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On Trade with could. We should probably delete all of this. By the laws of the PODCAST. God's we. Owe Answer. Rabbi. With. A. Own. Hello VPN shopping rapids fans, you're listening to holding the high line with Rabbi and read brought to you by ignorance F. C. N. roughnecks ours. My name is Matt Polar. It's Hump Day Wednesday August nineteenth twenty twenty, the analysts regular season is back messy wants out of Barcelona supposedly it's the oil money slush fund versus the Bavarian football machine in the Champions League final as Tomas Mueller and the Canadian road runner take on Neymar and Imbaba. Bay. But it's not the biggest game of the week in world football as obviously the first proper Rocky Mountain Cup of twenty twenty is taking place. Saturday at. Part in Commerce City Colorado I'm joined now by my second favorite space interpreter in the World Rabbi Marc Goodman. Is Wonderful joint. Yam's data. How's it going, Matt? Everything good with you. I am finally Don I don't know if he's talked about this. Formally on the show I had a really crazy workout checks with rt over the course of the last two two and a half months that had me working nights someday during the week. So from ten thirty PM to six thirty am at some of the very secure. Very PP for. Fully Osha regulated work sites that were like would have been Mike that even without the global pandemic, going on marketing and other days I was in the office during normal days. So anywhere from one to two days a week, I basically had to either pull an all nighter in order to be in the office during the day and then go work that night that third shift's on. That same day or alternate between the two throughout days. So this is the first full calendar weeks. Since the middle of May, I will actually have a consistent bedtime wake up time starting work time ending were time. So it is fantastic. You get my circadian rhythms. We just had a lessons learned debrief with the heads over last word is talking about like how well we handled basically simultaneous. Like Gold Cup sized women's tournament with a men size. World Cup albeit with MLSTP's with crazy work schedules for everybody involved was like a minor miracle so I'm glad that that's done. I'm glad we're getting back to some normalcy in terms of the Colorado rapids playing regularly in having the under not carry a circumstances where there's a bunch of variables they can't control. It's potentially affecting their performance and I'm glad to actually being able to go to bed at irregular time and then actually have all that mark. How are you? Good rounds won a Game Against Loudon, United Aka DC United Junior, and. You know it's entirely possible that Axel, schober will be with. Allowed united sometime, the scene season. So I might actually get to see former former rapids player that that I really enjoyed although his decline in the last couple of years has been precipitous shall we say but but yeah, you know in the in the meantime, it's nice to see soccer looked like loudon had a very small number of fans in attendance something like below eight hundred maybe even below six hundred everybody seemed to be wearing masks nicely socially distanced see kids are going back to school probably we thank I duNNo. And I'm mugging up. To, your work thing I have mine. Gearing up for the High Holidays, so you know what? I do when I WANNA get ready for the Jewish holidays which start in about a month is I procrastinate by writing lots of soccer articles. So I've got to in the hopper for this week one for American soccer analysis. Next week I'm going to do crazy thing madam to go back and look at. All. Three Games rapids played in the bubble and do the metrics on it and do some x g analysis Angie plus analysis, and maybe see what we've learned about the Colorado rapids other than the fact that they have committed some really dumb red cards and that Jonathan Lewis is the base God. So that's all. That's all we noted to date but I'm GonNa see if I can't scratch until the Debrecen and learn something that we we can. We can take into the season and understand more about one thing that I. Think we can. Kind of I've I've listened to a couple of podcast mark where. People, pundits, former players had made an analogy to the recent various. Tournaments whether it was product, we start in the premier league or the now bubble is champions leagues. We're getting into the final with PSG taking on Byron. Munich. After the results from the last two days at time recording and similar comparisons made the back tournament words closer to a World Cup than an actual regular season marks over the course of a regular season you're gonNa have ebbs and flows. You want to focus on consistency and you want to build an actual structure and system that allows you to do certain things really well, and he's allows you to focus on some of your weaknesses and improving those and really so that your job is to make good plays. Over the course of the season focus on what you do well, whereas in a bubble tournament, it's more about, can you believe he had some initial structure than some room for total creativity based on what the situation is where you in the group for the third game with maybe simultaneous games going on or just throw all of that out the window once you get to the knockout stage survive in advance at in that it's more about don't make mistakes when your opponent makes mistakes put. Yourself in a position either structurally or talent position play wise to take advantage of those mistakes and so in that regard mark, I would say that we can make some similar comparisons to what the Portland Timbers did and were Orlando City did in the back terminal to what he has. G has been able to do in their last couple of games especially given the injuries that they've had not having Kilian. MBAPPE AF tell the game today and you know generally disinterested name are when there are. Big Expectations keys on him. If I if you told me mark that he was going to win these Games was GONNA win their last two games that they've won and Imbaba was going to be a bench sub in one of those games neither Games was going to involve extra time or peak as a Neymar. Would score zero goals in those two games I would've taken my entire life savings and found some vegas betting thing to put together a parlay that combines that and then I put this podcast mark because I'd be a millionaire. So I'm wondering what you think of how Champions League has gone and how there's been the opportunity for noise. Ultimately, it's banned the team that doesn't make mistakes that has stars that have the ability to do that have won it on one side of the bracket and just the unstoppable Byron Munich machine event. You know I think they could God himself could come out mark and assemble greatest football team of like like the buyer media could take on the Greek. Pantheon right now with all of the Greek gods being able to use their powers inside the white line and I still think Byron Munich would win that game. It's a buyer's been fantastic for years, but they seem to showcase in a critical phase almost every year. Then this year, they're absolutely rolling over teams and I'm not exactly sure what the differences because honestly I thought their past teams were also dominant I. Think it's that they play in ups UPTEMPO manned city style attack. And by that, I mean there's something that Man City and Byron both do in my humble opinion where they they they do a thing that mortal teams don't seem to be able to do a mortal team like the Colorado rapids when they when they space too much. There's an inability to swing the ball fast enough from player to player player and Man City as Viren both move the ball very ruthlessly is a good way to put it. They they they dribble and pass at at the eighty and at distance in ways that are absolutely stuff it down your throat and cut them to pieces, and that's what they did our Celona and that's the kind of thing that's like remarkable that. We're witnessing something unique that we've never seen before which is. A very good soccer team play another very good soccer team and destroy them. You know it's very similar to Brazil versus at Germany, in Two Thousand and Sixteen World Cup or Two Thousand. Fourteen World Cup my podgy. So it's just very crazy I will be honest. I've only mostly watched highlights kind of read about it because I don't have CBS access I will complain that you know the division amongst. I mean, we have a we have a plethora of options of soccer to watch in America today you know by comparison to ten. Or even five years ago. But that also means that if you wanted to watch every soccer game, you'd have to subscribe to six different scraped streaming services is just beyond my budget. So I'm looking forward to signing up hers CVs all access very soon It's kind of like I'm but I'm planning to do it on kind of thirty day things like watch the final I could dinge card. Catch the beginning of of the champions. League. Qualifiers. And Europa League but yeah, it should be it should be a cracker of a finish should be to watch. I don't I like your contact concept of the PSG parlay. I don't think is a chance against fire. I would expect I think I. I. Don't think they get totally because I think they have They're the team that bioern I believe going into this game that he is he is best equipped to actually counter and creates opportunities men in blazers had a really, really good. Rabbit hole thought experiment earlier this week or last week marker. Basically, they said all of the top teams in Europe right now. So Liverpool Manchester City you know the big boys in the League at Sarah for the most part are making. Decisions based on what you can do in attack. You know there is a like Joe Lowery over at the athletic could write an entire book on just how different a whole genes look at the fullback position in twenty twenty two, what they are in two, thousand ten like let's be real here Affonso Davies on paper is the starting left back for Byron. Munich effectively ban a left winger everything you make from a center back position is what can they do from a distribution play? What can they do in the air on set-pieces offensively and defensively even now as you seem with the two big players right now in the primarily, their goalkeeping decisions were based on what was their skillset from an attacking stamp white. Meanwhile Manchester City is giving up more goals than Burnley not saying that any of the centrebacks for Burnley would be equipped to do what Pep Guardiola requires them or be able to do it in champions. League. Against the opponents that have knocked out. Manchester City in recent years but just everything is thinking about what they do eat pensively in is that now if we're thinking about this from a soccer camp, wife is there now market inefficiency where a Sam vines who has good moments from attacking standpoint is able to do things offensively but for his level of talent wise is rock solid defensively to where he is not an offensive liability like certain bax for Barcelona. You know is that now not a market inefficiency where Manchester City go pursue one of those players and so I am wondering given that really other than I think maybe one half in one of their Bundesliga Games I think against. Motion Gladbach might've been one of the bottom feeders that they've played. You haven't released any team be able to wear. The scoreline is still level or not to their distinct advantage and what they've been able to do this been. So impressive we sought against Barcelona we saw it against. In. The. Bundesliga, a couple of regular season games is they don't have like this team does not have a lower gear they start from the opening whistle in fifth year going zero to a hundred mile. They zero to no speed limit in a matter of a second and they do not stop attacking somebody and so what they do is their overwhelming opponent, the opponent can't even get set and by the time they actually figure something out it's halftime its or nil, and so I'm curious to see in the same way. Her the most back tournament I. Think Portland Timbers only trailed the entire tournament they trail fifty two minutes and I think it was like all against L. AFC. And then maybe like ten minutes, one other game where they equalised shortly after giving up the first goal. So we haven't seen anybody really make via Munich work or put them in a position where they were uncomfortable or chasing the game not to say that you know if if embrace scores in the first five minutes, I don't know that Byron change anything because they're up three nil on teams and are still act. They're acting like they're the team that's down three nail and chasing the game to try and win it six one or something. So that's the only thing that I can really see happening I say this is somebody wearing the. Crazy pinkish orange violet SPA PSG search shirt as where recording this that I fully expect the road runner and the Roy Sir Robert Levin Doskiyev should have won the golden boot this year but feet the cancel that blame the pandemic purely because they didn't want to have to give it to somebody who wasn't messy or Rinaldo I. Fully Expect Farm Units Dunk on them, and in that I think they'd be deserving champions and relatively I think all of the intrigue curiosity controversy around this champions, league would be reduced because despite the. Despite how much how different is from circumstances standpoint that hasn't resulted in noise drowning out signal I think we all would have expected by Munich to at least make the quarter-finals in Champions League, and so the fact that you know they are comfortable favorites now going into it with real, Madrid out. Guardiola over again would be relatively expected and deserved results. You know as opposed to Orlando. City. Who almost won the analysts back? archaeopteryx thing we have to talk about is the last smart Munich or Barcelona was really just a the exclamation point on the frosting of the cake. The is Barcelona or bad. We've known they are bad. This season proved they have institutional issues and the one thing holding them together right now is messy messy potentially wants to lead and if they lose him who knows where they are from superclubs standpoint and does he wanNA stick around two to three years through them to rebuild? Does he want to rejoin with PEP Guardiola doesn't prove he can hack it in a league outside league in potentially go to one of the to Milan teams or is he signing with the Galaxy to save the? Alexey. At such a great question. It's It's so weird to think that you know when you're a global superstar and even with the same club, your whole career. If you say. I WANNA force my way out you also hold the keys to the kingdom meaning. You can basically ask for whatever you want is messy because any other club in the world he goes in place for that manager. The alternative is he stays in Barcelona, he kinda gets the call the shots, eat it gets pick his manager literally or he gets to pick a manager then or may not pick manager but dictate terms to the manager and say, this is what you should do I don't know man I think I wasn't aware that. that Italy was such. A tantalizing loss ability for him might take on Sarah is that it's not that great right. Now I think you vent is's departure in the Champions League tournament and they're kind of regular underperformance underscores that I also more. So than you events, you know not performing a Champions League the other teams in Sarah Al Not, really kind of making the grade is another one rommel is in it a couple years ago I think they made the round sixteen lot CEO hasn't been significant in a while. was. The was the big suggestion mark on the spending capacity to do it. He's not going to if you know obviously, if you vent, this is trying to shop Rinaldo and his weekly wages I don't think they're teaming up at you vent is so that would be the easiest option I think for them to Tina answer was the big one. I don't think he goes to AC Milan whilst locked-on still they are given what happened between those two with pep. Guardiola. In when they were all those three right Barcelona but Inter has a really good squad they've kind of only been one piece away, and if they can make the money work without swapping, you know like a Romelu Lukaku or having to sell off another big piece I think that would be that would be the piece to wear inter can go and say we are legitimate challengers. If not an immediate favourite threat over events, the narrative fun part there is the two players who are the big parts of Malaita are now taking on each other at the two biggest clubs from a financial standpoint in Syria I think the other one that I don't know how people aren't really talking about. Is. Messy just going like signing a two year deal and finishing it out with pep Guardiola and then those to go all guns blazing, winning the Champions League for themselves individually, and then for Manchester City man maybe messy focusing more on Champions League, and then you know not playing as much given his age on any of the various Punto jokes about Katie, handle it against Burnley on it s not stokes not in the primarily anymore but could you handle a game against Burnley for example, on a cold rainy Wednesday night? I mean I could see and I guess in night I can't wait till someone this clip in a couple months to show how dumb I am at how wrong? I don't see why messy goes to the primarily. In the only thing that you have to prove in primarily is that you're not over the hill right is to say I want to be able to be on the field with the best players on my team and the Eagle to them. But I think to me messy to a Premier League team especially one of the top four teams I mean maybe he could go to Manchester United revitalize them, but he clearly doesn't go to Liverpool because you wouldn't want to be in a situation where he might not be the first choice every week. Man said he's also a very interesting weird stretch for him. Tottenham would be interesting arsenal would be interesting but it doesn't you know I think that those who counts aren't spending the money I mean he's he's making what he's getting paid effectively half a million dollars a week I don't think that's in the budget for Spurs or Arsenal. It's more than that. It's for Messi visit visit counter to which is does he does he go to one of those teams with basically the assumption that will they're already close to the top. They get messy. The assumption is they win the primarily and they win the Champions League and that's you know I'm in one of the things that's difficult about being messy is the expectations that come with messy you know I, think the the unfulfilled expectations. Of for Teen, Ah have always been weighing on him heavily, and so the idea that he will take on that level of responsibility to go to the Premier League you know basically anything short of winning the league with messy. Is a let down and I'm not saying that that's I mean for a guy like Michael Jordan or. Or Lebron James the top player in their league they drive on that. But to me from what little I know about Messi from what I've read about him that doesn't seem to be his driving thing he wants to win he wants to win championships, but it doesn't WanNa win championships he because everyone expects it and he doesn't have that level of control if he goes with to Premier League team like they sought him in the managers plays XS and Os thinks about how to Use Invest but like it's it's out of his control soccer's more complicated than than one guy so that all said that that makes that makes a Lotta sense for why he goes to Emma last for two years before he returns to to Argentina to round out his career for his final year or something nowadays good time or a year from now a good time after parcel Alexis button down and breaks his heart Walmart time so whether it's this year or next year I think. Nessie to MLS is a good call. I think there's only a couple of teams in the league that could reasonably sign him Matt Moody Think are the the usual suspects or the most likely suspects to be bland messy major league soccer whilst the ones that we that we hear about any time, there's a major rumor from a big. European. Star. On the galaxy are always going to be there I think some of those rumors are based on. I don't think that you know people writing in the British tap sports tabloids in England I think people writing you know in the very Barcelona friendly newspaper in online media that you have in Spain or the same thing in Madrid. In the case of reality they're not looking at the standings regularly. I, don't think any of those people you know if I asked. Him Right now hey, how many points today L. A. Galaxy APP with five games play they'd probably say like Oh, they're close to the top of the table. If not at the top of the table, they've got one freaking point. They've got a bunch of injured designated player and a small, but growing section of the fan base on twitter calling for GPS, his head. So I think it's it's the galaxy because of history and that's the one big club. Everybody knows in the case of molasses I think there if there's a connection there where David Beckham is on good terms with somebody who's on Gert good terms with Massey's. So maybe like macy's agency, the people that made his inner circle does does the Beckham have former player friend coach who is managed by the same management company or know? Somebody really well, you didn't spend six months in Madrid. So maybe he knows somebody who knows somebody albeit may be awkward phone call like Hey we played together Maria Madrid, but you know this guy who's on really turmeric Messi he do a favor for me that helps the yet away from Barcelona that causes them to implode. They make it super easy for Madrid to win a treble next year but I think those are the two obvious options. I don't think he is I. Don't think he wants to play on turf and I don't think he's a good fit for he's not a necessity need from spending stamp on for either Seattle or Atlanta by don't know that the Atlanta Brain Trust wants to completely see all control of what they're doing with their head coaching search or other major roster decisions too messy and I wonder given everything that they've built with pretty much everybody in orbit around Joseph Martinez if that's something that's going to rock the boat or Joseph Martinez going to be like, yell at signed Messi for two years I'll come back after my. And I will score fifty goals and forever be the goal King of MLS. But I think Miami's I think Miami's obvious because I, think they need it from a branding standpoint given that who did they sign from events earlier this week they still haven't. Miami hasn't come. hasn't filled the hype that they've had around. We're going to be elig Alexey East in terms of like we're GONNA sign Suarez. WE'RE GONNA sign a Cavani. Sign, a name are they don't have one of those guys Rodolfo Bizarro. Is a great player other than somebody who is Super League Max winner Miami joined Molested Air Miami signed him. I bet you half of at least half of the season ticket holders Inter Miami had Google Verdel photo. Kozara I. Think. MESSI. Gives them immediately credibility and an immediate need had him I. think he does the exact same thing for the galaxy I think would stabilize thanks for GPS and it would make way easier for them to convince PAVONIS say after. This year or convinced them to replace along with some other big Geeky. But I don't think that it happens this your mark just from a money standpoint messy would have to take an order of magnitude pay cut. No melas player has ever had a one year guarantee compensation over ten million dollars messy is already making over forty million and if you count the sponsorship, stop it, he gets you know it's his total revenue pending tax evasion stuff offshore bank accounts you know is order of magnitudes what eight figures, whatever one, hundred, million dollars however many. Ten to the power of x that is, so I don't think it happens from a money standpoint amas would have to rewrite the rules where it's a new Mega DP player that team pays for half of that and every single. The MLS owner has to agree to pay one million dollars shoe that salary slush fund just to make the money work to convince messy to. BESMIRCH. His resume and come to League is lowly as major league soccer when could walk into when he could walk into. Manchester. City. Peppered roll out the red carpet for him. Any team in inter roll out the red carpet for him I would not be surprised Barcelona basically bans every decision they're gonNA make for the rest of his offseason to exactly what messy wants just to entice him to not demand transfer her or do something other than goes hoerster next. Yeah I'll just draw some weird. I think one of the other requirements of for a a an amazing player messy stature is a world class city. Unfortunately, with the red, like the obvious choice there as New York, but the the rebels don't really fit that the idea of part of a global conglomerate of multiple teams they're trying to build a winner with four to two two offense and kind of position everything to structural. So that leaves Zig can win the Bundesliga and it's not really about you know New York Red Bull. NYC FC can't get a can't get messy until they get out of Yankee Stadium although I could imagine the moving across the water and playing in giants stadium in East Rutherford. First season with passing COSMO's with Messi being they're they're. They're out the turf at the football ter- but they I, you know for Messi. You do it he other I think your point to Seattle is an interesting one but I also think that Massey's a big global superstar that you do tear out the turf at the Lincoln Putting Grass at if anybody complains about it, you just say shut up it's messy He other interesting team that I kind of thought of is possible either both one is unlikely. One is really unlikely. WanNa Chicago they're moving to soldier field soon anyways, which is an ideal. Arena to host messy and Chicago is a first world cities. One of America's great cities awesome place to be as long as you're not there in the wintertime, the wind is blowing off the wake and the last possibility outside shot for sure. But possible I could see San Jose. Now San Jose is not a world class city but San Francisco as and the ability to live that Californian lifestyle and the fact that I, think San Jose hasn't really ever had that kind of large stature player. The fact that a team has kind of gone its entire existence in major league soccer they've won a lot they've been a good. Team. They've done some really great stuff, but they've never done it with you know kind of blinding genus You know world figure and to think that you know there is a lot of money is silicon valley that you could bring in to San Jose I mean all it takes for the ownership of the earthquakes is to go and sign up to some of the you know the the Ellison's or the or the soccer burs or the brands that are you know literally just down the street mountain view and say you could get to hang with messy. What do you think about it? I mean it's it's it's Matt was making faces. San Jose would never happen but I don't think it's that outlandish outlandish is Columbus outlandish is Colorado. Colorado. Colorado a decent enough place. But you know like, I mean, you could say the same thing about the Chicago fire landing a big time player they got faster shrines tiger, which I think was a major coup for them. So you never know. I think you're probably right is probably at least a year away but I would say that Amazon has a better chance of landing messy than China does rang example and China's a league where they'll pay whatever price tags China was. Literally, you know empty out the gross domestic product, the entire Xinjiang province in order to get a messy to spend a year there but that ain't go half the Chinese government would sign away like they would give Renault or Messi D Great Wall. They would say this is now private private land. This is the. This is the People's Republic of Rinaldo and you have to pay an entrance fee that goes straight to Renault those bank account if you want to go on the Great Wall because it's the Great Wall of Rinaldo. But I I. Agree with you mark in the sense that I think the only league outside the European continent. Bless. Britain. That Messi and Ronaldo will simultaneously play. An will be mls I don't think China entices both of them I don't think. Any of the Middle Eastern countries are able to entice them I. think it would have to be have to be a almost a joint move like the giants and the dodgers deciding we're both going to move to California to make this thing should like we're both going at the same time mostly for a marketing thing rivalries good for business. One of us you know somebody picked Miami Somebody Pick Los Angeles or let's make ultra. Let's infuriate and trolls lots on by making all traffic. Oh, bigger than it was when he was here by one of US playing for the galaxy one of US playing frail AFC. Mark. Let's get onto the actual soccer. That's relevant. Everybody listening to the show, and that is because on Saturday August twenty second at seven pm Mountain Standard Time Colorado rapids will be playing in their first proper in air quotes Rocky Mountain Cup they'll be taking on real salt lake. At time of recording, we are on paper five, twenty third through the Colorado rapids twenty twenty regular season, they have seven points off. Of Two wins, two losses and a tie, both of those wins coming in the four times with the regular season that you've lost the draw coming in the analyst tournament one of those losses, of course city for mentioned we all Salt Lake, they have a goal differential minus one oursel-. Also on five games play, they have six points one win one loss and three ties in a goal differential of zero. oursel- hasn't changed much from roster standpoint Marc. Albert Rusnak is still the straw that drink with demere cry lock being their main right hand man they've got a couple of other attacking players, Sam Johnson Corey Baird Kyle. Beckerman. Presumably will be rested from this fit to play at altitude given. He's had a third preseason just like all the rapids players. The one big addition that we do have to say about this mark native over Whoa Ho who was fantastic centreback from QPR oursel- last year will be in with the squad. For Saturday he voluntarily chose to set out from the tournament for covid reasons. He's got a pre unfairly I think three children from what he said on his instagram when he mentioned it. So we mentioned when we talked about the most back tournament concern about strength up the middle with Kyle Beckerman being on our legs you goalkeeper in Sacrilege Math Four r excel, and questions in terms of Santa. Back positioning next you justin. Glad that should now be fo- secured we're. Back with them on mark, this is this is this is a revenge game. This is a grudge match. You know the thought going into this year going into the atmosphere back tournaments is it finally the rapids run a position to get over the mental and historic hump that was real Salt Lake and that first game was a microcosm of what the time Orlando was for. The rapids, and despite the circumstances being different was very much a prototypical rs L. taking on Colorado. Mark what you see in our south, what do we make of this now third off season and some time to ponder he failings up the analysts is back chairman four Burgundy boys and what do we make of this first proper regular season game since the first week of March. All bets are off when we play our cell like you know. Trying to look at their personnel or their tactics the way they they match up is kind of few tile in the sense that like it's always devastating it's always there's something that is just they they. They ruined everything they make us miserable. You know I think the first year I ever never first year. The first year was with the team he had been exceedingly disappointing. Completely ineffective and I kind of said that, and then the rapids go out and absolutely. Get hammered by immobility either scored two or scorn one assisted to This is a couple years back. To assist if you're talking about the six now I think. Something, like that I mean like basically like whenever you see player on our sailing, all I don't know if there are any good they go hog wild against us. Totally unfair. I mean Rusnak is always a problem. He's a very talented player. Zach mcmath is going to be out for blood again. and. Then you've got you know cow Beckerman is probably GonNa come off the bench as a super sub Kinda guy. Martinez has been very good up top striker very very fast. He gets behind very fast he beat you on the dribble very fast. and. He's he's just been really electric They're they're very, very good and they like to frustrate us. That he said like they only have one win this season and there one win against us. All the other Games may have nil nil draw Orlando one, one draw to New York in the first week and then two games in the at the back end of the MLS tournament a really boring to nothing lost Sporting Kansas City where they look pretty listless and then a five two drubbing at the hands of San. Jose where San Jose really man marked the heck out of them and possess the ball just absolutely hammer them possession in. Kept them. Out of the game of Jill the final fifteen minutes when they committed to read cards, which is also interesting because I'm pretty sure those red cards carry over into this coming game. It are you talking about the right cards from the weight at ourself play in a knockout game I? Think they did one they best thirteen. So the knockout round games as far as I know are not applicable to this because it wasn't actually a regular season game so I'd have to. Those go high. At. The same place that Zenati Card, in the World Cup final went nowhere other than Youtube. If you're asking if you get to talk to to Robin Frazier tomorrow. Double check about that I'm sure he'll know. But like ended and if the question is hey, are you are still have to carry those red cards in his answer is no. Then your follow question should be dude what the hell happened that like. This is like A. I think who is it like Shoot. Who Am I thinking Aubrey? Serena. Got A red card after fulltime when New England got knocked out four. Descent. So possibly said the exact same thing and maybe more because it's bruce that Jack Price said to. Our beloved David Gantar does thinking about someone like Pesca Vetoes del having like you know a three game suspension. I Know Clint Dempsey still has a a suspension in Open Cup to work offers like that I think also Steven. Lenhart is like you know it's still a still suspended from from might point being all bets are off with our sal. meet. Don't we've been dropping these games forever I would really like to see them when one matt what do you think Okay. So Trivia hdl Trivia. Question Mark when was the last? Who was the coach for the rapids? The last time? The rapids be the L. Salt Lake. It's I mean it has to the Problem Mastroeni in twenty sixteen. Not Pablo Mastroeni really. It was Steve Cook Vico. The inner manager Yeah I think it was it was. Gill who scored the goal in a one nothing win in effectively garbage time for the rapids they had already been eliminated from playoff contention in twenty seventeen after Pablo was fired. Was that a game that had any it didn't. It was also meaningless in the Rocky Mountain Cup right. They had already lost the Rocky Mountain Cup ave needed to like ours would have had to abandon they. They needed to blow him out like three nail and then like needed to beat them I can't remember what the with the tithing tiebreaker was away goals so like they needed to win by three and not conceded all. So they needed a win like three. So from Rocky Mountain Cup standpoint ourselves was just managing the scoreline I. believe that game I reserve the right to have mark Johnson or. Or Jason Maxwell, correct me on this but I believe at that point ourselves pretty locked into where they were just competing for seating. So it was also a game that was relatively are knew they were GonNa make the playoffs they knew they weren't going to host the home game. So it wasn't like they. It wasn't like the rapids Brl then caused them to be eliminated from playoff contention. Yeah. It's kind of it's embarrassing that it's been. It's been three manages ago since the rapids WANNA game against ourselves. But then again, everything in rapids history is three managers ago because we have three managers like in the last eighteen months so. It's a big deal but what do you think Matt? Are They GonNa win this one? Like you I agree I have no idea what to make of this we don't we don't have. Barely have reference frame for what the rapids have been doing the last couple weeks on their trainings in now, I guess third preseason post Emma's back have all been closed in all the media availability that they've had has been virtual. So nothing in person and similarly I don't know what ourselves went up to I. Guess the rapids have had. A little bit more time you traded altitude. If we're assuming you know based on the sports science we have at the beginning of the season. It takes roughly a month sometimes up to six weeks with games that's assuming you're traveling for a couple of days in there. To get up to speed from an altitude standpoint. So potentially, they've got like a four or five day lead on ourselves terms of altitude Denver is higher altitude than it is for ourselves while ourselves generally condition altitude it's harder for our cell playing commerce city than it is for the rapids to play at Congress city where their training but I mean, this is still a game that fundamentally. Regardless of shape or personnel unless he's not playing. Album Rusnak is going to stir the drink or oursel-. He's going to try and get the various similarly talented in threatening offensive pieces, involved and Amir. Cry. Lodge is going to be the talisman difference maker in key moments for our cell and the rapids need to disrupt the play that leads to the ball getting Talbot Rusnak, and they need to make it difficult for him to get the ball to other people especially, demere Cry Lodge on Saturday and they need to do something to establish their rhythm. And some actual joy in the final third in ways that they did not. I say at any point other than I'd say just pure Energy Jonathan Lewis off the bench against some cash who is that against Sporting Kansas City a little bit against Minnesota Albeit Minnesota just really playing to. Manage the result given what they knew, what their circumstances were for getting out of the Group for the analyst Fact Tournament so pretty much the same thing as our preview for the opening game of M. I. B. They need to disrupt Albert. Rusnak need to be aware of voting when he's doing stuff in the attacking third, and then he actually need to establish something from an offensive standpoint on Kyw can't have an off day if he's Not Able if if they're getting the ball the him, they actually need to be threatening on set pieces and I think the one thing that was kind of that I was curious about this team from talent a structure standpoint going into the tournament mark is you know when they were at their best when they were playing well in law eleven guys on the field were putting out their best effort. This is a team that in two, thousand nineteen. Was Absolutely a playoff team i. think we saw the Melissa's back tournament the team that makes mistakes that isn't fully engaged. This team can't win when they're operating at seventy percent they have to be operating at eighty five percent in the have the balances go their way or somebody pulls something out of there. You know what he does not only is capable of that. I think tied he powers in two thousand nineteen is capable of that I think. Diego Rubio John. Lewis are capable of growing into that on a regular basis if they're lucky operating eighty, five percent but this is largely a team that needs to be at ninety five percent if not fully operational battle station to get results against he's that are more talented than them and so just based on what we've seen in MLS than elsewhere I would say Rusnak will be the most talented player on the field or either team on Saturday. Method last question to you they. This game that you're expected you're expecting to be at hopefully Are you excited and have you picked out the right masks? The occasion off? I think I'm GonNa go with the I'm going to the plain black one that I have that conveniently listeners I purchased for a very reasonable price of fifty dollars plus shipping from roughneck SCARFS DOT COM. And the reason why I'm picking that what mark is that I actually like the one that actually has the velcro that goes all the way on the back. With some of these games, if I want to listen to something or checking something on twitter, sometimes I will have my headphones in and so that can get a little disruptive with either trying to take the headphones out or I need to remove my mask and the ear luke getting caught in that and just like how there's a little bit more coverage. As you can see, Mark I'm still sporting you know a couple of weeks worth of stubble, and so the masks depending on where it is around my nose doesn't have a proper seal, but they're actually appears to be a proper seal with the black one that I have from rock neckscarfs I'll be wearing that. In. Terms of my entire you normally I I dressed in a way that shows that I take what I do in the stadium, and the fact that I get to watch the game without having to pay missions very seriously on, and so I am expected to be at the game markup. Most teams are going to have limited media the ability I appreciate that the club season as someone who is deserving of one of those and prioritize making sure that meeting at the Games is valuable in terms of the independent media coverage of the club, and it's looking like mark as opposed to being up in the open air press box albeit having to be. Prior, to stepping outside that, we're actually going to be Right. At the halfway line in the actual seats with little workstations in the seats that we've seen in other places around the world, they spread out some of the. Media. On that, I've seen in the Bundesliga most of the primarily exceeding already outdoors, and then we kind of also saw if you saw any of the. Championship Games either at Wembley or the Champions League Games they've actually taken up a whole section in like everybody gets like their C plus three seats side they set up a desk fay in some cases have outlets. So unsure of what the layout is going to be terms of just GonNa be me in a designated seat in like over that be like one, eight, one. Oh, nine, mark I can't remember I remember one seventeen I never remember which side of the. Whether it's the east side or the west side, which is the higher numbers and is increasing or decreasing from north southbound any as higher numbers are on the season ticket holder side on the on the west side are higher numbers. So it'd be like one thirty five would be like mid sales. Okay. So like one, thirty, five ish. But so I'm I know that I need to wear masks. There's protocols that I have to go through there will be ample hand sanitizer stations. Available all need to pass the temperature check obviously on, and then I'll be actually at the game. But I'm going mainly because mark we've talked about this a couple of different times I. Think both of us agree live soccer is better than watching online and there's also the on screen and live soccer also gives you a better perspective because you can zoom in on little things that might be offscreen and you're kind of. You are limited to what the production is providing you from a camera angles and how quickly they switch cameras were all supposed to being able to see the omnipotence three, hundred, sixty degrees. You know the entire touchline touchline what's going on in the crowd of the coaches bantering back and forth who's yelling at the fourth official Baldomero Toledo doing Baldomero until they things offscreen. There's a lot more things from a perspective and understanding that I get from watching games in person whether it's a fan or actually in the press box in regardless of where. That press box is provided I'm not obstructed by a a drunk person who standing the entire time. He's Super Taller than me in front of me like poll for example. So I'm excited watching person and I'm excited that that is going to help me provide a little bit better coverage than I would be watching online given that not that we need to go down this rabbit hole mark there's a lot of rapids fans who aren't going to be able to watch that, and maybe my perspective getting able to think about will compliments on whatever. On conventional feeds that fans might be able to get or at the very least, you know be able to complement the audio that they're gonna get from Connor Cape on altitude sports. Well said. Market is one of the things we have to talk about I don't like bringing up. That I hear about are relatively unconfirmed. I. Look at that and I'm like that doesn't pass the smell test. But in any case there's report from ESPN earlier this week that Barnsley lower level team in the championship mark won promotion. Now, two years ago from League one stayed up by the skin of their teeth. On the final day of English championship actually did the double on both Brentford. Fulham who were in the Who are in the the playoff final to get into the primarily supposedly Barnsley you're interested in John Lewis and supposedly they have offered a transfer fee of five hundred thousand dollars USD that it's not pound sterling folks or indicates the conversion rates are close up. Regardless of which unit is mark the. Colorado rapids. A year in what three months ago paid almost a thousand dollars total allocation money to New York. City F C to acquire Jonathan Lewis. From New York City F C I think regardless of whether or not. This is coming up mark Jonathan Lewis has been johnny. Football Johnny on the spot coming off the bench for the rapids. He did it last year under all three managers. He did her Patrick Vieira in New York City I've see he's done at this year for Robin Fraser the guy is money coming in. The seventieth minute against we back line by a number of metrics he's on a permanent or ninety bases. He is more productive as a substitute than he is a starter which bears the question is he just better off at a substitute? Is he more comfortable as substitute and what more does he need to do to be asked productive as a starter playing seventy plus minutes as he has been as a substitute playing twenty to thirty minutes and how much of this is maybe things Jonathan Lewis needs to work on vis-a-vis. Things that Robin Frazier's trying to mold Jonathan Lewis in and what implications this have for his slightly on the bubble position in terms of being a major player for the US national going into World Cup qualifying Sarah. Yup Yeah. I mean I think he's the price is too low on him from what Barnsley. Wanted to pay for them. That's clear. You know I think you said it better than me which was I think that the rapid pay? What? Four hundred, thousand, four, him. On it was on nine, hundred and fifty. In the night. I'd have to go back and check I. think There was some performance incentives that could put it up to one point one million. So in any case like sell selling buying them and then selling him offer a fifty percent loss a year later is just not something especially in this market that I think you're going I, think the stats and the national team calls for him. Make it super easy. I don't remember what the situation was for a passport listeners go back and listen to the interview I had with Jonathan Lewis on back in the middle part of the pandemic may April area we talked about his time on at a special academy is an academy in Leeds not affiliated with Egypt, and that he was on a youth player contract for Bradford City who were in league with the time pushing for promotion into League one, he has some immigration status that makes it easier for him to get an opportunities. In Europe and in England assume that the with a stipulation mark that you have to be called into a certain number of games for your national team on the national teams ratings that his recent call ups for great. BERHALTER. Are also benefiting him as well. But in any case, as we talked about from an T. H. l. a couple weeks ago like the rapids aren't selling off players in order to cut down on the losses that they're gonNA make financially from this year and there's definitely no way that a guy who they bought. Under a market inefficiency for a long-term investment either for their team or sally are selling a guy at a loss I think if anybody wants to really talk to Smith about buying Jonathan Lewis, it needs to be at least fifty percent profit. So I mean if you're I'd say. Under a million dollars net profit for the club are a million dollars in terms of net transfer fee. Or you know maybe a sell on clause or something they're just that the five hundred thousand dollars is a non starter for me for the rapids and given where Barnsley is financial standpoint mark. I'm not sure that they I'm not sure that they'd have the financial muscle in order to make it happen. And I'm not sure that another club in. English. The e the clubs that are able to the clubs in championship or the his eight or the second Bundesliga or the you know maybe. You know Siri be that would be financially in a position to where they'd have the cash on to by Jonathan Lewis Jonathan Lewis is going they're. Having to still prove himself in order to get on the field with any consistency and so going back to the conversation I had with him earlier this year he sees a lot of similarities in terms of the environment. With rapids Robin Fraser to what he had with Patrick. Vieira at New York City of see that allow that brought out the best in him and so I don't think he'd want to lead unless it was for another environment that would still provide that I mean unless Gregg Berhalter like Cottam in the hallway on when they were in Orlando and basically said Look Johnny you WanNa you WanNa be you WanNa. Have a real shot at making the World Cup you need decline in Europe I. Don't like I highly doubt that's the conversation. We're still two years out from that. Even being a thing I think Jonathan Lewis the rest of this year going into next year the goal should be to improve himself become a regular starter for the rapids bought for their get an opportunity with the national team in either. Begs the question. What's the chicken or the egg does he got a better opportunity with the national team? Then he plays well on MLS. A narrative is eighteen spots in wants to pay two million as opposed to the half a million right now or does he do really well, maybe scoreboard substitute for the national team and then get sold for three and that winter opens opportunities for him in. Europe. In the ways he didn't have in Leeds Bradford respectively. Thought I mean it's is you know the the escalating prices of a player based on their own performance possibility Israeli notable and I think one of the things that will see about. The prices certainly to low you said it very well for Jonathan Lewis with the question is ravaged. Hollywood want to sell them for like one point two is even that's barely any any improvement but. One of the things to point out or to watch the rest of the season for Colorado is whether he starts because he's been the spark off the bench guy for last season half the question becomes like what happens you know once suitors from abroad in Belgium or Holland or the championship are interested in Jonathan Lewis as a starting piece but the price isn't there because he hasn't been starting piece of the rapids therefore, he's been thought of, as you know. You guys will sell them for good price because he superfluous year plan is he isn't starting. Every game so it's not it doesn't put pressure on Robin Frazier to select him but it does put pressure a little bit on the rapids to sink more broadly about his role for the club. He kyw's regardless of whether they pumped him for a profit to afford team whether Jonathan Lewis is happy with the rapids and weather. His happiness is bound up in his starting is a question is worth asking. So you know he's got to continue to perform at a high level at work his way into a starting role with the club if the value is going to continue to increase on the expected level that you're veterinary that you're talking about. Yeah. I've heard from a couple of people familiar with the situation mark that just it's it's a function of phases of play and overall consistency. So when we've seen Jonathan when we've seen him come off the bench. It's usually in situations where the rapids are looking to improve the results. So to draw and they're trying to go for the win, it's a loss in they're trying to get back into the game and Louis. His main goal is you know stand on the touchline right at midfield, get the ball and go directed goal and either create havoc by creating a passing opportunity or you know perfectly back shoulder run. kyw's has a zoo breezy for him to put that in the channel and then Jonathan Lewis has great angle to shoot and tie the game up. not ourselves against us. In Kansas City, and so that's something that's pretty much the consistency. That's what we've seen from him either he run into the box, actually get the play going a shot for him rebound for somebody else or getting in there as the light runners we saw I think it was a second or maybe a third opportunity. The actually scored the first game of the season at DC united. You know if I look at how other players in a similar position to him market for taking. Diego Rubio Andre. Cheeky, playing in a slightly they're both more. Their best suited is the number nine role. We've seen them both wide positions in the four, three three or four to three one under Robin, frazier CD, Rubio track. Back regardless of where he's playing on the field to do work defensively to help break up plays or provide some form of pressure relief for the defense behind him I've seen Andre. Cheeky. Borderline track all the way back to the point where he sam vine are able to double-team Carlos Davila on their left wing. Right wing or L. A. Sees right-wing. I haven't released seen that either as a substitute or as a starter from Jonathan Lewis, and so he has one sure fire knockout punch. The is international caliber that he is able to do that in molest you would be able to do that in a lot of concha calf situations. We haven't seen enough from national team for me to say whether or not. He could do that in a Gold Cup against Mexico in Confederations Cup against a major European player or overpowered more talented team in a knockout round game for. In the world. Cup I'm not saying that he'd be able to do with Julie Green did against was Germany Belgium in two thousand fourteen. But I have not seen that same level quality at the same consistent level through ninety minutes or twenty minutes off the bench. Face the play whether it's slower buildup the rapids or trying to look at I mean he's a short guy. So I don't know how much I can blame him for not getting anything on set pieces. Given he's not taking the pieces and he's what? Maybe five four I I've stood next to him. I'm five and a half and I am taller than him. And I haven't really seen the other face play. So maybe that's something that he's working on that we just haven't seen because it hasn't been the right situational opportunity that could have been something that totally Robin Fraser was looking at going into the game against Vancouver Mark Third Game of the regular season like Jonathan you're starting we want you to do a little bit more work defensively and then We'll see if you can create opportunities when we get those critical moments. So maybe it was all situational but that is that is a question from the outside that we also have that I think hasn't really been answered and it's not GonNa be answered until we actually ultimately regardless of what's going on in training and whether or not he's making progress he needs to be able to do that feel. Part of why he left New York City F C, and why he was out of favor with Dominique durant at the time was because he did not do that or New York City have not seen that consistently for the rapids under any of a three managers, any of the systems that they tried to play. We see that more for him to win that starting spot at left wing position especially given his competition in how different a more well rounded player Nicholas Venezia's given how much the club is going to invest. From development standpoint and from a financial standpoint potential late in Brian Calvin and if Johnson Louis wants to be an impact player in a Gold Cup or God, willing twenty, twenty, two World Cup Qatar or have an opportunity to play. Play abroad at the club level. That is something that we are going to need to see a more. Regardless of. Whether or not he is content in his current role regardless of whether or not. He's happy with that or he wants to continue to grow in thinks that the best opportunity is less or going back to England or maybe pursuing a call from Germany that's something that has to happen for his hands the player on both to. Progress his career both club and International. Well said Mark I. Don't think we did predictions I. Know we both said it's a crap shoot but I do we want to throw out a prediction for Saturday The predict loss, but I'm going to predict the loss. I don't know what the scores going to be, but I don't know why we can't eat. Ourselves but we can't beat ourselves on undone predicting that we're going to finally beat ourselves and then being proven wrong. WE'RE GONNA lose I don't know how much what are you that? I was going to take a one one draw to be honest I. think there's a I think just the fact that the rapids are gonNA come out with energy but still both teams have had a lot of time to think about this played recently I think that's going to be a little bit different I. Think we might see a new wrinkle from Robin Frazier I. Think there was a little bit too Not, not necessarily predictability but just having like wonder two main things could do. So maybe we see a slightly different nuance like we saw the game on against FC Dallas where they came out and they said okay let's play three at the back. Let's push one of the fullbacks into the midfield a little bit more a took like it was sixty minutes into the game in Dallas finally realized what they could actually do it that we might see. In every single one of these games especially in the game in Orlando. oursel- has been the one Suzanne the first punch normally either in terms of just style of play and how they're coming out in their shape, and that dictates the pace of play or an actually scoring I i. think the rapids get to the front foot and maybe they do it by switching something for personal sampling possibly starting one Johnny football on or doing something else from a formation or shape our tactical standpoint that catches ourselves off their guard to actually get them up at enough of a leg upsets the rapids get up out of this game. Listeners false individually on twitter at soccer underscore rabbi at Lwin check at are written using. will both have stuff coming out for the rapid hopefully before Saturday at American soccer analysis and last word on soccer. Follow us on all the podcast on twitter at rapids ninety six podcast send us your questions using the Hashtag ask hgh wait mark. We haven't ask. HD each Elvis Week we did not do not. Okay. Okay. So if you want to since we'll need them feel free to send them and we'll definitely put them in the show for next week using the Hashtag ask H. T. H.. L. If you want to get in touch more long-form ninety, six podcasts at gmail.com if we bring monetary value to our lives to your lives, please support our sponsors, roughnecks scarves the official scarf supplier of US MLS annual soccer. They're also making a soccer themed and customizable Zayn Net gators and masks because I mentioned before, and then you can also check. Out Acres FC for looking for a non cookie cutter Template Jersey option. Their motto is any design. He wants seriously let them help you design your next custom kit for your club team at Ecus F C DOT COM or head on over to our Patriot page. Patriots. Dot. com. Backslash rappers ninety six PODCAST or Denver Post dotcom Backlash H. L. for a special deal on E. Denver Post sports page listeners. We'll see you next week. We're hopefully we're not having another therapy session because we all got PTSD on Saturday night we'll see.

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