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Accessing Business Resources: Tips For Founders


The ones who really really want us to succeed. Bring them in closer rely on them. And that's a big thing for entrepreneurs as well. We like to do things on their own. And we'd like to be very independent and we'd like to break rules and not need to rely on too many people so it kind of goes against what how we naturally are naturally think is to ask the help reject to the tribe know that not one person can be everything. Welcome to episode one hundred and seventy-six be the drop a weekly interview podcast sharing stories from people who inspire and motivate others to help. You learn how to tell your story. I'm Amelia veal field director at narrative marketing and firmly but in the superpower of story Business bound is a hard working driven. Paypal we can meet one hundred percent but with the burden of small business financial pressures that can often feel like like we have to juggle ourselves however my guest this week understand how important it is for us to be part of a tribe and Sheng Knowledge in order. Oh to support growth pay to else noise thing or two about growth. As CEO of River City labs. The company grew five hundred fifty percent and post acquisition expanded into three states now as co founder of tribe global and peak performance. Zeina pated delivers programs. That help business. Business bound is to create good personal retains and helps in building healthy business. eco-systems frameworks and infrastructure in today's episode of Bay. The drought painted discusses some of the real issues facing founders intake. Nick and business today and the personal and business resources available to help them. She reflects on the most important factors determining business found a success. This and the power of storytelling in connecting with your tribe. This is paid his vision of bay. The drop pitas episode was recorded. Live et south spot in Adelaide. A convergence of humans impact and technology with humans and machines create tomorrow. Today I've included Lincolnshire. neitz became a lot to learn more about south. Stop Fantastic. Thank you so much for joining me for our next episode of the drove. Thank you for having me so way here in south stop. This is possibly the coolest location is in custody in shore to share some photos so that listeners can see but we're in a tent you wearing bell ten not just a tent belton highly desirable for the Campo which I am and it's never been as glamorous as this Nari this is yes and easy inside air conditioning which is good. Because it's forty three degrees here dry blowing in your face now paid a U.. Joining us all the way from Brisbane away from Brisbane. Sorry if you could if you could get us started by telling us a little bit of a story if you can or any sort of moment that stands out for you that really gives us some context about what you're doing now. Oh Wow what I'm doing now is definitely a showcasing. A combination of all of I would say probably the last ten years personal earnings. Seven of those years have been building the ecosystem in Brisbane and Queensland which I got to do through my role at REC- labs where I was the CEO. I I wasn't always a CEO. I was just I was the first hire and I employ e alongside the founder Steve Baxter and we grew out the team and had the ability to scale that it's operation into Sydney Melbourne after we go to quad by the Australian Computer Society which was a really nice progression for me to take it to that level but before all that I have always had my own businesses. So I've been found. I know what it's like to grow things from the ground up and the learnings that you go through can teach you those things you learn by doing and the fact that I now get to share that to others in the early stage adaptation phase right through the scaling up and taking the company's minis overseas so through what I'm doing now eats accumbens combination of working on programs to assist founders to go through that process to manage themselves the habits they routines mindset plus then on the other side it's more of the ecosystem builder. Saad three tribe global win now working with regions. Who have at the very very beginning of growing an ecosystem and implementing the framework and the architect architecture from which that community can grow from? Yes so there's a lot going on in there and I think it's so interesting that concept of learning That it really is to experience but then also threw shade that experience so I completely agree that you is that learning that you do yourself but obviously what you can do is sort of help inject maybe fast track some of those learning area. I think the mistake you can make going into region that's not yours and it's not your community as advisor or consultant is and what to do and you can't do that all you can do. Share what has worked in other areas and each region or community or ecosystem. No matter what stage that will take on the bits that means something to them the things that resonate that we'll try things that work and work and that the best way to foster the the growth is to share the learnings because we never get it right from day one that we've tried so many different things so many versions Sony programs in different ways of engaging but what we did do he's always worked directly with fans so we've always been a fan I organization very much first ecosystem in Queensland so we have always put sat up founders at the forefront of every activity and that is what made our community and asked that up ecosystem in Queensland as a whole as a state stand out above everybody else or at thought is because we had an aligned purpose with government council regional areas metropolitan new people coming in. We had one question and that was if we're not doing this for founders than we don't do it there has to be at the forefront of all of the decision making and if we are not creating creating better entrepreneurs from that activity then we shouldn't be doing it and I think if we had the line vision line purpose it makes it easier to progress forward. You don't waste time doing things that aren't going to shift the dial and it's worked so far. But I'm saying that ecosystems are always evolving and and in particular Queensland's at a new phase of growth and we've activated or the State is activated a lot of the regional areas. Now they going through their own growth phase and it's now looking at how to support those companies that are at a different stage in ED growth. So now how do we build those strength strong ties with international national markets to assist companies to scout quicker and faster and more efficiently rather than having to do all the legwork themselves. And I'm less involved involved in that. Let's say started working group. That's happening in Queensland now and letting a lot of the other new people coming into this ecosystem have a place and and have a role and it's about bringing people in that's the other thing is training up people who can work with the ecosystem not just run individual spaces around programs. Who's actually got the the big picture at the forefront of them onto their purposes well and training up a lot of people to do that so there's a lot of work behind the scenes that happens in this stuff? Yeah facilitating events and programs. You do that stuff for free. And you give you time. Because you're passionate about but also there is. I mean I benefit in the long term if amazing entrepreneurs coming from Australia's a whole but primarily acquaintance. Thanks where I'm based but yeah you'd have to putting a lot of stuff. It's all unseen work that that really hasn't huge impact and a lot of people are willing to get involved. Hello but if there's not a clear invitation for them and it's not highlighted how they can get involved. It's it's difficult to to know where to start how to get involved had to have an impact so yes it's about opening ended up letting everyone know what happens again evolved how you can progress and how you can contribute it. Everything settles in its place where it should be and people Glenda doing the right things it does take time. Though it's we're talking five to ten year journey see any results of the hard work. That's putting in the beginning. I I mean I loved that saying that business is a marathon NIYADA's brady there. Were so many times that in Queens them we would look into. I'm not sure if we're having any impact you know. Even after five years you sort of hoped that things were moving along and strata in general is behind the rest of the world so our aim was to make it not for two behind. So we're always going to be in a different position. Plus we don't have the population here to support a lot of the activities in companies will always look to say just simply because they can scale much faster with greater populations but inciting that we've got so many good here as well We always have to be globally facing businesses Mrs Opportunities and also with the situation we have in regional Australia. There is amazing tech an amazing innovation. That's happening coming out of regions in tech Just because they had to innovate come up with solutions to survive. And that is where some some since I found is coming from and but then not involved in the ecosystem as we not within herds up to us to now to tell the stories assistant way we can but let them do their own thing as well their own way not going to do what we do here in this. EBD Yeah and so. What if Bain along this journey some of the best ways to help communicate you said it's hard for some people to understand what they can access where they can get support? So how have you found success in helping people on this. What is available in in the communication of what you're doing doing look at because it's of storytelling is a huge part of it so sharing stories of other founders? How they got the help okay who they reached out to the way that they did that? Founders love hearing from other founders like hearing consultant so people who feel they haven't understood and what it's like to be in their position and this is why I'm a huge advocate for entrepreneur-led ecosystems because they've been there it's a trusted source their lock minded minded person and it is coming from a place of wanting to share their knowledge and their experience. And we know what it's like so if we can help somebody you know shorten the journey or shouldn't a time that takes to get from A to B. Then of course. We're going to do that. Somebody else. We don't want to do long marathons but every situation is different. I think the the key is to four. Each regional area is to tap into the resources that are available so you know. Various governments have initiatives information mation resources funding sources access to talent mentors. It's DEF- it's more difficult. You have to dig deeper however they are there and if not be very very vocal about what is needed in your area and push forward because the squeaky wheel wins right so the ones who make the most noise get hurt eventually. It might take a while to get there but absolutely you've got to be very clear on what you need. So if there are certain areas that are really lacking in some sort of support or more the critical mass of people coming sharing their stories. There a lot of it's about community I like being around. People who have succeeded have more experienced in them and have different depth of knowledge. Sometimes we need to import that talent into those areas ordering the regional people at and bring them to different areas and we we always have to send them overseas. We used to run stop cutlass trips. which took groups of people from Australia and we immerse into very busy and thriving takeover systems in London San Francisco Colorado so that an Israel so they got to experience what a thriving very busy ecosystem looks like to help shift their mindset so that stray liens don't always feel in place of lack and understand? We have what we need here. We just need to think differently differently. So the mindset shift but we can do that here in industry without leaving the country we could be rages jumping into Sydney. We can take them. Melvin can bring them to the Brisbane Adelaide Adelaide just understand. There's a lot happening support. You just need to connect the dots There is so much going on. And then you've also got your other business which is peak performance designer. Yes yeah I think so. Yeah that's really about helping the people and you're talking about entrepreneur lead and supporting the founder So you're talking to a deeper level. Can you explain that and also share some of the key things that you think are really important. Yes so he could sign aries. Ah Program that's been running for almost two years now there's about three hundred plus founders. That have been through the program. It has evolved over time it set off as what we call a thirty. I did I shift which was embedding different habits over thirty days for founders to imbed those helpful useful resources to assist them to to create really good routines and it's about putting themselves first understanding that in a business the most important thing in that business he's damn and they will being in physical body and mind and to understand that when the business needs them the most in this could be five six seven years down the track. The thing that the most pressure is created at that time of of Lodge Kyle bigger teams big investment. It requires a lot of the founder and businesses don't file because the businesses is she it sometimes they do. But it's usually because the founder perform at the level that the business days them to and you need to keep inventing new virgins of yourself each time the business goes through growth phase so we put so much time and resource into the business and the people and the team and the tech. But we don't invest this. I'm matt of Energy Time and Resources and tools into our cells as the founders is under is a great way to start to ground zero and we start off with a basic program called the fourteen day shift to be honest. It's adulting one and we talk about some some basic things about basic human needs which is making sure you're well fed. Well awarded wealth rested. You take time to reflect on how you feeling tapping with yourself every now and checking. What's going on in my body? What's going on my mind? How can I best engineer the best mood or physical state so I can actually go out there and run the daily marathon that's required when you're on a company? It is a massive tall. It takes a huge toll on your body and your mental state and your family and your relationships and if you don't check in with that regularly it can you can lose focus focus and lose track very very quickly because you become your business and so many founders identities hot up in the business we have two things which we call a roll all unsold profile most people tend to just take on the profile of their role. Who was who they are? I'm the CEO and founder Blah Blah Blah. And that's who I am and that's what I do and they forget about themselves as the human i. What does that person need? How do you look after them? And then you go and do your role which is being the founder the CEO of a company and along the journey. You take your family friends partners close circle of people around you with you and they usually the first things to go in this journey. And that's actually who you need down the track when things get really hard you need to need to rely on your tribe and nurturing during those relationships needs to from the start you can't just all of a sudden call them. The Mafia ignored them for three or four years. Because you've been too busy. It's it's just reminding them about the basics and holding people accountable. They have to do daily reflection videos which gets him into the habit of checking with themselves and they also form a really really nice tribe of like minded individuals. who get why they're doing what they're doing And you have spoken about this a few times in different iterations as ease around this community that try the human connections and and sharing stories with lot minded people that a real priority for success. I've seen in so many found. Go through this journey through river CD labs and various other programs that have been involved with and also my own. I think it is a huge piece of the puzzle that formulates success. Oh determines whether something's got somebody is going to be successful or not. I'm not saying it is the only really why of course you can do it however you want to but what I have observed is having the right people around you. The ones that will give you feedback and opinions and and look out for you and have your best interest hot and teach people to stop listening to those who don't have your best interest at the forefront in front of their mind or their opinion or judgment and listening to the ones who really really want us to succeed bring them in closer rely on them. And that's a big thing for entrepreneurs as well we. I like to do things on their own. And we'd like to be very independent and we'd like to break rules and not need to rely on too many people so it kind of goes against what how we naturally on naturally think is to ask the help reach out to the tribe know that not one person can be everything so you put Yukata whether it be. You co-founder all your life partner. If if you have one or you close family and friends. They can't play all of those roles that you need in your micro tribe essentially you need someone who's going to be an amazing mentor mentor. Who can see your potential beyond what you can see a mino- had a push you and challenges and drive you in that direction but then you need the Nice soft landing pad of your your friends and family who don't really care if you're successful or not? They couldn't give a sheet. What you building? They just like you and they want to share your time and I want to see you and they want you to show up when you spend time with them and that's like the warm blanket you know you need. You need that on those days. When you don't want to think about your business anymore you need to go to those people people and spend time at it feels and then you've got other people who will come across a path at different times and you have no idea why you've met that person but randomly as happens the doors open opportunities come along and it's about taking action when they happen listening to the signs and being open and to being lead into different pathways or being open to shifting and changing sometimes the pathway that you think you're on China significantly so having these people in your life if it is really important and to also keep you in check because there's people around you who will know you and they'll see you on this journey and say? Hey Peter are you okay okay. I can see you doing this this and this and if I've seen you for years I know that that's an odd behavior. More if they know you they know. That's very normal behavior whereas if new people and you circle might not be able to identify some of those changes and also we do get very round up the next as all these sort of that on the new product launch orange and you forget some of those other things that are really important in life you gotta also have people to call out you bullshit some can get really stuck in your head and just bring you back down to Earth is where we are and checking fantastic well in conclusion payday. Could you share with me. Your Bay the drop tip so that that would be your top tier to communicate in a way or Tokyo story in a way that motivates and inspires. You know what I think my biggest teepees and this is something I've learned only in the last year and that is being one hundred percent honest with what you really want because we often say what what we think we should be saying when someone says what you really want out of this because it's very scary to admit what you'd really do one so you can be wildly successful orbi very wealthy and if that's actually what you want you have to learn to be okay with that because like I was talking that your mockery tribe around you unless they know what you really want and why are you doing what you doing. Nobody can actually help you get any closer to that goal. So sometimes we say what the goal is. Will they think we think we fund let through a business goal but we don't really know that personal goal is which makes it really difficult for people to help you. If you don't know if you can't verbalize belies what it is yet chasing. You can't empower those around you to help you get there as well but it is scary sometimes to admit that and look we have this big problem with women in Tech Women in business even Topaz drives be. It's very difficult to something. I want to be super successful. I WanNa have nice things and this is what I'm chasing because in our heads soon as we say that that old judgments coming on what we think of the people are going to think about that and often. That's the biggest barrier to anyone starting is because it's scary to admit what you really want and then chase after it So be honest be honest and all those Yep and then let her know what it is you actually want fantastic. Thank you so much welcome. Thanks for joining me for another episode of Bay. The drop. Don't forget to subscribe in order to ensure you never miss out on one of our weekly episodes be. The drop is produced by narrative marketing. 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