Morning Brief for Monday, January 7th


I'm Anne Marie for totally in the newsroom at the Wall Street Journal trying to avoid catching the flue this season. The Wall Street Journal has some numbers, you should keep in mind. For example, experts say it takes between ten and fourteen days for the flu vaccine to take affect and people who get vaccinated are up to sixty percent less likely to get sick in a good year. Experts say flu season started off slowly but picked up just before the new year. This week's economic calendar brings the minutes from the Federal Reserve's December meeting. Plus, we'll see international trade data and the consumer price index. Video game retailer game. Stop is struggling to improve sales in shifting market with more consumers buying games digitally. The retailer shares down about twenty nine percent in the past year. Some analysts say the best option may be to find a buyer game. Stop has said it's reviewing strategical turn it gives. The new year brings challenges for Facebook as it seeks to balance its dry for growth with a commitment to improving safety and security for its users. Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg says he's proud of the progress company has made he's expected to outline specific goals for the year later this month for more details. Head to wsJcom or the w s j app.

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