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<music> today provide you with indepth news and expert analysis ten of the ho- story bigger picture the news you want to know today. Welcome to weekly the weekend edition of today with news and analysis today keeps you informed and inspired. I'm joe today. We'll be talking about chinese. Tourists spend one hundred thirty billion u._s. Dollars abroad in two thousand eighteen cricket is popular in the city of chongqing shanghai sonya and beijing top leader cities in china and a draft law says says no more beijing beginning remind our listeners to hear this episode again or to catch up on previous adults. You can download our podcast by searching for world road today. You can also download up of easy f._m. Or china philis in the app store today joining me in the studio are edward leman legal affairs commentator data and managing director leamon lee and she law firm and our commentator modeling welcome. Thank you thank you now turn to all first topic. Chinese tourists spend a hundred and thirty billion u._s. Dollars overseas in twenty eighteen. This is from a report by chinese tourism academy in total total. One hundred and forty nine million overseas trips were made by chinese in twenty eight thousand a previous survey by newson and alipay also shows even even in two thousand seventeen. Each chinese tourists spend about five thousand u._s. dollars on overseas travel. The new report also says that asia <hes> is now the most popular region amman chinese tourists followed by europe so first of all what impresses you the most about this report so many need details than fresh to me and i can only have we only have airtime to own to to talk about a few first of all <hes> it's kind of trajectory object of china's development you know from <hes> you have to feed your stomach right. We're hungry and for the basic needs he's sort of satisfaction to quantity to quality reflected through all the data's in tourism and it's very interesting several points i want to make it's restricted to overseas trips. Overseas are spending k. second third. Enforce tea or cities are rising. You know they are spending. More and more people are going out. This is one fact and the other age group the post nineties. These are replacing the post seventy in spending in in in making trips and then the third is that women are more interested in in men for going out to visit <hes> other places and you know his trips. It's all it's the these conclusions are all from the data the the dia through the report and also <hes> in tourism <hes> <hes> group travel and <hes> semi. I call it a semi customized to travel to the ocean. You book tickets and taylor make i and my husband booked one customized. Just a for me. One is taylor mays is on the rice and it's getting stronger and stronger. These are the points that shows that chinese people are no. Oh longer satisfied was the owed mode of travelling of sightseeing they go out for knowledge foretaste of <hes> different lifestyles for a pleasure comfort beauty for a lot of things and it's a multi faceted needs of <hes>. I'm enjoying life a quick fulop. What do you think triggered people's change into more than mode of travelling. It's the upgraded needs the needs before we need to eat and sleep well first purchases of properties by house shelter and accommodation russian food and accommodation needs. That's the very basic and now we need to to taste them all to see more and it's not just going. I think only two years ago when you sign up for a trip to to to european countries seven countries in ten days and when you come back with all the pictures and my friends is a show me which country is which you know which pictures were taken in which country they offer but now you go into a country. Maybe just stay in one coastal city. Maybe san francisco is the only destination for you. It's not just a map you know just yeah a sweeping during a deep dive ones with pocketing with money in the pocket of course right but the very most important thing is that china is open because visas <hes> much easier. We're talking about the overseas <hes> good relationships between countries. Make it possible for us to apply for. Oh you know visas and some even you know visa-free you don't become more more than one hundred countries have already given us well. Malaysia signed the m._o. And dhbai granting visa-free entry and so japan offers single entry visa applications to chinese tourists so so leeman what impresses you the most about this survey you know i think <hes> is got. Maslow's theory of hierarchical needs okay said like what she was saying. It works your way upward. Once you've got the food the clothing you got whatever and you're able to be able to have that taken care of you're looking for the <hes> these kind of philosophical moments maslov graham <hes> and and and and getting up to these in the satisfieds at it's so it shows a china's moving from a developing country. This is this whole problem problem is trying to develop country developing country. It's a radical thirty million people but out of abject poverty by the end of twenty twenty and <hes> that now there's as a whole group of people three hundred million people that are in upper middle class or middle class. Which is the same populations the united states then couple that like you said i mean there's certain places like serbia arabia <hes> there's e._t. More thailand where you can get visa on arrival <hes> and then that number will continue to increase. I think everyone recognizes it. There's three hundred million people in this country that can that can afford to <hes> to travel abroad in the do. The other thing is i think that because it was difficult difficult at one time twenty years ago say the opportunities that that cheney's parents <hes> people that are in the millennials their parents would not be able to have have that access to those countries to even getting passport at that point in time. Yes i mean it's it's changed and so then they moved into the you know sixteen countries seven days and taking that boxed-up america we also went which is it's interesting because chinese from an american approach. This is fascinating that you had one hundred and forty million people traveling overseas. These trips were made but at the same time in america ironically we most people don't have passports. I what are the reasons for that in attorney first century the people take it for granted. Everybody has visa or passport. Why do you think under regions for that reason for that is because there i would say to a certain extent. They're lazy of one and would would the second thing would be that they think that everything can be done within the fifty states and territories. I mean that that would be my <hes>. My <hes> taking people are satisfied. Aside domestic dwell with domestic tourism in they're like why should we mess with other currencies. Why do we have to go abroad. Why do we have to learn another language that that would be kind of an american approach and we also were the ones who was coined in the nineteen sixties. This is after the second world war and you know ben over by fifteen years and the we were among the first because we were one of the few countries. It wasn't completely destroyed. During the second world war there was a lot of productivity in great wealth was created at that point when we traveled abroad americans they actually she coined term called ugly americans and ugly americans was a book it was a movie of came on the nineteen sixties in because of our so called bad habits when we were touring they were called ugly america's america's now <hes> chinese going abroad i mean they're taking our place because of the economic rise here and there's been a lot of attention on <hes> <hes> and how folks act and behave abroad liking disliking. That'd be chinese. I think are a great <hes> addition to you know to the travel spectacle and i also you think which interesting in the small arc that i've seen it over the last few years in places like thailand when years ago they wouldn't have <hes> chinese <hes> language signs signs in the airport and other places now they do then they have chinese. Diaspora is <hes> spreading out and helping out and the other thing is is that chinese language is his acura more accessible in these countries because students had studied their broad because students are there now to be able to access to be able to facilitate and foreigners would sit here burden facilitate them as well that is very interesting point so mulling to you. Could you elaborate more and introduce it to our listeners. What are the popular destinations on the list. <hes> i think it's still the okay <hes> the close the asian mostly asian countries. I have an explanation glenn nation for that because <hes> once china was open to the outside world. There is a need to know who i am right. We need to know ourselves right a. and then gradually you go when you overlap with the rest of the world explo- further and further to in very different cultures so i think <hes> we're not talking about domestic travels but still domestic travel travels constitute the the the the big majority share yeah. That's that explains thanks and then we explore domestically to know you know our own culture who i am and then we go explode too similar culture asian is the most asian countries offer is most similar experiences you know in terms of culture <hes> living style lifestyles and in my is it because of the interest driven the interest in yourself the interesting in your immediate surroundings but i also think that with younger people today they're experienced driven rather than <hes> buying property driven and other types of things so i think that as we're talking about the difference in the s- the people born in the seventies and then the people born in the nineties millennials leno and beyond i think this is true with the united states of people are experienced driven rather than <hes> in a mentally talking about tours and touring but what what they're doing with their lifestyles and i think that it used to be this idea you would take a profession and you are or do a job and that would be your job and instead people are more driven by. I'm going to have this experience and i'm i'm going in part of it. Is this timeshare enough sharing with bicycle sharing with car-sharing this kind of thing where you can actually have an experience you don't have to own a bike or a bicycle or car <hes> but i also think that the same thing happens with tourism. I think the problem i i can say with domestic mastic tourism having been a little bit around china is when china had this rush to go from the developing country into the developed country. They were building the cities that all kind kind of resembled each other so i mean i'm going into it used to be hong zhou. You would see you know she who in you would see the the nice areas pagodas around there and that was pretty much it but then all of a sudden this huge you city grew up and it was the same as interchangeable as being in shanghai as being in nanjing as being a net and in different places or you would go to nanjing and you would see you know the former presidential the palace of of what the national government at one time that was very <hes> small thing than they did in this rush to develop we made so many cities cities in china that just resemble one another and then there wasn't enough time taken to say goodbye. You're dasher. What's good about the sites that are there locally klay and now i think trying to grow the economy <hes> and having a challenge to be between six point zero six point five domestic tourism is really really gonna be a huge driver of that economy and service driver especially into the western regions even though right now the eastern regions i think beijing and and whatnot are are the beijing shanghai and <hes> <hes> sonya i guess places but the <hes> the the the reason why sign yeahs in there is because that's a destination for for leisure minot and this is my point on just one thing about cheney's torres. I'm not sure chinese. I think you guys work very very hard. I think your work ethic is very for heart and i don't think that you've come relaxed enough to tour. I know this sounds crazy and there's an outsider's perspective but <hes> <hes> descended a beach is almost unheard of for chinese. I mean from this very broad-based comment but <hes> or just to sit around and not do anything is is a i bet <hes> is a bit of a far reach because you guys are always studying cow studying for this thing for that going on and and being pushed. I understand your first point. You're saying that the modern cities are developing a sacrifice of the uniqueness of his own. What kind of impact will this have. Towards the global tourism markkanen markkanen global tourism economy go bullies speaking global tourism. I think two or three decades ago i remember when i was in london and some journalists hosts and <hes> economic experts exclaiming that the construction of the development of china is saving the shipping industry the global global shipping industry because by that time the global shipping industry went into a very down valley. You know nobody's shipping using it anymore. But then end china's opened up in the study to united self construct workshop of the world the whole world's <hes> shipping industry then and now eight is the tourism that is going to save the world tourist not safe. It's not dying because people search of curiosity into the world exist as long as we live but developed nations people if you're too well taken care of laziness will kill your curiosity. Stay stay home. The bunch of people not not still have cute strong curiosity to go go out to sea and overlap with the rest of the won't. I don't want to use the word save the world's tourism industry. I want us to keep light allergy. Keep a robust but only condition. The only condition is a good relationship with bit. We're talking about you know. You have to open the door for us to travel right. The population is one point three repealing and then now the overseas the statistics shows the big data shows that only listen five person in one hundred had an experience had went out had had gone out so we still have a big room as yeah as long as we have money in pocket good relationships with different countries and the one belt one road is helping ping right in this in this sense and plus domestically. You have to be staple. There on reasons people like choice of destination is tapering agent well-known places. Try knowledge and pleasure are the two reasons we travel but then what is the fundamental or decisive factors is to decide which which place to go the cost convenience safety distance knowledge comfort pleasure as has the tourism market and tourism economy is more about collaboration and exchange of culture different cultural backgrounds as an english proverb goes the world is the book and those who do not travel read only one page so safety first and be open minded and then less read more about this world coming middle will be going to chung ching to explore more about a popular game. They're crooked will take a short break bureau back <music> welcome back. You're listening to weekly the weekend edition of today amodeo today joining me in studio are edward leman legal affairs commentator eater and managing director lemon leeann shoe law firm and our commentator melling nellis turn to our second topic cricket has become a popular game in the city of chongqing in china global cricket authorities and chinese government have tried to build a national crooked team and hired a pakistani any cricket coach inching a city of more than eight million people thousands of children have now tried to play the game and hunters join in and new schools tournament okay in about cricket first of all the men though you play cricket a lot well a kid exactly they have played creek and other people to do explain briefly to our domestic listeners about what is cricket cricket is. It's a it's a baton ball game played between two teams of eleven players on the field. <hes> in there's a twenty meter pitch with a wicked at each end and there's two bales that they are on three stumps. Okay just just so people can envision. This is actually a circular field and the twenty meter pitch is actually <hes>. It's rectangular learn shape <hes>. There's a guy who falls this ball. He's actually pitching the ball we would call pitching in american english at the wicked are the bat and just see a wicked is it was originally it was a gate okay and then these are three different posts and then annette is balanced with what's called a bail and when the ball hits the stumps simpson dislodged the bails then the other side has to switch so ride you find it interesting. I think what's interesting about it in fun about it is that one it was it was based it goes all the way back to the sixteen hundreds in <hes> and it was actually in the in the united kingdom that's where it came from originally and was sheep herders. It was brought up in in court cases saw me. It has a long <hes> yeah and what's happened is when the british empire was expanding than they would bring that abroad into including to the united united states it didn't catch on particularly well there but it caught on in places like india <hes> which have actually become better cricketers cricketeres but in in the carribean in <hes> australia <hes> and all throughout the commonwealth they were playing this game. What's good about it and this is the whole thing. I think is why it's good and in positive for chinese is there's laws and regulations on playing this but it also has hierarchy with regards to the captain and wh- whoa you're following rules in your playing together as a team and you've got to be able to have a common goal is a group and i think with with young people today with the come from single family a single child families that this gives them an opportunity to interact <hes> in sports like setting and learn a lot of colloquially what they've said about the british asia empire a lot of what was learned wasn't in the schoolrooms but it was an on the field of those places like cambridge and oxford and this is an example say you many will cultivate automate team spirit now mailing. Why would the city of chongqing makes so much efforts in cricket revolution. What do you think the parents found of this game okay. I'm not an expert. I in sports social impacts okay social impact on my most responsible guessing is that it suits a mountainous terrain uh-huh john king for example compared to football <hes> chongqing irs challenging people favored basketball <hes> they they have a mountainous continous region and because of that reason cycling you'll even though when china was the middle kingdom of bicycles is right for transportation means trenching never worked torching people never really use bicycles because you couldn't really so cycling and sailing ailing like jintao definitely would be excel in in sailing but that's not for changing the reason swimming okay but what is the most popular sports in tone chain run running jogging and the second is ping pong badminton small mobile's. It's a small ball game right which trains smo- each trend very small which trains quick-reaction your intelligence and also the team building coordination of different members and these suits chinese my mind's very well but why some parents hence initiated the whole thing not letting their kids go into ping pong their traditional favorites right so special because the pursuit don't of novelty in specialty no vote novelty. It's something you mom and also if my kid written on the resume what's yours you. You know special favors hobbies. If you're right cricket there. It sounds better than ping pong. Why is crooked better than people because he's already the l. a. Too common common is just a you. Eat like a rice then you guys from her for you guys. Just put this in perspective when talking about challenging people don't forget we are pingpong. I'm just saying no so i if trying to marry i mean we we. We do it but we're not. I'm not as good as a six year old girl here. It's the opposite in your country. <hes> so this makes perfect you know what's interesting is with crooked again having and gone to school there it in particular is that that's considered to be an aristocratic are originally an airstrip upper-class. Eric took credit but ironically. I mean that's why i think it flopped in america. I mean eleven players is similar to baseball. It's nine players there but i mean one batter. What's interesting is that cricket was is attached to colonialism so for example. There's a cricket club. There are couple of cricket clubs down in in hong kong. There are cricket clubs in singapore and and so that there was this again with opium wars in india with the irony is is that india which was a one time a colony or related to the united in a kingdom in some way shape or form. Dave actually past is with some of their players. An excellence ended australia's certainly then the united kingdom so i mean this. This is what's interesting thing about that. Why doesn't has a root in china like india. It's like all of a sudden. They were once a colony and now they've totally only embraced it. Even though that was what they're calling colonization is different from now we we actively embracing it. This is where we decided to embrace it because we want want to be a part of the world by win. Cricket was introduced that we refused it. It comes in. It's kind of forcing it on you. You know now. It's the different is one proactive active. It's passive. India become one of the biggest sort of cricket playing countries. They may be happy to absorb it but at the very beginning. I think it's just something that taken from the british colonists so last about list in one sentence briefly woke hiring a pakistani cricket coach be helpful for the future development of the sporting china. What's your future prediction about the determination of the global authorities of cricket authorities how how strong their determination as to promote this into this big joe at work it depends on how strong they want this sport to survive you know to to the to the most populous country because if it becomes a hobby hobby or a friend yeah. The future of cricket is so piot afam but then very tough job for them okay. They have to convince spiegel. It's like an exotic food. You want to sell to people and you want to sell it before. They say oh. It's delicious than they can to buy <hes> well. I think it's great that that they hired pakistani. I think someone who's at a long tradition which is pakistan. The other thing is is that there's a whole lifestyle and i also think it's not so much even because everything think revolves around clubs and for example the the hong kong cricket club and the singapore cook gone. There's this whole ambience that happens within its. You've got club membership. You've got the other thing is is parents participate knowing other parents who also have their kids in the sport in this becomes kind of a self virtuous circle as opposed a vicious cycle downward. I think it's going to succeed at some level and i think that everyone can enjoy it at some level even like when i was playing it and i think that the whole family kind of embraces it and it becomes <hes> <hes> something that's really positive the other thing. That's really good about it. Is you got one three billion. People and i'm sure you can find eleven people will be very excellent at this and be probably one of the greatest teams in the world at one point if that's the goal but it's more than that it's again. It's learning about how to interact with other people oh and parents in the socialization that happens with it where i think it's going to be positive so it is not simply about cultivating the new young talents is more about to correlating phenomenon than social environment for the sports to grow in the future so no matter of for health for more exercises for sportsmanship and team spirit cricket as a gentleman's game can bring passion or at least a little bit of fun so coming up we'll be going to shanghai sonya and beijing because their top ranked leisure cities in china will be listening to weekly the weekend edition of today and moyo today. Johnny muniz studio are edward leman legal affairs commentator and managing director leamon leeann shoe law firm and i'll come in hitter mullane remind our listeners to hear this episode again or to catch up on previous efforts. You can download our podcast cast by searching for world today. You can also download the app of easy f._m. Or china's in the app store now. Let's turn to our third topic shanghai. Hi sonya and beijing are the top ranked leisure cities in china. It is from a report released by the chinese academy of social sciences. Juhu high ranked the fourth on the list followed by shenzhen qingdao chaman and hung joel and the report also mentioned that the long time hot tourism destinations such as beijing shanghai guolian dalian remain pupo's top choices for spending leader time first of all to so you mentioned about the leader cities beijing shanghai and the first topic wa- rather standards of this ranking y shanghai beijing are chosen over for other cities in china <hes> yeah <hes> city image yeah and the echo environment green or not right sean. I and leisure lives and tourism. If this is the report the standards listed by the report took the survey itself so according to these three places says aiko cities definitely deserve the name deserve the top ones lemme say what we go to for beijing. We come full history uh-huh right at the same time. If you want to trade you can find it. If you have a messiah messiah where you can find if you want to go to a top you know theater to you for a opera. You can find it so it's you balance it out right. No problem okay for shanghai. What do you want no. He's not not too much history but lifestyle shopping luxury brand names living lifestyles unit good food and these okay this is a vote for shanghai the people but at the same time it also has some history to offer you you can go and visit museum all sorts of things balance out but the topmost is less on different from beijing what really surprises me actually that shanghai and beijing would be on the leisure city eddie. I unless you want to talk about visiting historical monuments in beijing. I mean i get that. I mean shanghai. That's like shopping. I mean and then on top of shopping and they're shopping over there. I mean when you think about the number places that you can visit in shanghai city. There's the nine turns bridge. There's <hes> you see the bond which is junk sean new up and down nanjing lu which is again shopping. I mean i in having lived in shanghai at one point in time. I just can't think of it as a leisure city. I mean in it from my mind's eye and again this chinese perspective i would think of something like chengdu would be down there. You mean the words shopping should be taken out of the category of vats standards of leisure cities shanghai lifestyle shopping. You can still be exploring history museum science museum zim a lot of things and then saying why ssangyong if people want to go there it's for the natural beauty but the natural beauty and the leisure itself offer is so strong you ignore or this museum going or history exploring because you just go and sit in the beach you know enjoy so that to be strictly speaking if we're talking about the leisure city sang absolutely one hundred percent deserves because cassandra has new york new facilities new facility service your food beverage everything but then because because the standards in crude <hes> a city image mean crude echo environment then beijing shanghai i would be in why because like i said people are not just going for natural beauty. They want at the same time a balanced trip of you know <hes> fulfilling different these while many how do you respond to lemans commons that shanghai. I should be out of that list as leader city because it is about shopping was her response. No shall high people have a very well rounded lifestyle act actually in shanghai. You want to do anything. The convenience not only convenience for example. If you are opera opera fan you can find and places to go if you're museum or museums are their historical relics. Mitch relics is not so much but historical records and museum everything you you actually can stay in shanghai for long time. Fulfilling your own needs to explore intellectually and physically exercising everything modern jordan international domestic everything so it's a well-balanced city to give you <hes> chances to to fulfil so you mean to satisfy people's knees can be called one way of realising leisure of especially for chinese people. You're leisure pure sun tan. You know staying staying in the beach and doing nothing. This is not our lives. We are practical people we want that. We are moving towards that just now you criticize not criticize. You said that you said that china chinese were not relaxed enough to go pure holidays devote going but we are moving to that like okay taking myself as example. Oh i wanted to relax and three days maybe on the beach but at the we we have we have two days left right. Shall we go to a cinema. Shall we go to a musical shanghai's the place that you can you know you can give me this satisfaction sure but maybe not so much as a beach but chung how you you have known john lewis gel go through the suburban. Shanghai live among other local all the places naturally you live with local farmers in shanghai and to you know to explore some very relaxed align exactly to tour around for sixteen hours. A day is relaxed enough for chinese people so mellon to you which you elaborate more on the possible title patents on this list <hes> those leader cds spring code throughout the country or concentrated in certain regions besides top wants. It's the top ones are concentrated definitely if you wanna say hey named ten of them. What about other cities other cities are all scattered more scattered around because new places are being discovered and that's why recently we have a tragedy you know some place in <hes> they have a flooding or whatever and then people were advised not to go into but people still want that curosity was so strong they even written promise that okay responsible for my own life indepth always safety first twelve died. Why why is such a strong need you will one because there's a torrance funding season right the mountain <music> slight. Were whatever okay the point is that we are discovering here and there <hes> things to to explore flaw but at the same time all the service facilities in safety measures are not there because it's still undeveloped in many places and those who are frequently patronized all visited our eighty boring and too crowded too many people went to the sophisticated i mean was this was good service and safety measures taishan. You know these mondays. I i stopped going so that's why this is scott. Among the top ten eight of them are eastern cities to our western cities. Why is that western cities as to attractive for their historical relics. All these you know definitely a hunan even inner cities they have so many to offer to enter the top ten because the to you are hardworking enough to improve their service why other cities are still lagging behind but they are moving because like airport. Commuting transportation is very important and the restaurants services service levels. You know the awareness of how to bring the quality services tourism. That's the most thing leeman if you had a chance to list their own the your cities what are they. I'm impressed by by shannon. I'm impressed by jintao acquai- lean. I think is is felt phenomenal anything even in the time it's changed one natural beauty. Natural landscape is amazing <hes> and so you're ab absolutely blows you away. What are your standards you know. I think it's i guess i i've got a bad rap and i'm saying about shanghai beijing. What would what i meant really about that is these cities also continued to change too when you when you look at shanghai in the it's about four times times the size of rhode island or delaware the in the united states these are huge places which twenty years ago they were much smaller geographically and so now these are encompassing encompassing all these different kinds of experiences that you can have countryside experiencing to why gaucho or something and with shanghai or you can go into you know there's it's all or you can be in a district so this is these are huge places now with regards to places like jintao absolutely stunning beauty okay with the mountains with the seaside. It just blows you away and you've got plays like ching longo. I'm sorry hongbao and you. You've got ching longdale in hobe. These are really beautiful places that i think people don't know enough about and shaman is absolutely stunning. I think the beaches are nice as southern california and so i think you've got this leisure sure with this natural beauty but it's also when you go to the shopping malls in those places they're very up to date and they they really are they provide all that stuff but just less crowded than beijing and chaman go along. You know the experience so good so as long that's the direction to go combined community historical relics wizard service wheeling gave me a very very bad experience. I love this landscape. I love everything and when you turn around littering terrain you know they're all these sort of things that make you very uncomfortable so my memories mixed when that's oh yeah the wailing is beautiful but i really didn't enjoy did you did you go to the boat. <hes> doubt ebola was ten or twenty years ago. I mean but i want to say the point that once a city is able to combine the two you know offer not only the <hes> historical relics museums everything but same time you know <hes> we call it. It's just a service good service and good <hes> tourist the resources so you mean hardware together with software software package good. Summary leisure is defined as free time and quality of experience after all the list reflects the economic development elements of these cities which come along with more business opportunities and uplifted life quality coming up as mentioned about some bad behavior. We'll be talking about more behaviors beijing bikini. What is it please stay tuned to find out b-black. Hello this is michael. John greetings from los angeles of the golden state of california. Thank you today for making me part of your eighteen. I truly enjoy the debates. We had and look forward to many more in the years to come <music>. Welcome back. You're listening to weekly the weekend edition of today joining me in the studio art dr edward leman legal affairs commentator and managing director leamon the and she law firm and i'll come into their madelene now. Let's turn to our final topic. Beijing government is no soliciting feedback from the public on the draft law on uncivilized behavior it includes square dancing while playing loud music in public and men wearing a beijing bikini first of all mellon. Could you elaborate more on what is beijing bikini mckinney to our overseas audiences. We should not be ashamed of our by not wearing one knows. Nobody could see me around and later on. I mean first of all. It's a statement from me that we as human beings should not be shamed of our body but having said that be proud we haven't it said that if you're in the public domain please take care of others feelings. You know the definition of beijing jim bikini what is it. It's a mocking term. Full topless men often let me finish topless men and those who <hes> <hes> exposed or bearing belly-baring. They showed their big belly to do other. Why do they show their belly. <hes> i think it's and if you if we want to trace back this is a habit of peasants farmers habit in the old time when it was too hot then y- yeah it caused dan 'sometimes okay. Sorry bub-bubba being proud about stomach. Is that what it is scientifically speaking later. I read about it that if you bear your skin to the sun right it's not good for letting out the heat inside you but in the shade you know without not in the shade. It's okay because you let the winged blow your sweater way round but that's a way of cooling down but in the look at the arabs herbs you know the hottest deserts what they are wearing the arab ropes. That's the best way so comfortable with their bare bodies of those those who are not really well educated. Definitely you cannot find a professor doing such a thing right why i said that it's tied time actually for us to regulate such a phenomenon <hes> well. It's an interesting thing because i've just just go on what a beijing bikini looks like again. It's it's it's not it's on a tee shirt. It's what was that. What is that call. We call them. I in the united states. It's called this kind of t shirt or this kind of undergarment. Undergarment is called colloquially in this is a better a wife beater. I mean essentially people who wear who i know they. Ru grew really rude people right people who i. I don't think people are wearing this type of garment any longer under me. The whatever your take off to top unites the team turn and that is single. That's that's that's not the t shirt that back here at sardis similar yeah insured is got sleeves and then this does not have sleeves okay so that's why it looks like a bikini. Ah ah you understand what i'm saying this kind of shirt. <hes> let me tell you. This is the thing that my father's still wearing right you know why because we believe father words because because if you wear a suit right but why do we feel too much errol. You're not tight see a few code sometimes and that one is <hes> sweats absorbing but it's it can only be wha- won't inside of road shirt but the this phenomenon some of sparing their agreement topless men they are the mockingly be code begin beijing bikini. Actually they're not wearing gary anything and every time in every summer when i walk in my community i saw these people. I feel very embarrassed. You will you look elsewhere. You don't want look at their body and usually don't have very beautiful body butte. No you're not as far as their ballots fall and by the way i don't want the beijing bikini name. <hes> goes sprint too far away because not a beijing phenomenon. It's the whole country. There are a group of people who regardless severity. Everybody else's responses or whatever i don't care about you. You know i want to be cool. Though i do well to follow your point that you said that i i don't wanna care of actually someone cares because someone argue online that this infringed their own rights and it is considering wearing too much. Do you support a ban. A ban is a little bit too abrupt but i think education and <hes> intervention and warnings of something that i want and it has to be persistent. It's not a crackdown for example as you know sulaiman. Put on your obama pent-up. Please this but i want a of police law enforcement or team or whatever because sometimes i want to act like that but i know that i don't have the right to say to tell this man say hey. Would you know not my so i have to you. You know a swallow down and i look look away but i want some policemen there to say. Hey layman with a smile polite. Say would you please snicks time and then let him go and then you know if the persistent presence of these intervention there is going to change. I hope mulling smile smile works better than the law. Only men you are the lawyer in a studio here in european. Whoa this rule be overstepping to judge people's behavior well. Well okay got one point three billion people. You've got <hes> only certain number. Police people who i mean is is. Is it enough to violence. Is it up to monitor. The answer is no did but one can say one can take a look at the different societies how they've dealt with singapore would be the most extreme civil with regards chewing gum or selling gum they they they have now illegal right. I mean they they have a whole bunch of rules and regulations an actually in my mind it actually makes the place really good an an they're kind of teaching people how to behave flush toilets do this do that. Don't do this and the amine. Don't do whatever on the elevator into a certain extent. That's very hierarchical. Society sightings worked well. They're very small society. In america the way we deal with it is <hes> it not by laws policies mortgage not all the time if sometimes they do but they have an you've probably seen this it no shirt. No sue shoes no service. I it's hard for chinese to believe but american sometimes walk around without shoes on okay that you you guys would never imagine it. I'm talking about in the city or in whatever place so if you're not wearing shoes you may not you will not or you don't wear shirt. You will not be served. That's that's that's the sign on the door of a restaurant or a convenience store or wherever so no shirt no shoes no service <hes> so we remind people the legislation but by the individual proprietors saying we're not going to serve you if you if you look improper lot of another thing we do in the united states is they would say you have to wear a certain kind of a tire in order to get into so for example <hes> where i come from chicago. I my family my father. My grandfather belonged some union league club of chicago. You could nat enter that place without having a suit or a jacket and tie i mean the dress code to address code right and so they would and i remember as is a smaller kid i would would come in and i wouldn't have a tire as a suit jacket and they would then hand you one to wear a tie and a suit jacket to be able to walk around so it's such standards. It'd be that it's a private cloak. Many <hes> you can do things in you cannot buy not violating laws right. You can do anything at home but in public domain civility is very important for example sample the nude beach beaches in western societies why they designate a place for you to go not just you show show your body anywhere you want to write fortunately nude parades right you know mardi gras in australia fox street in take designated such places and for example like you said <hes> american men sometimes the topless and even not wearing shoes but mostly they are scene on the beach city atlantic city san francisco thirty nine t or but in downtown for example in in a in a business like london baker in london bank banking area or in in broadway. You need to dress us up not just down so i think in china because we don't have like the restaurants people or the or the waiter waiters turning people don't we don't have these here so that's why i'm calling for. You know some semi. Law enforcement spent people to four to help the public to form a good habit. I well money you mentioned a word help. Do you call this as a proper help because some all income and show dad for those who violate the ban can receive warnings fines or being blacklisted in the credit system. Do you think it is going too far is too much <hes> a liberty far at this moment <hes>. I'm okay like said warning education. We have a lot of obama's right. Whenever we have a situation we have a red bandana of there. We can mobilize people to give them a little too little community service people who volunteers disservice to just tell them jimmy just verbal warning that that works in the long run education you know because nobody wants to be disturbed. Every time you walk straight sometime i come away. Would you please put all your clothes some but i have the mind seems like that i a._m. Against including this into the credit blacklist credit system because there's just too much and these people are not lawbreaking they. It's just a bad habit and it's just you know they're being selfish and they are not educating well. Limit using this punishment is too harsh no i i think you've got such a large population that you actually have to go overboard with regard one would say some might say overboard with regards to laws policies and regulations over correct. Yes sometimes because i mean you've got at any given a you got a bell curve. You got fifteen percent that to have a super highly intelligent than fifteen percent even in the united states that are not that are below an i._q. Levels and and so how do we reach these large. Which is you know thirty million people in the united states or whatever that number turns out to be so it's or more i mean that are in the low end of the curve so you got exponentially here and so what i'm saying is that the over correction action with the law allows it to get to the entire society. There's hud hundreds of millions of people that this doesn't apply to that. You don't need to enforce a blocked by the way i have to remind our overseas listeners in domestic listeners that the these beijing bikini people are the minority minority people not. Everybody is doing such as if you're using law the legislature to do such a thing. I don't think it's just too costly like you said we have more important things thanks to use this legal forces to deal with and these i think the the people intervention is feasible to to you recruit dharma's you know who retired ladies and even men gentlemen and give them as his job and go out to do such a thing. I think there are not a lot of other bad habits and i have a list of them as long as a dumb ass. Don't have the beijing bikinis volunteer. It's for men. I don't know what i'm talking about. The gentleman you saw gentleman belongs to the girls yeah. That's see here's this aging bikini and they think is very interesting but it's not such a good site. Well showing the bali alone may not be. They're wrong or evil given this is such gotcha unbearable summer globally and home where a free you can do it but in public being more considerate to the people around us can be recommended the other solutions just go to the beach. All kinds of beginnings are welcomed there well. That's it for this weekly the weekend edition of today a a quick wrap up of topics in the year twenty eighteen chinese tourists spend one hundred and thirty billion u._s. dollars overseas cricketing revolution is to you'll find a china's future players shanghai's send ya in beijing rank the top three leaders cities in china and beijing solicits feedbacks from from the public on the draft law on uncivilized behaviors such as the beijing bikini remind our listeners to hear this episode again or to catch up on previous c._b._s. Have adults you can download our podcast by searching for world today. You can just download the app of easy f._m. Or china plays in app store today. Joining us in the studio are edward leman legal affairs commentator and managing director leamon lee shoe law firm and our commentator man-ling. Thank you all for becoming. Thank you thank you with news and analysis weekly keeps you informed and inspired a moyal. Thank you so much for joining us. Dr <music> the guest speaker with the day i thank you very much grateful for providing jump for me to communicate to the world and china's progress in china's accomplishment and also china's cultural heritage and of course china's this desire to integrate itself into the international community. I believe today opens the window as well as built bridge between people in china and the world.

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