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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. The White House is asking Congress to approve two and a half billion dollars in emergency funding to accelerate development of vaccines treatment and protective gear. To deal with the deadly corona virus outbreak. Nearly thirty countries have reported cases of the disease nearly seventy eight thousands of those cases and almost twenty seven hundred deaths have been confirmed in China mostly in New Bay province where the outbreak began. South Korea has the most virus cases in Asia outside of China it reported sixteen New Cases. Tuesday increasing the total number of infected patients in that country to eight hundred ninety. Three governments around the globe are imposing new restrictions on public gatherings and venues to contain corona virus theories of a pandemic caused a ripple effect on world markets and PR Scott Horsley reports. That Wall Street stocks fell over three percent Monday. It's were session in over two years for weeks now the. Us stock market had seemed largely immune to corona virus shocks but not anymore grow in clusters of infections outside China in South Korea. Italy and Iran have markets worried. The outbreak won't be contained and the economic damage will be worse than had been expected. South Korea is a major export to the. Us supply not only finished goods but also components used by manufacturers of electronics computers and cars a growing number of cases in Italy also raises fears. The virus could spread throughout. Europe with continents open borders investors now see it increasingly likely that the Federal Reserve may be forced to cut interest rates in response to the widening outbreak? Scott horsely NPR news Washington on Asian stock market shares are mostly lower down over three percent in Tokyo. Harvey Weinstein is in custody. After being convicted of to sex crimes charges a jury in New York quitted the former movie mogul on three more serious counts. Kpcc's caroline champion has reaction from Weinstein's accusers. A group of women who have accused Weinstein of abuse joined a phone call this morning sharing thoughts on the verdict actress. Zoe Brock called in from New Zealand. She expected Weinstein to go free and was dreading would make a comeback but not going to happen because now Harvey Weinstein is a convicted rapist. And Right now. He's sitting in jail and so happy about it actress. Mira Sorvino says she wants to see justice for more abuse survivors. Any survivor out there. Who is scared and hopeless adjusted what to do know that we are here for you one. Survivor called the decision. The first guilty verdict of the METOO ERA. Sorvino says it's just the beginning for NPR news. I'm Carolyn Champion spokesman for Weinstein says he was taken to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan which has a unit that provided medical care for jail inmates. No reason was given for the diversion. You're listening to NPR. News police in Ontario begun clearing rail blockades that crippled freight and passenger train service and most of eastern Canada. At least ten protesters were arrested. Monday during clashes with police. Another group abandoned a blockade in Quebec demonstrators. Set the blockades week ago weeks ago to protest pipeline project that would encroach upon indigenous territory. The crisis has prompted temporary layoffs at two rail companies and disrupted the transport of an estimated three hundred forty million dollars worth of goods mathematician Katherine Johnson. Who help prepare America's first astronauts into space and onto? The Moon has not of natural causes in Virginia. He was one hundred and one years. Old Johnson solved equations by hand for NASA during the agency's early years. Vpn's whole Spencer reports that her pioneering work was featured in the two thousand sixteen. Hollywood movie. Margo Lee chatterly. Wrote the book hidden figures that revealed how an African American woman working in the segregated south performed Nasr's crucial Calculations Katherine? Johnson was amazing person. Also a superhero. But a real person shed early says Americans can learn. From Johnson's life contributions come from all around us and they come. Every single day may think that's really the lesson of Katherine Johnson in Two Thousand Fifteen the year before the film was released. President Barack Obama presented Johnson with the medal of freedom. Nasa dedicated a new research building in her name in two thousand seventeen for NPR news. I'm Hawes Spencer in Charlottesville and I'm Shay Stevens. Npr News in Washington.

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