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You're listening to the briefing first broadcast on the first february. Two thousand and twenty one on monocle twenty four. The briefing is brought to you in association with novartis. Hello and welcome to the briefing coming to you. Live from studio one here. Midori house in london. I'm andrew miller coming up on today's program as evil attorney. Joe mas military throws a coup. D'etat we'll have the latest later in the show for me. Us president donald trump struggles representation ahead of his second impeachment. Trial also ahead. i'm. Monica was nick mason. I'll be talking about mogens time economy and lego bike lanes and we'll have our weekly wrap up of actually good news. That's all coming up on the briefing on monocle. Twenty four and welcome to today's edition of the briefing with me. Andrew miller mehan mars military is to have decided that they decade is a long enough experiment with civilian rule in the last few hours. The army has seized power and declared a state of emergency scheduled to last year sang. Suci the country's de facto. Prime minister has been detained. She is urging resistance and protest but may find international support less forthcoming than it was during her previous long. Stretch of house arrest prior to coming to power herself. The nobel peace laureate is now widely seen as having been at best a passive accessory to the army's recent pogroms through jim on joined with more by professor penny green head of the law department at queen. Mary university of london and founder and director of the award-winning international state. Crime initiative penny. First of all. What do we know for sure. Does the army appeared to have nailed this down completely tightly and as far as as we know yes i think that they have initiated what they would see as a successful coup. D'etat we know that. unsung suci and her advisers. And not not not too sure about her advisors but certainly a wide range of inno di. Mp's have been detained but so to have critical members of civil society political activists journalists writers. And i think that that's very telling. Because i think the arrest of these people suggests that the military is doing what it sees as its best to quell any resistance. What what is it that the military was worried about. It's not like they were not at least partially controlled beforehand. No that's absolutely right android. I mean the military were extremely powerful With with the power it was what was seen. As a special relationship. The held the three most important ministries In in the country defense border and home affairs eight also retain twenty five percent of the parliamentary seats. So was it. The constitution was never able to be changed the military held Really complete para under the an od civilian government so in some senses. Some people are speculating. That this is a one-man coup that general kunda min online. Who is due to retire. This year as he turns sixty five In in some ways it's a big for him to extend power and of course power for its own sake. But also the power to control the wealth that he and his cronies have extracted from the Me and my people on. So i think that there are a number of issues at stake. it it. It wasn't. I think anticipated until last week Largely because it was widely recognized that the military did hold such power within the country are sang. She clearly did see this coming from. At least a few days away she should this statement prior to her detention urging resistance people to reject the coup d'etat etc. How solid her support within me. Unmarked as far as we can tell people likely to heed the call. I i think that they they could very well do so. She has still has a tremendous amount of support while her while her status in the rest of the world has declined dramatically because of her role in the genocide against the roe hinduja nonetheless inside myanmar the anno d and unsung suci as still immensely popular. And you could see in last november's elections that the d. won a landslide victory which is part of the problem for the military of course because they see that the strength of support for civilian rule and for democratic process is strong within the country And that strength will ultimately threaten longer term the authority and power of the military. So i think that there is likelihood that they will be resistance but it's difficult because in some senses it could be argued that civil society has in some senses being captured by the date so when it came to the genocide a thorough hinder. There was no support inside myanmar. Almost no support inside beyond ma for the row hinder when the atrocities were taking place against them. Atrocities perpetrated by minoan lie and his Tap metal military supported the hallway through a we have to say by unsung suci. So this is a. This is a civil society. That will i think. Listen to the core of suci. It is somewhat out of practice if you like in terms of a resistance in the previous military regimes. The political resistance was organized very often underground at outside the country largely in thailand but it was very strong and very persistent. It'll be interesting to see what happens now. Particularly given that some of the leaders of that resistance have now been arrested and detained by the military. Is it possible that the military have been playing extremely long game here. I e by co opting out sang succi into their campaign against the rohinton knowing that would undermine eventually the international support on which she had relied during her previous arrest. I have seen comments to that effect. I don't think they're that clever. Quite frankly but i do think that she wasn't particularly clever in that regard. Either because She was quite prepared to do. Well maybe herenton she was but she was very Prepared to do a deal with the ministry. She understood the terms on which has civilian government would rule. She knew full well that the military retained ultimate power but she was prepared to accept that and indeed. She was prepared to support and defend Mas military in it's brutal assault on genocidal assault against through a hinder. And she's been prepared to go to the hague at the i. C. j. and defend the military and her own position because it wasn't just the military who perpetrated these atrocities against throw hinder. Unsung sushi is ultimately responsible for me green at queen. Mary university. Thank you very much for joining us. You are listening to the briefing. Here is yelling. Fund with days are the headlines. Thanks andrew more than five thousand. Russians have been detained for taking part in protests to demand the release of jailed opposition leader. Alexey navalny his wife. Yulia neville ni- out was among those detained at sunday's protests. She was later released. Israel's government says it is transferring thousands of doses of garon virus vaccine to immunize frontline palestinian health workers. Israel has one of the most advanced rowlatt programs in the world but palestinians are yet to be vaccinated. Several senior indian. Journalists are facing charges of sedition over their coverage of protests by farmers media organizations including the editors guild of india have criticized the move and claim it is an attempt to muzzle the press and the monocle minutes reports that some welsh country cancels are threatening to hike property taxes on second homes to move aims to dissuade would-be homeowners from diluting. The welsh language. For more head to monocle dot com slash minute does today's headlines back to you andrew. Thank you your lane. You are listening to the briefing on monocle. Twenty four this time next week former. Us president donald trump will make history as the first president to be tried twice on articles of impeachment. The us senate this time for his role in fomenting the washington dc riot on january sixth which left four have his own supporters dead and saw one police officer murdered and hundreds more injured. While the republican contingent in the senate may be willing to indulge trump. Yet again he is having perhaps telling difficulty finding sign legal counsel willing to represent him one joined with more by suzanne lynch washington dc correspondent for the irish times Suzanne it's not generally held to be an encouraging signal when shortly before trial. Your entire legal team quit. We know why they've done this. Yes not a good sign as he. Donald trump had assembled a a new new new faces. People who would not have been familiar with them and several lawyers from south carolina and now in the over the weekend we find that they are no longer working with the president and the president's advisors put out a statement saying you know nothing to see here that it was very much mutual decision and but does not reporting coming out that in fact donald trump wanted them to argue basically relitigate the election and return to a lot of his unsubstantiated claims about election fraud saying that he the election was stolen from essentially on. This defense is invited. Warning is it advised that is not walked the at the impeachment of the voters role in fomenting at the attack on the capital. johnny six. This appears to be the issue. His south on a lawyer. In particular at butch bowers he was the main figure quite very well respected in south carolina and well known and had been recommended by trump ally. Lindsey graham in the senate. He has no parted ways with the president bringing up to four lawyers with him so that seems to be the background by why does has fallen apart without relationship. So where does that leave trump in terms of representation. Is there any chance that we will be treated to the glorious. Spectacle of rudolph giuliani on the floor of the capitol possibly in the car park outside capital. Dry cleaners never under the moment. M there are now he has he name to members of his impeachment. Defense team would of them. David shown is from georgia. And he represented roger stone as long term ally of donald trump pardoned and also as the second person is bruce castor. He was former district attorney in pennsylvania. And he's well. He's known because he declined prosecution at bill cosby the entertainer The day back So they're the two figures who in themselves are known at two to certain people have had dealings with. If you'd like celebrity clients also shown almost be said this also reports that he actually disclosed representing jeffrey epstein before he died in prison so at their the two figures we know. Now that's quite quite a small group. There will be more lawyers. You're right about rudy giuliani. Donald trump is not depending on the lawyers that he used before so for example and other years at the last impeachment. We saw ken starr app. Who people will remember from the pension impeachment. He was involved in the league team. For example they are not getting evolve this here and i think it's a sign that don't trump is finding it difficult to find legal teams. That are taking him on. Essentially an once. He's lost you know he's no longer president. He's going to be facing his own legal difficult. We know that investigators new york scrutinizing his business affairs and we know that financially. He's most likely under squeeze the moment. Obviously the at the hotel business the building business all business around the world are under pressure. Because a kuroda virus the trump businesses. No different so he has been finding it difficult to get these legal teams to work with him but it looks like these. Two figures i mentioned are the new people so far. But we're only a week away from this so he's going to have to work quickly. At this point we already already seeing lines being drawn in the battle for the future of the republican party. It was widely assumed that things might become more sensible post trump. but it's now starting to look as if they want a as you'll be aware we have seen in recent days several senior republicans refusing to distance themselves even from incoming congresswoman marjorie taylor green. Who does not appear to have encountered a conspiracy theory to which she will not enthusiastically subscribe. How do we see the trump trial playing into that role within the republican party. If we assume he's not going to be convicted. Yeah it's a very interesting one. We're kind of seeing these lines as you say one side. We have margie. tater green. Who's as cuba announced from georgia. Extremely right wing. And then we have liz. Cheney of all people who've become ready to conscience of the republican party and the house she voted to impeach donald trump last month and but she's got a lot of backlash between her party and the fact that you're right that that republicans are not censoring green for a lot of her comments and is for a lot of people worrying that that is saying. Alas i'd rather overlooking party they're happy to censor a lot of people are talking about are in criticizing her at first data siding with democrats during the impeachment. And yet they're giving green a free pass. People like steve scalise. Saying and kevin mccarthy have said the doj agree with green statements. She for example conspiracy theories about nine eleven about the parkland gone choosing. But still i think a lot of people were shocked including nancy pelosi. Who sat last week. That green was appointed to the one of the education committees in congress so important role so even there one side of the mouth. They're saying they don't agree with her on the other. They are giving her power in congress. So yes it's trump impeachment is taking place against this background now. The house are finished with the impeachment process. They've already voted on that. It's all going to be in the sanish but last week of course was the first indication that really he there. It's not gonna be seems enough. Republican votes convict him because mitch. Mcconnell and fort most forty-five republicans 'em voted on a procedural vote we was procedural it indication what were thinking that this was an unfair trial that i it. It doesn't have enough process under the system is unfair so that that gave us that they're saying look we could still hear the evidence of the other way but i think that's really given an indication of which way the wind is blowing here and so it seems unlikely that republicans will have the vote to convict him and i think that would be a big boon for donald trump. Kevin mccarthy the top republican in the house actually traveled to florida last week and met dunk from so very visibly her patching things up with former president. He loves it. He feels that he's got. The president former president has a lot of power. He wants to be seen very much meeting him. Shaking hands with him so it looks like that trump stranded. The party is still powerful. Still commanding a lot of support just very finally and very quickly to donald trump on the other end of this trial in his expected to quit will do we know yet what he plans to do with himself other than play golf. We don't we do know that. He has raised a lot of money since the election. And a set up a pack a political action committee and with millions. Now in the in that account if you like so that would suggest that he could be suggest you know considering another run for president. I don't think he's ruled that. I wish but i mean the problem for him is he. Doesn't like losing any already lost the last election Will he be prepared for the nine again. Pretend to use lose it again. So that's the issue there and obviously there's a lot of speculation about his family too particularly. Ivanka trump his daughter that she may be considering a political career. Maybe not immediately but in the future she still quite young. So that's what we're waiting to see others. Say i think his are going to be his main focus now because of this economic climate. We're in and of course the damage that's been done to the trump brand amongst certain customers most customers even though it seems to have held open certain parts of the world's anglo countries etc that brand the trump brand at but that's what we haven't heard very much from him mainly because he's been bound from twitter so he doesn't have that form that he used to have his fingertips so he's been pretty quiet at but look he's not gone away as we know onto susan lynch. Thank you as always for joining us. You're listening to the briefing. Navarre's is is proud to partner the briefing on monocle. Twenty four is a company that is committed to reimagining madison. Global health care leader intent on changing the practice of medicine. Navarre's been exploring uncharted frontiers in science for more than a century. Today the company is working on breakthrough treatments that pushed the boundaries of human understanding and biology data science and engineering to develop and deliver therapies. That help people longer and healthier lives around the world. Novartis reimagining medicine. You are back with the briefing with me. Andrew miller time now for one of our wrap ups of urbanism news With nick minnie's nick. We will start In our mutual ancestral homeland of australia specifically in melbourne were obviously nightlife. Has of late been bit quiet. Which is unusual for melbourne. Because it's usually one of the great cities to go out in. They're trying to revive that. Yes so the. I mean i just wanted to address. This would cut straight to the chase and talk about australia from the top because we always find a way to work working in there but essentially mobin is looking to appoint annoyed time economy. Advisory committee Now what this means is that they're going to look to bring in ten External leaders in retail hospitality the creative industries. You know. we're talking to people. Running bars restaurants nightclubs To basically advise the city on what they can do to keep the nightlife going understandably. It's like you said it's it's taken a dip in the last year. So they're looking for ways. I guess to make sure their social cultural life and the economy keeps ticking In the not tommasi in melbourne. And what i think is particularly interesting about this. Is i think it might pave the way for the first nightmare australia. Which i think is an important raleigh acknowledging the significance of the not economy reason being is that Mayor sally capp had planned to appoint anoint. Time or after doc mayor In the lead up to the election but the council issued tapped for the role ultimately Didn't didn't make the cut or wasn't elected by his district so this is obviously opening up. The potential bringing somebody external bats an not an elected. Not time certainly a later of the tom economy and i think that's incredibly good thing from ellen To speak also of lego bike lanes. It says here we do and really love this story. And i love that. We can talk about as as a as a kid. I loved playing with lego building whole cities. And i think that that helped to spark my interest in it. Now as you probably know andrew machine you've got a massive collection at home but for years the streets of lagos city sets Their base plates have space for cars car lanes car-parking people even tony storm drains but absolutely no designated like i bought lining it which is weird given. The lego comes from denmark with it pretty far ahead of the curve on the whole urban bicycling thing exactly so and it sort of seems a little bit strange onto light. Last year there was nothing until they introduced a very thin blue black line which is is a dinesh the diner's color for the black lines. So it's significant but There's been a counselor in the netherlands. Who has been lobbying go through their online ideas platform to have them actually putting it put in bike lanes now. He sees the opportunity after seeing them. Interest in blue. Black line and a legos. Essentially said look. You can design a set if you can find ten thousand people to support the idea by the end of the end of the year. So i just wanted to put the call out here to encourage people tobacco. Let's get some lines in very. Finally we need to talk about new rail links for the baltic states and already this is quite high on my list of travel things i would like to do when traveling becomes possible again because traveling in the baltic states is always fantastic fund. This is going to make it even more. So yes so. The backing Rail baltica which is going to essentially connect the capitals of all the baltic countries Have announced that or they've released a report saying procurement for the construction is going to launch this year and to give people a little bit of background on the project if they're not familiar with it essentially it's eight hundred and seventy kilometer long line that causes commuting where we come from of course naturally cutting through latvia lithuania and estonia and and essentially rail service every two hours. Between between each of them. There will be ten days connecting to ten trains per day rather connecting to warsaw and two overnight trains. Also going onto bill. this is incredibly exciting Especially for the regional towns. That are going to be connected through. Today's capital says some great opportunities for some some transit leads housing and development splendid. Nick minnie's thank you as always for joining us. You're listening to the briefing on monocle. Twenty four you are listening to the briefing with me. Andrew miller and finally today our weekly wrap up of the news. Which isn't making you want to emigrate to the windswept steppes of mongolia and live as a yak. Welcome to the forty third of these weekly false in the wreaking garbage dump of the covid nineteen new scape in search of the discarded. Bitcoin wallet of good news. We know that they would have been a much more topical. Take to be had in the recent ramping game. Stop shares but after literally several minutes of desultory fiddling. We realized that it didn't lend itself quite so readily to metaphor however moving semi seamlessly along. There was good news for any sprightly investor who believing that the game stop. Ship may have sailed piled heavily into turkmenistan liquorice futures and let's give it up the four. We plough on four cruelly underrated winston mid nineties indie supergroup liquorice anyway. The thirties in the pleasingly named turkmen region of la. P- say with me lab have instructed state employees and school children to begin carrying at all times medicine boxes containing licorice root syrup to combat. What they are clearly and efficiently describing as lung disease. Actually let's see from labs own medina yet. Shoddy etta may be gloss. Where i the lebron's having to tread carefully here is wild. Turkmenistan's notably eccentric president gurgling berdymukhamedov has previously claimed. The turkmen licorice might cure cove nineteen. The country is also officially insisting that it has no cases of the disease. Neither of these things just so we're clear. Miss true what is true. If you'll forgive digression is that finland produces a salt licorice ice cream topping with while kua covid nineteen or indeed anything but your rice. Craig not tasting enough. like salt. Licorice is bloody marvellous. You can thank us later. Ideally if you're listening to this in finland by sending us here in the uk good news for the residents of the naval hub of plymouth who may now freely refer to one of the city's landmarks on facebook without inciting censorious algorithms plymouth is a sloping parkland facing over the water which enjoys a measure of fame as the location of francis. Drake's pre armada bowling game. Not that sort of bowling as long as we're making stuff up. Ever references to plymouth hoe had been routinely deleted by facebook due to hose home anemic relationship to a term of misogynist abuse but steps to rectify. This on now apparently hummed away which is good news in a wider context as it doubtless means that facebook is working. Its way steadily down. Its list of priorities to fascist racists vaccine deniers and sundry conspiracy theorists and will totally get the any day now in south australia got for the local plaud- for public safety for much love destroying iraq institution called chisel and for people who enjoy seeing the same jokes may ten thousand times on social media adelaide's finest apprehended wanted mayor do well. Their task made much easier by widespread amusement at her name. Case on cox whose parents were clearly fond of the chisel song you can hear behind this item itself named after the vietnamese battlefield off case song it also proved good news for those of us who enjoy those moments. Such a usually samba institution as a police force. Realizes there's no mileage and pretending to take something seriously. South australia polices initial alert on. Twitter was accompanied by a notice that we've already searched bow river and the star hotel. This is admittedly from the if you are aware that the two of the titles of cold chisel songs nineteen eighty album. East is probably a good place to start and vaguely related. Good news window worrying canadian. Catta wall assembly deal recipient of a profound demonstration of the loyalty of her fans or at least all one of her fans stuff and chairman and for the purposes of this autumn staff. And she seems to a free concert itself. As britain's florida who a few weeks back changed his name by deed poll to selene diem. Amidst a drunken youtube reverie vis-a-vis his faith has declared his intention to style it out the twenty five year old is enjoying his new identity and is keeping it. Thomas dodd is dead. Long live sunday dion news for all of us as a demonstrates the tweet to just spoiled to all the qualities of our favorite singers merely by filling in a few foods for multiple twenty four. Johnny catch. all. Your mind cannot overstate the degree to which i've always wanted to say that the fun fact about johnny cash apparently i have been reliably informed by people who were on the receiving end of it. I never had the honour myself. He never ever once ceased being amused by the absolutely mesmerized discombobulating affect the fact of him saying to people. Hello johnny cash. Had it'd be nice to be able to do that anyway. That is all for this edition of the briefing. It was produced by james and yelling. Goffin has to manage. it was chris evans. The briefing returns at the same time tomorrow. That's mid-day in london seven am if you're listening in washington. i'm andrew mullet. thanks very much for listening.

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