Ron Perlman Returns


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Our kickstarter offered a reward level where you give us any name ideas, and we will write you a song. The new album titled Namesake is the result of those. Those requests what started as jingle style songs turned into something far more personal as people are asking us to help, put words and music to the people that they loved. The style is folk music, but dips it toes into a reggae rock and other styles as the songs needed. We have not been able to go out and promote it. What with the global pandemic canceling live music events and we hope to get the word out. The music can be found on all streaming sites or check out our site at the Q. Key Music Dot Com. What a fun idea! Foot really really really great idea to to get people to give you stuff to write about that challenge I mean that's just a great thing for any writer of you know like. Whether it's comedy or novel or script or and music in your case, but if someone just. As you write, because sometimes the issue can be you. Go gotTA write about anything Bono to write about. It's sort of going to Google dot, com, and going I could search for anything I. Don't know what to search about and so you. So you're not too overwhelmed by the by the. Infinite choices than have someone sign you things. That's a great idea. Brett wonderful idea I will go check that out this event that ID's NT. Dot Com I said that it'd be getting, but I like to remind people there. You've been reminded. This episode is Uncle Ron Perlman. I like to call him. Uncle Ron I. Love Him. He's been on the podcast a bunch. It's always delightful when he's on. Is just such a great mix of. Fun, but serious and joking, and then honest and don't know I just really I love connecting with him. So anytime run once. Come coming about Jesse. Certainly can come on the podcast because I do think of him. His uncle Ron now he's promoting run with the hunted, which is on demand June twenty six. That is a film. Also another film called the big ugly, which is on demand, July thirtieth, and when I say on demand. I mean on all of the usual platforms. Where you get your content and you demand to get that content so there you go to movies within a month. Run with the hunted and the big. So this is the podcast number ten seventy nine with Ron Perlman and we're rolling the thing. Watch it. Roll here, roll watch role with your ears, because hearing is seeing with your auditory canals. Initiating Protocol. Fine if you don't, it's not. It's not It's not Christian with. The audio from this anyway all right cool, let's. Let's You don't see what I would have to. I. Mean I have. I have, but but just my underwear. Are You, are you? Are you safe for you home? Are you okay like it's? You know last time I saw you know we get to see each other in person those days. Seem like such a distant memory of being able to actually sit down across the table from someone. I mean I'm not sure I would. Go. For so far as to Sam safe. you know who really is of course that age you know. especially with all of our liberties stored. Expressing ourselves in social media. On never safe. Farm Sabres I've ever been, but I'm healthy and I'm happy knocking on woods. And I have been. Enjoying this this. This this kind of moment it. It appears never do this before, but I mean quarantining my thing. What did she could a quarantined years ago? We didn't know had I only known. I would've. I would've you know. The turns the only thing I need to come out for us to make a living. and. You know as as as. We. All are finding ways to do that for my house as well so I don't like Hanging around with people anymore. number one number two. I really love sitting around the house and doing. Absolutely fucking nothing so. I mean you know it's my party baby. I mean it there. There is a theory that's going around. That may be filmmaking. We'll just turn into. Like essentially solo performances in green screens that are just cut to get so. Yeah I. Mean that that's it's. It's Kind of. Concerning to see. I mean. The reason why we don't know the ashes. It is because. There's this is like the most unprecedented moment. No of anyone's maybe. Ever known history of the world. How it redounds to know how we can you know in various things that we took for granted? Is You know sort of sitting here on the sidelines watching every flail about. and tried to imagine. a world in which they can you know Resume. doing what they used to do without giving it a second thought. Has Been Really eye-opening as I mean. The hardest thing is just not knowing. It's just a big question marks of. Each of the each of the Gills have their own. Kind of concerns and rules and regulations, and of course the studios have their own concerns and rules and regulations and and Liability concerns you know it's it's. and. Then there's a you know like the the the the the doomsday kind of Crowd that always pops head up in almost like this, this is it'll never. It's never gonNA come back to normal, and you know it's like we may as well not even bother. You know if you can't do a love scene boulevard. So. Part of me is a sitting here kind of. Amused by the entertainment value at all and part of me sketch. Get I guess I just feel like at many times. In human history, there has been some type of event of an event that changed temporarily the way that I mean you know. There were massive plagues you know that wiped out and so but eventually. That was the MGM. That was before GM. That was Florence been invented yet. That's right I. Don't know my hope is that you start releasing a series of home karaoke videos that you find a way to just start releasing performances. In your in your home. You know Steve Wait a minute. Wait a minute of you've been hacking my emails. Are you GonNa do I wish you want. You now you talk about What is it when you give away too much information on a show that nobody has seen yet. Oh, yeah, spoiler alert! Spoiler. Alert I was looking for a really big announcement. We fucking blown it like Even get out of the gate I'm so sorry I. You know like I shouldn't pitch ideas until the end of the show, so that way we talked about. Everything is okay if we haven't talked about the thing and I'm going to pitch. Something, you know the Home Taraoke, you think. That was a great idea, but this plenty more where that came from so. That might have been in. It might have peaked. I might have peaked in the first ten minutes that you don't you worry about. Tau Is plenty more. I. Don't know why if you if you. Steve Jones whose guitarist for the sex pistols? Has instagram feed, and he plays songs in his like he plays in his shower. Because the acoustics are really good, we'll just take the guitar and there and just start you know playing and singing songs and I. Don't know I just think. You know like a visual tour of the permanent state might be a fun. You know you do one song over here. One Song over there one song in the kitchen, one song in the yard, one song and the out well Steve Steve actually might be onto something by playing in the the bathroom on his electric guitar. But. T unlike me doesn't do it with water running. Which adds a whole element of of you. Know the snuff out idea of like you know. auto elect electoral, or what whatever it's called when you when you get. A last moments. Of So that's that's an idea that I'm running through my people. I mean do. Did you have stuff? In real about to start shooting anything when everything happened or were you? Were you on a break anyway? I'm in the middle of one. I'm in the middle of of a rather large Probably forty percent of the way shot. And I was just about to get on a plane to resume my portion of the shooting Toronto. When either came down that they were. Putting a temporarily. At that time that was march some sometime in mid March. Yeah, they were hoping for a two-week rate You know that was that hope for went by the wayside rather quickly. and they're hoping now for resumption. But it's. September! Yeah, that's that's the day that the type of temper that I. Keep hearing as well that people are going well September September September and Yeah I mean hopefully that's the case and hopefully they'll figure out ways to I mean. This the social distancing element though not only is going to inform how things are shot, but I think it will largely inform story going forward I mean. How could it not right if you have to? If, you have to physically put people not in proximity to one another. How could it not inform the story? Is there a way to race although surgical masks in post? There probably is I'm sure. James Cameron could do it. I'm sure I L. M might be working on some little APP right now that basically just. Basically just put a mouth in over the mask or we just or or maybe this is just a year where people just have masks and things, but don't reference it. An audience audiences just go well. We just know that everyone. That's just kind of the way the world is now. Maybe it's just a thing that we ignore who knows. Every time I go out to the store. And you know you see like every strata of society. La has been pretty good about in La Right now. La's been pretty good about the wearing of the masks and complying with La Proper. I'm not sure about what what happens when you get out of the city limits, I, think is somewhat different, but. people have been really really complying here and and. Being very good citizens. And But you see everything from like hip hop stars. To. Septuagenarians to Get everything in between. All wearing different kind of face adornments. Just like is a new form of expression. The Lily it's also. It's fashion. It's expression. It's I mean you know like. If these things are basically just there, it's they're well. They're not just accessories, actually their necessities. You know it's the first time in nine. It's something was required like you really need to wear this. People in surgical. Go Masks. You know who were just like what long for. There was even the notion of a corona virus. Just. Just for the heck of it to protect themselves. And the kind of Rancor that just kind of like was brewing inside of me by saying Jesus Christ. Don't you realize you're GONNA fucking die anyway? And so. This thing with people are wearing surgical masks. And that's. Completely overwhelmingly the new normal. Is It's it's it's it's an. It's just another form of self, Amusement Chris. Well we all I mean listen. We have all had to find ways. In the past three months, I mean three months over three months now. It feels like everything before March. Thirteenth was a year ago. You know like it just feels like it was. It was so long ago and I even. I'll be watching movies in or even commercials you know where people are all like crowding into a thing or flooding into an area and I'm like Oh. My God that's right. We used to be able to do that. Like it was a lifetime ago. I don't know. Are you feeling that you know There's a kind of a I feel it in me. You know I'm relaxing the the care that I was putting into this initially. Just. Kinda relaxing I think. Me Being a native new. Yorker and watching the way Cuomo deftly. Managed. What was a nightmare situation into something that? Reflected what can happen when this great leadership? And, but but it was a signal like okay. You know You know it's time to to resume. It's like this is time to like. START RELAXING Transitioning into. A. Return to some sort of the societal non-social social distancing reality. And I I realize I'm a I'm putting myself in danger by even having that entrance of my consciousness because. numbers Anneli counter going up in. Numbers! States are higher than they've. Ravenna an emmy. It's. It's it's. It's a conundrum friend. It's a real head scratcher this. Yeah I. Mean It is, it is just a wait and see, and that's unfortunate. Because you know, is a we. We like to convince ourselves that we have these little bubbles of certainty that we live in, and then something comes along, and it's like Oh. Yeah, nothing is really certain. You know you don't know I mean definitely has. Certainly made its sort of making people. In sort of think about what's important and what's important in life and balance, and you know not Not Not not putting all of your eggs in a basket of like Oh i. don't i. don't exist. If I'm not working all the time room, not out doing stuff all the time or not outgoing places all the time I mean we just I've just had to kind of sit with ourselves. And you know, and hopefully reflect, and as I've said since the START I hope we come out the other side. More appreciative and kinder and more balanced, and you know all those things that you hope for. You bound to have some sort of a a a a a major. Conscience consciousness shift. in the early stages of recovery I just hope that the things that you're supposed to take away from opportunities like this because you know. For me, everything is an opportunity. To? If this is what I'm supposed to do now. If I'm supposed to sit around. And listen to the sound of my arteries hardening. And Strip myself bear of the things that I normally measure my you know. The the stent meter on. You know my quality of life meaning. You know I'm working. I'm pulling money You know traveling all of those things by which you measure yourself. Normal! Set of circumstances have have been ripped ripped from you. And you are forced to go inward, and you're forced to I. mean those of us who are lucky enough to be able to? Financially. Make it through I. Mean That's one thing you know. Imagine the challenge of like people who were living paycheck to paycheck and had no cushion. And that the you know and. The little you know like. Minimum wage gig that they had or decent wage gig ahead, but not enough to you know, retire with dignity is pulled away from them. You know Those was life and death. Most people are like you're dealing with kind of mental health challenges that I can't even begin to imagine so let's just talk about you may No, no, you're right, though you a and and it's not only. Is it heartbreaking, but also the idea of. The the sort of Interesting issue of the mental health is will there be like a mental health crisis by the time you know, are we in the midst of one, or will it not? Hit until afterwards of This sort of the trauma of this particularly with you know being isolated or like what you're talking about, if people's livelihoods just evaporated immediately. And how are they going to survive? And how are they getting through I? Mean it is. It is a traumatic event and I and I really hope that. I really hope that there is a focus on mental health public mental health You know emerging from this because I think people are going to need you know like trying to as much as everyone wants to jump back into the world and get back. We just really you know we want. That I think we have to be mindful that it's it will be a little bit of a process an adjustment a readjustment period when that's allowed, and you know hopefully we will be. Talking and taking mental health very seriously because this this is affecting me. It's affecting the whole world. The whole world. So that's the other thing that's unprecedented is that? There's no border. There's no strata. There's no station in life. There's no. There's no place that safe from when mother. Nature Decides to descend upon you. and Express yourself in ways of great dismay disdain, but you let when you were the last time you were on. You already seem to have a really good attitude about life and work and everything and you know you said you. You like to work with fun you. You know like it was a blast that you got to do it. There was some things you still wanted to do, but ultimately you know your family and. Your values seemed pretty aligned. It's it doesn't sound to me like. You had to win quarantine hit. Go Bike. Maybe I really need to rethink. By values, it sounded like they were already kind of focused on your family first and then the career stuff was all just Kinda gravy. Yeah, but it's a beautiful kinda gravely. I mean I I know that is all true reached a point in my life where? When forced into a situation like this where there is no external. animating factor. I'm just fine. You know I'm I'm I've really been going? Get going through this with a great deal of. Positive Liberty and joy and catching up on some stuff books in movies and TV things that I kept putting off putting off I'm having a great time doing it, but the gravy part is still very much At work you know in my. Inner inner turnings and rumblings. And I'm still constantly. Try to engage in projects that that float my boat and and titillate me and and make me. Bound out of bed in the morning. and so It's a good place to be because The fire is still very much lit, but the need for it is diminished greatly. and. So that's that's a good combination. I'm very happy to Bro. I'm glad to hear that really, am I? Mean you know I? It's it's kind of strange to think that. I started coming on these podcast many years ago and it just you. You've always been so gracious and some fund and so funny and you know I. I. Think I jokingly called you uncle Ron the less severe on your uncle run, but I kind of think of you that way like Oh ron coming back on, it'd be great to catch up with him. It's been a while you know. And I think. I'm proud to be uncle run. talked to some year, influential friends and have be bear ruggles soup for crying out loud, I mean. Everyone's around people could just start. Runs on. I would not mind going out that way Uncle Ron. Lived a great life Bubba Let's not get ahead of ourselves ahead of ourselves, but plenty of I wouldn't mind spending the the the the last forty years of my life. you know as being uncle to the world? That when D- have you had sort of a pattern aura of. Have you created a home structure in quarantine? Do you get up at the same time every day? Do you kind of? Did you sort of build something that sort of felt like a structure to occupy your time, or can you just sort of sit around and go moment to moment? It's more the latter very very. I mean you know I still I'm not sleeping in like you. Think I I if I went back to my original way, which was to? Go to bed at four o'clock in the morning and wake up at eleven thirty am I haven't done that in years, nor has that kind of kicked back in. You know under these circumstances in other words. I'm finding reasons to get out of bed. Catch up on what's going on the world. Find out who I am within the Malays. How maybe I could be helpful. Check in with my friends. do my little home version of trying to stay in shape. so I'm filling up the time, but it, but it's in like I'm Gonna I'm GonNa. Do all of those things when I want how I want to? And there's really no structure other than the complete like okay. What's next? It's kind of. Very Organic 'cause it's it's it's. It's not imposed. Not It's not Free preconceived it's. Happening as it happens, which is which is also when you know quite. Refreshing. And yeah. That's that you answer your question. Yes, but what advice do you have for people as uncle run. What advice do you have for people who? are having a hard time dealing without structure. I mean like some some people really do rely on. They just need to know where to go and what to do. You know from eight to eight and without. Without anything without a job or without someone saying okay here from this time to this time and do this and turn this enemy. Obviously people are some people are managing to work from home, but. Is there any sort of I don't know SP-? You know good life slash spiritual advice. You would give to people who are struggling with the lack of structure that they might have in their lives. Listen I mean you know everything that I say? As frightened like something. You'd find a a really shitty Chinese restaurant fortune cookie. you know the ones that say Life is great. That's not a fortune. Something you stuck in a cookie. But I don't remember your question, Chris but I know is really no I think I remember it. Listen I I feel like. Touched on this earlier you know, I think that. Everything is challenging. Is An opportunity to add another layer of greatness. To your arsenal. Of, how you navigate through this life. And the more challenging. The greater the opportunity. now. The caveat being if you're living paycheck to paycheck, and you don't have any resources I. Don't know what Saudi I. Just crazy you. I hope you figure out a way to stay safe and. Keep, groceries coming in, keep a roof over your head, but. You know. Aside from that In terms of Being someone who has relied on external. Things to. Provide them with a schedule You wake up when you have your three meals off What you? What? What kind of free time you have what you do with that? Sleep at you know. And then all of that is kind of like cold out for Monday you. This is the opportunity to find out what it is. You think that's truly important in this life. One of the causes. What of the values whatever things? Whether it's not entrenching yourself deeper in family whether it's entrenching yourself deeper in some sort of. Philosophical saying that you always wanted to you know become adept at, but never had the chance whether it's Writing your own scripts rather than depending on the outset in other words, you know turning inward and and. Not leaving the room? On so you've answered the question like what floats my boat. Now that I have all this opportunity to pursue that. How can I you know, make every single day a chance to get closer to the things where ultimately I will find my bliss. and. That, that'd be my my my my recommendation. I mean it's a good one because so much of the time, especially in the in a pre corona world, because of all of the things that there were in the world in the outside world to distract us. You know you just sort of you kind of just get on auto pilot you go, go, go, go go, and it's easy to just it's easy to forget why you're. Go going all the time, and then all of a sudden. You can't and you're right you're you have to turn inward and really ask yourself. Really. Ask yourself questions now. It's not an easy process and I'm certainly not saying it's a simple thing to do. But. Taking that opportunity and trying to explore some of those ideas and explore some of those bigger philosophical things that you probably didn't really have the opportunity to think about before it is it? It is an interesting. It's an interesting concept because. I just feel like it's not something that a lot of us really had the time to do before. So, it'd be interesting to see if on the other side of this of a lot of people completely. have vocation changes because like. Oh, I realized I actually didn't even like the thing I was doing before, so I started this new thing. This was an opportunity to. You know. 'cause people change like the things you started doing when you were younger, you may not be into anymore. And a lot of times those things that they were making a living at even even though they're whether they were happy or unhappy at it for just coasting or just doing it to keep you know, rent paid. Those things a lot of them are going to go away, and then you go out into the street and drive up down. Your favorites thoroughfare realize the venerable chain stores chain businesses that have gone on to. you know. Bonnie's. Gone on the NEIMAN's gone under fear one in. That just driving down the road, just going my God if there was ever a signal. To like create a a a world for yourself. You take nothing for granted where you Appreciate every single. Good thing that you have in your life because there's nothing that's guarantee and There's no promise tomorrow with regard to things that. You depend on interfacing with. You know that's what we're seeing and you know It's it it's it's a wakeup call for real, but it's also the opportunity to be a great wakeup call for those who choose to say okay well shit man, you know. Everything's gone Why don't I figure out really what I WANNA? Do and make it happen. And I have certainly have the time you know I certainly not any better off or worse off than anybody else by. Completely starting from scratch goes. All of us are unemployed. I mean you know there? Are there like you say? They're a huge massive people that are working from home. But as a huge a huge mass that's not. And you know, not In the essentials a column. Have you written anything in quarantine? Have you have you decided to have? You tried to create something in quarantine? If you felt creative in that way, or are you just sort of? Are. You just kind of letting it. Go and letting it flow and letting it be. No I'm this a few projects that That have I'm not I? I can't right I can't write to the. Rape Failing of mine because I'm. I'm. There's nobody who appreciates. A. The written word more than me and yet I've been deprived of being able to be a guy. Ride really good. Emails and Grocery lists. And occasionally a decent tweet, but if it's over one hundred forty characters. You've gotTA call somebody else. Get it, but there's a lot of great ideas that have come through That I'm I'm working on advancing There's a couple of projects of mine. That I've been. Working on advancing and figuring out like what once when when we can jump. Back into things You know trying to have things that already. so yeah I've been creatively very very active and. Happy at that. But also It's it's. It's a kind of satisfaction that comes from the fact that I'm working on things that. That Fascinate me. You know that are not. Simply things that I feel like I'm going to be a good career. move or a good money play. You know these things that like. Are. Actually enriching. and. Is is really cool. There's no guarantee that we get done, but you know I've I've come to find out if the process the results is is, is way overrated? The journey the process of working on things that you love that is where all of the joy comes from You know when it's over red whether whether it was well received. Not You just gotTa go. On is now do I this. Yeah Oh my God I. You know it's the idea of the result being overrated. that. Is such an important thing for people to absorb because we get so goal driven, and then you sort of forget like well I. Think a goal is really just a direction it's it's just it's just something to aim at, but it's like the thing itself that result. You're right because number one. You can't control how the result turns out. You can't control how it's received. You know you don't even really feel it for more than a half a second once you've completed the thing you know and and you're. You're absolutely right focusing. Focusing more on the journey of getting there, that's that's where all the the meat lies, but we just seem so focused on no that thing that thing I need to acquire that thing and we really need to be focusing more on like what is this? What is this trip? We're taking along the way and what is in making of us, and what are we? What are we learning? You're right, you'd. The result doesn't necessarily teach you that much of anything. It's just sort of like A. It's a check box to mark off. You know in our business Results of things are so Skewed toward a non realistic reality. You know the perception of what's what's hot, and what's not the perception of what's good and what's not the perception of what's commercial and what's not what's going to make money was not what's GonNa. Put you into that. Higher percentile of of of of actors or performers, all writers, singers or Comedians, or whatever whatever it is, choose choose to. Do you know that's GonNa? Put you in that new strata that's GonNa make you busier and more on demand richer and all the things you know. The the the set of values the dictate. Your success with relation to what I, just kind of listed off. Is Bullshit I. Mean this complete fucking. And and you know when you you talk about worshipping false idols. I mean you know things that pass for? A success. Are As as as fleeting NS. paper-thin as they've ever been in the history of the world. And so if you're if you're going to, you know. Yeah, it's really great when the when society moves you along and gives you a greater audience and a greater influence meter a greater. Number attached to each job you do you know is great? Don't get me wrong I'm not I'm not, but I'm also saying. If you. If you are aiming for. A that kind of if you're if you're engineering your life. And aiming for the kind of success that society as deemed you know, hip and cool. you know. What you finish the sentence Chris I. CAN'T I think it's because you. You said. It's paper-thin thing so you're aiming for an empty thing. It's an empty thing that is built on. Because I know exactly I know exactly what you're saying what you're talking about because if you're going for the acclaim and the all that stuff, you're talking about the fame level or whatever. It's not about you. That's how others perceive you, so you're basically chasing other people's perceptions of you in elevated way, and that's kind of an empty pursuit, because it's not because that doesn't make about you, or your passions are, and I do find that the most interesting careers of the ones where people's career Zigzag and they take interesting turns, and then you go. Oh, I think they just were really interested in this. This thing and not all of it made a ton of money, and not all of it was noticed, and not some of it was shit on, but when you Kinda look back at the tapestry of what made their career. You really see this beautiful interesting journey that was sort of a personal diary of who they were, and not you don't want the diary of who you are to be chasing fame. That's gross. because. It doesn't mean anything you know. I think when people do try to pursue that, and then they get it. It! They get depressed because it's not what they thought. It was because again. The result isn't. It's not the result shouldn't be the goal you know so I. Hope I hope I did I hope I said that the right way? Does that some of that? I hope you did to. because. You know you're my nephew when I'm. Very very hopes for you by the way as a proud nephew I do have to say to movies coming out run promo into movies in a month of each other within a month. Run with the hunted coming out June, twenty six, and the big ugly, coming out joint forty thirty I. 's Yup Yup. Yup I you know, and this is the other thing that you really really must bear in mind Christmas that if you live long enough, all of your competition dies, and you get to work more often. Yes. So. That's every play. In my case. Totally totally. So, run with the hunted is June twenty six. And then later, the big ugly as well we'll be available everywhere on demands joy thirty I that that's a whole show by the way Chris About the devolution of the. Receiving process of cinema. And It was already completely gone to shit before the virus, but now there's this excuse to not go to the theaters anyway. I mean we were all headed toward. You know if I can't get it in my living room. Why Bother! You know, but that's that's. That's a whole different discussion. Well, it is because it. They're. They're already was sort of I. Feel like there was sort of A. Spoken and maybe not as much spoken. I! Don't know if it's a it was a joke or an idea of like. If you're not making like a superhero movie, why bother putting it in the theater? That before all of this happened. Because you know, there are those movies that feel like. Oh, they're event movies and you need to see it on the big screen. And then there's and then there's stuff where I guess. People just feel like I. Don't really need to leave my house. You know and now people are like I can't really leave my house, or maybe it's not a you know made was was trending toward? You know What with the advent of Netflix and Amazon prime, and now who and the? Apple all of these things that are delivery systems straight to your living room. It was trending toward Everything going that way anyway and the and the you know whereas whereas. They started out as as being kind of poor relations to of the big studios, putting out near there, the big studios net putting out the the best ship with the best talent all the way from writers directors producers to actors, etc.. And so. That's where we're headed You know this notion of how you know you and I grew up where you know you if if some movie. It comes out on a certain date Go find out what theater is is playing a you and you go see it. If you're as old as I am. you are mourning the death of. What I just described because it's no longer. A thing. It's no longer thing and the only way it's thing is if you make such a big ten coal movie. And you can have fifty million dollars worth of advertising in your budget. an order to get people to leave the house. Go the theater. because. They have just been. Whipped into a frenzy. They gotta go see this. That's the only that's the only way that happens I. You I do have this hope that. When it is okay for everyone to flood theaters again that people are going to. Because, it's been taken away for so long I really do think people will miss it. I think people will be eager to be able to get together in groups and have these kind of shared communal experiences because we haven't really had the option to do that in so long, so I I hope you're right because some of my greatest. Greatest Greatest Memories a at the end of a really challenging day or a bad day or a day. We got some bad news is. You know you take your girlfriend or your significant other or your kids and you go buy some popcorn. A dog sitter just like. Laugh your ass off or. Have your mind blown by great. You know thought and imagery in and sings that art form of value. and. so I hope you're right, I just you know. Be a great shame. and. You'd think of it as you know. People don't know something. Don't Miss It. But guys like me. Who Knew it? really miss so I hope it come I hope you're right I'll come back. In a big way and redefines itself in non gets a really great footing back in in. The things that we cherish. Because you know the whole conversation. We've been having so far as I would imagine that part of. the return to. Whatever the new normal is GonNa do is. Is. Making sure that we have. Come to terms with the things that are really important that we really cherish. And making them part of our everyday lives you know. Instead of a just. You know kind of walking around like automatons and assuming that all that's going to be done for us. Yeah, I hope I. Really do hope it is appreciation for. People and experiences and shared communal experiences over things you know over things and status or whatever I mean it's. Because you know we're all we've got. So Nido things can come and go, but you know the people. The people in your lives at the. I don't know it's. In those shared communal experiences to like I, really I am a homebody, and my wife and I don't mind being at home like you never had to twist our arm to not go anywhere. But you know like being in a comedy club like I really miss seeing a bunch of being in a group of people and watching people, laugh and sort of have a shared experience and. You know like it's that I do think that is important for human beings, because we're communal like I I don't think we're supposed to be isolated creatures I. Think we are supposed to have shared. Experiences and so I do believe that. When! It is buying large allowed again in when it's okay I, do think there will be a resurgence of that after probably some initial agoraphobia because we I think on a cellular level. We crave it. So true so true, and this is why we love our sports and we love our. Our concert halls and we love our theaters. We love you know we love places where we can be. Part of this. CRAZY FRENZIED Communal excitement about something and looks at the to your left there look to the right and go. Isn't this fucking blowing? Yeah, I mean you know I know I mentioned this always when you come on the podcast when I think about those old days of going to the brass monkey, and seeing you get up and do Karaoke and you know like just. Just even that idea like Oh, man! That was such a I. I hope I didn't take that for granted. All those things were just felt so like. Let's go. Let's go to carry out tonight. Whatever you know. That just felt so disposable like we can do this. It's no big deal you know in our go. My God it'd be so much fun. The go to Karaoke place and everyone. Get up and do songs and kind of encourage each other and. Laugh and be able to hug like I like that stuff. and. I know it will come back and and I. Just I hope that when it does that, we remember we take a pause and just remember like this is these are the sweet re beautiful moments of life where we get to come together? We have the privilege to come together to do these things as a as a group, and and celebrate each other, and you know like I. I do I do miss that stuff. Which is why Ron Perlman's home karaoke show is going to tide me over until this is all over while I won't be the same as if you see it in a bar Nella no. an you know you've got some Aso China, six out show and Felix Alexia left some fallen off a barstool. Maybe. The Fun I mean I could probably figure out how to get that in to my home. Version some. I have. Friends who are happy to fall for bars still. Time. You know we could cut it together in a way like if you've got a couple of different people and Zoom Zoom. You could sort of cut it to where you're kind of like. Nodding to different people in the quote Ruma, and then we just sort of cut in like the guy falling off the still at the Bar, a guy passing out at a table, no two people arguing the bacteria. We cut all that together right. Oh, yeah! there. We have people. Is there anything you know I kind of I have like I've enjoyed kind of ending the. podcast episodes on. You know the most hopeful note possible for folks you know supposed. Come to the wrong guy. I don't believe that. Not Higher I believe it I believe you're Optimus, I believe that you believe in the good of everything and I know that. I know that I do believe I think you. You seem like a hopeful person like you hope for the best for for the world. What it! What are you hopeful about now? What's bringing you joy? Joy. Jesus. Joe a what's bring me joy. You know I I can't. I can't characterize. the overriding. Sentiments. Of anything good. You're taking out obese times as joyful because there's just there's just too much reckoning That's happening right now. Right, but the what's going on the streets? You know reckoning of before hundred years. No original sin and What's going on politically and you know how how? Toxic and poisonous. the division is between those who think one way in most of the think a different way. and then of course, the corona virus and You know. You, interesting nothing, but sobering statistics the numbers are. Truly staggering missing. A moments in our in our in our. political history where you finally have nobody at home. To deal with the problem, you know they're not just asleep at the wheel. There is no real. so Unfortunately I next time I come on I hope I have a joyful assessment of what the takeaway from this, but but maybe the joyful assessment is that. In the same way as we started out the conversation now what three four hours ago your least? Everything is an opportunity to be better. And If you don't. If you look at. The world that way. That you'd like all of the things that I just kind of listed Have have have. Have a risk kind of Mega gravitas to them. But if you don't sell cake, is that's the hand doubt? How do I go all in and win the pot? And there's a way to do that. You know it just depends on. What your attitude is in what energy you're willing to apply, and so the joy of it all is that we have is opportunity right now. To Six of stuff. And make a better world way for kids. and. I'm sorry that was I wished. I had a better answer for what is a beautiful answer. Actually it's an it's an honest answer, and you know my apologies if the question was even idiotic to begin with I, just I. You know for people who feel overwhelmed to feel. Overstretched emotionally and sort of you know maybe just looking for nuggets of you know something hopeful to to grasp onto a time you know of. Of. You know everything that's going on in the world these last three months and I think the idea of. Can we make a better world for our kids is an incredibly hopeful. Enjoy a sentiment and so. You Know I. Don't think you need to say like I'm sorry. That wasn't more driving. That was a beautiful answer. Thank you man? Thank you. You're you're? You're my favorite nephew? I. You'll always get your assets and I love it I. Love that about you. Will I know because it's you know I. Don't know I just. I've just always kind of felt like A. That guy I I love that guy by get to see that guy more often. You know like there's whenever it comes up that. You WanNa come on the podcast. I'm always excited because I don't know like I. I always feel enriched by our conversations. They're fun and they're silly, and they're serious and authentic with philosophical at the same time, and and so yeah I don't. I don't know I never all I know. Is that every time I? Sit Down with you. Just expect like it's GonNa be fun and interesting, and enlightening and I don't know I i. really enjoy our talks. It would be fun to have talks. Maybe even not on the PODCASTS. Sometimes just checking everyone's hey, who run how you doing what's going on what what's on your mind? Listen I remember when. I got invited to the nervous for the first time, and I had the embarrassingly. Get the balls to ask some my nearest and dearest PODCAST IN Is it a real thing? I didn't I had no idea what a podcast was. I imagined some sort of like. You know horror movie with these things that gave birth to Mutated like you know Village? Brian Right right right right now came out of some pod. People there was a there was a there was a movie about that wasn't the? Camera of about there's a whole whole genre movies about that. Yeah, pod! People felt that way in the early days that it felt like we were when people didn't the exact thing. They didn't know what a podcast was. It felt like we were pitching them pod people. They're like what is this? What's yeah, but we go that far back? Where first of all very I? Quote Unquote podcast I was on. was thanks to your gracious invitation on the noticed. And which leads to a series of beautiful revisitation? For the two of US but You know I don't WanNa make news but I think about to launch my own friends. So what Oh my God! This is great because I poked at you about that the last year. I'm like you should do podcasts. You're like I. Don't I. Don't know like it, it you seem. You seem like you kind of waffling about it, so this is this is really. This is really terrific. Terrific news interesting but found out. You can do it from your house. You don't have to put on fats, so you do not have to know. You can just do it in a robe like you could. Just you could just lie in Bet. You can wake up in the morning. Hit record on the things still lie in bed and technically do a podcast. You you you live in. A row or nothing at all, you could do it in nothing at all. However, because it's just audio, only there are some video podcast, but I really like the audio podcasts. Yeah, I like to mix it up. I, think my my podcast is going to be one with absolutely no format. where you, you'll never be able to categorize What what is it the fuck? This guy's going to do. So It's GonNa. Be Any and I'm going to have a name. I do have a name and we're really making news now because this is like. This is not been announced on any level whatsoever. But it's called without the bird seed around from podcasts. Fantastic. Fantastic I'm glad you're doing this. I'm glad you're doing well. And I'm glad that you are maintaining well in. You know in just. The state of the last three months, and being lated and still finding you know. Still finding things to do and and I just appreciate your on prominent I. Really Do and you're alive present anytime I. Appreciate how far back we go and the fact that we're still kicking and we got so much more to do in say. Big Hug Christie Big Hug, big hunter you to Uncle Ron. I hope to talk to you soon. Run with the hunted is on demand June, twenty six, and the big ugly is on demand, July thirty first so yeah, I, I hope to see in person some day soon and give you a big Hug man absolutely. Regards got everybody brother us well take care. Bye Bye? I need gaining complete.

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