankees and i didn't necessarily mean the pressure they feel from the fans. Are i mean they're having such a remarkable season that they will look at the season as there's a complete waste of time if they don't okay that's fair because they that's that good and that dominant role in pretty much throughout and with their pitching they think they can beat any israeli anytime and they should good showing that lineup you know forget all the names you know but the down alvarez monster season mayor set up to make a big run to win it again so because the yankees are forty one games over five hundred could finish fifty games over five hundred. It doesn't mean that there are a lot in there's no such thing as a lock ninety eight. It was the year that they won the was the one hundred and fourteen yeah well ninety eight yeah that year. You felt like there was no. There was no stop guy. I agree as good as they are this year and they have have been amazing. There are teams you look at there's also say his difference with ninety eight nine hundred ninety eight they had they won the whole thing to us before they won. This world's that that group at won the world series ninety six loss to cleveland. We all know what happened ninety seven with sandy alomar and marianna and all of that in that series against the indians what they wanted to ninety six so that team had already had a pedigree as a championship team. This team doesn't have that this team has not won anything yet. These guys you know they had the year. Two years ago came out of nowhere where they took houston to seventh game lost last year. They won one hundred games but the red sox had this crazy year where one hundred and nobody was beating the red sox and that's how it turned out. Now you know so this team. This team has been good. They been to the postseason now a couple of years in rodas group but now you've got to win and they don't have that pedigree to fall back on that championship pedigree yet so that's something to keep an eye on going forward with the yankees here into the playoffs offs are we are just getting started six seventeen on the fan and c._b._s. Sports network is jerry and joanne for boomer and geo. It's the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti boomer and geo ooh breeders six twenty five live on the fan and c._b._s. Sports network is role joe and jerry n._g._o. A lot going on sound wise from wednesday thursday get yeah wednesday thursday thursday right but the sound from wednesday wednesday wednesday from <hes> baseball and football with all that the man chris lopresti brought to you by the raycatena auto group explore the full range of infinity models at the voting fellowships summer sales event at raking very stylish. I'm glad you like it. I'm glad to see eh appreciate my wife pick. Your wife has excellent she does i would agree. You wonder how the first dinning at city field last night might have played out if this didn't happen past the mound was r._e._o. In with the pros away cossio breaks for the plate and it will store the first round of the gay gary cohn on s. s. n._y._u. Saw the look on noah syndergaard's face as he watches. I did this because you're not on twitter. I literally tweeted out job. Oh be screaming and north jersey so yeah and then <hes> syndergaard just unraveled after that a six run first for the cubs feature gonna in hap- two run homer they hong ten runs john syndergaard across three innings. None of them earned nine hits and they'd hold on to beat the mets. Ten to seven afterwards aged. <hes> dejected no just kind of a different ever perspective on things <hes> definitely a terrible feeling just disappointed in myself had the opportunity to go out there and and <hes> do something big tonight and uh let the team know mickey callaway says h straight quality starts for syndergaard guests. He was due for abedin's off night for him. You're gonna have those he's been pitching so well and we know that our rotation is one of our strength in the series. So far i draw your thoughts good. Mickey couches come out. I mean the guy like what do you. I think he's just wait till i give me like like we'd be in the middle of a hurricane say down. The weather's pretty good. It's not that bad. I mean come on just say star guy stunk stunk. I gave it a good job. I know saying basically came out and said i was that to you know why last night didn't you also have a bunch of excuses to though did he didn't sound. I heard it sound heard that well. So what are you. What what was the skew. That was the takeaway lie well. Yeah i mean but whatever the excuse. I don't think he's saying it's an excuse. He said i was terribly. Let the team down. I got my blanket. I'd like to hear some more all right well. We'll we'll save them for the fourth four jerry our work that's right so i also held back for joe little something mickey had to say <hes> and when dias later on syndergaard and they were talking about this on the broadcast and i get it you gotta make your pitches up. You can't just komo throw fastballs fastball fastball but guys seem to be late early in you know in this first couple of bats and he got burned on the change of times you know the and and keith in and i guess it was probably and i guess what we're talking about. Sorta high fastball yeah they're not hitting a fastball and it's guys thrown off speed pitches iraq and yeah a hundred percent and even if they were you saw like i think it was schwarzer in the first inning. He's he's fooled a little but it's just you just get the bad there and you just hook it. In the right field. Everything everything seemed to be a lot of hard contact after that rosario error and it was a rough night in the field for him that bad flip and then the pop by kris bryant that fell between him and j._d. Davis is leading off the second. Davis was furious came off the field. After dinning slammed his glove in the dugout look like he like he had it and then i went back to look at it and i couldn't still confined and find a soaking pick it up and then just bad communication. I felt bad from showing the slow mo and it's raining and he's hit. The face looks so uncomfortable out it. They're running after that ball and it was right yeah rain in his eyes when he held the ball last braves ah watching billy hamilton run around basis not a good scene. The mets did rally though to make it interesting a five run right exactly thanks to homers from davis and jeff macneil macneil finished a triple shy of the cycle and then they had two runners on in each of the final. What a waste of yeah well. You know three hit night heels just so you get two hundred on in each of the final four innings the only get one run out of it yet to on nobody out in the ninth craig kimbrel buckles down against rosario la garrison frazier frazier to close it out five straight losses to follow up the five game winning streak to their four behind now in the wild card race jacob degrom john lester tonight's series finale wilson romo's. Did it extent his hitting streak to twenty one game again. I can't believe that's the longest streak in a major leagues issue. I mean that's that's not really that twenty one game in twenty one games. You know it's not forty past years. Yeah would not qualifying top one definitely not a brewers move ahead of the mets and the wildcard raised they beat the cardinals four to one and the phillies one big twelve to three of the pirates as seventeen hit attack philadelphia including a double and a triple the slumping reese hoskins. You bounce back after the night before i'm not sure j._t. Real muto had three. It's an home runs tennis. Yes i did about <hes>. What's going sean sean rodriguez yeah definitely the elsewhere kenley jansen blew the save no problem for the dodgers they still win six four atop the padres nationals double of the oriole's eight to four yet baltimore fighting each other again in the dugout at a very major league to feel to it where you know it's like no it wasn't richard bleier of all people lefty reliever who gave up three or four runs he comes on admitting he must have muttered something about the defensive alignment to the infield coach then lost his mind on bleier in the fight had to be separated by one reliever on their team was on the i l. and this guy if you read his lips basically telling the coach you know shut the f. up and calm down so not a good scene for what is right not even the worst team in baseball in ninety one games to none of the yankees anki so they're not even game yankees played them very come on. It's like batting practice awful. They are i mean they can hit a little bit but they did just a bad bad. When your organization doesn't isn't doesn't want to win. I mean that's basically what you got then then. You feel bad for the manager the right manager ron gardenhire in detroit. We were talking about this before. He had some moderate six minutes so oh sitting around for the playoffs. Okay pretty much team tom kelly but yeah okay he goes to detroit. Who's got you know. Miguel cabrera and i understand you know hope springs eternal spirit journal dude no chance none. That's what and he said he was yes. He wants to come back. Let's let's be honest. One of the things that has fueled the met run was playing the american league central the mets went. I believe with thirteen eighteen and now they went through the american league cetera. We'll talk about that all the time. That's fine you still gotta. Go beat them. I understand you know i get that but that's your show but but that's how how bad that division and they not only went thirteen three gets american league central they went five and one against the two best teams in the american league central that is true saw all. I can actually six in one because they play played four. They went three one minnesota. The indians said it went six and one against minnesota in cleveland now bad but but it's what is it more zanny now that's right look. It shows you how bad that division is. It's horrible. I mean the twin indian teams there good teams okay but the rest but they're also beating up on all the garbage in individuals nineteen times. I mean come on the yankees. Go see the orioles one thousand nine hundred dine speaking of the yankees in seattle. They completed a winning road trip and the pitches swan editor. The year to date right that wall is high bet as far as dan. He's done it again. Oh those ford and the yankees future mike ford gives the yankees a lead tiebreaking breaking in the fifth wiegelmann could put a yankee uniform and he'd be home runs like crazy and i sell sadi's again whether it's mike ford whether it's mike tuchman whether it's cameron may been we go right on down the line with all these guys forget all of them because there's been so many guys that you know this guy. Hi is okay that has come up and just breivik valera well wherever it is right right right into straw all every guy that they've put up there. If these guys his word on a mets they would they would be caught. They wouldn't even be about one fifty. You put these guys on the yankees and it's like oh my god. It's like the little the sun sunshine's now in the light is on them and you can't get them out. You know it'd be the greatest test of that ongoing kion braxton throw him in the lineup. Yesterday brock's okay okay. Yes yes well. He hasn't been anywhere else this year anyway <hes> john sterling on the fan four more homers for the yanks increasing their august total to seventy. They have just blown the couple of days. Let me another off today. So what does it one more details against the orioles no. Did they really today's the twenty nine. Th right and we're in august has thirty one days. I don't know so friday and saturday thirty one day beautiful thirty days have september in november all the rest app right who has twenty except when it's twenty nine. You haven't heard that one juror no really jerry. We know you never never learned that little. Whatever you wanna call it a little ditty. Yeah for kids like in school. How you remember all right you and i both and we're separated berated by how many years a few a few gary sanchez opened the scoring with a two run shot. Aaron judge went deep again his fifth in his six game and d._j. The may have kept his multi hit game of the year with a four hundred twenty one foot blast in the ninth yankees seven mariners multi games fifty four and he's not the m._v._p. League fifty don't have a job might be was not that high. He doesn't have a eight warlike. Mike drought and war twenty games out of five hundred now. It's only about five hundred twenty games out. Gotcha bombers complete three-game sweep for aaron boone who knew his guys. He's coming back from an o._e._m. Three-star from a mindset standpoint of never had reason to to be concerned with these guys and and what they're going to bring <hes> for the next day for the next series paxton won on his six straight start only allowed one hit over five that was a two run homer that we also walked five but managed to limit the damage facing his former team is definitely weird <hes> for sure <hes> new experience facing a team with for such a long time without his best stuff to see you know feeling that way being able to go out darren give myself what i can accomplish improve to eleven and sixth and the outpitched one of the guys. The yankees traded to get him rookie justice sheffield who took the loss. Here's judge john he and his teammates no panic after getting swept in oklahoma faith in this team and you know we're never really panic when we get down and you know you know serious happened throughout the year you know especially all the good teams lose a come on that. He's home run by the way a little bit like syndergaard a little no. I don't know i happier than syndergaard but aspect to sound like him though that really. I'm pretty sure josh thought that was a pop up the way you kind of put his head down and that i i mean i know i'm watching it yesterday. When judge at the home run and it was david cone was recalled during the game and going on about the launch angle oh my god yeah eh exit velocity put up put up angle was fifty two right. They put up a graphic showing the change in judge from the slump fighting forty eighty seven games post. I l launch angle. They had joe poll percentage. That's why i'm so happy on media old percentage i am. I'm so happy that like i'm not media. Not the beginning that i gotta worry about launch angles. I mean you really have to worry about you. Know eh number on jangle was fifty two at usually the lord tangles twenty. I mean what come would you like me. Explain to you what it means. No i don't really wanna care well. Exit view reason behind it. All has hit more home runs that went out at a faster speed than any other guy the major leagues who cares you clearly. I liked the exit velocity. It tells you how hard you hit the ball. Yeah the guy can see do. I need to know miles an hour off fixed on the miles per. No you know the radar d._j. Dustin johnson dr three hundred and forty yards. I don't look you know what his his swing speeds pretty fast. I get that yeah. I don't oh need one hundred and eighty miles an hour the ball three hundred and forty yards. That's fine but i'm just saying guys went twenty twenty minutes in his career. Uh understand i just wanna say boy. That's kind of what i was getting a lot of money yeah of course of course he did. The chiller shallow lifted with groin tightness boone think it was serious yasser today. I'm not arguing all right not arguing. Did you ever see the usual suspects. No i have no clue really the last movie i saw was ben all right the who's nineteen sixty three watch movies either but this one i saw and i get the sense ensure the way i'm kind of getting. I figure this. Is you at the end of the usual suspects. The guy walks around with the limped home movie right and it's a big act oh okay and then he gets up from the cherries and at the very end and he's limping and then and then all of a sudden he's slowly gets back to normal speed. I feel like that's y'all get out of the car. You know who did that was the personification on occasion at at the great great football player of all time the great jim brown jim brown would get the ball right you give the ball he'd run over thirty guys you know he's running at any get up like like love it anyway he would get up and go back to the huddle like he could never was never walking again and then you give him the ball again he you guys again. You know like it was unbelievable. Smart with the greatest of all time he is the goal jim brown just saying i'm with you yanks her back home to open weekend series with oakland on friday. They should have luke boyd. <hes> look void rather back from the ilo preseason finale tonight for the football local to the patriots six six thirty coverage here on the fan if you'd like to lock in for that daniel jones will get his first professional start even though it's an exhibition game plan. I don't know good question. I have happening you got what is it lola and the other kids order alex decide either way away for a crappy fourth preseason game which they all pretty much are. It's something with the gym with the giants play again. Jets eagles not so much. No jets are gonna rest pretty much. Everyone who's davis webb dot net game probably right. I guess unless trevor simian is going to get a now. I don't even know if he's playing. I wouldn't even play that would even play in needs who said that fliegelman said that sydney siemian is gonna fly which is a problem. He said simians gonna play like a quarter series or two right. They made a trade yesterday traded for a corner. Yes yes <hes> nate hairston. The colts who could corner and essentially metal corner last year and essentially got benched late in the year. He didn't play week seventeen or another playoff awesome so yes they had to one of which they got for darren leaving. They traded him to kansas city. So whichever is the great first round pick watch. I go to kansas the sitting beside you really should. I should have done in my basement. I should put up like the pantheon of first round second round. Pick disaster was the first year right well those two but the first round the first round is kind of stick out you know when barb goldstein the other day. I never heard of you would call it. The blair thomas almost knocked us off the air with your high pitched reaction colston disgrace bart broad wall. He was mentioned all these guys. I know but golden in particular your you went up. I still i still they'll look bad thomas because because he was just on the guy was great at penn state. I was so excited when they draft third or fourth pick in a draft or whatever it was and he was personified of a bus tour you never ever know. You don't know yeah absolutely don't know so through. Let's check in with jerry jones who was <hes> daily with his <hes> his head on one five three the fan in dallas and he did apologize those guys he was sean and arja yeah. He was like listen. I wouldn't wanna miss. Everybody was in chicago ago dealing with the c._b._s. Negotiations with the <hes> with the union the other day so he was a day late so they get to him yesterday and of course they wanna know all about ezekiel elliott and he said we've got no update it blah blah blah blah but they are preparing to begin the season obviously as if elliot will not be with we may be will play without a player that is not. I'm not coming in on his contract. So if that's the case we'll just play so now. We're at the point where we're just kind of referring to him. As the player who's not unscom later on he did say ferdowsi the museum but at this point jones is hoping that at some point they can get together for a little face to face because he feels that would be more effective than staying there. They're separate side. We all know that agents attorneys <hes> all have their agenda and so <hes> the straighter it goes from the source to two one receiving it nine times out of ten. That's more efficient. I do agree with him on that. When do you think this whole thing is going to come to a head. What's did you feel midseason. Mid-seas play half to you. I know all right. No i don't and i don't think the cowboys are going to buckle so this is going to be like when emmitt sat out the first couple of games the season i think it was ninety three and they lost the first again and again. What happens if that happens that happens what happens if they get out slow see. This is a different frontino. I i still look at this team defensive team. I think they're going to win. Games defensively and i think you know there's no doubt that they're much better on the offensive offensive side with ezekiel. Sorry i'm not saying that but i think they are so good defensively that i still think they'll win games and he did allude to that play cut for you later in the show about you know we want zeke when it's when it's crunch time essentially late in the year when they're making their playoff push made the reference of you know if he's there for the playoff right all right. I'm kind of putting the cart before the horse. They're a little bit <hes> yes. I've listened. They got big expectations here. Sure speaking of running backs half the year kareem hunt obviously has this game suspension with the browns at the league or the browns had asked the league big if he could at least be around the team during the suspension for his own wellbeing okay league said don't so starting saturday at four eastern he will be on his own to figure out how to you know stay in shape and stay out of trouble and half the year and then got antonio calloway the wide receivers gonna miss four games as well isn't that normal though it is but i think they were appealing to the league because because it's a longer suspension and because they i think wanna take care of him and make sure he stays out of trouble and you know kind of look after them and provide the resources that can you know keep him on the straight and narrow arrow. I think they were hoping the league would make an exception but as we know they're pretty stern with their policies whether it be drug tests related or discipline related so he's going to be on his own time for them to zayn ezekiel elliott. Go ahead right before week four sunday night football in new orleans there you go. Why do you say that story line the giants winnable with or without my good at home. You're in washington ice. I'm sorry i just don't expect much from the redskins. You play home against against miami. Okay sung football new orleans if i'm them i probably have that date circled as that makes sense be good so we'll okay 'cause then you gotta stretch of the saints the packers the jets the eagles not easy mo u._s. open last night so we're going to be seventy five percent cowboy fans fans at the lovely metlife stadium metlife giant stadium good serena survived against the seventeen year old katie mcnally three-setter sister venus lost and a bunch of other people want as well very good. Thanks chris good job doing a brilliant job. How'd you followed by the way he's good. He's fine. Tell me so. I will six forty five on the fan and c._b._s. Sports talking to settle yesterday to okay. Maybe we'll do this every morning. I got to play to play golf with you. I don't maybe he should just play since i'm too slow we discussed but jerry said you picked it up doc young. It's the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti the boomer and geo townsend roger daughtry madison square garden on september first and we've got your tickets at six thirty five and eight thirty five a._m. All this week and the yankees fans. It's day two of our two day yankees box office blitz. Listen this hour in every hour until six p._m. For your chance to win tickets to the bomber summer series against the texas gers september second through fourth with one grand prize winner upgraded to delta sleet tickets. It's all from your flagship station. Go for yankees talk tickets and every game along with great concert tickets the fan sports radio one zero one nine f._m. And sports radio sixty fifty six w._f._a._n. And w._f._a._n. F._m. new york who radio dot com sports station 709 no no nine on the fan and c._b._s. Sports network our number dose jerry and joanne for boomer and geo coming a little while mike cosco's evil and a good wake lake. We'll get to that a couple of minutes but your calls now eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six a lot on the n._f._l. The baseball too of course but the n._f._l. Certainly does touch a nerve with people as joe points out by far the most popular sport in this country for sure in terms of the schedule the contract all sorts of things like that andy in new york. You work city. You're up with jerry and joel the fan. What's up andy andy so two things the first thing being. There's no way that the n._f._l. Players are going to do anything and negotiate anything because the average life span is four years so with that being said putting aside eli manning putting aside then my office burger and and i and tom brady most players play for years and that's it but with respect to the super bowl being played on a on a sunday. Are you there air. We lose him. He's gone. I think it was about playing president's weekend. I think he was in favor of it now. He wasn't he did not. I said the n._f._l. Never would do it because of the travel. That was his claim traffic travel weekend for people that they i don't know i wanted to see what you guys thought of that but yeah that's where he didn't. I don't think the n._f._l. Worries about buddy but the n._f._l. Shouldn't yes i. I would agree you want if you're the n._f._l. Right that's fine but the n._f._l. Isn't worry about anybody. I agree. They pretty much set the standard will be at the super bowl whether it's a big travel weekend let's be real. You know what i was thinking about. Two second <hes> it's amazing linked to me how sometimes they will discuss whatever other league might be in terms of wasn't the n._b._a. When they did the two-three to format in the vinyl it's all about hotels and yeah baseball not have those issues because you never know who it's like the baseball. It's different though i think based. The two three two to format baseball is not like the same thing in the n._b._a. I mean the problem with that is my mind okay and understanding. I it's it's that way too. I guess in the playoffs more condensed this though yeah right the n._b._a. Stretch glad that they changed that around now on the n._b._a. Did they went back to the two to one one one understood what it should be but in terms of the way the schedule always broke down baseball was the everyday you'd get the one little break for travel but the n._b._a. Was always the stretch it out with. The long breaks in between the game like a series take two zero. No it's ridiculous only still does that. I mean they do it in the first round takes two weeks exactly and it's absurd even when it was a five-game first round and what they say forever. It's ridiculous nicholas. Here's mike and melville at gerry joe. It's mike how are you. I love you and i'll still love you after this call but you're killing me mom and miller ruin win baseball football baseball mike. I understand what you're saying and i was very upset. You're so you're not wrong what you're saying but we're going to look out for the players okay. I'm looking. I'm on the players side here when it comes to football because these guys lives are on the line every damn sometimes you go on that field whether it's the practice field. It's a different game. It's not baseball a different game what you're right about that but then you know whoa don't play if you're going to worry about that. Stay at college and get a degree door for an electric company of a why she of hold on the white lies. Should they not play. Why shouldn't they be protect their the game you know let's let's let's stop the nonsense here. The game of football is the players. It's not the owners. It's not the referees. It's stuff. Players can matter of accepting the risk not no no. It's not a matter atarot accepting the risk. It's trying to minimize the risk. We know the risk but it's time to stop looking at the players like they're nothing but pieces pieces of meat that are expendable and start to look at them as what they are. These are what's making you millions and millions and billions of dollars the the players but they're stupid. How do you want to compensate them and it not affect ocean. When the game was baseball i understand yeah but that's a personal decision of whether or not they want to do it and this whole thing. I don't want to seem like a complete. You know no good guy yeah. I get it. They should got some competent medical course at the rest of their lives and all that stuff i get there should be no more extra gained. It's too much they should be to buy weevil make i get it but you i. I'm gonna tell you this. I couple of us. Eighty was two years ago. You guys had a mind. I got to meet the great earl campbell football royalty earl campbell greatest running backs that ever played the game. He's an in my mind certainly top ten. Maybe even hired in right and i got to meet him. I was always a big fan of his. You know i rooted for them. When they played the steelers those two championship games they lost you know back in <hes> in <hes> seventy eight and seventy nine that team love you below and all of that and i got to meet her campbell. Who's in a wheelchair. Okay guys in a wheelchair. Now i can't walk. He's like like he's younger than me. He can't walk and i got to meet him. I was thrilled. They got to meet the guy and i felt like oh. My god watching this guy. This guy was a man dan. I mean this guy was the man he was man. He would run over. These guys speed power. It was unbelievable and to see this guy who i admired so much you know i i. I'm a jet fan but i love darrel campbell to see this guy sitting there like that and now wheelchair oh man but why do you think that's gonna change well. I don't but i understand it's not gonna change but we got to at least start to look at it more from the players perspective then they just about making money making money making money and not giving a damn about these guys down the road. That's it that's that's making you wanna change thing. Make a guarantee. That's for sure through a question about that. No question about the one hundred percent one thing about the caller said that is right. You choose to play. I get it and again a more than ever. You decide together this again. How many of these guys i mean you're basically arguing against yourself because how many of these guys is football players themselves you wanna tell me the league doesn't care about them. That's fine. I'm not gonna argue with you. Don't necessarily believe that totally because players players in there saying they're making a flag football which way you want it. No no outlaw these dangerous hits or do we want it to be violent stand but you might be in a wheelchair in twenty. I understand it. Bipolar report is of course looks beauty game but my point is that we can't make it any worse than it is now by adding more games to there's no need for more football games games. There's no need for more playoff teams. It's perfect the way it is now. Let's leave that alone. Let's throw another by there and you're right. I agree with you hundred percent. It's time anthony's guys to be getting guaranteed money. Not just the signing bonus signing bonus and to be clear in a lotta cases. Signing bonuses are ridiculous guaranteed money. It is and those contracts because of the way it's written are really moving more towards hundred million dollar contract with seventy five million dollars in guaranteed money so it's not like they're signing. One hundred million dollars season is guaranteed but they should be guaranteed contracts because you're exactly right on any snap their life could end and let alone injured right so i agree with that. That's what they signed up for. Though i n d s ryan shazier i understand i mean i totally get. It's a shame ryan says here's a great. He's a great exam. You still have guy sitting there saying it's flag football. Yeah i mean game. It's not it's not flake. Of course it's not it's not the game. I grew up guy. You know i mean look. I mean you know dick butkus. Would actually you know he admitted to actually go out and try to hurt. Yes i mean there's no doubt about it. The eighty five bears you could. I'd say whatever you want about you know. Everybody went crazy about about the ball with greg williams. If you think buddy ryan wasn't you know paying his guys to go out and not quarterbacks out back in the eighties. You crazy we. We know you're kidding yourself. If you don't think that was going down here's mark and branchburg with <hes> joe and jerry on the fan. What's up more and more power. You what's going on how you guys doing marc gel. Oh i heard you talking about jet. Draft picks the day and i'll give you one that really drove me nuts and i'm a jet rutgers guy okay stephen hill thirty miles away was muhammed. Sudan took stephen hill so new who caught one hundred and ten passes his junior year at rutgers nine. Oh look i mean we could go on and on with guys. Jets didn't draft. I mean that's that's legendary unfortunately right now. I mean you know to to blit. Thomas emmett smith. Was there ever smith went. I don't know how far down in the draft that was a ninety one draft how flawed where was he in that point twenty third. Yes something like that. I think right i check. They could've took junior say al like two picks later than they did. They took thomas who was a disaster. I mean we find out where am it was. It was almost one hundred percent sure he was in that draft ninety. I guess it was a ninety draft. Not ninety-one let me see here nine. I wanna say twenty doesn't sound right though to me. I think it was a ninety draft was thomas right. Seventeen nineteen. Mike yeah nineteen ninety ninety. Thomas was what four three i'll get the entire nineteen ninety eight with seventeen now so you're saying it was seven. He was the second pick komo. Thomas was the second pick yeah and again that goes to the whole when i love when we give drafty grades hell. No you don't know you have george one. One career blair thomas to hall of famer cortez kennedy three keith mccann's four right the linebacker from alabama alabama tampa hall yup hall of famer junior say affi- right mark carrier six corner safety on where seven to the lion heisman trophy winner to good lord chris singleton right yeah eight richmond webb nine ray agnew ten mitchell was a decent player released but if you look at this you would think if you pick in the top ten you're getting a hall of fame potential hall of fame talent. You know that's who of them. Two of them ended of hall of famers and i'll go one further. Two of them add careers now. How do you characterize george. It was okay. He was a jeff. George was a disappointment employment disappointing amazing. Throw the ball through a two million dollar arm and ten cent head. Now is pretty much joy yeah so <hes> yeah. I mean ed very disappointing career. There's no that obviously blit. Thomas was was out and out disaster but we could go on and on with the guys you know hall of fame you use it as kennedy was aspect. He was third famer out of the u. Exact some of these names i mean just just first round names in general right the top thirty something players in the country in the world. There's been a couple of drafts where the jets ejects action the jets the one the johnny lam jones draft when it got johnny lam was at. I think it was eighty. Okay tracy to number one picks to move up to get johnny lam jones to number one. How how about the year they traded to number wants to move to dwayne robertson. How about down remember that. Oh my to number wants to move up to get him. Yeah what i mean. These kind of disasters astor's that the jets have done this is one of the reasons why they haven't been to a super bowl fifty years. Maybe the biggest reason beside the ownership which always been terrible but i mean you know fifty years his and they made more. I mean those that johnny lam jones trade. All how bad was and i don't wanna get recently passed away johnny yet some yet a lot of health issues news and i don't want to get on johnny. Lam jones and i got a good story. If you want to hear later about johnny lam jones sto when i met him once but this guy would like richard todd withdrawal lopez to his feet in the guy who jumped green giant landfills nevoso appears he couldn't drop. I'll tell you a quick story. Sorry about dr jones nineteen eighty-five monday night game eighty five was the year they look like the best team in football eighty five eighty six fix but they went eleven and five eighty five eighty five they went eleven and five okay division that year okay and wound up brute game to the dolphins. Okay okay late in the year. Marino hit the walked down the sideline against bobby jackson. I could still see it now. I don't want to get into it and beat them like late late in the game but it was a monday night game and i was married to my first wife at the time and i'm going through the game and the place brad van pelt place right on paterson plank road pl- place called the front row. I don't know if you've ever remember this place but it was big place to go before <hes> before games jet games. Whatever so i'm in the front row monday night my my buddy my ex wife hanging out at the ball right having a drink before the game because back then it was nine o'clock starts right yeah so i'm having a avenue drink and i see guys got like a big cowboy hat on and my god this guy you know it's gotta be football player and i'm telling my buddies guys play if he plays for the giants for the giants right. Go up to me. I walk through my say. <hes> excuse me you play for the giants. 'cause i play for the jets. Have you played for the jets. I said well you guys a plant that i we play for the jets. I'm hurt right now. Excuse me what's your name. Johnny lam jones johnny. You am jones well. Let me tell you right now. After about a ten minute conversation johnny john jones my ex wife at the come in and save the day because let me tell you right now. I was all over this guy first of all that he wasn't playing and second of all that he was terrible and i say my ex-wife kind of saved the situation there because the i think the guy was ready to belt me very thank you was because he was you know i'll never forget that night. Man johnny lam jones may he rest in peace. Let me say two on that note seven twenty-three on the fan and c._b._s. Sports now were quick break. We're coming right back. We are live the investors bank studio. We will get lopresti in here next. Don't go away on the ten ten wins traffic center. I'm karen stewart with supplyhouse dot com fan highway patrol big problems on the east and west sides of the city the f._d._r. 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Don't honor hard work something we all can relate to i mean this is a hard work in town and no vehicles goals work harder for you than ford trucks hauling towing performance you name it and now you can save on ford f. one fifty and adventure ready ford ranger just head on the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti boomer and geo billy squire uh-huh. I don't even billy squire high eighties all right. We know the names. I couldn't tell you they needed to notes. I know probably meet two russian news tomorrow. How long you take your identifier songs. The best play me something. I don't know i found probably jay z. Probably not long your john. Laura sixty seventies eighties stuff geodesy disorder with mike. We did it like two weeks ago he did you did yeah when i was on the today. Show singing all right. How quick you the song yeah something like that yeah. He you got like ninety five percent of what was the second miyaji was okay. I was here hours here too. Yeah yeah forgot. You weren't on updates that yeah sorry florida right. I don't know why i don't remember you had was in the right place jerry. I'm always trying to think it's you know. Do whatever you want to but yeah. It doesn't take it won't take long. I'll tell you that i'll say that's right. Gee try to try to trick him and he he did not have much you could trigger them and i would say i would have gone to secons pins and no it depends. I would think he's good since i just got blown up. Save us sorry brad just noticing boy lonzo. It just missed a home run that by town fair tire. Nobody beats town fair tire. Nobody disastrous first inning for noah syndergaard the pitch swing a high fly ball. That's well hit deep left center this polls going and it has gone to run opposite field home abroad for an app. That's how he rose on w._c._b._s. After striking out leadoff magic and hayward the wheels came off quickly for syndergaard he hit nick castanos with an o. Oh to pitch and proceeded to allow five hits in the inning sandwiched around a big ahmed rosario error hap- kept the rally with two run homer six nothing cubs after the top of the i two run homer kyle schwab born the second two run shot for castanos in the third ten runs nine earned charge to syndergaard across his three innings of work match tried to fight back the end up losing ten to seven in a row here syndergaard who said he felt pretty much the same as he did. During a stretch of eight quality starts numbers they looked good but in terms of line being comfortable with kind of felt the same he was actually saying that he hasn't been comfortable in any of those eight prior starts either and in this particular one it caught up to him it was kind of sick and tired of not being super comfortable and kind of unathletic on the mound so he's i pretty much the same as i have for the last eight straight starts had adler what does that means it feels like stiff like his his motions not fluid and he's kind of like search marco balletti in here because marco told me wait till you hear syndergaard excuses excuses button here point. I've said time and anke fan yes well. Whatever i don't know i mean he's saying he thought it was. He thought we good material today that you were going to go off on syndicate because he said i feel unathletic athletic but that's not what he said. He was making excuses so i kinda rolled with that. Last hour. Thing in chris was gonna have all these clips and then he's looking at me. I'm not what i heard basically horse manure his blanket come here. Here's marco balletti with the yankee hat on okay. That's fine. That's markos vildan before war so he's comfortable. Explain to me so this morning. I walked in and you're like you're gonna today. Joe is going to go nuts of these clips to play syndergaard making excuses excuses yeah everything they're playing everything but an excuse helped me out play the ones with the excuses batteries uncomfortable but he said that the context also said he didn't feel comfortable with stocks before natwest pitch great. He said i hope he goes to the numbers. Were good but i haven't been able to get comfortable. He's taking the eight prior starts that were quality. He's like i wasn't comfortable either the same tonight as i did and the other eight starts and just it didn't work out this time and then he's also so in the first inning i had good stuff. It just didn't work yeah that when we didn't get to also say stock last night in fairness that one that you played is not in our regular stuff you had that night and have access to and i didn't hear it until you actually played it so whoever was on tape last night and he has the you know where it wasn't in the rack that i had <hes> so fairness. I didn't hear that just kind of a different perspective on things definitely a terrible feeling disappointed myself. I had the opportunity to go out there and and <hes> do something big deny and let the team know you. I'm can't here but that's that's. That's the one cut that i didn't have access to the only ones i got were. It was uncomfortable. I can't get right. I had good stuff. It just just didn't work. Come on imagine cutting syndergaard last night in leaving out the one of the biggest conference who is the winter. We don't need to go the best. I understand and you sobe unless i update. I was kinda like or that. One come from heard birth unless the post game play that and then we got that from raw feed. I don't know this is this is the problem with a lot of people around here the new their job well or not well. Yes you can't always rely on what's just right after the game. I agree through so much stuff out there and try this. There's this really cool thing. You might not have heard of joe. I'm not sure i know you don't like technology technology. You guys might have it's called google or twitter google twitter and host the nightly whoever was on tape. Oh no the yankees put afternoon going to say they would have been here late so i don't know looking to get out early. I guess so well. You didn't do what purpose so sorry. Anybody heard we're constant you know nonsense and then the first one that ceelo plays did take your on winds right this morning yeah. Could you play that clip on wins. <hes> i can get to yes i can't it's in the only file. Please do only folded w._f._a._n. Only that's where all the good stuff is housed joe. That's where my stuff goes. Okay jerry i would. That's well vacuum or yeah right. Yes if i if i said the word burly to you. Do you know what that means. <hes> burly guy gary burley was a linebacker for cincinnati. Sanad bengals zoo hit bo jackson and really ended his career with the hip injury game. Yeah gary burley went to pitt wow. Didn't we know. I say what i didn't know that i can remember pretty sure. That's the guy hit how 'bout adobe audition you know. I never know all right carter. Matic sounds good like a game like a board game. It's not thinking of strata matic well but it does this oughta matic feel to it feel when we talk like many wet fish today. I'm staying away from all right back to syndergaard. He didn't get a lot of help from his defense. Specifically rosario also awash dot com that might might have to jump on bounty careful there why you never know what fish com by the way they know his cox <hes> sponsorship the only difference to winnings the game someone today that they mentioned it did did they see because i'm watching the both starting infield. They must rotate sponsorships starting. No it wasn't that's what i'm saying. I was gonna say maybe later on and then and then there was at one point and i i have to cut up the five and a half minutes that boys did in the third inning where the game was out of hand and nordstrom sponsored. Some and keith went on some long rant about how great the shoes are at nordstrom. One of his toes is longer than the other and yeah. That's what happens when it's a blowout things get a little weird fish. Dot com is taken when i wasn't coming up but if i go to register dot com for the main so someone bought it but they've not actually put any sense to make an offer if you'd like to make him an offer fuse okay okay great <hes> anyway rosario also allowed the kris bryant pop up to fall between himself and j._d. Davis leading off the seven a couple of times this year. Yes here's mickey. Calloway on look like rosie had a beat on it look like j._d. Davis was coming in battle in the rain and neither one of them got. The subsidies are god. You're he always says j._d. Davis is full name. He never says davis or j._d. Everyone else has nickname rosie o. j. d. davis davis davis says a little misty out there. He couldn't see it went up in the sky and put my head running running and put my head up and he was trying to battle. Those raindrops went up in the sky where where else these poor guys anyway. Davis slammed lambda glove upon getting back to the dugout. He was pretty frustrated. He did homer in the fifth along with jeff mcneil to highlight a five run rally but there were missed opportunities the rest of the way they had the tying run at the plate play with no one out in the ninth couldn't get anything done against craig kimbrel three for fifteen with runners in scoring position by wet fish for seventy dollars. Eleven men left on base seventy. That's what someone's holding holding out for. That's what it looks like. Yeah i mean seventy bucks how much they paid for it. Initially thirty maybe almost double the mom totally was ashort word. I stay goodbye what fish for seventy i mean. What does that mean myself. I don't get it. I'm lost. I told jokes on me. I just said i was going to try and register wet fish dot com. Oh i see okay. It's somebody already. Yes someone has it but they're not doing anything with what people do for seventy seventy dollars you can get a website a- as entitled wet fish fish. That's exactly what i see. Someone may have someone may have already blocked off joe beningo dot com hoping that someday you'll want to start your website. There's there's absolutely no jazz one first of all they would know how to spell his last name correctly. That's that's why i mean you know you would think they should good right unless they've seen it written no. I don't think so it's not pronounced the way so you could buy so. I could buy a website well first of all. There's is no website name out there. You could just take that right to register. Pay a feeder right okay. I don't believe so. Let's say <hes> all the love dot com. Oh yeah there's no chance on savell helpful. You lucas bid for it though okay okay and that one you you might want to be be careful with going go to that one. <hes> joe beningo dot com is not available online now not available stop. I can't believe people actually use other. People's is names for dot com opening probably like tom brady dot com. That's not tom brady year. Probably how about oh the pain dot com hold on. I'm packing out with joe. I hit my elbow here all right. We'll say chris said it looks like it's just part for waiting for someone like someone. Someone's waiting for you to come on. Really someone's waiting for you to come back and take that no you can't take saying what do you mean. Somebody's waiting from see what the deal is so people get these dot. Com names secured them with somebody. They hold it well. They can make money off when you buy this first. Aid people made a fortune registering pepsi. I get it okay and and only all the love dot com. No it software company name. Okay there. You go got it three for fifteen with scoring position. Eleven men left on base. Yes that's right. That's what i have to do now because i want because i want to play this for joe galloway always looking for the silver lining right off. What is the edward the course of course manage to find one game last night. It was fantastic. We had two innings seawall two innings out of brock d. He is was the best i've ever seen them beth ever seen in a big guy out ten to one school with the game he pitched the eighth so real six and seven yeah seven right ten six. It's still a game yeah. I guess so it sounds funny but especially friday night he he was okay but did you not did you watch any of his his tape from last year in seattle a one point nine e._r._a. It's the managers the best he's ever christina someone. Who's that too well. I wonder if this waiting for somebody to buy for you have a long way. You're right yeah. Ah so the way the big thing with diaz which mickey also talked about is apparently he switched the grip on his slider the question of why wait until game one thirty approach gras good good. Why right but you like like you said. Why did you wait till two roy. How are they going to marrano about the cutter at the same. Do i have my own website. There chris lopresti dot com not available now i do not i have never registered domain. Sorry to say sorry to break your heart on that the yankees. I'm supposed to wrap up. They won seven three they hit former homers. Seventy smiling swung at it in their loved it as high as far eda's just fair you know sanchez than the baddest box got the fair sign. It went right right down the love the sand gino. Do you watch this home run trot by the way for sanchez i get he okay wasn't they called it fair. Just run around the basis dude. It took him like david. Cohen said that maybe he was joking. Thirty nine seconds hoskins yet the reason right. This was just like i. I'm not sure if it was fair and i'm gonna take my took forever and then they did review. I dunno look pretty clear to me on replay down the line but it's a home run. I also that the frazier non homerun homerun was pretty clear last night and they reviewed that yeah so some players seven three oh three game sweep five and four road trip off today home as tomorrow night sounds good and dan jets play. The eagles are metlife john on the sand at six thirty right jerry jones gets the start. It's the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti bloomer in all right hour number three eight twelve on the bannon says sports network joe in jerry informed boomer and geo. We'll get lopresti in here. Just a couple of minutes. <hes> do the cops coming in a second but you sparked a thought. We were talking about the whole <hes> youtube game okay announcers ally. The podcast will allen. I will on the podcast. We'll talk a lot about the feel of a game and you know the the announcer has a lot to do that and i know you were talking about. Gowdy bian for you one yes when i think back. It's all well. I don't think anything will ever i think across any sport will ever pass summerall and madden for me. They were tremendous for me. That was it when you will always the other thing too. I always tell boomer to no question about about that. I do agree with that and i know you don't like the pre game shows but with the n._f._l. Today when i was a kid musburger likes to but back back then the n._f._l. Today when it was brent musburger irv cross phyllis george and jimmy group right. I would watch that all the time we know their access to different right right it was it was that was a big deal because like now it's like pre game. Show start on wednesday the early you know it's a different world but i used to watch that. Although you kidding me all the time it's a summer all madden madden for me. Were cross and right now. Probably when you look back now even though like when i was when i was growing up it was kurt gowdy now dear goddess regattas got. It did the giant games as well on radio monte glickman before that anyway. They were phenomenal but you're right. I mean probably if i look back and say the best announcing team of all time is probably we summerell in that answer. My question probably because probably is that breen. There's a big feel to it now. Basketball mar of obviously big field as the greatest basketball announcer of all time is more valve it. It's not even there's not even a debate. They're the best ever hard argue with him yellow <hes> but i but i would agree. I'll agree with the with what you know what we just talked about. If i look back over all the years okay of all the different the play by play teams that we've seen over all years they probably our number one. It's hard to it's hard to say. Buck is good too good very down doing the game. It's a big game. Tony romo now is really become. An amazing where i mean romo calls the place before before they happen now. He sees the formation he he knows. What they're running. Race could do that too. They just haven't made. I do believe that. Maybe romo is in early on took the chance a few times i knelt it right engine ran with it right and you know him and nance pretty good. I want to give you a guy to watch this guy. I always say or yesterday. It's now i always i always feel comfortable and not necessarily with his partners partners okay but he this guy is anybody could be guys. Just like mauve mauvais had the ability that anybody who was his partner. He made them good right. Mob was what else guys. It made the guy with him a much better. You know i mean john. John andrews was great. I mean marvin john andrews two games we were great but mom would have so many different partners and he would elevate that guy whoever it was well the guy now that i would put in that category is i in eagle. Eagle is the almighty god i mean he i could be sitting there with him and he'd made me look good. That's how that's how good or an announcer i-in is for football and basketball and when does the n._f._l. Games with dan fouts fats is okay. Sometimes i think fouts like like happy to be there. I mean i get the feeling with fats. He's like mad that he's doing but whatever <hes> but i ain't is when when i was doing the game like and even though he did the buffalo disaster four years ago when a buddha playoff spot with balls in in buffalo when when i does game i feel like there's a comfort level for me when he does. I feel comfortable when eines game. You know what i mean. Does that make sense to you. Guys like your hometown guy guys like in the past when they would do jet okay minute are going to lose like quickey on n._b._c. back in the old days really going to a game and see now during the they'd lose yes. Oh fairness no question about when the cowboys were the blue jerseys on the road. I thought that was the announcer don creaky and i'd love to look up the record that that the jets had in games ames died creaky called games that i i saw quickey during the game how we're trouble trouble today. I believe quickey did the the infamous double overtime disaster against cleveland division around in the eighty six january of nineteen eighty seven. I pretty pretty sure quickey did that game and it it's only fitting that they were blow a twenty two ten lead with five minutes to go in that game and extended the two over time just to enhance the pain ailing pay me you know what i mean. One thing back to quickey hughes they were the jets will lose why i in his head and shoulders better than anybody yes is and and i think kevin kevin harlan has this ability to clearly his he does it with ease going back and forth t._v. Radio oh god like i n does a game on tv. V with precision know exactly what went wrong and then he can make the transition to radio so smoothly where he's calling everything not easy to do because a lot of guys that don't do it. Well no right. He does both he does it. Every day. Long you mosque it do that to mav also was able to make that transition radio transition. Not all can not all now. You're right about that real quick. I'm going to take a break so yesterday. Cosco i read the u-haul truck a ten foot boxster. 'cause i gotta get a bunch of garbage out. Okay so while we yes so i take it to the dump all that stuff so all we have the truck. We're we're on our way back to actually drop the trump and kim yes. We're going to drop the truck on but before we do since i rented it for three hours or an hour and a half ago. Let's just stop and costco. We gotta be my nine year old baseball team. I've got a big party this weekend. Let's just stop at costco. See if we can get a couple of things. Essentially we were going for paper dishes. She's in red solo cups. We went into costco. Paper dishes red solo cups. Okay walked out with a king sized bed frame mattress purpose boss. I really yeah now. Why did you fifteen hundred and fifty dollars graduate. What inspired you. That's a pretty big w._l._s. Generally you buy like a new mattress and box springs generally. You'll like this is what you're going to do right. You know what i mean. It's not something that oh gee like you. Go buy clothes. Oh i like that shirt up by. It's not the way you do with with bed. Springs a box spring mattress. We had discussed upgrading upgrading from the queen sized belka king sized bed okay and okay it was probably down the road. Maybe november december right as we were walking walking through cosco and i hate walking down the middle lanes too many people so he was go around the outside okay so my wife sees the mattress and she was on. I didn't realize they had these. This is kind of cool grams all all good check out the bed frames. We looked at each other. You know we got the truck. What's let's do it well well. It's the i was and i went home yesterday. Fifteen hundred bucks mattresses a forever. Actually price is really good. Okay i went home. Yesterday was supposed to be the one one day this week that i could relax after work nate putting the bed on into did it. You did it ready. I got rid of the old bed yesterday and put the new one up. Yeah got done watching the mets game when i finished the <hes> and that was when i missed the four runs when it went from two nothing six nothing right. I ran down to grab a wrench miss six. Nothing yeah yeah well so yes cosco amazingly awesome evil but we got it done. Hey look. I understand man i i. I could believe me i could walk in and buy clothes like you spend it thousand dogs close in a nanosecond what's close. I know but i mean still but it's it's it's different but it's still not really because of course spending a fortune right eight eight twenty on the fan c._b._s. Sports network your calls coming up lopresti coming up as well. We are live from the investors bank studio. It's the morning show with boomer morrison and gregg giannotti boomer and geo fast eight on a thursday on the ban c._b._s. Sports network joe and jerry in for boomer and gio in for me. His name is chris lopresti. We cut him short left. Our you've got plenty. It's on i was here. A major part in shallow wells has jerry is a major part of this show when he's here with boomer i understand is the way to set up. You get at one segment at our nice so you do what a quarter of the show <hes> third even before me four o'clock this morning. I hope i was here before point. That'd be a problem if i wasn't yeah for a couple of minutes before four. Today is the parking or a now as easy because school has just wait till next week around here. You're one school begins. It's different gary knows all right in those spots on the schools bob yeah. They don't start till next thursday got about that. I've been here. I've been it's amazing that that someone wasting your time because i'm half zombie when i pull up in the morning full of front of the building well if that works for great does brought to you by town fair tire. Nobody beats town on fair tire. Nobody so ten one bottom of the third last night at city field noah syndergaard of course picking a bad time for one of the war starts of his career so viewers okay v. v. I hadn't checked the game log on all his career numbers but okay great screw. Did they say that yeah well who makes decision the writer that he was really they did it on the broadcast to nine nine runs three innings. I don't know if he had stinker somewhere along the worst. You get worse so he was not fair. Urnov so blow out mode is activated in the booth in the bottom of shirt here right and that's when keith hernandez of course gets dangerous. Oh the nordstrom rack your favorite outlets. Russell fills up mcneil. I i didn't know you were nordstrom. Correct nordstrom has rate selection shoes and that leads to a discussion that record ryan certainly would've approved. I'm a size twelve and i would buy a ten and a half shoe and it would mold to your foot so it would be but that sucks are you horse sized twelve. Take ten and a half. She'll always had ten shoe because it would mold to your foot. My dad put it that way and my brother says it has day. My dad was wrong but i tell you what how good you knew broken net shoot that thing fit on your foot gary. Tell you not you lose. How have it because i got ten and a half feet i do how can you possibly have a twelve foot so i got a wedge it in there and you buy a foot size and a half less wearing near your near. What does your ten and a half. How could you get your feet in there. I have no idea maybe extra wide. I thought it was going to say you cut them. Open or something to get you know the point. He was like the problem was then. You know you get toenail. Gary is like no kidding to your feet right. Yes i'll play one more shorter. That's it because it just gets weirder. Second toe is longer than my other my big toe. We also have some. That's at deformity ron's. Like what are we doing here. Always slightly bigger than me. Yeah you don't wear but you don't buy shoes at our size and a half prefer the shoe a little bigger actually exercise. That's probably we're talking about. You know stirrups in the sock the white sox yeah. There's a whole sanitary insanitary right exactly yes and keith's nordstrom. There's a he lives in florida. There's a good nordstrom and he's not an online line shopper. He's got to go and try the shoe on ron. S._v. wanted to buy sources close by thankfully. The mets actually made it. A game with five runs the type of person that signs up for these revolving companies that just send you the shirt of the month now. You're not a month no way. I got to see you know. I'm very particular about certain stuff really yeah <hes> hint into stopping every little bit okay so the mets they did score five in the fifth and they threatened the rest of the way to any men left on base. They had to on no one out in the ninth. Nothing nothing across against craig kimbrel so the cubs win the game in ten seven. Here's syndergaard on the six run first inning where he allowed five hits a walk and hit a better so i missile really well it just wasn't going my way and by ahmed rosario didn't help but plenty of hard contact as well including a two run homer for ian hap- kyle's schwab went deep in the second castanos in the third defense was sloppy but mickey callaway says that was certainly not the difference. It'd be a stretch to say oh well. He would just let those effect. Am i don't. I don't think that was the case. Just couldn't get in the rhythm of the game that he wasn't a look on syndergaards face. I wouldn't play in a first inning. Don't tell me you wasn't affected by play. I'm sorry you're right. Calloway cut is more doesn't exonerate exonerate him for the debacle out there last night but you can't tell me that mentally that didn't do something that to me is another example of where degrom. Tom is just another level above. He usually buckles yeah. No doubt you know it's like it's like it reminds me of like if you're playing golfing. You guys play golf. See you probably going to agree with this. You sitting here with a birdie putt right and you wind up three-putted for bogey. Y'all yeah you tell me that doesn't affect you going to shut the question about it. It definitely does i agree and you mentioned degrom. Syndergaard says it's up to him to stop. The bleeding in the series. Finale on the mount is is into what he does best <hes> pretty. He's going to be pretty lights out for us tomorrow and we're just gonna continue. Play good baseball thought it was an interesting. I ah i really would you hear this from a another pitcher on a team where he said we have our ase spending the guard tomorrow especially john batchelor him. I thought that was something that he said especially him. Meeting was lar- ace himself as an ace and descend possibly acidly that he's an asymmetric wrong well. He said he said aces pitching tomorrow in touch with the gods but rarely would you hear a guy who's really the number to start and make that statement. I suppose i suppose i it's a good time to say that after you gave up ten three innings canada average on lester going for the three game road sweep the mets now four back of chicago for the second wildcard spot by the way. Did you see this yesterday from ken rosenthal about the mets parting ways with their scouting outing director jim deloite so now so they so matty covers the team as well followed up and he said he's well respected and liked by met folks sources sources continued to say mets behind the scenes an ugly situation right now and the expectation is lots of turnover in the offseason rhody yeah kind of getting college glee situation is not what you wanna hear their party with the guy say something like well. We're certainly why would we be surprised. I know but i would be. Nothing should be surprised prize but it's not what you want to hear. Put it that way right. I guess i guess i don't know what that means an ugly situation behind the scenes. Maybe they're not happy with what's going on and he's going. He's putting his stamp on this team. It happens every time you get a new head coach or new g._m. You get tired of the jets. The turnover had right and at times. We said things were pretty ugly over there. Obviously they're pretty stable ugly when gays basically forced mccain outright. That's part of it. Yeah i suppose all right. I'll take it back listen and if you're gonna die in your job you wanna go down with the guys that you hired. No that i just i not that. I don't expect them to make changes with the new g._m. I guess it was just the depiction of it sounds like there are people that are still going to remain working there behind the scenes. That aren't necessarily on board with the move but that's why brody gets paid. The big bucks bucks to g._m. He makes the decision right in seattle more homerun derby for the egg and the two to swan. I on the air to love field back goes loops on the track at the wall. She's guy another yankee home. Run at another home run by judge a judge asean blast. He homers deep love veal. All rise here comes judd. He's really been hitting the judge hard on on this trip because of a deep to left that was more of a wall scraper but that's okay six. The judge thought it was like a one a lowe's approach shots to the green hierarchy nice hi eight iron right yeah yeah john john john don't get me wrong we would be my only critique is when he does the high far thing and all right the question to get it out in a blink but it's also something that go out that he doesn't say that. He says she's gone when he's not sure right right at the track at the wall that's when he's not certain that it's gonna yes gotcha fifth and sixth games for judge six homers on the nine game road trip gary sanchez mike four d._j. Lemay you all went deep as well ford had had the tiebreaking solo blast in the fifth of the yanks finished off a sweep of the mariners winning seven to three. Here's aaron boone on his fill in first base more. He's been been great for us and <hes> you you know it's really been a huge present pit mostly at the bottom of our lineup and the power the strike zone control judge and forego way but you love us our first go ahead john due to cut for my i i <hes> minor league team in charleston and he's got a great at the plate and you know when you throw it over the middle of plays into a lot of damage with certainly did a lot of damage on the road. Everybody's like forty gaudy judgy cenci. Everybody's achie- kelly had rosie gotta say j._d. Davis every kid that i've been coaching. He's seven years now and and i've obviously in ten years. I've coached a lot of kids same thing i call them. I jack devaney like that's the nickname i i i last name for whatever reason from the time i got sirkin we was nine. He's fourteen or fifteen now. It's still an entire. I don't know why mike mike hey jack devaney. You're in the whole jack devaney. Check for the signs to say jack riddle. What's that mean the circle now that's next on deck back right back financially caring birdie putt you just made uh-huh and not enough of those going back with another multi hit game. James paxton picks up his sixth straight win only five innings. He walked five but allowed just one hit. It was a two run homer to kyle seager in the force keeping my aggressive approach you know kind of lost the handle their walked a few more that that i wanted to battled nice job behind the plate mixing it up and speaking of sanchez for some reason the mariners good idea to try and run on him and he to i could be wrong about this his his percentage right. Now is not great for the year. Is it not. I thought it was arm. He's rebate instrument early in the season. Was it this season or had. It been this early in the year. He had a bunch of errors but it was like you know the guys at second weren't i'm doing a good job of of picking the one hoppers and he was in getting charged with errors so it's kind of misleading because we were all looking at his defense last year with the past balls and i remember thinking that early of the season. I'm like well. It wasn't a bad throw but he got away now. He gets charged with the era so his percentage might not be great but yeah the arm strength is there and yesterday i mean he'd you cut down to guys but just throws ever wrong so good. Yeah i guess the mariners felt like maybe run some rock and ricky henderson wraps. Yes s. thing that went wrong in this one for the angsty or shell left the game with groin tightness but he's not too worried about no. I'm tunes. You're just got to tell you so that and they've got the off day today. A little time to rest up three game weekend series with the as at the stadium begins tomorrow night elsewhere the brewers moving ahead of the mets in the wildcard rabe ryota huron high deep drive field sudas staring three picks casting in here goes deep. It's three nothing milwaukee brewers radios cool off the cardinals four to one snapping saint louis to six game winning streak and the phillies one big twelve to three of the pirates hiring. They are still to back of the cubs in the wild card race. Kenley jansen blew the save. He's been struggling the dodgers. Those still one six four up padres nationals double up the orioles eight to four the braves handle the blue jays nine to four reds blinked the marlins five nothing this kid aristidies aquino again todd nationally rookie record with his thirteenth homerun of the month astros over the raise eight to six at his six in a row for houston. They are creeping up on the yankees and the dodgers for the best record in baseball twins eight white sox to the indians double up the tigers. There's four to two and some good news surrounding cleveland they plan to activate carlos carrasco on sunday and they're gonna win. The rosters expand so he's obviously was diagnosed with leukemia <hes> in june but he went on a rehab assignment. He's been pitching in the minor so they plan to have him work out of their bullpen. <hes> once he's activated this coming weekend preseason finale tonight for the football locals giants patriots retreats will have six thirty coverage right here on the fan of the jets and the eagles at metlife. There'll be no sam darnold olivia on bell amongst others will be ira though there will be ira. Yes going to get a couple of reps couple snaps you might the jets did acquire third year corner need hairston from the colts yesterday sending a sixth round pick next year's draft back to indianapolis. Let's jerry jones on one zero. Five three the fan in dallas resigned to not having zeke elliot to begin the season and he's just fine with us. We've got a marathon here and we won't take when we get to the play offs. We won't zeke when we're in the dog days of this as far as contract negotiations go or any hesitations on the cowboys part. Jones says it has nothing to do with zeke's character everything that i know which is everything. I think i'm very comfortable optimal with off. The field was e. Let me get that real clear. He's looking at everything. I know which is everything i think that's very that's an engineering nothing nothing else out there all the skeletons. I guess so anyhow <hes> he's opened me with face to face at some point. Leave the agent and the lawyers <unk> out of it n._f._l. Network got a hold of carli lloyd asking about the possibility of her playing in the n._f._l. I know that there's you know three hundred pound men on the line looking looking to block you. <hes> there's the pressure there's all that but this is what i do take some mentally keenan allen kunin allender to charges that some comments about i did announced in negative or pas. I think it was kind of it was kind of a negative comment. I think so you know basically about what's going to happen when she when she gets a kick blocked and now she's she's got wondering that as well and also kick off site imagine they wouldn't you might have to carry an extra kicker or use your punter kickoff because i would think that if something happened something like that happened. You're going to have some guy looking to go out and you know blow or up. I would hope not well. I would but i bet what would happen. I mean that guy would be vilified but i mean if she's in the way i understand in the ways one thing we're going hunting ford looking. I'm four. That's a different story. I wouldn't be surprised. I'll say all right. That's fair mentally. She certainly has the resume thrive under pressure at planet pressure and i think that you know i'm entertaining the idea in in considering it a lot more than you know. When i i <hes> i in it and as we talked about yesterday we're looking ahead to next year. Even though she apparently has some offers now this would be something that she would bill towards and work towards for next season. Did you see did you look up the norm looking up gary sanchez trying to find that through found okay. Where's your you're in the pack with runners out great. Does he below ten for forty one. He's at the bottom in the league all right so i take back with this. I mean the best one is actually the best one percentage wise in numbers wise. <hes> is not rommel's kim by the way i know he was safe at home anyway and the blooper from addison russell in the i can. He just catch a ball on a throw to home. I think he's constantly dropping the baseball diane a and he would have been out though i said but i feel like every time is replayed. The planes dropping the ball christian vasquez has thrown out nineteen runners and and forty nine attempts. Wow he's having a good offense if you've already red sox to pudge rodriguez as pretty good some of these numbers are impressive and sanchez has thrown out ten at a forty one right so not great and then two of them. Yesterday i mean those numbers of an updated was i think eight for so he was eight thirty nine all right so not great so then apologies apologies to the mariners and sorry it didn't work out for them. Yesterday we'll get you the kobe sound on shag next hour and also serena did win last night surviving three cetera against a seven around around here with the u._s. Open or three sets against a kid was a little bit of surprise yes but she moves. It's the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti boomer and geo oh award jobe guy not at all not real bruce guy yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah definitely definitely <hes> definitely although i think a lot of ways you know little overrated. I will say that all right because i think people get nuts like bruce's like the like like you got all these people that at a springsteen guys and it's like nobody else ever wrote a song in the history of mankind but bruce springsteen concert. I got to see him one hundred seventy five times. You could say that about a lotta bad. I guess i get that feeling with him. That like you know like at that. There was never anybody else. That ever did any kind of music one bruce concert. Did you core never win. Yeah i mean it was fine. He's really. I have no desire to go to concerts anymore. I went to law. I went to a ton of concerts when i was younger in his seventies and went to a lot out of concerts. When i was a college those years i really i have no desire to go to concerts anymore. I hadn't been to one in a while. I went to one of the arts center about a month ago. Bush live and our lady peace we didn't we didn't get in in time to see our lady peace. We missed most of bush was very good it but it was really the first concentrates on a long time i was great. It says that the gods say yeah in homedale and it was true. I really was was tremendous. Actually miss going to them but i went to a couple. Oh concert. I went to at the meadowlands at giant stadium. I think it was giant stadium bowl times wasn't the new metlife right was <hes> dave matthews band okay which i left after an hour because he didn't sing any songs they just rift which okay one song that was drumming barbie a weird and then i saw bruce once at the at the meadowlands orleans scott. It's gotta be ten years ago. Okay and i mean it was good. It was long and then it poured and then he started playing songs. I'd no idea what he's listening to so. I took off on that to the first. Let's see how far would it to me. <hes> darkness on the edge of town is my is my favorite bruce album born in the u._s._a. Yeah i guess kind of like the first number of albums born to run <hes> greetings from asbury park. The what is it the one the young the in a city street shovel whatever it is those the first four albums very very good born u._s._a.'s pretty good <hes> the river was okay after that you know that kind of lost a little bit to be very honest i've never been i mean i don't mind him. I don't like them dislike him bruce guy so now i like you know i wouldn't wouldn't put them in the top ten for me. You know he's out on that. Credence crew clearwater revival for you. Tremendous group tremendous sixties band john fogerty and i was great john this kind of had the turtles turtles a- howard kaelin and mark vollmann <hes> yeah no. They were good little happening together other g. I think you're swell eighteen eighty three the happy together tour with the turtles. My father used to be a big part of members was only right and they sponsored that tour really yes and we were at least by the tour. They sponsored the concert at the art center. Now i remember we had seats like thrower. Something pretty do a great job on <hes> also the dylan song eight me babe oh yeah fat but most greatest bob. I'm doing it. Bob dole is an all time great. There's no doubt but a lot of dylan songs that are done much better by other artists and don't and that would be one of the watch tower the question hendrix although let's see. I like his version mr tame marie i do. You don't think it's birds versions begnaud bob dylan's version a song my back pages by birds which also dylan song don't okay i have to hear. I don't think i know that one all right because i love dillon if you if not for you george harrison's viru dylan it's on the it's on your things must pass album from nineteen seventy here that you know by dylan's quirky to me like he's. It's an acquired taste but i you know i enjoy one song. That always got me about him. Lay lady lay choice though that's great. It's a tremendous. That's one of the best songs you ever did but that's not hey lady yet. Leyland wanted best songs. Don't ever did fine. That's not him though that was the exception to the rule every song you ever did. He had different type of voices rolling stone you like that of course that's the best greater breath eleven dollar bills and you only got ten. Let's go rhino anthony and stuck inside of mobile mobile with the memphis blues again. Goldblum might be my favorite album by blood on the tracks pretty tracks again. It's great here and you in the morning. Show <hes> it's it is crazy anthony. There's no doubt here on you and you guys were jerry <hes> even though you lost me on twitter let's see i think you do a sticky great job filling in and stuff. I think i've blocked anybody on twitter. Yeah you know what happened. I you're not gonna remember. I do the the saints will finding the cowboys and i think it was a thursday and the cowboys beat them if they just shut down the saints and you're all excited on twitter and i made a comment it like all right jerry. Go shaved your back. Go shave your back and you tell me shave you back. How you'll respond like okay ah five followers i hope i hope they're all laughs and what you find followers or something like that so you've and then you bought me my bad. Sorry i'm sorry it was you know what jerry i was just angry the cowboys that's all right. It's funny. It's all good reason why it was pulling. What do you what do you you think the chances all calloway coming back. I mean you think the mets up to make the playoffs. He's coming back. I'd i i got a bad feeling. He's drop dead here in september he's back. I don't <hes> they drop dead but i think if they stay in it on finish over five hundred. I think they're gonna keep him. I i gotta tell you now with that said i mean to me. Joe madden adding has been lobbying for the job. Joe madden made the comments joe mid joe madden made the other day about the mets and their rotation and all that he's a free agent the end of the year for the cubs. I think he wants to mitch up and i would. I would give it to a nanosecond but the problem is the mets but the problem is. They're going to pay him five million dollars a year yeah that that would take him hamlets already man that and i would love him of course of course it's a no brainer. It's a no brand all right and if they don't if they don't drop dead now if they don't go completely into the tank and wind up like ten games under five hundred or something like that. Let's say they finished you know another. <hes> a seventy seven win season all right if they finish. Let's say <hes> you know. I don't know eighty four hundred seventy eight and don't make the playoffs. I bet she's back. I betcha i bet she comes back. I do think it depends on how they get to that. Eighty four crews on the surface. You're right that looks like an improvement. They've been better they made run but if they got themselves back into it and then all of a sudden again the final week of the season. They have a week like they're having now. I don't know i really because again once he got left on was he got one more year on his deal jio calloway. What did you get a three year deal. Kelly what do you get. I'm not even sure at least three shore man yeah. I would think he's mad. Tell joe madden the comments. He made the other day. I thought he was lobbying it. You you might be very right. Here's a salad staten island. What's up sal. How are you good good. Hey gary talking about live shows completely scratched mentioning. He went to go see squeezed. What i'll do 'cause it must have been real blessed. You guys saw a squeeze really know. You never saw squeeze. I'll i i think alan with his girlfriend. I think humor gonna go see it. I might have gone to that. Eddie seen squeeze squeeze head. He's a bit mcqueen guy too right isn't he. Eddie becoming big anything prior to nineteen ninety guy yeah essential hair well. That could be said about me too so i mean you know we're we are sixty six fifty yeah right right different right but no that makes sense because that might have been right around the mike show down the shore. I know eddie was down down there. One night the night somebody saw eddie now out in a bar the night before borei that thursday. Maybe that was because i did not <hes> i have not seen squeeze so no that was not me here. Is jane philadelphia. What's up jay jay. Thank the yankees are better off without john carlos stanton since he's been out so long time he's going to be off. They certainly have miss them this year. That's for sure they haven't missed them. I think at the end of the day <hes> he wasn't m._v._p. He's still a great. He's gonna play if he he's gonna play. Here's what you need to stanton all kidding aside when these playoffs the playoffs but when he comes back if you wanna make it really easy on yourself start. Well come back and you start well. No one's going to say is the problem with stanton the yankee fans don't wanna back the yankee fans don't like him and so he's in. He's in a tough spot coming back unless he comes back and he's raring to go okay but he's gotta be if he comes back. He's gotta be huge in the playoffs for them agreed that we can't strike out with the menard nothing to out no playoff already in brooklyn with jani hierarchy. Hey what's going on all things before. I talk <hes> jetson thing since player of the year we're not. It's not one not that i really really really care but if tell that all sports you guys probably agree that since he beat them you you know mcelroy kept going head-to-head is are we talking about yeah well cab because they went out for that for the effect ex-cop and and and mcelroy gordon you think he's gonna play a offer the year i will give it to mcelroy. I'll tell you why even though he didn't win a major he won the players. He won a in canada. He won the <hes> the fedex cup like you said he wanted eastlake. I would give it to him even kept going to p._g._a. I still would i would give it it to him over kepco. What do you think i am audio. Be honest with you. I have not watched enough this year to give you a real and and as far as the jets now okay you only get to me. We draft to our complete. They said the best to best defensive players in college right where it gets his life back that we could definitely use but we william supporting. I'm good with that. I look at the chart. Those guys are playing veto about williams and williams williams and williams. They're gonna play together. They will though but they will. I can't see them not being on the field at the same time. How how is that possible. I gotta on a field at the same time they have to because it kills me this great coordinator twenty four audie. Let's stop point. Let's let's play before we start killing greg williams and we start you know leonard and and and keenan playing. Let's let's start seeing real games. You've seen he nothing so. There's nothing you what you've seen the so far. It means absolutely diddley one more before the break new city. What's up lee lee. How are you okay good. Jerry joe great job guys lifetime fan jet fan forever joe. I see where the n._f._l. Has changed their <hes> <hes> rules for next year's induction where it's like a catch up with l. Allow more old timers. That's good. That's good to hear okay good doc in in that regard. <hes> players like immune ios hannah dilemma lear all n._f._l. Hall of famers to a man so that joe klecko was the hardest guy they got the face. What's it gonna you'd think they can get in. They started the rules changing. I also lee managed. I mean look. There's no question about it. The guy was a pro bowler at three different positions. He was a great defensive lineman. There's no question about that. He was the man of the stack exchange he was. The face of the sack exchange and you want to say gastineau was definitely klecko. Look i mean the problem with klecko is he didn't play. I you know no. He didn't play for the the steel curtain you know he he didn't play for the purple people eaters you know he didn't play for the fearsome foursome you know he played on the team. Never won anything. Okay you know what i'm saying. Never went not that. The rams went to any super bowls but you know they they were the first one if you will of the great defensive lines and even though he played played on one that was had a nickname famous nickname. The just waiting never went to the super bowl and i think that's really what hurts but it is. He all family of court he. There's no question question. It should be an all fan as long as i've known you. You've been saying that no question about along my back pages by birds. This is bach doc dylan's <unk>. The great roger mcguigan singing leads day a good job stella. I was so so much older then. I'm younger than that now this. This is better yeah. It is at its most of this is about those bob dole wanted early greats ever did jerry tell you and he walked out on bob. Dylan concert wants did did you go bad. I saw bob dylan in nineteen. Seventy seventy eight probably good that he was attell sadists okay as far as bob dylan again. Bob dylan tonkery is there's no question question about the greatness of dylan. I saw dawn in nineteen seventy eight. I was still married to my first wife. I believe she was pregnant with my daughter sam at the taunton and tell me right now. I stated concept. He was terrible terrible. I mean he he was he was he was right. That's it. He was singing singing his songs and they weren't even he doesn't need different. Cayden completely different was different than eh. What you hear on the album. I'll be sure to steer clear man as tory. Now talk talk in nineteen ninety m. It's going to ninety five. I was worse than he thought he was bad. He probably was he might or something else. So you know what's interesting about. That is if if you watch a concert from him now. I don't think he is it's just he. I think he's bored right. Maybe with his singing the same songs for fifty dylan's not a guy you want to see in concert. I mean that's not his strong. Suit seems clear that but certainly le concerts are the best everyone was. He's not expanding greatness and a lot of this stuff but i wasn't like oh man. I wasn't a dead head okay but the greatest concerts i ever saw was a grateful dead. I saw him in nineteen and seventy three at the old fairgrounds coliseum in indianapolis where the pacers used to play in the old days and uptown you. I wasn't the biggest dead guy it. It was phenomenal springsteen line. No you've never seen no. You're springsteen just talking about springsteen a tremendous shift the first five five six albums have them all but i'm just not i i think i think there's two i'm turned off by springsteen from the fact that there's so many people who just like springsteen and there's nobody nobody else has ever recorded a song. You know what i mean. Yeah i do and that's that kind of turns me off a little bit time. That's fair but after after like living born in the u._s._a. Essay i kind of lost at home all right so plenty of good stuff on the five or six to pick from my favorite album is darkness on the edge of town. That's it's tremendous. Prove it all night. Probably my favorite springsteen song. I mean just dynamic slow tremendous. He really nine thirty to the voice of chris lopresti brought to you by. I town fair tire. Nobody beats town fair tire. Nobody will after eight straight quality starts. Noah syndergaard the start of his career. He drives to right center field l. lagaras back on the warning track and it's out of here third opposite field to one homer for the cubs in the first three ratings gary cohen s. n. y. Ian hap- kyle schwaiger nick castanos all taking syndergaard deep he gave up six in the first after it ahmed rosario error sparks chicago's goes rally ten runs total nine of them earned over just three innings put the mets behind the eight ball and they could not dig out of that hole. They end up losing ten to seven their fifth in a row. Here's no one and more time taking responsibility that it just kind of gives you a different perspective on things <hes> definitely a terrible feeling just disappointed in myself. I had the opportunity to let's go there and and <hes> do tonight and tina calloway says these things off night for you know you're going to have those he's been pitching so oh well and we know that our rotation as one of our strings played out that way so far in this series rough night in the field for zoro had the bad flip in the i the chris chicago this would be interesting the oh robert zimmerman what's up mark clearly guys talk and i wasn't gonna call like so. I keep your and you're talking about <hes> bob dylan eight. Just why did you know my grandmother a._b._c. Little bobby's zimmerman and hitting minnesota wow how how 'bout that bob zimmerman zimmerman's israel name right waleed then these wavering now but he's <hes> he wasn't aspera. They thought he turned turned out to be. I just want you guys throw that. It was always interesting. Stories get get get together and she'd always tell us about the little little bob kraft agent. Those stories might have been mark. Thank you that is interesting. Mark locked in from chicago. I love and that was the key by the way i learned. He was from minnesota at that concert. I went. I knew his name komo then you let it was name is robert. No no no. I stayed for a little off message. We've got to keep in mind that time. I wasn't married to my wife yet but we were together and and the fact that she stuck around that type of music at night was heading in the wrong direction to concerts like that with her that she looked at me and thought i was absolutely nuts bob dylan concert and we saw crosby stills nash. No y'all were bed acoustic all really in a driving rainstorm. They weren't bad. They were just so here. I mean well just on. She's looking at me like what is. What are we doing here. I know and she married you about the job by her. Her fault not mind no yeah those two bad ones good <hes> see had the pop up from kris bryant that fell between zero and j d davis leading off the second. Davis is not happy came off the field after that innings slammed his glove in the dugout. Obviously frustrated was supposed to be a ball that was caught either-or his rosy or me that it was supposed because it caught us <hes> costs us to run route and make it interesting five run fifty had home runs from davis and jeff mcneil and then they had two runners on each of the final four innings only got one one more run out of it though to on no one out the night craig kimbrel gets rosario league aris and frazier to close it out mets or four behind now in the wild card race jacob degrom john lester and tonight right series finale wilson romo's did extend his hitting streak monster went said last night was yeah tonight. Forget about it. I don't think making it any way you could get ugly tonight. It could really go out and win tonight and take two or three in philosophy at least at least in seattle d._j. Lemay you cap the sweep sweep of the mariners and a winning road trip in typical yankees fashion d._j. Has a long drive to loved it as high as far as god in the second dhec whoa david john makes long gone. Hey homers in the second deck in left and the yankees seven and julie show john sterling here on the fan ends up a seven three victory might ford had the tiebreaking solo homer in the fifth gary sanchez and aaron judge went deep as well increasing the yanks m._l._b. Record total to seventy for the month of august and they still have two games remaining friday and saturday aaron boone new guys would bounce back from that owen three starts at the trailer the mindset standpoint <hes> of never had reason to to be concerned with these guys and what they're going to bring <hes> for the next day for the next series. A six straight start only allowed all year. Not it was swept. We went through this the other day. They were swept in houston in three game series zones. I don't care about the swearing in three games early in april and a game set against the diamondbacks and in this in oakland got it. That's a two run homer allowed by paxton. The only hit he gave up over five he did walk five guys but lemon limited the damage going against his former team definitely weird <hes> for sure. <hes> you know new experience experience facing a team for such a long time. He didn't have his best stuff either. <hes> feeling that way able to go out there and give that kind of effort it just shows myself what i can accomplish improve to eleven and sixty outpitched one of the guys. The yankees traded to get him rookie justice sheffield and took the loss. Here's judge on he and his teammates responding after after they were swept in oklahoma team and you know we're never really panicked when we get down. You know no seriously that happened throughout the year. You know especially all the good teams lose a couple himself a good series in a good road trip in general g._o. Or shell lifted with groin tightness though he and aaron boone didn't think it was too serious. They got the off day today that home to open a weekend series with oakland friday and should have luke void back from the i l. for that preseason football tonight. You got the fidelis for the giants and the jets. The giants are in foxborough. Take on the patriots six thirty coverage on the fan daniel. Neil jones will get his first professional start. Jets eagles at metlife the jets yesterday acquiring third your coordinate hairston from the colts in exchange for a sixth round pick. Jerry jones one zero five three the fan in dallas. Don't look for ezekiel elliott to be back for the team season open. They will play without a player that is not coming began his contract so if that's the case we'll just play and he seems fine with that said we're looking to get evacuated stretch run anyway so with all that out of the way jerry was able to address more important matters here in his weekly last question. It's the one everyone's dying to know. It's not contracts. It is has jerry jones had the new chicken can sandwich from popeye's yeah. No i have not <hes> i've eaten a lot of popeye's chicken. I like that chicken. <hes> we <hes> but i haven't had that new sandwich and i'm just wondering if <hes> over the years if i've gotten close to it with some of their regular recipes now i've seen this. I've seen like viral videos about this guy. What was he serious about this so no. There's subways you could say there's something going on with it because like yeah i'm singing crazy about it and when i started seeing the quotes from jerry jones about chicken yesterday yesterday all i can think of in my mind is he's going to be playing. I like which is fine. I don't i don't really know how the hip pa-papa's and find that it's john here. There's a burger king now have like a whopper. That's not meet this impressively up impossible right right. That's what it is. It is awesome. They'll beat me right now. I haven't last night actually tastes like it. It's made at a beets and other vegetables by so i can actually eat this. Yes because i can't i can't get it had hula hands really. Is it like a black bean burger. It's not it's may look tastes like a burger. It's the closest thing i've ever have it at houlihan's n. at burger king. I didn't know burger king had it but houlihan's is where i get epic burger king has it yet burger king and they're calling it the impossible right well. That's true true so they probably they call it. Who lands just the impossible work. <hes> and you can buy like there are places that sell it. They're expensive when they're really see. I've had turkey burgers. Who aren't they're not bad. My wife makes a mean turkey burger. She does not a hamburger but buffalo chicken burger but this but this is. I never had a salmon burger <hes> <music> no i haven't had that probably sounds okay. Bean burgers burgers interesting very impossible burger the burger that should before i die though i can't re- red meat anymore because all the issues i have on my stomach and all that and get the gout and all that kind of stuff four. I'm having a link to massive t. Bone steak like i'm like eighty two when no lands email you still have some teeth in my mouth the ongoing bro. I'm going t ball on death row meal where we were in nashville again and i was there for one stupid day but we were. We went to lunch at a rib place. Okay is this guy doesn't shut up which is great because he's the life of the party he he got. This record ribs not a word out of his mouth for a half. All it did was the topic. Was this wreck dude. It was a full tray big guy nice nice in shape but not like a big right right right and he he didn't come up for air. Well that would be you at eighty two months long a t. bone steak living talking you would look at him. I look at him and i cry and mouth-watering tony even like a small p. Seven eight brompton any red meat. It's not even so much. The gal aspect spec because if i got the gal i got i got drugs for that. They give get rid of it pretty quick but i had this her in my stomach. I removed. What about the hernia hernia i take. I take medication for you think i'm not getting. I'm not getting any. Are you kidding me. I bad enough. I've i've had to i had to cataract surgeries and have to rip replacements. I'm don good got it. Okay i'm cutting you. The next one is going to be a surgeon is going to be life and death. That's it if there was any more uplifting all right well but you know what i mean. I mean it would have to be something like that all right god forbid by the way i mentioned this a real quick yes last hour i sip. We talked about the term in the whole baseball. Yes so gentlemen on twitter pointed out to me he goes. I'm pretty sure it's in the hold h. O. l. d. really no no way that can't be so become in the whole somewhere along the way but the original tea. It's a boating. His dad is a retired navy commander. It's in the hold on a navy ship like the next plane to go off in the whole about that and it looked it up. It's true because usually it's the guy that's done right down the stairs and that because you the batting circle the on deck circle looks kind of like you stand in their whole so accents wildlife. Yes you do this kobe before we around real quick. No bobby's giving you that like look. There's not a dove kramer. Look we have breaks kramer mark arguing tomorrow. We'll take it personally all right before. We hit the moment u._s. Open last night serena williams surviving a three center against seventeen year old kenny mcnally and sister venus lost to the five seed elina svetlana and you had some other notables advanced the she's the five seed. There weren't really any guided the greek guy game boy stephanos titi pox who we can't we miss this yesterday yesterday. We can't play the audio. He went nuts on the chair on because i guess he was taken too long and he got no he lost but he told the he he comes to the side and he's he's young. He's like you're a french person. You're all weirdos guys <hes>. He's yeah the the empire whatever they the chair off anyway a lot of thanks to him. The correct police didn't come tennis players have sensitive manages they may have. I don't know he's greek so he doesn't care right and he lives in montes. Twenty twenty one lives in monte. Carlo must be nice right brought to you by resorts world casino in queens with over six thousand thousand games. This is how n._y._c. rolls johnson's joe with jerry in stereo. You gotta yell baby <hes> so yesterday. You coined a new phrase. What fish obviously <hes>. We've talked about that quite a bit so today we delved into internet domain nations by wet fish for seventy dollars us. Eleven men left on base seventy. That's what someone's holding out for. That's what it looks like yeah. I mean seventy bucks. How much do you think they paid for it initially thirty maybe totally was. Is this your word. I understand what you mean by what fish what does that mean in order to. I don't get it. I'm lost on jokes on me. I just said i was gonna enshrine register wet fish dot com. Oh i see somebody used the ready. Yes someone has it but they're not doing anything with what people do purchase at for seventy seventy dollars for seventy dollars. You can get a website and as entitled wet fish right. What fish are you watching him as overplaying this. He's looking at me. He's confused. He's like this moment of the day. I see myself walking through. No i did one yesterday. You remember that risk great job by john hayman use yes about his personality fish came from coming out.

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