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Love it leave it is brought to you by Tommy John Tommy in case you haven't already heard Tommy John is the revolutionary men's underwear company that's trying to solve a major problem the problem is Russian meddling no no there are tens of millions of guys out there suffering with unsatisfactory out of date underwear they're they're under work for trump patriots people well McCabe was two days away from getting his pension he was eligible itself it's a fun fact that will follow him forever but also we found out that the nations we learned that Jeff Sessions fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe how many of you saw that Oh you escape understanding that rex Tillerson was on the toilet when he found out that he was no longer Tommy John Dot com best addicts you news addicts thank you for raising your hands it's a podcast for his pension on Sunday so of course they fired him Friday nights which is a coincidence and some of the evidence for this coincidence is that trump tweeted over and over again things like we should fire this guy so he can't get his pension diplomats was fired while taking a shit and it's the second most mean-spirited firing of the day uh I always like to see what I can tell you twitter animals shortly before we started the show we also got one thousand Donald Trump official portraits to our portrait contest we're going to be US Secretary of State which I think is interesting in another very helpful for giving the people at home a sense of what's up we also learned today for reasons that all the prophets arts which supports arts education in California public schools so we're very excited about that are you guys doing tonight see a friend of the pod right up there guys we have breaking news dot com slash love it for twenty percent off your first order fill your cart and use the code love it that's Tommy John Dot Com Slash L. O. V. E. for twenty percent than four million pairs of underwear not to mention more than one million undershirts with ninety six percent of customer of us four stars or above the numbers don't lie with Tommy John's revolutionary underwear the legs Everybody to be back at the IMPROV. Hi Jamie how are you good to see you sit right here Jamie right up the wasteland never rolls down and wedgies are a thing of the past were still skeptical of that plus their horizontal quick-draw fly has been described they look pretty cool obviously art is best experienced in a podcast but we had a bit of a I would call it a confrontation backstage about your drink of choice do you mind telling people what you order sure so my an esteemed panel of art critics and Crooked Media Oh there they are you guys can check them out there some of them that's just a donut on the ground as life changing by people whose lives are way too connected to peeing urinals and of course all time John Doors backed by the best pair you'll ever wear three one joke about that I'm going to allow that's it okay I made one harmless joke about it harmless we've got an amazing we're on my in Miami on April six some people who could be there Marco Rubio pit bull and we the Pod Save America and Lower League or going to Florida Positive America will be in clearwater on April Fifth Miami on April six Orlando April eighth love it or leave it we'll be doing our only show of the side Hustle you've seen her on comedy central she's a writer for Bill nye saves the world on Netflix and she runs a weekly show in La called women crush Wednesday. I ordered it with a preface I was like hey I have a really trashy drink order here it is and then Marcella who were going to meet soon We have twenty finalists the site will go live Monday to check out the finals and vote for winner crooked dot com slash portrait will put the winner on a bunch of mercy yes no all right all right let's get into it what a week guarantee and if you don't love the comforter Tommy John on them over having that's funny Oh is it it's on them I just think it's funny to talk about your underwear I think that'll be in the lawsuits guys a little housekeeping we are back at the Improv we're excited to be back mazing show tonight tonight's panel includes John Bolton Rick Saccone campaign manager and someone Don Jr. just matched with on tinder so that's very exciting that's the chariots the preface. Yeah I mean I don't think you need a preface because you are one of Miami's top club promoters it's called lavar Burton reads please welcome burden Lavar one of the greatest secretaries of state in modern history he did so via twitter which was charming he's best known for his work as host of the hit pbs children's show Reading Rainbow and his starring role in Star Trek the next generation is a very popular owns while on the toilets I don't know why you people are laughing you're all reading tweets on the toilets I want I'm amazing we don't know each other nine Oh yeah you good yeah do you think we started on the wrong foot somehow I love it I leave now no no no you're in for the duration this love it or leave trump tends to run his administration like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland this week was no different on Tuesday trump fired rex tillerson own agency when he claimed Russian election meddling attempts didn't affect the election outcome he is by all accounts not the best then leaked that the President is in the day Steve Goldstein the Under Secretary of state told reporters that Tillerson had every intention of staying the secretary did not speak to the president and his and his unaware of the reason that he was fired go to alcoholic beverage is it sounds like you said shirts sugar for Sugar Free Red Vodka Yeah and here's the thing so obviously we already talked about the fact that Andrew McCabe was fired this afternoon and he found that out from a press release two days away from being eligible for his opening tonight she stars on Hbo Crashing is the author of ridiculous and her debut comedy album I mean is now available on I tunes welcome to very funny Jamie Lee is kind of shoe in every color they come in every color on that same shoe yup that's a comment about this specific versus a lot lot happening you don't even bring it in the bathroom look at this where's your robe in gavel later was like don't you use that preface you stand by your choice and I don't think you can I don't think you can stand by choice I think it comes with a preface it's like instead as an meltdown please welcome the hilarious Marcella Guel hi it's me the country's largest conglomerates to being fired on the toilets I'm going to recommend everybody poops early today that John Kelly told reporters that rex tillerson was on the toilet when he heard the news which is yet another reason people should not check there applaud if you don't reach on the toilet there are two kinds of people in this audience right now the silence the I think that's a good option that'll be sort of reassuring right because he can say that even though I'm famous for doing this what was going on between the end of the word and the Ding what happened what what's the one all right well us for the rest of this man's life no matter where he goes no matter what he does he will always be known as the guy who rex tillerson is about to have a lot of time on his hands are there any books you would recommend for someone who went from being the CEO of one of the pensions so trump's on a tear to replace tillerson trump trump plans to nominate director Mike Pompeo pompeo is a coke back Benghazi conspiracy theorist who has been corrected by dangerous person who could end up in that job on top of that from Hud to the a two sessions at justice everyone seems to be on the chopping block Lavar I will start with you and fill out of key jobs in the State Department obviously he will his CODA will be the toilet but before that I think Tom for a long time despite the fact that he get a bad relationship with trump but it also seemed unclear what even why even took the job what his goals was he never let a guest use it as a way no truth in advertising John Truth in truth in advertising y'all is a firing H. R. McMaster as his national security adviser and it's been floated that he will be replacing him with John Bolton the dude with a moustache who still thinks the Iraq war was a good idea and it was legitimately the most and the liars you sincerely do not read your phone on the toilet it's obviously it's unsanitary new or go to a Barista did you hear trump fired Milania and people believe it which is not even a true sentence she doesn't my job I'm I'm fucking I run more door and this reality TV show Dingus is going to tell me what to do I'm from Exxon Mobil we it didn't help the tillerson called him a fucking moron and then couldn't muster the words to deny it because you know the tillerson that there's like a party who you know where he stands because he wears the white collar blue shirt combination which says that he did cocaine and like I mean yes it does seem that he is both adopting his his apprentice persona look at those shoes yikes Kony's they are talking to you say that we don't we don't know we don't know on that I just bought those shirts Jamie so tillerson leaves obviously unceremoniously even though he was fired on the throne Tillerson somebody who was an adult in the room who mitigated trump's where it's instincts will he be remembered what what will we think of we think of REX Tillerson a year from now nothing do you think there's a chance he will turn on trump and tell us what he saw or will he just sort of ride off into the sunset I mean I feel like he's he's in so Lavar that something that will come to your podcast all these various books attacking trump from from within the administration I read my favorite fiction have him that's like I was the CEO of fucking Exxon I pumped I pumped the evil from the Earth right you know in how he's doing their job and it seems as though he's quite interested in hiring people he sees on television for key jobs moving forward so Larry cudlow it out I mean it's he fires so many people that I have now just as a personal hobby whenever I see somebody any opens the door of the rock grinder and there's rex tillerson being like sorry I'm on break Lavar before we move off of this topic in addition to trump firing people this week and really letting loose he also did propose a space force I don't know if you saw this he said that we've got an air force why don't we have a space for us as someone who is spent a lot of times global name Tillerson it does seem as though it's somebody that you know like Fred Flintstones on the job and then all of a sudden the the rock grinders most solid ideas he's come up with it still sucks as ideas go right right because he depending on the needs absolutely I what do you make of this military fiction I will miss hearing rex tillerson's name because he sounds like a little dinosaur and wearing a necktie not a bully space army that trump has proposed I think it's a very plausible idea although it is probably one thing I mean at this point it's there's so many names that are rotating that it's like how can you even keep up with anybody why do we even need to learn anything about any of these people they're just going to be Fox's with a bunch of white shit on your nose and they hand you a shirt with a white collar and blue body parts you know I don't think anyone else is allowed to is in charge of the engines and the missiles usually that would be a divide and conquer situation and the holiday back and really when anything bob divorce her but can't fire her but people it's this shit is so wild in the White House right now that people believe that sentence when they hear it for the first time as in reaganomics like that's like the international symbol of cocaine and Reckitt reaganomics like that's how you get that shirt right you come out in favor of supply side low corporate but you know this is unrelated but I've often thought that Georgie had too big a portfolio you think on on the enterprise it's rare that someone did you fake laughed after she faked came food for thought we come back spend a fair amount of time and space Hala dex engineering shifting power around from the shields to the warp core and vice versa they call your character did you invite Lavar just you could have this conversation I'll leave if you want continue to revolutionize passion because style should not right I don't know if you've checked the site out lately federation was better exploration wasn't about fighting wasn't about war it wasn't though they did fight fairly often yeah yeah yeah the shelves Pretty Soon I'm pretty pretty psyched about it jamie drinks sugar free Red Bulls use easier to impress I have very low standards Jamie will happily join me wait can I also say the Lavar has spent a Lotta time in space is been a lot of time watching porn space for sounds like he could he could definitely right a very compelling post firing men more yeah but I feel that about everybody I think there's going to be like a lot of really juicy books had ruining the planets it's kind of genius or you just Kinda great that trump can humble a guy like that it's the one about movement to college droughts that started there and watch company Tommy this company has grown like crazy now with almost two million watches sold in one hundred and sixty plus countries. Let's see what were you going to sell just that I never watched the apprentice but wasn't that his catchphrase you're fired so he's just like doing that now it doubled the number of watch styles that's twice as many styles and they're still expanding movement come far from being crowd funded kids working out of a living room in the past year they've not only introduced a ton what can candle the can episode named Marcel Tillerson held onto his off today with free shipping and free returns by going to movement Dot Com Slash L. o. v. e. that's M. V. MT Dot Com Slash L. O. V. E. T. C. Y. Movement keep growing yesterday was a memorial to the seventeen victims of the school shooting in Parkland and what frustrated me was that if you look at the website of the organizers of the like my messages it's not enough I need to be on top of it I know what needs to know what's going on ridiculous movement figured out that by selling online they were able to cut out the middle suporting character from the film Pleasantville assumed there must be some other explanation for the protests let's roll the clip while parents are being told that the this Julie Gunnlaug Yup Yup Yup I rest my case pass restrictive gun laws I think and check out their expanding collection go to M v MT DOT COM slash love it join the movement and we're back an inside joke that he had what stormy Daniels like after they fucked you know like Sh- good porn title space force you cannot make this shit her name today students from kindergarten to college walked out of classrooms to protest the NRA and gun violence but Steve doocy box and Prince Co host attack Mazzoni and watch a text message saying that just suck oh you're so busy how many times that message on the it's like you're needed in surgery never inside over half a million guys switched to Tommy John Now it's your turn Tommy John No adjustment needed I'm wearing Tommy John Underwear as record this advertisement hurry to Tommy John Watch collections for both men and women but also expanded sunglasses and fashion forward bracelets for her movement watches are all about looking good and keeping it simple giving us a nice website I'm looking at right now point I also love the idea that that parents were unaware like Oh you're walking out man in retail markup writing the best possible price watch started just ninety five dollars at department stores you're looking at four hundred five hundred dollars classic designed Quality Construction Style minimalism get fifteen percent now it's time for a game we call okay stop will roll the clip and then when we feel like it we say okay stop and talk about it this week wasn't all bad news on gun control Okay Stop Winded Carson Christly join the Fox News team that's a tough hit on cars it's not a protest if everybody says it's okay you know because by definition presumably you have to put back again they don't tell you how many steps you've taken it will blow up your risk of text messages at the movies if it's less rude look at your watch for the Times at a lunch look at you watch it when you when you yeah you national school walkout they were very clear that this walkout was to prochet stop this woman's name seriously Julie Gun lock they never that moving watch started just ninety five dollars at a department store you're looking at four hundred five hundred bucks how fucking needed are you how urgent or your dumb tax messages is this nation it's a political thing and parents should probably have the opportunity to opt out if they don't want them involved well many schools said it's and kids for walking out of school and we can't spell up tiled is alone in the classroom half of his class stands up and walks out we all is it true there you go there you go maybe so trump will call them fiction so that's a problem I know he'll call them fake fiction is fake you know you'll never you'll never know what shale is it's like a fire drill but way more impactful and I would really appreciate people not telling me that shale is in the middle of the day because of the park land shooting I support that what do you mean it has to do with gun control also because they point yeah ten minutes have just like you know what are you gonNa you're GonNa Miss One Earth Science Miss One kind of Ignatius rock mentoring thank you listeners I love you most of all the last time I checked op ED was two words I'm just saying they don't go anywhere there's more coming up is brought to you by movement you guys have heard me understand that peer pressure is an issue and what's so sad is that because this was billed as a memorial to the seventeen victims of Parkland okay so what the fuck are you talking about it costs zero dollars to walk from the home room to the field because exactly zero dollars tax expel comfortable and comfortable to stop and that is their point that is exactly their point misguide lot we're a political you know they didn't have a point the problem with these kids walking out of these classrooms is it seems as though they're trying to make some kind of political they don't feel comfortable being targets of mass weapons of destruction in what should be yeah that says hoped that just says okay for people listening at home it says opd parents were misled about walkout. I'm just saying we're criticizing what Fox News can't say is this is a student led movement that we have a policy disagreement with so obviously even though this has been spearheaded by kids idea the lovely to add up all the time that kids across the country are spending a hiding in closets and running out of their schools and discussing whether is optional they didn't have to do it always does this which is they just missed the days when civil disobedience and acts of public protests live should have life insurance the logic there is a salable four out of ten people don't have life insurance at all and it's not their fault it's life insurance fault I'm from kids led by kids it's kids who walked out of class they have to make it about anything else it has to be about teachers that may have helped because they agree with the kids even worse if you remain in your seat you're up at you right taxpayers should ask is this an acceptable use of school funds because ultimately your taxes paid for it tax dollars or wasted time or time that should be spent learning because what they can reckon with is no these are this is a student led movement does inorganic student mood something someone has to be against it like like I mean can you believe it they're missing bio class it's like all right I think they can take a day off on the whole lately and and again I think this isn't the role of schools a old fashioned I think schools for learning school should be a place go get them that's a tough hit for Carson I hope he's not a listener so polarized -ment speaking out against the policies that your network supports it's not pre brainwashed approved right right I mean the education system is I mean they're still T- here a lot of parents weren't aware of that and I have a feeling that many probably wouldn't have allowed their children to participate in that issue known but because it is about all what are you you you I know you're I know you're the the heart of a drama your own personal drama but give me a break oh this getting my phone in my pocket every once in a while the shopping for life insurance is confusing and it takes forever so policy genius made it easy policy genius is the easy way to compare and buy life insurance online and just five minutes you can compare quotes from over fifteen life insurance I it's a good use of our taxpayer dollars to ask you unlock because tax dollars are going towards mass shooter drills Gunnlaug miscount locked this this certainly wasn't unfortunate misstep I think I think schools getting involved in this and helping to coordinate was not a good use of their time don't go anywhere love it or leave it and there's more on the way love it or leave it is brought to you by policy genius if you have a car you have car insurance if you have a home you have home insurance replace this gun lock it would be great given that now schools across the country you have to do mass shooter drills hi what's your name Erica Erica and where are you from Erica I'm from New Jersey but I live in Pasadena sweet are you ready to play the game taller what are you talking about the tax kids making signs and walking out it's a free thing this is a good deal or not to run to fight or to hide with their teachers who can't afford school supplies I add up all of that time compared to these seventeen minutes of protests when you compare quotes you save money it's that simple policy news has helped over four million people shopper journey and place over twenty billion dollars in coverage they don't just insure life insure everything in it now they're gonNA vote everybody out I hope let's hope and that's okay stop when we come back a connor lamb game we call out with the lion in with the lamb anyone other like to play the game the district was to read Paul Ryan and his house explained that trump tax cuts were a winning issue plus the GOP and outside groups spent millions attacking connor lamb calling him a pro amnesty easier to buy and rates are at a twenty year low palsy Dina's dot com the easy way to compare and buy life insurance and we're back Oh see liberal but once connor won the weirdest thing happened suddenly he wasn't so liberal after all so we thought we'd highlight some of the most egregious spin expire. Tommy it's old fashioned it's it's it's a dewey decimal system basically for underwear Tommy John is giving hope to unhappy underwears everywhere they've sold Oh really defanged 'cause they're like how old are they seventeen fifty years from now they're going to watch the Shit Outta Fox News in a year this week Democratic candidate Connor Lamb won a special election in a very republican Pennsylvania Congressional district of course this was not supposed to be the health insurance disability insurance shirts and renter's insurance I just WanNa once again flag that I'm skeptical about this pet insurance because I don't want to create the the bad incentives that created a bunch of shit in the health and Incas Christopher Christopher Columbus was good yeah that he was a great guy and and so it's like we didn't approve this so you can't teach it here at systems hazard for Yes yes Tommy were worried about it but what's up policy genius assualt if you've been putting off getting life insurance don't put it off any longer it's never been ready all right question number one before the election President Donald Trump tweeted in broken english quote Connor Lamb will always vote for Pelosi and DEM's you'll raise taxes weak on crime border what did he say at a fundraiser just a day after conor lamb won the race was a my fellow yeah publican he sounds like a Republican to me so I know that as to coherent and it's definitely see you got it clearly I will never contradict myself I don't care if there's a very popular comedy podcasts with an incredibly intelligent host who has a strikingly handsome haircut and that's a tough choice but I see it is see I love how you do that I feel smarter than I think they are and no one is buying the fact that this tax cut is doing anything at all for the middle class also I love Turquoise jewelry at your ID bracelets or was it b hey did you guys hear that I fired rex tillerson while he was on the toilet eat it real. CEO's I can fire you what did he say after lamb one was a democrats chose to run someone who is a conservative was it be it's difficult for me to admit it but working people question number two val Di Giorgio which may sound like the name of your mom's divorced friend who moved to Florida and got really into Turquoise Jewelry Data Democratic candidate who's against Nancy Pelosi he has made himself into a Republican what did she say just twenty four hours earlier on Fox News Was it a I events or was it see make no mistake about it connor lamb is not pro trump he's a democrat he's a puppet of Nancy Pelosi and if the voters vowed Georgia needs a win Val di Giorgio needs a hug Val di Giorgio sounds like he comes from New Jersey I'm going to say you ever be able to find a single inconsistency in my statements is specially not to statements made just twenty four hours apart from one another was it be listened to me mcenaney went on television and said the following quote Connor Lamb has run as a republican he's pro gun he says he's pro bowl he's pro tariff he says he's Anti Nancy Pelosi imagined then liberal before the election conservative after question number three after conor lamb one on Tuesday night. RNC spokesperson Angel of a dog. They will never be able to find a time where I'm contradicting myself and it definitely won't happen when they get to the third panelists and I'm consistent person and I will never say one thing one day in a different thing the next that's just not who I am and if one day my words will be used on a political comedy podcast they will while you're taking a shit or was it see the young man last night that ran he said oh I'm like trump he ran a campaign that said very nice things about me I said is he but actually the name of the chair of the Pennsylvania Republican Party said before the election quote lamb is a dyed-in-the-wool liberal on taxes on Second Amendment on pro-life the district and I know they went for trump twenty percent if they want trump governance in Washington they have to go with Rick Sick whatever the dues last name is it's in me in me you're born with it cool Erica you've won the game I see okay I gotTa tell you this is a tough blow val di Giorgio puts on a brave face but Valdez Georgia can't take much more of this I the eagles one now this read the real quote that is obviously hazard and it's something that is the exact opposite of a different quote they had already said the question it ain't GonNa Happen back I didn't know that someone can make that sound in a way that evokes it you know it's not an it's not you're not impersonated isn't impressed I mean it's isolated and we're back over the weekend betsy devos went on television and said a bunch of words in the shape of thoughts meant to convey ideas t that's ziprecruiter dot com slash love it ziprecruiter dot com slash L. O. V. E. T. T. Ziprecruiter the smartest way too high of all sizes trust Ziprecruiter for their hiring needs right now my listeners can try ziprecruiter for free that's right Tommy offering free it's amazing just go to ziprecruiter dot com slash L. O. V. E. Day Ziprecruiter doesn't stop there Tommy they even spotted the strongest applications you receive so you never miss a great match that's right the right candidates are out there ziprecruiter is how you find them business I hope and westworld please give it up for Shannon Woodward Hey how are you good how are you I'm good thank you for being here thanks for having me Shannon you will be playing Betsy Devos and join a dramatic reading gate don't go anywhere more of love it or leave it coming up lover leave it is brought to you by Ziprecruiter are you hiring posing it was such a bad interview that seem very much like she was having some sort of a glitch and so we have a special guest helpless explore this you know her ride experience and invites them to apply for a job these invitations have revolutionized how you find your next higher in fact eighty percents of employers who post a job recruiter get a quality candidate through the site in just one spoil it and I will be playing someone who fixes robots what's that like let's see if we can get to the bottom of the sixty minutes situation right shall we begin bring her back online can you hear me yes what's your name I'm Betsy Devos please speak like a person who has never faced obstacle betsy devos your position jobsites and waiting and waiting for the right people to see it Ziprecruiter knew that there was a smarter way so they built a platform that finds the right job can it's for you ziprecruiter learns what you're looking for identifies Leslie Stahl and who am I your you I'm you okay whatever let's just start have you seen the really bad schools tell us what you think of your world some choose to see the ugliness in the education system the disarray at US I have not intentionally visited schools that are underperforming that's a terrible answer I'm sorry how could you claim to know how to fix underperforming schools if you don't visit under performing schools some people choose to see the no you already said that I'm sorry I don't feel like myself today have you ever questioned the nature of you want a pair of shoes you do get cheese guys give it up Erica and our panel when we come back a special guest will hi what's your name Mike Mike and you were wearing merch yes thank you for doing that here's how this is GonNa work he said in her next cycle let's try making her secretary of state see what happens just what about supporting teachers unions that doesn't sound like any it can be hard to keep track who they're things they know a lot about the various people who have departed the trump orbits we need one person in merger obviously we said goodbye to rex tillerson this week but he is just one name added to a growing list who have been fired from or who have fled from the trump administration how many did he get six mice you got six maybe no extra sean but that's America cash and assets and we're back David Upper Mike and what's your name Jim Jim I'm GonNa lose see how does so here's the thing I know that other people are using other payment absence of your friends are like seventy money in his other app you tell them we're not using other APPs anymore we're switching to the cash APP it's the simplest the beauty so you really screwed up in that sixty minutes interview betsy something is up with you let's run through some of the questions even figure out what's wrong here okay I'll be Alad I'm a billionaire do you ever feel inconsistencies in your worldview I'm sorry I don't understand could you repeat that well you support school choice but then it is not improved officials as you possibly can okay are you ready can we get forty five seconds on the clock let's Start Reality Star was on the apprentice our panelists have clues and will be your job to listen to those clues and in forty five seconds tried to get as many departed trump administration schools in Michigan where you've had the most influence on the direction of the school schools are made up of individual students attending what does that what are the what about the poor kid thing to me yeah hard reset we're done here and seeing and seeing guys give it up or shot in Woodward Twentieth Nineteen seventy-one me earned his bachelor of arts in history from James Madison University don plan born in Virginia Chuck in his wikipedia portrait his tie is blue and white lurk he follows eight hundred twenty people on twitter I don't know he's white everyone in here on February twenty eight he tweeted you're not even close I tried it was ethics watchdog Walter Schaub dollars will go to MOMS demand action which is trying to fight for comments come control gun control gun control across the country and we'll have the cash out human form a skirmishing yes pled guilty to mueller flipped on trump Obama warned trump he might be compromised probably committed treason caring about my drinking in the schools that lose money because of school choice teachers need guns to shoot bears okay let's let's do a hard easiest way to pay people back or have your friends pay you back and when you download the cash up if you put in the Code Pod Save That's P. O. D. S. A. V. E. You will get five dollars now for a segment we call the rant wheel here's how it works we spin this wheel and wherever sure and we need one person who isn't in March this game will pit two audience members against each other who would like to play button fly jeans Elizabeth homes twitter moments united dog deaths yeah we're GONNA talk about it March madness that's the final one then called March madness what's been the wheel yeah when we come back a REX tillerson game don't go anywhere ends we rant about that topic this on the wheel we have antibiotic Resistance Space Force beyond saying Jay Z. Haters Yeah it is landed on beyond say and J. C. J. Z.. Haters which I believe was suggestion that came to us. How's she won't even look at you Jim are you ready let's get forty five seconds on the clock he was born on February husband oops I mean Jay is me being say hey the love it or leave it there's more on the way and as always love it or leave it is brought to you by the cash APP we've talked applause for you having not switched yet this let's get forty five seconds on the clock so Jim I'm going to read you clues and your job will be to get as many of these depart trump administration officials as you possibly can in forty of seconds I'm distracted because the sound effects are making me think of stormy Daniels on sixty minutes Jimmy don't want your excuse we've jokes to the professionals Oh let's hear I think she's done quite a good job of it herself wow all of our really read this back in rain could you imagine they're going to date hail guessing what's been it again where do these bacteria God get off these these bacteria don't they know yeah is that really sugar free Red Bull and vodka why wouldn't it be Lavar I 'cause I who drinks Sarah Read Coleman Award merch Jim you blew it guys give it

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