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Come. On the Bloomberg business. APP and Bloomberg quick tape. This is Bloomberg radio. Bloomberg markets we by Glenn and Paul's tweeting will. Lead. US, out of this crisis, we don't know how many companies can accept people by on the. Bed seems to really flexed its muscles, fill corona virus risk breaking market news and insight from Bloomberg experts to bring out that by the dip mentality that takes on a we looking at more damaging. Great Kimberly. Does for the yield curve matter, we're looking at late twenty, twenty, one, early, twenty, twenty, two for really field for door excuse Bloomberg markets with Vonnie, Quinn. Sweeney. On Bloomberg radio coming up, we'RE GONNA take a look at the beleaguered retailing industry and how retailer certain retailers like using bankruptcy to break leases by thousands plus Brendan. Coughlin head of consumer. Banking? At Citizens Bank, he's give his thoughts on the consumers health, the shift that digital banking and consumer lending. But first, let's go to Greg Jarrett Bloomberg. News for a Bloomberg business flash free fall, THIS FLASH IS SPONSORED BY COMMONWEALTH Financial Network The Independent Advisor you've. You've always wanted to be with all the support you need to get their visit Commonwealth dot Com to learn more stock dipped. Recently, they've been fluctuating all morning, a uncertain outlook for Congress to approve more stimulus overshadowed better than forecast jobs data. You're being stocks dropped on earnings, disappointments, and gold has extended its gains yet again, which was markets every fifteen minutes. The S&P is down a tenth of a percent down three. The Dow's little changed up thirteen in the Nasdaq, is down a tenth of a percent down nine. The ten years up to twelve thirty seconds with a yield two point, five percent.

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