GenG's Jordan Sherman on Worlds, College Esports and Brand Partnership


Hello Ed welcome into another episode of the East Sports Network podcast in partnership with Reuters as always I'm your hosmer mid dreams and today were talking Gee to do that I have Jordan Sherman the head of revenue. Operations for the League E. Sports, organizations Jordan how're you doing? I'm are you I've do it pretty well I do a pretty well, I figure all of our listeners know about gingy but for those unfamiliar gingy was, what's what are the top legacies and South Korea? Say it still is, but they were competing under the Dave Samsung. Galaxy would they would to world championships There consistently among the favorites at this year, they qualified for worlds what to get congrats by the way. Thank you our whole org is really excited. I'm sure. I'm sure I'll be ready for you guys to at least at the group stage. Lately, the organizations dominated G with the or wooded pudgy invitational at twenty eight at the Pudgy Global Championship twenty feet in addition to be top-flight eastwards or they're also focused on a wide array of really awesome initiatives. They have an all female fourteen powered by Bumble, which includes Tina raise the winner of the day tournament at twitch con in addition to the bumble partnership or the best brand partnerships. At least from my perspective, they also have deals with Puma mercedes-benz McDonald's. A lot more and on the college side, they have partnered with the University of Kentucky and Eastern Michigan University. Then there's also the gingy foundation an organization trying to empower the next generation of eastwards sports leaders with a focus on inclusion diversity in academic excellence, they had the Gen ten ten scholarship recipients backed by gingy with that focus in mind. For Jordan personally he spent a lot of time in the traditional sportsworld with years at the MLB and two at the Los. Angeles Clippers before moving to gingy in two thousand eighteen on the show to be talking about junkies initiatives the goals of the organization how the team is built such a strong list of brand partners and wouldn't eastwards organization brings to a college program. So Jordan, let me know did I Miss Anything That was really excellent. I know you had prepared. So that's great. I've been familiar. I think I've covered a lot of that over the years I wrote about the bubble at Fort I interviewed you about the Puma? Partnership. I was at the twitch guy when Tina raise once I've picked up all this over the over time for Sherp yet and we And we met at Oregon of course. Yay. Alma Mater, which is just a quick way to. Get into my good graces and you and you visited receive. Oregon. You talked to those orchid students that was a really fun time and that's what we I actually got. Meet you in person which was really awesome. that panel was that I was you evil geniuses and team liquid that totally high-powered at the University of Oregon and made me so jealous because when I was a kid I, was there three years ago there was no chance anything like that would have ever existed. So I'm glad my my old school is finally getting with the times and bringing students some awesome resources like that. Yeah and I remember you asked I don't remember what you asked the U s a very high level in-depth question. I was like, who are you was like your? Student You must be journal. For like high level questions, you know what it was as I saw your background in the MLB and it was right after the Astros cheating scandal had come out at I asked Sports. Damage Control looks like for for a scandal like that, and you know we saw the mobile with their hair on fire does like is prepared for some sort of scandal this at our kite AC- that see us go with a pretty big wide-raging match-fixing deal. The answer you guys will gave was no probably not and that seems pretty accurate. But yeah. That's a that's a question. The Likud guy just shook his head. I can't remember who was. Using their head of apparel and merchandise, but I can't remember his name right now but he was just like shaggy is that. Those are really fun event. I'm so glad that happened. So. Let's talk a little bit about world's the world's draw just come out JEN. Gee, that's the the game. This organization has been built on had so much success over time you guys group C with fanatic and team Solo mid plus one additional qualifier from plan. How are you feeling about? That? Feels like a pretty good group. Yet. Even dating back to last year, I kinda see US getting two worlds on second full year recap on terms of like what are teen did to restructure the roster we worked on a campaign last year where when we sign ruler, we did a fan is actually sponsored by costs which is on by Ab but wiser incorrect and we did this event where we signed ruler and we wanted to make a big deal out of him pass coming back to the team understanding gingy values. Having ruler helpless recruits in the best players in the world s players our structure we're looking to do. We we looked at it as kind of a very like. Miami he got like dwayne Wade Lebron. Buick thought of it like in that context, let's let's actually like throw in event the decision and really help people see what worganization gingy as so it's been really cool to see how teams done improves throughout the year. And then you know it was really like up down thing for us like we had an opportunity to get in a few times three Cetera two-day CNN and the third opportunity for us to win the gauntlet event. In order to get in I thought just spoke to the press appearance of our team roster in our work is a whole on Tanna battle back from Nancy time DC Churchill Sports. East for once the ball starts going against you like the brakes ample your way. You can almost feel like that's just too big of a mountain to climb in. You can get in your head. You can be a little bit mental about it. And I. Just think it was so cool that the players are able to accept the setbacks at they had instill get into worlds. And now that we're in kind of optimistic that like we're going to play with swag, we're going to be able to play like our game not tense up because were just really happy to be a part of it into get into it and for us I feel like our was getting to where else in the rest of this is kind of like house money in a sense. So I'm really optimistic to see the team's performance in what they can do. Nadda. We accomplish this goal in so much is already in our rear view. There's definitely something to be said for getting in just having no hurdles. Okay. We're here. Let's do whatever we can and you know not just necessarily happy to be there. But having you know like you said, it's house money. Everything's great. You guys are in the group stages. Fantastic. You get outta groups. That's amazing. So everything you do is like this is awesome at i. feel like you guys got a good shot in that in that group you know it's there's no bad deeds worlds, of course but you did avoid for what group without an LP lt which feels like probably. A helpful thing and again in fanatic slouches by eighty means but. I feel good. I feel good. will allow them boy don't be like the group of Death that in my opinion, it's like. The World Championships Latch. Teams in the world owes like twelve well fields. Like we're not glad like your local schools, these are like the best teams in the world. So it's kind of like one of those things like you play, you gotta play anything alive is not matchups too. So I, kind of my thought process in the group stage was like let's get to it. You know it's going to we're going to get her we're GONNA get down. On super excited world has always just the most fun and right Games really knows how to throw a vet like that. That you're gonNA. Do this year who it's going to be big. It's going to be big. We've already seen like. The L. E. C., break the record for their their Ama with like eight, hundred thousand peaking at almost a million and then last year was what the? Had this number recently, it was like three million. Or something for top Ama. You looking at right now. I. Don't know. I just was talking about this with somebody right now and I don't want to put a bad start up there. While I, guess I'm wondering like you think. If. You will stands. This is records twenty, one point eight, nine average men audience what. Right on. Yeah. Yeah. That sounds yeah. I need to need to talk to David David. The head communications for for Ryan and get better details on. How all of that is calculated over the entire spank have also seen the number three million put out there but I I don't know I just need to get more details. The ultimately going to be as could be massive it's going to be the biggest. Ever, appreciate worlds for the last four years has broken the record of most viewers Ford event. So I think at this point, it's It's a bold take to say they're not going to break the record. I agree, I think it's going to be big to hopefully the biggest ever. and. It's it's all the teams. You would probably expect the teams. I'm a little less familiar with not the ones you know fun plus didn't quite make it in this year but you've got GT's sports. tsn. Got Fanatic. No cloud nine. But. You've got rogue gingy fly Cuesta sneaks in there and so I and damn one JD game ear both really big over in a career and China respectively. So I think there's a lot of the star power people are going to be looking for. Especially if we get some of those regional matchups that people love to see later in the tournament something like you know whenever it's a career vs Europe or China Verses L. Or. Anything like that always seems to drive just pretty insane viewership consistently. But anyways before we just talk about world for thirty minutes which I absolutely do. Let's talk about some of the awesome things jetties doing especially in the college world, we launched the colleges for Quick de all be publishing this episode on the Eastwards Network Veep, but also on that colleges for its feet because it's a space that we really want to dive a lot. More into as we met while, you were talking to my Alma Mater the University of Michigan Junkies a lot of work in colleges sense that partner with the University of Kentucky Partnering With Eastern Michigan University, what is Jen Gee doing with those partnerships? Can you dive in a little bit about what that partnership means in what gingy is bringing to a sports program like that? Shirt so the were looking at it is a lot of universities are building up their sports programs of that's really good. A lot of them are doing it really geared toward competitive teams and trying to figure out. Okay. How do we figure out a schedule Rick get the best players for university them on tournaments stage and we think that's interesting unique. Why? Our thought processes that League of legends like the World Championships is always going to be bigger than maybe like an NCAA championship and maybe that grows over time But when you see the structures Ernie place in the way. Are the audience is already kind of looking at this stuff. There's really a strikes you the best of the best in we're not a hundred percent sure of college football's going to be the same colleges for. So what our philosophy is is we help universities use gaming in east sports to recruit students to their school to retain them is part of school in into also encourage alumni to get reinvested in the school and so in doing that or basic concept is. You want to focus on casual gamers, gaming community and not just a small segment of the ultracompetitive. That might represent the university in tournament. So a lot of the activation. Is Okay. How can we actually do something that helps a highschool suit and understand what a college sports program is or how to become career opportunities, academic pathways on campus events or ritual events for current students to feel. I really liked the school that I'm at I feel part of a larger community there's a gaming place. For me where I could meet other Gamers, make friends but I don't necessarily have to make e sports my life goal I can continue doing whatever i WanNa do journalism entrepreneurship, medicine, history, law, etc.. So the way, for example, what we've done I think something's really interesting with Michigan University. They have a very large Super Smash Club just like every other university has and we talked to them in rallies WanNa. Get back to the school they WANNA be involved. So every other Thursday, which which broadcasts were eastern Michigan students can actually play with and against high school students from across the country and it's been really cool. We have over one hundred high schools that have signed up to participate. We have students from almost all fifty states participating and they're signing up in their they're playing alongside of high school kids and these college students in what we're showing them is number one eastern Michigan. Values the sports community number two. If you decide to go eastern, Michigan, you're hopefully to know other people and make friends who are also high school kids like yourself because you've been seen every Thursday through these events and number three got to get a feel for what the school is about because you already know people are smash flow. So if you. Think about it. especially with Kobe, you can't go for be able to go to actually visit campus. You may not be able to offer welcoming some cases class. So now what we've done is kind of create this virtual experience for when you show up the first day, you already know people you know people they played with high school annual people. Who are in college or copiers older than you have been involved program so I would say for a lot of people like remember welcoming orientation. circle people in your taller in your dorm room. It's super, awkward I WANNA use. Not that doubt. And for the schools, it's great. Welcome week was was incredibly awkward. I just remember that it'd be like this okay. I gotTa make my friends now right down and I was like begging friends. Fault. Isn't you're? Supposed to do dads. If you're in a foreign place, you've never been before you never let your parents most likely. Like you don't know anything is you don't know where to go and then like everyone's trying to make friends, you do it within two days. It feels like there's so much pressure net. That's why I think students. End Up retreating to their dorm room or transferring not having great experiences in college was it's too hard. It's too much. So if we can actually use gaming as a way for people to kind of make friends in be sold sean kind of feel valued if you like have a community campus, Dan we've done really good for the students for university in anything of gaming sports that light. You see that it's much more well rounded in Defer Competitive Gaming? Definitely I made my lives by secret weapon to making Frederick. Gamecube opened the door room throw the Super Smash Pros like. Just a character select screen and wait for somebody to come by. So we by roommates quickly. Now, one of my all time best Fresno. Fred. Rauch out there ause we just played Super Smash Rose Malay for hours upon hours read freshman that we started living together software judy year. Until we only people we can play that gave up the campus felt like was was US Abbas, fetch a smash club at the time, but we totally totally would have been members, but it's Gave me brings people together. It creates friendships at away. That is off the difficult to do and I love that that focus on casual gaming. I. Think a lot more people need to focus on. Hey, what are the great parts of gaming we're seeing that was really popular games lately who seeing the rise of among us and see is a fall is has made me feel like people are really gravitating to more casual fun. Interactive Gaming Experiences, and I love to see that that's something that we can have more of you know I'm also grinded rocket league whatever I can but having fun casual gaming experiences is just a better. Better vibe for be personally sometimes. The competitive such as what show by Fred said I love to see that eastwards organizations are recognizing that and try to create more initiatives around that aspects. Yet party, I came out Nelson. Okay This is kind of silly like I I don't get it like I've never really played games like once at Sockeye take off I was like. Oh, this is all bugler GONNA socialize. Like this is what's going to be. In people's homes when their friends over, you know it's like the that's how people adaptive a fun casual even like now, the fog is an example, the disraeli example. Which I put a wife like. It's gross. Game. To play. With my girlfriend at. Each each other's throats. Great. We laugh about. Too serious. But you know it's fun like I think that stuff is so cool. That you could that you can do with someone in. Good communication skill. So maybe Well we'll have three stars at love her to death, but she what's Borscht like more we're going to give We did it. We beat the goal it. It's. Got A maximize potential out but every single dive A. She's not in other thing she said to announce gate. For schools is. I think a lot of schools think like okay. We need a whole new eastward strategy and we need to do Xyz in higher all these people in we try to tell schools you really WanNa. Build from your strengths and you WanNa, do something that is already a reflection of your university. So for example. The Penn relays was an event that university Pennsylvania's hundred, twenty six years happens on it Franken field, which is their football stadium on campus like high school runners in college runners live dance every year. So we're GONNA do like an east sports event I. Dare Because GonNa Tracking you run your mile on. Another deal for few hours. So he figured set in east. But then when I got cancelled movie did was is we created in Japan re actually rebuilt the football stadium within my crafts and created these relay races where people could actually take Democrat characters sign up with friends and compete in different heat. So just like a track race high school boys has girls has mixed cowboys you know Cetera and you could compete against other high schools in other colleges in minecraft in a recreated Henry's environment that you took some liberties like there was snow and ice and fire like funding like that. They don't really have attract. But all of a sudden when did was is engaged hand digital extension to their track race, which was happened to be over century or in allowed people were planning on being in Philadelphia that we couldn't make out the to participate I. Have a global audience. It gives a new element promoter partners in sponsors, Wade media in the temple on franchise built from the university Now, that's something that we're hoping to be working with them after years and years to come because it's going to be part of the fabric of what that event is. So I. Think when universities who are maybe struggling to get his own tonight insurance worth their time if you think okay, going help us get US students. Existing students have a better experience not transfer. We can do it in a way where we could take our existing events in just kind of. Transport them in fun ways to the gaming community name really starts kind of seeing how pieces fit together why gaming should be important to law schools? Absolutely it also creates opportunities for people who might not feel a connection to their university that you've sort of alluded to this where you know maybe these people who play video games in their dorm room and giving them the opportunity to have a club that fits their interest and gets them out, gets them on campus at the center of campus gets them representing if they're playing for their clubs representing their schools colors. Creates a level of connection. There's been plenty of studies published that shows that feeling connected to your university increases people's academic success. Once your what's your part of it? There s really what universities want. They want their students to be connected. They want them to want to come back to school to try their hardest in school, and so it feels like having those clubs that reach people where they're at. Is Really impactful for just increasing academic output at also just student happiness. Yeah I. Mean that gets in the third pillar of what we're trying to build with alumni because you know we have a lot. On mostly on the long people graduated from zero to ten to fifteen years ago who landed exactly what you said. I love Super Smash. Play Games with my friends but there wasn't a smash community Eric Campus. There's a lot of people like you who wants to be more involved with their university, but don't have great inroads to do so and they don't harbour any ill will university in have this. Time he bought actually very understanding of that. Zo things that were really workout alumni league team get togethers. Rudini schedules or people know where they have to be Wednesday play of people from their school reconnect because. Really, the wasteful is usually like. Football basketball homecoming in maybe at ten. All Does a lot of people age our they move away. They just decide like an kind too old for that any longer. But now we do something that's specifically designed for young alumni that technology that uses. The gaming community to bring that together now graded even better asset for these universities where they can always connect with alumni and then when on scientists the oiler. Maybe, further, along in their careers are in positions of power at really interesting unique companies that are gonNA shape have things are going. They at least have hopefully, this point would have in decades long of connection to those students through gaming. And that's the roadmap. For so you think of it like, okay. You're gaining experience university could start your ninth grade go. All the way through to. Your kids go that school. I love that I love creating that through line is for sure to alumni. I'm a little salty that that. Doesn't didn't have things while I was a kid but I also understand that you know that's not that wasn't realistic for them and I'm just happy that they have the now in the current students have those sports opportunities. So yeah, it's I feel like alumni sort of understanding the fact that, hey, that just was never going to be effect that was thank anywhere else and you know now five ten years the lied if she still have eastwards program twenty twenty-five. That might actually people would be like, wow, really don't have what do this I might have to go to a different university. So feels like we're reaching a point where I it's going to be pretty common that you least have some sort of eastwards infrastructure. Yeah I think it a unique window right now. But that that Windows GonNa close because I think you're right like if someone tries come opposition five or six years even two or three, it's kind. I. Got Myself somewhere else you know it's like when your mom joins facebook. To. move on it's like I. Guess we're moving to the next actually think that gets into something else. I want to talk about which I think that same window exists for brand partners right now, people are pretty welcoming of major brands getting into East sports as long as they show an approach to eastward see Puma McDonald's Mercedes. In the legend's we've seen mastercard and be welcomed pretty readily, and it feels like there's a window for brands. If they are either one of the first in their sector or they come in and they do some really cool content, these words community is willing to accept them, and eventually we reach a point of Brad numbness that we have in traditional sports. Where at a certain point there's just so many sponsors that it's just a a commonplace thing. I feel like there's a window right now you have worked with so many different brands and brought in a lot of brands and had a hand in bringing all these birds. How do you see the brand sponsorship in eastwards evolving? Do you think we've reached that point international sports were just like Oh yeah. Every organization has you know fifteen brands their partner with and maybe lose a little bit of its luster right now it feels like these these activists have still a lot of power behind him. For sure a couple of things. I. Think. I think you're definitely right in declamation one shutout brands all time. We're at this unique point where they are entry into their space into the game space brings credibility to it. They're actually going to welcome. And they're gonNA be welcome more so than that would be potentially going into a traditional sports an. In sports ambient at the clippers. and. I say fans there really cared about like the team in the team wedding. Niece or it's kind of like because the community is also involved in building up the street. There's kind of unique excitement that happened would brand partners entered the space if in Zaveri Big if? They're able to do. So in a way, that's that brings value to the gamers and doesn't take away. So, when I wrote I less than. One of our early deals, Kinda ready to press release for it, and I was planning in my notes taught me a lot about the gaming demographic the age of the people and how to reach them at ads. With what it's like in terms of how much time they spend Yadda Yadda. All those like technical bullet points and the climate ripped it up until he was trash and they said, we're not entering the. Because love is demographics not trying to record China make the gaming experience better with our products. That's that's the story we want, and that was really eye-opening because what I kinda saw was like. Brand, to go into Kinda thinking about who the people are are going into the wrong viewpoint, the should be going into it by saying, Hey, how can we do something? That's GONNA be really cool for this market and make it feel like Our entry has made it better. And that should be really interesting challenge in a fun challenge for both brands anthropomorphic Ganji in our in our other colleagues, other places. That your bubble came in and really put a lot of weight behinds women gators by sponsoring all four nineteen went to content creators, streamers, women who are arise. That actually gave a lot of credit validation to that Houma was like one of the early traditional sports, Frantic Honda teammates each sports south to the peril is world's Jersey people really to that that story too because that wasn't brand coming envy like we see you as sports gamers were actually creative errol and do things that you might see Churchill spots. We're going to do with the same. Gusto and fire that we do. People really. Mercedes do time Deborah experiential. That's players. That was really cool. 'cause talk about earlier by we did the signing fans fans the opportunity to meet with ruler and ask questions. Get. This really personal experience so I think every time you look at it if you're able to do something in a way that translates to value. Can Be super successful and get a ton of mileage. The campaigns there may be a fall flat I think you see that they. Some cases they took away lab. Named away guy and then I, think that's how we always think about it on our side. What does this entry into this space means? And how can we make it better buddy. Absolutely. It's. It's important. Factor is, hey, we gotta be gotta be differ. We got to be added figs as we've seen with the twitch announcement of doing mid roll ads sort of forced mid roll ads. Gamers are not totally receptive to all advertising It's just when it comes in and the brand like you said, eastwards organizations have a sort of unique value because the is seen as directly supporting. The players and the the bread that they're a fan of but especially, the players where Hedo contracts aren't nearly as big as they are traditional sports sort of Brad like a McDonald's or a bumble comes in and they split their team like the female fourteen when g it's like Oh. Okay. I like those people and I'm glad that they know have a big brand partner who's going to help them. Have money like they're gonNA literally have a direct line there. That's just not how it existed traditional sports while that's what he's over does go to the players. It's just sort of seat as okay. The players get a bunch waiting to get the meteorites deals the ticket sales like. The players though issues with buddy. It Traditional Sports eastwards. It's really good to have like the Brad's or seat as directly supporting the players at their fans of which creates a better brand. Bread fan relationship. I'm so happy for Steph curry that he got muscle Belkis apart. Hulu. Young. Knowing is wearing game people do get excited by gus individual really close connection to the service because it's also Legitimate the brands. In some cases, the teams, other teams, but in some cases, the plate, the streamers are the teams. So you had these communities that have been watching them since the beginning the root for them as favorites or. So when they see them succeed that is positive experience. Yeah. Mid Roll Suck. No one likes now. For putting it, that's like an annoyance or things with discount. Works I think there's other ways of getting all the in states where you're not just buying video where you're actually more added. More. Right and I'm sure twitch like is stupid. They tried to push breads towards. So the other unique ways. You, know a lot of breads are still stuck in his dotage like we buy we buy. If you money you give me fifteen seconds I put add up like that's sort of just how they operated. You know things are changing the smart Brad's are figure out how to evolve it how to connect to this gave you on. It's like bench the the brand that wants to be additive that's really key. That's what the smart breads are doing this. So I know I want to be conscious of your time and we feel like we have to talk about the judge foundation at ten first of all as a big fan of bed ted I love the hip Jed Ted. It's really cool. Tell a little bit about what did the plans were for jet and why you want to create a foundation especially to focus on diversity and inclusion it college sports. Yes. So we already had these relationships with colleges and. twenty twenty was a yearbook complete social racial rests. So we knew them needed to do something and we wanted to have. Their be up front with it. So of weeks ago, and basically is ten students a year for ten years are see scholarship John. And in order to qualify, you have to be personal caller low income or woman, and you have to be any US university in you have to make a commitment to helping the eastwards community before. So you don't have to be a player you could be we don't have the player you journalists could be interested entrepreneurship. You can be a member of the club could be something ball humidity reached. We WanNa hear what people are doing out there. That's going to help make gaming sports better at college campuses and can be a ten year commitments. Our hope is that the Though next year tenure, the raptor, and we're GONNA file students on throughout the next ten years of their lives over open for these tax classes of it. Think of it as a SNL, glass like all American class like that. You'll see them kind of go once to success these insurance business roller wherever they choose on whether gonNA, leave behind at university course. INNOVATOR place. So we're GONNA be fine helping that be creating content with them helping their mission vitamins on scholarships, and our hope is that is Kinda Korean. It's really a spiderweb, a ripple effects across his university so far we have four Foundational Partners University of Kentucky Eastern Michigan University bumble explodes banks actually extended the amount you all were GONNA be receiving scholarships for this year. The applications are open or they're closing clothes on over fifteen forget announce the winners route six giving scholarships for me give it up for this year so. We're really said buy it on Amazon hopeless missions. This is like amazing to see how what's coming in and we think it just. Our commitment to East Orchard colleges or college education growth of this industry. Through diversity and we hope for students to be the leading the charge not US nine university officials. We want the actual people living at to the once ler hoping the change of where was. Supporting a give them the tools resources any. I love that it's been student led for so Long College Games as gaming clubs that didn't have anything more than occasional meeting room and administration. It's finally getting on board giving it to the students at that focused on diversity and inclusion is so important I just today's on the. Quick, take each week published a long interview, which is what this the, but we also published Daily News hits and that includes one each week where I look at research study and what I covered today recording this on Wednesday as won't hear it until. Friday, but the what I covered with colleges for his quick day was a paper published by. A professor at North Carolina State and talk with a bunch of college eastward sears. Sports haven't brought in as many women as they had hypothesized about three years ago which. I just hope that the eastwards at the top level is very male dominated will college sports by be a great way to bring more women into the fold in that and they found that just hasn't totally been the case that hasn't played out at. So I think initiatives like this are really important because he needs to be a concrete effort to make it easier for women detriment space to make it easier for low income people to enter the space. Because right now it just hasn't totally proven to be that at so having organizations like Jen. Gee backing that having all female fortnight teams like the one sponsored by bumble and how creases that reputation and then you see. Young. Girls like Mochi in she gingy. Yes. She's gingy. He has ever been winning. For. She's a ball or fourteen year old if you guys noticed this fourteen year old. Girl in Sweden I believe a one a pretty big. Tired of bit at it's just like that representation is so cool to me I think that's We also have phase clans What's what's your name getting you walk thank you so much. Yeah E. Walk. That's She's also deaf as well, and it's just like that representation is just so awesome to see any sports and it's a lot of these sports organizations gingy particular leading the way and making sure we have that in eastwards going for and then Jen ten really making sure that exists on the college level and creating the next generation of leaders. Shout out the judges. A was just GONNA say a lot of our. Players they say. Didn't have role models who were like them growing up. So we're really to do is hopefully the janitor other initiatives in the zoom in space from. Still the hope is that people we are seeing Mulkey, for example, won't use it look weren't. Away Rahm Ray someone had died so. Tenure amendment is important to the giants. You'RE GONNA see people see these initial classes. See these initial women in. Ever seeing gaming finally realize. Okay. I can actually unacceptable. Maybe I can do this too. and. That's what we're gaming. So if caused people think while us for smell dominate. AMD look in the mirror, some chain that in be. Bingo. Chain is like spectrum of. The it's like what you do today. You may not see the results yearly, but you're you're now two years three, three ish. Now, what we do today that seem to be reflected because that's your. That's how long term process where we're going as. A love it feels like a great note to wrap up on. Jordan thanks so much for taking the time. Good luck with world coming up to give you one last chance shot out anything that you people looking at for jet G.. What's we followed a log euro personal stuff that you? tweeted out Shoutout Jaji add let people know what they should be following. Yeah, let me just say follow us the Cross also house you check me out to Edgy Sherm to G, on twitter on link. Linked in his actuary most thanks. Obama never. Want to connect with may just abby Jordan Shumur nothing. that's the best they can be out. that. Beautiful you can go to his guest page underneath this podcast on his name you'll see leaks to his linked in and. Twitter if you WANNA connect with him Jordan's a great guy doing awesome work at any sports I could talk to all day but I have to let him go eventually George. Thanks again for coming on the show is black sock with you and again good luck in world of Your Info

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