Alien Stellar Stream Discovered in our Neighbourhood


Love this podcast? Support this show through the ACOSS support a feature. It's up to you. How much you give and there's no regular commitment. Just hit the link in the show description to support now. This is space time series twenty three episodes, seventy six full broadcast on the twenty fourth of July, twenty twenty, coming up on space time, alien stellar streams discovered in our galactic neighborhood tracking satellites from the Arctic and Red Planet Rush. Hour with remissions bound for mass this month, all that and more coming up on Space Time Welcome to space time. We'd Still Gerry. Astronomers have discovered a stream of stars close to our solar system. That didn't originate within our own Milky Way. Galaxy a report in the journal, Nature Astronomy claims this alien stock loss data which has been named Knicks after the Greek goddess of the night slices through the disk of the Milky Way in an arc, extending some six thousand light years above and below the Galactic plane, early estimates suggest the stellar stream consists of at least two hundred and fifty stars, still a streams of thought to be the remnants of globular. Or some galaxies that have been stretched out along the orbit by the Gravitational Tidal Forces of logic galaxy before being disrupted, the data shows the knicks stream piece to be rotating with the Mogi Way's galactic disk, but it's also moving towards the Galactic Center the authors also detected an additional stellar stream with have dubbed mix to it has similar motion and still A. A characteristics to nick's but opposite velocity, suggesting that it's related might be debris from a separate passage of the same dwarf of Galaxy through the Stella Disk the oath is made the discovery using data from the European Space Agency's Guy Satellite, are they then ran that data through sophisticated computer modeling? Notice the feedback, relativistic, environmental five project, resulting the discovery of Knicks. Launched in twenty thirteen geyer is studying the movement of more than one and a half billion individuals stars across the sky in the process, creating an incredibly precise three dimensional map of our part of the galaxy and knee by space. The PHYA project uses deep learning algorithms and artificial neural networks in supercomputers to create a simulation of galactic evolution. Across time the authors added differences between stars originating the Milky. Way from those created from beyond the galaxy to the fire program, and then included the guy data and crunch the numbers the program success. We identified the Milky. Way's Galactic Halo, which contains a lot of oldest is often unusual. Unusual orbits and importantly it also identified to previously known streams of Alien Stars the. Guy Is Sausage, which are the remains of a dwarf game that merged into the Milky Way between six and ten billion years ago, and the Helmi Stream the remains of another dwarf galaxy discovered in one, thousand, nine, hundred nine. That is also being cannibalized by the Milky Way. The authors say Nix was likely once it's wolf. Galaxy Globular Kosta that merged into the disk of the Milky Way at a low angle and in progress orbit, one of the study's authors Lyndon Asleep from the California Institute of Technology says. It's other the remnants of. Of Galactic merger between the Milky Way in another galaxy or the disc styles from the Milky Way that have been gravitationally into a new orbit, following a collision between the Milky Way in another galaxy, it nicely slots in with astronomy and the standing of galactic evolution galaxies grow through a process known as galactic cannibalism, a series of mergers and collisions with other galaxies, for example, the milky ways currently stripping matter from at least four nearby, said light off galaxies, two of this satellite to off galaxies, the large and small magic clouds, I connected to each other by gravitational titled Stream of Stars Known as the magic. Bridge and they're. They're also losing material to the Milky Way through another bridge known as the metal and extreme, then as the cat, US Major Dwarf Galaxy which at twenty, five thousand light years is actually closer to our sun in the center of our galaxy is, it's also being totally disrupted by the Milky Way with a filament of stars, trailing behind that as it orbits around the Milky Way forming a complex ring like structure, wrapping around Al Galaxy at least three times, and is the secretaries to of Royal, Galaxy, which is already collided with a disk of the Milky Way on at least three occasions, and he's losing more and more. With each pass of course collected cannibalism works both ways with the Milky Way now destined to collide with and be consumed by the much more massive and Drummer Galaxy, m, thirty, one and dromedary, currently approaching the Milky Way, at read one hundred ten kilometers per second, depending on which set of calculations you believe, the cosmic collisions likely to occur sometime between three point, seven and four point five billion years from now this evening, colleagues next job will be to. To use ground based telescopes to obtain detailed spectra from the stars in extreme in order to determine their age exactly when they joined the Milky Way and to understand the chemical composition in order to see exactly how they differ from the stars that form the Milky Way this space time still to come tracking satellites from the Arctic and Red Planet Rush Hour with three missions bound from us this month, all that and more still to come on space time. European Space Agency's Operation Center dumpster Germany operates a number of satellite tracking stations known as s track European Space Tracking Network. These stations support various ace emissions and facilitate communications between mission managers on the ground and spacecraft such as Xm Newton Mas Express Baby Colombo guy. Solar orbiter the Copernicus Satellite Constellation, and the Galileo satellite navigation system, many of the satellites that gather information and health of our planet hoping. Hoping with awards, transportation and navigation and taking important scientific missions are on what's known as polar orbits which take them over the planet's North and South Poles and keeping in touch with spacecraft as their fly over these desolate remote areas isn't an easy job. While space time, listeners would be familiar with the European Space Agency's new nausea tracking station Perth Easter operate similar stations in Spain Argentina Sweden Kenya Belgium. Chile and the curious space center in French Guiana, but none of his isolated, or in such an inhospitable and desolate environment, as val sat acis most novel Ground Station located on a windswept mountain plateau on the island of Spitsbergen. Swell bad Norway well above the Arctic Circle. The complex of more than two dozen dishes is a vital link collecting data in communicating with the missions flying above them as well as Asia. Swale sets also providing satellite. For NASA, no the US geological service in a waging coastal administration and the Space Agency's of multiple countries, including, Taiwan South Korea India, Germany, Italy, and Japan this report from act. Dancing above these satellite antennas at the small bars satellite station high in the Arctic. Here next to one of the most northern cities in the world is the perfect location to track polar orbiting satellites, including some for the European Space Agency. Peer Up. There is at station twelve Martin about to a trekking antennas. This station is unique and we have a perfect location for attracting liles Bass quotes. And the main reason being that we can see fourteen also foregin daily orbits. Spherical domes protect the antennas from the harsh weather. Conditions of the environment inside the antennas work like any other ground station, following a satellite to collect its data check, it's health and send commands back. Data from eases Earth explorers such as AO listen. Smalls are down linked to fall set as well as from the sentinel satellites for Europe's Capanna Casse environment monitoring program. Eight of these antennas are dedicated to tracking the copernicus sentinels. The visibility of this. Sensitive satellites pair are about fourteen minutes from the time they come from the horizon and the time they are. Not to be simple longer, and during that time we download the payload data, the housekeeping data, and sometimes we speak to the satellite that means commanding the Seth Light. In addition to the earth. Satellites, the ground station also supports Europe's Galileo Network for navigation as well as I search and rescue. while. This location is optimal for communicating with the satellites orbiting close to the North Pole to snow, cold and long periods of darkness makes life for people working here a challenge to ensure that the environmental conditions do not affect the ground operations teams of two people working twenty four hour shifts to monitor each satellite pass. On the day from the satellites are very important for lots of people around the world when it comes to. Whether the hell is the the the future of the PLATTE. Planet of course, so it's it's really nice to be part of that and to to help people get this information and distributed. Across the globe, teams at ground stations work around the clock to download vital information and track the health of satellites that are checking the health of our planet, and the report by city included spouse that station director, Ole, Pitta Strom, Stat, and case at Central Service Manager Cheng Johnson this space time still come Red Planet Russia with remissions bound for Mars this month, and later in the science report news at the virus that causes covid nineteen has been found to be structurally different from its nearest bat virus relative all that most come on space time. Well, it seems to be rush out on the road to mass with three missions, currently targeting the Red Planet Nasa's Mars Twenty Twenty perseverance rovers just been made with Atlas Five Launch Vehicle in preparation for its flight from space. Launch Complex Forty one at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida slated for July thirty. It had originally binch for launch and July seventeenth, but have been put back three times I. July twenty because of a faulty crane, then to July twenty second after potential contamination issue was identified with ground support lines, and finally to July thirtieth. Liquid oxygen sense alive presented off normal data during a waitress rehearsal mission managers, deciding additional time was needed in order to understand and resolve the issue at this stage. There's no panic as the launch window to Mars remains open until at least August the fifteenth, these are designed to provide the shortest journeys between Earth and the red. Planet which is based on how the orbits of the two planets line up, and they line up best during a narrow window every twenty six months. The six Wilbur Body Perseverance rover will land on an ancient river delta in forty five kilometer wide jezreel crater in the Mash Northern, hemisphere on February the eighteenth next year, and that touchdown date is set firm regardless of which date launches once. Perseverance has wheels on the ground, ill such signs of past live studied the local atmosphere, weather geology and collect samples for title. Title Worth Future Joint NASA. Mission slated for twenty thirty one. It also test new technologies including oxygen harvesting equipment new materials, which be used during a manned mission to the Red Planet, and it will even launch a little helicopter named ingenuity. Perseverance is based on the existing. Mars Curiosity Rover which has been exploring the nearby gale crater since its arrival in two thousand twelve. But Nassar isn't the only agency on its way to Mars China's Tianhe Win One. Oh, heavenly questions! Mission is also bound for Mars flying on a Long March. Five rocket from the wing spacecraft launch site on Hainan Island in the South China Sea it includes both an arbiter and a Land Rover. The Land Rover's design appears to be barred from this spirit and Opportunity Rovers in owner to reach the surface, the land that will use a parachute, retro rockets, and ultimately an airbag for final touchdown. Meanwhile Japanese age to be rocket is carrying the United Arab Emirates set alight. The one thousand, three hundred and fifty kilograms satellite will study the Martian atmosphere from for full mash. In Year six hundred eighty seven earth days, hope carries three primary, Science Instruments and infrared spectrometer to measure the lower atmosphere and analyze the temperature structure, a high resolution imagery to study marsh and Liberals and an Ultraviolet Spectrometer to measure atmospheric oxygen and hydrogen levels. A fourth plan mission demise, the joint European Space Agency Russian Roscosmos xhosas mission was also expected to launch this month, but is now being postponed to twenty twenty two G to arrange of technical problems compounded by the COVID nineteen pandemic. This space, time! And not to take another brief look at some of the other stories making news inside this week. With a science report, new researchers concluded that size covy to the virus that causes covid nineteen is structurally different enough from its nearest respect virus, relative that it's most likely the result of two or more distinct coronavirus, combining a report in the journal Nature. Structural and molecular biology analyze the spike protein which enables the virus that bind to an end to human cells for both sides, covy to and the closely related virus rit thirteen. They found that other structures were similar size covy to has a more. More stable former, the spike leisa protein, and is able to bind approximately a thousand times more tightly to the human h two receptor protein. The study suggests that a bad virus similar to Rit g thirteen would be unlikely to infect human cells. What supports the theory that says curvy to is actually the result of two or more virus swapping Diana now for those conspiracy theorists survey. There's nothing sinister about that. The sort of events known as recombination occur quite commonly in nature for example when two viruses infected intermediate host animal, but on the other hand it can also be made artificially in a laboratory. And you study looking at sexually similar European countries as found that the number of covid nineteen fatalities tends to be lowering areas with book. Ulysses vaccination is more prevalent. The findings were reported in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences took into account variables like population density access to healthcare and the stage of the covid nineteen pandemic. Now this observation isn't after confirmed that the burglar says vaccination gives protection against the covid nineteen virus, but the authors are pointing to an ongoing Austrian clinical trial as a possible source for more solid evidence. We'll keep you informed. The World Meteorological Organization bricks. The annual average global temperature is likely to be at least one degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels for every year of the next five years, and it also warns the temperatures will be more than one and a half degree Celsius high during at least one of those obvious, the predictions take into account, natural variations as well as human influence on climate, however, the research does not take into account changes in emissions as a result of the coronavirus lockdown, although the impact of the drop in emissions, this year is not expected to lead to a reduction in a role. Calm, the oxide atmospheric concentrations, which is the driving force behind global temperature increases. And you study claims the world's population will reach nine point seven billion by twenty sixty four. The findings were reported in the Lancet Medical Journal also suggested the global human population will vince dot to decline tour at eight point eight billion by the turn of the century, the new computer model estimates are around two billion low than previous studies have suggested researches say that by twenty one hundred predicted fertility rates. Rates in one hundred, eighty, three, one, hundred ninety five countries will no longer be high enough to maintain Karen populations without liberal immigration policies and twenty three countries could even see the population shrink by more than half including Japan, Thailand Italy and Spain. The study also predicts dramatic declines in working age populations in countries, including India and China, which could curb economic growth and lead to shift in global powers. Well if you've been hearing some eerie MONZ and groans coming from the attic basement, you're not alone. It seems there's been an upsurge in claims of paranormal activity in residential homes ever since the covid nineteen lockdown began while rational people could put down to spending more time at home, so having more opportunity to hear the house settle over, expand and contract with changes in temperature. Others insist this something strange in the neighborhood. So who you GONNA call well Tim Mendham from Australian skeptics. Skeptics of course story guys that is rising paranormal activity. and someone said that Moore I'm stuck in this house. The more there's a failing as one person said it's a wonderful example, this article of logical fallacies with the yeah. They don't understand what they're saying. Paranormal activity looking bad. I- surge of strength things happening, but it's not certain things happening just a surge of your time. You're spending time so a little noises and things that the flashes AIDS. That building's Craik if? They do all day long and all night long. If he had more time, you hear the more often, and you'll think they happen more often which they died. You're aware of them to more about yourself. In about the paranormal holdings and that sort of stuff never thing that someone said with his classic believes a philosophy that was talking about. I'm a fairly rational person, said one person I tried to think what are the reasonable tangible things that could be causing this when I died. Have those answers I? Start to think. Maybe something else is going on with a leap. By saying maybe something else is going on. Maybe you just and when I don't have those answers you stop it. They and you say I don't have the answers you can say. I have the answers. Therefore, this is happening like I see a lot in the sky. What do these days? I an IBM crossed. Things happen done what it is. They forgot exist visit seriously all these different things that people might base late from. Now to do now, but it's something that and it's a very strange in San. Mateo where people often might this? Because I know, it must be this at a dozen for because you know full, stop he now. You're going to have to leave it I. Guess It's also case if people often know how little they really don't know who they are underestimating wherever it was. Think. I think they do know a lot and people who do know a lot. I think a lot of the more you know, the more you realize you know. Wonderful! If you knew anything, you'd stop diagnosed. Sound a half the time to Mendham from a strain skeptics. and. That's the show now. space-time is broadcast on science own radio by the National Science Foundation in Washington, DC and through both I heart radio and on Tunin radio or you can subscribe in Download Space Time as a free podcast through apple. STITCHER BITES DOT COM. Puckett cast soundcloud spotify YouTube audio boom. 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