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Gears brakes lights in all else you might want to know about the truck itself over the years of the known to Marcy Radnor Avenue in a peterbilt. Today's Ingrid Brown had no hailing from the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. Pratima Kennedy. No come on. I've been a driver in. Breyer now. Company governor for forty plus years. Okay let's get into Hi. This is Elizabeth from San Antonio Texas. I I have a lot of questions about trucking. I I guess is how many gears you have drive a manual transmission myself and I remember when I learned that someone told me that have like eighteen years and I wanNA know if that's true. I mean good yes it is true I have eighteen years as it called an eighteen speed And you have a low range and you have a high range so picture. Typical manuals shifts in the car but three times as long with almost twice as many gear positions. On top of that. You've got a selector switch called a splitter that allows you to move between the low range and the high range and the low ranges when you're taking all when you're something heavy you know to start off far up hill or anything And then as you pick up speed then it goes into the top. The high range classic ten speed bicycle has its five main gears in rear and front shift or two. Now it just switch gears should add that. Not all trucks have so many speeds. You also have your nines tens palms I trump all depends on the needs and desires of the truck's owner ultimately the higher the number of speeds more versatility. You have in how you. Ho- what you hall and where you haul it good evening. My name is landon. Williams Out in Milford Pennsylvania. The next question is related but a little more complicated and Sometimes when we go uphills the truck drivers will typically slowdown to so low. I'm not really sure what's going on there. I'm not sure if that's a transmission savor what's going on there thank you well. Why don't they reason that we slow down is because we have such heavyweights gravity's GonNa pull you backward and slow you down and that transmission starts dropping gear so that it hits right horse power to get the the truck trader up the hill? So say they'll turn their flashers on so that you're protected and and you understand wound slowing down okay. One more about speed Halley from Indiana and I was curious why trucks will drive the exact same speech and not let cards cats. So why truckers did that. Well I trucks are governed not all a lot of trucks and energy company trucks are governed meaning the top speed is actually limited by the trucks. Computer I can't go over sixty to sixty five sixty seven sixty eight. Well you may have a truck. That's one or two miles above the next truck. They hit a he'll one truck slows down because of the weight and then other trump goes around to pass him but now he's four or five miles per hour faster. Get CLEAR OF THE HILL. And they're back down to just one or two mile an hour so now they're fed by side trying to get past the one that's holding them down on the hill so basically be patient. That's it you know. It's it's it's about the patience of everything with us. We definitely are not out here trying to get in anyone's way we're trying to get out of your way more than anything. Okay next copper. Just a second. I have to show this mercy. One ABOUT PATIENTS. Thirty six sorry parking Hi My name's Blake from Delray. Beach Florida I often have to drive from del Rey Tampa at night and it always wondered why the trucks have so many lights on them like does indicate anything or just kind of like a way to indicate your own personal style. Thanks well if that's something that's been a personal preference and in the air forever like to add like we're talking about those little amber bulbs that some of US call chicken lights and also lights up around our truck at night. You can see a shadow of a car in your life that reflect off the ground and I started snowing. Jane exact thing more like the more visible than more visible. The more you're able and you're out of harm's way for us to maneuver okay. Moving on hi My name is trip. I live in wake forest North Carolina. I love this next one every now and again. I'll hear a tractor trailer. It'll just sort of roar. And I think it's called engine braking but I don't really know what it is. So what does that? Kinda loud farting fan. Thanks oh in the trucking worldwide. Call that a jake brake lights. Jat a jake brake and it is known as an engine break and and It what it does is it literally uses the pressure through the motor and it slows the engine down. And it's actually an extra biking mechanism for protectors tractors and trailers burst of compressed. Gas Releases from the cylinders can be very loud on some trucks. That's IT farting sound trip. Was talking about that Roaring San. We kind of think it sounds pretty neat and That's part of the diesel soul in your blood. They ought thing and again. It also is a fantastic warning time for people so if you hear that sound focus close on the road ahead because rig with much better visibility than us putting on the brakes. Hi My name is Glenn. I live in the catskill mountains of New York. Okay Ingrid last question for you here. I've wondered why truckers never turn lost their trucks. I mean get in the wintertime. Keep the heat on but otherwise I am ask well guilty. Party is not turning myspace off. Miss Faith would be the name of being rich last. Peterbilt trucks One thing especially in the winter there feel Joe on the tank once that fueled gels up. You'RE NOT GONNA get. It cranked up because it's just like Jelly for summer. Well Hey again. Air conditioners cost and a whole lot of the country through the summer months. Enough though idling sound you hear truckstop may not be the primary engine at all but a much smaller engine generator. Basically just big enough to provide heat. Ac `electricity Marilyn Ness track. I have much caught an F. R. Hater Ingrid's got an even smaller unit. Just for heat little motor polls fuel out of the Hank but it's quiet and it just blows warm air through to this plenty drivers want to avoid aisling and they're finding to do it some without burning fuel at all your next road trip. Keep an eye out for the trucks with solar panels on group. They're out there. Thanks for all the questions and answers we received for this one in a special shout to Ingrid for taking us through it. All Day out there and Thank you gentlemen. Nine special is a feature over the road from radio. 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