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And now the low post welcome to the low post podcast where we are somehow halfway through the NBA season. Which means it is a fishery time to start thinking about all stars. And to do that. I could think of no one better known who's more excited about the all star game all star weekend and a fixture. If you roll into like, the the G Q party at three in the morning, and it's really thumping yuno ESPN's, Kevin arnovitz is going to be at the center of it. It's like it's like Joel Embiid and Kevin arnovitz and they're at the center that Mr. arnovitz, how are you? I'm well. How are you? Good. Did that accurately describe your all star weekend? Yeah. I I'm actually goading going to boulder sitting vodka for all star weekend very excited about this. I'm going to the Dominican Republic. My wife, my wife, very my wife wanted we do it's time. It's time to I haven't taken a vacation in season since Lynn Sanderson's, I missile insanity by accident. And so I figured this is safe and we're bringing the grandparents so he can hand my child to them and be normal human beings for a couple of days. I actually talked to L Horford about going to the fake Dominican. But it's still nice. I said, I know we're just want to go to a beach fetus, I'm gonna miss also do like all star that doesn't mean that we can escape our obligation to pick two participants in an exhibition game. Do you want to start with the east or the west? Well, I mean, that's an interesting question. I feel like well, I mean, obviously, the west is populated with more talent. I mean, it's incredible. When you gotta do this exercise. The like the contrast you have to talk yourself in the west out of guys in the east. You have to talk yourself into guys. So I, you know, what the east always gets precedent in this country like television things everything as they west coast denizen. Let's do the west. I it's also the better. Wow. Okay. We'll do. We'll do the west. I so here here are the rules. I made you I didn't I didn't demand. Final picks. In fact, my picks are are not completely finalized. Yes. But when I do this I like to like to ignore the fan vote completely and just pay. I don't even know pick. The I don't even know apparently Luca weight or doing very well. And pick twelve the full twelve person roster for free conference and. I lamb basted the NBA last week for the continued fealty to both positions and conference. Like, why are we doing twelve and twelve it stood Iran? Can I rant about a couple of things, and we can get it out of the way? Yes complained anymore. All right. A right if we're not playing with versus let's just take the best reserves respective of conference, easy, even more than that. And it's something, you know, we talked about in a word voting anybody in the NBA watching basketball these days when we're talking about front court in backward. I mean, I think you and I've been talking for years about point wings bigs, right? Like, I the fact that there is very little distinguishing twos and threes on most teams this days. The it's just we need to get to a point where it's perimeters and Biggs or again point wing big or something because it's just there the modern Cain does not accommodate these classifications. And I just don't. Like, I don't get surely they know this like this is the product. It's actually a great thing talk about position basketball. This is one of the great they sell this brand of basketball as a reason to tune in. So why not have all star voting for that matter awards voting conform to this new era of of basketball? So so I am basted another word that do not know the origin of the NBA office for for all of this stuff. It sounds like a turtle. Yeah. Based Basting something I don't know how to base the Turkey. I'm really not very useful very hard for almost any household. I have to cook dinner tonight because my life is sick. I have to I have to my wife is six I had to do everything in the morning. We only have one child it's not like a horde of children's just one I do everything in the morning. I have to take her to gymnastics class at three thirty gymnastics is just they run around. There's gymnastics being done. And then. I have to cook dinner. And I just I don't know how people do this every day. It's a lot of work. It's terr-. It's terrible. Anyway. I have a cactus. Yeah. Caca cactus. Sounds careful. It doesn't talk back anyway. So in the league correctly the league responded to me there's nothing like when you write something critical the league in the two one two four zero seven number pops up in front all boy here comes I literally answer the phone by saying, okay, here comes give it to me. And they politely pointed out that yes. The positions are still thing. You have to go guard and three front court. But for the reserves, even though they have to guards three front court to wildcards. They do tell the coaches, you know, what you can be pretty much as flexible as you want in order to get the team that you want. So I just through the positions out for the reserves. I said seven best players. I don't care. So so okay Western Conference. Let's do the starters. And let's frame it this way, I assume. Stephan Hardin are in. There's no debate. There's nothing there unanimous. Right. Those are the two guards nothing. Okay. So the first big question the western conference's? You have three frontcourt starters remaining. Here are five candidates two of which must come off the bench by rule. You can only start five players maybe one maybe one year. They should try six on five and see how much of an advantage of six players. Anyway, you can only start three of Durant. Lebron James Yokich, Anthony Davis and Paul George those are five players you get three starters. I I'm pretty sure who I'm going to pick. Who are you going to pick? Well by so Davis in LeBron in interesting. That's it. And then this is just honestly one of the toughest. One of the top is exercises. I've had I wanna again because we speak in hand. It's okay. I need you in terms of this criteria to assess the literature of the following statements. Okay. Number one team success should play a substantial role in selection as for that matter should team underachievement. We're talking about multiple players on lackluster team or multiple players on a good team that we should consider the team standing do. You put a on a scale of one to ten ten being absolute import one being forget about it where where do you place that belief? I this this. I'm glad you brought this up because this came into my mind more than ever for this all star selection. I don't know why the league is broken out this way. But you have I and I think it will come down to some guys on the pelicans. And then, you know in the east how many do the raptors get home and do the bucks get do. We put. Vici and things like that. I think it is valid, however. You know it. It is possible. Like you. You do have these. I'm it should to see if you have gallon are Tobias Harrison like the clippers are are winning a lot because they are ten or eleven deep. Whereas the pelicans are trash fire after roster spot number five. And so I do think yes, it's possible that the New Orleans pelicans have to all stars in the Denver Nuggets have one. And by the way, last Thursday, so six days ago, it the TNT guys went on a whole thing about how joe-marie needs to be in the all star game did nuggets they're the number one seed in the west deserve to all stars. Well, like, the nuggets, although they are winning with depth like their bench numbers with Morris elilott Plumlee on the floor credible. They have also been out three starters for much of the season. So I'm not sure how much winning with what they're really winning with his Yokich. And also after Golden State bothered to try really hard for forty minutes last night and reminded everyone we're by far the best team. It's doesn't sound a sex. To say the second team in the west with like the seventh best net rating in the league deserves to all stars. Like all of a sudden Denver does it look like on gotta have two all star. So I, you know, I go back and forth. But I thought of I thought, but the flip side is like so so take the clippers or in the east take the bucks who have had incredible depth the bucks bench. They're getting contributions from like twelve guys every game. Is it fair to punish Chris Middleton or Eric Bledsoe or Danilo Gallinari because their team is deep enough to win when they have bad games like a lot versus reward drew holiday because the pelicans death is so bad that Elford Payton's injury an injury to a guy who is so below average for position that Phoenix was like, nah, we don't eat them. We're still want. So on our team like is disaster for the pelicans. I just think it's an interesting. Question. I'm Br grad Kevin arnovitz to others. How much should injury missed games count against the candidate? And I'm thinking, we'll get to the depot later, but, but, you know, choosing a guy based on the last twelve months of his body of work, even accounting for the fact that yeah, he's come back like so injuring missed games because it's something in the awards really factor in this is more persona driven. Do we I how deeply should I consider that? I mean that that's another question. First of all, I don't believe in the twelve months thing I based ninety five percent of then I'll what's happened in forty games this season. It's an annual game. I liked her awarded for the season. The injury thing raises two questions. I feel like everyone needs an an official date where we stop consideration for all star like Klay Thompson scores seventy points tomorrow. His all star cases going to better. I just feel like we need a date. So that you can say he missed X games over this period of time. But to answer your question, it's it's in the eye of the beholder you get up to like twelve depending on twelve thirteen you've missed like twenty five percent of the season. Depending on your stature. That's at the point where I get concerned enough to break ties you get up to like sixteen seventeen eighteen in less. You're one of the guys you're close to out. And if you get to like twenty where John Collins, you're out, if it's very close to half for me, you're out, but it, but I respect everyone's up ability to to go different way. Okay. In the final a little more abstract than a debate unto itself, and I'm just going to put it out there. I Don I don't know where I land on. On a lot of things but the all star game is a marketing and fan production. Unlike indices, the wards, and if a player offers greater intrigue fan appeal symbolic importance for the league from an ambassadorial standpoint that should be considered in his candidacy. And obviously, I'm talking the perfect illustration. This'll be Luca Don-Shik. Right. That like this is a this is a fan marketing weekend. This is basically the moment when the league said, hey, look, it up to the entire world to it is an exhibition, right? It's not there's nothing ward that which will probably do a show in April about and so that I think, and I think there is a case, it's a very populous case I- intelligent, people believe this, and I I can't discount out of hand to play any factor in selection. I don't mind if it plays a factor for people because I I mean the game is is a last year the game was actually all right when they now kinda cool. Teams and stuff. But the game has been a joke for most of the last fifteen years, I have been snobby about it, admittedly, because my whole thing is when we get to hall of fame candidacy and stuff, you know, you see he's a seven time all star. He's a four time all star or like Kobe Bryant is a fourteen time. First team all defense, even though the last five or like, complete charity jobs these things begin to matter. And I just think it's more fun for. It's just more fun exercise for me to sit down and think about who have been the twelve best guys in each conference this year without regard to any of that noise. But if people want to consider those things that's fine dislike dunk contest. And the three point shootout. Like that to me is all that is for. But then you get a guy like Donncha when you're going to he's going to get in the skills competition. Nobody the skills competition is like it's it's like the JV part of of that night. It's the event. That's kinda like it's it's a little like the ninth grade team. Yeah. It's like, oh, we're going to break out some cones and like climbed some rope. It's like a gym class. It's not, you know, it's it's you need skills. But it just looks kind of silly. So that's my answer. So you went Steph harden, LeBron Anthony Davis and question Mark for the last spot. So in obviously for mealy, Joe Durant or Paul George. I mean, those those are the final three, and this is really tough the case for Yokich, and I'm leaning Yokich a little bit is in does kind of fall into that. First team success thing is this is not a team with multiple really great players. I'm your I've always been Jamal Mary fan. I picked him pre-season working at a year last year tonight better judgment, just 'cause I love the player. And while aknowledging advance stats is not everything this guy with a below average this morning. He's got a true shooting percentage of fifty one point eight. He's had some just worldly performances. And you know, what if you present the time, he's not a terribly efficient play who's helping them win. A lot of games Yokich is the star of a of a team that has a star right now. And that it up until eighteen hours ago was leading the Western Conference and absolute brutal conference with fourteen competitive team. And I I don't know how. And by the way, we can also talk about. Yeah. And he's also averaging, you know, twenty ten in eight so I, you know, and I don't think he's a defensive liability people believe he is he picked up a lot of space. He's frequently in the right place. He cannot move his feet very fast, admittedly, but how the hell heavy can you be bef- before taking up a lot of space becomes a bad thing. Like, how fat could you get in the NBA? But you still take. It's like it's like a nose tackle in the NFL. All miller. Heck, yeah. Some of those nose tackles are like, yeah. Takes three guys to block that guy. He's really valid. I'm like because you weighs four hundred pounds going to kill over tomorrow. Anyway. The almost now I Paul George. I'm in love with this season. I just absolutely from a from a two way standpoint from an the guy that thirty eight point four percent from three now and a team at guess sprit -ly needed that in me that if getting to the line at a really healthy rate. He's rebounding, I think he's been a I think it's a really up second side playmaker. They have nobody to can do that. Like he has been he has been fantastic and leaving him out as a starter is almost unconscionable to me. And then of course, there's rand, and I I don't think Durant needs much introduction. This is a guy who was very close to being fifty forty ninety guy right now, and I twenty eight point two points per game. You know, the wind shares forty eight favor Yokich, if we want to really dive deep so as does four I mean, I'm I'm inclined to go yoke it also. For historic reasons. I I just love playmaking run the offense threw him big. And again Denver success this season. It ain't that. Oh, they're they're super depot they've gotten some really nice graduation as they they've drafted really. Well, they've got big sustained a lot of injuries largely because of Yokich. This is a soup. This is a superstar on the number one and a half or two team this morning in the Western Conference. It's I'm going to. It's really difficult, but I'm gonna go Yokich. So so they are the number two team in the west. They're three games ahead of the thunder with the worst point differential. So I think it's fair to athlete how much better are they really thunder. Or do. We care are those three wins and losses. Really? Now, the thunder are slumping get some gave up one hundred and forty two points to the freaking hawks last night, I tended of -ly tentatively. So I disagree with you. I have LeBron coming off the bench because I just think again when you've missed now, he's missed these played thirty four games the Lakers fair. Now, he's missed eleven and counting and counting. So I'm I'm going to put him on the bench. I'm going Durant. Davis tentatively Paul Georgia, though. I might pencil Yokich Beck in there. I just think Durant is is just it's Kevin around. I don't really need a case for Kevin played every game. Right. He's he's a monster. AD is AD Yokich is actually. Interesting and that's going to be the first team center debate. Maybe Joel Embiid gets in there. First all NBA center debate. You know, there's a case to be made again given team success that that Yokich has had in. Well, I just don't think you can look at the numbers and say had a better season each just what is doing is ridiculous. But then you say why don't they win more? Why do they like if you look at the pelicans numbers AD plays without holiday? They're like minus some alarming amount. Like, yeah. I actually a couple of weeks. I was looking at that's weird. It's like minus twenty per hundred. It's not like minus five it's it's alarming. But I don't I I mean PG has just been so great on both ends for the thunder in in a season where Westbrook who has sumo talk about his not been himself for the most part. That's where I'm leaning. I don't mind if anyone puts Yokich over any of those guys two of them got to come off the bench. Okay. All five. I could I could very well concede every case, even including AB. Although I do think having you know, temperatures playing twenty minutes a game for your team, you are hampered. I wanna blame Davis for that. To the thing. That's really hurt. The pelicans is each one more has just vanished in part of it was he picked up a couple injuries that seem to sap him a little bit. But there was that two week period where he was regularly putting up between fifteen and a couple of games of thirty four. He looked like, okay. They have another guy here who can create some offense for them coming off screens hidden his little floaters, and that that is just. Disappeared. And when you take him out, and you take a mirror to out and Payton out, they just don't have anything in Randall Randall's trying his best scoring a lot. That's never going to be a problem to do loves to score. You just wants to rampage toward the rim and flicking little layups while he does judo kicks his feet, but defensively they're trying to have him guard for so a deacon STAN five he just can't guard fours. It's just an imperfect solution. Okay. Let's go to the bench. We have seven reserves. I I will start this part. I have five lakhs. Now, you may disagree. So we'll stop it the locks, but I have five lakhs here. They are locks number one and two are whoever you leave off the starting front court. So for me in parenthesis in pencil. That's Yokich and in Penn. That's lebron. It just seems silly little Brown's gonna call up the bench to the and that's funny. So so then I have Karl Anthony towns. Ruediger bear in Damian Lillard has locks and then I have to spots that are debate spots for me the will get to where. So so those are my five lakhs again Braun Yokich or we'll call them remainder number one in remainder. Number two towns. Go bare Lillard are any of those not locks for you do disagree. How have you proceeded? I have three locks as well towns Lillard, and it's funny because I get slammed for not, you know, buying into the whole mythology. But I have Russell Westbrook. Oh, very interesting. Kevin arnovitz. I do not have him as a luck. I will tell you where I have him shortly. Make the case make the case. Well, we can start with. Don't start there. Don't do. It. Don't do it. What you're gonna say everything triple double. No. I could give. Okay. So I I don't care about that. Now, they're really team as you said point differential, and it it's Paul George, and it's I mean where where are they getting grant I mean, holy cow. You know, it it's pretty amazing. What they're doing. You know, the production is there. I can't like I'm now the guy making the case for Westbrook after I put him like third and that big and BP three way harden two ironic that here I am just say. Yeah. Okay. I mean, look, but. Finishing your fifty percent. Are you holding your are you holding your nose physically as you? You're on the phone. I can't see you. Are you holding your nose? I mean, that's very difficult to do. I mean, you're, you know, now, it's funny. I had them in there. Now looking career low win fares for performing as exciting. You're going to back out. You're going to back out live on the air. I'm trying to think I did this. I've been doing this and laugh greed as I'm trying to remember my rationale, but I had them in there. And you know, what I can't really defend other than it's it's okay? The they've overachieved he be put up production, albeit not terribly efficiently. This is funny, and it's kind of embarrassing on a national podcast many downloads. But it's it's hard. It's shows you how hard this is. This is hard PDF. I think this is easy. What it is easy in the scheme of life because it's sports. It's fun. It's not like, I'm I'm were sitting here reckoning with real things that are actual consequence. But it's it's actually these actually hard choices. And this is why I stopped taking Twitter. All of Twitter's just you said this thing, I didn't like about my team fuss. You hate my team or you haven't watched my team like no actually design only get twelve tarred. Sorry. Well, I didn't I. That bad twenty two point eight percent from three it's the worst ever know it. It's the worst. This is a rough MRs erupting. I mean. But I you know, I said it's a keep it, by the way. Can we talk about Damian versa? You didn't have him as a did you go? Bare remember lock, Tom. I have towns Lillard nocco bear. Why have I have Dame? Okay. Sky of the twenty most efficient pick and roll combos this year among combos that I have one hundred twenty five that's together. You know, he has four of the top twenty. Yeah. I get you a mean to Leonard like like, we talk. This is a pick and roll era of the NBA point guard. This guy is so skilled as a half as a half the half court floor general, you know, their offense has been very nice this year. There has been much better than the results in terms of by the way in terms of Poland. Fascinating. There's still top two in the league and opponent shot quality in terms of stinginess. They just don't force turnovers and we've been talking about for years, but but Lillard is just so good. And it's funny. You know, he was he was a solid fifth and the VP voting, you know, Portland takes a lot of heat. They they can't get over the home. I they're still just like hangover sweep sees having his best season. Lillard is unbelievable. And it's a testimony to curry and harden that there isn't we're not gonna have you know, the pick and choose debate. At that position. This guy is so good. And I just wanted to throw out some Lillard love because I just like the quality of tactician at that position is unreal. And I still love watching him play. So Portland Portland is we are now three weeks or so from the trade deadline is one of the I think under the radar really interesting. Teams to watch. Because Lillard has been unbelievable nourish is slumped lesser games. What is generally been very good McCollum as you said has been slightly disappointing. Does that Collins train kind of went off the rails a little bit in the like just just hasn't happened yet heartless? You Jackie Collins. I still do I still do. But I'm just saying in terms of what he's going to bring this year. I think they I thought I expected a little more. Heartless? You just don't know if you're gonna play every day Turner's find for what he is a menial is down to thirty three percent from deep and just as like, you know, you just don't know and teams are gonna leave him. I just but they're seven games over there scheduled for the rest of the season gets pretty easy. I could see them being more aggressive buyer at the deadline than people might expect. I think they're going to put their picking play. And I think they're going to try and get someone who really moves the needle whoever that is with Damon TJ, maybe not maybe that's a little strong. But I just think you mentioned the sweep hangover everyone there knows including Dame that people are going to wait to see it in the playoffs. And I don't necessarily think that's fair 'cause they had that one series against the rockets where he hit that all time shot to win the series. Then they had warriors warriors. And last year, obviously was at the buckle. Anyway, that's important thing listeners. You know, I like anything that saves me time time is my whole thing. And getting tickets online got to a point where it just got too complicated there hundreds of secondary market sites, and you just panicked. Oh my God. That I forget to check that one. All I've got to check those five other ones. 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That's my last name of this podcast L O W E today. That's promo code low for ten dollars off your first seatgeek purchase. Seek life's and event and we have the tickets. So do you have go bear in at all? Yeah. Go. So my final two, and it's a long list as I'm sure it is for you. Listed includes to by Harris, Galadari, go bare Mike Conley. Because dammit, Mike Conley. Gonna feel I come on. I mean, come on at some point. I mean, isn't it just like a lifetime achievement award or something dodgers on my list because I a pursuant to? He's which is he needs. No points you need. No cheesy, no public fascination, Sherry, and then there's Aldridge into Rosen or nominally on my list. And I normally because I've never been a huge fan of of either the game really love demars guy. But you know, they're on the list, and in there probably other severe I have go bear and Tobias Harris as my final two within appreciation that and you know, pelton, and I were talking about this on press row the other night, and he said he get correspondence with you still trying to figure out how Gallinari factors who had a fantastic season. When you really break down, some more granular numbers and Vance numbers there. There are metrics that say Gallinari in more valuable to the clippers this year Tobias who's just been unreal. They both been on real. And I do think in terms of teams because one of those guys have to go and go bare just when I started digging in just rated out so high, and I know we don't generally will work. Yeah. Go bear his head and absolutely mantra season. So it's funny. The team success thing with the clippers their one game ahead of the Spurs with the worst point differential. So if it if it applies to one of those guys. Like, it should also apply to the Spurs one of the Spurs. These are the things that I that I struggle with. I think the answer. Yes. But you only get twelve. And so I think the solution for me might be that it applies to. The Spurs are really interesting guy. The numbers in front of me right now for the season. They are essentially I'm going to get the wrong numbers of front you give it to seconds. They are with with derozen and Aldridge together on the court there plus twenty four for the entire season thirteen hundred minutes, which is essentially nothing. They're five hundred. And they are with neither of them on the court plus a hundred and twenty two in four hundred plus minutes like their bench has been really really good. And if you break down, you know, with one on one off I mean, they've played most of their minutes together. I just don't know what to do with that. In consideration for all star in applying that seem sort of well the team's been good. They should get one criteria. Yeah. I'm looking at actually pulled up now sort of player confines with the two clippers of the two Spurs and Justice, e you know, we now you you probably have left if you've left off west, correct? No Westbrook is going to make my team. Right. So now, we're basically down if you've got go bear on iron out choosing between one of the Spurs or clippers detect ones major towns on yours. Oh, yeah. Town. Okay. That's really online. I mean, he's he's just so here are the numbers for the Spurs derozen and Aldridge together. I just gave you it's it's plus nothing to Rosen derozen on. I'm sorry. Aldridge on without derozen, minus six point three for one hundred per hundred possessions, so bad to Rosen without Aldridge, minus four point five so bad. And then the bench like neither plus thirteen hundred possessions. Now, there could be some garbage time and all that factor in but the Spurs have been. You know, I think they've overachieved a little bit. Both those guys have been really good. I'm not sure there's a super iron clad case that either one should be an all star. That's where I came out. I just don't have Aldridge to rose visually with. So funny, though, is that question, you know, with count, which is, you know, every time you start breaking it out like, okay, let's filter by wind shears forty. Wow. Look at gaulan Ari little true shooting percentage. The guy the true shooting percentage of sixty three point two percent ungodly because I am nerd I made a little sketchy. I mean, a little spreadsheet with like twelve or thirteen borderline candidates in each conference. And I and I put like seven advance stats that normally I don't check all that much. But the cases are so close I was just curious wind shares and box, plus minus involved in VIPs and pips and PR's. And then I have a column summing them all up in the end, which is obviously imperfect. I can sort by either one and Gallo the case for Gallo. But just by just by watching the clippers all season. Just the eye test said to me that Tobias Harris was slightly more. Important to their teamed gallon Ari and the numbers he's fifty forty nine year close. Are there, but the advance statutes love gallon Ori love love love. It's not even close. I mean, it is. I'm one of those pages. It's just unreal. Like, they don't say that he's marginally better than to buy to say nothing of Aldridge into Rosen. They are saying decidedly better. But if you ask them the clippers who is the single most indispensable player on your team. I beg there's Tobias Harris. What they all. They all say Harrell like I was gonna say I'll bet you'd get more votes. More votes for mayor who Williams or Herrell than you would for either Gallo or Harris precisely because both of them are good enough and similar enough to cover for the other one in the event of an injury. Whereas they have no other Lou. And they certainly have no other Harrell. But the love affair organizationally. It is fine. I mean, the clippers organization loves their Auster. It is there it is sort of a happiest place on earth. I mean, I can't say I wasn't at the game. They lost its New Orleans the other night. But but it is just they they love their guys right now. And it's it's really interesting because obviously this summer the plan is to to upgrade. But yeah, I think I guess you could make case for Harold. But I I'm not going to certainly Gallinari. So I have Harris with no real conviction that he's decidedly better than Gallinari. If at all, but that is sort of my twelve pick of the sort of Spurs clipper pool of considerations. I'd love to include dodge because I loved onto who doesn't. But I you know, I kinda landed on Harris. And maybe I'm too deaf. Torrential to the fifty forty ninety eight is well, there's something about it. You know for all the novelties stats triple doubles, fifty forty nine. He's always been more my favorites. I it's called the Meyers Leonard award, but fifty forty nine. So I got to buy my twelve you know, who doesn't like Don to. That's not true might not like his prejudice anyways. Dennis Smith junior on the trade bloc. I wouldn't be. I look I get it the Intel on Dennis Smith has never been great. Maybe he just wants the ball all the time. And it has come to realization while we have disguised. It's better at all that stuff that me and six inches taller. And I'm just not going to get that in Dallas. And that makes me angry. You know, I it. So maybe internally the situation is just untenable in a way that I don't understand because I'm not living it as a member of the dowsman organization every year. Maybe they know they can get something really good for Dennis Smith. I suspect. That's not the case in the best. They can get is like a low lottery protected or worse first round pick. But we'll see I just on pure skill set. And I know the numbers with Smith dodgers together have been bad the numbers with dodge. But without Smith have been good. I just wouldn't be so quick to give up on it. Again, not knowing how untenable it is. Like, I want multiple ball-handlers. I want a guy with the size profile to defend opposing point guards. I like Dennis Smith is a catch and shoot catching Dr explosive catching Dr guy off the ball who maybe. Can can do some stuff with second units as the league? Like, I I like the outlines of that. And I'm not sure that I would be as quick to punt on it. As the Mavericks are again, not knowing everything that's happening there. I assume they're atmospherics and all kinds of weird stuff going on. Because again, I just era where every coach tells you we need multiple like playmakers on the floor at all times. I it just again somebody marshalling our second unit. I he will become if he how good is he catching shoot. I haven't looked at those his threes are up to thirty eight percent this year after thirty one percent lineup assume catch and shoot is better. But I will pull it up. Now, I checked as a couple of weeks ago. I remember it being good. But I check a lot of things all sort of to me if I'm Orlando or Phoenix. I just jump at it. I mean, I protect any pick. But I just think they're basically three teams right now that need point guards badly Orlando Phoenix in the third not be as obvious. But I've been watching a lot of Detroit Pistons basketball and Reggie Jackson was perfectly cast in Oklahoma City. He is a very serviceable. Backup point guard this league the lack of guard play Detroit is absolutely destroying that team. And it it's excruciating to watch the manufacture possession. And so, and I I always said Blake is your best transfer. And he is like like, by leaks. Inbound that's probably need to have somebody who was a perimeter who can actually generate good looks for other people in the nobody is a black hole but ball just drips around the perimeter into Blake who gets immediately double it is it is so ugly. And and just in the problems were Detroit is they just don't have their spreadsheet is so unforgiving right now. Like, they don't have a lot of assets. They have hunt a bad contracts. A ton of marginal guys that I can't imagine anybody is interested in and it goes on forever. This is not a. Is opening up space next season? And it is they desperately need someone like, you know, Dennis Smith would immediately become by leaps and bounds point the best perimeter player on that team bullet guy. I am on the book. But obviously doesn't he hasn't had any attributable pointer pointer. He's a good player. It is just. Yeah. Then Dennis Smith judgment here, and there sometimes he can hold the ball too long. And this like Joan here's he's young. He's young. I wanna get back to all, sir. I don't want. I'm gonna put Russ in probably in here. And here's why it's it's interesting the experience of just watching these guys, and I've geared my last ten days of game watching lemme find these borderline guys watch him as much as possible before I make my picture, you just you just feel Russ every possession in a way that you don't feel Mike Conley, Andrew holiday and all the other candidates that name you just have to deal with him and his physicality every single trip and his ability to just get at the rim almost whenever he wants. And that just has to have some sort of psychic toll on the other team. They'd like fear factor. Now, he bills you out a lot of those possessions with these jump shots that are not going into a rate. That is scary. And so you ask yourself well because he's always doing stuff am I giving him too much credit for doing? Stuff. When a lot of what he's doing is hurting his team or there's these errors of commission and my over penalizing. Yeah. Mike Conley was just on the floor for five minutes. And you know, he had a couple nice pick and roll within floated around over here. And like, I didn't notice maybe I'm over punishing errors of mission or whatever. But I just think Russ is just his ability to get to the basket and manufacturer easy shots for Stephen Adams, Jeremy grant, and you look at their team. They only have two guys who can create shots. Well, Schreuder I guess third coming off the bench. But like they just don't have a lot of good offensive players on their team and the numbers with with Russ on. And Paul George offer are now a slight positive efforts starting negative. I think there's enough there that leaves my last spot, and I don't know what I'm going to do yet. But there's Mike Conley Jrue holiday Klay Thompson making a late push Donncha joe-marie. I'm crossing off both the clippers both the Spurs. Capelle at an interesting case before he got hurt. We haven't talked about Darren FOX who I think actually has an interesting case booker's team is too bad. News miss too, many games. I might be leaning to drew holiday that. Crazy. I loved her. No. It's not crazy. I might be leaning to him over both the clippers and both the Spurs. And I guess this is what's this is why the team success thing is knowing Nestle because like do the pelicans deserve to that doesn't seem fair, blah, blah, blah. You know, they're now only three games behind the Spurs in the loss column, you know, their four games on the clippers like they've been significantly worse. They're put differential actually is better than the clippers and equivalent with the Spurs which shows you how bad they've been in close games. They are complete like like tire fire isn't strong enough there at tire conflict Daration. They're like multiple tired junkyards of fire when holidays on the bench. I could be swayed to either of the clippers. I probably would put both the clippers over the Spurs. I probably would put Aldridge over to Rosen if I had to pick a spur at this point. I think he's passed Amar given his offense a play of late and his vastly superior defense. I just don't know it. I kind of keep coming back to drew holiday. I just wish you shot threes. Little better. Let's go to the ready go. So you don't think that's crazy. That's okay. Not at all. I mean that that it's a tough call. Let's go to the least conference junior varsity. You wanna give your five starters? I I soon that four of them are pretty easy choices. And by that. I mean, kyri Irving Jaanus Colli Embiid, which leaves one guard spot in a mmediately. You're like, oh my God. It's supposed to do with this. I actually I have I have a space between those store names and the rest of my list here. Yeah. Okay. So the four easy. Those are easy. I have I have in in a racial pin a second guard. Do you have even gotten that far you still in? So I do and info the on on the service. These are my sort of finalist for the star k Kemba Walker Ben Simmons, you know, all the people would have been the easy pick. But Kiev miss games. He clearly still recovering so numbers of slumped. And look I and I kind of sided, and I I know that every day anytime you tune into any NBA conversation. They're basically people killing Benson's for everything. He can't do how he's going to torpedo their chances in the guy. You don't have to him. And no one. Talks about the things that guy does do you wanna lineup Kemba Ben by I've Kemba Walker. I mean, they'll know this is not a I don't want anyone to interpret this any Dighton on Kimba walk like, I love watching people doing Turkey. I want arnovitz Walker as a headline because the entire Charlotte Hornets nation is gonna stupid I'm going to go Windhorst. Now, do you know stupid some of these aggregates are so I wrote this column about Simmons and the Sixers last week. I don't know if you saw, but it was about the all of these things. And I said if if the Sixers ever got to the point where they wanted to trade, Ben Simmons from multiple shooters playmakers like if that was the model of deal they wanted if then something like Jamal, and Gary Harris would be would that's like the apex of that. I saw you write that I saw on trades at the bottom of the column. And I said he is going this is not going to end. Well, so so so if that's like the apex too young good shooters Murray is going to be a very good shooter. He's only thirty three percent from deep, and he's going to be very very good. And they can both play me. That's what you want. The next sentence is Phillies not doing it. And Denver would never do that. Because they would risk the good vibes of their season. And still there again of low suggests nuggets to trade for Benson like no, no anyway. So you're going Ben Simmons is your is your second. Starting look I mean in here's what I think it would be deceptive guy who can't shoot who has the better shooting percentage Simmons by by bite reap and bell. And then you'll hear well, that's all he does is get Dunxin lab. So yeah, if you can get seven dunks game that's pretty good in dunks count. I mean, they don't count for three they count for two. And they're they're pretty decisive for you wanna do the nurse that Simmons is they love him defensively. I don't even think one's ally ability once and asset and so for all the the Simmons eight that is out there this year. And I look I I think their issues I think it's something that Sixers are always going to kind of have to account for. But Ben Simmons is the second best guard in the Eastern Conference of the NBA. And so he is my other starter. I don't think that's I don't really have issue at that. Actually Defense has been a little worse this year than it was last year where he where he I think exceeded expectations. But it just his position versatility alone is worth a lot on that end. I don't have him as a starter. I have him as an absolute lock to make the team. So who who really cares you haven't named my my again, this is written in somewhere between raceable pen. I said you haven't even named the guy I have in a reasonable pen. Right now is the second guard. Driving the other guards. I have my Miami. I talked about depot, but Beal Butler. There you go. I have I have Bradley Beal in Orissa bullpen. As the second starter. I just think he's been phenomenal all season. What's happened to the wizards like negative one hundred percent because of him. They are actually good when he plays including without wall and absolute terrible. When he doesn't he's quietly putting up like twenty five five and five I'm comfortable with that choice. I do think that Simmons complete lack of jump shot is a real thing that critics are. It's fair to criticize it it's fair to wonder how that impacts one's ability to build a team around him and specifically to build this particular team Joel Embiid and now Jimmy Butler. So, but but statistically, he's probably been better than build this year. But I'm going to Bill. Okay. I soon all the depot made reserves. Yeah. I have. So I kind of like the Western Conference is gonna staggered. I have I have five lakhs as reserve reserved include Bill Kemba Blake Griffin boot in Olivo. So we have the same. We have this effectively. We have the same ten lakhs just have Symington Bill flipped around stars. Yeah. My other locks are Blake Griffin, Nicole of which which and I was surprised. I mean, I know intuitively is having a great season. His done are just off the freaking charts including plus minus in Orlando's net rating with him on the floor. And I mean, it is just if for people who are going to say team success. Why are the magic so bad? They're almost in the playoffs which in the east is not argue, right? Let me ask you a question back. So you're the Orlando Magic and management and ownership want to host to play off games, you know. And this happens every year with some bubble teams. You know? Especially in the east where you know, you probably could even maybe sneaking forty wins might even get you a two home games. And those games earn you revenue. It's it's real is just it's great for Dole's or anything else like, you know, two and a half million. I mean, it is real revenue to teams who need revenue. You also is there a market for what are the phone calls to Wellman in Hammond? Sound like are there teams that actually look at this guy who's firing and say, you know, what we would gladly part with a, you know, reasonable asset. Can you imagine this guy, you know, in a team that needs one more? Of versatile. Score a pig who can stretch drive and the bad passer. I mean, like, I mean, if you're I mean, you're Boston. I it's it's like I'm just wondering surely their teams out there looking at this guy in FANG, you know, in a really competitive playoff feel the difference maker really like one of the fifteen best off into the players in the game right now. Like, so how how do we we conceive of this? I mean is it is that happen Orlando is it just like forget it we wanna make playoff. So there are top five most interesting trade deadline team, not only because of which but because of Ross and on an expiring. Terrence Ross Terron scary Ross. And I, you know, at some point they're going to entertain the idea of trading, Gordon. That's why they signed him to that descending contract that will increasingly turned into a bargain, and they just have to arrive at a place where it's like we're forty games into the season. Boy, I mean, if you're really going to go all in on bombo and Isaac started play it. I mean, you are you are embracing pain. You are embracing minimum the next season and a half is the worst team in the NBA because those guys aren't ready and don't expected them to be ready future. Which is really good. I bet Steve Clifford wants to make the playoffs even more than the front office there. That's another part of the dynamic. So so I think they've value not only as a player, but like as a bridge player like I don't think they would mind re-signing, which I given how far not far behind. But how far those other guys have to go and Ditto for Gordon the team. I've wanted to get all season. I even wrote about it in the preseason. If you could find a way to get him on the Lakers, I would get so so excited to watch the Lakers because this is what upset over and over. Again, we keep seeing the sit before Tyson Chandler, we said, well, they they don't have enough shooting. And they don't have enough centers. Why can think of a couple of guys who bring you both one of whom you had on your team, and is now shooting twenty nine footers for the freaking bucks. And you just didn't seem to care about very much, and which is another one. But I just you know for a team that saving straight assets for something else and doesn't have a lot of super exciting stuff to offer other than those things. And even those things aren't that exciting. I don't know what the deal is. It is to think about you're right. It works. You know, only twenty eight. I mean, he's got his next contract. We'll still keep them squarely as prime even good shape. He's just a fascinating player. Never even marooned in Orlando. And I do you think doing that? It is always an interesting as we know about gold state. Nobody wants to help them out. It's twenty nine on one. No owner wants to be party to sort of enabling the warriors to do anything. We have the Robin Lopez which way Shen do we feel the same way? If they're if they're bias other than San Antonio, obviously there is are teams that would be like an Orlando. That'd be reluctant to move him to the Lakers or they're not enough of a threat to really warrant. If there's an asset there, they'll take it. I don't know what the Lakers deal Landau land chick are in a position to to turn up their nose at any deal with anybody after being completely irrelevant for the last five or six years, then God bless them. They should they whatever they think is best for the franchise. They should do without concern for any of these things. I mean, if you're instructed deal Lakers, obviously, they're not gonna train expiring. They'd rather. Have pooch Casey Pete? So there's no KCBS somehow trade asset motivation that trade mooch, it's because you get future assets back. You get either a player on a good deal. You get a pick or series of whatever it is trying to start to deal, but we're getting our. That's why I said it's hard because the stuff they don't the stuff that they would trade Orlando doesn't want and with Casey p you have to. Remember who is agent is. And what that means all that. Let's consider the secret life of the Imos nesting dole living most of her life in the dock inside the other nesting Dole's. She has plenty of time to think if could sadly, she has no brain, however, winning in a most nesting dole, his gyco not only saves people money, but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious. You should switch because. Yes, twitching is a no brainer pity in a most nesting Dollond her lot in life. You look at the teams that are going to be motivated to trade for a center now. The rockets become interesting if if they get in trouble here or Capella is going to be out longer than than previously thought they've already shown a willingness to trade picks willy nilly if need be, but I mean, there's just not many other teams that are motivated to win. Now that that that need centers or wanna move centres. So so back to all star. So we have ten locks in these to review they are kyri Irving, Bradley Beal, Janas Kawai and bead Blake Griffin vote. Ola depot Kemba Walker and Ben Simmons that leaves two spots to spots, my friend. We got. You know? I I have some interesting choices. I mean, obviously, I Chris Middleton Jimmy Butler. I'm sorry. I also have J Rettig as a potential here, you you could go a real case, you know. I don't know if there's ever been a situation where guy like bonus can even get consideration given. You know, he he's under thirty game. Can I can I can I use your mentioned him as as a quick tangent? For you. First of all, I don't think. So I love I love so bonus. You just couldn't build a player like a passing big men with a little bit of nasty streak dunk on people just worship at the same. I just as on principle. I it as a reserve your playing so many of your minutes against opposing reserves that I just don't think you should make an all star team that set. So here's a question for you. The Pacers are third in east team success, blah, blah, blah. Right. So you kinda wanna like is there a way I can get another pacer in there. Who's the second best player on the Pacers? So I I'm miles Turner guy. I don't think that's the answer fad has been hunt track. Your sad young. I mean contract your that is a whole he has been. I don't think he is the second best player. He has been the player, but it's a tough question. I think. Player which is why I have to it can be any of sabinas bogdonovich, who's just absolutely rock-solid and shooting the hell on the ball and Turner and one of the stories of the season is remember they couldn't they I mean, literally they could not win without all the depot last year. They were Owen, whatever when he rested, and they actually whether his injury very well this year. I think the way he's played defense. I think it actually might be Turner as much as I sort of enjoy watching the other play a little bit more his defense. I mean, he has made a huge leap in terms was full work, his timing. It's he gets no attention in the defensive player of the year conversation because there's I think there's a perception of well, he was so far behind last not behind, but he was so far away from that conversation last year, despite the high block totals and all the highlights stuff that he he can't possibly in its share, and you have bear. And and Draymond Paul, George and all these high wattage kind of names. I kinda think he belongs in in that conversation. He's right now on my on my all defense team. Although to some around with this hour's because of do it, let me I'll tell you some other names Bledsoe, Seok them or also Andrew and Andre Drummond. No, drums, I'm out on hundred German. All sir. I I don't I don't love the I got an eastern of this consideration list. But. You know it rates, and I just. You know, it would be tough to have a second pissed and given what they are collectively. But this has been really tough for me. I mean, I kind of comes down to I mean leading Butler Middleton even acknowledging that I think Middleton hasn't had the season. I I was hoping he'd up and by the way, I think the thing with Middleton where I'm very sympathetic. He's a guy who was traditionally liked to lower shots are coming from that. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that kind of player a planner as a planner as an I n t j like, I appreciate this. And I think it has been you know, talking with Chris off line spending time with them. And he didn't say there's any kind of complaint. This was that. That series of really good game since you're saying is he loves the new system. He loves what it's doing on the results speak for themselves, individually, read and react system. It's not the what he's a high Q player. It's not that. He doesn't know how to read it. Yeah. It's just when you play in bud system, you don't necessarily know possession possession where you're shots are coming from. Yeah. There are play calls on occasion. But it is it is you just don't know and certain guys require a certain comfort level, and they do like a script. They're not improv players, and I think Middleton is becoming one, but it has been a complete adjustment to who. Is. That said the numbers are quite quite good for Middleton. There's a typical case for Middleton. I think defensively he's not what you know. I think the walkie coaching staff thinks he can be, but he'll. Get there. You know, it's but. I mean in my mind getting Butler name ID preferen- fear. Well, I I am on principle disqualifying Butler. I just I don't after it because I just don't think you get to sabotage your team or participate in the sabotage of your team for fifteen games in a particular season. Remember, you're talking to someone who I'm really just looking mostly at these, you know, pelton considers track record a lot more than I do. I'm mostly looking at these forty five games fifteen of them or whatever he spent participating in the ruination of the Minnesota Timberwolves. I just and really doing it in sort of. A scorched earth way. I just don't think you get to do that and force a trade and immediately caused some rumblings in your new place that uh-huh. Something's happening. I just don't think it to all that make the all star team that year you just get one year off you go in the skills competition work on the bounce pass through the tire. Okay. Work on the bounds. Fester tire. We're just you don't get into time out corners. You don't get in this year not on my ballot. You can come back next year and get on your one of the twelve players in the east. I think I don't really let the world on fire and Philadelphia, I maybe that's unfair. But for me, I'm not he's out to sure. Who doesn't get a real boat? I'm surprised you. Generally, don't entertain these kinds of arguments. What do you mean? What are you all the more reason? I love it coming you. Oh, I see. I mentioned I noticed. One name has not come up at all. Even in your others receiving votes list. Here is Kyle Lowry. I, you know, I wrote this, and the, you know, the power rankings every week, which is the most substantial thing I do. But it is interesting. You really dig and you spend fifteen twenty minutes team going through wanted wrote was Lowry's back it's coming sided with this win streak. And no matter how you slice and dice the Toronto. Raptors I don't care if he's three for eleven with nine assists like his sheer presence on the floor. And I don't know there's a player who's you know, day to day production is more divorced from out of that positive. My simply doesn't even matter. Spend two issues producing wrong numbers on the night weakling free. He is so essential to there and the live either statistics, and so I actually had on there. But I think people in was. It's good handle. Frankly in some of the games he's been in. You know, when playing hurt the pack with ever, it might be like he hasn't been his full self. And so I left him off fully acknowledging that the you know, the the ever present Kyle Lowry one. It isn't hurt or hasn't missed games is a shoe into my list. This qualified him. The spooky moulder contingent of raptors fans are coming for you watch out watch like I covered them in the playoffs last year as a matter of our kill. Kill. I will tell raptor. I just said like this guy is unbelievable purely this game thing was gonna be getting expensive. There's like looking on my window in Los Angeles and seeing like Jurassic Park out you fly to Toronto next when you get in that pass four lineup Pearson airport. Can I say the Toronto fan how much more do I go on you're going, then this is the most cloud policy in America? I have requested Toronto playoff time. It really calling shit. So I could spend a month with league hitting in April. Like, I love your restaurant. I love your demography. I love everything about I like little airport near town. Porter air, you know, whatever I love everything about it. And I love Kyle. I've got I've been sort of a Kyle Lowry guy. And again, this is this is a testament him. I have to leave them all I think the miss Dame's sort of the game that he didn't necessarily miss, but sort of clearly, you know, suffering from injury. It is purely that is the only factor because if you're telling me the twelve guys were most important to their teams, but whose presence on the floor produces excess the answers Kotla. Yeah, he's in. So not not this year. We'll wrap with this. I don't know what I'm going to do. I think he's the most difficult and interesting all star candidate in a long time. Because everything you said is true. He's almost so he comes out of the season. Like, a lightning bolt just playing out of his mind out of out of his mind. Then it slows down a back injury. Now, it's almost like he's almost playing possum like he's almost going out of his way, not to exert his influence on the game offensively in the ways that we that. Russell Westbrook does like he passes out of shots. He passes out of driving opportunities any passes other guys into great shots. And there is something. And yet all the advance stats even with that level of pet city all of them paint him as a no-brainer candidate. And even the ones that that relied to some degree on like volume and usage still love him. And the other ones the ones that are like. Minus adjusted plus minus they paint him as an MVP candidate. There's just something about the way he moves on the floor. And I think those numbers are capturing like, he's always emotion. He's always cutting. He has an enormous amount of gravity. He's a smart passer. He's a smart inside out passer. He makes productive Paseo. Very good defender. I think the numbers are capturing just sort of his floating value around the floor. Keep just he's just kind of always on his toes and moving and doing stuff, and it's helpful. Now, the dilemma is if you put him in I had one front office guy put it like this. The advance stats make an enormous case for pass Calcio enormous. I had one front office guy. I bounce this off a million people say, look, I get it all get everything you're saying if you if we as a league, and you as voter not a voter roster picker with north already have arrived at a point where PASCAL Siaka makes an all star team over Kyle Lowry. It's just dumb one guy is better than the other guy. One guy means more to his team than the other guy, but Lowry's missed X amount of games Kawais missed I think eleven games maybe ten their absences have not overlapped to the degree that they're both out at the same time at a whole bunch. And so who lifts up to be the second guy who lives up to the point that they're almost the second guy like all the time for the raptors this season in terms of bringing the ball up initiating the offense creating for others defending five positions, PASCAL Siaka. And then you get to the point like can I have both of them. Because if I got both in Toronto's got three in Milwaukee got one and now, I'm just up my own, and I don't know what to do. So that's where I am. Very hard. And I love the I mean, I feel like president Siaka fan club. He's being members of great his influence on the on the game is great. I'm probably going to settle. I'm not gonna be as putative with Jimmy though. I like the conduct either. And I'm probably going Jimmy Middleton with with absolute consideration that by the way, Eric Bledsoe should be a candidate here. Eric Bledsoe's case by the numbers is stronger than Middleton's. But I think Middleton, I it's it's the his advanced numbers are better is most of his numbers are better. I just think that Middleton again has because of his shooting, and because of his positional versatility just in his ability to spot up post up pick and roll, blah, blah, just has a little more of that kind of floating value than blood like when I watched the bucks. I feel Middleton's impact is more indispensable than Bledsoe's. But if you look at the bucks brogden been unbelievable their whole starting. All five of them have had fantastic seasons. And then off the bench. They're getting stuff from sterling Brown, DJ Wilson and George hill. And you know, I mean, I'm Snell's been good L E Silva went healthy been good. I mean, they are again another team. That's like maybe they really only have one all star in eleven good players. Maybe that's what it is. And the raptors conversely, the raptors depth. We mentioned the injuries to the top guys vanfleet. First six weeks were bad Dhillon. Right hasn't found himself JV's hurt. They're playing Monroe CJ miles is gone. Norm Powell was gone until the last two weeks their bench, which was the strongest one to their team last year has fallen apart. Like, I don't think you can look at the raptors and say, they're winning with depth away. The bucks are. No. And it's actually funny. I, you know, it's almost Rochard tests in the sense that you're looking at Bledsoe Middleton. You're absolutely right. We have gotten to a point where when I look at a perimeter player. Why am I is I go to three point percentage as if that's the Indo Beal definition of who of an effective perimeter guy being a one or two or three like it's so interesting, right? Because you look at you look at Bledsoe. And you say up thirty point. I mean, we make we make an allowance for Russell Westbrook. We just do for whatever reason the overall production, everything you said and your Russ pain. But you're right. I mean, look, it's very interesting Bledsoe, all the other thing. Let's consider is. He might be the best defensive point guards in the league right now. It's it's that old Bledsoe. We saw that you know, early on with the clippers. You know, we were when he was you know, he was. The backup to Chris Paul. That's what we were talking future. NBA first team defend. This is one of the best ball defenders. The league is position the length the strength the feet everything anytime showing that now Middleton, you're right. There's something whether it's the versatility, whether it's the size at the position that we defer make you know, so if Butler Middleton with great consideration to these other guys, and then, you know, what your you know, what you're going to get you know, what you're gonna get rounding conversations at the point that you brought it up to the point that you brought up earlier, you're gonna get how this this is the perfect encapsulation of what you said, how dare you? Kevin arnovitz give the raptors one and the Sixers three. And I don't necessarily think that argument because the Sixers five to fifteen our garbage. And so they need all three of those guys to lift up their four if you include JJ. But I I am on some level that just kinda makes me feel like. No, I I hear you. I hear you. I mean, so the the flip rebuttal to that. This is not the United Nations. Okay. Isn't that a represented taking we're taking individual players rating them on their individual merit? We're taking into sub account team success. We're taking some account reputation frac record, it's cetera. But at the end of the day is not a Representative body. However with you makes me feel a little itchy. Maybe you're Butler. You know, banishment time out owner is is the right way to go. If nothing else to solve this problem. I grant you everything which means, you know, obviously, you know, we've dropped Rettig. But again, lowering the problem in terms, miss games and sort of raw production, and then you got back to Siaka, which is hey, are we really very we're Siaka. But let me question. What y'all come as just sort of Draymond green s is it was. Grandma, always included because he was a warrior because they substantiated having that many guys because he's just so ridiculously 'cause you know, Siaka this kinda doing the best team in the east Draymond this prime dream on this kind of thing. So the idea that oh we can't have all star game. If a guy without sort of. That that that that thing that we expect from all stars that sort of thing or whether it's score. Yeah. Scoring or and go bears case just sort of all around dominance for seventy percent of the game. We can't do that. I know you're right. It makes me feel that too. I think I think it should go all the way and put Radic into put four Sixers in screw Middleton. Now, it's four six four six one. Buck one wrapped put foreign there's no right answer questions. Screw Nick nurse. We're Brett Brown is coaching this game. I don't care where they are the standing I think that's why you should do. All right. That's the all star conversation for the year. Kevin. It's always good to good to chat. And it sounds like if I get good enough weather here in New York this weekend. I'll see in LA on Monday for the warriors in the Lakers, which will sure to be a a a calm and placid atmosphere staple center for warriors Lakers. Oh, yes. Next week circuits is in town. Thank you, sir. Thank you.

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