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It's the Wednesday edition of College Football Live Magic along with trevor manage and market spears much to discuss over the next twenty nine and a half minutes including awesome season win total over runners for handful of college football teams pluses the dominance of Alabama and Clemson good for college football. That's coming up. I we know what undoubtedly is good for college football players reporting to practice because we will have practices then games make way for the reigning national champs the Clemson Tigers reporting according to pre season camp today last year they won the national title with the help of Freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Laura Rutledge tells us the second AC could be even better than the first it was the biggest stage Dave of his life and Trevor Lawrence soon brighter than the Levi's stadium lights the chargers worse Alabama reclaimed their as the mighty tied fell Lawrence's legend grew and so did the height for his encore. It's so time showtime so what Will Trevor Second Act Brain and he possibly recreate the magic of that January night that had many wishing. He wasn't two years away from the N._F._l.. Anything less than a heisman and another natty will feel like a plot twist when you watch Trevor Lawrence Awards so the ball is special when the curtain opens on Clemson Season August twenty ninth it will reveal a loaded offensive line to protect their heisman hopeful the Tigers backfield features the nation's best back Travis and they have a one two punch at receiver t higgins and Justin Ross that will give defensive coordinators liters bits tartars combining an exceptional past with a very manageable schedule and Lawrence's unshakable nature it just might result in a better act to than act won awards so with Sixteen Sensational Call Him Dragon slayer giantkiller killer sunshine or distress undoubtedly he'll play a lead part in college football this year Oh and just wait for three remember. He did not start the first four games last year finished with thirty touchdowns four picks impressively look what he did in the two playoff games three hundred plus yards in each h nearly ninety five against Obama a ninety nine point nine Q._B._R.. In third down situations which reportedly is very very good you've ever managed. We will start with you. What do you anticipate Trevor Lawrence doing for an encore for an encore? He'll just keep improving on the craft of quarterback and that's that's the thing that really blew me away last year guys. It wasn't necessarily his arm talent which is there it was the fact that he made the right decisions for the right reasons as a true true freshman he was able to apply his offense to what he saw in front of them defensively correctly that's part of the craft of quarterbacking and he will only get better at that to make this answer short throw more touchdowns and throw one lesson Sampson and probably lead the nation in what he's doing. These these are these type of guys that that are Trevor Lawrence's of the world are generational talent so what they do is they keep defying what we think the good quarterback we're back play years and I've heard these talks about tanking for to trust me. There are teams already tanking trevor knowing that he has two who years left to play collegiate football. That's well. That's the thing we went from house this house this freshman quarterback GonNa do now my goodness we. He's he's got to play two more years until we can consider going pro. Speaking of going pro. There are a lot of guys on this defensive line that went pro. They lost all four stars ours but they just reload every year marcus why is Clemson so dominant on the defensive front year after year because they recruit fruit shake as simple as that and also they have a tremendous defensive coordinator that I don't know gets enough credit for how much the success it is team has has been over the past few years in in venables and when you think about what Clemson has done to match Alabama is been from physicality standpoint we we get enamored with the receivers and we talked about Ross and T._v.. That you get a lot of really good players Marcus. You mentioned defensive coordinator Venables. Let me ask you this as a defensive player. Would you rather really react or would you rather attack attack. I would rather take all day. Traumatic spend all day with you know his mantra. Mantra is pressure breaks pints. If there's going to be a mistake it's going to be going forward attacking that offense and that's one of the things that makes him so great you mentioned rich and the athleticism from recruiting that athleticism is unleashed in an attacking scheme. Even though they've got to replace a lot of guys in the front seven they still have star our power Xavier Thomas as defensive end with the speed of running back. Isaiah Simmons is already a superstar at outside linebacker. These are guys that are you're able to step into these roles and continue the attack and that's part of the fun of watching this. Clinton defense continue to reload trevor. I'm glad glad you mentioned that because we talked so much about how teams prepare how they play the most dominant defense is in the history of Football on any level pee wee all the way to the N._F._l.. They WANNA dictate game. Play and Brent Venables does as good a job as any defensive so coordinated in the country and trying to dictate what offenses are going to do. They're mar markets. I gotTa tell is an offensive lineman. I love it when defenses read and react when they come attack doc it destroys everything try to do. It makes my life difficult. I'm glad you're not attacking me now. Good good. That patted studio is C._E._O.. Wall the studios. They're separate do nice having a partition by I was GonNa Mention K J Henry and other guys a top ten player in class. Who's right you know working up the depth chart. There's well that defensive front week to Clemson host Texas. AM The aggies also reported to camp today team that went nine item four Jimbo Fisher's first year in college station not only do the aggies Clemson of Alabama on the schedule. They got George on the Road L._S._U.. On the road that's likely war preseason top ten if not top five teams and has the eleventh toughness schedule in the F. B. S. according to the football power our index so trevor. What is the realistic best case worst case scenario for the aggies best case is they win the S._e._C. C. C. West and GonNa Win The S._e._C. and they have a team to be able to do that. The problem with the playoff is that that game at Clemson might put them behind the eight ball a little bit and it really will show how much respect Clemson has garnered over the years based on what they've done. Look the playoff committee can tell us that history. It doesn't matter you. You better believe history matters. They know what Clemson has been doing. They know what type of program that that was and the only reason we have upsets is because of preconceived notions if Jimbo Fisher and examine them are able to get by Clemson. Let's just say by happenstance because no one playing the game being employees like it was last year that catapult it starts to justify ten years seventy five million dollar contract for Jimbo Fisher and what takes Zan them believed the title Costa he would be. This is a pivotal point for an them to not only compete highly but possibly shocked the world. It's possible and Marcus. I've got to tell you this. Is this amen team. This year will be better. That's scheduled might make it hard to see the results of that but I've been there the last several years on my off season tour last year. Jimbo Fisher's first the feeling was enthusiasm this year it's confirmation of belief because they see what he's asking them to do. Succeed and so what you've got is a situation where for example kill him on the quarterback a few little things in terms of tweaks in the way he approaches the game has made it more accurate and more competent and the rest of the team is looking at that saying. We want some of that for us. How do you get it you keep buying into Jimbo Fisher's program because they've already seen it succeed. There is a lot of reason for hope we saw that last year played clemson like you guys said within two points they beat L._S._U. and a billion over times and so there was a lot to be optimistic about working on back to back top ten recruiting recruiting classes by the way the aggies have only had one ten win season in the last twenty twenty years that was when Johnny Manziel was still playing football up next some over under season win totals but first are you over the Alabama Clemson dominance providence is it good for college football and if not when will it be an interesting creature inhabits the flat arid plains of many an automobile dashboard the bobblehead it's most agreeable able and will not along to anything despite having no brain function but when the ball had here's how Geico not only saves people money but also gives them access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone not even more vigorously because he knows you should switch because yes switching to geico is a no brainer easy publ at easy. You can get whiplash clemson tigers kick off their season against Georgia Tech Thursday August twenty ninth eight o'clock Eastern Death Valley only the A._C._C. Network visit get A._C._C. dot com check for providers in your area. CLEMSON's dominance look to continue this year and it could lead to. Another matchup with Bama Brad Edwards now with a look at the rivalry. We go over the last decade. There's no question which team has been the Best Austin College. Football Alabama has gotten so good. It's boring but it's just as clear that in the last four seasons one team has become Alabama's Alabama's equal the Tigers re-claim crown by brushing Alabama clemson have better players Clemson have better coaches clemson. It was a better football team since two thousand fifteen clemson and Alabama have identical fifty five and four records and each owns a pair of national championships during that span there are also two in two against one another. He can't get any more even than that Alabama still here so it was Clemson. Alabama Alabama has spent many more weeks ranked number one in the polls but when the tide had fallen the Tigers have been right there to take over the top spot in the A._p.. Poll it's fifty four weeks in county that either Bama or Clemson has been ranked number one. It's the longest stretch with no more than two schools occupying the top spot in that polls Dell's history which dates back to nineteen thirty six the next longest tree is forty eight weeks with U._S._C. and Oklahoma from two thousand three through two thousand five but in that streak there was only one passing the time between Bama and Clemson there have been six lead changes. If you get to where everything's about the result it will drive. That'd be crazy of course being number. One is old hat for Nick Sabin. WHO's Alabama teams have been ranked there for at least one week and a record eleven consecutive seasons over the last fifty years? No other coach has reached that spot in more than four straight seasons but in that group at four straight is Davos wing the Clemson coach is on the verge of joining Sabin and a Very Small Club of coaching elites who have ascended to number one in the A._p.. Poll five years in a row even more impressive considering that Sweeney would would do so during Sabin streep as a competitor you want to beat the best and <hes> Alabama has been the best. E._S._P._N.'s football power index like Sweeney's chances to reach the top spot again in two thousand nineteen. Clemson is the number one team in preseason F._B._i.. Slightly ahead of Alabama in those two are considered by I far to be the most likely teams to reach the College Football playoff. This forecast is partly based on how good they were last year. Clemson won its final ten games of two thousand eighteen by twenty points or more. That's a street that only three other major college teams have equaled in a single season over the last one hundred years and one one of those was Alabama last year when the tide won all of its first twelve games by more than three touchdowns. We're really mirror images of each other. If you really look at it there have always been connections between these two programs as five of the Tigers last nine head coaches played for Alabama including the only three to have one at least seventy five games at Clemson and the only two to have won a national title there but there had never been a rivalry between them until now it's a rivalry that has has nothing to do with the states instead. It's all about the stakes since the B._C._S. began in Nineteen Ninety eight there have been twenty one official National Championship deanship games prior to that there had been ten one versus two bowl games in which the winner was certain to be named national champion by at least one major poll over those thirty one total games. Only one matchup has occurred multiple times. That's Clemson and Alabama which has happened three times in the last four years. I I think the objective is to get the two best teams that's kind of the way it is and if that's not best for college football. What are we what why did we even do it F._B._I.? Says There's there's a twenty three percent chance the tigers tide will meet again for the championship this season and while right now f._B._I.. With slightly favor clemson recent history tilt in Alabama's direction in four straight seasons either Bama or Clemson has been eliminated from the playoffs by the other each time the team that was eliminated one the playoff rematch and the national title the following year. If that pattern holds gets Alabama's turn to lift the trophy this season. Thank you brad resolve staggering numbers when you think about the history of college football where these teams fit into that we're we're living in a historic moment right now so marcus if it happens again. Is this dominance right now with these two teams in this rivalry. Is it good for College Football Paolino. Oh and I'll tell you why because so many people have even challenged me on the fact like I'm for it as a competitor awry you earn your way to the national championship but if we're we gotta contextualized when we talk about good for college football good for any sport is parody. That's the most exciting thing about sports when you have an opportunity to see teams that All of the other schools that play college football that's basically saying this is almost guaranteed when you compare it to everybody else that has participation patient in trying to make it to the college football player and then to it just gets old. I mean look it's it's fun for certain people is fun for certain fan basis in particular but I remember sitting in Atlanta when Auburn was playing Georgia for the S._e._C. Championship that was more of a buzz us that was more of a sense of man we about to get a game. It was an Alabama we know Alabama's GonNa win and they end up in the national championship after this game ain't even though Georgia has pushed them to the brink when Auburn and Georgia plate an S._e._C. Championship the buzz and the building was a lot more just groovy than it has been for so many years with Alabama play whoever they play in the east and everybody knowing what the result would be marcus. These dominating is fantastic for college football and what's good for sport is passion. Some fans love these teams more hate these teams because they're on top all the time that's one reason but here's another they show the way for the rest of college football and how to get there when Sabin in Davos took over their schools they were pretty average and they use different style but similar principles to get to the top and it's not like they both had money clemson had never raised money in the way that Devo Navajo raised money in terms of amount and in terms of number of donors and so these are things that other schools even if they don't have that huge dollars are able to emulate violate if they're good enough they show the path and the result the fruit is on the tree others can do it too and that's good for college football Taylor. I mean I respect that what you just said Trevor but we know Dale well. We don't want to see the same teams play for Nassar the championships everyone. That's the best thing that happened for college. Football is Georgia and giving us those games when you look at the role that Alabama has had take it must have been predicated on the fact that Kirby smart has almost done it. He's almost beaten Alabama to play in the College Football playoff that that has been the excitement to me when you look at the seasons recently the past two years the most exciting point in college football was those games things between Georgia and Alabama forever. I'm with you that it's the two best teams in the these are it and this is. This is pretty cool that we're living in this moment moment so I think I think it's okay for college football for now but at what point trevor does the law of diminishing returns kick in is this like the fast and furious franchise franchise like once we hit number seven number ten. Where is it trevor that law of diminishing returns if it gets to that point was signified the college football <unk> has much bigger problems because other programs are doubling and tripling down Texas saying in Michigan Oregon so many others and if this goes clemson sort of Alabama for too much longer it means the rest of them were failing and that's not these other guys fault? They are certainly dominant. It looks like we're headed for par five and it's as as you said it's up to other programs to make sure that that does not happen up next. We're GONNA look outside a Clemson Alabama. We've got some season win insoles from Vegas over for few teams looking to bounce back from lackluster campaign where we had back mm-hmm very very insightful Payton's places featuring peyton manning the first four episodes now streaming online exclusively on E._S._p._N.. Applause right. Let's do some season win total over here cows live forever and Marcus CAESARS has the over under at seven for Florida State. We're putting it at six and a half no pushes. There's no riding the fence over under Willie taggart second season Trevor. I've got him over but I think a lot of the problems last year. We're not taggers fault but he did a good job of solving. I think Florida State bounces back I go under. I don't know how fast you can get good at the offensive line in one year. When you got Clemson lineup Florida Land Up? I met Dave door or from N._C.. State I want that gotTa Win. Every damn football game his team plays in always count on you being unbiased Vargas by the way Florida state hasn't and had back to back seasons of onfield record of six wins or fewer since seventy five seventy six season Alright Nebraska Scott Frost second season. Today Are College Football Meetings Korea. Dan Orlovsky says I'm taking the over eight and a half and I'm going to he thinks they're going to just lose two regular season games. That's an actual picture sure today Dan and Herbie Husker Marcus Yang Team Dan no way I'm not on team. Dan We know what convers they play in. We know the teams that they have to get through Nebraska going from four wins to ten this year boss. I've got I've got Nebraska under under even though Dan gave her be the final rose. It's not gonNA help you might have your quarterbacks confused. See

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