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Asking the Right Financial Questions With Fearless Finance Ceo Lori Atwood


You're listening to episode one hundred ninety of women worldwide. Do you have a complete three hundred sixty degree view of your financial situation? And are you taking a whole financial wellness approach? Stay tuned to learn more. Hi, I'm Deirdre Breckenridge. I've spent an entire career helping women to share stories, nurture relationships, grow their brands, but most of all to find their voices so they can make a difference. Do you feel stuck? Do you want to power up your own voice? Women roll wide features, stories of passionate women who have navigated big career challenges, and some of the toughest changes these professionals offer deep insights and advice to inspire you and to help you uncover what's holding you back that women worldwide ignite your passion. So you can excel in like. Welcome to another episode of women worldwide. Thank you for tuning into the show and helping to power up the voices of women who are sharing their stories and making a difference in this world. Let's get right to today's topic. Personal finances are just going to ask you a few questions. Are you on the road to financial wellness? Are you taking the right approach and heavy thought about, you know, is it too early to late to begin thinking about financial planning for your future? Well, I guess you could say, this is the perfect segue to queue up. My special guest worry at would Laurie has a background, deep background in finance. She is the founder and CEO of fearless finance, a personal finance platform at that gives users a complete three hundred sixty degrees. View of their financial situation and after working in the finance industry for his, it's over two decades. She discovered a need in the marketplace for user friendly financial tool that really gives people whole financial wellness approach and NATs win. Fearless. Finance was born along with her platform where he has a one on one financial planning consulting business, where she works with clients on their overall cashflow, debt savings, retirement planning, and financial goals, but enough about what I had to say regarding Maury, it's better that she shares her story with you. It's great to have you on my show. Welcome. Thank you so much for having me. Deirdre. It's great to be here. Well, you know, there are so many questions around personal finance. I'm sure we're going to get into, but I guess it's really interesting the way the you started your. Career finance, I guess you're in investment banking. Tell us a little bit of the back story to launching your personal finance platform app. Fearless finance. Thank you. Yeah, it it's a bit of a long road, I guess retu- decades since I started out in finance, I was in lots of different aspects line. And you mentioned investment banking also did private equity? I was in the first internet bubble if you will, as the CFO of a small startup. So I've been around finance for a long time. And when I had my daughter decided that I really wanted to work for myself have a little more control. And I started a small website while she was really young, still a baby that I called Wicky mama, and it was short videos about there is things that are interesting for parents like out his detangle hair out. Sleeping, a big kid bed, those sorts of things. And I would video experts about them and hang them up on the site, and I was watching the videos and I thought, wow, this information is really great, but the videos are little dull and I thought I need to work on the format and the only in so that I don't waste the experts time. I need to work on it for myself. And I thought that the only thing I know how to do is I Nance right? So hauled up everybody I knew. And I said, can I give a personal finance seminar and videotape myself and I'll do it for free and they most of them all said yet because it's a hot topic in. So I started doing that and then people will come up to me after seminars and say, hey, do you take clients? And I said, yes, and I got my c. p. and as I did it for. Here a couple years. I noticed that the questions that people had were pretty much the same places where they needed help with pretty much the same. I thought, you know, this should all be automated, should all be available online so that he will have to be intimidated by, you know, my hourly rate which is not that high, but they don't have to be intimidated by the whole financial planning and advisory industry, which can be intimidating, and certainly they don't have to worry about shame if they're interacting just with their laptop. There's no judgment they are, and that's how the idea for fearless finance was, or I just think your journey is so interesting because you took your passion and you brought it forward in technology and you made it easy for people because just what you said about the judgment. I, you know, I wonder how many people. Don't want to do financial planning because they sorta don't wanna open up about the way that they've handled their situation. Being able to work on your laptop in a private setting must be a lot easier. Yeah, I think that's absolutely right. I find that with my clients. No. The first step that I take with an impersonal clients. I s send me my last days of transactions in that can be very, you know, again to use the word intimidate, but it can be anxiety producing. Sure. If you are a little embarrassed about the way each way raise your kid or the way you it's so personal, whatever it is. Yeah. And so this voids all of that. There's also, you know, many other uses for the platform that people might not be interested in coming seen an actual human being about such as could I make it on my own? If I, if I need. To dissolve the marriage I'm in and I really send my kid to college. I know she wants to go to MIT, but I'm not sure this is going to happen, kind of right. The thing I can only afford a state school. Right, right. And you just want to run some scenarios in see, oh my goodness. I think we're expecting again in. We hadn't land that you don't wanna. You don't wanna go through a whole financial planning process with somebody like me, but you just wanna run scenarios and see what all that means for your family or what's good way to do it Amaury that's free just to go on and run scenarios now. But the price point for fearless finance is pretty manageable. It's six dollars ninety nine cents per month and my gosh, that's great yet to get a sense of where you're heading in, what needs to be changed? Yes. And so I have users a lot of times they go on plan and then all of a sudden life changes. A few months down the road, then come back and they can run the scenario as often as they won in again is six ninety nine a month. When you think about what you pay for Netflix, you know a little piece of mind is definitely worth six ninety nine or what you pay for Starbucks Cup of coffee, right? What are their drinks? I'm actually coffee drinker, but. Well, you know what? I've cut back. So I'm I'm only one Cup a day. But boy, I kind of enjoy that in the morning. And they're thirty days in a month. And so you know that that definitely adds up. And so you know, if you can get peace of mind for six ninety, nine, that's a pretty nice deal, especially with no strings attached. You know, like I said, if it ever becomes something that you don't need anymore, you can just unsubscribe and you don't have to worry or flicks either the thrill of good and it seems like I don't know. I'm a marker here, so it seems like you would have a very wide audience, but you know, maybe you are targeting a perfect client who's going to use the platform in in take advantage of your consulting services, who who do you think is popular client while the client for the software can be the same as a possible client from in-person business, but would really wanna reach with the software obviously. 'cause I just mentioned it. It's people who just don't wanna come. Mm, in see a human for many of their own reasons. But financial standpoint, which is, I think what you're asking. No eras ending, enormous swath of our population that they do fine. They're not her housing, secure their food secure. They're not worried about where their next meal is, or whether they can clothe their children, but they're still not making it a working. They work in the work and they don't know why they're savings account is not growing. You don't know why they're retirements not growing. They're worried about college were Athens. If you know something happens to their health insurance, they're worried about what happens. If something happens to one somebody in the family's were were job, and these people can be making up to half a million dollars a year through interesting. He's very seem issues that brought off and feel like you could be making so much money. But if. If you're not wise about where it's going, you're just kind of spinning your wheels in not getting ahead, right? If you're not wise, certainly, but also have life is caught up to you in a big sort of cash flow way. Yeah. You were young couple you are. You just got married. You're both making what anybody in the world with team of good salary, right in the household safer. Imple- is bring home two hundred thousand dollars a year in roasts salary income. But if you just had that first child in that first child in daycare and you live in urban area and you're trying to buy us very quickly, you can go underwater. So true. So do you think that people kind of save themselves in this would be another scenario because the the judgment, I don't want to work with someone. I'd rather do it on my computer. That makes a lot of sense. Do you ever think it crosses anyone's mind? Oh, it's too early for any of this personal financial planning, or you know what? Gosh, it. It's already too late. Never gonna. Dig out. Does that? Do you hear that or do you see that? Well, in general, people feel overwhelmed by finances, and so it could be a timing thing. It's too early. It's too late for most people is just a plain old paralysis due to the overwhelming. You'll love it. You know if somebody said to you. Okay, Deirdra. Could you move out of your house by tomorrow or me you would just feel overwhelmed? Wouldn't even know where to start I rate. I mean, I've never seen your house, but I'm assuming right home. I got, yeah, yeah, this is hind seen, kneeling and people just don't know where to start in. Sometimes they could think, oh, I just got out of college. I just got out. Out of graduate school. Maybe it's too early. It's never too early. I have a lot of kids. I call kids to me now, but a lot of kids just going to college and they want to track their spending because they want to become independent as independent as they can be in college from mom and dad. So if you wanna be a partner to mom and dad who are scrimping and saving, you get you through MIT, then you've gotta be real partner and watch. Watch your spending, not overspend in so it can start as early as that, and it goes all the way up. I have a lot of people in retirement who are saying to me, just I'm, you know, I know what my income is. I don't know where I stand and they wanted to what they're actually spending each month and they wanna know if there or within their means a wanna know how to track it. It runs the gamut from college kids to people who are in retirement. It's never too. Early and it's never too late what it can be too overwhelming. And so the tool and hopefully I, you know, just the fact that I approach finance from the standpoint of being uncontested in in charging by the use where instead it's approachable, it's something people can do. And that's who my client is. You just ask that in the last question, I want regular people. I don't mean people who are superwealthy there. Lots of people servicing them and people who are really on the eating edge mood in house security are getting a healthy need. It's everyone else in the middle. Yeah, I think that's really important. When you mentioned, you know it's anyone you could be coming out of college. You're strapped with a lot of debt while the we have to the person who's retired. Do you think there's differences in the way generations see their financial planning? So in. Other words, will millennials have eased your time with this than, let's say, you know a gen xer, hard question. It's it's an interesting question. Much of an I need. I really do need to count at some point. I haven't done that but much of my client my over orange e clients in my imprest business. I think it would be considered millennial. Yeah. And the reason that I think the millennials are doing so great is because at least they're asking the question though. That's good. We're asking the question. They may not have the answer and that's cold, but they are asked ammo. I. Okay. Hiring your was finances. No euro Cain that tagline for a reason if you can get the courage up to ask, if you're okay, we can start down the path and genyk Sers you know, being one myself, I guess be too. I can say many of them are asking the questions, some of them. You know, you're already a bit cynical. It's cynical. It was that kind of generation, but if I can get people to ask the question, then I have an opening to either serve them with the tool or with my in person business to get to the root of it in the root of Deirdre is Amway living within my me and I find that my millennials are more ready to ask that question and that gives them a leg up. I'm so glad to hear that that they're asking the question and also being honest in the answer that that's the other part of it. If you're not honest with yourself, if you don't face what is in front of you, then you're not gonna get to where you need to be in a a healthy approach. So I wanna pivot a little bit to your business because you know it's one thing to be on an investment banking and you mentioned some the other things that you did to all of a sudden being port of technology into tapping into something that people really need. Around their personal finances. So did you face any obstacles, tech person? Did you have experience with technology with? What were you looking at when you were launching a so to be fully transparent? My undergraduate degree was in Peter science software. Nice. And I had always, I noted really quickly at the beginning of the show that CFO of a, you know, in the first net bubble in a small startup. So it's not completely foreign to me. And I think in those terms when I was creating the system in the process, they use the in-person clients. I naturally might bring naturally thinks in terms of the algorithms drives the process. Right? Right. And so this naturally fell into an algorithm for me and it having said that the interesting thing about. It is that say, one of the most intellectually challenging things I've ever done is right me algorithm for this. Oh, I bet this human brain works so quickly. So quickly we have no idea how quickly and when you have to sit there and think of up breaking that down into decision by decision, it's really a challenge, but we got there my developer and I and that to me wasn't the biggest kind of the group of big, biggest obstacles, biggest obstacles when you're doing something that's new for people, whether it's my imprisoned business or the software is understanding, you know a way to get people to know that they need it. And so what I found so interesting was when I hung my shingle out if you will or started doing this and getting paid by the hour to do it in person, you know, my husband and I were kind of shouting about it and he's real old school. And I was like, gosh, I really think there's a whole here because people don't want to go to workers and have con. Alex, you know, people selling them stuff. They don't feel that they can afford ten thousand dollars for some. You know, marble office by Nansha advisor, they need basic help on knowing what they're spending each month. Knowing how much save for retirement, knowing how much to save for -mergency and how to reach their goals. And I don't think it's being serviced, and so trying to find make sure like to confirm that that whole existing in Bill something that can fill fill it. You know, that's your alternate challenge. Right? Yeah. Well, I'm, I'm glad you tackled that challenge. So important in something tells me that you were willing to take the risk. Yes. I was very lucky because I say this to entre preneurs all the time and teach a class of women entrepreneurs, how excellent? Yeah, I have a lot of small business owners in my in my impersonal business. Especially people who are like, you know, newly opening their dental practice or they're acupuncture practice, or they're whatever, you know, interior design, practice, whatever it is. And you know, trying to take that first step is really nerve wracking and challenging, and you need to understand what the runway is. How many months do I need to figure out how to get cash until my business can generate. And once I figured that out and was able to do that. So I went out and did some consulting gigs if you will, in my sort of old former life to stash some cash. And once you figure that out, then you can go ahead and start and you have to be honest with yourself, right? Is it really six monsters more like years? And if I can't get the cash generated in the two years, what will I do? And it takes a fair amount of honesty with yourself. And if you are in a relationship with the other person, sharing the household, you know to get to that. And I feel lucky in that my business actually started generating cash sooner than we expected because both my husband and I are super conservative Beth's. And so that helped. Excellent. 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An app that gives users a complete three hundred sixty degree view of their financial situation Lurie while you have shared a lot of information, it's really great. Some of the questions that you posed. I just, you know, with everything that you're you're doing, I'm kind of thinking. Okay, so you have this platform that you've built. I'm sure there's lots that still goes into that. You have your consulting business. However, you actually you mentioned that you know when your daughter was born things changed, how do you manage your your work, your business, your family and do everything. Yeah, that's a great question, right? That's the question. The moment. The million dollar question is the billion dollar question. The best in people ask me this all the time and best we can answer it is I have my brain is very strange in that it is utterly singularly focused. I am incapable of multitasking. And so when I am with my daughter, I am with her and when I am trying to do some more or whatever it is I'm I'm doing it when I'm working on software. I'm fully focused on that. Like I can't take a look at internet or take a look at emails or whatever in between. I've been like this all my life. Even back when I was a child and and it's a detriment sometimes because you know, heaven forbid, if I had had twins, I my head probably would have exploded because I, I just can't. Yes, so better to once. Yeah, exactly. I do think that's some of it in the other. Thing is I try to be stream -ly economical with my time. Like I'm the opposite of regressing Durham requested ager I get stuff done. Well in advanced is I just in the again, this goes back to high school college, whatever. I cannot stand the feeling of having it hanging over me. And so I think it's my makeup, my cognitive makeup, but it is hard. And sometimes I do feel, you know, over schedules, bright, I I've seen studies, I think even recently were they said multitasking is not good for men. It's a minute. People say, oh, I can do seven things it wants, but you're taxing your brain with seven things in you're not putting a hundred percent into any one thing unless you're some kind of superhuman. Yes. When you say that you are, you know when you're with your daughter your with your daughter, if you know you need to focus on emails, you're focusing on emails. Do. Carve out time to do specific things or do they just, you know, it seems like somebody is scheduling you, you just know I'm scheduled and this is I'm fully present, no matter what I'm doing. Yeah. Real have just a couple of sort of nature or God given skills in one of mine is that l. very good at knowing how long things will take me to do. So as a result, I know that if I carve out one hour today, I will get through all the Email. I need it through, you know, very good at estimating, whereas not to be my husband. Have you know, sort of a list of things that he wants to get done in the weekend and there's no chance he could get them all done. And so I, I tend to take bite size morsels and know that I can get through them in the time that I've set aside to do them. So realistic goals? Yeah. I think that's really important for listeners for for all of us because sometimes I don't know. I do tend to have lists like put them in Evernote. So I am not writing them on a pad, but that's a good one. Yeah, yeah. If it's too lofty, if there's too many things in you, you know, you're better off just taking a few in in being realistic over what you can actually get done in a timeframe. It sounds like that's something that you're doing. So maybe maybe listeners the next time you do something making a mental note of how long it really takes cushioning it a little bit more and then being realistic about the time moving forward. Would you say that that would help Laurie? That's absolutely right. And so knowing how long it takes you to do things, especially things like, for example, I need to calculate how much sales tax I know every water to my home state, right? So it comes up every quarter and I know the process that have to do to calculate it. And I know the data that I need to gather and I know I need to set aside two hours and it doesn't matter what day that happens as long as I get it into the state on time, but that's what I need. You know what I'm saying? Like s? Absolutely. But maybe the first time or the first few times it takes a little while to be able to say, oh, it's two hours, and I bet set that aside because you don't want to break up that process either night. That's where multitude nesting works against you. If you're doing something that's that intense in your gathering the data and you know it's to the state, you don't wanna start in our and then leave it now. Ended start working on something out sets counterproductive, right? It's it's the ability to not be distracted in, you know, some of it has to do with your kind of cognitive makeup. You know, you never, or in the way you're warm with that, but if you can, you know, with the blinders on or whatever metaphor you want to use and really stay folk heating, half leading sales tax is just it's not fun. It's not that interested. No air. Remember doing that when I owned my agency. Yup, fun. It's a tedious task that has to be done for the state and rate, but you just have to get it done and getting out of your face. You know, let's go wanna things that you just have to do right, and rather than putting them off. And sometimes if you procrastinate too long, you might not have those two hours that you actually need. You're being very wise with your time. Yeah. And then once you fall sort of behind, you can get easily sort of involoved in that. I. Can't think about it because I can't think about what the ramifications are and then you're done, then you're off on this treadmill of running from things. Right, right. I need answers to if you are, you know, all of a sudden you're like, yeah, I had to with that at emergency root canal my credit card, which is understandable for people her then suddenly had to put something else on. And then suddenly you're person with credit card debt easily stick your head in the sand and be like, okay, no, I can't deal. But what I'm asking people to do just because I'm a one woman crusader for living within your means right or one woman, you know, whatever you wanna call it parade for living within your means is to do it. I'm going to be there with you look at in the face. Right? And that could be just at tasks that you have to do or could be something with your finances, but you gotta look at in the face. That's so true. Ask that question. Am I okay. Exactly. That is you well pointed out it all comes right back to that same thing. It sure does. So I mean side from your platform, which sounds fairy helpful? What are some of the tools in other tools and platforms? Is there anything else that helps you to manage your your time or whatever it is that you're doing favorite apps? Yeah. I know people asked me to sell the time to more for small business owners. People who are self employees, but man mile like Hugh is awesome. Retracting your business mileage. Cool. Who did not go a day without my like you because I use my car so much client in war. So for somebody who's who's goes to job in his salary, that's less interesting. But yeah, I love things that make my life simpler, you know, being able to. Do like schedule my workout, my meetings, everything else and look down and have it all sync with my sister and everything else. That's pretty important. No, I love my I cal-. I like it's it's things that add shoe simplifying your life, which I believe fearless finance does to being able to look down, see how you're doing at any time in the month without having to enter all of your own little expenses. Simplifies your life and no things that that keep track of your your grocery lists. Those are the kinds of things that report Alexa. Units. What we're using. Alexa does our grocery lists that's on our phones is just so easy. All these time save. There you go. We're we're still people in pencil household for rosary list. I don't know why we're still in the dark ages on that. Yeah. I mean, I guess I was in the dark ages for rile when Alexa came into our home and you know, we have a Alexa. We've got tapping dot. So quite a few of them hanging out. Yeah, and it was my husband who actually. So he's tech guy l. he started. It wasn't me. I was still using the handwritten list on sticky notes. Ars literally. And you know, I just by watching seeing him open his phone and he was checking on like, wow, you know what the this is easier so it at moving over to technology in in so many ways. I mean, look at your platform, moving your personal finances to be able to evaluate your your situation on how cool is that I wanted to ask you about, and I and I asked this of other guests to because I find it fascinating. And I know listeners also find the word success. Interesting. So what does success mean to you for your business in in your life? Well, that is another million dollar question. Isn't it? Gray, so so I just came back from been con- which is a big financial logger, financial, you know. Podcast or conference of year. It's. At a couple of people say to me when they suck your like this app is amazing. This is awesome. I had like one of those semi showing people demoing for people in there are like, this is really great. And you know you are so passionate, no, you building this to sell it, sell the business, and I'm in always say like, you know, building it because it needs to be built and I need to immed- is the right word, a need to people's some sort of tool that helps them know where they stand in how they're doing on a regular basis. If they don't feel overwhelmed with on from price perspective, I can't imagine doing anything else. And so I also a person believes that all boats rise with the rising tide. It's I believe that the financial part of it'll come with fact, if we're going to start using app. In in. I'm in the privileged position of feeling that passionately about up do every morning in. So I hate to say that that makes me feel like I'm successful because I don't. You're helping people yet you're filling in me. There's just this big gap. That's what I feel like. Yeah, that certainly is the I could see feeling success through other people in hot being overwhelmed. I mean, look at this world can be so overwhelming righteous, go on Twitter, look in the news, right? So doing your part there, I could see why that success. Absolutely. I never really thought about it as successor. Not says a feel like I think about it more as you know, use this word before and it has a bad connotation, better word. It's like a one one crusades will move then you wanna mission. Yeah, it's it's. That's what I'm waking up. The what I think about in the shower. It's with Lincoln up warning doing sounds like pure passion to me. I could recognize passion and you want to energize others than I'm sure you are. You know what? Lauren, maybe you can just kinda around the soul out for us. The give your best advice, maybe what you've learned that you wanna pass onto other folks when they're entrepreneurs were professionals out there. What do you wanna share about passion and helping people in being on a mission while. Okay. Well, you know, every day you turn around somebody is saying, you know, find your passion. I don't disagree with that, but I'm more of the ilk that your passion fines view, and that's my experience because you know, if you asked me when I was in college, whether I would spend my whole career in finance, I would a laughed you out of the room. I would have. I would laugh you out of the room and even as going through my sort of late twenties, early thirties in investment banking, myself, my God, how did I end up? I, what am I doing in finance, right. And then it kept happening. Right? It was finding you. It kept happening and you know, as I told that story earlier in our discussion about how people came up to me and they really hate you clients and it just kept happening like that. And now it might, you know, sort of tender age. I can. On even my early childhood NC in connect the dots and see that it does all somehow makes sense is I've always kind of a came EVA's born in raised a poor, hit it since that we didn't have very much in income was not steady. Right. Great. And so I see how that had an impact had an effect on my life one of Joe's in to do with it, and I think it does all end up coming up. We'll circle somehow. And so even though find your passion is is not not bad advice. The open to it finding you is, is the vice that I kind of feel fit mine my experience. Great. And being able to recognize your passion, right? Because it found you you don't round is that than an issue. So you know what? I'm, I'm. So glad that you that your passion found you and there's no doubt in my mind that you will be helping many to feel less overwhelmed. Lure. Last question at it's super easy. Where can people find out more about you your platform in your work yet? Thank you for asking that question. So fearless finance, just get on a WWW, fearless finance dot com. It's just all one word and give it a try. Get ten days of retrial. You can quit anytime you wanted to. It's six dollars ninety nine cents. Muniz really know. You'll be law or whatever. You can find me at orient with dot com. I've got my blog there. If you want to sign up, read some written. There's some about me that you can see there as well. You can also take a look at my in-person business on that site that. Yeah, I I welcome. All. Back. His Creighton of people have many questions, and I hope they're starting with those. There's two questions that stood out. Am I? Okay. And do I understand my runway? Yes will, yes. If you walk away from listening to our conversation with that, that is success right there. That's awesome. Lurie. Thank you so much for coming on the show for sharing your journey. Move the great advice about personal finances in we just really appreciate your time. I learned a lot. I think everybody learned a lot, so thank you. Thank you for having a. That's really been on talking out of my pleasure in. I also wanna thank prep dish for sponsoring this episode of women worldwide, in all of you listeners out there who are tuning in and you're helping to power up the voices into create impact in make a difference in. This world, we always want to hear from you. We love your feedback. So if if you have a moment, please be sure to review us on I tunes or give us a shout out on Twitter or Facebook. Okay. WW friends until our next episode help you all stay focused energized feeling powered. Thank you.

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