GSMC Baseball Podcast Episode 390: Phillies and Mets Hire GMs, Rule 5 Draft Results, Minor League Update


Golden state concepts in baseball podcasts. We cover everything major league from spring training through the world series. Got your favorite club. Cover from new york to boston to la. This is the golden state media. Concepts baseball podcast. Hello and welcome in to another edition of gsm baseball. Podcast brought to you. By the mc podcast network. I'm your host kevin mahalick. It's monday december fourteenth. Hopefully guys had a fantastic weekend out there here. In the greater philadelphia area the weather was excellent creeping up towards the high fifties able to get outside and enjoy ourselves one last time here. It seems because jack frost and winter is coming right around the corner for the first time this season. It looks like we're going to get about a foot of snow around these parts. So i know in the north east boston kind of the new england area. They've gotten a bit of snow the past couple of storms. But we were lucky around here that it was still warm enough. It was rain but not anymore so about a foot of snow that should stick around for christmas. Make it a white christmas and Who's going to argue with that. I mean certainly not myself but wherever you're listening to this hopefully you guys had a fantastic weekend get in your holiday shopping going here since we are less than two weeks away from the big day. Or if you're in the hanukkah season. I know that has just begun so whatever you're celebrating out there hopefully your holiday seasons off to a fantastic start and i appreciate you guys. Listening in today's episode is gonna have a bit of a national league east flavor to it. Dave dombrowski was hired by the phillies. The mets made a higher of jared porter at general manager. We're going to talk about the rule five draft and then get into an update on the minor league system here today so we got a great show for you. Let's jump right into it here. Right up the top of the show. This is the first time i'm really going to be speaking about my philadelphia phillies here in great detail and yes of course i'm a fan of the phillies but wanna remain professional during all of this it and discuss what exactly is taking place here but the phillies have hired dave dombrowski as president of baseball operations and this became a bit of a surprising higher just due to the fact that dombrowski his name came up right when the the position initially became available but he had communicated that he wasn't interested and he was kind of looking into mlb expansion in what is taking place there well over the course of the past couple of weeks the phillies dad. Levine's names ben involved. They've had michael hill involved in over the past couple of weeks apparently. The commissioner's office reached out to dombrowski and told them that the time line on expansion has been pushed back a handful of years because of the corona virus issues going on. They want to make sure everything kind of stabilizes before they go into expanding into a new team. And i think these conversations manifested themselves because of Theo epstein out in chicago stepping down. I think one of the only ways to get him back into the game. This this upcoming season was to work in nashville with dombrowski on that expansion team. But if that team's not coming into fruition. Over the next couple of years dombrowski now found himself back in the job market. Because you know you didn't want to be sitting in quote unquote retirement for the next couple of seasons. So john middleton of the phillies called him up apparently over the course of twenty four forty eight hours a deal was discussed and more or less agreed to and now dombrowski is taken over the fills. And what does this mean. Are they going to hire gm. Under dave dombrowski. I mean for this upcoming season. Everybody's reporting and all the conversation is no he is going to take that title but as the president of baseball operations you can have a general manager underneath us so well they be keeping current acting. Gm ned rice in a similar role under dombrowski that is yet to be determined but ultimately middleton during his press. Conference came out in disgust. About how now they have to very experienced very well respected leaders at key positions within the organization dombrowski being one and the higher last year of joe girardi as manager being the other so he feels that those two will be able to get on the same page steady. The ship and pointed in the correct direction moving forward. But what do we know about dombrowski. Let me get into it here. Before i kind of get into his upcoming obligations for the phillies but is career. He actually started out with the montreal. Expos he was in the front office as a player development rep and worked his way all the way up to general manager of the expos He then went to work for the florida. Marlins where he he wanted tidal in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven in his fifth season with the team. He then dismantled everybody on the team. Everybody remembers the tear down in the fallout after that but he was also involved with building the team back up. He did leave florida. Four detroit in two thousand and two but after he left the marlins won the title again in two thousand and three and a lot of players involved with that team. Where because of dave dombrowski moves a handful of years earlier. So leaves florida to go to detroit. In which his second year they only one forty. Three games He then over. The course of the next decade with detroit went to two world series appearances to more american league championship series. Things did start to decline throughout his tenure. They're very similar to what happened to the phillies. No seven through eleven losing and losing a world series losing and then losing the al lds in that time there so was never able to get over the hump and win a world series in detroit but certainly put together a fantastic four year run. Before ultimately he was released from his duties in detroit he was then brought on with the red sox. This was his most recent stop. He was there for five plus years he himself. He took them to the playoffs. Losing back to back years in the al ds before winning the world series in two thousand eighteen but then subsequently being fired less than a year later in two thousand and nineteen and you think to yourself man. It's got to be difficult to be. Let go from a position less than a year after winning a world series for that team and a lot of this had to do with the contracts and the way the team was set up for future success so dombrowski 'em oh or kind of the mold that he comes from is he. He does trait. He's very aggressive in trades he typically gives up prospects in return for big league ready talent. One of the jokes locally in the media is basically every one of the top prospects. They're telling them to start packing their bags in not renewing the lease on their apartments because more often than not he shipping out prospects for major league levy major league level. Ready talent at this current time. So it'll be interesting to see his maneuvers philadelphia. But he's made a number of fantastic trades in his past so when it comes to trading. Of course there's some bad there's more good than bad but the contract situation is one that typically comes up when you're discussing dave dombrowski and in particular three or four examples. The most recent was mookie betts. Not being able to sign him to a long term deal. Because you have nate jawohl d for four years and sixty eight million dollars. You have david price for seven years. Two hundred and seventeen million dollars. You have jd martinez paid so you can't pay or allocate correct to the right players and that put them in the situation where they're currently in where twenty nineteen was a down year twenty twenty. This was not good for boston. And twenty twenty one certainly Still seems like a rebuilding year. But if you're a fan base would you take a world series title for three to five years of a rebuilt. I think maybe not in boston. Just because they're accustomed to a certain level of consistent success but here in philadelphia. The last title we got was twelve going on thirteen years ago. Now and that certainly bought guys three to five years. And ruben amaro junior. But if he's able to kind of wheel and deal and bring a title back to philly and we go through another rut like this. I'm sure he will be remembered. Positively within the city but his last deal here to discuss that is always brought. Up is the miguel cabrera extension eight years. Two hundred and forty eight million He still on the books for another couple of years through his age. Forty season. well that was the two sides of coin because dombrowski traded cabrera in his prime in detroit brought him in. He's one of the reasons they made it to two world series. Multiple playoffs triple crown winner. But then he also gives him the extension which ear in philly. everybody thinks. Oh we know that. That's called ryan howard. You don't pay him while they're coming up for their production so you pay them for past production in future seasons and ultimately they quote unquote do not live up to the current contract. So you know dombrowski. His resume certainly speaks for itself. They're very positive with bringing him in. It certainly seems like this was the phillies ideal candidate from the start. They went heavy after dombrowski he ultimately told them no because he was still interested in the expansion team but circumstances since then have changed the phillies were not able to get a few other top candidates that they had their mindset on and ultimately come back to dombrowski to bring him on board here moving forward so is he going to be able to jive war connect with the analytics style of baseball that continues to be more aggressive at. He said all the right things during his press conference. He likes to combine scouting and analytics. He knows people on both sides of the pendulum but he likes to combine them. He knows that the phillies are quote unquote retooling and not rebuilding. He spoke about aaron. Nola zack wheeler bryce harper. All the guys under contract who are above average big-league guy saying there's too much talent on this team to completely rebuild but they do need changes here to be more competitive specifically with the bullpen. That was discussed and i do think that him. And the drive line contingent in drive line is a style of program or company based on throwing metrics and workouts for your arm and those guys are very much involved with computers analytics. Wait sabermetrics kind of three d models. Things like that. So is dombrowski. Who's a bit more on the older side of things certainly not a quote unquote up and comer. Is he going to be able to relate an interpret that data and be able to communicate that amongst the scouting team amongst the coaching staff to implement a process that ultimately can make the phillies more successful moving forward. It will certainly be fascinating to see but first order of business of course is what to do with. Jt rio mutoko. Everybody thinks that the phillies chances of bringing back. Jt have drastically increased with the addition of dombrowski. Who once again has never been shy to throw around some to You know big league level talent. Big time talent. Mvp all-star type talent in real mewdell. So again with james mccann going to the new york mets which we'll discuss later in segment three here. When we talk about the mets and detail but that increases the chances of the phillies dombrowski increases the chances of the phillies. so it's basically down to the phillies the nationals and a few mystery teams out there. Maybe the rangers possibly having conversations but that will certainly be the first order of business for dombrowski is finalizing his market based on where mccann set the market. The years and what. They're looking to communicate their so next order is. We're hearing rumors about a possible vince. Velazquez trade. Vince was recently tendered. A contract during the arbitration back and forth within the past couple of weeks people in philadelphia thought he could be gone but ultimately Uh he was brought back. And i think this is the end goal. I think they're trying to move him. He's doing anywhere between three point. Eight and four point eight million dollars. So that's a good contract for a guy throwing mid ninety anybody out there can look at that and see the potential so i don't know what they would get back for velazquez but dombrowski likes to wheel and deal. He likes to move the prospects. I do believe we're gonna see some changes here in philadelphia based on their roster because ultimately. I'm just not sure the direction of this team. And this is me as a fan speaking here who watches every day but everybody knows about the bullpen. Everybody's turned over basically the entire bullpen. They're looking for top end. Bullpen help out there. Liam hendriks colom name it there in on it based on the reporting from the mlb insiders. But beyond that. I just think offensively the phillies really need to find what their identity is or are they strikeout homerun team or are they a small ball team. Are they new school or they old school kind of what ultimately direction are they trying to go here and i think that will help them with the drafting process because the phillies are the only team. Really to kinda screw up this whole rebuild process. I mean the san diego padres their up and coming now based on draft and offsetting that with the veteran editions. The chicago white sox have now entered that mold. They've drafted well now. They're adding veteran editions lance lynn. Lucas giolito dallas kaikal. All of these guys coming together and the phillies. They don't have any of these young prospects. I mean spencer howard's up there alec bomb are really the top two and that are close to ready but the next level or wave of talent because they've missed on so many draft picks is at the lower level of the farm system and certainly not going to be part of the cavalry. That shows up in two thousand and twenty one. So dombrowski. Not a rebuild. More of a retool and yet the minor league system seems like a rebuild. The major league products seems like a retool which certainly makes this a challenging opportunity here but big market team. We they have money to spend. They have the tv contracts. They have the ability to hopefully be competitive here in the near future but dombrowski certainly has his hands full on getting the phillies back to prominence. That'll do it here for the first segment of the baseball podcast brought to you by the mc podcast network. Well we'll do nows. We'll pause step aside for a word from one of our sponsors. They help us pay the bills around here and also where from one of our sisters shows that you guys should be checking out but when we come back on the other side we're gonna talk about the rule five draft. This went down over the past week. Eighteen picks were made. I'm gonna tell you guys about him and we'll find out if anybody's going to contribute here and twenty twenty one so stick around everyone. I'm your host kevin mahalick. We'll be right back. This is your ultimate stop for everything. Sports the golden state media concepts or podcast more from the nfl mlb the nba to mma. All in here. Golden state media concept's sports podcast. Listen mr to the gsm. See baseball. Podcast brought to you. The mc podcast network. I'm your host kevin. Mahalick appreciate you guys listening in if you haven't done so yet do me a favor. Hit that button. Rate and review the podcast. Click subscribe it all changes depending on what platform you're on whether it's spotify apple podcasts. Stitcher amazon music pandora wherever the guest is. You guys are listening because the more and more platforms become available the more and more different ways you guys can consume the great quality product here within the gmc podcast network but please hit that five star review. Write us a comment. Subscribe sheriff's with your friends. That certainly goes a long way for continuing to allow us to grow and bring quality content to everybody out there but here we are second segment of the baseball podcast. Where we're gonna be talking about the rule five draft and took place here over the past couple of days or i believe it was sunday ultimately. This went down friday night. I can't remember all the days with the holiday season running together here. I'm just glad to be talking to you. Guys but eighteen players were taken during the major league face. This was the same amount as twenty sixteen in two thousand seventeen. This was a very high number because people thought things could be quiet with the pandemic with the financial stress that the teams are currently under. They thought that this year could be relatively slow well. It was quite the opposite. It was very very active. And there's also a major league level portion and a minor league level portion to the rule five draft and everybody really only discussed is the major league level but they're over seventy players taken throughout the entire process which once again was a high for about the last eight years or so. So a lotta guys making moves a lot of guys now property of new teams and we're going to discuss the eighteen people that were moved here at the major league level. Fifteen of them were right handed pitchers whether it was starter or reliever a lot of right handed pitchers on the move. There were two outfielders and one shortstop ultimately drafted throughout the process. But how does it work exactly. Well teams pay one hundred thousand dollars purse selection to the players old team and then the new team must keep that player the twenty five man roster for the duration of the season if the team at any point whether it's spring training the month of september whenever it is decides against keeping that player on the active roster then they must be sent through waivers if they're unclaimed then they're offered back to their old team for fifty thousand dollars and typically. The old team takes them back. Gives one hundred thousand. They received and fifty thousand dollars richer. And you know no worse for wear essentially going on there so because a lot of times they won't be claimed on waivers because if they're not good enough to make your team they're typically not good enough to really make any team at the big league level because this is where the surprise out of eighteen players really came about because if you think about it it's typically teams at the bottom of the league that take these types of chances because these players a lot of them have played above aa or aaa have basically shown that they're not ready to contribute at the major league level. And if they were they would be on the roster of the team that currently owns that are currently has their contract so a lot of the lesser teams. Bring them over because yeah. That's a good team. We're not we think you could make and that's typically what happens. So are there any success stories. Out of rule five draft picks and yes but you know a lot of them ended up going to the new squad for a month two months into the season. Maybe they get a couple of guys back healthy and they just wanted to look at this person ultimately so they send them back but more so than not these. Do not work out but there have been the circumstances where not only of rule. Five draft picks gone on to make the team for the entirety of the season but ultimately go on to have successful careers because notable rule five selections who have made an all star team then throughout their career breaking it down here position player and pitcher style of things on the position players side. You have jose batista george bell. Bobby baena darrell evans josh hamilton. Dan uggla fernando vina and shane victorino and reading those names in my head. I'm going yeah. I know every one of these names so you know at one point. These guys were stuck in the minor leagues for five plus seasons unable to break into the big league club with their current organization so they got a second chance they took advantage of it and ultimately had successful careers on the pitching side of things. Jason greeley willie hernandez mike morgan. Jeff nelson darren o'day johan santana yoki m- soria and ryan presley have all made the all star game after being selected in the rule five draft. So it can be basically a lottery pick your paying one hundred grand for potentially a lottery pick given this guy a shot. Maybe he's been buried behind a few other top prospects because this is where the forty man purge that takes place because if your own organization thinks highly of you enough or your time line is quick enough. They add you to the forty man roster. They know this years in advance when players are going to be ruled five eligible and they plan roster construction in order not to lose a ton of prospect. So if you're on this list your team knows hey you either drafted high of high potential. But things just haven't worked out to this point to where we're going to protect this other person instead of yourself. So let's get into some of these picks. Let's breakdown who's going where ultimately like i said. Eighteen selections so a busy evening the other day but the pirates had the first pick. They took jose soriano a right handed. Pitcher from the angels soriano underwent tommy. John surgery last february. He missed a season His elbow scar i. It's it's touchy so but the fire it's ultimately they think it could be a positive thing. He misses more time. He continues to rehab get the rest of his body healthy and he could come back. You know better than he ever was before moving on so soriano to the pirates was the top pick in the rule five draft this year next. We have the rangers and ultimately before. I get into the rangers pitcher. Because i'm going to butcher his name. I do have to say some of these names. In this rule. Five draft topnotch shot. These guys shout out to the parents everybody involved. These names are pretty salad here at the top of the list. So i know. I'm going to butcher some of these guys but forgive me since you know. They're obviously former minor leaguers. And i don't know the entire roster the rangers they took day juice g. e. u. s. from the dodgers the dodgers ultimately lost to prospects to the rule five draft. They were the only team to lose more than so people taking advantage of the dodgers organization and the depth that they have out there in l. a. but brett juice right handed pitcher of course. Yeah he's he's an interesting relief. Prospect is valid city went up when he moved to the bullpen but he struggled with command ultimately. Has it looked apart. So it'll be interesting to see if the rangers can get anything out of that or he'll just be a camp arm for them down there but third overall the tigers took a keel bad. Do an outfielder from the twins bed do was the twins second round pick in the twenty sixteen draft. Of course you know he. He's behind a pretty pretty good outfield there in minnesota so i certainly see why he hasn't been able to crack the lineup. He's also had tommy john throughout his a professional career. Sell good strength goodspeed. but ultimately i think the pitching is going to be too much and he will not make the tigers. Even though you know the opportunity will be there. So the red sox took garrett whitlock from the yankees whitlock had tommy john in july of two thousand nineteen so he'll be coming off about eighteen months when they head into twenty twenty one. I sat success at the aa level so relief pitcher fastball slider combination of the red sox are hoping if they could develop a change maybe they can move him into the rotation and he could be a piece there for the future the orioles took mac skirl ler and number five from the cincinnati reds schoolers. Uncle was also a big league pitcher for the baltimore orioles. So the kid here. He's got a big frame loose armies that success in high but certainly hasn't pitched above that so nobody really knows if he will be able to stick around here in baltimore but the diamondbacks a number six they took zach pop from the orioles. Pop is another member to undergo tommy. John tommy john these guys this is because that forces them to miss one maybe two seasons and throughout that time you're not going to elevate them up the chain single eight aa so they then become behind the eight ball and buckeye behind their actual process which allows them to be in aa in your five because really they've only played for three years and they sent them out with injuries. So pop has twenty two career appearances at double a so. He's had success. They're potentially if he stays healthy he could make a run for the diamondbacks the rockies at number seven jordan sheffield a right handed pitcher from the dodgers. So sheffield's got great stuff. It's really just about command durability he's been in and out of the lineup walks guys when he was at double a so the odds are against him figuring it out if he can't find himself consistently in the strike zone at number eight. Angels took jose alberto rivera. Let's see from the astros. It's one of the most interesting arms here in this class. He's been used long any short inning. Reliever starter all over the place. His fastball touches one hundred. He's got a splitter that people think can work off of it so the angels looking for help in the relief side of things in their bullpen. They're going to take a ticket at rivera from houston. At number nine. The mets they took louis oviedo array handed pitcher from cleveland. He was not picked in last year's draft even though he was eligible last year so i had a good good twenty twenty or didn't participate because of the pandemic but continued to develop workouts videos. Things like that. He finds himself taken at number nine here in twenty twenty but at ten the mariners took will vest a right handed pitcher from the tigers. He can basically a short right hander. Deceptive delivery a writing fastball. He appeared in three different levels in two thousand nineteen was in the arizona. Fall league so he's facing good competition and the mariners little short staffed. They think he has a good chance to make the opening day lineup and potentially throw some innings out there first. Seattle number eleven is kyle holder the philadelphia phillies took him from the yankees holder. Was the thirtieth pick in the two thousand fifteen draft but really hasn't hit to the point of where he was able to climb the ladder. He's great quality fielder so the the hitting no suggests that he's basically a backup at the major league level and the phillies with some question. Marks around the shortstop position second base third base gene. Score on the block didi gregorius. A free agent is scott. Kingery that guy. I certainly understand why the depth that the short stop spot was the reason the phillies went there. In the rule. Eight draft at number twelve. The giants took dead. Neil newness right. Handed pitcher from the mets nunez. Missed the second half of the two thousand and nineteen season due to a shoulder. Injury of course did not participate in two thousand and twenty. But he's got a high spin rate on his fastball. his off speed particularly leaves much to be desired. But if you can ride that fast ball up in the zone and work some sort of off speed off of it. You can have success here at the big league level. Because that's how you offset kind of the increase. In the degree of the swing plane through the zone you offset that with elevated fastballs and reduce that contact surface time through the zone to be effective so and number thirteen. The marlins took paul campbell from the tampa bay. Rays campbell was a back end starting prospect due to multiple pitches in his arsenal but his strikeouts have never really shown what some of his analytics or sabermetrics show. And when it comes to spin rate You know he's up there on the list but his performance and results really haven't shown to that level so he's dealt with some arm juice forearm and issues. Injuries could be an issue for moving forward but certainly has the opportunity to stick around in the mix you have the chicago cubs at fourteen taken. Greif enter a right handed. Pitcher from the orioles fentor. He's a small guy right hander. above average fastball. breaking ball. but he's never been above class so He walks a little bit too. Many people hasn't shown the command in the zone. But the stuff is there so if the cubbies if they see something in spring training or in camp they could potentially get him a back end starter out of this pick here. So cleveland at fifteen took trevor stefan ryan pitcher from the yankees. Stefan's one pitcher who could Probably benefit from a new organization. Cleveland's gonna move him to the bullpen from the starting rotation but high spin fastball sweeping. Slider they think that two picks mix is going to be able to make him effective number sixteen. The athletics took tom outfielder from cleveland. Tom has done well. As a professional in two thousand nine hundred ninety two ninety between aa and aaa short small guy only five nine. Kind of jose altuve aish. Let's see if oakland gives him a shot to see can hit the big league level and the last two picks here number seventeen the orioles. They took tyler wells from the minnesota twins organization. He is well had tommy. John surgery hasn't pitched in a regular season game since two thousand eighteen. This kind of gets back to my point of missing two years so of course he's down on the the twins ladder of prospects but six foot eight big kid three-quarter arm slot. Nice little bit of run the orioles. I would be excited to see somebody with that stature as well at number eighteen. You have the athletics danny. A right handed pitcher from the blue jays. Jimenez was selected last year in the rule. Five draft by the giants but ultimately was sent back to the blue jays. So he is now available again in the athletic say. Hey maybe try out this time with us and we'll see if you can make the squad but certainly an active role five draft like we talked about eighteen picks and made seventy total over the minor league portion. It was kind of fascinating to watch the wheeling and dealing going on during the winter meetings in the rule five draft. But that'll do it here for segment number. Two of the gsm see baseball. Podcast brought to you. By the mc podcast network. I'm your host kevin mahalick. We'll step aside for a minute and then we'll come back and discuss the new york mets. They hired a gm. They made some signings. What's going on in new york. Stick around find out. 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That's next on my list. That's one thing. I'm not looking forward to. Although i do appreciate the new wrapping paper with the squares on the back it works better for guys like me who can basically just count squares. Measure things out. Cut along those lines. And you're good to go because if you're giving me a blank side to the wrapping paper you're certainly gonna get something that does not look as pretty as if you're going to help me out there on the backside so hopefully you guys enjoying yourself. Stay in safe staying healthy out there. Things are certainly crazy here in pennsylvania. We're entering another three week. Lockdown no more indoor dining jim salon saloon salons whatever you wanna call them out there shut down to so it certainly getting crazy but Stay safe during the holidays. Enjoy yourself and thanks again for listening here. But we're jumping back into our conversation. We're going to talk about the new york mets they've been in the headlines over the past couple of days. They had a frantic weekend. They hired a general manager. His name is jared porter. He is currently the assistant. General manager of the diamondbacks will now be taken over. gm responsibilities in new york and they also signed catcher. James mccann to a four year deal so my question is which order did those come in. And who signed to whom essentially so. We'll start out with jared border. And then we'll get into of the player roster side of things in new york. But who is jared porter. Well he's got a very impressive background. He was with the red sox from two thousand four. All the way up to two thousand fifteen. He started their under theo epstein. He started out as an intern but then continued to work his way up the organization. He became player development assistant then the coordinator of professional scouting then assistant director of professional scouting and ultimately the director of professional scouting in boston. So he was there during three world series victories. Two thousand four two thousand seven twenty thirteen all within the scouting portion side of things then in two thousand sixteen he reunited with theo epstein in chicago the cubs hired him to be there director of professional scouting and special assistant. Moving forward so porter. Was there in two thousand sixteen when chicago broke the curse so he has four world series to his resume. And he's been in arizona from two thousand seventeen until of course he was named mets general manager so he joined the diamondbacks as senior vice president and assistant general manager in twenty seventeen. He was rumored to be a candidate. The past couple of years for a bunch of different gm roles and ultimately you know now has a new challenge of taking over a large market team in new york coming from a smaller market atmosphere in arizona because porter has been known to talk about combining scan scouting and analytics. You know this seems to be the new age conversation. I talked to you guys about how dave dombrowski mentioned something very similar during his initial press conference. I'm sure porter. we'll talk about. Hey scouts matter analytics matter. It's about a marriage between the two and not going ultimately one way or the other and finding that long term success so it'll be interesting to see ultimately how he Pans out there in new york because of course his background is in scouting is in player. Development doesn't have a ton of success ultimately when it comes to the contract side of things and those are two totally different worlds dombrowski very good at one struggles at the other. It'll be interesting to see how jared porter comes across when it comes to contract negotiations and ultimately making deals and i think we're gonna find out sooner than later because like i mentioned james mccann was signed to a four year. Forty million dollar deal. And this came out hours before. Jared porter was reported to be or named general manager of the team. So i'm sure behind the scenes. Jared porter was informed or involved in some of the conversation around whether or not they should sign james mccann. Because i don't believe you sign a player to a four year contract hours prior to offering general manager title to a candidate and not letting them know. Hey i'm hiring you a new employee spending some of your money and here's your offer. We talked about so you would think that. Hey we're thinking about doing this. We're discussing this. What's your what's your vision. Which your goal and then ultimately will figure out the details such as your salary your title when it comes to further conversation but yeah mccann was added four years. He's only thirty years old. Of course coming off an eighteen point three million dollar contract a record for a catcher for a season. He hit two eighty nine fifteen. Rbi's in thirty one games that he played of course. The season was shortened. And he didn't get all that money. But you guys get it out there. So i was an all star two thousand eighteen career high averaging in two thousand and nineteen seems to be coming into his prime at the age of thirty but catchers when they get on that other side you know they decline rather quickly so we'll be fascinating to see if he can continue his ascend name trajectory or if ultimately he will get over that hill quickly and this contract could look like a mistake so very similar conversation with jt real mute so very similar timelines side do like the four year deal for somebody at thirty thirty one years old. I know rea- wants five. Six seven. And i do think this is part of the hold-up when it comes to his recruitment but mccain he was a consensus second best catcher out there on the free agency market. Let's see here for his career. He's thrown out thirty six point. Three percent of base stealers are not first career since two thousand fifteen. Excuse me so for the last five years. He's thrown out thirty six point three and jt. Real mutel is at thirty six point zero. So those two right at the top of the list ranked third and fourth martinez maldonado in salvador perez. At thirty seven seven thirty six nine. So those guys. Obviously in the top three percentile when it comes to defense throwing out baserunners. It's just a matter of the offense in it for the mets mccann can continue to deliver signing at about ten million dollars a year. So if that wasn't porter's i move whether it was or it wasn't i'm sure he's going to talk about how he was informed by the team. He agreed with the move. He's looking forward to it during his initial press conference but he's got a lot on the to do list and the phillies with tim browse the to do list wasn't so great. It's maybe a trade of number five starter or are we gonna move an older shortstop. What's going on but in new york. These are prime time moves need or could be made because of course with the james mccann edition. People are assuming that that thinks you know they're gonna go for. Trevor bauer george springer or even maybe francisco lynn door because all reports are that. They're looking at two big fish in the market. And james mccann was not one of those big fish so you can remove jt rio mutsu from that conversation and it becomes a bit clearer ultimately what they're trying to do. So it's been reported there. In on. George springer and i think springer would be the next domino to fall in new york after springer the attention then go to trevor bauer. If they can't work out a deal based on the numbers there maybe they go to the bullpen liam hendriks potentially or second tier starters jayco dharavi style of things but That's going to be number. One on the to do list is figuring out ultimately which direction we're going this offseason and how heavily we're going to dive into that direction because internally there's a couple of questions to be answered as well so michael conforto who's had himself a good couple of years. It's been talked about that. His agent. scott. Boris they wanna get through twenty twenty one and test the market. Well mets fans. Don't want it to get there. They want to sign conforto to an extension. He's twenty seven years old in his prime so They think that is something that this off season. At least the conversation should be taken place between conforto in the mets because if he hits the market they think somebody's ultimately going to overpay for his services noah. Syndergaard is also somebody who's up for a contract extension. This one's a little bit tricky. Because of course tommy. John surgery recently. Taking place with syndergaard is going to be back. In twenty twenty one is going to be dominance or does he take things a little bit. Slow does he. Sit out twenty one. Enter free agency healthy coming off. Tommy john does he go the route of throwing bullpens in the off season to prove guys that he still has the stuff and he's willing to come back or does he try to rush it and push it to come back in twenty twenty one you know get some tape on the books get some stats back in. Be able to carry that over into a contract in two thousand twenty two so syndergaard though. He comes back right where he was. He's a legit number two at best a number one at worst the number three so atop one two or three pitcher on the market. He's gonna get scooped up with arm. Problems are not and that's where met fans are looking to possibly extend syndergaard before he becomes expensive or they lose him as well because they lost wheeler to free agency. They don't wanna lose syndergaard in a similar style so of course in new york you got to figure out what's going on with the coaching staff. There's a lot to be to be determined down there. A few other front office positions could be filled assistant. General manager a few other executives are a key title that usually thrown around in new york. But everybody's excited because owner steve cohen. He's aggressive sandy. Anderson is known to be aggressive and people believe that jared border is going to come in and be able to work with both of those individuals on a positive level. I mean twitter reactions reactions amongst the industry are very happy. And very positive for jared border and people think that he's going to do a nice job there in new york so now that they have general manager. Does the money come soon after. Are we going to get a george springer citing trevor bauer francisco door. What's the move in new york now. That james mccann is in the fold. As well as jared porter it will certainly be fascinating to see which direction they're going there so they've added. Trevor may added mccann. Start this off season in new york with certainly the biggest fish left out there to potentially be caught. But that'll do it for our mets conversation. I now want to talk to you guys about some other signings that have taken place. We talked about james mccann. He was the big one over the past couple of days. But there were a few under the radar. Signings and transactions ultimately that took place one of them being with the seattle mariners. Right handed pitcher. Chris flexing signed a major league level deal to return to the mariners. He was recently in the k. B o in twenty twenty so he had a three zero one one hundred and sixteen innings in the k b o and he will be coming back to pitch with the seattle mariners in twenty twenty getting a second chance league side. The texas rangers. They made a trade with v tampa bay rays. They acquired first baseman nate. Low in a six player deal They're also getting. Let's see first baseman jake. Gunther and a player to be named later will be there. Three the razor receiving catcher outfielder dough hernandez infielder oss lobbyists basan bay and outfielder alexander ovallis to tampa bay so a lotta lower level prospects going back and forth the big name. They are rate mate. Low going from tampa bay over to texas in deal. Few other trades were finalized The reds finalized glossiest trade. They're getting leonardo reverse from the angels as the player to be named later ribas twenty three and he never played above high a. So certainly a lottery ticket. There for the reds. The brewers and dodgers completed the corey the cory novel trade. Leo crawford went from the dodgers to complete the trade crawford's twenty three. He had a strong two thousand. Nineteen between single-a aa a two eight one. Era so nice. Get there for the brewers. Let's see here. There were a few other. Oh the rangers added reliever ed debris ramos on a minor league level deal with the major league level option. He had been with the phillies for years. Out of the bullpens. Got a nice off speed. Slider that is really devastating when it's in the zone but he just hasn't been able to find consistency off of his fastball. To go along with it. The rangers signed david dos. So the rangers were busy. They traded for eight low. They also signed david doll doll. Of course was non tendered by the rockies last week only twenty six years old a former first round pick he was all star in two thousand nineteen so the rangers very inexpensive one year. Three million dollar deal for doll to head back to texas. Let's see a couple more here. The mets of course mccain but lastly. The dodgers added veteran depth on minor league deals brandon moral jimmy nelson brock stewart and james pazos all added to the dodgers on minor league level deals to round out their roster out there in l. a. so not a ton of action happening at the high levels when it comes to signings or transactions across major league baseball. Of course the winter meetings being all virtual may have helped with the slowdown here. Over the past seventy two hours but the rule five draft was busy the phillies now have a general manager and can find themselves making some moves. The mets now have a general manager can start making some moves because you know those two teams in those big markets are heavy hitters and a lot of time set the market for these lower level teams trying to come in for these relief pitchers are the phillies going after hendrix or the mets and they can kind of set the market from there on down. But that'll do it here for segment number three of the gsm see baseball. Podcast brought to you by the gmc podcast network. Your hosts kevin mahalick. I do appreciate you guys listening in. We'll step aside one last time here for word from one of our sponsors one of our sister shows but we come back. I'm an update. You guys what's going on in major or minor league baseball now. Major league minor league baseball out there there has been an update across. Mlb their relationship. What's going on so we'll update you there. And then we'll talk about all the rumors news and notes currently taking place so stick around everyone. I'm your host kevin mahalick. We'll be right back. Want to know the latest and soccer. That listened to the golden state media. Concept's soccer podcast. M l s is the world the premier league we've got you covered the latest update the hottest matches news on the league's top players. It's the golden state media concept soccer. Podcasts listen now. Justice to the fourth and final segment of the gsm see baseball. Podcast brought to you by the gsm. See podcast network. I'm your host kevin. Hollick appreciate you guys tuning in today. If you haven't checked out the other shows within the podcast network do yourself a favor. Type in g. s. m. c. right there into the search icon. You'll get a plethora of different shows. It's like twenty to thirty whatever topic you're interested in whether it's sports the nba nhl fantasy football. The playoffs coming up here or it's books politics news music movies. Whatever it is whenever you're into we got a fantastic show for you guys within the podcast network. So this is the fourth and final segment here on december fourteenth. Hopefully you guys are having a great time thus far appreciate you tuning in here today but wanted to give you an update on minor league baseball within the past week been some new reports new traction a lot of new stuff going on and basically wanted to share that intel. With you guys if you didn't see the report or what's ultimately currently taking place. Because last time. I talked to you guys about it man. I can't remember. I think maybe a month ago now at this point but nobody really knew the direction everybody knew kind of the overall structure but it really was kind of a wait and see or a holding pattern to try to determine next steps and the step that recently took place was that one hundred and nine hundred teams received their quote unquote invitations for the twenty twenty one season and this invitation means to be an affiliated member of major league baseball because the the options that are being discussed or either major league baseball or a wooden bat summer league an independent professional league. They're trying to come up with different options to make sure nobody completely collapses or causes kind of economic downturn. Some of these ballparks are in smaller town smaller cities they employ a lot of individuals. You know they bring in a lotta touristy people from out of town things like that. So they're trying not to totally decimate anyone but out of that there have been one hundred nineteen not one hundred and twenty because there's one that will talk about but one hundred and nineteen have received quote unquote invitations and the one that we're leaving out because one hundred twenty where sent out this. One is a bit tricky. Because apparently this one was with fresno there is currently a aaa team in fresno that was basically invited but told moving forward that they will be a low a affiliate now so going from triple a. Caliber stadium seating sizing operations down to a low level. Is something that they're working through. Because there's conversation that you know fresno needs to look at the economics try to understand. Could they potentially make more money as a wood bat operator because there are some teams that based on where they're at whether they're moving up or down the franchise evaluation will not be as high as it was. So will they be able to kind turn and go into the college level type of programming. Does this still bring in enough revenue. Is it a high quality. Baseball is good enough to bring in fans to the stand so a lot of this has to be discussed but fresno is currently not happy going from triple hey down to a low a affiliate but this is where they're at so if they say no ultimately move on this could also be taken place across the hundred in nineteen. They've essentially been made aware. Hey this is the offer you have. Let me know if you want to accept there. Haven't been any specific. Paper works out or any contracts or details because there is some early word coming back like wilmington delaware close to us in the greater philadelphia area. Apparently they've come out and said yes. We don't even care what the contract says. We would love to be associated and affiliated. We are in. Because i currently believe that they are independent baseball so now they will receive an affiliation which of course will increased their business evaluation of things because what isn't affiliation mean basically. Hey you're socio. With major league baseball. But that increases the revenue it increases the franchise evaluation. What it's worth but also all of the salaries are then paid by the major league level team and not by your own internal operation so the salaries of the players in the salaries of the coaches of course which are your biggest expenses. When it comes to any professional team those will be paid by the phillies. The mets whoever it is as opposed to a fresno now goes independent fresno has to figure out how to pay those players salaries and bring them in and ultimately Have them perform. So it'll be fascinating to see where that yes or no stands could there be other teams potentially and if a team says no like a fresno. Mlb already has a backup plan in place to kind of offset or next time. You know basically a waiting list so to speak and one team. We're hearing on that. Waiting list is team again. Local here to the northeast but his trenton new jersey. Trenton was not chosen again by their parent affiliated team but based on their location geography wise the amount of professional teams on the east coast. Certainly it feels like if somebody were to say no. Trenton lied right in there. And take their place. So the initial invitations have been sent out to one hundred nineteen hundred and twenty including fresno. But that was the biggest one that seen the the most amount of kickback here early. On but from the business side of the minor league team there's also been memo's mandates conversations around how estimated travel expenses could increase one hundred to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for the twenty twenty one season. This would be due to having to get more rooms on the road because guys can't share rooms. It's due to having to get more buses because you can only have a certain number of people on a bus. This goes into facilities. And you know all the travel. That's involved with buses airplanes as well as baseball is going to have a stipulation. If it's over a certain mile marker you then have to fly and some of these lower level you know operations were drive in six seven eight nine ten hours and kind of doing their routine well. This could be labeled too far for player safety. They now have to fly. And these are all new expenses that you did not have previously. It is understood that the majority i mean at least one hundred one hundred and five hundred and ten maybe even one hundred and fifteen of the one hundred and twenty. Who have received invites will accept thor invitation. Because it's been communicated from major league baseball that essentially went to every team every organization and gave them first dibs at retaining their affiliates currently so they went to the phillies. I just keep using them. Because i know they're minor league system the best here but Their aaa team is now in the lehigh valley. Which is an hour and a half from philadelphia. The aa team is in reading which is an hour and a half from philadelphia. Then you have the floor to league team of course down there but you have a middle tier team Single ball in new jersey. Everything is very close to philadelphia. And this is ideally. Would major league baseball wanted for the rest of its teams because teams like the new york. Mets or the minnesota twins that the mets triple eight team is in las vegas nevada or the twins. Aaa team is in rochester. New york and up in toronto. They got a team in western canada. That they can utilize and what was happening. That people weren't realizing if they were paying attention depth was that some of these teams would not promote players to this level due to the ability logistically to have the option to pull them up to the bigs. So the mets would keep people in aa because that was closer to queens than aaa and if they work their bullpen over the weekend against the nationals and they have to call somebody up while somebody can get here from a couple of hours instead of across the country. So we'll just pull guys up from aa so it kind of manipulated the tiered system of the minor leagues and didn't put the best competition ultimately where they could be just due to geography right. So it's something that always fascinated me like the nationals. They have harrisburg a couple of hours. So but there are teams with cross country trips multiple. Our time zones told this story on here with ryan presley. A buddy of mine who got called up at midnight one night. He was in lehigh valley and our from my place and he's like. Hey man i got called up to the show. I gotta be in kansas city tomorrow so i got up early out of bed six. Am picked him up job into the airport. He hopped in an airplane flew to kansas city. Went right to the ballpark and ended up throwing in the game that night so like i woke up in allentown pennsylvania at five am was thrown in the big leagues and kansas city. About ten twelve fourteen hours later so it was just fascinating to kind of follow that too and ultimately see. This is what the people are going through. But i myself just tuning in at seven thirty seeing this press guy. Give up a home run. And i'm in this guy stinks. What's he doing here not realize needs traveled. Woke up early gone through all of this uncomfortable. Logistic side of things together here as opposed to a car ride for an hour and a half and boom. You're good to go. So i do implore the geography side of things and how that should be set up and where they should move going forward. Of course you have. The human side of things There's going to be less number of affiliated teams which means less number of professional players less number of workers at those stadiums and all the way down to the ground floor. I it's certainly isn't something you wanna see but you know baseball. They've come out. This isn't new It's just a new step to ultimately finding the final product. Now that major league baseball is going to kind of overtake the minor league system in its entirety here so one. Hundred and twenty teams get invitations. The next couple of months will be yes nose and then ultimately filling in those teams and finding out who they're going to be affiliated to wear the geography is going to be and ultimately thinks should come to arrest here hopefully soon and they'll figure things out to try to put together twenty twenty one season with the vaccine now being released people don't know operation late speed or whatever it warp speed. I think it is so my star wars coming out. Light speed star trek. Whatever it is. It's a lot fun here but let's wrap up the last couple of minutes here. Talking about the latest rumors news notes going on across major league baseball head. It seems like every day we get a little bit of something but never that huge bites to talk about such as its app. Free agent ultimately signed in somewhere. But what's going on. What's the latest. We're hearing that the l. a. Angels are basically going to be involved in the entire pitching market. There's rumors that they're going to be talking to. Trevor bauer. there's rumors they're going to be discussing. Blake snail maniaci out. There's wheel and deal in justin upton. He's looking to be moved here. So you know. The astros are reluctant to overpay second level. Starters and really want to go for the top end guys here so we could see. The angels continued to be active and it could be them versus the mets for a couple of top arms on the market. So corey kluber. He's gonna throw on a mound for a couple of teams here in the next couple of days. let's see by the end of december. He was a two time cy young winner. Of course he was shut down this year after one ending and he didn't throw in twenty nineteen so hasn't logged a full season since twenty eighteen but the red sox twin syrup couple of teams that have been pointed out. but let's see kluber is going to be throwing a bullpen here in the next couple of weeks and see if that leads to a assigning moving forward the tampa bay rays. It's been said that they are. Mulling a Chris archer reunion. Of course they traded archer to the pirates years back for a couple of different prospects including meadows glass. Now those guys have panned out in tampa bay but archer finds himself out there on the market. He's thirty two. We sat out twenty twenty recovering from surgery corona virus concern so he could be looking for a one year deal try to bet on himself and ultimately parlay that into way higher level pain contracts over the next couple of years and the tampa bay rays seemed to be interested potentially We also have nolan. Aaron nado updated conversation. People are talking about how between aaron nado he may have to choose. Between the money and contention a lot of people are saying if he opts out of his current deal. He'll be looking at a deal similar to that of a troy lewinsky. Probably more on that four year five year deal and won't be the high end of what he's currently getting so he can either stay in colorado make his money or potentially opt out go to a contender and make a little bit less from his side of things but the red sox they have interest in quite a few starting pitchers we talked about them being interested in kluber. Well it's also come out that they are interested in richhill as well as jaco dharavi. Of course chris sale is expected to return. Had watteau rodriguez. Nobody really knows with corona virus. What's going on there. So they have a couple of openings to add to the rotation and hill or outdoorsy and kluber are certainly guys who i think would benefit boston next year. The washington nationals are interested in cows. Schwarzer swampers name has been out there since he was. Non tendered like david doll who recently signed eddie. Rosario now on the list so schwartz the next guy who could potentially get plucked up Nationals manager david martinez. He was with the cubs while she warburg was there. So there's a connection there that could potentially bring him into the fold in washington moving forward. But that'll do it here for today's episode. There's a few other rumors but none of them. I level enough to continue discussing with you guys. We'll just wrap up today's episode here at just over an hour once again. Thanks for tuning in. Please sit that like button. Rate and review the podcast cliffs subscribe. Give us a comment do all that. Good stuff that helps us continue to grow here so tell us tell about us to one of your friends. You know if you guys enjoyed the show send text help us. Spread the word. I certainly appreciate it but That'll do it for me here today. I know we have a new episode coming out every day. I'll see you guys again. This upcoming thursday hopefully enjoy the week out there stay safe. Everyone and i'll talk to you. Then you've been listening to the golden state media concepts baseball. Podcast part of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at. Www dot m. c. Podcast dot com. Download our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and google play just type in jesus mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music thrown sports to entertainment and even weird news. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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