March Sadness with Jay Wright and Tom Izzo Edition


At the BUZZER sounded timeouts. They do courtside with Greenberg and dockage the definitive college basketball podcast square. The world's greatest podcast is back to help people create their heads a little bit and wrap their hands around the epidemic that we're dealing with. But where were you when I heard that basically society and life as we know it has changed? I'm a little embarrassed. We kinda thought the night before. That's what was going to happen. Sean McDonough myself and all of us were in a car. We like man. This isn't GonNa continue and Sean after our game which was a night game. Stop and talk to a bunch of these. The Fan he's like. I'll be shocked if we play tomorrow but when it actually happens that's just totally different and by initial and I'm embarrassed to say this in but I guess we're all supposed to be all knowing. I thought maybe. This was all an overreaction. I thought just play without fans. Let's let guys go and why? Why do you have to shutdown? Why can't you postpone did? Initially that was my initial reaction. And then as you Kinda like like harbored and my my stepdaughter plays softball. Would they shut the whole thing down? I and I thought man that seems to be an overreaction and then later on when it was cancelled Scotty Johnson whose ran the college world series for forty. Thirty years said you know. Hey we were playing golf when we return our phones off because we're like let's just let's just you know we're in Greensboro. We can't get home. Let's just play golf? And all of a he gets a ding on his apple. Watch says the college world series is cancelled set. So we're like what do we do like? What is this you know what I mean? It was like Holy Hell. This is a and I'm not GONNA lie both of us and I want to put words in Scott. Why is cinch already? You know what I'm saying like. Why didn't they postpone? Why why are we gonNa can't yet you know it's interesting when when that first day when it all basically came on Raveling. First of all life has changed. I mean life has changed dramatically. I have friends who's lost jobs at friends that own businesses in our town. That are just trying to stay alive. You're great things in your community In terms of having takeout Thursday you the amount of uncertainty that we live in is changed. I mean in here this has nothing to do with the NCAA tournament. This has everything to do with just the society in general humanity. In general our community in general are our country. Our states that we live in people are dying every day at people. I have maury hanks the afraid for thirty forty years was I perfectly healthy. Week Ago I get a call from Kirby Davis you know He. We might lose last night. He was They turned over a one last ditch. Effort found a finally. Got A ventilator forum. And he's doing a little bit better today but those type of things don't happen everyday to me. Life changed significantly And and puts everything a lot of things in perspective for sure. So you know I was. I was getting ready to go into the studio and do our our half times of the Games in in Greensboro in our member. Adam schefter coming to me and going. I just don't feel like going and doing sportscenter today. So what's Mattie feeling okay? This man he goes. He's I'm just were in the midst of a national pandemic and it was the first time that boom Mississippi between the eyes it. Oh that the things. I've been reading that I kind of didn't read and re deep it house where a reality and when the next twenty. Four hours obviously Sports shutting down but more importantly you know business in and and and society as we know it shutting down. It's been A. It's been really really difficult to watch. The our friends get sick. And you're worrying about family. You worried about my Mama lives in New York City. Ninety three years old. You're worried about you. See where you touch will go to the grocery store. Stay away from people. I think it's been it's been Dramatic Caen get after my mom. Go coach Ma. Because she was they cancelled church. She's eighty three. She's had chemo. She's gets pneumonia and she's gathered with people. I'm like mom. What the Hell you doing? What like don't you know? I'd go coach on my mom Amin it's a new world. Man It's a visual. Here's the thing with the carry out stuff and this is we're all talking about and people you know. I'll be honest. My my day hasn't changed my day radio. Show that I come home. I don't watch boards but as part of my day. That's just you know what every day I'll tell you this. I'm calling my mom telling her what do you know? What are you doing? I mean I talked to a Lotta anyway and everyday lease tell her you know you try to kind of figure this out but the thing with our cherry out day is what's going to happen when this is over. This isn't over when we're allowed to go back outside. I mean we're we're not like I'm trying to get people understand and look whether carry out or whatever if you support these places that you like and you love then you know what maybe when this is all over. That business can survive in selfishly. You can still go to those places you know and help those work. I don't know there's so many elements to this south. It's I'm not even gonNA pretend to be the most sensitive person or the most knowledgeable person I just know that one of the things. This is a great opportunity for people reconnect with their families. And just stay the hell inside. I mean or stay around your house or not so mad. I'm like airing my dirty laundry so mad at my mom. The other day when she was giggling about you know church got cancelled but we all went over to so and so's house and we all watched and we all played cards. And I'm like what the Hell's wrong with you. There's reason church was canceled. I mean sometimes you just don't know I had to go coach on my mom and I don't feel good about that but it was it was. It was sure the right thing to done. Oh by the way you crowned National Champion. Anyway W I mean it was a little bit of a fix this. I could stay. You ended up with the highest state. 'cause junior but I don't Taylor understands his dad at his own e answered up by tournament. I helped talk through some of the rounds and brings some legitimacy to deter me because there was no legitimacy since card. I it sounds as if you were. It was totally rigged. I mean I mean Lacrosse Kamar. Baldwin and Butler is in Indianapolis Advance beat people. I mean juniors like whenever game buzzer shots. I mean drawn a place. Chris halted sit down. I got this were uncontrolled. Here's Bill I want to give you. I in your day your day. Give me your four. Savory College basketball players my favorite college basketball. When you're a player I like when you were growing up. What was your favorite Bill Walton? Bill Walton was Scott May Mark Maguire and Teddy grubs Teddy played for big to Paul. Where where I live in Indiana? Says we don't deal with Indiana University we. It's a Chicago been my day was Marquette Depaul Notre Dame. Ucla play a Notre Dame San Francisco with John Heywood and Wallace. Brian and quitting daily coming into Notre Dame. It wasn't you know good old fashioned hoosier dumb and Gary Indiana but Scott May was the man I mean he was. He was the Gaza baby he was. He was So those are probably but but but overlying everybody. Because I'm Serbian and I never saw him play enough. I remember watching him play once. Pete Marriage is our guy now. Now you can talk about. It's about time you came around. Well just saying what you said. I saw growing up. He wasn't pete was. I was in second grade but he was for Serbian for young Serbian kids as played at UCLA. Pete Targets Turkovich myself. Louis Stefanovic Sizes Dad All of us because big Serbian population in Northwest Indiana. I mean Pete marriages that Guy. I mean he is the guy we all have videos did it. Stocked is dribbling. I mean like I didn't see Oscar. I didn't see well really didn't see Korean creams best player. I ever saw In my opinion Michael Jordan or two best players I ever saw. But that's a good lifespan. We'll give you my list as some of my didn't see but member people's Greenberg's way older than me so there's no doubt about it. So here's the bad absolutely loved the big. I heard what sitting at dinner I heard more big O. Story saw every one of my guys. You don't have to say last night at that's that's my four grown up as a kid. My forefinger favorite college players the big my dad and he had a man crush on the big oh he would just sit there go big Oak. Do whatever he wants to kind of watch I remember. He said at eight thousand times when I was no big wants to get to fifteen feet. He got fifteen feet of. They're going to get to the rim. You got if you wanted to offensive. Rebound he went got big better than everyone else. So so big O's number one. I mean I used to hear more big stories in an anyone all right. The next one magic needs no sex. No He's a lessening. I loved the Magic Man. I mean the joy he still remember I was at I just got tired of it. He played into Dapper. Dan in Pittsburgh tripped over his warm ups in the introduction and just had the greatest smile on his face was happy as could be fell in love with the management pistol. Pete I had to floppy socks in floppy here. I know you can't imagine me I don't be here. I've seen I had a full. I had a floppy here and I had to gray socks and I'm not just the way it is and then my last guy known even I mean knows but I thought I was in. I was earning the. Oh your guy was Ernie. I could come down wheel and deal behind the back. Their asses shot at just like him slug that big top of my head now. Those are the guys that when I was growing up all right that I that I want and we're GONNA ask Jay Wright this we're GONNA ask Tom Izzo. Who'd hair guys were interested to see? You know the context. We're doing his greatest players in history counter basketball. The research people need a little work because to research they know Isaiah. Thomas come on give me a break. Scott Wall Tag goodrich big dog. You're right. The big dog was a bad. How about how about offered was a sixteen seat in Zion freaking Williamson was like an eight or nine seat trae young over? Isaiah trae young over the big dog. Are you CR- trae young over Kent Benson trae young over Mark Maguire? Trae my ass. I agree we absolutely how about this? Trae YOUNG BEAT. Shamikh hosts gone should recall slot when three national championship scoring. Yes he give me a break into tournament shack beat read. Please are not. That's ridiculous. Oh God they changed the rules for Kareem. That's ridiculous how big all Walker we'd be shocked in the NC. Aa Tournament is last college. Game with a kid named Matt Nova Ricky road from BLUE CHIPS GARDEN MOUTH. Shaq had thirty six and made all twelve of his free throws so. Don't add me people but come on over Kareem not a C Robertson had a good year Oscar. Robertson changed the game now just set Oscar. Robertson could get anywhere. He wanted to go back. You sound like Ralph Reed. Right now by route springer would say you know what a good guard is a good guard. Get the ball anywhere. He wants to court anytime. Be Watching them better. Whose GARDEN GOING TO BE. A good guard. You gotta get it to the wing feed post a lot get into the way you want to get the ball middle foresee conversate get us. They're out Greenberg newest. Who played for Claire? Be now I mean I mean. Come on Ruffling for New Sofa. That's just the way it is. You know so so so those big for now what we're going to have to get Jay writes big for welcoming me now. Let's welcome it. We're GONNA welcome in Jay Wright J right first question most important question. What is the most ridiculous thing you've done? Your wife has asked you to do in the last fourteen days. Oh my God Well just just Ethnic play tennis with her and and then just totally kick my butt and then yelled at me when I competed too hard but then she just torched me so. I just came in from that. That's just the beginning we could. We could go on forever. We could go on forever. Let me ask you right now as a coach. You've never been in this spot. Have you aware there's literally nothing you can do? So when there's nothing you can do what you do. When I use zoom in recruits. What are you doing it? Is it is wild. But I'll tell you to be honest with you I. We've been on a kind of a run last summer. We really sped up our June July workouts. Because we knew that I was going away for the World Cup with that World Cup team and that I was going to miss the first two weeks of September so we really worked hard in the summer and then and then I went away for forty five days and then came back on September seventeenth. The guys had already been practiced for two weeks. And so then we got right into it. So I'm Tony. Honestly like I think our team and I was. I talked to our guys about this. By the end of our schedule was set up that we didn't have a bye week In the Big East because we played Connecticut and we played temple in February and January and and I felt like a young team and we were practicing a lot. I really felt like a lot of us. Were burnt out by the end. But we we were. GonNa bust it out and so then honestly. I'm the first week I was pretty. Good man enjoyed. I was relaxing man and now I'm just starting to get into. I think my staff's getting a little bit like all right getting over the edge bags not leaving anybody alone. I think it's just starting now like getting the staff with ideas all the time texting our guys all the time straight coach. I but up until this point I actually been pretty good relaxing Leo with. Here's the two issues. Like how do you deal with number one keeping track of your guys academically? And then how do you deal with your guys basically because you have some guys that have some decisions to make dealing with the static that decision do I come back? Go put my name in test the waters. How do you deal with those two things? Probably the top two priorities for us right now Especially me as the head coach there. The two things that You know we all see just like Dan saying we all have things we come in and we have to accomplish each day and your priorities But the two main things for for me each day our Jeremiah Robinson and Sadique Bay and And then we have great academic staff. I I'll go to that next year but You know just staying on top of everybody that way You know and then probably third. Comp- is is recruiting but You know you got we got two guys like Jeremie around say Diku who If this was the normal timeframe they would be preparing well. Hopefully they'd be playing. It's not they'd be preparing for you. Know the pre-draft process you know. We put their names in To get evaluated are we. We've not heard back yet. But you know you got to young guys thinking about their careers and now this hits you know. They don't know should they? Should they be in great shape? Right now is just thinking to start up and they called in for workouts or so. We're just trying to get as much information as we can from the NBA and And you'll need a bottom has agents so you know we. We have to handle that process for them. They have to find places to work out. 'cause doing over his shutdown. No one's allowed on campus. That's that's an issue and then academically like you said like we're actually. We're really lucky. But you guys that coaches you know this. This was. This was one of our conversation. Just say the staff where I think. You're starting to get sick of me where you say. Look we know our guys. It's like your own children all right. They're all online classes. That you know your guys but you know your children. There's three or four guys that we come back in end of April and we You know what he's really behind you got caught behind then shame on us because we know who they are. So let's get them right now but for anybody get on sprites now right you know who they are so live with these dudes and make sure the classes every day. They're getting the work done. That's the stuff people don't understand like people don't understand like you just said make sure every day these guys. These certain guys are taking care of her release. The held accountable by the coaching staff. Man they see hit jump shots boss they see you the suit on a sidelight but they don't see that stuff they don't see that at all you got. You talked guys right now. Like how often do you try to touch base with you guys but we have a we have a group me? Texts that We you know we use all the time just between the systems on just me and the players and so they they know like during the year. It's funny can talk about these things now because we're all out of this but you know if I tax they don't hit me back immediately. We don't have that problem but we used to back in the day and you know the thing is like you're on the phone all day. I on the phone all day. If you're not hitting me back right away you can't tell you didn't see it all depends. I better be the first response. And you don't always get them freshman on that you see the you know the seniors. The upper class will hit you back right away and there'll be no late and you know the seniors went hit them and return return his method. Because if I come back the next day someone didn't return it then I'll get on all of them so we're on that you know every day on every other day just whatever comes up you know if I think of something or I see video or something. I'll I'll hit them. It's just it's just like being able to have him stop in in the office each day. Let me ask you when you heard is being canceled. Where were you what went through your mind which won the Big East or the NCAA always Chris? You know the big east set it was again. You guys know as coaches like we. We were so locked in we on Thursday we had. We were playing the Paul that night we had A. We had a walk through at the New York Athletic Club. So stay at the rich right right. You know one block down so we we walk a block down to New York Athletic Club. You know you go in the back door. Go up the elevator with great walk through some of our guys who are You Know Red Shirt and they. They have a workout afterwards. We COME BACK WE WATCH. We are dialed in a ready to go so it was amazing how it hit 'cause we really felt like we played our best basketball and we're really fired up about the tournament and then the tournament starts you know. They played Wednesday night. And then you're watching the twelve o'clock game and so it's on you know that feeling you know when there's a twelve o'clock game going you're eating lunch you're getting ready for your final pregame meal and and then thank you know we we get the call halftime done and it was like you've never experienced that before you know I. I must have said that a guy flights that day two or three times a day like you know we do everything by the minute. Like like all coaches. Do we have everything down to the minute. And and they know they the head what we're GONNA do. I said you know we always have everything. Set up for you and Organiz. I don't have an answer right like I don't know what we're going to do next. This game cancelled This tournaments canceled. I don't know if we're going home right now. I don't know if we're staying here tonight. I don't know what let me just you know. Let me just get with our people. Go back to your rooms. I'll get back to you you know. And and then we went right home that night Thursday and then when we got off the bus and Villanova all the media was waiting for us. You know they. They had the the barrier set up where they hadn't stayed back away from US and Look at hand or twenty overlap. I Dunno as I'm talking to them with the cameras in front of one of the Reporters Sans Phone and he sends and it says on the NCAA tournament cancelled. So I said hey guys I got I got stopped these guys into the locker room in our practice. Assuming I gotTA GO Buffalo Guy but I'll come back out and talk to you so that I went into met with the guys and then I came back out with the press conference but the same thing I said was I just WanNa give you the info. 'cause I just got it and say tournant canceled. I don't know what that means. I don't know we don't home. We staying at let me just let me go finish. This press comes back out. We'll all meet and we'll figure this out together but you never had a coach talking about i. Don't you never say to them? I don't know what the Hell's going on you know that. That's what was the lar- coach. How did they responded? How did they react in this reaction players? You know I I look at we all do you know we look at each one of them. L. Just see each guy react as I'm talking to them and is really interesting Be Bad who was playing the best basketball and he's he's a real quiet guy. Is Integrate Real Smart Guy. Real quiet she was like visibly shaken. I'd never seen them like that ever And that that picture will remain in my mind. If you the coolest columnist right is guy. And I saw him like like grits shake his head head down which for him is incredible reaction but like couldn't stand still and Some of the other guys are just like wide. I'd like to miss possibly happen. You know We only have one senior a walk on who? I think. We'll be back with US next year as a graduate assistant so I think he tim saunders so I think he's thinking I you know I'm not GonNa get to do this this year but I'll be back next year so we didn't have anybody that new. I'm never get this chance again. You know that which I really feel for the guys that you got no like I posted hoster. You know you're at that level and you get that one chance to go. It's it's like going to a final four so big and then you don't get to do it the I I feel for those guys. How how have they been since like? How long do you think like? I'm curious because I can only imagine like this is what you do man. This is how you roll this part of particularly your place where let's be honest. People think they man we go in national championship. How long this whole thing take is still going on. I think they that's a great question. I you know I like each guy is different. You know like Be Bay and Jeremiah Robinson like you know crushed like everybody and then immediately That was like Thursday like Monday. Like I WANNA work out. Where Kinda work out. I'm like. Yeah whatever we're doing if we would have lost or if we would not made the NCAA trump we. We would have taken a couple of weeks off like rest. Rest is really big inappropriate. We really talk about rest. Analyze the basic concept. Being if you're going to really bust your butt when you're here the intense and committed then you're rest is really valuable and you arrest really productive now if you lazy and you're not working hard when you're here now that that is a waste of time but we want you to be maniacally committed when you're here so that when you rest it's it's really productive rest. Our strength is really big on that and we talk about it a lot so you know the first week I was trying to talk about. This is good for us and I think they were okay and then the next week they they were starting to get answered. You know every a no there is telling them rest but then they were going to more strength coach on their own sin getting work to do and I know they were finding places to work out on their own Jeremie gotten real trouble because he was sneaking into the gym here on his own. I didn't know but they can check your card. We don't we get into I watch with with just your Your own code you know and they can check. That may gave whatever system to call. A gym is going to have written down so I think now they're they're they've come around Dan where they're all starting to get a little. I think they're all starting to get a little crazy. Where where okay. We took our West but we actually should be playing right now or we should be working out for next year. Give me something you know. I gotta start doing something. J. Like here's the thing you your your group is. He's a pretty good group at the guys in this category. But some some of the guys like you say you're places closed down. Universities closed down. Some kids are going back to homes where they're almost. They're going into a tougher situation than they are when they're on campus. Like you're feeding your the things you're doing with them Are a different some guys. You know across America going back situations where you know maybe single-parent family maybe that one parent has a couple of children and now all of a sudden you're adding another person to the mix and you know there's a chance with the way things are right. Now that people being laid off people are out of work. Hadn't you deal with actress making sure that your kids are good? Environments are making good decisions because this stuff Israel. That's a great point and that has nothing to do with Basketball developed home or education. Or anything it's got to do with A person's personal well-being. You know as you know again you guys know I'm preaching to the choir here but We're pretty fortunate. Good number of our guys have really good place to go back to really fortunate about that but you got a few guys that you know once they leave home and maybe a lot of people know this but once they leave home. It's actually a great financial assistance to their family. Because now there's one blessed big person has to be taken care of and Fed and there's space you know and they come to our and You know I don't WanNa get. I don't want to get on a soapbox about this. When we talk about guys get paid In College you know they get to our places and they're they're living in luxury compared to where they come from and they're eating better than anyone in the world. He's you know there they can. They can get fed anytime they have masseuse and they have strength coach and academic advisers and they have Tutors and they have coaches working them out individually and they have beautiful apartments and they travel on chartered planes and they stay in the rich and they it. It's a really nice lifestyle. And now the don't back to places where their family does not have the money to still feed them. You know because they haven't been doing it for a couple years you know. A lot of those guys is you. Go you know in the spring and summer. They don't the home they stay here. It's it's better here and and that's a good thing for everybody and I think that's an issue that we're going to start getting hit with soon here where we're GONNA have to a few guys might have to move them to stay with somebody but with this quarantine like what family can take amid. You know if a family's quarantine like I know guys on our team would take other guys in especially local guys for what if they're quarantined. Or what if they don't the rest of the family is not comfortable with somebody coming in from the outside that might bring the virus. It's something we're going to have to look at you as it's just the riots every step. I'm going to give you one light. One four favorite players in college basketball history like this. We're going to have to be Nova guys we got. We got like four favorite like when you were growing up. Who is your favorite players? Then I'll tell you what's really cool for me. One of my favorite players. I was eleven years old. Is Chris Ford? You remember him at Villanova. Oh Yeah Chris Forbes Great Villanovan tune you because he was like six six four six five guard and I was like. I wasn't that big yet but I was like a call. Lanky point guard. He he was my favorite player in seventy warm and they went to the championship game against Ucla I just love him. And I it's so. Cold has become such a great friend of mine. And he's such a humble guy and I always say with all the Great Players Still Got Wales in Jalen Brunson and archer. That's Joe still my favorite player man and But I I also I love pizza. Vich Love Pete Manet's when he was Lsu man. I used to every time they show they show his games. I thought he was unbelievable. there was a guy in Philadelphia. Michael Brooks Michael Brooks. Oh Man. He was he was so fundamentally sound. I loved him and they'd probably my other favorite grown up again. They're all big five guys up here. So but remember Corky. Calhoun played a pen then played the date for the sons. I think he was. I don't know if I like them. So much. Ten really good that or just had a great name and we'll play like in the place that we would just say cody cattle. You know but they were. They were definitely for for my favorites coach through the best man. Appreciate you thanks. Thanks for the guy. I'm sure Atalanta people go. Thanks for him all right. We're GONNA welcoming coach Tom. Izzo State all right before we get into serious stop. What's The craziest thing lupis? Had you doing last candidates You know what I've done. I've done More cleaning than Carter over pills here. I'm having a cookout tonight. I'm eating off the floor of my garage because it's cleaner than dishes so I've done it all here You know I got my office. I got my closets. I am my last thing is my addict. I'm working on my attic today tomorrow and then I don't know what I'm GONNA do totes before. Greenberg kills me for this a my radio show. Was You state playing for the National Championship expire? Any it was five person vote. I voted for Ohio state set had been doing surveys studer to than a guy decided so great. Words been crushing me. But my thing was I if Steven is coaching a team and you have a fake tournament and he gets a Free National Championship. The hell you're not going to vote for your son in I've got I'm going with the son. Danny I'm going funny but you know we didn't talk at the end on it but you know that run. They made too. I mean when nine hundred eleven they were they were playing it. Just been the strangest urine are league that we all had our two three game hiccups. We've all had our you know You look at. The beginning of the year for us was good in the beginning. Here for US state was Indigo Michigan. And then we each kind of had our drop offs and Penn State was really good in the middle then. They dropped off a little at the end. Same would Maryland I mean it was but they were all good and everybody wonders why because the other teams go to write. I had an analysis for this. I had looked. They were going to try to play through West. Debut album was the best defender in the big ten. He was taken western out rocket watts in the left corner off a high ball screen cash is going to his rights. Let me add was rocking was shot or was it a double. Bankin like some of those ones. I'm not sure those were the best shots but I told him he plays so hard on defense he can take a couple of bad shots but when you get four or five any big time he says. I said I didn't like a couple of shots. He said well coach. I made on my shit. Yeah and be. Don't bank those two in your one for seven sometimes as freshmen. They don't understand Tom's even on a fictitious win. So we had we had hopman on you know and and you know. How do you celebrate a fictitious win? Right so he goes. He goes into about ten minutes on. How good you guys are man. They played great coach. This is just a tournament. I mean we're crazy too. You're not just we are. Yeah I got home hours of Phil but hey I talk about this because I thought I mean I know you know. Cash is the story and all that but my God did Xavier. Tillman get playing at holy held rocket. Watts. Come on for your boss where you know what it is you know. I mean catches about I mean that thing was it just was kind of up and down. I mean you wasn't as good defensively as he was real early in the year before it happened. And then he started turning the ball over which is not like him you know and but he started playing better at the end. Xavier probably played headiest. Aaron Henry the other guy from I mean last eight games. He was really good. I don't know if you just I next year. I gotTA start the end of the year at the beginning. I think you know 'cause he's been and he really did play better than what I had with him. Rockin Xavier I might have had the best defenders and that made a difference in our team because it got our fast-break going again and we were. We were kind of a slow break for a while so I agree with you though rocket came on I mean he he can he still throw up some shots that you know. We're GONNA have to talk about the off season bought. He does play so hard defensively and he made a big difference symptoms gates. Hey did you think? I don't mean to hijack the conversation but did you think you happy and good Keno. Dan I do think there's just the way I looked at. I said we're playing our best basketball. I think Kansas was the best. Maybe team you know and and I say that and and I really like date night I feel bad for guys like Dayton because You know I was advocate of having these selection show. Yeah it would. It would help the big ten but I. I felt bad for the Lamar Stevens. I felt bad for rutgers. I felt bad for me. When is Dayton going to be a number one seat again? You Know I. That was the only thing I thought but as far as we go. I do think we're playing our best basketball. We had some guys that have been through a final four. We have staff that's been there. I thought we could make a run but I I thought we was good as most but I thought most there is good as uh it was one of those years where so many teams to me could a want it. At least we had some experience and I thought what worked in our favor. Day to try to get there and then as you know once you get there. It's who knows you know Tom on. You heard the big ten. Where were you when you heard that the big ten was shutting down and then obviously Answered shutting down? Where were you? What were you with your team with your staff. What had transpired was so strange. Because I got the word tonight before that there'd be no fans so I sit there that night. That was the night before it was Wednesday night. You know right after those games and and I I said I gotta come with something because we had. We had said something that it'll be just your immediate family and of course some of those guys got aunts and uncles. Grandparents of them have girlfriends. You know. They're worried about the dumbest things in the world. But I do. It bothered some guy so I got up at seven thirty. I said we practice at ten thirty till twelve. And then we're GONNA leave at one o'clock on Thursday and so I haven't seen I had a team meeting at nine o'clock and I I said look guys. We played concert scrimmage in front of Nobody Denver at the beginning of the year and once the ball is tipped. Everything's kind of the same the And then I said I played division to Mike Garland and I. We always played in front of nobody. You know even though it was truthful and And I could see my guys down and then we go out and we have one of the best practices and ten minutes before it's over. David Thomas My sobol comes down and says it just Michigan. I think it was right there and then I sent the guys home and then three hours later. I get word that looks like they're closing down so I get them back. So you're from me on twitter and that was a tear jerking four thirty meeting. You know I feel bad for for all your sees. I feel bad procedures everywhere. I mean I I feel bad for the march came back to try to get there and then doesn't even get a chance so but and I look at it. It was still the right thing to do and everything it just. Don't think of that when you're when you're in that moment but I So that's why I learned. I learned everything Thursday. I was in the gym twelve four. And that's what I got the word of the big ten in the. What did you say your Dad's I'm like? What like in that meeting. What do you what do you say you guys I? I said I don't know how to tell you this especially your seniors but it just cancelled the whole thing and it's not postponed. It's been canceled and they just stared. You know it was just nobody knew what to say. Because I don't know if you know it was hard for me to wrap my arms around. How serious it was because this is a unprecedented thing. When you're twenty you know you think you can walk through Iraq and not get hurt you know you just kinda look at life that way and and so I you know I think I think all we could still play played putting nobody is not will than that and then I had an individual. I took my seniors in a different room and I talked to them and then the next day I kind of set up with the NBA had a half hour meeting. Would each player. Just Kinda a little bit over two seasons but Little bit just to talk about the whole thing and when senior meeting right after my regular duty now I kept cast is a little longer and that was you've been through so much that was that was a hard meeting to be honest with E he handled it. You know he's unlike me. Unlike you guys too you know. We're a little up and down with our emotions he's kind of level headed even Keel than I mean. He shed a tear but he you know he. He handled it better than I would. If I was the senior you sit coach. Or what are you hearing? Or what's the? What do people know about an extra year for players very talk about that in basketball? We've gotten to that point in off sees Danny I. I don't think GONNA I. I think I think it will happen in the other sports. I think they're gonNA look at it. Let's We all played thirty one games and you know what I like to see it I would. I don't open affect me. Any other cash to make chance kyle learns has already been your five years. You know he's on Medicaid so that wouldn't wouldn't have come back and You know but I still look at some of those players around the country and I I just I feel for those guys feel for all of you know I I. I talked to at that At Penn State. Because I think what's going to happen a couple years down the road you know rutgers as a hell of a year and then they have a couple of years or so someone's going to say the NCAA tournament in six years so no we should fire these guys here there. And that's why I guess I worry for the profession and I didn't really understand why didn't think they saw action thing would have been twenty per you guys. You could add a even a real mortlock or at least somebody had been talking about something you know but I guess the I don't see it happening in basketball or winter sports. I do see it happening for this spring sports you know and and it should. How how you dealing with your your team like academic amicably. How you deal with Nike Golic Xavier. Tell me in terms of trying to make decisions that are going to impact in his life. Yeah have you done with that in this environment? You that's been really difficult. I mean I called the NBA office right away. Because aren't check Josh. Do but right now I mean last year there were two hundred and twenty guys put their name in our leadership will be five hundred. You know it. It's going to be the race. Who gets to the NBA? Who GETS TO THE PORTAL? I big race but I talked to savior and then I talk some people at the NBA office. And they're all you know everything's getting pushed back and they they use those conference tournaments to really cross reference with their scouts and then they use the NCAA tournament a lot. You know 'cause they wanna see all players play under pressure so I don't know how they say there's GonNa be no Chicago. Probably they're not going to be bringing them in. I don't even have to push it all back. So that's been hard and then the agents and everybody jumped in there and who's telling what you know the truth and it's It's been difficult. I think especially for the underclassmen you know. I think there's GonNa be a slew of kids. Put their name. And I don't know that's going to be good bad or indifferent but we're just GONNA try to. I'm just going to keep trying to call. Gm's that I know and can try to call the lead different teams in the League and just get the most educated opinion but boy with no Chicago in no no individual workouts. Man is a lot of guys a chance and not get drafted. I don't know how that's GonNa work. What do you do recruiting you got? We got zoom. Yeah Yeah you can do that or you. Just you don't just make calls or text and and But with no visits again you know it used to be Dan. Play to even up the last seven eight years. You know you're done what most of the year two thousand and twenty twenty one recruiting last fall now between all the transferring and kids going early. I mean people having recruiting into May June July for this year's So not been held at bring him to campus or not be able to go out. That's GonNa put another monkey wrench in things to and And you know I I. You know your place like Was IT WICHITA STATE? I think five or six or seven days or transferring Anderson Seniors. You know. I don't know how anybody who's GonNa feel the team but it's going to be different And there's so many kids that are in the port a lot. I don't know if there's enough schools to handle the kids in the Porto. You know you can tell them a big fan of that but Not and I I I still think these kids are GonNa get hurt by it because Some of them are GONNA have no place to go and that happened this past year. About one hundred fifty kids whose names written apart. I'll had no place to how do deal with your guys academically. I mean like like the left in the semester. I mean like Abbie at you. Make sure your kids are doing what they need to do. You had this conversation their kids that maybe don't have internet at their homes. Their kids that are living in situations where may go home better? A LOT WORSE. Obviously the the quality of life that they have on campus. I mean how you dealing with all that. What are we GONNA have? Kids are here. We got seven kids. I think that are here. And the reason is for just the reasons you said number one not being an areas where it's really bad and number two Having Internet and having Ability to skype resume or you know. They're getting tutored that way. Everybody's into the classes that they don't have to go to it. Seems good but it's harder to to to pick things up and if you're not a great student It's difficult so thank God. We have some tutors. That still stay back. And they're doing it through skype and and we've got about three weeks left the school and you know. Now there's big debates is going to be pass fail. These universities is going to be a combination of things. You know untrusted in situations going to bail out of unprecedented uh ways to combat it. I tell you though it's schools are a lot of kids you know. We had some really good students this year but we got some kids are working overtime. Went skype and that's the way it'll be in trying to get a tutor trying to get through their classes that way and Just do everything online. It's it's different easier for them than us. You know I can barely get online to say I love you guys but those guys are experts at it and they seem to be doing we try to stay in touch. I got each system has four guys kind of monitoring that barrier around with our academic coach. I'm GonNa tell you what I got to do. I monitored. I was the proctor of a Harvard Examination. The other day because my stepdaughter goes to Hybrid. Shed take tests. You said I need a proctor and let me help you. Young lady away. Yes Sir I let him my academic career practice ECON Bay. That's right well you know why people at Harvard. Your you can answer those questions anyway. Of course not what? They knew that your stepdaughter cheating. Because where she was getting there. That's right you're smart as I don't ask me lady don't Mother Right. I mean look I is is is Michigan. Let's say she has a class at nine. Am normally coaches? Oh is the teacher. Well you teach six class from your kids and a buddy joins a class per normal is. Do you have any ideas that can stay? That's exactly the way it is. I know here at Michigan Michigan State. Like I said we're we're looking at going here and I think all the schools in this state are looking to go to pass fail I mean they're just some things that are so difficult and and you know as you know eh the schedule during this season you can get behind him and all of a sudden. You know you've got this. That happened so it is. It is difficult I mean. I don't envy these kids. You know I think that's the perception a lot of people have out there. You know the old dumb jock well. Those days ended a long time ago. And it's hard for kids to go to school. Travel like they do play nine o'clock games and then you know still get up for their seven or eight o'clock exam the next day you know and I that's one thing I've always said is Kids deserve more credit than they get for balancings. Both all right. Here's the here's most difficult question. Kim. You're growing up growing up now growing up. Give me your four favourite college basketball players of all time. Dan Dockage Gardy. Michael Jordan was one of them but history of the NC Double A. Tournament. Yeah Yeah so yeah you know I said I. I saw where today's the day match gird slate. You know the champions that I I've just started college. It was the first I got to see. My college coach took me to it. I mean and Utah and we had I got a good seat. You know it wasn't like it is now boy did that. And then those breeds that you'd have still paid a million dollars but but I you know I got a chance to watch the Walton thing you know and that that that game when he Went against I think it was meant this when he was twenty two twenty one or twenty two whatever he wanted to. Yeah that's crazy. Believe OPPO A I I still you know. The Magic Bird thing to me was was special that game. I'm not sure either. One of them play great but I think those were two great players and you know I guess. I'm looking more at the past. And the present like coached the guys now and yeah you know all their awards the other guys. You can just see all their strengths. But I mean you know I don't know if you've put Jordan in there because you know it wasn't like the average points did a lot of things back then But shoot he played with Kenny Smith. Parkin's worth I mean. Like the guys played her. Yeah they were ridiculous. But wh what are the common ones that are that you're hearing we've I've gone with? I go way back. I go big Joe I go Pete Marich I go Ernie Day and who. Who's my fourth Dan? I fell asleep. All those guys. All you square this student rugby. Oh man I mean you're making me laugh. I laughed and a two week so margin beal the laugh when settlers talk and they were you know jump all after every bucket. I went all us. Bob Big big. What do you mean because Serbian the Berkovitz brother serving heroes? I played with that mark. Maguire yes Indiana Man Northwest Indiana. Not like we weren't all in on Hoosiers I was all in on G- wire and Teddy GRUBS and Conway. Those were Bo. L. Member Danny member when collider walked back from a couple of gain number. They always got beat the tournament. I remember that too man that was he. He got eight grimes. They were good though they were number. One in the country in date nineteen. They beaten date. He throws the ball into river. Walk back in his uniform to the hotel. Yeah those are the same job you tip. Saint Joe's beat the game right. Joe's beat them. Yeah Brad Greenberg assistant coach at Saint Jo's on nineteen. You know you're talking about. You're talking about the difference. I gotTa Tell You man you went to Utah. With your college coach. I would have literally if coach stab myself. Danny that's the that's the difference between big heading to go to the final four eight a freeze. That's what type thing. There was no alcohol. No ALCOHOL OUT IN UTAH coaches on Sunday Sunday as good as it gets our last one. Five favorite spartans expert. He's of all time. Yeah you've got to be on. Yeah I'd have to go with a guy named Johnny Green. Because he was a guy that walked on year and he could take a quarter off the top of the backboard any played in the League for fifteen years. A great guy from New York that comes back all the time still. He was a part of the fifty seven championship team You know magic. Cast the B one Cleaves has to be one for me because It did you know so much for me. you know he'd have to be in there You Know Steve Smith on resper. I mean I'm just looking at guys that I know that I coach. Gus Kyle you know as I was growing some of those days that was that was a hell of a time. He was a little crazy too but You know I you know. There's been a lot of good guys. I don't know who the best are you know. I'm still big and a great retail sir. He was a great guy. And and I'm sure I'm missing a bundle of 'em but It was You know it's been a good time for me. I'm sure you guys have more good ones that you're colleges. Although I don't know how many headed Saint Joe. Where did you go to college? Hackensack come on out fairly that was above your place. Believe me just barely Collingwood. Michigan's at least we football all MARIUCCI was doing something. There's football they're Har Harvard on the hackensack. Come on now. Alabama fishy going ahead of that late at US talking about. I mean I. We'll give you that. Indiana was best but I think I'm in second place and all that I thought he was always guarantee game as we appreciate you doing this now. We're what's for dinner tonight? Here's the question. What's what's cooking because I I just. I'M GONNA grow out see if I can do that. I'm just trying to waste time to be honest with Ya. College kids and But you guys made me laugh. I want to tell you how the left much lately I do. Miss that tournament. Don't you guys talk? Yeah Weird Man. It's just This is this is still one of the greatest dimes. Even my football buddies. They all say. Hey there's nothing like march madness and I think it's true and let's just hope we all you guys make sure your families are safe Keep them healthy and Hopefully in a couple of weeks things start turning thank God steroids man. Anybody all right guys pick guys take tell you one Michigan State Story. Of course whatever you like. Let's put here so we beat them and Co Sny. We'd lost the game before and he told me and got chuck friends that we were going to be two coaches. He didn't come to practice in the assistance for two days. We had to make scouting report in the whole deal right literally we go there and we beat them and in the locker room at old whatever the place was called Jefferson Denison. They had in the locker room in the bathroom. You had to go down the hall and it was kind of shared with the wreck frills. Anyway I walk in after the game into the bathroom and the toilet didn't have walls. It was like prison right. I mean it's just show commodities just out there right so I walk in and coach nights on the toilet taking a big feeling pretty good and he looks up at me he goes. You got your first win tonight. Dockets as a head coach. I go man I cannot talk to you on the craft. Talk you on the crap. I May Have Gone Pete outside. I don't know but I was going to sit there and talk to you. Don't get anywhere else. This telling you that much Taylor bed anywhere else. Alison that's incredible. I did not know where that was going. And I'm pleased to say turn. It did say everyone at home. Please be safe. Listened to the medical experts. Stay practice social distancing and As they say on TV every night together. We'll get through this House. That yeah and get a big bottle wine kangaroo brexit bring out the good stuff thank you for listening to courtside with. Greenberg and dockage. You can listen and subscribe to all. Espn podcast in the listen tab of the ESPN APP including the latest from the NBA. In the WHO collective podcast available on the ESPN APP or apple podcast.

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