Jennifer Pan Pt. 2


Hi there it's leany we at podcast when to thank all of you for your continuing support throughout the year parkas could not be what it is today without you. We also wanted to give you a heads up that we're taking a break for the holidays and we won't be back until after the new year but since this season is all about giving we do have something special lined up for the next two weeks so be to tune in in the meantime enjoy the season and we'll be back the first week in january with your regular programming have a happy and safe new year. Due to the graphic nature of these crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of violence murder sexual assault and suicidal aviation. That some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen. Twenty four year old. Jennifer pan sat in the white walled interrogation room with her head in her hands. It was almost three o'clock in the morning and she was exhausted just hours earlier. Three armed men had taken jennifer and her parents hostage in their toronto while she managed to escape unharmed her parents hadn't been so lucky. Now she had to recount the nightmare moment by moment to the stern detective sitting in front of her she started by detailing the events of the day leading to the home invasion when the conversation veered toward the fate of her mother. Jennifer broke down. Her voice crackled with sorrow and she began to ball. The interrogating officer offered her a box of tissues and she carefully took one as she continued her story. A detective in a neighboring room carefully. Watch jennifer dab at her is he. Couldn't believe what he was seeing. Though jennifer made a show of weeping for her mother there were no actual tears running down her face. She wasn't crying at all. I'm leaning and this is crimes of passion. A spotify original from podcast. In the legal definition a crime of passion is a violent crime that occurs in the throes of extreme emotion leaving no time to reflect on the consequences but in this show we explore how passionate relationship sometimes lead us to criminal activity. Al does a husband and wife become killer and victim or killer and co-conspirator if there's a thin line between love and hate what manipulates into deadly results. You can find episodes of crimes of passion and all other spotify originals from podcast for free on spotify or wherever. You listen to podcasts. Last week we detailed how jennifer pans overbearing tiger parents try to control every aspect of her life when she failed to live up to their unforgiving expectations. She turned to a life of deception to keep her feeling grades and forbidden romance under wraps this week. Will detail jennifer sinister scheme to break free from her appearance grasp once and for all we have all that and more coming up. Stay with us. 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She wasn't even allowed out of her room without their permission for his part. Daniel had decided that jennifer's constant drama was too much to bear. He moved on and started seeing another woman soon after they broke up with nobody else to lean on jennifer rekindled chips in search of a connection she became especially close to our former classmate. Andrew montemayor over late night calls and facebook messages. Andrew and jennifer shared the most intimate details of their lives with one another jennifer vented about her cruel father his unforgiving rules and she longed to get out from under his thumb. Andrew listened intently. Offering his sympathies. And advice is first. Suggestion was one jennifer had heard before that she cut ties with her parents for good. She was twenty three old enough to start life on her own. But for jennifer. That simply wasn't an option. She felt it would be shameful deliver family out of the blue. She also didn't want to leave her mother behind the more she thought about it the more. She blamed hand for everything that had gone wrong in her life. She wanted him gone. Andrew understood how she felt at one point in his life. He told her he hated his own father so much that he seriously considered killing the man with that jennifer suddenly realize the solution to all of her problems. If her father was out of the picture she could get her freedom back without embarrassing the family before we go any further. Please note that the following information is based on jennifer's testimony. The other parties involved deny any wrongdoing and dispute her account after talking it over with andrew jennifer started looking for a hit man to murder her father according to her andrew and his roommate ricardo dunkin had committed armed robbery before andrew supposedly assured jennifer that murder would be no problem for someone like ricardo in june of two thousand ten andrew introduced to a bustling bubble tea cafe. Jennifer sat across from a young black man who she described has really gothic with painted fingernails. Dark is as nearby patrons chatted away. She asked ricardo shoot her father in the parking lot of his workplace and make it look like a random attack about a week later. The two met again at a nearby coffee shop there. Jennifer gave ricardo more details about hand as well as fifteen hundred dollars to purchase a gun and carry out the hit after that weeks passed with no communication from ricardo when jennifer reached out to andrew for help he told her that ricardo had vanished. She had been duped. Andrew and ricardo have adamantly denied any involvement in the murder for hire agreement as well as any late night muggings. They both acknowledged however that jennifer openly spoke about wanting her father killed. Ricardo also admitted to accepting two hundred dollars from jennifer but testified that it was merely a kind gesture so that he could go out with his friends. He further confessed that while. Jennifer had pressured him to kill her father. He immediately refused even that the only reason she asked him to commit the murder was because of the color of his skin disturbed and offended. Ricardo ended all communication with jennifer by july of two thousand ten feeling deceived an letdown. Jennifer once again felt like she had no one to turn to she once again urine for her ex boyfriend. Twenty four year old daniel long but as he was still dating another woman jennifer decided she had to play it smart whenever she found a moment alone away from the prying eyes of her parents she sent daniel intimate text messages and photos. The sex definitely arouse some interest but daniel was still unwilling to take jennifer back not to back down from challenge. She tried another tactic. Daniel suddenly started receiving a string of prank calls and messages from an unknown number over time the messages grew increasingly disturbing the anonymous. Sender taunted him and threatened to reveal intimate details of his past and present relationships. Well aware that jennifer wanted him for herself. Daniel confronted her about the calls as usual. Jennifer lied swearing. She had nothing to do with them. In fact she told daniel that she received a barrage of frightening messages as well. She claims she was afraid for her very life. While daniel new jennifer was a practice liar. He never believed that she would lie to him. They dated for seven long years and they'd always been open and honest with each other. Unfortunately he was wrong now. Things were different. Jennifer was willing to do whatever it took to get what she wanted before. I continue with her psychology. Please note. I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. But i have done a lot of research for the show. Considering the magnitude of jennifer's lies psychologist barbara greenberg has stated that jennifer may have developed untreated antisocial personality disorder or asap. According to the dsm. Five a spd is a mental health. Condition characterized by a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others. People with as pd failed to conform to social norms tend to use deceitfulness for personal gain and care little for the feelings of others. If it meant getting daniel back. Jennifer was more than willing to manipulate him. She knew that although he had moved onto a new relationship he still cared for her deeply during his senior year of high school when he had been arrested for dealing drugs she stood by his side while others called him a criminal she believed in him and so it was only right that he believed in her now. He didn't question jennifer when she denied being behind the mysterious texts and calls. Meanwhile the messages were growing more disturbing by the day one text. Daniel threatened to harm jennifer at red. We've sent something to her house the next time she opens it. Boom daniel panicked immediately calling her to ask if she'd received a package when jennifer confirmed that she had he begged her not to open it and she promised to take the parcel directly to police. She even told daniel that the authorities were investigating the matter. None of it was true. Jennifer's lies became downright pathological as the weeks passed at some point in the summer of two thousand ten. She told the annual that after going on a jog she'd returned home to find five asian gang members waiting for her. She claimed the men forced their way inside. The house covered her eyes and repeatedly sexually assaulted her. According to jennifer her mother had already taken her to the hospital and the police were on the case. Daniel was at a loss for words. The story was nearly impossible to process. He had never known jennifer to be involved in criminal activity of any kind. There was simply no plausible reason for her to be the target of a gang attack but while he questioned the details of her story internally he didn't want to accuse her of making up something so horrific he was hesitant to go to the police himself because he worried they would look into his own criminal past and possibly view him as a suspect. Jennifer new just had a play on daniel sympathies. He again chose to believe her over his better judgment and tried to be there for her in any way he could. He started spending less time with his girlfriend to come for jennifer on the phone and in person over time his romantic feelings for her reemerged acutely aware that hanan bic screened his calls. Daniel worried that they would take away jennifer cell phone at any moment. So later that august he gave jennifer spare iphone be wanted to be able to keep tabs on her to make sure that she was safe by august of two thousand ten twenty four year old. Jennifer was sure daniel would break up with his girlfriend and come running back to her soon now. The only thing standing in the way of her happiness were her overbearing parents. She had to get rid of them. On august sixteenth. Two thousand ten jennifer told daniel about a plot that would change their lives forever while the initial plan to kill her father hand had ended in disaster. She had spent the rest of the summer perfecting her scheme. She planned to hire a team of hitmen to break into the pan family. Home murder her parents and make it look like a robbery had gone horribly wrong. All she needed was daniels connection to toronto's criminal underbelly to find someone to take the job. Daniel couldn't believe what she was asking. He was overwhelmed after a five hour conversation. He spent the next two days of waiting over one hundred calls and text messages from jennifer. She always got her way. In the end on august eighteenth. She finally convinced daniel to give her what she wanted. Be passed on the name and number of one of his closest confidants in toronto's drug seen a dangerous man he called homeboy coming up jennifer plots murder. high broadcasters. If you haven't had a chance to check out the playful new podcast blind dating. 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Jennifer had only been interested in murdering her father but lately bic had been the one controlling her life while hand was at work as a result. It's possible that the relationship between jennifer and her mother had grown more contentious. It's also possible that jennifer opted to kill both of them to cash in on her parents. Life insurance policies at some point hannon bechtol jennifer that upon their debts. She and her younger brother felix would have equal share of their one hundred and seventy thousand dollar policy as well as their overall estate. Everything combined the pan siblings would split a fortune close to one million dollars money. She could use to pay for the hit by the end of october. Homeboy had found three men desperate enough to kill. All parties agreed to the terms and the hit was scheduled for november third. But the night before the attack. Daniel got cold feet through text messages. He told jennifer that he loved his current girlfriend. The debts of hanan bic wouldn't change that in response. Jennifer called the whole thing off at the last minute while she hated her parents and wanted them gone. She didn't want to be alone. If daniel was unwilling to commit to a relationship there was no point in going through with murder unfortunately for hanan beck. Daniel changed his mind again the very next day he and jennifer rekindle their romance and her parents debts were rescheduled for november eighth. Two thousand ten that night fifty-three-year-old big pan lounged on the couch in her favourite pair of winnie. The pooh pajamas. She had just returned home from her weekly dance class and was soaking her feet in a bowl of warm water while she caught up on the evening news through a chinese television network. Her daughter crept down the stairs and unlock the front door. Big bad her daughter. Quick good night then hurried back upstairs stopping inside. the family. Study to flip the lights on and off several times. That was the signal about a quarter past. Ten o'clock fifty-seven-year-old hand pan was startled awake. He opened his eyes to find. He was staring down the barrel of a gun. The assailant whose face was partially obstructed by an oversized baseball cap demanded to know where he kept his money. Hand tried his best to answer but his english failed him and he struggled to explain annoyed hands attacker forced him out of the master bedroom as they made their way across a second floor. Landing han her jennifer. Speaking to a second assailant there was no fear in her voice. In fact she spoke to the man as if they were friends beforehand. Could dwell on the matter. He was ushered down the stairs into the first floor. Living room to his horror he saw a third man was holding big hostage on the couch. The gunman again demanded to know where the fans kept their money and tried to explain that somewhere upstairs. He had sixty dollars in his wallet. The family had been burglarized once before and they knew better than to keep large sums of cash at home but he promised that there were plenty of valuables in the house. Worth taking one of the men called him a liar and smashed hand on the side of his head with the gun. Bic screamed as tropical down. Her husband's face. She pleaded with the gunman shouting please. You can hurt us but please don't hurt my daughter. The mental bic that her daughter wouldn't harmed but she was far from reassured minutes later she and han were led down to the basement. There they were forced onto a couch while their captors attempted to throw heavy blankets over their heads resigned to his fate and didn't struggle bic however screened in protest and through blanket off of her even with a gun in her face. She was defiant though. Her reaction may seem shocking. It's important to remember that big likely believed that the assailants were only there for her money. She may not have felt her. Life was truly at risk between the years. Nineteen seventy seven and nineteen seventy-nine criminologists. Mike mcguire interviewed over three hundred victims of burglary through his research. He found that the most common reaction to burglary was one of anger or annoyance. Vicks combative attitude is thus not unusual. Unfortunately the men didn't just want her belongings. They wanted her life after big through the blanket to the ground. One of the gunmen fired two shots at her husband. The first bullet ripped through the heavy blanket and went straight into his face. The second pierced his shoulder bic watched as her husband's slumped onto the ground and blood pulled beneath his body moments later. She was shot in the neck the shoulder and finally the head. She died instantly. The men went upstairs leaving. Hanan bic bleeding on the ground. Then one of them tie jennifer to the second floor balcony at her instruction to make it look like she was victim to based on a neighbors. Greenie security footage by ten thirty three pm. All three men had departed the pan family home and sped off attended acura a soon as they were gone. Jennifer maneuvered her phone out of her pocket and called the markham police. She told them. Her home had just been burglarized and that she'd heard gunshots downstairs. She was tied up and couldn't move. She needed help as the operator talked to. Jennifer hand slowly regained consciousness. Thanks to the thick blanket that the assailants had used to cover his face. He had miraculously survived point blank. Shot the head when he saw bic lying nets damn hand broke down. He tried shaking her awake but it was no use. The love of his life was dead. Fueled by fear agony and adrenaline. He sprinted up the stairs. Jennifer hurt her father moving downstairs and yelled out to him while she was on the phone rather than checking to see if she was okay. Han ran out the front door without his daughter. Fortunately his next door neighbor. Peter cheung was just about to leave for work as hands staggered outside covered in blood and begged peter to call the police before collapsing on the lawn. Within minutes authorities arrived at the scene after clearing the from they cut jennifer loose upstairs. Hand was taken to the hospital in critical condition while he fought for his life in an emergency room. Jennifer was taken to the markham police station for questioning around three a m when asked to describe the perpetrators jennifer claim that at least two or black men in their late twenties while she said she hadn't gotten a good look at the third assailant. She alleged he had a distinct caribbean accent implying. He was also black. She believed that they let her live because unlike her parents she'd been cooperative. Investigators found the theory. Hard to swallow cold blooded. Murderers didn't usually leave witnesses behind especially ones that were able to provide them with detailed physical descriptions though the men had tighter to the second floor banister. She didn't have a scratch on her body. As jennifer continued to recount the events leading to her rescue one of the detectives noticed something unsettling whenever she spoke of her late. Mother bic jennifer whale as if she was crying but upon closer inspection she hadn't shed a single tear stay with us as jennifer sworn testimony. Unravels as you enjoy this episode. Take a moment to think about those that go rogue like the rogues in your family who play by different rules. 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Their twenty four year daughter jennifer pan had masterminded it all markham police question jennifer in the morning hours of november ninth. It didn't take long for them to become suspicious of her story. Especially because she appeared to be pretending to cry when she recounted the attack officers acknowledge that jennifer's odd behavior might simply be due to shock. It wasn't uncommon for victims of trauma to have difficulty expressing their emotions. But then why would she make a show of weeping when she clearly wasn't a study published in the frontiers in psychology journal. Shed some light on why. Authorities may have fixated on jennifer's false tears. The research investigated the impact. Crying have on the way and audience perceives. An individual in need criers who were deemed to be expressing. Genuine emotion were perceived to be more reliable and honest as a result they were more likely to receive emotional support in contrast individuals. Who seem to be producing phony crocodile. Tears were perceived as significantly more manipulative less reliable less warm and less competent. Jennifer likely hoped that by breaking down and crying. She could play on the sympathies of police officers. Unfortunately her obviously inauthentic performance. Only meter seem like less reliable witness even so authorities weren't ready to designate jennifer prime suspect given the pan families wealth they thought hand or bic might have had connections to elicit gambling or drug trafficking. Perhaps they were murdered for crossing the wrong man or not paying off their debts however it only took a cursory investigation to discount this possibility. After looking into their finances it was clear to all that hanan beck were upright citizens when they arrived on the shores of canada as vietnamese asylum-seekers years before they had nothing to their name. Now in two thousand ten decades of hard work they were sitting on a completely legitimate fortune. Investigators next speculated that the gunman had simply noticed the families flashy cars and assumed hanan beck had mounds of cash stash somewhere in their home. It seemed unlikely but nothing else fit. It was highly unusual burglars to commit murder on a whim. There has to be a stronger motive. They were missing while authorities continue to look into the case. Jennifer was taken to the intensive care unit to wait by her father's bedside with her extended. Family adopter informed her that the bullets had all miraculously missed hands. Carotid artery while he was in a coma at the moment was expected to make a full recovery. Jennifer's relatives were overjoyed at the news. She on the other hand grew noticeably distrust and claimed she needed to make sudden call. Her uncle joanne pan offered her his cell phone. But jennifer wave did away. She insisted on using a public phone. Uncle joanne shrugged and gave her some change. Jennifer used it to call daniel wong on a hospital payphone and warn him that things had gone wrong little. Daniel know that he was already on the police's radar an anonymous informant had revealed to authorities. He was a former drug dealer on the tenth of november daniel. Wong was called in for questioning. He sat across from detective. Robert milligan in the small interrogation room despite being brought into talk about a murder case. Daniel seemed calm and level-headed. He answered every question respectfully detailing all he knew about jennifer and the pan family. Perhaps he was too honest for his own. Good he exposed several of jennifer's lies. That police weren't even aware of. He casually told detectives that when he was dating jennifer. She lied to her parents about her. Love life her college acceptance even where she lived he also lets slip that he'd given jennifer a second cell phone one that she hadn't turned over on the night of the attack. Meanwhile daniel downplayed his own criminal past. He swore he had only ever been a small time. We dealer not any kind of kingpin. He also proved that he'd worked the entire night of november eighth. So he couldn't have been one of the gunmen with this airtight alibi. Investigators were forced to release him. The while daniel had absorbed himself of guilt. He'd made things more difficult for jennifer. Investigators now knew they were dealing with a prolific and practice liar. Jennifer brought in for a second interview the following morning. This time around sergeant randy slade forced her to recount every last detail of her night on november eighth and it quickly became apparent that she didn't have her story straight. She frequently mixed up the order of events as well as the amounts of money. The gunman had managed to grab from the house. Authorities then confronted jennifer about her history of lying she admitted to living a double life but pointed out that forging her report cards didn't make her a murderer. Unable to procure a confession. Authorities were forced to let jennifer go despite their suspicions. She was the only credible witness available to give a statement. It was her word over. Bic stead body. That is until the very next day on november twelfth. Two thousand ten fifty seven year old hand pan awoke from a coma to enter a real life. Nightmare is wife was dead and he had been shot in the face. Investigators came to his bedside to record his testimony. Unlike what jennifer had told them about the three gunmen hand described the attackers as two black men. And one white man. He also revealed that while he embiid were held hostage. Jennifer was allowed to roam the house completely unrestrained in response police forbade jennifer from seeing can without supervision relatives described. How she grew a radic when she learned her father would survive his wounds. Hand of course had misgivings of his own. He still remembered every moment of that. Horrific night. unable to keep silent about his suspicions. Jennifer's uncle japan confronted her face to face he demanded she explained the phone call. She made on the hospital payphone as usual jennifer misdirected her uncle with a new web of lies but the walls were closing in and she knew it in the early afternoon hours of november twenty second two thousand ten jennifer returned to the markham police station for a third and final voluntary interview instead of being greeted by the warm and friendly detective slade. Detective bill gates set across from her with a cold look. He offered no sympathy and no box of tissues. Unbeknownst to jennifer she was sitting across from the police forces. Truth verification expert when prodded by gates jennifer divulged more about her forbidden romance even explaining how the demise of her relationship with daniel led to a failed suicide attempt. She said that she was miserable but that she wasn't the only one in the household who had reached the end of their rope. She claimed that her appearance slept in separate rooms and that she suspected her father of cheating on bic. Perhaps she offered a spurned lover. Wanted him dead. Detective gates salt through the smoke and mirrors. Jennifer had lied to the authorities from the very beginning now that they knew one of the murderers had been white rather than black as she had initially claimed they doubted everything. Jennifer said gates told jennifer that they already knew she was involved in the head. It was only a matter of time before they could prove it. Finally jennifer broke. She whimpered and weekly asked. So what happens to me. Detective gates pressed harder eager to know the whole story but instead of admitting everything jennifer did what she did best offer a half truth. She said that she had ordered the hit but the night had not gone according to plan. The attackers weren't supposed to kill her parents. They were supposed to kill her. Jennifer claim that when she learned annual was dating a new woman. She spiraled into a deep depression shedding longer. Saw a to live desperate to end her life for good. She found the name and number of a man named homeboy who could put her out of her misery. It was all just another lie. Fortunately the police couldn't be fooled on november twenty second two thousand. Ten jennifer pan was arrested for first degree murder. Authorities finally had a suspect and partial testimony. Now they just needed to find the men who had actually pulled the trigger hoping that jennifer kept in touch with the assailants investigators filtered through her phone records by the spring of two thousand eleven. They were able to piece together. The major players on deleted text messages proved that daniel wong had been in on the attack. All along. linford crawford was the man. Jennifer new to be homeboy was also the one responsible for tasking. David malveaux ghanem and eric cardi to commit murder. The third assailant. Who had had pointed out was a white male was never identified. All five suspects were charged with first degree murder conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder. Their trial began on march nineteenth. Two thousand fourteen. When jennifer took the stand in august of that year she stayed true to her most recent version of events stating that the hit had been for her and her alone while she did try to have her father killed in the spring of two thousand ten. She claimed that she changed her mind. After the arrangement fell through after attempting suicide she saw hitman to end her own life instead. She also said that she tried to call off the murder. In the fall of two thousand ten by then she'd supposedly forged stronger relationship with her parents and was back on track towards gaining a real degree but when she reached out to homeboy to stop the hit he demanded an eight thousand. Five hundred dollars cancellation fee. Everything went south after that because she couldn't come up with the money in time. Despite jennifer's complex and animated testimony crown prosecutors questioned her story. If the head had really been meant for her. Why would she hide that information from police during the initial two interviews. None of it made sense. The jury agreed after ten months on trial. Twenty eight year old jennifer pan. Daniel wong linford crawford and david malaysia. Me were all found guilty on december thirteenth. Two thousand fourteen. The fifth defendant eric. Cardi was tried at a later. Time in early. Two thousand fifteen jennifer daniel linford and david received two concurrent life sentences with no chance of parole for twenty five years. Eric received eighteen years after admitting to some of his crimes but leader died behind bars. Unfortunately the third assailant was never apprehended. Jennifer currently resides at the grand valley institution for women in kitchener ontario. She will be up for parole in twenty thirty six. Where perhaps your crocodile tears will convince the board that she deserves a second chance. One thing is for sure. Only jennifer pan truly knows what happened that november night. And she'll never tell thanks again for tuning into crimes of passion and we'll be back wednesday with another episode for more information on jennifer pan amongst the mini sources. We used we found a daughters deadly deception by jeremy from aldi extremely helpful to our research. You can find all episodes of crimes of passion and all other spotify originals from podcast for free on spotify. We'll see you next time when true love meets true crime. Crimes of passion is a spotify original. From podcast it is executive produced by max cutler by trent williamson with production assistance by ron shapiro carly madden and Occuren- this episode of crimes of passion was written by jane with writing assistance by tarot wells. Fact checking by cheyenne lopez and research by chelsea. Would you tailor. i'm leaning hops listeners. there's no better time to follow your heart and check out the hit spotify original from podcast blind dating every wednesday. Find out if personality alone is enough to make a love connection. Follow blind dating free on spotify or wherever you get your podcast.

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