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Equity is brought to you by x. crunch that prodigious tech-rich cable. You keep running into you can break through that payroll at a steep discount if you use the promo code equity. If you do you'll get access to our best stuff you'll make really good internally at the same time another that. Let's start the show. Hello and welcome back to equity techcrunch venture. Capital focus podcast. We unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This is our wednesday episode where we niche down to a single topic or theme or thing and i'm joined today by natasha. Moss greenwich how are you doing. I'm doing fantastic of this week's theme is about yet another startup. Podcast entering the world and ready to take the equity crowd. So i don't know how we got here but i am happy to be here. We are joined today by two of tech wrenches. Most finding lovely people we have. Darrell etherington. darryl how're you great alex. Thanks for having me. Yeah we also have jordan crook jordan. You are the face of t see at all of our live events. Good to have you on the show. That's what it says. I might paychecks that. Why is that whether so large yeah. Yeah they're the kind of cartoony cardboard ones they send them to me via ups. It's a whole hassle. That sounds like an enormous waste. Have you heard about then. Mo- it's this new thing in the fintech space saves a lot of time. I hear what's fintech actually. I i keep saying that. Acronym a little word out loud and this is the way the show is going to go up. But we are here because daryl jordan are putting together a brand new podcast on the i dunno budding. Podcast family network if you will. It's called the found and two things up front one. I want to know what it's about so we can tell everyone who's listening to. How did you get that awesome twitter handle well so i wanna i say that. I just think it's really gracious of you to have us on when we have a superior. Podcasts like lettuce. Siphon your your listener so yeah no i mean. Watch your backs equity let. Let's start with the differences because they're not the same show because it'd be kind of silly so equity newsy jokes financing number e venture capital found. As far as i can tell is really about to sitting down with one or maybe a pair of founders and going through the founding story of their company or the whole life cycle of of what they've built so far. Yeah it's the. It's the founding story and then also the building so the one thing we don't really talk too much about his numbers and that's only because me and jordan can't do math can't do math because he's canadian. We all know this metric system throws them off. Yeah yeah now. We don't talk about numbers we don't get into like the valuations or the revenue. Or you know like we talk a little bit strategically about things like cac and some of that stuff. But it's really about who these people are as people and like what gave them the courage or inspiration or motivation to start a company and why it was challenging how they overcame it so kind of instead of the numbers behind the headlines. It's the people behind the headlines. If i may say wow clever. I'm and trying to figure out interesting. Because what is your tagline. Tell us what you do a tagline. Welcome to the show bam c. c. To copy what equity did which was longtime ago. I think it was me wrote down the script this crappy the and as been copy and pasted to strip sense for several hundred episodes. Now you've just been saying the same damn thing. I don't even know if it's any good makes sense. I understand what. I'm getting. What i hear it which is great and found like you know we try to say every week we interview a different sort of founder about the experience of building their company and growing their company. And we do a little of that. So that's that's what you can kind of get out of it and then from there it just kind of collapses the falls apart me and jordan. Just make fun of each other for like when we're talking about the differences. You mentioned equity had a lot of jokes. Found has superior jokes as podcast people. We'll be locking during the podcast. Which one of the other guys unintentionally under sell yourself so. Tell me about the process how long this has been in the works who you're inviting and while you're inviting them because i think that will definitely make our listeners excited about what's to come for found for sure we started this. I mean we kind of a little bit late last year. A really got it going this year and the idea was you know we have so many conversations with founders in the process of working on stories for tech ray and a lot of that is just lost right and so many times. I've finished an interview and ben like you know. I wish that i had just asked them. Can i make this whole thing. Just a podcast right. Especially because of the work jordan's been doing two extra crunch live and she's been talking to people in a slightly less formal setting than are typical injury. Thing and a lot of those stories are really valuable to so it was kind of like. Let's take this and turn it into a more sort of formal. Shell forty five minutes. We don't wanna go too long but we want to have a real conversation with people where they can kind of. Let their guard down. I know that seems like a cliche but people really do. Let their guard down there. Also like has booked some amazing founders. I think between the two of us. I've been attacked wrench for ten years. Theros in tech media for more than that. So between the two of us we've talked to thousands and thousands and thousands of founders and not every single one is interesting but there are some like you said that levy feeling really motivated and inspired and excited and all of the people. He's book so far have left me feeling that way. They've been awesome conversations. Let's talk a little bit about the nuts and bolts of this so first of all. It's coming out weekly jordan. Is that right. That is correct. We drop every friday. And we'll also be doing a post on techcrunch right where you can just listen before subscribing. If you wanna see the bed and that'll be coming out on saturdays. So you can expect that. The following day drops on friday the postal go up on the site on on saturday. And according to my my notes dr chris put together for me. This starts on april ninth. Which should be people here this in about. Today's that's right. Yes you can get in there and be one of the first. I think then you can make an nfc may be. I'm not sure how those you can. T audio can you. The cool thing is we don't have an f. T. we talk about them so you don't have to cool no competition whatsoever. So i have a question about this because you have to find founders. Who are who are interesting. And i know a couple of talking to a few today actually for for tc stories. Who are my favorites. And they're they're they're open and they're funny and they're willing to tell you things but on the flip side of that so many founders have been media trained into boringness and they become like the just like yesterday. Cereal in her mouth just gross. How do you weed them out. So you don't end up with like forty minutes of someone being like well. It's a great question. I think that we think about the product strategy week. I think one of the benefits is that we are talking to founders. Who are at the earlier stage. So they're not as media trained and that one helps with candor for us and making sure that we're getting the real story and getting some openness from them it also i think helps for just content in general the audience can actually like relate to these people. They're not ten years out into the future working on their ipo. There in the trenches right now working on working on their business you know. They're not as relatable guests. You know relatable topics not every founder out at an ipo stitch. Alex should be then they can give me there. S one but the show. I cut you off. Sorry no. I was just going to ask like who. You're hoping. Take something away from this show. And i want to be super hair but i am curious because there's so much content out there who are you hoping listens to found has something to say about it or something to share about it. So we're i think we're hoping for other founders right. it's it it is definitely appear aimed kind of podcast right. And i think that the benefit has there is like jordan said like people are being very real about it and also their experienced varies so much so i think it's a great one to listen to if you're feeling like maybe i don't identify necessarily with this group like or the traditional kind of vision of entrepreneurial startup entrepreneur 'cause like we've honestly been focused on making sure that the people that we speak to represent a whole diversity of experience and so we're not just talking to people from the valley who are stanford droughts or whatever it's not like a bunch of zuckerberg's which i don't think that's really very hard identify with. I would hope so anyway. But uh personality daryl. People don't have one zack. Look if you wanna come on the show we'll make okay so we're talking to early stage founders. We're getting the media behind the story. My question is more about this. The about the emotional story of building a company because there are so many ups and downs or is this more like a almost lessons learned. What did you pick up along the way what can other founders learn from to avoid. Maybe some potholes that you hit when we're building this company from the ground up. I think this far. We've actually done a really good job of balancing both of those. So i think that there is a lot about if you're interested in the story of people just people and and what their story is from getting from. Adp this is a great podcast. If you're interested in learning about how to actually successfully build a business there's some tactical stuff in there. That is really shouldn't miss. And so i think the combination of those two things is what makes found special what i like about it though and the reason why i wanted to have you guys on to kind of riff about because i feel like equity and found are very much in the core of what techcrunch is and why. We're i'm proud of it. I frankly why we're different than a lot of other publications. We don't do everything we kind of try to stay in our lane we care about startups. We want to track them from. I guess what we now call precede through late stage growth and going public. I mean so. It's very much in our niche jordan. Use that to me. When i first joined crunch because i was new for interview advised. No and you're just like i feel like you need to make founders feel like you are a shoulder a professional shoulder but you're only going to get the real interviews when they view you as a shoulder to talk about the things that don't come up during the press release or the embargoed funding round and it's cool to see that vision make its way into found because that is continues to be kind of the hardest thing to do during interviewing and i feel like that's why people don't do it or there's not space for it in story quote unquote so yeah. I think one of the things we do it wrench in. General is were collaborators on storytelling. And it's our you know our words but it's coming from them and their inspiration. So i think found does a does a good job of that as well as you know there and i have been buddies for many many years and it's fun to sit with him and talk to founders together. That's something we haven't really gotten to do. And i've really enjoyed it. You can't wear secret but people don't know is that we really just do equity because like our crew and we get to hang out with our friends and call it work though you've just blown off the show. You just made it explicit now. Everybody's going to be able to make good shows not just forget and then and then grind it out for four years and some. How does your friends along the way. That's look we're gonna throw to some audio from the show in a second here. But i want to go over a couple of guests. You have coming on kathy. Is it hanan hanan noon. Never go from degnan energy. Why is she a guest on the show so she was one of our first guest and she is working in the space. That's very interesting. Which is geothermal energy. We got ahold of her because she was pitch does like a bunch of people are but she had this experience. That was pretty unique. Like working for a long time at google x and working on moon shots and in the process of doing that like found this one area and it was like this area is really nishi but it's also like super venture back of all and super important and she wanted to build their right so i think they just raised their series day still pretty early right. But like at the volta where they're thinking about growth so she also talks us through some of the unique challenges they had with pivoting their business model because what they were doing was working. So it's a great example of kind of like how you can be nimble and then also how you can pursue something that you are truly passionate about that you truly want to see like out there in the world. Yeah as a real heart story too. Because she worked on men shots at google. And all of these things that are like so important and cool and like breakthrough. But you can't go like what are you gonna do that. You can't do anything with a lot of it. And so she finally found this thing. That was huge breakthrough moonshot that she could go and commercialize. It is a journey. Another you guys talked to amman. Abu zied co founder and ceo of incredible health. Tell me what kind of went into that. Yeah so this was one where i had interviewed him on for an article for techcrunch about her platform which is a hiring platform for nurses. So it's a very specific of software to right but it turns out that there are lots of nurses in the of all and they're often looking for jobs and it's actually quite difficult for them to get jobs using traditional tools and vice versa to for for the cares the hospitals so it was just great to hear from her all about how like she was a doctor and she witnessed this firsthand and she wanted to provide tool that not only like made that easy and like addressed all the gaps that were there and traditional tools but also that like helped nurses and healthcare professionals throughout their career and especially underrepresented people working in those fields who typically like don't have access to a lot of the tools Through again with more traditional hiring puffer and this is actually the pre show. I i got to listen to this one essentially to prep for today and also sneak peek. It's really interesting to hear about her. Talk about the shortage in the the world of healthcare staff. Yes it's crazy like part of being good at running a startup and talking about a startup and getting venture capital is being able to explain the problem and this is one of those like the radar problems. I don't know that everyone thinks about her is aware of. But it's like i think nursing is the biggest sector of employment in our country. Could be wrong but i think it's like way up there if not truck drivers it's like the and yet at the same time has the biggest shortage in terms of our hospitals. Like how is that a thing right and so she really tackled it in an interesting way and thought a lot about the nurses. I and it has really customer. Centric approach super co-founder. Well we have some internal competition now even though we're not really fighting for the exact same smart just so different after this conversation i'm clear about how different we are. You guys take comfort in that. And where i do wanna end with like a serious question. Which is how you got your twitter handle. You have all avoided answering it on internal flags being the beginning of the show. Can you please tell me how you got. Fouled because we do not have equity. Let's just say it was a magical intervention. No it wasn't asking you shall receive kind of situation who owned it this. He asked him fall into disuse. Let's say for many many years and then twitter can make things available once that happens. Daryl and jordan can make things happen for you that is the takeaway no but in all seriousness. We're rooting for you guys. Hopefully our equity listeners. Enjoy alex is saying no. But i say yes and i'm sure dancing software on an easy one is saying yes and authority you guys i guess for an exclusive sneak peek on an upcoming episode. And big thank you also for for having we appreciate the the the brotherly love here on a closure always so. We do have a clip from an episode. And we're sticking to earl cole. Who is the co founder of smart tire company. Which does what it says on the ten and they make smart tires for vehicles using flexible nanomaterials created by nasa. So earl in. This clip is talking a bit about the working relationship with nasa. And he's very candidate about how that really enjoy. The biggest hurdles worked with nasa. So it's not like easy winner government entity and the water bureaucracy. And all of that. So they're very slow moving. Titanic and you know the starter. Business is fast very nimble. You're moving around your your pivoting. Your iterating you're doing all that nasty like need a signature. We're gonna need three weeks for that or one signature. Like how as so things can change a lot in those three weeks and so you just got to get used to the rhythm of working with something so big like nasa but keep your eyes on the prize like okay. We know that we're working on something big and we. It's gotta put everything legally in place and and all of these things and we we The challenges odyssey like i say is working with nasa a price Educating consumers as we figured out how how much is actually would cost and then how can be scaled how you can decrease cost. I mean there's a lot of different things we're doing that. All science and engineering stopped at work in all for the rest of this year. That's why we're not going to bark at now into next year. It's a lot of rnd we have to do.

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