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Fresh fresh rice casey. Here keep it in. we're keeping it in casey's here everyone this movie crush. It is friday interview addition. Casey neier both stressed for different reasons. Yeah so why. Not talk about a very tense. There you go movie spring breakers. Yeah are you doing the side. Stressed stressed Now i'm doing good. It was it was really fun to revisit this movie. Because it's been at least five or six years since i last saw so and Yeah i don't know i. It's it's i guess it's it's weird to watch it now. And the context of social distancing in corona into see man all the sweaty bodies and close proximity and the whole spring break. You know thing is so just to catch everyone up here we are. I am on my daughter spring break right now and i said those two words in case said hey let's do spring breakers because I didn't have an episode for tomorrow like this is. We're cutting it close. Here's thursday afternoon day before release in you said spring breakers. I had never seen it for some weird reason. I was kind of meant to en- didn't and so. I watched it last night and i have retitled it now and i'm glad i watched it now that i have a daughter because the new the new working title is Every father's nightmare every parent's nightmare parents in general probably youthful debauchery. And just oh god. It was hard to hard to get through honestly and you know was. Here's my deal with spring break. And the scene. I went on a high school. Spring break the panama city. Where one year where it was debauchery. I mean it wasn't quite like this but it because this is just really over the top in gross. But i'm sure it is this way in places but it was our version of of high school debauchery. I didn't take part. Because i was a good kid in high school. I didn't turn bad until later In you know it was fine but like this scene. There is nothing i would want to do less than the stuff i see in this movie. Yeah i kill me right. I found myself just thinking like this. Just looks terrible. Like awful No thank you. Yeah even even if you could like detach yourself from responsibilities and and all that kind of stuff and that place again with the opportunity to do it again. At this point you would choose to do that. It's like that's terrible but these young girls. No no no no. Yeah joining me man at the same time. I think the movie does a really interesting thing. Where on the one hand. It's it's clearly like it's not presenting it as something that looks all that enticing. I would say that our yeah in a way it's satire. But i feel like. It's not necessarily ironically distanced or that. It's judging the characters i think it actually adopt their point of view of just youthful naivety and that for them when they like. There's there's over at one point where one of the says Maybe it's faith She says you know. I think this is like the most spiritual place i've ever been and that could be a commentary and a laugh line and sort of like a critique of limited. Her world view is or something. But i think really more fundamentally it's something genuine and true that she's expressing and i think it's even something that the film is kind of allowing to to pass without commentary as kind of sincere thing like there is something to this like right of spring release of like pentagon sexual energy and all the rest of it just the the partying and the craziness like even though it very quickly turns bad and into excess and all of that and there's all these negative consequences like there is just something instinctual and kind of pure about that expression of youthful energy even if he gets channeled and all these messed up things I think the film wants to acknowledge. you know. And not like condescend towards it necessarily. yeah. I totally agree. I think it's interesting once you strip away all of the sort of blinky artifice of this film. And we'll talk about the the music video Aesthetic in the color palette. Which is all i kinda cool stuff but if you strip all that away to me. It's two things it's it's a movie about. These lost girls who aren't so far off from people in his earlier films. They're not quite the trailer park people right right. But they're not a million miles away either Who are sort of trapped in this mundane existence of small town nothingness. So it's that and it's also just a very straight ahead sort of trophy crime movie. Yeah like it. Hits all the notes of movies we've seen before of a group that gets in over their head in one is kind of the ringleader in one doesn't feel good about it and all of a sudden they're in way too deep in you know bad things are gonna happen. They do like its various sort of by the numbers. But it's just dressed up in this mtv spring break party aesthetic to to great effect. I think yeah he definitely like it's his most kind of conventionally plot driven. I think you could say At the same time while remaining very kind of like floaty. And you know we can talk a lot about how it's structured and the way that it kind of doubles back on itself all the time and there's all these recurring shots recurring phrases. Yes green break. Y'all yeah he he. He talks about how he wanted to structure the film Almost like a song you know where their samples and loops and lake vs or says and and that the whole film it's almost all waldo mall music there's always like score or source music or something happening and And just like the way he uses the voiceover to kind of develop these themes and move from one section to the next and so on does a similar kind of thing that we saw for instance in the limy where yes he'll film a conversation and multiple locations and kind of cross between them and you get the sense that you know. Maybe this is. Somebody's hazy memory of a conversation. That happened at some point during the day. But it's unclear exactly when and we're kind of seeing multiple angles of it So yeah on the one hand he does use all this kind of as a framework for a pretty conventional crime story of like like you said people over their head and then rival drug dealers and shootout at the end and all that but i think that's just kind of the window dressing. I think you know what he's really at here is is something different is trying to find a different way to structure film. More to make a film or to express these kinds of ideas through film With the kind of commissioner plot just sort of like a little bit of a backbone a little bit of something to grab onto You know i would compare this film very closely with like a lot of later. Malik films In fact malik made a film really just a year two after after this one came out although he was shooting it really at the same time that this was being shot in and around. Two thousand twelve Called knight of cups. And i saw that one. Yeah it's it's one of my favorite malik films But a lot of people really don't like it and a lot of people just haven't seen it period but There's a lot of similar ideas about very briefly. Knight of cups is about a guy who was working in the film industry as a screenwriter. It's based very loosely. Off of malik after days of heaven where he was like playing scrip doctor. For a minute. And it's basically christian. Bale plays this guy and it's it's about him being this womanizing just living life to the absolute excess kind of character and the the complete like emptiness that he feels inside from this where he thinks he's this is what's going to make him happy and it really doesn't and It's told a very similar way where you know it's it's very musical. It's there's hardly ever any really dialogue scenes. It's all just kind of fragments and so on He uses like some of the same cameras. These low grade digital cameras. That korean uses from time to time into film. Malik also uses in that film So i i. The to films are a lot of dna however malik filmed. There is no conventional narrative to like grab onto. So it's just two two and a half hours of like just you know floating from one thing to the next and if you pay close attention you'll see kind of development happening but you know if you're if you're not like the way in just going to seem like two and a half hours of people on beaches and people in cars and you've loving meaningless sex and all that kind of stuff. So i think this is direct tori lee one of harmony koreans stronger films And i got like sofia coppola vibes at times. Although he made this before blinkering. I think lingering is a sort of slightly tamed down version of this movie. Yeah and i also got a little bit of a gus van zandt vibe here and there oh yeah which i come to think of it. His earlier films definitely evoke. Gus zandt. I just never really thought about it before. Yeah and larry clark to your kids and the whole idea of like harmony harmony. Korean wrote wrote kids. He was just like a skater hanging out in new york city and larry clark was photographing skaters and they started talking and cream told them like. Oh i wanna be a filmmaker. I've got this idea for a movie. Or whatever and it just kind of developed very quickly from there and corinne was like fifteen sixteen. He's really young movie. And i saw it in new york when it came out in the theater. And that really launched him. Is one of the great young weirdo avant garde experimental type filmmakers. The success of that film which was made very cheaply. And did you know relatively really well at the box office. It was like an indie sensation. Very controversial everybody was talking about it so it got that kind of attention and right and so on that got korean kind of like not a blank check but a million dollar check anyway to go make whatever he wanted to make so we made gum. Oh which i still think is his best film And spring breakers kind of comes at a point where his career had kind of been on the decline for a while. He had a period after gumma where he got really heavily into drugs he donkey boy. Yeah he I think there was a couple of house. Fires where you know. He almost died and various things that he was working on. Like lost in this fires. Some of this might be sort of like self mythology ising because he likes of you know. Bend the truth and in invent stories about himself and kind of things sound a little more outrageous than sometimes they are He was on letterman. At least and i love those appearances. Anybody who hasn't seen. There's a compilation on youtube of light really. You can see the progression because the first time he's just like this like innocent looking young kid and then the next time he's like strung out and you know he's got this like scraggly beard and he looks super rough and he's kind of grown up now yes well. Yeah so by the time he makes spring breakers he He's come out of this this long period of like addiction and almost dying and so on and now he's like the more matured version of himself where he still has all the same kind of like wacky sensibilities He's still like very free and how he Musa's creativity and he's he's not afraid of looking ridiculous or of trying something that may or may not work but at the same time he has that more like mature minded responsibility you know and now it's him as a slightly older person looking at youth. The way larry clark was looking at youth on and kids. Yeah i mean. Let's talk for a minute. Just about the beautiful. This movie is aesthetically. it's i mean. Obviously all the the big the big beach poolside scenes and all that is a little sort of over the top in that slow. Like yeah dayglo fluorescent world. But there's so many gorgeous shots in this movie Early on a color palette is clearly just one of the things he wanted to lean into on this movie and it's obvious in a lot of the stuff because it's just so bright and colorful but even in the subtle shots where I'm picking about like the stained glass early on coming through the windows and that cut together with the scene of the girls in the classroom in the dark with everything lit by computer laptop screens of different colors. But just really gorgeous stuff. That's the stuff that reminded me of severe coppola sherve dreamy colorful of slow mo and voice over going on. Yeah his his cinematographer that he used for. This film is a guy had been to be Who's a french cinematographer. And he's most known for his work with gas barn away and films irreversible and especially into the void which similarly psychedelic colorful. Trippy kind of movie. And yeah as you mentioned very very light hearted stuff And so he cream talks about how he wanted this film to have the look of like you know that he wanted it to be this like it is bright neon saturated. Just yeah and that it would have this kind of delectable like i can't equality to it yeah at the same time that the material can be quite dark. It's not like a particularly dark feeling film. I feel like a lot of ways the tone even when things kind of heavy it has this sort of like just like fun aspect to it It doesn't get like depressing the way you could say maybe kids gets depressing It doesn't know is much of a documentary. Feel it's it's reality pushed a little bit beyond reality so that it's almost kind of surreal and there's almost something kind of dreamlike or fable about it where this is more about not talking so literally about youthful access. It's taking that access and then pushing it beyond the point of realism while not completely detaching from reality but just kind of you know. Everything's turned up to eleven. Yeah well 'cause like i was saying it's still it's hard movie about these loss young girls who don't know shit and they don't know what they're going to do. They don't know where they're going to go. They know they're not happy That's where the so like is sort of the on. We yet recalled virgin suicides a little bit and lingering the scene that beautiful scene in the dorm room when they were That voice overs going on. They were doing the handstands against the wall and all of their legs were sort of crisscrossing. And yeah it's just. It's really easy to overlook stuff like that but those were really beautiful. Beautiful shots it's he's finding like transcendence in stuff that off not necessarily be transcendent. Because it's so fraught with you know all these problems of let's say objectification of of you know male gaze we could say of Just youthful like hyper sexuality and corruption and loss of innocence and all this stuff. But that's not where they're coming from and they don't necessarily even recognize it to themselves like how much danger there end sometimes You can hear it in the calls to parents and grandma's it. I know that they're playing it down but you know everyone here is so sweet. Yeah we're just having such a good time. Yeah and just i. I could see the. I could see people watching this movie and being horrified thinking that it is in celebration of this right a heavier in object defying at whereas. I didn't take it that way. I thought it was part satire. part What do you call the the warning. Like a cautionary tale cautionary tale a little bit Never did i think that harmony corinne was saying like look how fucking bad s the scene right right you know. This movie was protested. You know it's it's over the top when it comes. I was going to make a joke at the beginning of this episode that i like smoked weed every time someone in the movie smoked weed took a shot every time there were bare breasts. You'd be dead probably conservative everywhere all the time. Yeah oh yeah. I mean the excess is like that's the point. If it were restrained it would be something totally different but yeah it's just like it's something that might be fun for like a couple of hours but then you stretch that into just like this absurd you know. Like into the world apocalyptic kind of exuberance of Just a wall to wall drinking and smoking and never shows anyone going to bed at night. Yup and having breakfast there are the bits of quiet moments. I think when they were and yet when they're the pool or when they were distorted drinking at the in the parking lot and stuff like that like they remove themselves a little bit but You know they have that first robbery scene at the chicken shack. Yeah and it's all right there in those two lines. Just pretend like it's a video game act like you're in a movie or something. Yeah and that's like it's it's horrifying when you think of those two lines because it's true like that i could see something like this going. This could be a news story very. Oh yeah i'm sure. Similar things have probably happened. Like the the sort of the ability when you're that young to detach and compartmentalize and that sense of like youthful immortality. That teenagers have where they're like. You know taking huge life altering risks like they were nothing because the they're invincible or they just don't see the movie yeah. They seen a movie and it worked out fine for that character. So you know i. I don't think. Korean is like a social critic per se. He does have these little notes like you said of like pretended video game like it's in a movie or something right because i think it's all about how for them they're in this fantasy world and there's the real world next to that and and underneath all that but in their own kind of subjective experience they're living through this kind of like youthful fantasy and they don't realize how close they are to real disaster. Yeah in that robbery scene man. Just when there's been a couple of movies like you've seen it all like how to shoot a robbery. He shoulda a heiss at issued Someone breaking into a bank vault in remember sexy beast when that came out and they did underwater yang with the bank. And i was like fuck dude like someone thought of something new and then this showing the perspective of that car yup pulling around that restaurant very slowly in each time it pulls around a corner. The girls are inside in another part of the restaurant. And i was like hats off to a man. He sought a new way to shoot it and not only that but later on you get the interior. Yeah exactly you're getting from your these little snippets gliac through the window as the cars driving and It's it's like editing. Within the within the frame you know you get a little bit here and get some wall and you get a little bit here. And then yeah like you said later on when they're kind of in the parking lot and they're recounting how they actually went about the robbery and intimidated these people and so on You get like a hand held inside of the and that's really that's like it's cool because when we're outside and we're a little bit removed. We have one reaction to the violence which is like well. That's not cool. But it's more of a subdued kind of feeling because we're removed from then when they're kind of recounting it the second time we're right up in it with a hand held and you can kinda see how afraid these people are for their lives even though it's just a game for these girls but these people don't know that and they are losing their money and their wallets and so on And and are so lucky man a gun even though it's we know it's a squirt gun but it isn't just a gun in their face. So they're terrified. They're lucky they didn't end up dead. Especially yeah open. Kerry exactly is actually. It's crazy that not one person in that restaurant didn't have a gun. Yeah like into in boogie nights style. Oh god don cheadle on the donut. Job man texting privacy policy and terms and conditions posted at tax plan dot. Us texting and roles for recurring automated text marketing messages. Message and data rates may apply reply. Stop to opt out. Would you like to get paid to work out. 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Start to thirty two thirty. Two thirty two nissan believes you deserve a car that thrills you so we have to ask. Does your car thrill you. When you hit the pedal do you get something back. A chill in your spine goosebumps on your goosebumps when you take off your fingers. Tighten around the steering wheel. Does your heartbeat in your stomach in your breath. Catching your chest does driving. Make you feel alive because it should. And if you're really ours will this is the new nissan. Do you know much about the back. Like how he shot. This was this. Did he go to a spring break or did he literally get all these extras and put them in a movie. No a lot of this is really shot like in and around spring break okay. I knew it had to be. You know it's like real people real locations And i think for instance when they're having that daytime party where they end up getting arrested Before a when the party is going on still raging A lot of those were just like people off the street. They invited to come there and told them just go crazy and they said they basically kind of lost control at various points where. I'm sure they're trying to tell people. All right cut calmed down and it just kept going and they were probably really fucked up to exactly exactly and so there. They're in like a real abandoned hotel and just like you know utter anarchy and so that was a real location when they were in like the jail cell. That was a real location. Okay yeah a lot. i mean. basically he went. He went like a practical locations as much. When they're in that pool hall and selena gomez is really starting to freak out and being. I don't want to be here is. We're like a lot of real people just hanging out in the pool hall. Real criminals Some of the stuff with like the dogs in the back and whatever. That was a real thing that was going on so he was in like a real like shady spot when you were shooting that machines. That's that's totally him he likes to. It's always like a blend of the hyper real on the one end and like the kind of scary reality the other Let's talk about james franco. His his intro is one of the the more amazing intros. He's that guy. And i know he was based on this too Idiot twins the twins twins. they're in the movie. he's really based on I would i would argue. At least his look is really based on riffraff. If you know riffraff. This like internet rapper. he was huge in the early twenty tens. I would say he was one of those guys that that came up on youtube and really just became famous completely outside of him before. Yeah you you've probably seen like riffraff means and so let but in terms of like the official story of spring breakers supposedly. It's based on this. Other guy who i think is performing next to james franco on the stage. When he's doing that song hanging with the dope boys. I think this danger russ is his name. Which maybe he got like some mannerisms or phrases or something from that guy. But the look is like one hundred percent riffraff and so after this movie came out riffraff. Like you know gone on twitter. Whatever and said he was going to sue for like ten million dollars and that looked like you and ultimately what happened like. I don't think he ever actually filed the suit. I think he was just kind of trying to like. Create some buzz city but then like a few years later in two thousand sixteen. James franco ended up. Starring as riffraff inner riffraff music video playing playing refresh so essentially playing alien again. So you know the snake kind of eight. Its till they're think. I think frank was really good in this actually I'm glad that he sort of. He made him southern in this florida cultural appropriators and What hits me about most of these guys is. They don't actually have any real talent for anything other than like creating well higher. You know buzz. But he's a criminal he's not like he's trying to be a rapper sword of but he has no talent for it but he's what he is is a criminal in. He's the scene. I loved the most was thought that was so fucking funny was seen in the bedroom. Look look at it. My shit shit saying it was amazing. It was funny it was great acting it was reprehensible and gross and awful and mike your decide dying for these girls to get out of there in franco like this florida you know trashy beach bum redneck with grills and i i just. I don't know all the right notes for me as far as really having a good time watching it. You have everything happening in that same moment. Lake the kind of if you wanna go there the kind of critique of materialism capitalism the american dream whatever is he kept it on the american dream he was living. he's not subtle about it but at the same time it is just on its face. Totally absurd and hilarious ridiculous and it's also kind of scary because he's holding those guns and you know he just doesn't seem stable you know as we see later on like the situation can turn. The mood can change so quickly from being funding exuberant to suddenly like the guns pointed in the other direction. And how do they're not really sure. So when the girls. I didn't know man i didn't know what was going on. I mean i was like praising harmony korean. 'cause he fooled me. I was like i thought that they were really turning the tables on him. You might see the sky like get his head blown off in a second. You know his lifestyle. I totally didn't know what was going on. I think he doesn't in the moment and that's what made it so like enthralling in stimulating sexually stimulating. After it's like he might like he's he's really endanger. Maybe that's turning on others. Totally those rich dreamgirls but then also like i almost kind of wonder like maybe they were planning on killing him robbing him whatever but the fact that he turned it back around again just embraced it and really starts like going to town on the silencers lake his life right kind of the way. I took it dude honestly. I thought that they were really serious. And that once he started getting into this crazy weekend. Doing to kill a guy. I thought it was interesting. The shift in tone from the movies. Kind of in two halves. You had that first robbery which is kind of crazy and they were sort of feeling it. Yeah but still kind of like. Oh my god what the fuck that we do right and then it's just party time party time. They get arrested for something else for partying. They get bailed out and then immediately it is like it turns sinister and they're really in that world yep and they're like. This isn't playtime anymore. You know this is the shit. These are the real guys. And like who's gonna blink first and of course faith is yeah. I love how they echo those the get on the bus scenes for both of the girls early in each time i thought that that girl has just saved her life and the other ones are going to die right right which doesn't happen but i'm surprised that it didn't happen by the time you know. We find out what happens to the last two girls. I feel like the film has has fully departed reality. Anyway you know if the film were to remain in that more semi realistic register. They very well could have died if they had tried to pull. What the end up doing at the end of the film they would be dead. There's no way they would like shoot through that whole situation. I had a bit of a issue with cells pension of disbelief. At that point. The film is like moved up to a higher plane of kind of mansell kind of fantasy. Yeah i think you're right. I think i think the only way anybody who's going to survive that situation was get on a bus and get back home and get away from that. That whole crowd because he was going nowhere relief each time. One of them did that especially as a father of a daughter. I was just like fucking make the right choice to get out of there. That scene with faith. I think it was the end of the pool hall seen when she was running to go home and they were jump cutting it. All around in franko has that scene with her really creepy. He's her by the face talking. About how much he cares about her. I was just coming out of my skin man. Yeah and that such good like solid filmmaking when you can make an an audience squirm like that. He's so manipulative than he knows. That i mean it's predatory right. He knows he's talking to this young naive girl. He's trying to push all the right buttons as far as making her feel like he's really i don't know in love with her or make her super important or something to him the way he says the she actually leaves after. He says he says to her. Like you know you're gonna go home and your friends are going to stay here. But even though i'm going to be with your friends i'm still going to be thinking about you and it just doesn't it doesn't land right for her thankfully you know that's not wants to hear and so that's her point where she just walks out the door like just done you know yet also takes a while to get overtly sexual like you see where it's going and you kinda get the idea that he's he's definitely wants to have. Yeah two three four five some with them right right but The sexing actually comes when justice three of them in the pool which was a really cool the way they shot. That scene is great and then scene that really makes me laugh though is preceding that the The piano seen. oh yes. Yes britney spears. Yeah love that man so funny because again. I'm looking as this character. Like this guy was no talent. He's got the money to have a grand piano on a veranda ocean. Nike can't play shit. He can't sing shit any his fingers like hitting a few notes but right. It's pretty obvious. Franko can't play either and he's just kind of like you know winging it which is really funny that they didn't hire like a hand double or anything to make it to try to sell it. It's very obviously like they're just not showing his hands. They're shooting other direction. It was pretty bad corny. It make believe yeah. I wasn't quite sure to with the two that stayed. That's vanessa hudgens as candy. Rashly benson is brit right. I can never quite tell the end game with candy and brit. Yeah until that last. Seen i thought i thought they were just hanging in there a little bit longer than their friends and that they were gonna come around and that they would leave and they were just sort of. I couldn't tell how deep into this lifestyle if they were like well. This is who we are now. We're gangsta chicks. They're just like we're never gonna finish school. We're never going back. This is it for us. You know like they were in even even when things will. Yeah because they chose to stay even when they're first friend left when their second friend got shot in the arm after all that after really like being confronted with the kind of real danger that this is not a game is not a a joke of fantasy is true. They see chose to stay. So i think they're in it for the long haul but then you know there is that phone conversation Near the end where one of them calls home and is saying like. I want to do better. I wanna like give my give my together get back on the right track. So it's almost like they have to go through that final like a kind of confrontation climaxing to come out on the other side. The big. yeah exactly. Yeah it's just like a sort of. I dunno joseph cambell like you know. Yeah he just has to be this final showdown and then they can go back to their to the life having learned having passed through all this and now sort of like starting starting new like i think in my mind. I picture those girls having this great story to tell one day husbands. Don't even know about. Yeah kid their kids would never believe exactly And the fact that they were so in like i dunno it was disturbing but like i think like you said like once it hits that movie hits that point in the last third. It's sort of complete fantasy at that point When they're when they're when they really get into it with his former friend and who's the guy that played him he's a he's a real rapid ni o gucci mane. Yeah he from atlanta about this guy but he's he was awesome in this movie terrific. Yeah there's a really funny anecdote from when they were shooting they're doing the sex scene the final sex scene in the movie where with him. It's the three so he's got the girls on top of them so don't make profit but also while they were shooting that scene he literally like fell asleep and snoring and she's on top of them and they had to wake him up and you know he woke up and said that line and they put it in the movies separate impressive you like a composer. Yeah that was really funny But once she gets real with him and you know it's all there in the if you had the subtitles on had to watch it at lower volume. I wanted to visit a sleeping In the subtitles really helped. 'cause james frank was kind of singing. What's going to happen through that last third right but you can't really understand in that well but he's singing the song about too little tickies remain and then i'm gonna go kill my best friend and my best friend's going to die today and stuff like that so you see it come in. But i don't know how in he is man when they were calling in scaredy cat and stuff like that like i don't think he really wanted to. I think he felt like he had to. Yeah he might have felt like he had to put up or shut up kind of like whoa in front of these girls that exactly. It's kind of a He had to play that role of like the masculine tough guy even if he might have been like man. This is a bad idea He just had to go through with. Yeah i think that's probably correct. I hope it's not disparaging and obscene girls instead of young women but they seem like they were teenagers. I guess they're in college there. Yeah they're in college. Although to me. They felt emotionally psychologically little bit more like high schoolers but just shifted to college just to kind of remove that element of like are they underage or not right to fifty year old guy. They were girls to me. Yeah oh yeah exactly exactly. I mean it's the older you get you your kid so that that frame of reference continues to shift. I think throughout throughout life. I mean it's like when you're young when you're like fourteen you think like the big kid you know you're looking at like a seven year old. You've really oh that's a kid. I'm like grown up. So yeah it's always changing. You don't become an adult until you're like forty to look forward to it I did look at those twins. Because i remember when this came out and they were all over the news and i was just you know. I don't wanna yuck someone's young young. But they're very punishable guys. I i had that same reaction to them like all years. I've kind of thought they were just like the epitome of like vice magazine. Live kind of you know internet. Click bait or circa twenty twelve or whatever but what on the on the blu ray. There's this three part like little feature documentary thing on sale twins Actually pretty pretty solid like realize they have they have a really really hard life story And they actually seemed like genuine real people as as crazy as that seems and they even have like respectable day. Jobs outside of all this hype and whatever so i you know just watching watching them listening to them. They're like very self-aware. They know exactly how they come off to people. It's it's more of a almost like a character. They can play they can. They can amp up if they want to interesting. Okay but they're actually like very kind of smart hip articulate dudes. Who kind of weird. Yeah they also like disappear from the movie which disappeared from. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. I tried to find anything like what they're doing now and like i can't find anything man. They dropped off of social media. Kinda after this. I think they're probably like you know. This might have been like the the sort of the peak the zenith of their notoriety. And after that maybe they were just like all right. Let's just like settle into more of a real life. You know maybe. I mean i did see a thing on reddit which never read it a follow their trail there and it said this is from like three years ago. Some guy said i. I lived in midtown. Atlanta seem all the time they live in the spire building in a artists. Now like doing pretty good now. It's going all right. All right these guys okay. So you know who knows. Yeah they December really cool footage and one of those documentaries of them skating in downtown atlanta in the probably early nineties mid nineties or something And it was cool just a perspective of seeing what the city looked like back then and you know. Some buildings recognize a lot of buildings you don't and And just like the way. The city has changed since then but no. I had the exact same reaction of lake. I hate these dudes. And then after watching i was like you know what they actually seem. Pretty pretty solid Surprisingly so i drive. The documentary was just trying to make them look as good as possible. But i think. I think just from listening to them. I was like okay. These guys like they know what's going on. They're not just like in a haze of stupidity or something okay. Maybe they're playing a part. Because i read. I started to read one interview with them to try and figure them out and it said something about whether or not they date much and they said well. We have nine inch dicks. All right i'm not. I'm not gonna read any. They mentioned that in the in the documentary to you in their. It's eighteen between us because you know they. The whole the whole bit is that they. They only date like the same women at the same time and stuff. Yeah yeah all right. We'll more power to you. I guess not my bag. Hi i'm jonathan strickland. Host of the restless ones. Join me as i sit down with. 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Talk and your podcast app to subscribe. So yeah i mean we're toward the end of the movie now where you know we feel like the hit is going to go down. I firmly believe that alien felt like he had to do this to impress. Those girls in in was scared. I don't think. I think he knows that he may not live through this. I think it's hysterical. That he gets taken out immediately after that. Cool shot man like those dayglo bating suits in the tank top like all. That shit is so cool looking and the first thing that happens is he dies. Yeah we should mention like that whole with their approaching on the boat and everything. One of the major i think influences. Inspirations for this film is michael. Mann's two thousand vice. Yeah which was like. That was a real major moment in In filmmaking for certain for certain kind of sinophile a certain kind of filmmaker that moment in like the mid two thousand square michelman win digital and started shooting you know in this collateral different. Yeah like a little bit. Collateral and then full on in miami vice public enemies which was less successful. I think Are typically but miami vice it remains like a real lake Turning point i think for digital cinema because here was like this major american filmmaker using digital not to try to replace film or to imitate film but digital four digital right. And you could put this alongside something like inland empire by david lynch as well where he's shooting on consumer grade digital cameras and he's not trying to. It's not that he's trying to save like budget or something right. He's using the digital and the flaws in the digital the idiosyncrasies of the digital as its own like expressive medium and even though spring breakers the shot primarily on thirty five. Yeah that was. Like a lot of the impetus. When when korean saw my advice he was like. Wow there's like just something about the way in that movie and miami vice when they're outside at night like the sky has color in it you know and and the depth of field is just like going infinite in every direction on one hand. It has this kind of video thing on the other hand. There's there's also something kind of like cinematic about it. Yeah it's just a really really interesting film. There was all this kind of Discussion and talk in the midst thousands. About like what is digital cinema. What can digital cinema become and i feel like in a way with the advent of like red and alexa And people getting into using more kind of traditional lenses and Shooting in a more traditional film style digital cinema has kind of gotten away from that a little bit right where now. It's sort of like it's kind of like film but you can still kind of tell us digital but a lot of a lot of films are not really using digital own medium just like we could afford shoot thirty five kind of thing right or or just the just the way they're made now and it has nothing to do with the aesthetic of digital. It's not even a question right. it's just going to shoot digital if you're shooting for netflix's or whatever unless you're scorsese or something you're going to be shooting you know digital right but i mean even christopher nolan. I mean some of the you know. The biggest filmmakers are all digital journalist on seventy isn't he I know that the the camera. He shot To nineteen fourteen on ramey. Jesus no not seem ramey that she's as casey roll with it sam Not nothing any sounds in american guy yes cut. I'm losing it. sorry yes. i'm sorry. I got those confused. He shot nine. Fourteen was on digital. Because you know my buddy scotty that camera now. He's he went all in like. I'm going to get the best camera. There is and just habit. Cendiz sam ramey. Forgive on film. I don't know maybe but that last part you know starting with that boat Montage it's like. It's got that voice over in the day. Glo fluorescent in that slow mo and the score in. It's just all coming together man and that i was i was really impressed with harmony koreans filmmaking in this movie yeah i was just like man. This is a really confident filmmaker. Making the exact movie he wants to make. He's he's really like kinda flexing the muscles and showing that like he can hang in there with these big names and filmmaking and pull off some of these more complicated shots and sequences that obviously he loves to improvise. He loves to just find stuff on the day. But when you need to execute a more complicated shot like that. He's also got the chops to do that kind of thing which is really cool. I haven't seen that his last. Because i was of like. Where's he been since this. Put him on the map in a not. Be on the back on the map in a pretty big way. I think this was yeah. This was like again. This was a pretty successful film commercially. Yeah oh it made its budget back and then some it kind of became like it was a pretty talked about movie You know we. We haven't really talked about it. But you had the whole crossover thing. Where like selena gomez hands are wondering in the theater kinda see hutchence as young stars. Yeah yeah so. There's that weird crossover moment where like you know. People like me who just love korean because a gum. Oh because of his real weirdo outsider. He stuff And then people that are coming from like pop you know the world of pop music and youthful celebrities and so on also coming in and then people like me. So what is this beach by movie. Though he took a seven year break which is weird. I thought i mean you would think right. It's very harmony corinne to not parlay spring breakers into like something a year or two later. Exactly i was just reading online on the on the hamry. Corinne forum the thread from when this movie came out and they were talking about with a box office. Look like and they were like men like he's gonna get to make something with a big budget. Now what are we going gonna do. And then like seven years pass and he kind of comes out with beach bomb which is matthew mcconaughey playing. Almost a sort of alien like character A guy who lives in key west and his only goal in life is just a smoke weed and get drunk and sunny day. Yeah it's a comedy it's it's it's like a total stoner comedy interest Kind of set a little bit in this spring. Breakers milieu of florida of you know Similar kind of like low neon kinda look But different very different. I mean beach. Bum is more like on its face. Absurdist in surreal kind of Snoop dogg has a pretty big part in it. And there's like a little bit of a narrative of. I'm trying to remember what the story was it has to do with. He's like a poet but he no ambition. And so this is not a spoiler because it happens like the first ten minutes of the movie and it's it's really not a big deal but he's he's married to this rich woman who is sort of like his patron she's the one who supports them and he gets just as kind of fuck off all day and she ends up dying in her. Will it says in order for you to get like my estate. You need to publish your next book and by the way you don't have a publisher there's nothing set up. Yeah you have to go make this happen and so it's kind of it's a story about like a man child kind of trying to mature a little bit But but done in a very off beat off kilter kinda way and It's got a really funny martin. Lawrence cameo i will say really yeah. It's it's really. I mean it's like probably the funniest thing i've seen him do in a long time. Oh and yeah. I mean it's it's it's worth checking out but it wasn't like to me. It was kind of like a a companion piece to this film and this film by far was the more groundbreaking of the two. Yeah that one is just kind of like a fun. Silly stoner movie. i would say. I'll check it out. I'm looking spring breakers. It did thirty one mill worldwide against the five million dollar budget. That that's pretty good little hall. Yeah it did better internationally. Interesting corinne is beloved in france. And i could see that and when when when we're talking by the way about he takes this like seven year sabbatical. That's because he's shooting like all these fashion kind of a things he's working. He's working yet. He he works as a painter. He had a major retrospective at the modern art museum in paris. The the pompidou's center I guess a few years ago where they showed like most of his films of tons of his paintings. he has poetry. He you know he's like he's like a renaissance mixed media kind of guy. He does a lot of stuff outside of just like his official. You know narrative motion picture releases. So he's always busy always working on something but a lot of it kind of flies. A little bit below the radar. That's his wife in rachel. Korean new yeah. She played The second girl to shot. Yeah yeah the one who gets shot in the arm and not in a good and she also acted by the way in his film prior to this one trash hampers. Which is a terrific. Actually it sounds like a joke. It sounds like you know. Catch up with something something goofed off or whatever but trash dumpers is really like his return to cinema because between like jillian donkey boy and this film mister lonely. That was when he had his really dark period and came back with this film. Mister lonely which he made in a more kind of traditional european art house style. I would say it had. What's his name dini levant. Who is in votre vie that we talked about the the main guy the dancer oh He's in that film as a michael jackson impersonator On the surface. It sounds like it's going to be amazing But it to me. Movie is just kind of so so but it's good because it got him back making films and then not too long after that he makes trash lumper's which he shot. Just all on vhs cameras. It's basically trying to create this kind of found footage artifact item that you would find in a dumpster or in the woods or whatever and pop in and there these people wearing old man masks and just going around humping trash cans at night and you know and that's the movie. Yeah it's pretty much the movie but there's a monologue in that movie which is almost word for word the same monologue that's in spring breakers where they're talking about these people they just live in the same town they never leave and they never see the world and they just go to work and they go to best thing for him he's always Seemingly making movies about these lost kids who can't get out these sort of lower income children who are stuck in a place. Yeah and the trash dumpers sort sorta like rather than go to spring break or go somewhere else to try to escape. They just live where they live and they live in kind of like you know trailer park cash kind of environments. But they don't live a traditional life. They wear these masks. They go out into public. They mess with people they just get into trouble and raise hell and it's a similarly kind of rebellious kind of thing but I know a little darker. Maybe very very funny well the spring breakers you know in with this big shootout in slow mo that's like we mentioned it's the suspension of disbelief is tough here that these i mean it's it's hard to shoot a gun and i imagine i've never shot someone but i imagine it's really hard to shoot someone who has a gun trying to shoot you back and get away with doing thing where they like. Hold it by the side. Appear like style you know and that was kind of point. I don't think he wanted that to be realistic. But the kind of just mowed their way through this party and eventually get to gucci mane and take care of business there and the music to is like it's cool because on on one of the extras cliff martinez who haven't talked about yet. But he's the composer along with skirl x. For this film. Sea cliff martinez. He's done a lot of stuff from what ban was in well. He was in red hot chili peppers. Like okay all right right right right right. Now he lake. You know he's done everything from The limy to drive to the soderbergh remake salacious which has a really beautiful score. He's he's sort of like He's the guy you go to in hollywood if you want like sort of brian eno ambient floaty dreamy score to kind of like you know. Tie everything together so cliff. Martinez is talking about. How originally that whole shootout they had licensed like a piece of classical music source music. And which i could see ya. And so he looked at it and he was kind of like you know i feel like this is gonna. This is like the culmination of the film. There's been so much score in this movie. There ought to be like a a kind of like a a payoff for all those kind of musical themes and stuff so he basically wrote this kind of version of the skillet song that is like an ones and this is kind of like slow. Dreamy floaty contemporary of version of that But he just put it in there like they didn't ask him to write it. He put it in good and they watch the movie in harmony like apparently jumped up and hugged him. As like thank you that is. That's exactly what i wanted to ask for it like perfect. Yeah it really. I mean. I really love the ending despite it being completely unrealistic. I think that's what you're looking for their i'm again. i'm glad these girls lived. I mean certainly didn't want to see him. Die yeah I'm kind of curious of the five years on where they are where they end up. A a william blake quote the came to mind watching this and watching the terrence malick knight of cups. Basically he says that The the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom. Yeah and obviously that's an easy to misinterpret as just an excuse to go. Buckwald crazy I think there is something to it in the way you see it in this film where they really do arrive someplace different at the end of it and they really did learn something about themselves about life and the became different people and hopefully better people to and so again. It's this idea of like finding this kind of like real spiritual transcendent thing through the most crass material excessive right harmful toxic manners possible. It's really interesting idea. Yeah and i think the big question casey is. Who's gonna fill that crime back. Human saint pete the to going. Somebody's gotta step in there. Maybe girls exactly. Yeah you could you could well and there was even talk of a possible sequel which i think would have been the kind of thing where like maybe the producers give it to a different director whatever corinne has any in doing sequels and certainly not like a cash crab commercial cash. N kind of thing now. This is perfect. It was a ninety four minutes long. That's how long it should have been. Yeah he didn't overdo it. I mean he overdid everything but you know to great tight you know cafe kept it overstay its welcome. Yeah you gotta do that in a movie like this. I think i think it was a smart at it and I like the man. I liked it a lot of things a really good movie. Yeah he I look forward to what is going to do next like said beach. Bum was sort of like a continuation in this mode. And so i hope whatever is coming next will a new phase a new kind of You know a new moment in his in his career path. So we'll see it'd be interesting to see him do something really. I guess straightforward but still. Yeah yeah we could see that you know he. He's almost he's only couple years younger than me and fifty. Yeah he's He's still in interviews and everything has like that kind of youthful demeanor about him even though he is a little bit older now. He's a little bit more slow and deliberate and like he used to. Just make a sport of you know being absurd and ridiculous interviews and now he actually gives thoughtful. Yeah he's compelling answers to questions and while still being himself which is great then. That's that's the really wonderful thing is that he did find a way to remain all the good things about himself. Artistically while at the same time getting to a place where he's like knocking. Og or whatever you know. Yeah yeah exactly. That's cool all right. Well there's a lot of fun my friend. Glad you pick this. Because he forced me to watch it. And i probably i mean it was what i wanted to watch back then but it's not a movie eight years later. That is still high on my list. So i'm glad to watch it. I thought it was really cool Love the aesthetic of it. And i just thought it was a good way to spend ninety minutes on my spring break. Yeah i'm glad you. I'm glad you mentioned it had not jumped to the top of my head I think you had mentioned before. If i was going to pick a korean film i think it would have been gum. Probably but you know that. That's a film. People can seek out in wash series but But yeah this is this. This one was probably a good blend of somewhat more accessible and just like the the the intersection with spring break. So yeah it's great. And if you're into keg stands in porn beer all over bare breasts and bong hits out of I don't even know car tailpipes than this. This this is your movie is gonna take it that way. Then you probably could. Yeah but i thought it was a pretty good piece of satire and cautionary tale the all right. Well we'll think about something. Good luck with your stresses and I will handle mine and we'll see each other soon very soon. I hope all right thanks. Everybody we'll see next week. Crash is produced and written by charles bryant and no brown edited engineered by seth nicholas johnson and scored by brown here and our home studio upon st market atlanta georgia for iheartradio for more podcasts. For my heart radio. Visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows if you like. True crime check out the new podcast. Good assassins hunting. The butcher part spy story part detective case it's the true tale of a secret mission to hunt down a savage nazi murderer and assassinate him the goal to send a message to all the nazi between another around the world. Today we can find you from paris to rio and beyond hunting. The butcher brings this to life using interviews with former spies and testimony from witnesses to crimes delving deeply into the pulse pounding undercover operation. Who's another reason for the mission. It's something that. I found almost unbelievable. A part of history. That seems so bizarre to me. That couldn't have been real but in one thousand sixty. Four israelis decided that herbert sucres had to die listened to good assassins hunting. The butcher on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast join the hunt. I'm dani shapiro host of the hit. Podcast family's secrets. Join me for an all new season of incredible stories. That show what happens when long held secrets come to light and how even the most painful discoveries have the power to liberate. She'll and even uplift us listening. Subscribe on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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