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When will you be able to go to a meeting where nobody smells like hand sanitizer dunes but we can give you the latest business and financial news fragrance free plus tease out some of what you just said our tools in the toolbox for the Fed. Does that point to the need for continued monetary support Bloomberg radio the Bloomberg business happened Bloombergradio DOT com. He realized the mark that this is having on a younger generation. Bloomberg the world is listening Angel- capital of the world. Twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg dot com on the Bloomberg business APP and Bloomberg quick tape. This is Bloomberg radio. Bloomberg markets. Quinn and Paul's we view the volatility in the marketplace here downturn for American workers in history companies he's across the board across industries trying to show up their balance sheets Terry, very disturbing dynamics at work breaking market news and insight from Bloomberg experts. So look the can speed up vaccine development all the dish locations. There's always relative value trades that you could be doing. This could be a you shake. v-shape profession certainty I think that is really taking everyone. He's Bloomberg markets with Vonnie. Quinn polls on Bloomberg radio good Thursday morning from New York City to our worldwide audience. COMING UP WE'RE GONNA have a Steve Blitz chief economist for TES Lombard. Get his thoughts on jobless claims inflation and the ECB plus. Get the latest on the global end gas markets. But first, let's go to Greg Jarrett of Bloomberg News for a rumor business last. Fall were up for day number two stocks advanced Yes for a second day led by the tech shares that were battered.

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