HR 2: Crashing the Bubble


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Sometimes, it would be method man whoever I wanted to create I do a create a player. I would try to run up all of my stats make all of my attributes at ninety nine. See if I could win a game as Johnny blaze's himself method man to Cowan stallion the one man army. So let's see if he can go out there and win a basketball game we'll that's what Damian Lillard did last night that's what he's doing. The last few games, this entire bubble experience minus the two free throws I think ultimately missing the two free throws humanizes him in a way that makes them more relatable makes it easier for you to root for I mean. Put the fact that he might play your La Lakers aside. There's no way you can consider yourself a hooper, a basketball fan, a sports fan and not be seeing what this guy's doing. Love. Every minute of it because not only is he playing at a high level what he represents as an underdog over overachiever under size. Doing things that. We haven't seen on a basketball court before, but also representing a small market team at a time of player mobility when guys switch teams that causes a lot of alien nation for fans we just have rich climbed in on the phone and he'll tell you Katie lost a lot of fans when he switched teams and he probably lost some more when he switched teams the second. Time. So they willard taking into consideration he plays in a small market. He doubles down on staying in Portland he wants to do it there. Then he goes that it was the clippers you gotTa love that again, put your Lakers a day with dame next week. Aside you gotTa love the fact that he's joined with the clippers going out with Paul. George going out with Pat Bev. Clippers doing very clippers things which I think basketball Kara might ultimately come back around on them. But to see, Dame, put on that show just as hooper you love to see it as a Laker fan you have to be scared. You have to be terrified. You have to be concerned. You can't just assume well, there are the number one seed well, the blazers might not even make it this weekend. Let's all. Let's all. Let's all be real with ourselves. The Blazers are going to the NBA playoff. So Blazers are playing the Los Angeles Lakers. Next week, the blazers are going to give the Lakers fits with what they do with Damian Lillard. Is that enough to beat the Lakers four times in ten days and a bubble on Turkey Lake Road on a Disney campus. Probably not. Spots. Damian Lillard. Is One of those players you're catching them at a special time in his ascension in the Basketball Pantheon of greats these are the moments that fine your career. They play video naismith in fifteen years in springfield. Doing Superman stuff. It's OK Laker fans to take a moment pause. Acknowledge it appreciate it. Wow. He's amazing. and. Still. Put it aside and focus at the task at hand I know Greg isn't worried. He's town himself. He's not worried. He's saying they got this siege as down with the fractured back. Yes. mellows been great but it's mellow. He's thirty five and doing a wine newsletter. So he's hitting some jump shots in the regular season Games but can you count on a playoff series probably not but is the Willard enough to give the Lakers a serious problem in the first round. I mean the way that you put it like we're talking about the Lakers here we're not talking we're talking about two of the best players in basketball. Anthony Davis in the broad. James we're not talking about Mitchell Robinson and Kevin Knox and the Knicks so. Robinson put up a historic field goal season known as had a higher percentage in the history of the NBA and Michele Robinson this year. That's that's really nice. Were they in the bubble I forgot. Kevin. Knox is twenty one years old and one day. Oh, that's that's a that's wonderful. Set to I. Forgot were they in the bubble? They are in talks of a second bubble to work on player development a location. Okay. So there in the the the loser bubble. Got It. Mike Talk. The Knicks have more first time voters than any team. Oh, first time voters. That's that's what we're looking for out of a team either late we're not. We're not talking about them like terrified terrified you used the word terrified in terms of Damian Lillard and the Portland Trailblazers when it comes to the Lakers, we as Laker fans needs to be terrified of Damian. Last night the last two nights hundred twelve points know avery Bradley no rage on Rondo. Caruso is going to become a lot of memes. I probably will, but he's GonNa be. Flying through the air for his show dunks. Only. Different places you're looking for you, but you're GonNa Sixty, one points. If the Lakers they will give up points to Damian Lillard. They have trouble with quick guards just like him and I think he went for over fifty in a game to season against the Lakers. So it can happen and he's an totally fine. But the fact is that you're going to have multiple guys in the in these playoffs. They'RE GONNA put up twenty thirty points on the Lakers by themselves where if it's just dame. Finally. They got Nurkic back. They got Gary Trent coming to rezone. Mike get. It got whiteside a double double this dont. Let's not go into whiteside. Whiteside is a complete joke. If you follow him on snapchat or Instagram, you'll know his accession with Red Velvet cupcakes very unhealthy I. worry about his diet be honest and the bubble but. By the way Red Velvet is just chocolate with red diets nothing different. There's no different flavor to it but get he's obsessed. I look. All, the factors that would play into the Lakers having an advantage in a traditional playoff format homecourt advantage. Avery Bradley would be back playing. That that energy of staples on a Sunday that's all out the window now, and now you've got an environment or neutral court. You've got a player who's planning as well as any player. We've seen play like I don't know if you can play basketball at a higher clip and he's been playing during these bubbles. Those two free throws aside I got I, don't know if you've seen that. He's been fantastic and he's absolutely the MVP of bubble I. I don't know who else you could possibly give it to because he's been playing out of his mind especially these last two games but again, the Lakers. From the Lakers I've watched every single game from start to finish even in the Games when Anthony Davis doesn't play her Lebron doesn't play. It's they had their defense is good enough to stop this blazers team and they're a top five defense in the bubbler top five defense outside of the bubble, and now you're starting to see the offense start all kinds of pick itself back up to guys are starting to hit shots that Saturday game against Indiana offense started to click. A little bit more. Yes they lost. But then this other game right here on win on Monday against Denver the offense was clicking and it was clicking nicely and you're seeing the passes all started kinda hit at the right moments when the before you felt like they were just a second a step behind a second too late on every one of their passes it's all starting to click they're starting to find their rhythm again and that's dangerous for every other team in the This is where the Lakers are going to be able to figure this Portland Trailblazers in this. Damian Lillard hot streak doubt. It's not about slowing down Dame, how do you stop dame would know avery Bradley, Salute No. It's not about that about you just said, how do they this Laker team figure out how to not be lasting three pointers the not be lasting filled over the last when Lebron the floor and offense efficiency and if you have Lebron James New Have Anthony Davis and you still struggle so much offensively than that is the area you need to focus on. So it really has nothing to do with dame, I set up the whole dame thing in one to come for you and have fun with it because really at the end of the day, it doesn't matter it's. Like what the Rock says, doesn't matter what Damian Lillard does because it's about the waker oftens and figuring out how to get some efficient shots up there without Lebron having to do everything because that is a Formula Success Greg that does give me concern he's putting pressure on coups. He we were talking about it yesterday on the show after the shock who's sitting against the nuggets says, we cannot win a championship without Kyle Kuzma playing. Well, we need confidence in coups I need help on thirty five on the Bron I'm a Jack Knife on the basketball court. I, do everything I literally do everything and I lead social justice movements and I'm a father and on the leader of the League. I mean he's. You can't ask him to take on more for this team show slowing down Damian Lillard should have nothing to do Lebron. James. Got Enough on his plate. Can they get him some shots somehow elsewhere can bubble cheese not turn into Swiss cheese and make a couple of shots. That's GONNA. Stay with me now greg forever. Now I don't think that's ever Latte. Leaving my lexicon I hope he's not offended by it I hope he embraces it I. Hope he gets craft endorsement. But I am forever calling slam bubble she says to you. You're welcome. Now, go back into arenas and you're GonNa Start doing your whole heckling Gig that you do. Double Cheese is going to be one of the things you start throwing dion waiters. No matter what teams. I think we just upgraded from tacos to string cheese when the? Lakers whole team saunder one hundred points and get the W.. I mean that would be nice. Walk out of there. The Nice fresh thicker polio as you're heading to your car. Right. Exactly. But. This is like what you're talking about the offense though, and now what you saw from Calcutta in that game, and hopefully he can stay consistent with it and he continues to to progress and start being the the aggressive rebounder that he has been the last couple of games and also. Hitting shots and hitting three point shots if he's putting up twenty to twenty five points a game. Then, you have a situation where you don't have to worry when one or the other of Lebron Anthony Davis are off the floor because Anthony Davis coups will be on the floor together or Lebron. Kuzina. Word Lebron A. The two of them will be on the floor together at some point making your offense start moving, and then at the end of the Games, you put all three together and you still have a pretty good defensive team because Anthony Davis is a fantastic defender whose gotten much better especially against. Bigger Wings and then you'd have whoever else you put on the. Fan Club card chairing number of the. Your Number Zero Jersey, and you wearing the purple one of the gold one right now no I still need to see. It happened consistently I need to see it happen in the playoffs I greg. Shirt with a lot of holes in it. Now Greg. I did I. Did I what I've always wanted. To succeed. He hasn't so far. He hasn't been the consistent guy that we need, and if you're anybody at your of if you're a Laker Fan, you cannot tell me that he has been consistent through his first couple of years here with the Lakers it's just not possible to say, has he been good in the bubble? Absolutely. Are you following Gucci and Prada. Right now. Are you following a Weenie Harlow on instagram was going to say I'm me and when he harlow lower now? You hanging out on the boat with. This guy part of the family this guy. I guarantee you at some point in the next five years you'll be sitting on a boat with Wendy. Harlow. If the world can open up just for that to happen. There's other things going on covert, but if that can happen and let's you know we're all gonna be in a good place to all this out Already, get ready get back into a little bit the rams on hard knocks but also want to really get into the tweets from Adrian War Drewnowski who was able to. Convey this information that lit up twitter lit up. Mean Shout King. I don't know if you guys follow my friend just side Johnson is. On. Twitter. So it's it's it's a fun thing to think about the idea of MBA players bringing guests into the bubble who might that WHO that might be. However, there's some real life elements to it. There's some serious elements to it that I think ultimately will benefit the Lakers as they try and make a playoff run in the most unusual basketball environments that anyone's ever played Ben Limestone in for Sodano on seven to ten ESPN La. Live and local. Were listening to this? Show. ESPN now back to sit down. ESPN LA been lies thrown in for George ESPN radio presented by Progressive Insurance get your quote at Progressive Dot Com. Today. which climbing con in the show rich axes to work with Jay Z and we got over from Rockefeller records to rock nation to Kevin Durant in the boardroom and one step at a time and Now, he's out there produced movies and was kind enough to call on the show talk about the podcast who would you like to hear? Greg Guy like rich climbing or maverick Carter or rich Paul or these sort of leaders of the basketball business behind the scenes. Who would you like to see them sit down with like out side of hoops rich has jack from twitter as his first guest on his podcast today. I think Jack would be a good one I'm actually gonNA listen to that one. Maybe Lawn Musk. PODCAST. Maybe eight. Crazy interesting guy I sit down and listen to a conversation between rich. Paul Alon Musk. Actually. I'd like to see you on musk in the in the shop. So. You're. Going to see that guy sitting around having a glass of wine with Mon- Shumpert that'd be nice. eamonn just hanging out what what's what's wife's name was? Brian. Asked. Yeah. Yeah Grimes. Yes. So it's cool that these guys now are able to you know take their interests of basketball to the all these other things in. Heard a lot of these interests coming to the lights during the pandemic with CJ mccollum who my gosh hold newfound respect having gone through his back fracture that he's dealing with. But is man brought eighty four bottles of Pinot noir down to Orlando and keeps them in his room air conditioned at fifty four degrees home. These guys are bringing strange things into the but what's the longest Greg you've had to work away from home? To work away from Home Oh gee. You ever had to work for Moulvi or travel on. Somewhere. I think at the Super Bowl in New York back in like twenty. I? Don't even know what year was twenty twelve something like that and that was for a week. So I think, yeah that's the longest that I was away from home easily. Yeah you know I. I've had different jobs over the years that have kept me away from my home for three weeks or five weeks you live in a hotel you're in some towns that you're not used to, and it can definitely Kinda. Blend all blends together. You kind of are this yet not just bubble in terms of the protection element you're in this bubble of not having a larger sense of the world. And I think for some of these MBA plies players are starting to get a real stir crazy. Start and get a little hidden wall. I. Mean there was a great stat that Tom Hammer. Straw had that that the percentage of Dunks are down twenty five percents in the bubble. Guys aren't jumping out of the gym like they were before are they a little reserve? Are they out of it? Are they a step slow look not sure what the reasoning is but the idea of athletes being out of their comfort zone. Is Interesting to me in a psychology behind it. So now here's Adrian words. Now, cues tweeting out today that the NBA is allowing for players to be able to bring in up to four guests starting after the first round of the playoffs because teams like the kings and the magic and the wizards and the sons, and the nets will probably be long gone by that. So you leave all the all those seams, leave, the players, the coaching staff, the organization and incomes you know players, families, players, wives. The teams are allowed for each player to have won playoff ticket per game for a guest plus an additional admission for child thirty, two inches and below. So if he ever abnormally large four year old, they're not allowed to come to the game interesting I know it's Disneyworld. So I guess they put a height requirement on a lot of things but thirty two inches to get into a basketball game seems rather arbitrary number. Does seem like such a weird number like, yeah. Like what if you do have what if you're? Jack was in the bubble and he added. His son who happened to be. I don't know forty five inches because at four years old because he's just gigantic humans. You can't blame bring them in because. We're body shaming a four year old for being tall kind into the game got seems like we're setting up. Kim. I am disaster there. But then this is the part where it gets really really interesting here's. Just tweeting out. Here's who isn't eligible to come into the bubble. Any individual the player has not previously met in person with whom the player has had limited in person interactions, for example, known by the player only through social media. Happy like Hey I'm a big fan of your blog I follow you on twitter love free to come down to the bulb go and watch some games that's off the table guys. I just that's my favorite part of the whole thing is like it's what's what is the definition of is is rate like what is the definition of limited I need to know you'll be allowed jarring in family and established long standing personal friends. Lot. Yes longstanding. So how do you prove the history of your friendship? Right well, let's see. That's where you can start kind of getting around these things right. So what if you say, Oh, this is this is my this is my best friend I've known him for for thirty five years his daughter I grew up with her, but she happens to be you know in the eighteen twenty years old now and she's you know looking good on I. G. Just, happened, she's a part of the family they I. I've always look always. On their photos look comments, photos and five years ago. Known each other for five years. We are a long standing friends. I easily make those things happen. That's that's the best part to yeah. Look at by picture from five years ago that I wrote on yesterday. So. Here's where all of this and it's so again, a sobering reminder of gravity of the situation, the NBA going above and beyond to keep these athletes safe in their family. Safe. But you it. Also I think will be something that should Lakers advance out of the first round, which everyone thinks they will. Will provide them with the comfort support sense of normalcy to allow them to continue on in this postseason because the Lakers have. A little bit of an older team might have some Samore fathers on their team than some other teams. Jr.. Lebron Rondo AD couple guys or married. Jared Dudley you've got families you've got commitments responsibilities to people other than yourself. Having those people come down to the bubble I would imagine will really alleviate some type of stress or JR Smith and talk talking six hours a day it said in an article to his kids on his face time he didn't have to do that. Now that's GonNa I think up with those guys in the team but then for the guys on the team. Quinn Cook Kyle Kuzma. Casey p some of the guys who might be distracted with life outside of basketball. The fact that the League is cracking down on agents, managers, physical therapists, personal chefs no tattoo artists know, hey, that's my buddy from. You know it's my other buddy. No none of that. No no riffraff. So I think that'll benefit some of the Lakers to who might have some distractions off the court. Yeah. Lebron talked about it before like it's tough being away from his family for as long as they thought that they have already. So if you bring them into the bubble with them, then I think that that's GONNA help lebrons psyche is mind he's already talked about off the floor stuff which. I can't speculate on what that off the court stuff is but my guess is maybe something to do with him not seeing his family. So if that's part of it, having them all in there that could just make him get better and you saw you saw the Phoenix Suns thing that they did that John Ireland tweeted out earlier where they got that rise from seeing their family in do the the Internet introductions, the player introductions to see Cam. Johnson's family call him out in the kids. You know twenty years old at North Carolina first year in the NBA means a lot you know and and it was a nice little touch I thought. So she got monty. Everything. He's been through with his family to have them. You know shout him out and introduce him in the in the LINEUPS. The NBA family thing is very real. You feel that sport way more than you do the other sports. But not only will be immediate friends and family potentially in the ball ball Stephen a Smith has some thoughts about how the NBA players might adjust to life once the playoffs Kickoff Road Steve. Loneliness. You better. Let somebody come up in there and seem. To do some I gotta say when we lived Dr Steven, what do you mean? Simple. They. Understand much. Go ahead. Hey listen. Let's let's listen and it would be nice to see you know the whole family and all that stuff I got that you understand I really really do but we all know that you know six dollars teams are going home at the end of this week or right cause they ain't GonNa be in the playoffs, right? Okay. So you got the teams roster and all of their personnel now you can't just let family come up yesterday but you let was somebody can then you can let a wife or girlfriend come I would strongly advise the NBA to facilitate that happening but fair August, thirtieth not after before. It would our strong about just walk around. This one. What is come to? Searcy, I think this this peak twenty, twenty Greg CNA screaming about conjugal visits to the NBA playoffs. This is. This is absurd. Bruce Exactly. What it is it's peak twenty twenty. What is happening? But he's not lying I mean he's he's telling it like it is I think that there's most of the players in the bubbler probably sitting there saying. Hey. This guy's right like let's. Let's do this before people come here. It's not ageism. Is it relationship is them? We're saying, Hey, I'm only qualifying or quantum arm or valuing or acknowledging your relationship because it fits within the confines societal norms, and that's having a wife or a long standing girlfriend. But let's say you play by different set of rules. Let's say you like to go out there. Saying. You can't bring guests. I guess you can't yeah I mean. But it's also you don't want to put the other families in that situation to see that going on as well. So that's the problem is also this is not like a plus one at a nightclub, and if you WanNa, bring your wife or you WanNa bring someone you just met that's up to you know it's it's it's health pandemic. So one person affects all people so. The, I think the idea behind and this is real talk here the idea behind limiting the types of guests who can come in to just immediate family members people you've had a long term relationship with are in constant contact with then it assumes the next part of that relationship with you've been talking to them. You both know the severity of this situation you both know the stakes, you both know the health precautions necessary. It's not just some stranger that you are welcomed into your world and you don't know what they're what they're about. We unfortunately, as a society have to take these precautions to keep our personal bubble tight as we slowly grow it and grow it back to the place where hopefully one day can pop. We don't need bubbles ever again. Ben Lines filling in for Sodano, bring it back to some of the stuff I wanted to talk about the dodgers today where they gave up a home run to Manny Machado that still going Grand Slam. So they are banned from the rest of the show then lines in. Tennessee yet. Ten ESPN please. Don Osho. ESPN LA, the show rose on Friday on back. No show tomorrow because the lake show taken on the Kings in a last seating game before the postseason next week in the. NBA. Sabi back on Friday when a scoop. Jackson in. Maybe my buddy Sulaiman Massa Kayla my call him a big show on Friday here filling in for Sodano, and then he's back next week with L. Z. can often four o'clock right here on ESPN radio which has always presented by progressive insurance guests appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line and the NBA is on ESPN radio tonight. Kawai in the clippers visit the nuggets that presents presented by indeed coverage begins at five thirty Pacific on most ESPN radio stations that two three match up in the Western Conference for the longest time I was just thinking okay. The Clippers got this. But after watching the Cobra Kai Michael Porter Jr. do thing the other night bowl bowl. QUARTERBACK FOR THE DENVER, broncos in the three thousand, I? Don't know those nuggets man looking tough no Greg's not a nugget guy. But I'm kind of a nugget guy. I am not a nugget guy at all I actually think that they're frauds and I don't think they make it out of the first route. What's Yeah I? Don't think it depends on who they play it. Look they play. For You If they, if they play the jazz, which is how it's set up right now. Then I, think they get out of the first round but then they lose the second, they can't. They're not getting out of the second round period I. There's No I. Don't think there's any chance I think they're frauds. Though bowl yen played before the bubble. Now he's crossing people shooting threes. He couldn't provide the defensive support that Jesus couldn't provide but apparently. Getting better if you're relying on bold, I'm sorry for we're on different. Hey before we get back into the bubble, talk it and what's going on in the NBA I was taking a look at this greg, the other day the top five highest paid. Movie Stars of Twenty Twenty. And I was curious if you could I wonder out of the top five I say before you get three strikes that you don't get three of them don't get some of them. Yeah. The top five highest. Hey male. Actors of Twenty Twenty. Wow well, the rock has to be one of them, right? Okay. So you got one number one, the rock eighty seven and a half million dollars although I can't name one good movie he made he doesn't make good movies anymore. So it's well, I mean well, he is in the frame more the rock is not one of those. They don't make them like they used to Duane, it's not like he's Really were. Looking For their own before the money and the fame too come. To theory was a good movie. My kids love to theory. It was very entertaining movie too. So don't don't start hating on the rock just yet. But you got one four spots left in the top five male movie actors highs paid in the world so. God I. Still Think it's gotta be guys likely to Capri or still up there. Now. Cap Too busy saving environment making environmental documentaries in a little while since the revenue. Yeah. I'm not GonNa do it has been a little while since revenue but all right. So I'm trying to think of maybe things that guys that are in like VIN diesel type guys that are in those. In the fast and furious movies, this man lives his life one quarter mile of time, and it's VIN diesel. He's at number five, fifty, million despite the fact that fast nine got the lay. That was one of the first things during covy when I was like man. This is real. They push fast. Let's actually. I know I know it's Kinda. Crazy It wasn't a big movie though, but I think. Adam Sandler still does a whole bunch of stuff with Netflix and he's starting to come out with more movies. Keith does demand a lot of money I'm going out sandler number nine in the list. At Five. So close. There yet I hope Mike God Uncut Gems was incredible. It was so uncomfortable. It was so uncomfortable the entire time, but it was just a fantastic movie. One of my favorite finally agree on a movie. Houses southie brothers. All right let's continue on. You got three spots left number one highest paid male actor in the World Dwayne the Rock Johnson despite the fact can name any good movies you got two three and four open at five vin diesel nine good movies six of which he's in right? So I got one more strike left and I just WanNa make sure that I picked somebody that you ought to get a little a little bit more older school still right but I'm not sure if they've been in Oh, you know what? Let's do Hugh Jackman. A Wolverine movie don't while the greatest showman was a while ago. They don't pay the boy on is to sell out the Hollywood. Bowl and his Broadway musicals it's not going to happen you. Come in. At number four, Ben Affleck Batman still plus he's busy me be I know now rob patents in but he still making fifty five million dollars somehow at number three. Hey, once once hamburger hey hey, protein shake he got a private jets runzheimer proteins mark Wahlberg don't take. On the Internet in my shirt. Fifty eight million from Mark Wahlberg. You the other members of the funky Bunch Greg? Donnie Wahlberg. was wasn't he I'd like to maybe next week on the show and get Hector Booty Inspector I. Wonder if he'll on the number two. And number two Deadpool Ryan Reynolds. That was the other one I was going to go I went with Hugh, Jackman instead of Ryan Reynolds and I am not happy with myself. Those two in an age old sued the two of those guy scenario you went with you on that. Yeah. Movie Stars. Nice Nice to sort of think about as we go through global pandemic, we're all counting our pennies in our blessings and. battening down the hatches and getting resourceful. It's nice to know that VIN diesel made fifty four million dollars last year so. Could be down in my heart. Thank you like it. All right in the world to Vin diesel still making. Money. Getting back to to the bubble he's having a honest last night and. Once a Laker, always a Laker University of Michigan Zone Wagner. If you'RE GONNA if you're gonNA headbutt somebody doing it against a wizard is the wrong time to do it. This was a crazy moment. He didn't get a chance to see it mobile tried to take charge at the free throw line on. Godspeed for having the stones to do that and then He. didn't react to kindly goes up to him at mid court and in just booms in Edina Dawn, not full in the chest but went to mow wagner head. Booming not skulls the look on Boone Hauser's face. Right there is one of pure shock and all. I wonder what the they come out today and say what they're going to do as far as the suspension goes because the bucks have one game left against the Grizzlies I think. Which helps the grizzlies chances for the plane game at least they're going to get nothing not Jaanus is gonNA play much anyway. But I would imagine if you had a guy that's a multiple game suspension. Yeah and that's going to hurt them. I mean, that's just that's your superstar. That's one of the best players in the a possible MVP and your head butting Mo- Wagner I mean that's just not smart. Yep holders faces what what is wrong with you what are you doing? So I imagine it's going to be a couple of games. Hopefully, it's just the one game and then he just go back go into the playoffs and everybody's at full strength you can't do one game for headbutting you've gotta give me two games for headbutting dudes Gimme of Last game, which wasn't gonNA play in any way and give you the first game of the playoffs actually gives that series a little bit of juice. Nobody's talking about the play in game for the eight spot in the east whether it's Orlando or Brooklyn or lever sneaks in there. Now, all of a sudden I'm looking at that buck series a little closer knowing Janas might miss out I wouldn't toy with their chances to win a championship. I'm sorry I. Noticed who's been through on his life Zambia fees the do your head butting dudes. That's crazy thing. Yeah I mean he's not like it at least it's not as bad as well. Maybe it is draymond green got one game for hitting somebody in the nuts. During the NBA Finals I think that's the way that the NBA announced it as well. I think that's how Adam silver came out announced that suspension. Kicked him in the knuckle. DRAYMOND IS GONNA be out for game victim in the not? So I? Mean five in forever all. History. If you're going to do that if you are going to if any commissioner is gonNA, come out and say that Adam silver would be the one guy who could actually came out and said Yep very out kicked him the nuts that stuff. It's come to that part of the show. We've got the gratitude when we come back online don't ever since Donohoe. Yes. In local seven. Canning. You're listening to this Donna Osho. Jenny. ESPN now back to Sodano. then. Lyon snowed in for George on ESPN La. Don't forget you. Of course, can listen to ESPN audio right in the confines of your own Home Espn audio at home by Your Smart Speaker. Brought to you by Mercedes Benz Vans, driver Mercedes Benz, and find out how SAR an extra mile really goes. customization. All types of stuff. ESPN audio at home, they've got financial assistance Mercedes. Benz vans are ready for anything. All Right Ben Lines filling in for Sodano seven seven espn the day after. Damian. LILLARD becomes a real life video game goes for sixty one points today after the MVP of the league last year and possibly this year not if I had a vote I would vote for Lebron James, Yanssons, a coup boys headbutting Mo-. Wagner I'm finding out nicknames about guys named bubble cheese. The NBA bubble is in full swing and the Lakers have their. Final Game Tomorrow Greg is subscribed to Gotham. Chopra's daily newsletter. You know he's got his company religion of Sport Gotham Chopra filmmaker directed the documentary about Kobe. Bryant called Muse he does work with Tom Brady Tom versus time. So his daily newsletter provide these kind life wisdom's things you can take from sports apply to your own life things. You can take from your favorite sports movies and he went up something today from Hoosiers Gene Hackman. My Dad's favorite actor of course, the head coach in that film who reminds his team that You don't have to feel bad or surpress or downplay what it is. You do well, what it is you do great. So in Gotham GMS newsletter that I get every morning sent to my email address. It was entitled Coaches Law and here's the quote. No matter what you're doing people will call you crazy. Who Cares make a point today to trust yourself right now, grab a piece of paper and write down a trait that you really value like honesty clarity selflessness put that attribute into action all day today no matter what anybody else says. So think about that. What is it that you do? Really well, what is it that you're proud of what is it? That is a trait that you can say definitively that describes you as a person. Now it's apply that's The Los Angeles Lakers basketball team as they embark on this unusual postseason this bubble that we don't really know how their number one seed is going to give him an advantage. We don't really know how the playoffs they're gonNA feel like playoff basketball you can't even flip the switch if you don't know where the switch is. So how can we take coaches law from hoosiers from Gotham Chopra's newsletter and apply to this Los Angeles? Lakers, basketball team. What is something Greg That you think the Lakers do very well a value that they have they possess and they're able to act on as they head into the postseason. The greatest part of their strength if they don't use as much as maybe they should is the Lebron and Anthony, Davis pick and roll, which is pretty much unstoppable. Play that they use and don't use it as as much as they probably should. I'm so glad you mentioned that the game was getting tight down the stretch the other night under two minutes to go Lakers using this as an opportunity to figure out how they're going to close down the stretch. How are they going to get guy shot? How are they gonNA initiate offense with under a minute ago they ran high screen enroll frady and he went to the lane for kind of tip dunk layup thing and I looked over I said. That's unstoppable. That's incredible. They need to do that throughout the night solo brine likes to defer you like to involved. Hey, you dominate for three. And in the fourth quarter, you kind of fade away disappear. Listen Gregg listen to coach from hoosiers listen to Gothic shelters newsletter do what you do and be proud of it. So run that screening role with eighty that needs to be the backbone I think of their offense down the stretch and close games in the playoffs everything starts out of that because Lebron's can kick the ball they can swing the ball coups, get shots who's become an excellent cutter he moves very well without the basketball. So you're right ad and Lebron can get that two men action going. Boom that's what's going to set them off. So I don't know I take little wisdom some sports at try to apply to my everyday life try to see how we can apply to what we're talking about here on the show, and it's so true in a day where we celebrate false humility. We celebrate guys say all I. Just wanted to get my teammates involved make the right basketball play and I come out here and I play one game at a time and work really on bar now stop. Stand in your own true stand in your own conviction. Dame. Willer I'm out here I'm the best I'M GONNA go out there and send you home. He has that model mentality Kobe Kobe gave him the coast sign in their first matchup back in two thousand twelve or whenever it was two, thousand twelve. I. I WANNA see the Lakers own their strengths listen they struggle with the bench units Nice staff bubble cheese in your cabinets. Nice to have jr back in the NBA. It's nice to have twelve in their block shod or get a rebound become a is a speed honest. If anything we saw the other night, the only way that seem as a shot as those dudes Greg that you mentioned are the best to on the planet they have to be the best to players on the planet and the Kyle Kuzina to be pretty damn good. Otherwise this ain't happening it doesn't matter. Damian Lillard goes for twenty, forty or seventy. It's really the Lakers are playing against themselves I think at this point and to to to revisit the inspiration from gothic newsletter religion is sports own what makes them so special on the fact that they have those two dudes. Yeah I mean what we've been talking about throughout the show to is that those two dudes are just incredible but not one of them will be on the floor at all times. You don't ever have you can stagger their next whatever they do. They're going to play a ton of time together. But for the most part, one of them will always be on the floor and that's why when cal Kuzina comes and is playing like he did against. DENVER. Then it really eases off a lot of attention but there's more to that bench unit and I think that you're selling the bench unit just a little bit short here because you have guys like dion waiters who look is kind. Of Up and down Butts, he's the only one the only one on that on that bench unit that can break down any defender and get to the basket. There's nobody else that can do it, and so that's a huge thing to have on your second team and then Alex. Caruso is the other guy and no matter what it's not in the box score. You don't see what else Caruso does but every game looking at right now he's plus twenty one he was plus twenty one in his twenty minutes against Denver and that's a regular thing for him every time he's on the floor good things are happening and that's part of your bench unit. Don't don't disagree with what you're saying. You do hold your breath. When you see dion waiters put the ball on the ground. You do you seem drive you time found you you're holding your breath. But crusoes the guy at the gym who all of a sudden you look. He's like wait a minute. He hasn't gone off the court all day. He's his teams won four games in a row. But if again to my point, that's all nice. Great to have a little lift from dion great to have Caruso playing within himself. But that is not the formula that is not what needs to happen for the championship. If Lebron truly are that special can be the two best players in the planet that can over overload you can overlook dion waiters struggling or Caruso getting burnt Jamal me or whatever it is. So I think ultimately that is that's it. That's the ticket a sit. Well of course and I, totally agree with you this team begins and ends with two names Lebron James Anthony Davis, if they're not playing well, they're not going to win games if they are playing well, they will win games. Lebron needs to be the guy that he was in the regular season averaging almost a triple double or getting close to a triple double every single game. Yeah, I'm so excited for next week man I'm excited for the new lineup perfect timing for us to get into all this stuff next week. I. Hope the Blazers get in for so many reasons so many reasons. But I also have this Oregon story that I thought was pretty cool. We could end on this greg the last blockbuster in America exists in Bend Oregon and you can spend the night there. There's an AIRBNB that's a blockbuster in Oregon and it's all tricked out with movies and a sofa bed and you probably have to pay. Eight dollars for popcorn still with the idea of sleeping. Your blockbuster guy growing up. By Friday night I was. I had a blockbuster card I was there all the time? Absolutely but like when you go in there are do you have three wind everything or is it all DVD's does this work? Yeah. I don't WanNa go to a blockbuster that's DVD's. airbnb to all VHS tapes to be honest and fifty copies of Independence Day. Right to be kind rewind all over the place to. That's a good movie. I found a VHS, the other day of cocktail, and my dad's quote it on the box for saying totally entertaining and the Lord. The I did my dad's sitting down and watching cocktail and being like was pretty good. Is kind of strange to me I. Don't know why I think the fact that your data same totally in anything that's pretty entertaining to me. Eighties you know. Tell leader canings totally. Rips. Cocktail was very entertaining movie because of what he was doing with Tom Cruise was doing back there with those bottles that was impressive I don't care who you are. Right. Not to say states. John, stunts, he goes his space. He's on the world's tallest building. Dubai and HE MAKES GIN MARTINIS and throws it over his head. Is Awesome I'm on this exchange view let it rip on the sex, some of my buddies who lived at Austin and it's McConnell Hey tex chain of let it rip right because you ever want inspiration in your life just Google Matthew mcconaughey Texas coaching speech, and he goes down there and gives a speech to the team and I'm telling you if you're if you're going through with this cove stuff, you want to run through a wall and attack life enthusiasm after watching coach. But they send me this text. It says the big twelve planning to play football in the fall. Today because it's so doom and gloom of all the football cancellations on the college level. But when you watch hard knocks and you see McVeigh Getting swabbed up, Kovic, you say to yourself, I don't think we should be doing this to kids and making them get tested and playing all these things so. What do we? What do we do with the big twelve now saying that they're going to play but the PAC twelve sitting, they're not gonNA play Mask Greg. It's a complete mess now and think about one of the biggest hotspots in all of the United States is in Texas. How many of those I don't know the exact number but so many of those teams that are. In the big twelve as actually ten teams in the big twelve are in Texas. A. It's just nonsense to me and if you're having other power five conferences big ten PAC twelve both saying that they're out this year, it's gotta be united. It's gotta be everybody doing the same thing and then playing a season while the rest of other teams are not is insane to me. I. Heard on the morning show earlier that that you know Travis. DEMARCO we're talking about well. If the PAC twelve in the big ten, don't play besides Ohio state there's no team it's really competing for a national championship. So if we still get Alabama and Oklahoma and the big twelve schools in the SEC, schools that are playing for the national championship then I guess it's still okay but no, you have to be united all the top players just put out a thing. That said we are united that lasts forty eight hours right? If they're united then that means that them together are united and if one goes down the all they all go down. So if UCLA AND USC and everybody in the PAC, twelve and Michigan and Ohio state and everybody in the big the big tanner out that means that every other player out if they're united so. Baylor. Athletic Director Mack Roads told a local radio station in Texas that the League was to hold the votes the big twelve the results would be really really close all good down in Baylor, which has such a great reputation for really understanding how to put on college athletics. They're they're in the middle of this thing making decisions that that's comforting. Okay. So now you have let's Say. It's GonNa. Be Really really close and there's ten teams you're looking at four and six one way or the other most likely that means that there's at least four teams that are saying we don't WanNa play sports this year I want to put our kids at risk here. Oh, wait wait. We got six teams that want to so sorry, you guys like your kids at risk. They're treating this like la fitness when I played three pickup games in a row tired and I'm worried that might roll my ankle and they're like come on guys. We need one more. We only have nine on. The don't go don't go. Yeah. We need you. We need you guys Dr Copper told me if I do this on my flits Guffaw. One more game. This is what they're doing with children. Yeah and that's what the people still are get. They're young adults and there are adults because they're eighteen or some most of them are around eighteen or older. But the fact of the matter is that we don't know what the long term effects are and putting kids that are not getting paid I. Understand that you get a scholarship and most but not all of those kids are getting a full ride scholarship to play football. So if I understand that most of them get that. Scholarship to go to school, but they're not getting paid. These professional athletes are getting paid and they are not. You can't put these kids at risk for free. Especially when a lot of those kids aren't even going to class anyway because you're not allowed to be in a classroom engagement in the classroom, engage them in safe small group workouts keep them in top physical. Health and that's what this should be all about keeping like these these kids safe. If four schools out of the ten or like this doesn't work for us for logistics costs parents whatever may be we gotta think big picture we had rich on the show earlier he's talking about how athletes are some of the most dynamic business minds that he knows will. It's not. Suppress these young college athletes that were keeping on the sidelines. Let's find other ways for them to continue to excel in life you and I are big fans of the pack twelve. We love the fact that Ucla's going out to the Rose Bowl eight times a Saturday. But guess what now's not the time for that. So let's find some other ways to support those. Businesses in the community find some additional ways to support those athletes were training to to get to the next level. Let's be innovative. This is what America was founded on innovation and trying to make a better life. So let's continue to push forward by the saying well, we're GONNA keep on playing football I'm we've got the Red River game of Oklahoma versus Texas so. Delusional. And an incredibly dangerous I think you and I are on the same page of that. Yeah, we're absolutely on the same page and I think it's just nonsense that so many schools the SEC. The big twelve. They're all having problems and they're all just distinct at all. No no no everything's fine. We're just GONNA. Put our kids out there. It's to me is just it's it's Asinine and I'm not a fan. Mostly, theme Greg Number One see we've been great all year. We've got it all locked up Damian Lillard is in the first round. What could possibly go wrong this is fine. We'll be okay. Right like that meanwhile, the guy guys the dog sitting there with fire all around him. Damian Lillard coming into town and it's fine book Russo on them. Maybe. Rondo. Come back we'll be fine at dame can get his. We're still. Enjoy the game tomorrow no show for US tomorrow we're going to have all the pregame postgame ounce with doing this thing tomorrow early tip off Yellow Mimosas and Lakers basketball what time of ten thirty tip off tomorrow I'm the bubble some early you wake up with a little Lakers here on on seven ten and I'll be back on Friday so in for Sodano and of course next week it's the big fall lineups premier keyshawn in the mornings with Jay Zoo van and then you got Kellerman back on the Radio Greenie And golic in the mix Mason and Ireland of course L. Z Scott Kaplan Sodano big big big week next week I'll be here Friday and appreciate your rock announced today Ben Lyons Shouts Stephen Greg seven ten. ESPN.

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