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eps.058 - LIVE - Crypto Wars: The Rise Of Bitcoin


All right everybody. It's that our weight. Wait on every week. It's the BITCOIN radio live cast. I'm your man Joe Blackburn along with my other man right here. Jim Scam Hallway. What's up everybody? How's it going? Jim Jim what do oh man. It is just a brilliantly horrible weather situation where I'm at yesterday. We had tornadoes and it was cold today. I know but you northerners and even you Jim probably like make fun of me but it was like thirty one degrees out today below the freezing line. I was freezing raising. I was like what is going on here actually ended up having to go to the woods for a little bit today but But I get back and bitcoins been kind of having a Shitty last twenty four hours down like three or four percent sent no big deal But today we have a little something special to kind of warm me up. Bring some holiday. Cheer don't we I mean yeah I think a lot of people need some holiday cheer because it's doom and gloom on the bitcoin front especially if you're looking at these charge looking at these price saying looking at these candles We're on a downtrend folks get used to it. Hey Bro you chill out. You already know what's going to happen so tell me. At what point did you have to buy for that to be like a time period in which that sucks Jim What do you mean for right now for it sucks man? I mean I guess if you aw anytime from like the summer till now right I mean you tell me like I'm not mad. I bought a little higher fire. I'm not mad. Don't get me wrong. I'm not mad. I'm a realist. But it's hard you can't you can't mess with the numbers I mean I'm people are saying two point in eight incoming been saying for since it was three. I don't WanNa hear this. You know how to get me fired up and I'm already mad about all this anyways. Moving on today is a really awesome. Show it's our first really official Colin. Show we've allowed people to join us before already. Got Two people in the lobby. Jim Imagine that they got their slots. And they're already in. I see Jeremy and joe down there but We'll get you guys up here shortly folks but today you know bringing on people allowing folks you the audience that come onto the show to be able to to partake taken this to be part of this of this experience you know the bitcoin experience you know my goal and every day that I do. BITCOIN radio is so that if somebody who's never been in crypto currency before we've never heard of bitcoin or someone who's been in five years at least can have someone they listen to and isn't always just this technical or super nerdy or whatever might be type of environment where people are just kind of get bored quickly. You know we want to relate to folks and so if you come on and you talk technical Nicole great but we don't want that to be every day every moment. Every hour of every second quin radio exists. We want to give the opportunity for the average Joe. The Person Mike me the person like gem you know to come on. And here's something that they can relate to and I think that's what we've done a good job man. I'm getting the feedback. At least what do you think Jim. Now I agree with that but You know that's I'm I'm also I try to play the role sometimes of Joe Blackburn and he is you know bitcoin radio. He's Bitcoin bitcoin Mac West. But I like to. I like to throw a couple monkey wrenches into the system just to see if I can shake them a little bit. See if I can get get get the bitcoin from his cold dead hands if you will. You can't shake me. You can't shake me gem. You already tried today once anyways all right so couple of things obviously the bitcoin price as GM let us know Has Been a little bit Shakey. And we've hit US another support line here in this in the high six thousands thousands that you know if you look on a traditional chart this has been a traditional support line we lose. I'll change my tone until we lose the actual support if we haven't already by the time on the does actually it's happening You know I still feel very confident that we're in a place that can maintain an even grow from backup to where we've been at different times in bitcoins coins pass including the most recent past history. But it doesn't matter and I know that people who bought in or who who have bitcoin or who see their investment meant or their their purchase into a bitcoin currency. You know or into crypto. Obviously what they're doing and I found this the less you the lessened matters right the more Yonne. Wow the more matters so the simple fact is this most of you don't own enough bitcoin. And let's be real here folks. This is not a hateful comment. Most of you don't own a bitcoin for it to be like the most devastating experience of your life. Okay so chill F out. It's got to be okay right now now if you did if you own a full bitcoin encouraged and I hope everybody does. At some point you know have their own bitcoin. But only twenty one million people ever can own one. And that's not a lot of folks Jim and most Celo people right now that own. Bitcoin do not own one one full bitcoin. I mean I would say significant number and I've seen the statistics it's like ninety. Eight percent of people who were in. Bitcoin have never even owned bitcoin at one point in their life. Yeah there's just it's all about the fractions all about the little piece of it but I mean this. This is definitely your weekly like Chill out alert. I guess so. BITCOIN radio does hurts like all right. We'll check in with the chill out alert we got Joe Blacker and telling you the chill out right now But you know you also can't blame people sometimes we're getting a little getting a getting a little nervous You know after seeing after after after so many ups throughout the year. It's tough to see so many lows but it's all part of it you're right and look I'll be saying the same thing. I've learned my lessons when bitcoin going gets up real high. I'll tell you chill out. It's not going to go up for forever right like we're just on the other side of it right now. I've learned my lessons. I'm looking to transform warm. The crypto public until at least realistic expectations. Even though I'm not always realistic I'm also somebody who has a very high hope for Bitcoin. So I can sit here and Jim. You know this about me very well this point because we've gotten very close but I sit here and talk very bullish about bitcoin. Because I'm not looking at tomorrow's price folks. I'm not looking at what is going to be at the end of the month. I can't wait to see where Bitcoin is in the year. Two Thousand Twenty four or twenty twenty eight so you can shut. Shut your mouth when I started asking folks you know. Why aren't you bullish? Because I'm sitting here bullish not for tomorrow. I'm bullish long term and the weather that long-term is today with the alternative tomorrow. I don't care at one point. I bought bitcoin. I literally bought bitcoin eighteen thousand hours once right. Those people who who can relate to that I mean I sold prior to it running up. Sold it like some. Bitcoin like sixteen thousand it kept going eighteen thousand. I'll say oh man it's going to twenty foam bought back in city city baby and then guess what I didn't believe it was gonNA come back down and washed across eighteen. I was like Dad Gum and then it went all the way down right and so we all could have done things differently. But I'm not mad. I just added more. Yeah now everyone's just cash out for Christmas man. Everyone just needs. Everyone needs to cash out a little bit people going on a tear or this year. Two Thousand Nineteen going to be the biggest Christmas ever. That's all it's happening. It's going to buy right. That's an look. There is not a better time. Also this folks. I gave my story before. War and Gem. You heard me say this to you off camera to I once bought bitcoin for Christmas for everybody in my family. Oh what did I do that when I had all this extra bitcoin lane around back in twenty seventeen and then everybody who I gave bitcoin. And I'm not I'm not joking. I probably gave thirty people bitcoin that year right and upwards to several hundred dollars per person I mean I had a little extra wine around. I mean it was a good year and when I gave that out you know I've I've had people including my father-in-law he was like a job and watch my bitcoin. Oh man what's the person quo. We'll watch my apple. Watch tells me what type price of Bitcoin is. I'm like I don't WanNa hear this crap. Newark I will never get going for Christmas again but this year is different. I think if you're buying bitcoin and if you give Bitcoin for Christmas this year you're really good position to due to give it and then let people watch it grow whereas back in twenty seventeen not the best time to be buying and giving Bitcoin as far as what the worth in especially to prove that it. bitcoin might be worth holding at some point. Zev Accents I mean. I think it's a good time to buy bitcoin for Christmas. BITCOIN FOR CHRISTMAS DOT COM folks. Check it out absolutely well as we have the colon show. We're GONNA get to those. I think we we're going to be working to bring on a I. I think we'll have JOE on first and about about five minutes or so but my question for you before we get started. What's that you know? You have to listen to me. Talk all the stuff and bore you a little bit about Bitcoin and and and I know that you like it obviously give you crap a lot but my question to you is you know not. What's the price of Bitcoin going tomorrow? Now is bitcoin ever going to get this high again. But do you think more people are still interested in buying bitcoin. Just from your perspective I will say from my perspective from Someone relatively relatively new to the scene. I'd say interest drops when the price drops I Yeah I guess that are probably fairly obvious and not to put the blame on people but it's also like between the price and then everyone kind of you've been very doom and gloom just kind of a baked engine that for a little while you know maybe when things start Picking Back Up. I'll put my ear back to the ground and see what's going on so I think that's kind of my general point of view because I think I'd mentioned a couple of weeks ago when we were talking is like I I don't really look at the pricing that much as like as much as I used to again. I guess that's just natural in general just getting used to it from like when you first like you'd mentioned you give Bitcoin as a gift and when someone first gets it. They're like checking on my apple. Watch I'm checking on this Blah Blah Blah. So so I mean I guess either way where the things are gonna down point or not that the novelty of that starts to wear off news get used to it because you understand that. It's a volatile market and it's going to go up and down out and if you don't really have interest in selling anyways it's not really who cares but also like out of sight out of mind for a little while So at that it's just Kinda like especially with the holidays and stuff coming up. It's like all right. I'M GONNA focus on this for awhile. BTC's in the back of my head. But it's not to the forefront forefront that much now I think it's a very fair perspective Jim and you know I mean that's the same thing for people in crypto right so so I mean like I I look around and I talked to my friends and family and you know we address. Several times since since Thanksgiving was really gearing up. It's okay folks for you to be you know unsure about the price of bitcoin on a moment basis. You know it's okay for you to be unsure like the the idea that anything is for sure guaranteed will only hurt in the long run. You should be very skeptical about anything whether it be big win whether it be the stock market. There's a time to buy enough time to sell for every market on planet Earth period including gold which has been the forever currency right. I mean it's just one of those things so I'm actually sharing this indices e t right now and I'm going to go go ahead and bring on Joe here shortly Joe so you're cued up here for the next two minutes you'll be on shortly so get get ready. Joe Hope you have your material you have A. You're going to give us a presentation. I heard one second. Jim Take it away for one minute. While get this shared. I was just going to say one thing on that though too with the price being what it does is like you know. I'm in a position where sometimes times I get sent bitcoin whether for payment or whatever but now of the motive like as soon as I get it you fucking out here. Sorry sorry I can't old. It is because this is supposed to be my payment. That's not my investment so I guess I am Hodler at heart unless it's like a payment that I'm supposed to be getting when and a and in some cases now like just send me cash motherfucker like I don't want this shit. Where takes fucking hours to get to me? And then by the time I get. It's worth less than it was got them. It's hey fair but you know what they can also work out and your favorite and it has before I know for a fact it has worked out for you before you take the good with the bat for shirts right. That's all right okay. All right so let's go ahead in get. This party started Jim. which man a yeah? Let's do it also apologize for my Blue language but you know for what this is. Bitcoin no one's GonNa tell you what you can or okay not do all right so as we get moving forward. This is something we want to do at Lisa Wants A. Let's say once or twice a month when you say that we would like to offer this platform to the community where they can come on. Share their thoughts. This is we've done it before a little bit one way or the next but you know this is really where opening up. I've had probably twenty five people who reached out to me messages. Internally of those twenty five people about seven people actually followed through and hey I want to do this okay this how do I do this Boa. And then obviously I have some folks let the moderators and I asked him to participate tonight to in to be part of this and I look forward to hearing the community's perspective I look forward to having having people actually step up to bring to the table something that's a perspective from the community. It's a unique perspective. Sometimes sometimes it's a very generic whatever might be but bring your thoughts from CC. T bring your thoughts on twitter. Bring your thoughts from everywhere. You're talking about bitcoin bringing us. Let's talk about. Let's have this conversation so without further ado. Let's break this thing open. Jam Is the First Live Cast Colin show ever as a tandem as bitcoin. Radio live. You know we're GONNA do big man. Yeah let's do it. I'm in let's go change. Change the way all right so first up. We got Joe Carlo. Sorry I think and if I didn't you can tell me here shortly. What's out Joe? The show. ooh What's going on guys. Joe Jim how are you. I enjoy festive background. He's got the fireplace going. Yes I let me thank you both for all the work you guys do. I know I appreciate it. All you got to put up with a lot of grief I appreciate it and a lot of people. That don't necessarily speak up and say they appreciate it. We're we're out there so just know that first and then secondly it as a fun day I look at this as an opportunity. I get excited about them rather than discouraged courage because I think it really tests what Bitcoin is anybody who follows. Andreas nobelist knows a bitcoin. Is the sewer rat right. We're always getting thinks throwing at us. We're getting price hit. We're getting now about a double dip bear market. which I think it's things to be excited about because with every single moment it? bitcoin survives. It's going to get stronger. It's going to get better and I say that there's somebody who's been through multiple bear markets going back to the first twenty fourteen okay. I've sold it. I made all the mistakes but I wanNa tell you just anybody's watching this. WHO's WHO's new to the community? Because I think that's who are geared to the most important thing you can remember as you're going through this is that Joe said it's not the end of the world once you have tons and tons of bitcoin which she's unlikely for the new folks we'll come back okay. It is always come back and it's come back stronger and better. So that's that's something number one number two. You have to stop ops thinking about bitcoin like a regular investment. It's not a regular. It defies the laws of every investment asset. We have had in history. There's never been in anything like the censorship resistant uncomfortable. That's got all the attributes. got a finite fixed supply. There's nothing like when people try to draw parallels I'm the big Ta Guy. I've been trading since I was sixteen years old but he doesn't work with Bitcon our it's too complex of a market especially now the derivatives and the over leveraging. Don't worry worry about putting what you can afford to lose. And if you've got more money in their than you can afford to lose in your over leverage you need to be leveraged that's number one but beyond that just write it just realized I'm buying into this because I believe in it because I believe it's an asset unlike any other. I believe I love what you said. In fact I'm actually going to jump off I'M GONNA go grab a drink. You can have the show from here obviously joking but that was really well said and for those of you who may have not heard my episode last week or skimming. I think it was on Monday. Actually yesterday I went into gotTa start having some realistic expectations. bitcoin too much optimism. Too much pessimism on a short-term level is the killer for anything now let me ask you Joe. I mean you're obviously smart guy. We've had a little bit of conversation back and forth. I've obviously seen you in and out of you've been a great contributing member. You you know someone who i. I've looked up to some of the things that you said. And if you're not following joe on facebook I suggest that you guys in twitter. Of course you know but and I'll let let you plug yourself here at the end to rub off but You know one of the things I want to ask you. Joe Is. You're pretty grounded dude from everything I know about you. Obviously we're not actually like the you know super hardcore friends but I'd come to respect you to a little bit of an extent obviously for our little interaction. My question is this is as the new person coming in this. Space tends to attract get rich quick type of folks right and that's continuously. What pulls us down right now? We're doing two billion dollar Ponzi scheme mm-hmm if not more I mean I just saw the numbers a little bit ear there but this continuously happens like winter people going to learn like from your perspective as smart as you might be. Obviously we can't fix the problems or we don't know all the answers answers but what what we'll fix this. I don't think it needs to be fixed to be honest. I look at it like this. Okay if you WANNA regulated controlled in an ways manipulated market go and go into stock mark. Look at what they do is quantitative easing. Look what the Fed does with coming that is destroying the curtsy artsy has made our country great America another people had not in America of course just made America great okay our currency and they are destroying east by I pete and Bitcoin offers in all. Turn if you want. I think one of the reasons why people are are sort of a scourge about bitcoin in the manipulation is because it is under you manipulate. It isn't a free market. Anybody can go in there and if Awale wants to buy up five hundred million dollars worth of Bitcoin here she can do it. That's that's that's part of the beauty beauty. It's it's not a flaw. It's not a hug. It's a feature of the currency and you just got to be prepared for a wild ride. That's why he older guys that have been in this for a while. They're it just it's right. We don't feel that sin is yeah sure you know. I've got a good amount of bitcoin heard Sunday like this. But I look at it like okay but this is why I like it. I WANNA fed to the Federal Reserve to come in and pump up the stock market. Anybody's watching the stock market in this year. It looks like an off course. For God's sake it's up like thirty thirty percent. Why is it because you have all this price? Because a very small market space that's almost manipulation and itself right like I mean absolutely suppression of a market that's manipulated -able you know asset quality. And if you're you're right though like a on manipulated market I mean an individual can go into the market and technically selling bitcoin on purpose. Because hopefully it'll go down is intent. I mean manipulation is intent as as I understand manipulation. At least absolutely I mean do. We don't have this and and I think we're spoilt as Americans particularly we're spoiled. Because does we look at the stock market and socks. Go Up Right. You buy your stocks. You hold them next year. They'll be worth more than they are today. That is a product of the liquidity and acuity that the Fed is pumping right. But we know that what they're building is a house of cards because on a house of cards. It's mass and John maxine rights. It's backed by twenty one million back by code that cannot be altered even if the person who had the biggest bank account wanted to roll up in the bitcoin in Wanda manipulate. They aren't GonNa make any more coins. There's going to be a finite survive so when you buy bitcoin you can't look at it. Like why bought Apple Stock Stock to eighty announced to ten. That's a bad and now it's totally different paradigm. It's a paradigm shift that we need all just you the Jimmy but let's look in the moment now like someone can come in and pump and dump bitcoin right. I mean like I know where you're already saying but you're saying like how you're saying that that's more of a positive I mean I guess it's a positive because it's not you know being controlled by an outside source source but technically yeah like someone rich enough can just come in by a bunch trying to drive the price up and then dump it. Yeah right so you think about that. Let's run with that okay. If you were to happen. Does that scare you. I mean personally right now no just because like you said. I don't have a ton of bitcoin or I don't don't have a ton like invested where it's like something that would really burt me if it went away. Type deal right so most of the people that that scares. There's I would argue. They're over leveraged are too much skin in the game. They maxed out credit cards during the crazy. Twenty seventeen run and they're thinking goat all all assets only go up. That's not the free market right. If you want a free market that's not controlled by essential authority. It's GONNA go up it's GonNa go down you. Invest Invest when you can afford to live with EU worst case scenario imagine I always do an intellectual exercise in guys who had a lot of bitcoin. Do this to you think about what if bitcoin fell to five hundred dollars tomorrow. Would I still be here. I would I would right right so so yeah I mean that's kind of how you have to look at. I know it stinks because I lost money right. That's why I always tell anybody's going to buy bitcoin if you'RE GONNA do not buy thousand dollars with By fifty dollars and by hundred then maybe another fifty than another hundred and work your way up right better. They call dollar cost averaging for people that aren't into the investing world. But means is whatever you're gonNA put your exposure on do a little by little and don't go nuts when oh it's going up. I gotta go in and buy more. That's why we have these suites. It's all psychology. It's it's I think it's also the brick markets all driven by psychology. People are panicking right now thinks the end of the bitcoin and it's the ninety nine bitcoin has died in. It's going to go to zero right. It's it's at six. What is it sixty sixty seven hundred still Dan rea? Yeah I mean it's it's it's a game of emotion right and and you have to be smart with it and the promise you a lot of people in here. That are unsophisticated investors and they get eaten alive by the Quad. Especially now you have these quads Don. I used to create a lot more bitcoin than I used to now. It's so hard to beat the computers. They're they're literally they can interact chain micro transactions they can use leverage. It's so oh heart. I still do a little bit. But I'm merely I'm just Holler at this point because circuits is crazy about Jimmy. The shelf say what you want but joe thanks for coming on tonight man. It's great great to have your thoughts on a look forward. You coming on more often. And he's getting your opinion. And your your insight. I think it's tremendous Jim. This is kind of off topic and I guess maybe maybe would be in relation to any type of investment but a- and this isn't necessarily my point of view but like when you dig around online with a lot of younger people it seems like people are more going towards like anti-capitalist views on what does that say for something like Bitcoin de feel like Joe Either Joe like is that just like bitcoin still because bitcoin join does try to or CRYPTO. General appeals to more of a freedom oriented. Crowd does have crossover to people that. Don't WanNa like more social by. I guess maybe not socialist. But you know maybe anti-capitalist point of view would say anti-capitalist Majel lets you have your thoughts on this but joe go ahead into this plug plug yourself. Let us know where everybody can follow. You find you all you keep it a little darryl on the live in real quick I think that the the lower the people that are drawn more more at say leftist policies socialist policies. They that is because they feel rigged. The system is rigged. They feel boxed out of the system in the free pre-market because of the actions of people like the Federal Reserve Because all the money's flowing to the top because we don't have a free market and they're mistaken the symptoms for the disease. You need attack the disease. That disease is the manipulation by the Federal Reserve. Sali with I know we gotta go. You can more often also B and C C. Uh Joe Carla. Sorry at at twitter and thank you guys both. I really appreciate you got it on all right Joe. Thanks for hopping on Jim Points and I have. I'll cut out onto what what What Joe was saying there and you know folks in and this is not to get a political? This is not to get into a situation but everybody has a reason why they feel a certain way. Jim I mean you've had some pretty in depth talks you know usually over a couple drinks but one way or the next. You know you've never said anything to me that that just like makes my jaw drop like you idiot. We don't agree on everything you know you. Clearly you've seen where I live. Have you seen how I live. You know I'm sure you're probably like Joe. It's a little bit weird and I don't probably I don't want to speak for you but I don't think I've ever said they knew that. Like just so completely off off the wall that just you cannot relate to it you know in any way or at least you know. Have some some respect that I'm not coming from some stupid place right and unless that was something. I don't remember which in case I probably have too many drinks. I mean would you say that's a fair judgment. I think it's completely fair. And because of that even though we have have not agreed on everything you know we we've still managed to like completely get along have mutual respect and love for one another so some extent of the next and also appreciate each other's opinions and other ways and obviously I tend to talk a lot but you also talk a lot and we've even found a way to make that work somehow or the other but but long story short is even if you disagree with me you have learned to at least understand. I probably have a reason why I'm coming from that. That position and in return I feel that same way about you right and if humans learn to have that opinion about each other that hey look this person even though you disagree with with them even though they say stupid things online doesn't necessarily mean that there are a stupid person and therefore they probably have some experiences have led for them to to end up where they are. But that's another that's that's another day. I mean it just Kinda ties on a little bit. What you're saying? I think Joanne answered well. I think it was a great answer. Is the main reason why I ask like again. It wasn't even necessarily area that it was my point of view. It's just 'cause he's bringing up the free market which I think is a great. You know The scripture of Crypto and Bitcoin in general But you know within its volatile state. It can be easily manipulated and I've seen with a lot of social media arguments and especially with what would it appears to be a lot of more. Young People's point of view is like free markets. More of a dirty word these days because they don't trust in it in general they don't believe that it's a thing that exists exists or like. He said they see it as rigged so I think he gave a great answer. I was just kind of popped in my head because I've seen it brought up a lot in arguments and I've seen people kind of poop who on that in general Because I guess they've lost a lot of faith in the system so I just said so. Yeah those are great call in a a lot of good information so yeah really appreciate it. And thanks for jumping on all right next we got. Darrell Darrell you. GotTa I'll give twenty second little buffer here for actually put you on. Yeah I can see it down there. So you're you're up next and then jamming you'll be right after But Hey folks thanks Joe. I see your comment down there man. Thanks for hopping on it. Was it was great to have you. I look forward to your contributions nations more in the future Rob even a great great contributor as far as comments go. I'd love to have you on to Asher. Always welcome as well I will. I will re post the The link shortly after we have these next one. All Right Darrell. You Ready Man. Let's go what's the peach everybody. Hey how's it going guys is happened to be on the show. Thanks for having me absolutely. What's up before we get into a lemme ask you got year rise skywalker tickets for Thursday night or what yeah? I don't don't have time for any of that stuff now. Doing pitch envy pitching the envy startups. Tomorrow we're back and forth between Silicone Valley. I don't have the time for TV or movies or video games or any of that. Fun Stuff man. We are all business right now. firing on all cylinders barrels in a unique situation. Where he's he is so you're actually at a big band as we speak? Yep So we're at a holiday party For one of the bigger companies out here Global Block builders. They did a conference over the summer. I believe a lot of the guys from cvt were there and so this is their holiday party. And there's a it doesn't and a half two dozen people here it's just starting to ramp up and I actually didn't know it was gonna be today when I said I'll be under your TV. Show six o'clock and I'm like okay. Tape I can handle that because you ever inaugural Henderson. Nevada was out gyms over there in Nevada as well hanging out nice man. I don't know exactly where Henderson is. But I can tell you this much. I'm a Mississippi and it's thirty one degrees and I'm freezing. I don't know what the temperature is over and when I woke up this morning so we're not too far off for me man Dan. Look we're we're around the same you know latitude line right like we're going across the country I mean I'm not used to this cold weather especially not at this time maybe January February Abi worry it gets down to like under freezing at times but I was in the woods today. The Woods Right. I wasn't I was like hanging out in the woods on purpose and I saw a snow flurry and and I was like. Oh my gosh. It's freaking cold anyways off Jay right here. What upside? Why don't you do a man I? I don't think he can't hear you. I got he says what are you doing. Man says keeping a real sounds like you're all keeping it real. Okay Okay so darryl tell us a little bit. What's going on in your life man? Yeah man so Quincy Years Club just got through an accelerated program Silicon Valley. We did eight weeks. It was intense we produced about eighty documents. While are out there. Her and then we went up and pitched panel last week. got some great feedback some good content But the pinnacle of the entire experience was we are on this week in startups switches. California's last Friday. He did three episodes that he shot from a Wilson sincerely Law Office from the salesforce office in downtown San Francisco And and anybody could show up. They picked the first six people that wet. We're the first ones there so we went up there. We're able to pitch him Flawless pitch great feedback and our goal is to hopefully get into his accelerator Because we WANNA level up our connections but as far as funding and things like that we only do traditional VC funding so we're not trying to like an icy Ohio or a seo or any of that stuff we're going the other route. Oh you're you're a mature company trying to raise money in a traditional format commissioner format in the United States. Goodness gracious like. I haven't heard this is what am I doing. What do I do with my hands? I confused now. Congratulations congratulations there. Are No you guys are kicking all right. So let me ask you this Daryl. You know obviously you guys have a lot going on in your. I appreciate it. Takes time out your holiday party having define a few drinks but you know what what about some advice to maybe a strong willed or a somebody. WHO's somebody who's really excited about? Maybe doing something that space and I think that that really embodies about kind of where you were early on in this and you made it work. What was what simple some advice? Real quick on what you would say. Hey this is how you should do or this is why you should try like what about failure I mean how many times do you failed. Like give us a quick rundown Yemen so you hit a ball in the head so what I would say to a young entrepreneur in the space. This is A. Don't stop don't give up take every single risk but don't cut corners. It's exceptionally important in this space to have ethics. It's exceptionally important. Horton in the space to make sure that if there is a regulation or a law or a governing body that has control over. Whatever you're trying to do you should probably follow them now? There are some states that have cooled ways the Ben Laws Nevada's one of them You know allow you to circumvent certain types of laws and regulations out here but if it's not okay. Hey by law don't do it if cuts corners don't do it But take that risk to go out there and be everything be at every event be he at all the meet. UPS Go to the parties. Go to the conferences. Even if you can't afford the tickets of the conferences go to the lobby of the conferences. That sort of stuff always sneak in not to cut corners on that part you can. And that's the thing like let's say I saw you conference. I don't have a badge. You're like hey man I'm GonNa go get lunch. Here's my badge next thing you know walking around with Joe Blackburn batch same thing it's converse with a badge pulled that myself. I've done that exact same thing. I don't want to be your friend unless you haven't done that. So we got into consensus last year. Great man but I mean that's kind of other part of like what you think is the preconceived notion of how this industry operates operates where you have to have to rancher ticket. You have to have twenty five K.. For a booth that's not how businesses are built us your network building network. Use Your network use your connections agents and get to the end goal because if you say you have ten thousand dollars to start a business. And you're spending twenty five hundred dollars on a batch watch. That's a horrible business expense. Get yourself a go daddy. Account get yourself a male chip account or not because they kicked us out. But you'll get yourself those type of proper proper business funneling systems and the rest will come. You know the network will come. The connections will come and even if you go to consensus and you don't have a ticket for consensus insist but you know we're all the parties are and we did that with a we had a ticket for SF blockchain week but you know we ended up getting invited to like forty parties. That were out there. You get a spreadsheet next thing you know you walking all of them so that's really my advice is it's easy if you take it one step at a time but it's also exceptionally difficult because you have to put everything into it and they'll call you out and I don't want to pretend like I know everything in Jim. I'll let you talk here shortly but I I've always said this and I know Ben Barlow co-founder fantasy. He he agrees with me and obviously my my position is very different than everybody else. Especially if you've got a business I don't necessarily have a business inside this. I have a networking opportunity. Indy on a digital level. I guess right but when I go places. The whole point of every conference is essentially networking in some capacity. Right I mean if you're a sponsor because you want to network and get your name out there and let people come talk to you and you know get some exposure if you wanna go there and you want to have a thorough parties because you want people to come and network at your event event you. It's all about networking and you don't necessarily have to be anywhere. Except at the places. People are even if that doesn't include the conference that have have make sense. You know I I. I haven't really talked yet but having great points they'll thank you know. I mean that's fine. But what about tips as far as you meant like both guys talking in a lot about networking I mean. That's GONNA come down as schmoozing then right because I mean I know my main man Joe Blackburn. He's like an extraordinary when it comes to schmoozing with people's though record when he says schmooze he always says it like this. I mean he's from Baston I. He's a northeasterner and grew up in Connecticut. So I'm feeling right here. I'm not some like sleazy Schmoozer. I know you know. But that's that's the way that I've always make you make it sound so I'm GonNa make sure you everybody else knows. It means I'm good at being genuine and having conversational or folk gem. Well I mean I guess just business in general because it is about selling allowing yourself. It's like the old like you know. Business deals done on the golf course back in the day and I mean even to this day actually analogy. That's not always always a natural talent for someone. So what's what's what's kind of tips on that competency. You go like. What's the fine line there yet? It's it's a lot confidence up. Forget Larry Larry jumped real quick a lot of confidence stuff but think about this. You might not have the skills to go out there and start a conversation with somebody random but if you truly truly built an amazing product and you're going to be able to talk about that and they say that a lot with founders. I go up in pitch. They get caught in the deer in the headlights hunted scenario. It's like you. Just oh your stuff. If you know your stuff you can go up there and talk about it anytime and I mean there was a point in time where. I didn't know everything that I know. Now and I had to learn and learn and learn it comes from conversations with guys like you and continuing to hone those skills. You know what you're doing. Then you should be able to articulate azoff absolute absolutely. I mean if you're technical co founder. Hire yourself that. CEO Sales that you need that Steve Jobs Wozniak. You need to find jobs. I'm sorry the sacred sometimes people are almost too knowledgeable to a detriment if they get bogged down some technicalities and you need that. Like like almost salesman type pizazz sometimes off though because salesman will cut corners and it gets back to that all ethical stuff but leadership talk in in front of people. Well Daryl. I think that's been tremendously and I really appreciate your insight there. I think you have a ground level. Grass roots approach. And at the same time you can see at high level and you know what's next and I wish you nothing about success as you already know that and I appreciate your influence even though you weren't in Vegas even though you're from that area or not from on there but the Reagan Henderson. Yeah Yeah exactly. See you in Vegas because you're off doing some other shit that's the best part about you. Know World Khan and Vegas Blockchain leak were happening as SF blockchain. I know I know in in accelerator for two days. We had to go to classes and then I'm like well wait a minute. I can meet the wave steam team so Chris handled everything out there. Brilliantly I mean and that's the other side that's what comes with forming. A team is if you're just one person and your business can't operate without without you you can't scale and that's you know that's important where you know. Coin Sierras shouldn't be. That's obviously the people that don't know. That's our brand shouldn't just be me. It should be anybody. That's art of our team. Should be able to articulate the details about a product or platform. And what. We're doing the same way we can. And so that's not a business. So well Daryl again thanks for coming on. We got on next. Go ahead and we'll break here until where can people find you in. Just just plug yourself earthquake. Yeah so coin sears. Where we Quincy Dot Clo- Daryl Coin Sears Dot Club I'm at Daryl D. on twitter And we're just trying to be that Silicon Valley. VC backed crypto platform that follows all the laws in the United States. And you know so does the right stuff. I don't know how to say without being all right man. Well Look we appreciate your daryl brother appreciate you coming on. That means a lot you got to crank it up. TM EX party up that party. Yeah man looks like it was. It was just about to get rolling up and I'm a little jealous. I'm not there but I am doing in my own party here. Jim and honor view. We got look. We have Jeremy on coming on next Jimmy. Here's your twenty thirty seconds and then we got the ashraful staint GonNa come on for a few minutes with us after after jamming so I look for everybody. You didn't realize this ash just today changed. Maybe just like this hour. Change her profile picture. So make sure you go look make sure you go see the roles and just change your profile picture comment on that. Give her some love. Make sure she knows that when she comes on. Just show what's up. Everybody knows what's going on all right. Jeremy You're twenty seconds is up. Let's go let's go Jerry Mitchell. What is my friend a longtime Joe? Has it been really. Hey Jim you got your Thursday tickets. The rise of skywalker. A what my guy six thirty show. Yeah there you go. Finally Gem finally finally. I miss that I know I jim. Why don't you go ahead and start this? I have great relationships. I can't wait to hear it. Let's go So Yeah Where are you on your watch? You re watching Star Wars. What order? I'm I'm a little behind. been a little busy and stuff but I super hiding. You haven't seen one of the movies yet. No I've seen all the million man to to get up to. I know exactly everything I'm I'm up to date but now I'll probably watch one tonight and maybe a couple tomorrow and then a get up to speed. Do you forgive me if his personal do you have kids. I have three kids now. Have you had one. Have you shown them star wars at my oldest L. dollars to have seen a couple of but when but they're not big movie people so they can't sit still for very long fair. What but what order the most important questions? Here's what order. Will you show them the movies in. ooh good good questions. That's a conflicting thing. I've had this debate with a bunch of friends before i. This is what happened. Joe Turns over me talking right now. It's not I WANNA be. I WANNA have this conversation. I feel I feel like if you start with one that might turn them off from the franchise to begin with but and no way Kidman Apprentice Jar. binks may like that. That's exactly isn't data's everybody says now. Judge brings is terrible. I re watched you agreed bad for you. But what if you are a seven year old but either way you still related relate to charge our banks. You should never show someone the PREQUELS I. That's that's the thing I'm I'm with you Jim I am. I saw four five six one two three seven eight nine. I think that might be the IT. It's actually the way you think about what you think about what you just said. I started with four five five six one two three seven eight nine. That's the way they came out so obviously. The math is not make. Add up but I will. I'll say this because that's the way we grew up with star wars right. I mean I remember being in what the seventh or eighth grade. Maybe the ninth grade. And then you know knowing that you you know episode one was coming out right and to experience obi-wan-kenobi to experience and Akhund as a kid to experience. You know that that We we eventually saw was and what's her name from From whatever she did a great job I can't remember Gordon not formally now report Monier and obviously obviously Stanford Graduate Rapper. Part of you know the. What's the name of that? Groups are I'm not a pop culture or Poultry Ellen. Thank you boys but you know. I watched that and I was like an eighth grader. I'm like I can relate to this and I was sucked into Star Wars and even though the graphics from four five and six suck they made a lot more sense to me for five and six because I saw one two and three. Well I might pull out an VCR and put in the actual tapes of we. You won't happen at the way it's meant to be. You will not do that but the reason why you can't watch the PREQUELS I is because it'll ruin the reveal of darth vader and Luke like that's the biggest reason sure. But how much does that actually matter. I mean Completely it's a great reveal a great reveal but there's more things to come in fact. I really liked US last series and a lot of people don't like rent and I I really like rent a lot by elegant character to me. She is the most interesting person of that series. Ray You said Red Grey Kylo Ren the Ray. Yeah Yeah Yeah no Kylo Ren is the best characterize decent character just like Eric. She is incredible. The one thing I didn't like was the bullshit exit of the last movie last year or two years ago. Whenever it was when Luke Skywalker just disappears and doesn't die spoiler? That's some bullshit too too bad if you ain't seen it. I'm glad I'm ruining that movie for you. 'cause movie horrible ending a thirty second delay spoiler eight seconds. But I'm my ending. I want people to hear that last year. That's great great. Move all right go ahead go ahead Jim. I'm sorry over again because now I'm more interested. Well no I think Jeremy's absolutely right and if you if you either Dig Out your old vhs or there is like there are people online that have remastered remastered and put together the original Trilogy versions without the Special Edition Effects. I re watched those recently. It's great I re watched the PREQUELS. They're awful I get like as kids. Yeah hold on hold on. We got Joe who agrees with the pre goals are star wars as a theorem is the bitcoin is not as ki trashing trashing then because the prequels bad really bad. That's what you're not. A theory is is whatever there you gotta you gotTa show them the originals than even point out like the little bloopers and stuff like okay. So let's run into a wall or something like that appeared hold on. Let's compare the graphics. All right episodes one two and three or four or five and six compared the graphics four or five and six still still. It's still like or insane. No too much how much it didn't it didn't look natural okay. So let's let's put aside our differences I think episodes one two and three are very relevant and they had to fill in the blanks. Some point right come on the fillon in the FRICKIN can blanks. Let's get real. I mean it's weird too. I mean lucas was a frigging genius. When did this but who starts a trilogy at four five and six Geniuses do right I agree with that. Yeah but I mean initially didn't have episode for you out of that later but yeah it is a great idea to do a prequels. Let's put it all you explain that to me like when when Star Wars and you'd initially came out just said Star Wars episode floor. He added late. Yeah he added episode for later on. I mean not like way later on but enough like later on where it didn't like an after the second movie I I don't know exactly. Maybe it was before the second movie Eh. But it just wasn't on initial release but also it's a fun idea to do prequels but the Prequel stunk. And then it also it he. He say he kind of invented. prequels between that and like What's it called Temple Doumanian Jones sample? Doom has actually also prequel now and all people realize that Lucas was involved. Those as well so you kind of vendor prequels but now people put up equals all the time. And they're awful so it's like it's he. It took a shit on everyone because now we always have to see a prequel about some character because they don't feel like doing a sequel for it and we're just watching stuff where we know where it ends. Its is terrible all right. We've had enough of this trash talk. Let's get on the star trek or something. Let's get onto something relevant. Something run on more. You'll have you guys seen star wars in unlike concert with the full orchestra and everything just playing the music with the movies in the background. I haven't met. I would love that. I've I've yeah awesome. Awesome awesome to say that's also admit that the man Delorean may be the very best TV style series I've ever watched and I cannot Now wait till next week. That's one thing. I don't have dizzy plus yet. I'm going to get on that. I'll catch up you. You can't even have with conversation I have. I'm behind I'm very. I'm sure at some point. We gotta wait in the lobby. So at some point we gotta get to some of your actual the thoughts. Did you have anything prepared. What's going on? Jeremy Not really just wanted to say first time. Longtime want this. You guys and Cindy Great. Show Cassandra Jim between some legends here. So Jeremy you're tuned for those who don't owe Jeremy is a moderator CDs. I also the The newest or not the brand newest because there's people in front of you at this point but also welcome to new bitcoin baby into the world not too long ago as I congratulated you privately obviously give some big shots. The the babies won't go into any more detail we want to put all your business out there but let me ask you Jeremy. Are you a optimist. LONG-TERM BITCOIN price always. Yeah always he's telling people don't panic just don't even look at it. Put it aside check back a couple times a year. What y'all y'all may not yet today but but I'm GonNa tell you Jeremy who you've always reminded me of and I mean this the most endearing and I love this guy so ray Romano? You've always reminded me of RABEA great. I'll take. I wish somebody would compare me to Ray Romano so you get their act together. Whatever but no you don't know this but not only? Is Jeremy a funny guy and he's got these little quirks and you know he says them like if you don't you don't realize he's being funny but he's funny you know and if you don't know that Ray has TV show if you're just hanging around where you're like who is this guy wants to play golf all the time and show out what I understand he talks about is why we're in a good way. Obviously you know and but but you you know when you get to the meat potatoes of Jerry Mitchell here you realize this is really funny. He's also what I found out later on in our relationship. Our friendship is that all. Well Oil Jeremy here has been a talk show host before he's a sports guy. Feel bad for you because you're New York fan in any capacity at this point I feel you I I mean I feel bad for you right. I mean it's been a long time. I mean you have come on Bro. I saw actually. He's a New Orleans boy but he went to Ole message. That is missing. Won't let you forget the heating Grope Mississippi but Of course a Roofer. He'll but they've kind of just ally you suck. Now you've got to roles get Outta here right and I wish they would at least trade him or Eli would be like. Hey I'm also John. Maybe I should go play for another team or something. You know that that passed last year. Could've went the Jacksonville. But I know I mean like I wish that would have some self respect at this point. I mean like Dude I've got to go. In Age out inequality matter it's not like he's untalented. He is set in his ways. He's kind of you know now too smart as his brother but you know he still capable and so he goes to a system. You know you do well in like a ballot. Check off on Serrano. Who wouldn't do well there there? We could all play a quarterback for the Patriots. But when Tom Brady it's like he lie. And all this now not kidding but I'm not going to listen to the system. QB Bullshit Narrative errative Paul Oh for gala got Patriots Fan on the phone. You Lie to you know vice you got him twice. Yeah no I'm not going to allow this other nonsense thank you. I two zero when it matters most against Tom Brady one giant loss thriving. I mean yeah they'll take the eighteen. It's still better. I mean I know. They didn't get the super bowl a I still don't recognize the stupid Miami Dolphins because they didn't have have to play as many games. So fuck yourself Miami each it but you know what they won the Super Bowl that year was even a superbowl time. That must've been cares. They'd netplay many games. Fuck yourself you dick. The whole wasn't to the last game. Yeah but was. How many games do they play? It was I think it. It's like to be real must be real. I don't care if you lose one game or if you lose all of your games if you end up with the Super Bowl championship it doesn't matter. You're just talking about the undefeated like I know what you're talking about and you're trying to take away. I mean I'M A. I'm a gator fan. I root for Florida teams by instinct. Ain't going to take anything away. Six rings whatever. Miami eat a dick six rating bro. You know what Jim you you can go and a male Genitalia Elia McAfee impression Miami. I bet you this much. I bet you this much Miami Miami. What a beat? Every single New England patriots team that has ever existed with that team. I they wouldn't have no matter. What under any circumstance patriots would lose? They may not even scored point why I will admit I don't know about that. It's not but I will admit this. The Randy Moss insertion does change my opinion that it could have been a point. I don't even care because you're just saying like I land stuff like I'm not. I'm literally telling you that they never lost a game that season Avi and they're clearly the best S. team to have ever played football. That is not even close okay. That's fine I mean when you lose a game didn't you lose them to like let them preserve anyways all right. This is getting personal. Apparently so because I think the Dan like Bitcoin is going to go to a dollar. What do you have to say about it all right? I'll shut up. Go ahead I'm I'm already done. I was talking to love the football talk by the way that was allergy. Going to a dollar. That's well said Jim wait a way to shut. Shut me up. And as a New England sports fan. We don't even recognize college. Sports like when people talk about college sports I wouldn't either of me exports either. They don't exist. I wonder why because it's like watching little league. I WANNA watch pros. I don't WanNa kids in school got on my face only because y'all L. Suck no because we don't care where all players from Texas he's saying what are we getting Texas about high school football. No we care about the pros. Well actually the half of the pros come from our area. But they don't they don't go to college in our area that is not true very true Jersey's got a strong football football culture. Yeah I have nothing against Jersey. I'm just telling you that that's not true. Oh you're in Texas and Florida and Southern California Georgia Cammisa sippy Tennessee. It's the south that runs the NFL sixty percent of all players. Come from below the Mason Dixon. Line and west of Arkansas or east of Arkansas. That's the truth. Sixty percent gave me. Google it isn't that by the way we're not a big population in the south. So we make up like one eighth of the entire United States even though we are our land mass is like a quarter of the United States. anyways we can talk facts later. Let's go ahead Jeremy. Any last words working people find you. What do you do? What would got ask waiting on us? I'll ask ask open just wanted to say thanks. Have me on I was going to tag onto Daryl and say yeah. Go go to many conferences. You can sneak in the things just network go to parties hanging out. That's what I do and Joe and I got on the guest list or something and Joe wasn't even I got you in I was like roster roster and all you got his opening up Jeremy I need to get in Bro. I just signed the newsletters. All the things in your list absolutely absolutely. Hey you you guys have a good night and always work like Jeremy. Thank you Jeremy. We'll see you soon. All right everybody else during the Mitchell moderators E. C.. But we have. We've saved the best for last. We're coming up on the end of the hour. Obviously we've gotta make sure that ash gets her say. I can't wait to hear this gym. And I have something repaired to ask Ashley when she hops on. We're GONNA talk a little bit about mister cotton. Who recently is that? They get his body Reexamined and ash just a you. Now you got twenty second head. Start here that we're about to bring you on Jim. Look I know you're mad at me now. I'm fine. I'm a huge look in fact if I'm fortunate Annette I might even have those one second one second second. I actually just bought some Tom. Brady Rookie Guards Nice. I ain't even mad bro. Oh I can tell you're mad. I can see it in your mouth. You're like I'm really. I'm not mad add. You're mad because I was telling the truth about calls Rupaul. Steve is GonNa first off just so you know you can say whatever are you want. You can not change my opinion on college football now. I will say this your analogy about same bitcoin to one dollar that shut me up and I was like Damn Okay I get it and obviously I think athletes today are better than they were back in the dolphins unfamiliar. So I would concede that argument to you if I I had to. I love when they trot them out every year like if a team goes like ten and own finally lose and they trot out these like seven-year-old losers be like again. We still got it down my face but the Miami Dolphins are the ones that stopped the Patriots from going undefeated. No it was. It was the It was the bills. I'm not that I'm starting bills. It was the giants. No I thought. Oh was it the giants rule with Eli. That was the game okay. So that whole year. y'All did not lose a game. Now that's what he brought up. That's what he said. That was eighteen. One okay okay. That was also I remember. y'All we all want fifty fifteen in one year and Miami was one of the teams stopped. You know that doesn't matter all right all right all right at matters is when it goes to the super still funny though okay come on meaning some slack. I well I mean it's it's fine but like drew deer in headlights mad about the Patriots. Now Bro I don't even try and get you. I'm not mad about those things but I live in Vegas. I I don't live in New England like when you live in New England you're surrounded by when lot's patriots just fine. I live like air. Nevada states. Everyone everyone hates the Patriots. I'm used to it it. That's not true if you're a gambler and most of Vegas is you root for for Patriots. Because they cover spreads but they're not now but that's not the same as being a fan of a team people still. There's a difference between betting on a team and rooting for him. And then just in general roll like Okay Hating Shit. Everyone hates the Patriots at this point. Fine look so continuously. Talk Shit about Alabama right. I mean I hate the University Alabama. I'm from Alabama. I Hate Nick Sabin. I respect him. I think he's great. I'm really impressed with the body of work. Go to Hell Nick. Sabin can't wait till you were no longer the head coach in any capacity of any team that I'm not rooting for but I know that he's great right. But I'm GonNa Talk Shit About Alabama. Go get bro Why. That's not what people people aren't like that the Patriots. I mean maybe all right all right way not even when they retire but I was GonNa say maybe view and Brady and ballot check are long gone from the game may be probably not people just literally. You can't deny their greatness anyways it the conversation at the end of the ash on before she stabs me. Well let me just say Pedro Human Growth Hormone Nicotine you again. When he was caught with human growth hormone? Blame it on his wife. Look Dude if you ain't cheating you ain't trying exactly I don't do. He was like forty on all right. I'm not mad at anybody WHO's trying to be better at their sport or their look. Could you imagine someone having a drug that allowed them gonna be better like being a developer. Oh no you're developer and you're being better at it because you took adderall. Good I hope you all the rules without hurting yourself. What's up asked Rolston? How's it going girl? Why are you bringing me in now? When you're arguing stay well you you do the best nice profile picture? Did you hear my shout earlier. I did I commented. I said W. T.F. Joe Fair enough. Actually I was looking at the private chats and make sure that everybody knew what time they were coming on. I apologized for that last few minutes. But you're gator fan like me and we can tell everybody else goes to hell right sometimes or you're actually actually. I'm not I just my my other family. Three or four guys for my high school. Graduating class US went to play for the U Down in Miami and so does have some ties to that area. But I don't know the area you graduated from the University of Florida. What are you talking about? Let's move on. I don't WanNa talk about Miami. I mean technically ties to grambling too but anyway I'll raise our go. Go grambling. I'm I'm I'm all for the for the entire sue grambling tigers. I could be wrong. You all right ash give us some bitcoin knowledge. We've been sitting sitting here talking about Star Wars and sports after a great conversation about crypto. Obviously the conversation has deteriorated to an awesome extent. And we'll get back on track. Let's tell me about dot cotton. Should this do's body should be. Should it be opened up and made sure that he actually died exactly. That's what I'm wondering is like this dude actually is alive somewhere. Wouldn't you say so. He died from Lake. CROHN's disease allegedly like dehydration from from diarrhea. Exactly exactly right. I mean like this is not crows disease is rarely fatal from what they say on Google. If you have like but if you have Crohn's disease are you really going to like. What was it like Thailand and like going to eat like local food to like? Go Kill Yourself. I mean not a twenty five million dollars in your Canadian Bank count. I don't know but did you see like I think. Ernst and Young is the auditors on the court appointed auditors for the situation. Shen familiar with them. But I know Gemma's and they audited like things change. They audited all the shit in the cold wallets that are supposedly like they don't have the keys to their Mt. They're all empty so it doesn't even matter if he is alive. There's nothing to get back. So isn't that point to the fact that he's probably alive. Well that's why I said what body but I mean did they really really say there is no body or is it. We just need to prove that that's why they WANNA zoom they're gonNA exhume him and probably do DNA tasks farming's dad twenty four million dollars. You can just tell somebody. Here's a million dollars to say that I died isn't twenty four million's kind and not a lot not like faked my own death amount. You're an India. Yeah yeah but also going back to what you're saying about like if like aren't wealthy people kind of think they're invincible like saying that. How stupid could he beat up? CROHN's disease and like go to India. Didn't jobs like go to holistic medicine for his cancelled a fruitarian for like the last years of his life or something. Yeah I don't. They do like stupid things like that. Sometimes I don't know if they think they're invincible or it's a weird ego thing I don't think our are. We GonNa Rich Devil's advocate. You know like a potential for for some of these questions here. Actually I don't know I think I think the guy's not dead. So what in what he had he he was he too. This crypto exchanges Canadian exchange doesn't see you are the largest Canadian crypto exchange. He died and he took it is the name of it. You're wondering and when he when he passed away he was the only person which is I cannot believe anybody early on that team. Allow this to happen but I guess he was just like some narcissistic dictator asshole. Who maybe this is is goal along is that he's probably planning planning this for some time if he's still alive he didn't think of the idea yesterday right this something he'd been probably been planning for some time goes India he dies because he has disease and I guess? Sei some bad Indians two hundred million and involved okay. It's not just twenty five Mil. That's new to Amihai less than twenty five Mil. That's visible in the ball drains in the supposed accounts. That's why we keep asking him. Make sure the facts still like a hundred injured in seventy MIL that I dunno is missing and the auditors. Have a problem with that. Because and that's what's I really pushing. The call explanation is the the fact that not only do we not have access to the funds but from what we can see the funds. Aren't there and the users of the exchange money basically like the Base Fox because he faked his death and there's evidence that he was trading on margin trading shit coins on margin. Always Way to win that sarcasm. Please don't unless you're controlling the exchange. Yeah no he wasn't cheating on his own exchange people's yeah okay okay. Yeah Yeah. He was doing all of that evidence that he lost a lot of money on other changes So it's basically a big situation where he lost everybody's money and then goes oops I died. I mean the guy looks really healthy if you look at his picture actually. I'm going to share this right here because like like I really want people to see this like this dudes alive. He's probably watching this right now. You just never know right. And I'm reading here that yeah. He died in December. Yeah but they they didn't really announce it until a month later or more bombings and then not only that but the man was not married worried until right before he died and then all of a sudden he was married and all of a sudden his wife is like in charge of the change in charge. Target whatever wow all right so I'm pulling up old Gerald cotton right now. Meeting sharp looking guy could be worse. I mean this dude look smart enough enough to scam everybody. I'M NOT GONNA lie like the Guy Looks like you know me you or were you know. And obviously a nine a non binary situation but I mean he could be anybody. Yeah Yeah 'cause I didn't I didn't see some. I was just skim through this earlier so I didn't see that. Yeah basically because it was a cold wall system. We're only he could access it. And then his new is widow there says his laptop is encrypted and she doesn't know the Password Recovery Riki despite repeated and diligent searches. I've not been able to find them written down anywhere I've got. I've got to check something real quick so I'm just going to be asking for a second. Okay let's see many. Where unsupervised Parni or knee people are starting to think it was not just an unlucky incident but sinister scheme Yeah they assets were frozen early twentieth eighteen after they found irregularities in the company's payment processes so yeah like probably he saw that things things were kind of about shit was about to go down so he just did the ultimate search. Kill switch basically. Giovanni on your offer. Everyone's everyone's money and just I get away scot-free almost yeah you know. I think there's a lot of there's a lot of of ex patriots living throughout Asia and there's enough of them that are not necessarily on the up and up that people living there people going to these areas. Then dying is very suspicious. You know it's a place to reinvent yourself or it can be and I think that's truly what happened you know and I think that they're gonNA crack that coffin and he's he's not really going to be dead and even if they say he's really really in there I'm not going to believe them saw Earns just a real AH. There's too many things that are like. Oh that's that's suspicious that suspicious that's suspicious and like how many things have to be suspicious is to be like. Yeah that's not. That's not what happened. So is this kind of like. Isn't this almost. I mean I get this more of an isolated related incident but isn't this kind of one of the things people talk about where they want to stay. Away from Crypto is like risks of things like this someone just kind of being. I guess that's it's just investing in general rights while I mean there have been people that have scammed Investment people who have scanned all the time in traditional currencies as well What was that guy's name? I'm back by the way what's up. Joe Blurb in sync. Do you remember his name. Justin timberlake how now he likes scammed like a crap ton of people Louis Perlman is at the guy. Yeah that you what what the Hell Go. I'm okay fair. Sh sorry that my references are really weird I lived in Orlando at the time. Hi So my like trump John. Yeah the that guy. He's still like a ton of money. Oh and nobody was like. Oh my God. Let's not use dollar bills anymore to. That's right no I think it's a great point. I mean like how many scares have happened before crypto. All the stamps happened before crypto. And it's a custodial problem. We're seeing essentially exchanges. I don't know if you're familiar with Jason La. He's a cypher. Funk interview Jameson Lobb. I'm talking to Jim. You exit the conversation during her. Jim Edited the Davis Interview. Okay I'm sorry. I was excited. I interviewed one of the people that you know. So that's cool. He probably has no clue. I am But but anyway he. He had a good point on twitter the other day and he was talking about the the drastic uptick in exchange hacks and centralized exchange a change hacks you know it was like one and then it was like two and then it was like four and then it was like sixteen and now it was something like thirty five in two thousand nineteen and that each one that happens you know. The conversation continued. He didn't say that's I don't know who does but somebody else in the conversation said that. Ah The more that it happens. More that people see this happening. They more they see this as an option and it becomes sort of a history repeats itself so I think you know we're really going to see more X.'s. And we have to look at taxes and see if they are really axes especially all right so let me give everybody a quick back story on. astral Ashra Elson obviously is this is genius and she potentially is an artificial intelligence a mixed mixed with some sort of augmented reality on top of a quantum computing outfit. All right so you say what you want ascot. Pretend that's what that's what somebody who would who is in a AAAR quantum whatever would say by the way because they've already realized how to fake humans out and if anybody also noticed a named the The last episode of Donald Trump. Even though I had nothing. Donald trump just to get more clicks as worked already up almost fifty percent on all clicks and all views on on that one episode just Donald Trump. And I'M GONNA I'M GONNA continue to us by the way but the use the donald trump example like you know how to incite people to not believe that you're an actual but you know that you're in. I mean it is video with me like what two days ago. Three days ago says the person on on video. Yeah well mass. Where we've been over an hour and fifteen minutes but I do want to say this ash? Everybody who's listening. Listening Azure Allston has been a humongous influence on my personal crypto and personal growth. She's helped me see and understand the space at a very different level. When I came came in I was very much looking for that next when ash help? Be that grounding factor to realize. Hey this is bigger than that. Shut the hell up Joe. You're wrong and I was like. Oh yes ma'am you're right. I I lost and you won and I appreciate all your influence ash now Obviously you come on. You could talk about anything every everything and at any point you don't need to rehearse anything but Let's let's get some final points ash as we wind this down because this also turns does turn into a podcast and we have to make sure we fit into the apple. Well apple restrictions that we currently are under and we will eventually break out of that. We can do for our podcast. But I don't think anybody wants to listen to four hours anyways so I want to touch on what drew asked. I think it was drew Adam it was. Do you see a viable use case for private blockchain's or distributed ledger technology or some enterprise level innovative use of this tech so the biggest use of this tack on the corporate side. You know I talked about this in a post the other day corporate projects I I community projects. The thing about blockchain is that the data structures behind blockchain have existed since the nineteen eighteen fifties companies have used them companies have used them to track between various locations and all sorts of different stuff. And then nine hundred seventy nine the Time Stamp Protocol in one thousand nine hundred ninety one by Hubbert store Neta. You know all the different stuff raff built up to where she was able to take the the various things that went into bitcoin. Twenty two different references and create bitcoin and all that stuff that went into it. Yes it was already in use but they were already a use in corporate settings and the only thing different between those days in between Bitcoin and other distributed consensus models is that we have decentralisation. And when you say oh it's going to be a private blockchain so a blockchain doc chain minus public centralization. Is those same data structures over again. It's nothing new. Well you just went over my head and that is beautiful. He said I'm sorry. No don't be like I mean I'm being semi over my head. I mean I understood. You said the words but I don't have a response to it because it would just sound ridiculously stupid jokes chill Geez all right all right all right Haha thank you thank. You mean Azure actually bet we played fortnight hearing about what thirty forty five minutes or so ashes correct. So we're GONNA Brian this down. As I said we had fallen underneath the Apple restrictions that we have and As as always it is a pleasure is a beautiful wonderful opportunity for the world to get to learn from you. I think everything is better than go. Ahead Toubro Hugh broke for Bitcoin. Second addition is almost done. It is Kinda done. I'm just rereading it until I'm happy God that two years from now okay. You know what No. It's almost a broker. bitcoin episode one or Chapter One. Or whatever you you want to call it first off. They need to read that so too broke for Bitcoin. Folks if you are listening to this in the first edition off the market of course you did okay like includes everything from the first and is twice as long because it has more stuff than and I make sure to remind me. I'll make make sure that I a pin that post to the top Assisi so that everybody will be able to see it and share it with friends well anyway to bitcoin second editions coming so when gives us a date by what day January first. The twenty-first of this soon yeah. I told you it's coming soon. Jammed you see how he is to me. Yep Yep all right ash no congratulations for the record everybody. That is the most recommended book I can ever recommend. On Planet Earth it is the essential to know and I I stand by that and ash. Rolston you've been as I've already noted a huge influence on me. I cannot wait to put my eyes and ears on it and watch this and read it and and see what you said next because any any upgrade by the a our quantum herself has to be perfect. Thanks Joe I love Love Your profile picture actually just Sheridan Dec- just to Piss you off. I saw that I was soon to all right. Thanks ash. We're going to close US off. But I thank. Thank you for your For Your participation tonight and I appreciate you coming on. Yeah thanks for having me on all right. Listen thanks Jimbo it again. You guys get the light sabers and four-night yes and they are incredible. Dude they are. Do you WANNA play now. I never played it. Do just play with me tonight. Maybe doubt it no not maybe. Let's just try it. It's only like seven twenty where you're at. Let's Kit on one game. Maybe I'll get my superstars with us will win a game. You'll think it's easy and then you can always say that you one lightsaber and blaster game. I didn't realize okay. So I'm on the star. Trek is your star. Wars got also both of them by the way. But you never told me that you were like a star wars nerd Yeah I mean I guess I I am. I'm not a die hard you know. I got my tickets Thursday night. All right Ash. I actually wants to play so we'll do stupid. BITCOIN radio team all right. So can I ask you a question me yes. What are your expectations of this? The end end of this part of the trilogy. This third Redick or five decades later. It's complicated tell you know it's going to suck you know you're gonNA hate it by the way I'm pre- I feel like I'm probably not gonNA love it but we'll see I do any movie I go into. I want to be great. Obviously even if I'm yeah but I mean I'm excited enough that I got preorder my tickets. I'm ready to go Thursday night so but you already know the end of it is going to cause a ton of controversies. Never going to live up to the hype and it's impossible because you know why the first three the storyline was so incomplete in complete but the movies or so perfect. Yeah there's no answer to this like it's a losing battle. It's a moneymaker at this point. Yeah I bowl. I agree but just like being like endgame for example Kazakh. Big Marvel Fan. I thought endgame was amazing. Completely different and not on the same level. That's not a story line that has to that people are like pissed off about because they enjoy the action and the love of you know that that that Authentic Superhero Star Wars different. It's like it's like star. Wars is like the is the comic book for people who take life really seriously but want something that matters because it's like a jet. I is a serious and committed person. The Djeddai the concept of good and evil the force everything. It seems to want to matter more but when you look at the whole scope of things every movie has never been as good as the first three correct on storyline period. The reason I brought up marvelous because I feel like marvel movie are this what Star Wars was then but now and star wars away star. Yeah Way Marvel is the of marvel movies movies. Now are like the game. Changer blockbusters that Star Wars was when it came out in the late seventies early eighties and new star. Wars can't be that because it's you just can't all right. I'm GonNa have to take your word for that. Because you're the pop culture icon of that. I know among the most famous person I know Jim Right. I mean you're a famous dude like everybody in pop culture knows Jim Scam Alley and I have to. I have to. I have to give up the stage to your expertise and say I will take your interpretation of what today's Music and movies and everything else actually ends up meaning so This is no different. I will take your word for it but let's go back to the main point here is there's been eight movies right. I mean well actually nine include Solo and there's another one zero rogue one rogue one. Yeah now you got I mean. Of course you have clone wars which I think I I hear that everybody says Clone Wars actually tells a story more But rogue one so upset are but of the actual storyline from one eight. You know we're about to see nine on Thursday. How many of these have been a disappointment on the big on the big level in your opinion most of them outside of the three that each one has disappointed? You know no no no actually I mean. Four Awakens last Jedi or decent prequels or disappointment and in any of the originals originals aside because original set the tone okay so one two and three fourths awakens right. You haven't been moving forward Lord you know what would you say. Weren't that bad. I mean when antic and gets all his limbs chopped off by Obi one well the prequels like like I said I re watched the prequels get into this movie. So jar being sucks I agree. There are moments that are fine but as a whole those are not good movies. They're they're not good movies unless your kid and you can appreciate your your cake. Is the movies are now for kids. Yeah they have judge our banks but the main storyline is about you know trade embargoes and government republics. Okay Fair you mean so. It's like I hate the argument. Because yeah they have they have robots what's like farting and stepping in poop and stuff bro. I was an eighth grader. Falling in love with mountain dew drinks that had every character on star wars. I remember that of course star. Wars Smerch indices broke. I still have all. We had the red alert and the original mountain dew. Drinks have both on there. No it's legit. I mean I like we were. My Brother has spent the last eleven days watching over and over again. Every you can watch the whole all series in one day still and he has done that for like eleven days in a row. Well Yeah I mean. They're doing movie. Theaters are doing screenings like that. I think like you go in on Wednesday and you watch all the movies in a row to get here. I think that's a big mistake though. Agreed you why but do you see the new movie. You're just exhausted exhausted like you know the time you see that new movie. You're disappointed Ya gas. But it's like didn't at theater for twenty four hours especially according to Jim you watch the first thing you're like okay. This is a movie and then you watch the next three in order. Of course we're watching from one through nine right so the first three Oh jar banks Artan in whatever and you got Nellie Portman and and again whatever and then you got a new hope and then you have empire strikes back and then you have. What's last one return? Turn the jet I jet I thank you and then you're like Holy Shit that's the best story ever and then you have awakens. Yeah for the last Jedi in number eight with fricking Luke skywalker disappearing and not dying. which is bullshit man? It's a cup out though Elisa. Bullshit Obi Wan did the same thing in episode four new. Hope hold on. But he didn't save the entire frigging series without that. The series Over 'cause all everybody's dead we'll see we'll see how they wrap it up hold on well no I disagree cop out like yeah. I wasn't a cop out. I feel like force awakens setup that Luke exile themselves like force awakens. Decide to make luke a mystery where the whole movie vis-a-vis trying to find him so luke didn't come out even when in force awakens. They used star killer base whatever it was called to destroy like seven planets. He's still building. Come out of hiding so in episode. Eighty can't just be a bad ass because then where was he when they just like is always a little scared bitch I guess yes but then so what he does he do. He sparks new revolution. He sparks the next generation inspires. Oh Okay Fair enough but if you go and watch a new hope and you see the the youthful ignorance that everybody has had at one point. We're all related. We can all relate to that but let me answer that then okay or to that person person with youthful ignorance and that spark in their eye. Yep let's check in with them forty years later they don't have that anymore. Do they. And neither did luke hold on. That's not what I was going to say but I agree with that sentiment. Intimate right you've been exhausted of trying to do the right thing and you're just like you know I'm out I tried. I'm not going to be a bad guy I'm just not gonna I'm just. I'm just going to get killed in this out worth it. I want to have a family one day. I don't know what Luke was thinking but I will say this though. It seems like if you're going to take on that responsibility and as a seventeen year all the new hope kid. You can't do that by the time that you know that you finish the original trilogy. Yeah you're exhausted of star or star wars but the storyline align should make luke the leader of the next rebellion right. What is these movies? Told you between Four or five and six then going back to one two you in three all the powerful jet I were killed not ones that did live. They went and hid. IOTA is arguably more powerful than the most powerful several jet I ever what did he do. He ran and hid next style. Yoda Obi Wan went and hid to. I mean yeah I guess you can argue that. Maybe Luke should be different buddies actually just like the people that raise them but he did not influence the next generation properly he showed up when it was convenient and then he almost died and then he like a reappeared. This is my problem with Star Wars Card. Yeah he just like disappeared when it was. It's convenient no no. I mean I don't mean disappeared by not being part of a series. I mean like they slice him with a frigging. You know what can remember how to kill them in that episode and that last movie at the very end but then he like he's like Oh that wasn't me I reappear. Look at me. I'm now killing folks looks again at the end of the movie. Chew well he just zoom lashes or spouse to to spark a revolution so what is he doing. Today we'll find out on Thursdays. Inspiring the next generation will see all right so enough with the Star Wars Talk. It's relevant. It's amazing it's fine if you can't find two people that aren't star wars fans. I directed this a bit but I mean hey every episode so this is relevant if you if you could fit in forty five minutes of Star Trek talk it does not even come in that half if not one third of what. I've the spoke about Star Trek which is relevant to crypto currency enthusiasts. If you don't believe in Star Trek or Star Wars I can't respect you go away. I'm just stay stay stay hotline. Don't sell your bitcoin. I'm just saying all right okay. Look bitcoin radio. It's been fun it's been real. It's been the first call in episode. We had four four five six guests. I can't remember had a few drinks yen. The calls are great. Lot of people bringing in some good information. I think it's something we should be doing more often hyphen. I love hearing from the people whether it's someone with project or just someone who's out there like me just another Lehman out there just talking about their experience. It's in the market love to hear it love to see it Joe Carlo. Sorry my man make it so as if John Luc Picard said himself until next time on BITCOIN radio. We'll see you soon. This is where bitcoin lives. I know what I'm doing for the diverse I know a gym zoom for the crypt diverse. I know what we are all doing for the reverse. But what are you doing individually. Make it so folks make it so until next time. bitcoin lives bitcoin. Radio Ready W._B._Z..

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