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real enough to get away and bud light contests on facebook and instagram see bud light dot com slash real enough to get away more details in the guys in welcome to renew dish on the ringer podcast that's network i'm kelly and today we have you on the dark web insanely popular app and let cycled cameo were here in the studio with tech in culture expert redneck staff writer in the prison to know more stories about any any given time meyer loading up in the low though we're gonna start with the basics like how it works and what it used for and then he took it upon herself to scour through this website end found the most unique and interesting video and celeste they're on their guys ready already i literally spent almost two hours on this website light so i'm so ready ls lead in arising okay so just just straight up this this is from their website this is what cameo is in a nutshell it's a platform where fans kimba personalized video shot outside their favorites labs athletes influencers and they said their mission is to create the most authentic and memorable fan experiences in the world so basically of two hundred fifty character is to explain your class like my best friend mallory graduated from college she's really excited she's gonna gone to med school and then you specify how their name should be pronounced and then he provide like any other info you want the talent now so again from their website they said cameos a perfect for any occasion wanna wish her friend happy birthday arrester buddy i just hear from a favor talent as long as a request is appropriate talent will be excited to duty or cameo so that is what it is in a nutshell i had no knowledge really of this before this is like a signed as a ringer topic illicit did you know about this beforehand yeah i've been sort of lurking on this up perverted long time have you just hang from me like i shared on twitter or anything like that but it's just it's a fascinating study of celebrity i often right about like celebrity that like fame and it's changing nature with social media and things like that and to see like this kind of interesting drifting economic exchange among like be tuesday list celebrities and just like random people from alabama it's like the best thing to just sucking artifact of celebrity culture in this moment and it's important to note that it really starts starts at be maybe like a b minus because even the highest paid i dunno i wouldn't call any of these people aimless besides maybe caitlin jenner his on here i think that what you see there are different types of stars like they categorize them by like like you know a influencers and youtubers unlike actors singers and athletes like those animals and stuff but i think you're never gonna find like in eight list actor or actress but i think you will find find illest like sports stars like were tired and worn hires 'cause like kareem's on their a brett farve is on there and then you could also find like critical eight list reality talent like snooky and yeah so again says on their list but you know yeah and i'm really happy you brought up animals because this has to be said and like paid attention to you there's a whole category where if you click on it there are dogs and cats and then a dolphin where you like twenty bucks a dog bark into the camera and then like their owner and watch a couple of these will be like they max like from the chihuahua that's like famous on you to it's really really really super weird but to give some context alyssa do wanna talk about how it was found in the background in general sure so the cameo ceo is a guy of former executive at linked in and he started to sort of scheme when he we're speaking with an old childhood friend of his a i'm not a sports person but it's new york knicks player lance thomas is he good though you're asking the wrong never heard of them this is boston maybe what sports anand yeah so their friends from college and he asked him how much it would cost to like having make an appearance at a long island bar mitzvah and he was like bro i'll go anywhere for two k how an end so he restarted like calculating is mind like okay like how long is this event maybe like three hours and then it's like one hour of travel each way unlike in the end that's not that much money permit for the celebrity period so i think in his mind he thought okay like what if we like minimize this ad and made it into a video format and i think his tagline in the new york times story about this up awhile ago was that the celebrity celsius the new autograph and i think that's a really smart way of thinking about this is like oh yeah like everyone wants a selfie with a famous person next best thing is like or maybe the the better thing is eight personalized video saying hey like happy birthday our current congrats on your job promotion or like you're nfl draft picks which is only one i've seen so like that's how it started end he's brought in a bevy of talent you know a developer all up her friend from microsoft and then i think a guy who works in talent agencies to help like bring all those forces together so you've got the technology you've got the talent scouting instead of working with celebrity aspect and and she is and executive from a former tech start up that would make sense and have that background because in order for this to really work first of all their website is beautiful it's easy to navigate the app as well end i feel like this can't really work unless you organize it really well it's pure chaos yeah and actually like businesswise it's very interesting they do not want to promote the biggest names on the site so like when you go on the site you don't see caitlin jenner first because caitlin jenner is videos are really expensive in their marketing strategy is they wanna have as many videos is possible out there because they double is marketing for the app and so so that's why like i dunno like right now you go to the top of the site and it's gilbert gottfried yeah he's like a moderately priced she's like a hundred and fifty yeah i'm gonna say when you click on it it feels a little underwhelming the feature people so that makes sense and then they're funding they're extremely successful company we have on here they raise fifty million dollars on a sears be fundraising around like this company is just so much bigger that's crazy and more successful festival then i thought it was yeah i know a little like fun tidbit about that is like i guess there were a couple of different investment firms that were kind of lobbying to be the person to drive the series refunding kleiner perkins caulfield and buyers fires which is like this big silicon valley investment firm they paid a hundred and fifty dollars have michael rapaport send a cameo to the founders to be like congrats on you're so funny and then amelia you're gonna take us through some stats for the company right well run the best so in eighty june the twenty nineteen article from two days ago actually from tech crunch i guess they're in december the company reported approximately a hundred thousand transactions that's insane which is crazy and by the end of june will have done about three hundred thousand in that means they fulfilled two thousand video request per day which is crazy but if you look at their site there are so many people like talent you could choose from it's literally an endless scrolling list so i guess that makes sense and then according to the new york post a ice tea the rapper slash a after a law law and order suu he is the most popular celebrity on the site and he records eight to fifteen videos per day which is very hard 'cause usually these videos are like ten seconds long no this is insane the ice tea spends his day going what's up it's ice tea elway like when you're wild yeah but i think it's gonna take that long it's a really left for these celebrities yeah you're saying their rosters you have fifteen thousand celebrities cameo celebrity loose term looser quote yeah i would say like the fact that there are fifteen thousand like quote unquote celebrities that do this is just like a proof that were in such an odd era of celebrity yeah you're right you're right 'cause if you scroll like you i started from like the lowest price lauda unquote were gonna come out and they start at one single dollar and it's like a radio hosts from oklahoma city and it's like what i guess the term celerion talent like is very loose end yeah you can almost get anyone it's like it goes very niche oh and they want the extent sent five million people like like talent because they wanna 'em extent internationally and get like international flubs on there too yeah so they have a lot of different categories but some of the most popular like cast members in groups of people from the bachelor from bravo lots of office cast members on there were any of you guys office angeles did you watch a yeah i love they office would you pay a hundred and forty five dollars you get meredith from from the office going hey it's me married at the drunk from the office winchester intro everything and her profile pictures like that episode where she wears like a two top dressing like her yes yes yeah she's like i would pay that much i don't know like it's one way i've read that this is been described is like it's like the new hallmark card nice thing you could do for people so if i wanted to do something really nice for my friend he was like a huge office fan that friend was particularly into meritas i would pay maybe i might pay that much like as a birthday gift yeah the first question free less so what'd you pay three hundred dollars in any circumstance forget stanley from office because the going rate dude i mean that's i think that's great like stanley really because his like soundbites on the office or iconic yeah that's true andrew and it's like i dunno if you're a super fan of the show at it like meant something to you guys watched it together in college and you mean like i just think like if you have like you formed an emotional bond over particular soundbites from pop culture then you're gonna like just like pay the money and it's gonna be word right esther that's true i think also if you have a really notable like if you're character whatever you yourself have a notable way of speaking or a persona that helps for example sandler godfrey oh yeah yeah i think i feel like you can pay her like you can request that much more money because it's being raper specific right yeah and other people you could show other people and they'll know yes you want to pay like three hundred dollars and then to to show it to a random person posted on your social media and there's people like who's that that'd be the worst they have like stanley meredith kevin bob vance from roger asian is not a lot of people sitting next talk about is like the the most expensive people book which i think will surprise everybody listening and then the least expensive to book osa the number one most expensive person on cameo is hill it's caitlin jenner she charges twenty five hundred dollars in yeah okay and i think this is kind of a like this is my sort of litmus test for whether or not you could charge that much and whether or not you've been on the cover of vanity fair vote oh my god i liked that yeah yeah that's true that is insane expensive i'm happy for her she she only has seven reviews which i find odds maybe she's on the popular betrays but you have four point nine out of five stars well this is what i'm saying that the campaign strategy is like you don't want caitlin jenner at the top of you're you're asia or only only a couple of people are gonna pay that much for a trip like any video are you guys on shark tanked fans heck yeah elyssa particularly if you saw video of kevin o'leary saying hale is that would you know who that is is he like the sort of brash businessman yeah i also felt mystery letdown okay yes sir wonderful which you recognize him as he if you're friends say you events that i would i would recognize them i would like he is nine hundred ninety nine dollars to book really expensive we and we hear a lot of reviews right yeah he does he has ninety six so my theory there is that there's a bunch of like really rich business people having like words of encouragement after they get like these amazing that's amazing idea i think you're right i don't know how ninety six other people would have come up with almost a thousand dollars right i know it's crazy okay next i want you to say there's an illicit because i think a meal is gonna scream okay so christie carlson romano k run stevens impossible amelia how much do you think she charges well i already know i'm sorry i look oh you did not know if i did not know i would literally say i would say forty seventy five really okay well maybe like fifty right less than a hundred ten times about five hundred the ran's stevens is thirty five hundred dollars per videos every some i watched a couple she does nothing notable she's exactly here's up if she doesn't do any kind of like so she has no oh just it's like straight to the camera hey it's kristie carlson amano is her name kerry five hundred dollars worth i just i want her confidence 'cause if she prices herself up five hundred dollars that free i'm you know i'm sure she's a lovely person but five hundred dollars yes steve yeah she is doing really well she has four point nine out of five stars credit for being so people have four point nine but you know i haven't actually looked at her videos but there is this kind of like john rough commute celebrities who's just actually very good at like creating real be immediate intimacy see i know but like for instance nikki lonski going yeah the list that yes she's kind of a hot mess but i know ball and it's like but dino low in it's like she herself is not feeling it but that in itself is also detaining so i like it's like you don't want the middle ground which is where they're just breathing but yeah that enough or if it's like deprived enough then you're entertained by a very different way right asking clarifying question elyssa how nikki blondie like really make it more like what definition of that she like she just like talk through it i would say you know how like people on twitter and they're like yeah messing up they treat through it like yeah he was just like talk through so like for instance i think the one that i watched that kind of blew up on twitter was like she was being the western no she wasn't a best western but that's amazing i know she was like sending a message to a person's friend who needed cheering up i think something like she said something like even though you don't have a man like you will find one and then going into this like kansas like i don't have a man but they out there for me like like very weird revisit that are in play a clip yeah like i will send you this and you could play the clip with so great because people on what are requesting hurted do 'cause she she has this thing which is known for on twitter where she'll be like she'll tweet out celebrities and you'll be like hey it's nikki blonde ski from the movie hair like zach i felt like hey remember you're in air they've been asking her to say like hey if you keep on keep disgrace it works she's like found her roof i respect affected follows the least expensive people to book so again i said this earlier but the quote unquote actors categories that one single dollar you have to go three pages in to get to crack above fifteen dollars that's like shows you a the allen on this list rank brera is forty dollars more popular than that isn't it nancy though i mean you're the guy like you just might have a soft spot for running having all those good for him he has a hundred sixty eight reviews and that's five out of five stars a perfect rating and that's why he keeps the price down that he'll get good reviews and a lot of people will become true we're gonna talk about like so weirdest people we found but one of them who also happens to be inexpensive is rebecca black from it's friday yeah on a music video you burn a high today so familiar fifty five dollars to booker she has a hundred nature views four point nine out of five stars i've gone through her videos she she's actually lovely like she sang riday locally oh yeah he's like yeah like she does like a bunch of fence her voice sounds great like she's completely embraced it i don't know it's like she has this than about her yeah you see some sadness or pain in some celebrities eyes because they're doing this but she has no problem that never really that famous anyway she's just like really leaning into it and it's just like i appreciate piling money you know if i could record cord like i mean we will talk about are are coming up prices later but if i could record s k i mean like you know like a one minute video for fifty five dollars like i would totally do it agreed also so so nice to have you on the pilots say you're such a potluck talking view listers and you're so positive in kind of like really out it really balances me in a million cynicism i'm proud of everyone out there hustling that's all i we need to really okay like every person you talked about has like four point nine five start shot at rank why is everyone so highly rated and what do you think it really takes her celebrity unless i will start with you to really just tank like just do a lawful job a cameo well i think in general online rating systems are super inflated like there's a whole issue with yelp like you know it's like but that no one who has the middle ground experience experience goes to go rate the person they're either really disappointed or they're really happy and like that's what you see on yelp and i think it's the same case with cameo in some way and if you're already like so obsessed with a celebrity that you're willing to pay a large sum of money to have them send you a video you are probably satisfied with pretty much anything they say you're name you're like oh my god yeah but like some some celebrities get details wrong and people get pissed off like they'll say like thirty first birthday instead of thirty fifth that ruins the cat that's like a failed hallmark card you know so i think like as long as they can get those details down you know they're all they're all entertainers in some form like they have experience doing this as long as they can do that like they're gonna get the five stars i said the bars pretty low is a great way of saying they also it's the videos are just like kind of like they'll do pauses and stuff i know there is like a football player who did one in it went viral and i think even like the bad ones are like good you can upload the twitter and go viral right stuff still no score i saw a sneaky who has more points seven which is still pretty pretty high she got multiple one star reviews and i was looking through some of them and the people were like snooky this video is incomplete in it cut off after you said the wrong name and like snooky this video cut out early and you didn't say anything i want us to so this person paid three hundred dollars we sold it would never even been locked he has five stars oh my gosh wow that's a great again the bar is extremely low on a couple those videos and you did pretty depressing oh okay you guys what are your opinions on this did you look into any like tuesday most unfairly price like you saw just like ryan locked e or snooky who's three hundred dollars and it's like that's not right you should be so much lower you should be so much higher for this do you guys have any thoughts on that yulia i mean yes i do i'm sorry i respect you billy zane but you're not worth five hundred dollars i'm sorry this is not nineteen ninety eight eat like a five hundred dollar for billy lane i don't know i don't know how many times you could say like who is being x amount of my ex i just don't get it believe it and then also an i respect chris harrison but five hundred fifty dollars are you kidding hitting me right now i'm gonna i'm gonna defend him 'cause he's like a total pro and she's on like the most one of the most popular reality tv shows of all time like he's frequently on like super high rated television that's worth something so that again we should be okay so listen then did you find anyone that you were like this is unjust no not really i mean like i guess i'm just really curious if there's some sort of algorithms that cameo generates these or uses to generate a proposed price you know like i'm sure that they have some tools for talent till like determined the fbi agent so 'em and they probably couldn't use engagement data to like make the price go upper down at any given or yeah yeah i yeah i was thinking about that a lot because michel barton the first time i checked on her price she was seventy five dollars and i was like that's pretty love her she's really well known in the hills checked again and now she's one fifty so obviously there is a discussion amongst i don't know what her team that was like you are worse now than you were pre hills appre i dunno this new search amused departing right no literally yesterday i was looking at all these and she was seventy five dollars and i put it down i'm like okay me she barton seventy five dollars and then i hear from you know she's she's went up everybody her prices yeah yeah and i just like i gotta say this probably like they're noticing some kind of surging on social media yeah it's it's probably all connected you know everything is driven by data especially in the tech world so the more i wouldn't they use that to determine their price so i guess i like i all this stuff seems like slightly a reasonable to me i'm just not like i am not scandalized by anyone yeah and i think cheer point earlier let's say you were saying that you wanna keep the prices lower so then more people do it like press hilton is forty dollars which i think is pretty low from his really well known i would say but he is almost fourteen hundred reviews and they're all five starters so y'all crazy popular he's obviously a really common pick and really popular choice for a lot of people so maybe that's why he keeps a lower so the masses yeah totally i will say i was really surprised but charlie sheen is charging five hundred and fifty dollars my my videos and i watched a couple of them they are actually extremely entertaining but like again not for the reason right right so i mean there's just so many like pieces of these videos that you can analyze but it's like outfit and like he in particular it's just like always wearing his where it's on gossip unless the next question is to you first so in other words he he wants tonight cured the most shocking people who are pimping themselves out on cameo aj who did you see where you're like really you're on here making videos where people did anyone standout i think i guess stored and to me like because i think the app kind of is not for people who wanna seem like cool and in with the culture and malice or is like kind of a girl in some form i mean not like you know like kendall jenner girl but so i don't know like in a way this is this lends itself to like a hope you're kind of celebrity relation that you're right someone who's like on the crossing kinda wanna create wants to create this distance for the point like because they wanna have an alert mystery and bella thorne was surprisingly like extremely available sure she's like a little too punk rock for this year that she'd right some genuine like make some genuine deal yeah yeah and her videos are good like i it kind of worked but yeah i i was just like why i dunno if you're like a famous person on instagram like wouldn't you just wanna put that in your story for sure yeah i list is there anyone who is not on jimmy out that you'd really like to see oh man that's a tough like beyond say like like my life savings so it makes me of one million dollars to people i wanna see on there no essential nail he'd make healing oh my god on my money you're like hey girl has no oh my oh wow and then what he like i just noticed there's a twinkle and you're a catch him and just start reading his tweets to me in that totally popular youtubers should get on the scene like james childs where are you get on came out i mean i look from several time oh just like kind of dilutes their brand in some for you know if you're like kind of a like hungry for fame yeah you're like yeah like i saw the chocolate rain guy from like forever ago and it's like when the visiting near you to page and probably so that's why you're on cameo list that is so funny you brought that up oh people and cameo because shot a video producer at the ringer dot com paid for video from that guy first song 'cause i knew he had used it a couple of times whoever you i and he brought up that person i had had no idea who that was like okay thanks so much okay but that last shot you had any here in mumbai nope well like this kid friendly likes that chocolate rain video or something like a it's like an inside joke between them in college or something yeah yeah when i watched that video encourage anyone on kimia that you wanna see besides maybe no ascent now sides no center now oh my gosh that's a hard one i don't know i mean i'm really satisfied with nikki blanquita teachers one day i will buy her have her record something for me i don't know why that would one day i will hire are producer 'em give a special shout out to lindsay lohan she says she absolutely should be on cameo so kyle we agree moms on on cameo yeah it's just a natural transition where ending with third like weirdest favorite most bizarre findings on this app like gary busey i don't know if you guys have watched any of his videos he he goes to really dark places it's a very nominal video and he's like getting older natural yulia do you guys have any favorites did you see any weird ones on their michael rapaport is like dreamily explicit in his ground i never watched any of them yeah they're really good i mean like the their first certain type of cameo a like a buyer i got like a football families right on one weird what i found was you know that famous and now it's more famous as a meme i think but i think it's ready to video it's a toddler in a car seat she's launching a buck teeth into the side i you know my god yes how do you know that i just like seen her on ellen ursuline okay so she's on cameo in she's twenty five dollars in she calls herself cool side i chloe like that's her name hymie oh that's funny in each of her videos she gives that side i she and i think it's mostly the children 'cause she's like april third grade blah blah blah we love the great and then she gives that side i which i found like very off putting i did not look at all of this kind of depressing to 'cause she's very young right yeah there's a lot of kind of child labor i mean it doesn't i mean i i don't know if this money is going straight to her but like lost hope like her allowing so maybe it's great aside i close college fund well no i totally okay this is my two favorite last questions and i were saving the best for last because this is really we could get creative you guys so elyssa if you had five hundred dollars to spend a cameo video who would you get an what would you have them say oh my gosh i mean doesn't have to be from me or could it be her son's yeah yeah friend i think i would probably get chris harrison till like nice like speak to my friend who watches the bachelor and just be i wanted to give you this call we've decided to go with you is the bachelorette i ran act like reenacted that moment that always happens when they choose the bachelorette i just think he would be proud when you would never disappoint that's true like is this wind you're friends would be excited by for sure i mean definitely the ones but i watched the bachelor was like it wouldn't work for other friends the casual viewer exactly and i don't think i'm like 'em me and my friends sort of fan out over any of these i feed is usa people as much but we are like really dedicated watchers of the bachelor and that's that goes back to my point about chris harrison where it's like everyone knows who that guy is and he's gonna deliver amelia if you have five hundred dollars just just spent a cameo videos who who would you get and what would you have and say i get as many nikki blonde ski video of her have her you know start out each one like i think he bumped from the movie hairspray and then just announced i gave her stuff to say this is just a plug nikki bumpy i keep on keep a pot okay how about you owe me i would i would employ sent him a letter saying please come on out and just make alone fair i wanna switch my answer that weekend bazo pam he'll be a thousand dollars okay alyssa regarding the very last question and be generated yourself you're very sweet even be and i think a millionaire gonna low ball herself but how would you price herself so in this current moment if you were on cambio like based on my social quote a well i don't know like i don't have a ton of followers on twitter have like thirteen thousand followers on twitter a i guess i would just do like i do like thirteen dollars one forever yeah i like god that's not true but i also feel like you would seem really message just yet you i am personal pizzazz really highly screen like i feel like you could even go like seventeen wow that is calling from i twenty year old dell guys well you must make me feel great about myself amelia you have the answer that's how would you price you saw i would probably be like i will pay you know thank you know i although my mother i don't know who would want something from me so yeah i would say dollar not feel weird even saying a dollar i know you okay that's like the minimum right so you better just keep it there face at seventy five cents a day my best the ringer pod intro voice like hey happy birthday this podcast network and then maybe i could up until like two fifty eventually yeah like you guys are really taking into account that in the video you could be like hey you like the ringer grant land like i know bill simmons amelia bills officing going on in the background right next cameo but he's almost kim guy that's a beautiful beautiful i mean here's this guy had positive note to end on you guys were worth more than seventy five cents each and every you are

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