Interviews with Astrologers from Romania and England


Hi My name is Chris Brennan and you're listening to the astrology podcast. This episode features three short interviews that I did last month with different astrologers while I was traveling through Europe for two astrology conferences. The first two were recorded voted in Romania on June ninth two thousand nineteen and the third was recorded on June seventeenth in London. I'm recording this introduction and then releasing the episode hopefully today at <hes> on July twelfth two thousand nineteen with Sagittarius rising here in Denver Colorado around six PM. I also did some longer interviews on specific topics that I've been releasing as individual episodes since I got back home a few weeks ago but these were meant to be <hes> just some brief casual all discussions with some cool astrologers that I met during the course of my travels these originally supposed to be just video interviews but I decided to release an audio version as well for listeners who prefer this format I would recommend checking out the description page page for this episode on the podcast website for links to the websites and social media accounts for each of the astrologers interviewed thanks to the patrons who support my work on the podcast and made episodes like this possible if you'd like to support the production future for episodes of the podcast and get access to subscriber benefits like early access to new episodes then consider becoming a patron through our page on Patriot Dot Com for more information about that visit the astrology podcast dot com slash subscribe they are without introduction out of the way. Let's get started with the interviews. Hey how's it going guys. Thanks for joining me today simpler for to be here. Thanks for having us. Hello Chris. Thank you for the valuable information you said with us for the time yeah <hes> your or to the my favorite people I've met since I've been here in Romania the past couple of days <hes> what are your name's Leeann anomoly <unk> Nali Yeah cooling where you both from. I'm I was born in new ORLEA which is like a C._d.. Next to the Hungarian border but I live in cruise which is like a capital Transylvania since I was a student there biophysics I was born in Thursday which is the city of around one hundred twenty kilometers from Vukwana's but I've been living in the last ten years okay and you're both <hes> students of astrology or you're out consider you both to be astrologers villagers right. Do you consider yourself to be astrologers. I'M GONNA throw into the US. I've been studying it for the last five six years so I've been self thought but also attended courses this <hes> I would love to work as an astrologer but <hes> I don't have anything planned right now because they're all so the other issues you have to consider like not having a stable income come on not having statements gidget on Salon syllable. I'm having decided on that sure but maybe someday maybe yeah what about you. Do you have plans to do. Astrology astrology is like a profession or is it more like a side thing. It's a profession socal thing I I I made a page on instagram and that's how I just started posting things about just aesthetic aesthetic things and then talking about transits in the more poetic way and that just bloom the tough and people like connected with it for some reason which is very cool and through my instagram I got my first clients and now I am practicing astrology as my main thing awesome. What's your instagram handle a gun of underscore Venus okay yeah cool? I've been putting concentrations myself <unk> informal consultations to France on France Friends of friends but it useful for me to learn by doing sure what type of astrology dubreuil will practice or do gravitate towards a specific approaches. I work mainly with Lucien astrology. I like working with clients that have another spiritual practice that they do and don't devote themselves too much to astrology because it is a very a deep practice that takes a lot of time and investment in it so I get clients that are raking Masters Yoga Teachers Tara readers you name it NYC numerology lists lists or other things that clervoy <unk> but I use astrology from visionary standpoint from the Jiffy will screen school but to help things so help people through more youngin cycling anitical way right and it just comes naturally to people like analogy generation to Pluto at Scorpio's to work with Pluto to work with poodles privately hundred point to go into the hidden desires. We all personally have so that's my main job brilliant and you both actually are Saturn returning you recently had your set returns right. Yes tastier in Capricorn Brilliant Yup House I go by. I was constructed for me. It was in the boathouse TWAS related to me buying Michael's department the next day renovating it from scratch and there was a lot of work collectible delays the Lotto things that I didn't foresee coming a lot of new responsibility and the responsibility but at the end it it was very rewarding and I <hes> finished with all the stress and the were just went Saturno was <hes> just left the degree of my NATO southern brilliant so it was really close to the exact return turn when it sort of culminated grid yeah. That's was very amion. I'm a night Chart Ersan so it's it was more prolonged new experience. It was more desolate but in a a very good way long term it manifested in my six thousand career jobs and service Sandia some diet than health changes that are not that important but details that it could just <unk> detail adjustments and things I eat in. I do as a routine so I've been more focusing on relearning to have chance I spent all my twenties shooting from the hip and being very aries mid heaven. I'm just GONNA knock down. Whatever happens happens? Distrust my of inspiration at the moment to work things all at doesn't work anymore with <unk> entered capricorn right stuck to structure yeah. That's a really common experience of the Saturn return but it's one thing to know that in theory it's different like actually experience it and limit in prison. I forgot commissioned <unk> constructive rewarding work Scher whereas you found yours with the night chart to be purposeful in meaningful but a little bit more challenging it was more inner. It was more about me being okay with the nose I tell my own self and just accepting the limits that we naturally have as a human being in our human experience and because Saturn's gifts are are by showing us what we can't do right now at the moment so are eager ego inner child cancer persona needs to relearn the fact that it's fine if you don't do this now now I know you want it but it's maybe not the right thing for you at the moment so chill-out go within and see that the no is actually steering you towards a better yes but you know we live in a society. That's very filled with instant. Gratification and Sutton does teach us again to work with time on a more personal level to to feel time to feel the density city of related reality as it is. It's not like a burden or a malignant on light that Saturn is is just showing you that hey you're here actually feel the heavy weight of time and things I just don't move as they usually did as the rate of speed that you normally want but it makes not make stupid decisions sure yeah <hes> had you both attended other astrology conferences or events like at this before where the was this your first one to me. It was the first one is your first one. What led you to how did you find it? <hes> I graduated in the courses and they weren't the organizers of the event and <hes> I was very interested in knock defending your workshop a right because he both had listened to the podcast before yes okay yeah yeah. You mentioned that like the first day we met that you'd listen to it. Yes I'm ensue. You took the certification course here in Romania. God I didn't take the certification course yet. Just <hes> <hes> the free introduction levels. I will have my certification in September this year. ohka crew who <hes> that was something we interviewed and talked them about earlier just the process of setting that up and building astrology here in Romania from scratch <hes> which is a unique experience to have a tradition literally sort of start out of nowhere in the past twenty or thirty years <hes> have you guys met other younger astrologers that are in your old age generation generally in this area. I have friends who are very interested in astrology not necessarily as working as a professional astrologer but for self help Nope self-analysis <unk> Romania. It's a bit complicated. It's actually quite popular but the the very basic mainstream entertainment level which is okay from some point because it makes it more popular but from another point of view it does present prejudice against it because people aren't aware how won't mathematical follicle and and how much research there is behind the strategy mythology end the actually studying advanced strategies is somewhat of an eccentric co thing to do right. It's not like a well respected a profession in a real sense abbots globally shirt. I think it's allergies about to become popular exponentially and we have to be ready for it. I know memes and social media nonsense will be tiresome annoying sometimes but I think it's a good filter system at truly has in in its own mechanism that people who just use it for giggles and <hes> Dedi nonsense are just GonNa stay at that level but people who want to know deeper some actually do something with it will naturally gravitate towards knowing okay more about this and that breath in it's it's. It's going to be more prevalent in our day to day life so we need to make sure that the this is a valid lifestyle. This is the thing we do. It's a thing indicts human to human science and as long as humankind exists astrology will do so as well yes. How did you get into astrology <hes> as I was saying let's throw this quote Bob Lanier Romanian opinion there was always attracted tweet but on I think it was six years ago when I was very interested in south analyses in finding more about myself and things happening in my life so I came across an astrology website website <unk> starting studying every placement I had and I was so invested in it? I had so many exciting relations that time I couldn't stop learning throw Jefferson's okay awesome it really took hold of you and you just decided to really focus on it from that point forward. Yes started them at a more personal level right for me. It was more FI- come from a more pagan background. I'm practicing animist so that's my framework with however look at nature. So of course I really looked at solstices and equinoxes work with that in my my own life but something weird happened that I work with the Moon like when the moon was waxing I used to think of positive traits that I have and just work with them and when the wooten was waning than I just picked on on the negative things and just you know shedding them off the bit by bit just Monday and stuff like those ships many more because it made me or my eyes don't like allies talked yesterday with that person and then do it anymore but some friends of mine were like Oh. The Moon is in cancer announce. I'm over the emotional. What is what the thing after the real thing actually working and I just sat a year just watching the moon seeing that every two and a half days the moon was very it reflected different wants a emotional experience just in me but the world around me and just after that the next falls in fifteen? I've went into astrology full-time so doesn't fifteen yeah okay. The Moon is the sure after I also note this without knowing astrology that certain times of the year gave certain events so was similar nature in my life they found that very interesting for example August two and a half the house sound transit demo- with all charges. Go without energy and things don't usually happen so noticing all the stuff phone render meet to believe that there disconnection between life and the natural cycles was weird for me because around July people usually go to the beach in our lingo great vacation time and it's so nice and I'm like <hes> no way I'm GonNa just stay in home in my in my doom cave in just don't in there. I just didn't understand why summer the beginning of summer made me more <hes> inward focused and why in the middle of winter ion guns blazing high-energy sure but then I did discover like I have cancer my whole house and to from there things clicked into place read <hes> and then over the past few years <hes> you both continued to get more and more interested in more focused on it <hes> I mean one of the things I'm trying to figure out where astrology goes from here if it continues to become more popular and if it will sort of continue that trajectory <hes> just what that looks like or what astrology might look like in five years or ten years. Do you have any sense of that or any ideas about what you might expect to see happening. Yeah I expect a merging of different practices. I mean traditionalist on ancient. Astrology is popular sanish within the niche but it's becoming popular and channel is like yours do help bring it to a more wider audience and making it human but I think like we can see a merging eh evolutionary astrology ancient astrology Uranian astrology whatever a lot of different practices and I think will discover things along the way that we're not even thinking about the moment but some some people will work with astrology more from a psychological background some more spiritual song will do it for divinatory means for predictions and you know the each each batch of a <unk> strategy works better in those different ways sure will fool will find the the hub the networking with you know the Aquarian vibe read very curious arsenal help out technology can going the next year still actually held more advanced death radical calculations than the accurate predictions and though what would be the extent of the astrologists into judgment though or selection of different methods of prediction what would be the technological inputs right yet. You're talking about that yesterday yesterday than just astrologers haven't fully leverage technology at as much as they could and maybe we'll see more of that in the future in that that could play a significant role. That's hard dentist debate in some ways. Yes yeah yeah that makes accent out of think we'll see more APPS mobile APPS soldiers using the platform to get their message out. I mean a instagram twitter more things like that. Just it's you mean you have an instagram account or twitter account and you normally attract the people that you resonate with and you start making communities within communities and those communities interplay stike a few no brain neurons or whatever and I think that's the I don't know how technology will help with. I mean I think it's GonNa Bloom so fast and so heavy that I've been the on what we can imagine sure I mean already just the two of you learning astrology over the course of the past several years <hes> you've been able to connect with a lot of different communities or a lot of different astrologers around the world by studying studying the works or or watching videos listening to lectures or other things like that and that's probably been in a unique experience for you in terms of your journey and in learning astrology heats in any cooling that we have so much accessible information. On the Internet right now and I think that in a few years this may help us stop prejudice against strategy endo healthy understand. There is actually a lot of work research behind it. I think it's it's very grateful to be living in these times because I would never would in my crazy days imagine that now actually practicing astrologer I have clients. I'm from Australia to cheer late. Texas do whatever rand just have a integral connection to people around the world and that technology really helped astrology find it's to voice choice and it'll help it further yeah yeah <hes> will and I was excited just to meet like you guys in that you'd listen to the podcast and <hes> to be able to connect with you coming to a different country and not really knowing what to expect but being able to like immediately <hes> relate to use as really glad to meet you guys and I'm hoping that maybe you'll come to the com- if not the conference next year may be a conference in the futures can introduce you to some other astrologers are sort of the age range generally. We loved the nets yeah. I wanted to see Colorado for a long time so yeah the I'm thinking like I'm starting to think it's the International Society for asked researches hosting it and it's going to be in Denver next year in September and I'm starting mm to think that maybe there should be an effort to bring more astrologers internationally there <hes> to whatever extent that's possible because we also want to connect like minded people. I mean it's very rare to just sit when someone at nerd out the ball is strong. Read normally you're that dude at the bar and I asked him about two moon into Santen whatever but but we we hide our passion from the Wider Society Eddie most of the time because it's not really it's not the environment is really conducive already for for it to be that means it will always be to decide it will be very popular but it will always be to decide true sure it's always should be in oh. It's part of the system. It's part of the built in it. I think wants to get into studying strategy have this system of viewing reality and the I'm just talking with people who have the same system is neck speaking the same language and you don't get that experienced day yeah yeah. That's what feels so good about it and <hes> yeah so it's it was really nice connected with you guys here <hes> and I'm glad we met and I hope to let continue that at future conferences in meetings in the future yeah so thanks a lot for joining me today. It's been out vision Vancouver much. Thank you Chris thanks. Hey thanks for joining me today. Hi Chris thanks for having me. What's your my name is Katrina comes up breath and urine astrologer from Romania? Yes an astrologer dosso practice guard reading with guards of truth in Randazzo practice human design okay <hes>. Do you have a website. My website is Carmina dish onset comment. I have to China with the same name Carmina Amazon Brilliant <hes> Yeah I actually watched her youtube channel and I knew about you and I didn't know breath because you're you're English is so good. I didn't know you're from Romania. Actually I just thought you another astrology youtuber that I watched. Thank you very much so how or what city from well originally I'm from the northeast of Romania Anna Nicole Roman but I've been living in Bucharest the since I was eighteen nineteen since I started university so okay and how old are you now now. I'm almost thirty six okay. Ju Show your birth details of course risk on my birthday December ten nineteen eighty-three eleven forty five A._M.. In Roman Romania Yeah I'm a Scorpio rising with moon in Saturn on the ascendant and <hes> and the Senate in the Big Three <hes> what type of astrology do practice <hes> I practice tropical astrology end use of attic principles but I also tell us what I learned from Western astrology other planets and things like that and I'm not the blocked or set on one type of astrology I am I just want things that get the job done correctly and precisely true but you have over the past few years. We've developed a real passion for studying Indian astrology or vedic astrology yes since two thousand sixteen so maybe three years I've after some hiatus from astrology I found the <unk> who was teaching basic principles with the Tropical Zodiac End. I resonated very much with that so I accumulated a lot of knowledge in incorporated that in my practice fight successfully the I would say <hes>. It seems like you're one of the major like a vedic astrologers does uses the tropical Zodiac today yeah there. There's there's a few of us. I think the numbers increasing I think people initially they are a bit reluctant because they think Oh this culture is so different from mine. <hes> this is like old stuff. How can it be valid today but there are some principles that are archetypal that you can identify with like the same problems uh-huh? We had many thousands of years ago so I would say that's why it's becoming more popular because like younger people are so related to the pop culture into their own problems in the province of their friends so I guess yeah it's probably an easier entry point into vedic astrology than some other ways in terms of not having to deal with also changing the Zodiac exactly yes because yes some people are confused because when they hear a <hes> a breakfast Jogesh they're like <hes> you know we are using idea like my charges but it's actually not like that because the signs are tropical in Western astrology but we also used <unk> other techniques accent other things like sanitary conditions to find out you know the quality of our planet helpers and feels about that planet so there's a lot of things that the improve the quality of the things I would say sure. Why did you get interested in astrology or what <hes> what made you passionate about it well? My first contact with astrology was in the early nineties. Actually I had the I was reading comic Luke's Mickey Mouse Club in die so there was little leaflet with the Sun signs in the stone but it was just like tiny leaflet but afterwards I found in my on the bookshelf I found the book about Sun signs in Doc Goodman and then I found the book about stability I was about ten in the from then on. I was south thought for a long time because it just you know catches you. In I was writing down in my notebooks. My friends you know birthdates and what signs are Danes. Are they compatible so things like that and then you know I just the read lots of books. I started these with the <hes> the local astrology scorer here but then I wanted something more so <hes> I found the classes oh you know online classes I took I think Robin Armstrong School of Astrology in Canada by the scholarship and then you know later on <hes> earnest's his website is full of information in other sources of VEDIC astrology debts sure in Asia and you have done work as a professional translator in have a great skill with languages. Do you feel like that's given greater opportunities in terms of your astrological studies. Yes actually I do speak the languages ages five so far in the I think it does because it's decoding astrology also decoding some symbols and translating it in for the person resonate with so definitely and also identifying when you speak a different language who identify with that culture a little bit their way of being so I think it's also good for empathizing in understanding different cultures in people in being more. Maybe accepting sure <hes> what are your observations in terms of astrology in Romania. It seems like when I came here. There's a lot more younger people that are interested in astrology here than I expected and that seems to be consistent with like more young people getting into it in other countries as well. Is that like a true perception deflectors. I younger people entering the field here as well at this point in time yeah definitely I think there's more younger people entering <hes> still Romania as a whole <hes> regarded strategy as like something a bit eccentric or something a bit. I'd like from for the glossy magazines just like the daily horoscope over so usually people don't really get deep into it and when you say you're a stranger <unk>. Look at you doses suspiciously like <hes> but the <hes> I think there is like a general more openness because of this younger generation millennials and after them that are more like open to the global culture and learning about different things so yeah I would say <hes> like the faces we saw at the festival are also younger people so I would say yes. It seemed like a really a good mixture of different people but the thing is like we didn't really <hes> can't keep in touch with each other for instance. I met a girl. Yeah I've known like for like ten fifteen years but I've known her from seeing her. We we went out in the same places. We listen to like similar music in our life so we were both interested in the strategy. That's nice you know. It seems like eh one of the issues I run into with young astrologists since they talk so much online they don't see as much value meeting up in person and I was wondering if you've had that experience or if you add enough feel different leave having attended ended like this week about attending events in person in if it's personalized it or made it more interesting for you in any way I have to say that I was I mean I wanted to come at you but I was like a bit reluctant because of the type <unk> this guy practice in this is really a weird for most before so I was like but then like when I came in I saw like everyone and I got to talk to them to meet them and like warm up to each other to three nine so I would with recommend to everyone to to come to these things and like you were saying you can initiate your own little group. You don't have to make something super fancy just like a informal gathering like just healthy or something hit the cafe talk about the strategy so I think that's really important to create little groups you know even though you're not the all studying the same side of a stratagem short you can you know interchange like the Greeks interchange with the Hindus thousands of years ago and we noticed noticed just talking <hes> after my presentation just how many similarities in some ways there are between Ellen mystic invaded astrology so that there's more room for discussion in many ways yes definitely there like we were talking exactly Glean Anthony not just the minorities but maybe something that were lost in one of them into can fill in the gaps because you know the decks don't survive in fact the translations are maybe not the the best I was always so I think there's room to learn from each other. Don't overlap in find the common denominator in see what works because that's what we want to maybe one of your language additional the languages that you'll add to your collection someday <unk> yeah I was. I you know I was thinking about that but then I'm like Oh my God I'm going to bet probably I would have to do it because I'm curious you know about the you know the you have to have a feeling for the Texan any language on you translate you have to have a feeling and if you're an astrologer in your original strategy language and then you know says it's much better than a person who is just an astrologer or or just the linguist so if you have both I think that would be good work sure definitely and then let's see finally <hes> the last thing I meant to ask was Oh yeah you mentioned an interesting transit Hansa. You had a really good Saturn return story. Didn't you yeah <hes> yeah actually on my Saturn. Return like the exact minute than second. I took my daughter from home from the hospital after I gave birth both so <hes> southern brought me daughter in actually my father has the same degree. Saturn is the same degree in minutes so I was he Saturday. Turn in my daughter was my sad returns interesting. How it came down the family tree and I love to look at the like families together to their patterns for instance another thing in our family like women have Marzio from my mother's side and there's a lot oval sign in Germany in my family? I have north node in gymnasts. I have to learn about what they already are good in so it's really interesting how the family dynamics workout you're part of like a wave of something comedy Marzan Ars Leo's are there in your mother's side sweep including me for smell the nine your grandmother Yeah My my grandmother my mother me and my daughter has Martin Sagittarius hosted a fire sign but the a bit more mature in the third one sure yeah <hes> are where can so people can find out more information about you and your youtube channel something. You're really passionate about building do you also you also do a podcast. Yes I started to do a AH podcast. I think we're GONNA make separate generally only published one pilot episode <hes> so myself in a friend also astrologer human design <hes> interested Denise Matthews. We're GONNA talk about current topics topics in pop culture from the prison of these sciences so yeah we we're going to focus on just talking not being very visual because myself included you know sometimes. It just listened the videos on your headphones or you so you don't really watch because you're doing I think so I think what guest is a good idea. So do you have any other major plans in terms of your work with astrology in the future well last year I collaborated like on a introductory of a book with a colleague of mine because on which also used as a manual for classes <hes> some introductory principles into a strategy mainly from vedic sources in the yeah. I'm also allotting to the car to reading the card rating system that is quite fixed but also uses astrology numerology so I'm teaching the classes of astrology cards and I got my own car deck. I WANNA draw another context and the I don't know if I have a I would like to write some more like some more interesting than the useful things about the storage overseeing card duck. Tell me about that yeah it scored the Armie deck of cards of truth in the it uses the cards of truth principles. It's like very minimalistic and pretty and you can see the also the number correlations like <hes> it's. It's quite an easy <music> system but it's very accurate for card-reading manually or <hes> you know we can find it on my website coming homes that you see there section cardiac so yet you see that also will thank you so much for joining me today. I thank you for having me on in my work and I love your work. Thank you hey. How's it going today? <hes> great. What's your in Israel Josie <music>? I'm the vice president of the College of London brilliant and we are actually at the lodge right now or it yet that's right. This is where we meet every Monday. Evenings we have to talks <hes> from six to seven and then another one for thirty the very every week we do take breaks for the holiday period for Christmas. He stuff in the summer break spent of every Monday <hes> where we the actual so yeah brilliant. That's that's a lot of astrology. That's four times a month. Get keeps us very busy. It can be a bit <hes> if you WANNA say Monday but it's definitely worth it. I mean for those people who are going to win into astrology being people here. They become an for years even before I was born I'm in my forties. People's will become the sixties and Seventies. I'm like Whoa hold it upon them but yet but it's been going great is very successful. <hes> yeah got a good good attendance. Good memberships and the lodge was founded in Nineteen fifteen right. That's correct that's great by Alan Deale okay right out of the <hes> him and his wife Bessie Leo world will very much especially. He also was very much. Although I suppose we've all couples one couple probably will take more credit than the unabashed Scher best meal was also <hes>. If you WANNA say part of the engine <hes> you know maybe she was a bit more behind the scenes in a sense events but she was definitely also part of it also as well she helps of the you know say about she would obviously Chievo up articles my disease and stuff funeral few books south as well so choose very much but you we could say definitely it's the foreigner the behind it will set up by him and nine the two thousand fifteen we celebrated centenary was a hundred years which was very great brilliant break to to be a part of that while something set up. I myself correctly. I'm not to show I'm still being some research on it but I'm still trying to find a believe. This may believe in definitely the U.. K. Europe is probably one of the oldest. If not the orders astronautical organization don't yet it has to be like the oldest continuous. It's gotta be one of the oldest in the world. I believe so so so yes. You're part of like a great lineage how long let's talk about you a little bit. How long have you been studying astrology so I got into it in terms of seriousness I got into it in about two thousand four two thousand five? That's when I really started to flat to really take it serious like another this is this is made sure I should be doing this. <hes> a <unk> prior to that. My mother passed in ninety nine hundred nine as not all of us but for a lot of people who kind of getting into it's sort of like astrology or any other sometimes maybe they go to a particular kind of chaotic moment for me. I was that all searching for something. I suppose you know <hes> because it Kinda hit me hard my career was. Sir <unk> took what I was doing folks professional boxer okay <hes> so it started to kind of go down so I was looking for answers I suppose and as they say you know what did you find me or I found it and the rest was history free so I was kind of like a little bit kind of you. Know didn't quite know what to do with it in the first couple in any to thousands kind of but then two thousand three two thousand four I recall I wouldn't be Internet. It was my birthday. I I'm GonNa treat myself and I just went on the Internet and I thought let me look up in Astrology Tarot courses or something something just preliminary and I looked at him in this green was holding a Tarot <hes> back you know workshop again Saturday and Sunday and I thought that's me I'M GONNA book. <unk> went down there and that was my first time meeting list green why Julia Child and <hes> big kind of you've just all spout from Bay of this game was excused the we know who she is in terms of in the astronomical community the Astros world years just kind of just grew from there as ours blown away by this this this woman who was the breaking down the astrological symbolism in it also allows that Oh okay all right so I need to do the cost so then the photo from the cold Sunday night. I did the colts I did the beginnings I deny did the diploma Loma diplomas diplomas actually three years but I didn't even two thousand Africa I was about it so I did it into graduated. Got My certificate in the I I I was when when I was studying with Ms. She always told me that never deal selfish len as many languages as you can. She didn't mean languages in of course if it was you know Mitchell languages Spanish Italian that's fine line but learn as much as you can from different schools from different schools of thought and that never let me have to one so I've always kind of adopted that kind of philosophy in you know <hes> so I also debated astrology so as well and you know but I mean psychological you could say was my real bath into authority what people may quote modern astrology sure but <hes> but I took it. All you know everywhere I went. I I tried to join as many groups as possible tried to learn from different people you know different types of spunky books. Whether it was traditional astrology you know psychological astrology medieval astrology and I was just just try try to get as much info knowledge as I as I can. That's what got me to the blood so I joined. I joined the vote in two thousand seven. That's eight is when I came here and I became I came on the committee off for about a year two thousand nine two thousand and eight thousand nine. I came on the committee on there now. <hes> yeah <hes> up until about three two to three years ago so I became the vice president prior to becoming the vice president. I was the secretary okay for about three four years so with my way upbeat could say so yes so but it's been good. It's been great. It's been a wonderful journey. You know meeting meeting. Different people go to conferences you act has made so with that was it was great great spefically fussing your stuff yeah law. It's always great meeting. You seem like a great person to be running an organization like this that like I wish I had gone to my first astrology meeting and met somebody like you because you're such a cool guy and you're always so like enthusiastic about what you're doing. Yeah I yes I. I was actually around with the weekend. Could you talk over here through the night to make I think Klay Chocolate was the president of the time and you didn't talk on the constructed yet at the time so owed happen code yeah this. This is true of course <hes> but yeah no. It's been good it's been it's been a good jetting so I'm just coming here meeting so many different people again. We have different speakers every week. <hes> many of them are still in contact with with you know we've become good friends and we exchanged details on. We email each other. We share information. You Know Bay through by that. It's been quiet. It's been wonderful great. What's that like having access to so many different astrologers in so many types of astrology like being in a place like London? It seems like there's a lot of options available for studying astrology certainly so yeah definitely and we've got quite a few schools in London. <hes> the you know I mean this is not a school per se although we do offer a beginning class every Monday ah for back in Iowa because where is the child sees obliged to give something you know like a tractable. Do we over the free classes. Some people can just show up and do a free class every Monday. No charges is absolutely I mean it's only for an hour. You know how Jesus like you. You know 'cause there's been times when I've taken the beginning squats quite a number of times that I could see that they want more because that that fist that's knowledge but we do have some great schools in London. We've got the N._S._A.. Run by Frank Clifford <hes> which was also Tomkins is also a part of that body and soul as well. We've got the Faculty of Astrological Studies also as well. I believe couch potatoes the president so <hes> you know so that's on the Faculty of factory last wrinkle studies. I think that's like the if you WanNa say the cornerstone the foundation of astrological schools in London. I believe repaired pay. We know the Patriots of Vantage Green also get her diploma. Barroso's were all the top <unk> Tomkins Kid Fennell <unk> president also as well. You know you know so also also Judy Judy Parker oblivious was whatever goal she she she. She got her diploma from there so so yes so that's the everybody knows talkative <unk> electrical studies. They're like the cornerstone <unk> medical schools in London. Brian was the C._p._A.. But with Ms Green that was also in those well not too far from here regents <hes> regent's college but that that Cancun and they still do online miss <hes>. Is that the online version or there's a version called Misbah. That's like a spin off connected with C._P._S. U._S._O.. Veteran by a green what about teachers at the C._P._A.. So he then runs it was sort of like a beginning but now it's according to media level when it's called black a episodes well but they still have the all the the teachers adopt Costello's. Your Clermont ins you'll in bells. Are you know they still you know still do of classes. Online was what stood as online workshops since defense often so it's still gonna but it's just taking a different time share and then is the Mayo School is at another London one. That's that's another battleline online also online as well <hes> so yeah. That's one by Wendy Stacy Amichi's the she's the president she's in charge of that. I'm going to spacey also used to be a teacher here. She used to teach the beginnings cost the ostrich Cologne of London muscles. Well okay so yes. That's online so that's available for people again so it's like on coastal schools well so but yet but that's reactive it's going strong. It's been this brand for many years so so yeah it and then <hes> aside from that we're talking about just before we started bookstores or some amazing astrology bookstores in London right yet so we've got the Astro Shop I. I believe that's perhaps maybe the most popular one through the name the astrology Sean Shop. It's black you know that <hes> so yeah that's been active for many many years <hes> but there are other bookshops also around that you also you know they may be more kind of esoteric satirical <unk> other kind of speech. Would I mentioned approach but they will have astrological book sold as Walk Ins what can pick up a nice astronomical connection there <hes> we've got Atlantis run by Goldeen under a great woman I am. It's it's more of an occult shop but she does have astrological <hes> section. It may not be a big one <hes>. We've got treadwell's also as well sexy again again. It's more confessor teric <hes> pagan magic kind of approach again but they're not sort of like A._b.. Making split because serology is a part of that that world could say so <hes> so yeah they're very active so as well as mistress of bookshop called mystery also as well and they also have a quiet you know listen <hes> astrological department as well <hes> I think maybe Taro's probably their main focus okay but but they do have a strategy sections as well and therefore like astronaut convenience through there is people are looking for reading Sav readings also quite a number of bookshops within the area yeah <hes> <hes> that that <hes> you know sell after logical books but the trump is probably the most popular one okay and what about yourself you also teach classes aside from outside of the lodge right so I teach like three four times a week. <hes> <hes> to to online and two of them of physical classes okay <hes> and <hes> so I'm currently just doing a beginning and then I've got so like intermediate advanced level so they've been studying with me for about three years now. <hes> on that's going very well. It's quite a quite a bit group is about twelve fifteen of them untold job. There's another like extra two-three who Kinda just coming out depending on the subject that I'm teaching on you know I kind of have a program retired so I'll list every week. What is the talks are GonNa be about so you build a ten? Whichever one they they feel that they want to engage in and they're not going to begin his crossing to online was well once sort of like beginning intermediate level on once begins level? Okay also as well so that's keeping me busy. Yeah I enjoyed teaching. I I enjoy teaching actually more. It's quite interesting when I first got into a struggle over next I by the sort of like really taking cities. That's doing it. Maybe as a profession I enjoyed the weeds and consultations for people. It's not <hes> don't like doing that. I still like to I still do but I do prefer the teaching aspect of it more than I do to the consultations shot but I still drink consultations in clients it gives me great pleasure to that help that would be of some kind of Adl offer some advice to the so that's good but I do like teaching like speaking of teaching that it gives me great great pleasure so yeah yeah you're really like enthusiastic and passionate a teacher and that really makes a difference when you're a student especially when you're learning a really technical subject definitely definitely <hes> I also subject sometimes technical and we have to go quite a few times you know look at the degrees you know that kind of also technicals. That's a bit like <hes> what kind of a bit laborious you know so sometimes. I don't like an honest out because a lot of times especially for my beginning class you know aw I don't suppose it's the same for like when we come to study. Sometimes we just think about the twelve Zodiac signs we can let easy. It's okay you can find out much more just the you know. I suppose like everybody else just when I thought I got to a lot of going to the something came in and said no goes much much bigger much faster than than just so many levels to astrology E._S._O.. It reminds me of when I ride read a book by Marc Edmund Jones one of his books he he spent at that. I've been studying for fifty years and I'm still scratching the surface right and I remember reading that. I think it okay. I don't know ten years. Okay Iraq go. What if I got myself into your exactly exactly but I do? I feel it's like it's. It's me sure this stuff is is definitely I you never know but a swath of this that ipod see myself leading <unk> address reading. I if there's anything like if you could go back in time and tell your old self give yourself a piece of advice when I started learning astrology that would have helped you out. Is there anything you could say to like the new student of astrology that might be helpful <hes> yeah I mean I mean grab it. Grab it while you can <hes> my father always used to say you know strike. The Iowa taught you know say hey when the sun shines things like that because like I said I mean I got into a stroller into the two thousand two thousand three two thousand four. That's when I really started taking it serious but a strategy in a sense it was kind of knocking on my door from the late nineteen ninety s especially from along daddy matching nine. It was really an eye on but I was still kind of seeing it as not believe it'd of but I still thought it was just so I believe her so that that makes me job and you know that kind of it was real surface renovate. You know it wasn't I wasn't taking it seriously so I I would definitely say to students who new students who are coming into it. It's it's a wonderful. It's a wonderful science of classified as <unk> Amazon's on it's extremely helpful. It's it's it's made me definitely a better person. I'm for anything that makes anybody better person. How's IT media that I what it's made me more mature? It's made me understand people more. It's made me more accepting of people. It's made me actually more compassionate. Maybe I may see something and just throw straight. Judgments cited without understanding astrologists allowed me to you know be up to maybe look at a chart <unk>. Now I understand it. You know just like many of us. When we get into a strategy I get the choice of bigly my family and everything started to right? Okay my sister's like that. Oh data okay mom everything starts I get it now. I get who I am and I'm who I am. Now I fit into the grand scheme of things into this family to this tribe into this culture to this nation you know so. I'm getting to understand it <music> now so it it makes me more understanding makes me <hes> ago question things. I don't think that's ever been change. I'm always going to question things I think we should I question things even when estrogen I don't just take things but does it work. Does it make sense and most importantly cannot find meaning in it right. You know I need something. That definitely provides me for me. It really really makes sense to me and rewind in the front my if you want to say date with its transits or professional <hes> professions soda when I when I rewind back when I look back on my life from a V._M.. As I can remember it's not looking at the transits the professions the progressions the everything that was going on right. I see those time was that that's the trouble with the law satin was in you know everybody's like I get it now. So it's really it makes one's life more fulfilled and you know I I really get to understand the boss now understand. Perhaps maybe mistakes. That may have made enough to say that that was bad. That's that's part of my life. It's part of what what has made me but to understand that I understand. Perhaps what was going on as to Wii made those mistakes and if I'm having similar transits are going through similar experiences now. I'm much more mature much more. <hes> you know I can hopefully I feel much more mature to to handle in those particular maybe difficult situations and much more better than I have when I was when I was younger sure so <hes> for for students so people who are coming into a strategy in a new people I definitely encouraged you know. Take it with both hands. It's a wonderful opportunity. It's more with because then when I first came into strategy I kind of got sucked into the predict. My future predict my future that kind of thing and again. I was shown that that no this is more took just prediction understand. Is this a major here. The CAST heuristic citizen is an unfoldment hair of if you want to say the soul the human himself so it's it's really fast. It's really allowed. It's really understand the world in better as a better place three brilliant. Where can people find out more information about you have a website? I don't have a website I am what's would instagram. I'm easy to find <hes> a strategy of the Soul Okay on twitter ordinance the Grandma's village of the so <hes> you can also find face because well Israel Josie so Israel's but like the country opposes A._J.. Is Eden so you could always find narrows who's well and I'm quite easily accessible. <hes> if you WanNa see me in particular has come down here in large athletic London so that's fifty Gloucester place <hes> they postpone as w wotton eight e eight I believe <hes> so fifty gossip place London so yeah mode. What can we have meetings every Monday <unk> going outside as well <hes> electrical London and the U._K.? <hes> so yeah brilliant any meat here every Monday night and the beginners class starts at Wednesday the begins cloths thoughts at six PM. I've got two little seven and then we have the main metro of the main speaker at seven so that may speak speak from seven to eight okay there. We have a break full have drinks Frenchman's from eight until eight thirty on the second full from eight thirty unfinished until nine thirty. I mean sometimes we go over five ten minutes. It happens sure virginity that that's fine work <hes> which we which we were under under physical play said can share ideas you know learn more about yourself and stuff and the so much so much. There's so much different some kind of astrologists <unk> these very diverse so you have some people who specialize maybe financial strategies on people traditional surgery. Some people hurry strategy. Some people psychological spotted so you have all these different kind of specialize in their own you know sexual strategy also as well and I mean you know the again. The astronaut is a place where we all meet. We can kind of share ideas frank. It's wonderful wonderful place brilliant. Thank you so much for joining me.

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