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Marrying Off Mia Khalifa


The. The the. Welcome back to episode one hundred sixty two of the Ross bowl in podcast, otherwise known as Rb P one six two. I'm your host Ross Bohlin here in Austin, another beautiful Texas morning in recording studio behind church on south congress with intern AJ AJ how you doing today fantastic beautiful day outside. The weather's a one special episode today. I don't like being stuck indoors during sunshine like this AJ doing the I would be indoors in my house, but looking to do something outdoors. No I'd like to play golfers. Also with us today, a very special guests, the lovely Mia Khalifa. Miss mia. Glowing. I showered. Oh, that's we. But you said you didn't wash your hair them. No. No, no, no, no having done that in like days. We don't get that kind of treat. Now. Jeff, I was like is this just manager. I was like is this video podcast. I don't think. So I'm a cool now offering my hair Jeff's you to in case, we fucked something up in needs to shift. Hello jif. How's it going? Yeah. So we got a lot to talk about today. A good show. We're going to catch up with you Mia about some of your personal stuff. We're gonna discuss some fun silly things as well. Try to have some fun. Let's get started one sixty two is brought to you by Lisa. Everybody has the right to rest. The key to get your best rest is the right mattress. Meet Lisa with two incredible majesty's accessories and basis for better deep arrest. The often Leesa mattress is new and improved featuring cooling LSAT two hundred foam for enhanced pressure relief for side sleepers or you can rest on their superior mattress. It's their hybrid. It's the perfect combination of foam and spring for pressure relief in edged edge support the superior is the one I went with is a little bit more expensive. But it's the most come. Double bed I've ever slept in my life. I could not more highly recommend it Lisa's mission is to provide a better night's sleep for everybody in from day one. They set out to create a company that had heart, which is one of the reasons we love working with them so much they donate one. Magic for every ten. They sell through organsations at work in foster care prevention and other causes. Well, and today they've donated more than thirty two thousand mattresses more than one thousand nonprofits, including one matches to my Meany who has Alzheimer's and memory care unit. Which is very sweet me is making a sad face. You. Get fifteen percent off rby gang any mattress at Lisa dot com slash Rb. PF use the code RVP. That's L E essay dot com slash Rb p promo code Rb p. So at the beginning of the show me, I typically give a a personal anecdote to say thank you to people who don't skip through the intro. You know, how when you listen to podcasts you typically skip through the first few minutes because it's just the same old inch over and over nodding Menam can see that. Yeah. Jeff was Notting. But no one can see. So I try to give a little bit information that. That way the non skippers will have something to skippers don't have. So we're one day into me abstaining from we'd for a week. What in an effort to restore my memory and lower my tolerance. It's for selfish reasons. Not for like not for good. I understood I want to be able to get higher smoking less and also remember more of my life. So those are just to normal. But anyway, so I'm I'm utterly and completely bored. I'm just kidding. She's going well, so far I feel a little bit sharper today a little bit less cloudy than I did yesterday. So hopefully, I will forget what I'm saying mid-sentence fewer times in this episode that I have recently, I have had a a lot of people DM me or tweet at me saying like, you know, what I needed to break too. So fuck it. I'll take this week off with you. Which as always makes it a lot easier for me to do when I'm doing it alone. So I appreciate that. And hopefully by the end of the week, we'll all have genius level IQ's and solve world hunger. If you knew the Ross bowl and podcast almost every episode. So I mean, I just kicked you now is oh was your bag which? Is probably somehow worse. Every day. We fill up our Instagram at the Rose Bowl in podcast with photos and videos sent in by you guys the p gang, but that's not what I was talking about. If you're new to our show every episode is broken down into segments. Would you could find with time cues below in the description, you don't have to listen to any of the preceding episodes in order to enjoy Rb P one sixty two. But if you like it there are one hundred sixty one backlogged episodes to go listen to get caught up on learn about animals pirates, serial killers, Mia, Khalifa and other shit follows on Instagram at the Ross Bohlin podcast that is where everyday photos and videos sent him by you guys. The listeners are uploaded. I mostly collect those photos and videos through Snapchat at W R bolan is my Snapchat. Keep the good snaps. Come in. We'll keep the best ones. Going up on our Instagram story at the Ross Bohlin podcast each and every day. We're also on Twitter at Ross bowl and pod Facebook somewhere too. But nobody cares announcements in a men's I I got word from a member of the Rb p gang named Knox that the recently discussed Marcus Lattimore, your remember, Marcus Lattimore. He is now head of player development at the university of South Carolina. And he's basically his job as explained to me by Knox. Anyway, is to prepare the dudes who aren't going to get a chance in the league for life after football apparent all have to do that. Apparently. Well, yeah. But you know, how there's dudes who it's like, okay. This guy is clearly going to the NFL, and they probably do a little bit less prep on what is going to be like without football for that guy. Then they do the dude who's like also will. And it's a huge mistake. But also there's like the third string corner who he's not going to the fuck and league and somebody needs to teach him, the basic skills of life, or whatever and Marcus Lattimore and his two, formerly insured knees. Are there to do that? So that's how long has he had that position that just happened? No. I don't think. So I think he's been there for a little bit. But we were talking about like the insurance thing and how college players get fucked. And yes, it's awful. But how he he's a great example. He's the perfect example. Yeah, he got a little bit of money out of it. But it was it was not. I mean, it was like one point five million or something for his knees. And that's you retired in the second year. I think and he would was red shirted the entire for the NFL. I think so. Yeah. So it's shitty situation. But apparently, he's doing something good with it. And that's all you can ask for so good for Marcus Lattimore quickly. Emily, Emily, radicek hausky who we made fun of her situation with her housing situation with with her now husband Allison of that. Yeah. So she finally took to Twitter to try to address what's going on with her in the rent situation in New York City, and they're basically trying to use a loophole for artists in an effort to keep their rent lower wind. She's a multimillion dollar swim line owner in it's just a funky thing. She took to Twitter to express her. I guess how upset she is. With everyone for even commenting on that. Here's her tweet. Three tweets really husband is thirty eight not thirty one. He's an independent movie producer. So people think he's rich. So people thinking, he's rich is real nice. But not based in fact, can we start with the fact that she just aged her husband's seven years and then said he's actually not a success. Awful people how so you're married to a deadbeat. It's just a little odd to be like, actually, he's thirty eight and doesn't have a job having Honey. I don't know if he has no money saying we should. All right, right. Okay. I think he's worth at least several million at in their arguing for like a rent control situation. That's just a it. If nothing else a little weird for rich people to be arguing about so I'm doing this and the good name of people who are getting priced out of their neighborhoods like as an artist she's trying to represent her in him as artists, and I get that they're artists fine. Sure. Whatever that's great. But the rich artists not struggling artists. Emily, Reggie cows. He's one of the most famous people on the fucking planet bar. None. That's like she's top twenty five. You can't argue otherwise, I just don't. Anyway, she continues. He was raised in the neighborhood. He lives in now. Both of his parents are artists who were priced out of their homes in downtown New York. I'm moved in with him a year ago. I'm proud. He's fighting the good fight against a real estate conglomerate that bought the building he lives in for forty million and has continued to spread misinformation on its tenants in order to profit in Weiss ES changed so much. And it's a shame that people who work in creative fields are being moved out of the city. You're not being moved out of. The city you simply cannot afford to live in the fucking city anymore. Again. She can. Yeah. So that's what makes it a little weird. She comment on whether or not she has Buttle not yet. You know, Jeff, I've been working really hard to get in contact with somebody in in Emily's camp to get comment on whether or not she has butthole me at you have any idea we're talking about right now. Yes. I do. I follow you on Instagram her bathing, suits, man. They just I've got a theory. That's all I'm saying I've got theories. All right. Happy birthday to Macy coming up March thirty first you've got yourself a solid boyfriend. Hope you have a great one. I got an Email from a listener named Pete explaining rotten tomatoes for me. He said Ross what's up, man? Big fan of podcasts. Keep going. I completely agree with the Jordan Peele, take the movies are entertaining. But not the revolutionary masterpieces that people give them praise for another thing is that rotten tomatoes scores are kind of confusing. And this is what I didn't know a ninety nine percent actually means that ninety nine percent of people who reviewed the movie gave a score of six out of ten or higher than the cell to people are view it. Well, I think there's a minimum runs made. Just how many positive reviews it has admitted critic showing average score. Yeah. I didn't know that we were looking at it that that ninety nine percents just either. I had so many movies like ninety nine percent that makes way more sense. And now, I'm like, oh, okay. And now I don't feel like I've under reacted to as as much as I did before. Yeah. It's God damn it. So I don't know how to say is apparently, I say Z's. Instead, we talked about it last episode, but Jeff catch up. Anyway, he said I thought this would put things in perspective gang gang best. Appreciate it. Pete Rose bowl in podcast dot com. Our website, ready gentleman dot com slash Rb peas where you could find the orgy our BP. What is it? What's the word? I'm looking for. Where it's our close fucking close collaboration. That's okay. Rb p one five will get you. Fifteen percents off your entire order on ready, gentlemen dot com. I don't have any men's as I have not been made aware of any new mistakes that I've made since yesterday episode. So let's get into this Rb P one sixty to me at thank you for sitting there and listening to me why talk for five minutes. It's so soothing are you ready though? I am internet. Jerry, ready, Jaffer you ready? I'm more or less here to watch. That's good. That's good. Okay. I segment so up with. Oh, this one's called Ohno. Dr dre what is you doing? Oh, God in me is completely unaware of the story. So this is going to be an educational experience for her as well. You're familiar with Dr dre. I am. Yes. Very famous music producer. This is going to be a little icebreaker segment for as have you been following the college admissions scandal? Yes, I have. Okay. Wait. He got its get into college yell yet. Well, we're you're about find out so dre he kind of he took the opportunity to get grandma off already put up. An Instagram post to him and his daughter with her admissions fucking certificate. She's holding it and he made the caption my daughter got accepted into USC all on her own no jail time. Exclamation point. Exclamation point. Exclamation point. So I mean, I get it dre takes the opportunity you pretty awesome of potshot at Louis Laughlin and shit. It's kind of funny. You know, I'm sure dodger Jada and have that many opportunities to get grams off these days he shot his shot. The problem is immediately afterwards he deleted the post because a seventy million dollar donation. He made the USC resurfaced. Oh surface. As if like, that's unnoticeable. It was buried Jeff. They dug up the seventy million. You forgot about it though. Like when he posted that maybe just slipped his mind. You know, what's funny? That's legit possibility. We could have magin having so much money that seventy million dollars is like I dunno AB. I did that. So here's from NBC news says by Sunday evening, the rapper and founder of beats by dre had deleted his post after social media users found that he and producer Jimmy Wien. Everybody knows Jimmy. I've made a seventy million seventy million dollars donation in two thousand thirteen to the school for the creation of the Jimmy Wien. And Andre young Dr dre real name named after academy for arts. That's smart. No. He's not smart. Oh my God. This was the oh, I'm sorry. I didn't even finish. It's a longer name Jimmy Ivan and Andrei young academy for arts technology and the business of innovation the motherfucker just couldn't help himself. You had to get an Instagram off. I'm selling my furniture on Craigslist right now, fifty dollars a pop I can't imagine having enough money to just hand out seventy million dollars. And then also not notice it just like and this joke related to that fucking very important amount of money that you anyway, the point is obviously not a good look, especially for his daughter. Like, can you imagine walking around campus at the your dad did this, and you're already Dr dre daughter beats to people on the quad. She'll be good. That's a good way to do it. I I would definitely be down to grab some free beats high. Like some headphones. My dad made a mistake. Here's some free. You think is his name is Andre her name's Andrea. That's exactly what I think. Like god. I hope that's not. That's not. I hope she gets her doctorate. I hope she's a junior. This should obviously backfired very hard for dodger J. So I just wanted to say Jay if you pay me fifty K a year, I'll make your Instagram account of fucking must follow as a side gig. If you're listening pay me forty nine and I'll do the Samit mea don't undercut me. I'm trying to start a business here, but his poor fucking daughter next segment throat. It is speaking of which crispy cream Nazis. No. Yeah. We are not here to slander crispy cream. I don't want. This is going to upset you a great deal of very ball. If they get caught, you know, handing out free donuts for letting this little boy put their hand on their pants. I'm still not I'm still not gonna stop going to crispy. Well, this could change your mind from Bloomberg some of Germany's wealthiest families have long been tainted by Nazi ties BMW's families that Kwan's loss the Krupp's is a steel manufacturing family. The flicks is as a mining like one syllables, very these names are all German names. I don't think of like single Salunke sh- Newton Hisen. Yeah. Anyway, there this since World War Two there's been a lot made of these families that built their fortunes on the backs of the holocaust essentially and World War Two in general, Jeff will now audio kids say she like that. Now, the dynasty behind Pinero braiding crispy cream donuts has been dragged into this thing there called the Rymond family R E M A N too, many syllables. That's why they got caught they did and they own crispy cream. Panerabread companies with companies called j b I knew you were gonna make few off color holocaust jokes in here. So I was prepared for this. They used Russian civilians and French prisoners of war as forced labour for their businesses and private villas in the Nazi-era, according to German newspaper report, which is a bummer because crispy creams fantastic and the best, and it's just pure sugar bombs, and I've enjoyed them for thirty one years without any guilt. And now so now you're going to have you know, I'm not. Where you're like, this is going to change your mind now, I just want crispy cream after this. Here's the thing. Look, I don't make Jeff going. I don't know this. We don't know these fucking people. Like, I don't know if they don't even know who they are gonna rations, right? Everyone's grandparents were shitty. Yeah. Yes. That's grandkids. And like all the same did his grandkids. Right. Like most white people's great grandparents have said terribly racist things at some point in their life. If they're American my grandmother rolled up windows, drove through a neighborhood. Once see I remember that. Did you Chris vape? She's done like four times to call you out on on the air. Do you want me to clap? In doubt, you good. No. I'm just I'm barrister. I got caught. Oh, well, it was I'm sitting right next to you. And I'm and I'm not blind. What did you think that the guy who smoked three other times? I did it. I'm on day. Two of no thought I wouldn't notice you hitting anything. I know. I know I know I'm just saying of radar for these things and it goes off. And would you like some fuck? No get away from me. Anyway, they donated to Nazi organizations currently no way back in nineteen thirty one not go to crispy cream. What would it take nothing? Nothing was down. Nothing could stop you will barricade those doors with my own body. That's disturbing you need to purchase your own crispy cream and make Nazi free. This is what you do. When you go. Streams are Nazi free at the moment. Dine out the front says also in a historical context. It's pretty hard to find anyone of wealth and Nazi Germany who didn't use leave labor boss, literally, designed the Nazi uniforms all s uniforms. Is that true? Yes. Allegedly. No one hundred percent is true. Yeah. Oh, that's why they look so fucking good. What the fuck all the they are undisputedly best looking uniforms in any military history. I'll go at that. Yeah. That's why there's so many World War Two movies. They were definitely the most imitating uniform were fat ass. That's a good point, man. They were good looking. They were so fucking fresh. But just that's why like space villains always looked like space s because they're just shaping that. I'd never really thought about that. But yeah, they get into that. In this column on Bloomberg everywhere else has been covered today. This kind of broke late last night early this morning. Some of you quit smoking weed and you were up at one in the morning Google in crispy cream when you when you rely on we'd to go to sleep. And then you take it away instead of sleeping you read about the crispy cream people used to be nuts. That's do. I watched a documentary on Netflix about the space program. Go over this whole for the basically the entire for CEPA sodas about how all Nazi rocket scientists became either Russian or American rocket. Scientists words in a hundred percent of all the research was on the backs of slave labor. Oh, so you you kind of have to look away. And sure point to just move on. I mean, that's a good point. Jeff. There's no way you can really like sift through history without encountering all types of horrible shit like this. But and yeah, the the article has mentioned gets into how most Germany's biggest fortunes trace back to the Nazi-era. I mean, there's the thirty six billion combined wealth of Susanne Klatten in Steph on Quant who are major shareholders in German company, I cannot pronounce they have industrial are they had ties to the Third Reich war machine. All the they go through this long, basically, all of the wealthy German people. It's just you know, what let's just make it a broader stroke and say all wealthy people are bad people. You've done something fucked up to get that much money. We're we're talking with that. When we were talking about a Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, except for professional athletes will they played beat their wives. Well, okay cases, they do betcha too. Yeah. But no, I mean, in most cases, I do think to get to a position of great power wealth. You have to compromise your morals repeatedly and in order to do that. You ever watch the one of those Steve Jobs movies where there's that guy who's like on the founding team. And he's like that guy gets nothing. Yeah. Just pointed that one guy that guy I've seen like three Steve Jobs movies now, and they all make him out to be the biggest prick it's read that book. No. But I heard that makes him out to be the biggest of all I read it audio book on a long drive from California to here. And basically if he was born somewhere else he would have been like third world dictator is the clear conclusion. Yeah, he was a bit off. But also, invented our phones. So that's. The no Nazi stuff. So anyway, looking mentioned blue hills lets you ready to talk about you. Yes. You sure, I think so you sick. You're sick of the silliness. I love it. Okay. All day should Nazi podcast, y'all. You guys that's on you. I'm chock-full applaud cast between game of thrones. In this one. I don't have time for a Nazi one. Next segment marrying off Mia Khalifa. Highest bidder. How many goats did you get from them in the segment, and Jeff you answer that question momentarily since we last talked which was a while ago. Really was you've been quite busy as of. I you've had several major life of insecure. Yes, let's start with the fact that you got engaged. Holy shit. Congratulations. Can I cannot you hold it up again? Yeah. I saw like I dunno for four hundred twenty six consecutive slides on your Instagram's. So I'm familiar with the ring, but it's very beautifully had to not do an advertisement that she'd been paid for because she. Okay. That's a little Jeff was like, no. This is funny posted. We'll congratulations first of all to you in Robert very happy for you guys super cool. How did he do it? I oh, man. Do he he has been throwing me off his sent for so long. He's been like planting the seed in my brain that he hates restaurant proposals because he's had to facilitate them in the past there corny. Yeah. He he's a chef. And he thinks that they're overdone, and blah, blah, blah. So I never would have expected. You set your ass, dude. He sent me of a love it not only that he set me up. He sent me up so deep that the week before he was going to propose. I went to the Nelson on. And I got these like chrome metallic silver nails that changed color when the sun hit them pretty hard core. Yeah. I've never done anything. That's not nude or white. So as soon as he saw those he him and all of my friends colluded against me. And he's like you got a bully her into changing them. So all of you, look at it. You'll like a stripper anytime. I would like, hey, can you pass the now? Now, now your nails can't touch that. It'd be clear because you would have had all of your engagement was stripping. So he was thinking ahead. I love that. So you had friends and people they were all like, God your nails terrible. Let's go change those. Oh my God. Like, I will pay for you to change them. Let's go change them right now. Jeff, did you know about this before happened fucking asshole long? So mad about it. Like, I got one told me if anyone told me I would have eaten less that night, and we could have sex after that's always. Just for the record like with anything important like that. It doesn't go the way you want to. And no one's going to warn you about your proposal. Someone's been like, hey, maybe don't eat that much tonight. That's the warning. The second dessert is bad idea. You're about third or fourth. I guess I could have just fat shamed. You wouldn't have given y'all do food like I've never fucking scene following you in Robert on Instagram is really detrimental to my health. But I feel like I'm living vicariously through all the foods that you eat all around the world. So that's nice calories. Vicariously know you get to keep those. That's you. Enjoy the taste you enjoy you deal with the calories. It's the consequence. So you're gonna do like a full blown wedding. Or how does this work? We are into years two years. Yeah. Because of all the shit. You got a restaurant. I'm moving to LA next summer is not good because it'll probably be around the time his restaurants opening. So we'll do some twenty twenty one in France in France. I just gonna just you'll get. Say like never mind. I wish this video podcast 'cause I never seen Ross's face contorts to that. Okay, expression. He just made France Sweden, the so halfway easier for them to get visas to go to France. And we love France. We love the food impairs your like, what are, you know, probably like the countryside of somewhere like Chateau or something that's going to be fucking. Yeah. Okay. Well, if I don't get to go at least get to watch it on social media. That's well, that's exciting. Y'all have pretty a pretty unique situation, obviously between your very unique career. And then Robert being Swedish shift that I think you might have a legally smuggled into the country in case truffles on a duffel bag. Yeah. So like, why are y'all gonna like is his family going to be there and shit is what's going to be your family going to be there? You can do like a fool for do a full on wedding all of our closest friends in you will get honorary inviolable cry. I don't I don't know you intern. It's okay. Not being the room. Just let them. Just here. Yeah. We we really wanted to keep it under twenty people. And then after we got engaged robbers the type of person before we got engaged like we'd already been planning about getting married. Yeah. You'd be eating. It should have done it for like, six months. Yeah. Pretty much since the month. You met him. I was like Jesus Christ follow me on Instagram. I started planning the wedding. You're gonna fucking scare this dude away. So that's like I was partially relieved when he proposed. I was like oh thank God didn't definitely mutual that thirst. So we had been kind of planning the wedding. We sat down and planet like around November just to get an idea of how much it would cost and stuff like that. And I was like, okay Gessler very small our closest friends like closest right and family, and that's it and he makes his list, and I make mine mine is like seven people, and I look at his list, and it's like thirty two. I'm like what the fuck. No, so many people this is this is narrow down. What do you mean is usually like the like for me? It was the reverse. Like Taylor was like you're gonna need twelve groomsmen to match my bridesmaids. I like six people. There's not twelve people. Anyway, I did end up as shading the wedding. Well that long. What? If you if you mean of you to make I dare you to try and break up with just don't do it on the show wanna see the tears and the drama. Yeah, I'm looking into how to become inefficient. No shit. That's cool. I had like a I guess a step uncle do mine. You did a great job. It was the first wedding you've ever done my wedding took about forty five seconds as a result. That's what I want. It was beautiful. I like I real tight twenty. The of my best end up stand up. Wedding. Being you gotta worrying whatever Jeff you just got to get up there and do bits just gonna just do comedy at me as wedding until he gives you all my favorite med TV. Sketches I play every role right for twenty five minutes. Everyone will love that you guys like Stewart. Here we go as long as you. Don't get in my light. Yeah. His Swedish families really gonna love the mad TV. You mentioned the move to LA. Yes. Which is rapidly approaching moving so fucking soon. I leave on like April fifteenth. That's fine. You don't have to say when you, but whatever Jeff freaked out about giving out emirs personally formation about where you will be at certain times than people can find you gave out the wrong day 'cause I'm not an idiot. Now, they know it's the wrong date. Look, she's fucking secret agent over here. She is a fake dates for things now. But it was the thing. I can't really talk about it. Okay. That look just get back on track here. God almighty, it's like dealing with fighting brother and sister. Y'all moving in what a few weeks in the next six months that some point at some point you're going to be sooner than I should be for what I have had shot Zam. But before adventures there you go. That's a good way of looking at the calendar. How do you know when she Zam comes out next week? Let's easy enough. You're you've been here for how long how how long you been in Austin three years. That's it. That's it feels like longer love air. We only known each of three I met you like the first couple months that I lived here goddamn, dude, I've aged fifteen years and three years, we've known each other change. Yeah. We'll know you have aged backwards because you all so much fucking way. I mean like internally four gins and shit shitter like fucking rotting out from the inside because the stress and anxiety. But yeah, outside I look much better than I used to. When you first got the we're talking about that off Mike, I was fat Ross. When me you got to know me now, she thinks I'm like frail and dying you, okay? I just want supposed to look like. We're not feeding you you just like fat me. I did. Okay. So you're going to be what doing what in LA? Are you allowed to tell me the unpacking for the first six months? I lived there. If it goes at the speed of how long it's taking me to pack to go there. Now when I get there Jeff doing. We're going to try and launch podcast into acting work on. I said that because I don't know what I'm allowed to say. Because every time I tried. Thing is okay. That's just not where you mean. Trying to launch a podcast together. Like, you'll YouTube channel sorta. Yeah. But except we're going to you know with a format update. Okay. More freedom. That's exciting. Yeah. It was weird. I I subscribe to YouTube, and then well, we lost our video editor for a while. I think it takes a lot it just so much more work to video place, and you also not in the same place. A lot of the time Suster, but the podcast will be much easier because we can bang out. We can knock out a couple of sewed, you know, in one week and Bank them to post ex. Yeah. Yeah. I can't wait to move in with them. Oh my God. In the Roberts going to be opening a restaurant. Is it going to be in LA? Yes. It will. Is it going to be fringe food? No. It's going to be upscale find dining Swedish food. No, no. There's going to be there is there's a place called. No, I think that might be just New York and DC Swedish food type there's iky other. No. Is like what is this week food? I'm trying to think of a Swedish meatballs and a lot of salmon. And you know, things on toast, again, Google says that it's a sneaky. Here's a Swedish cuisine is the traditional food of the people of Sweden nailed. It. Sounds accurate Google. So I don't ask Jeeves pretty helpful pretty helpful. I feel like oh here. Here's some more their regional differences between the cuisine of the north and south Sweden. That's great. That's so helpful. I'm so glad I read that. What are you doing? Jesus shaking. The sweat out from your pits to there. Fucking disgusting. My God woman. I'm trying to focus here is your tits sticker. There's a rundown to be paid attention to the advantages on me right now. Well, that's a good segue. You recently underwent some physical alterations. Like, you got some work done. I said fixed in some cases. Yes. Yes. I got. I got work done on my on my chest. Ical a first bullet point here that just says titties there I hope to deny I was gonna ask that. TD IS should hit these these these and Dr to only refer to them as Titi or in mixed company. So it's got titties is. Yeah. What what the fuck happen? It's not what makes company means. I didn't know what you meant. I don't know what he meant. I just try to pretend gentlemen, and ladies. Oh, there you go. I just shake my head and smile when I don't know what's going on people think work six it has been working really well up until that point right there. So. What the fuck I'm with you boobs, though. So I went to a playoff game in DC when the capitals were playing Tampa Bay may of last year, and I was sitting against the glass front row. And I. Yeah. It was awesome. Literal. Literal dream come true that was one of those moments. That was like everything I've done up to here has been worth it pressed against the too hard. No, no, not president glass idiot. Although that is an incredible visual. I mean that indie least sexual way possible by an incredible visual in a comedic man to be clear. And I turned over to my friend Lindsay, and I'm talking to her and all of a sudden everything goes black for me. I see nothing and I'm doubled over. And I look down thinking that there was gonna be like I was holding down on my chest thing that if I let go blood was going to go everywhere 'cause you hit I got hit with a puck going eighty miles an hour. Oh, and I looked down and there's just ice on me like melting ice all over me. And I'm like what happened who shot me with an ice bullet. If you don't know anything about hockey, those pucks are frozen shit in the. Made a rubber. But they're on the ice. Yeah. They're they're very very hard. Yeah. My picture of what she was wearing on Instagram into I still on. It's not like insulated. So you're struck by an eighty mile an hour flying hockey puck. Yeah. And I looked down at my feet, and there's a puck there, and all of a sudden all of the pain goes away. And I'm like holy fuck. I gotta play off your entire life for that was incredible. The pain the surgery everything was worth it. I got a Washington capital Stanley Cup playoff puck the year that they went onto win the Stanley Cup trying to like there is no quivalent for me. Because I love the Astros beginning fell ball. I'd be like it's a fucking baseball. There's no equivalent like rockets game with the basketball down. Because they have the mesh up. Right. Right. Right. So it's pretty rare that the puck gets through to the fucking. What do you call spectators in the first place because you've got alone. Displaces an implant makes you lose two inches of volume and you're left hitting. So it knocked your implant out of place. Now. Now, the plan is secure. What it did was it broke apart the scar tissue and I lost a ton of volume. They're like, I got an MRI. The oak implants were completely intact. It's just the loss of volume from the the impact of the puck. Do look an uneven situation completely uneven. So like, obviously aesthetically on even which is not that big of a deal if you have small boob. Yeah. But you don't know know, so like in photos, I'd have to like push this one more would like my arm. The left one needed a little more supportive more support. Fuck we'll see you went and got that taken care of. Yeah. So they didn't need to change my implants or anything. Thank god. Because that recovery would have been brutal. All he did was he fat grafted, and he took some fat from like my. My lower back and put it into my. Left boob. He made to look death. He said like six times used to look down to make sure I wish God you right? This should be recorded. The fact that you had to look down at your booth. My hands under the table. Not even my boobs. That's how I learned to play twister. Good lord. The guy that did this for you. Dr hockey too is name is Dr hawk his name is Dr J Calvert. And he is but his mother calls him credible has a podcast called the doctor hockey podcast the way he found me was because he is an avid hockey fan. So we started chef, and he goes can we ever on the podcast? And then he was like, wait. No, I we gotta fix bu-but. Then can we? Nice that worked out that guy must be some kind of fucking God because you can take lower back fat and turn into a titty for me. That's like the cool those possible didn't either. Now, I'm wondering if I have some spare back fat turned into boobs. Oh, where because it just seems like si- better use of. More boobs in the world is good me fat. Not maybe I'll go back to fat Ross and see how many titties out of the extras. I it's it's it's all up in the air. Now. What else what else? Nothing works chugging along. It's it's slowed down a little bit since since the move is underway. Yeah. It's taken over both me. And Jeff's live Jeff's moving to LA with me not voluntarily Jeff with the fuck you leaving me here. From the only person left in the city. He literally had no choice speaking, Jeff as you know, Jeff, and I text on occasion special. We're talking about trying to get you on the show or something. And he was telling me that you're allegedly some kind of expert on the latest in the Johnny Depp amber herd saga, which I wasn't even aware was still ongoing. Did you hear about that? No. I had no idea Jeffey up yesterday about this. Everyone knows what Johnny Depp did to amber heard. But no one knows what amber herd fucking did to Johnny Depp. So why is coming out right now, though, that's admitted it to the courts final going through the courts. And it was made public. He kept his mouth shut until he got all of the evidence he needed and then he submitted. So you really he was a stand up guy for not like, oh, I'm going to get you bitch. Wait until you see what I have on. You know, he kept his mouth shut. And he just let the proof evidence speak for self now. Because I'm literally like completely nude on the situation. All I know is that Johnny was accused Johnny Depp was accused I can't call him by his first name pretend like I can get away with that Johnny Johnny. Hey, my buddy John was accused of like domestic violence. Yeah. She had a bruise on her face and everything so sister shedder sister puncher in the face. Shut. The fuck is that what he's on camera allegedly allegedly? Jeff was like you guys are going to have to say allegedly a lot. I might put allegedly in the title of this. Why do you know about all this shit? While you followed so closely. I came up on my news things on Twitter. And then I started reading into it. Because nothing makes me more mad than when a woman like amber heard gives all women about name. So you think she's taking advantage? So system will defend Johnny Depp. Until the day. I'd I love him. No money defending Nazis. Like that's minutes ago your standard for defense is quite low at between the Nazis Kevin Spacey. And now, Johnny Depp facing one of the things Jeff mentioned to me was that there was someone allegedly pooping on someone else's bed. Emma, her took a shit on Johnny Depp's pillow because he was ten minutes late. It's her birthday party because he was in a business meeting. If somebody's shits on your pillow because your ten minutes if that was the case for me and my life. I'd have poop everywhere on all my weight constantly, but taking his shit on someone's pillow with psycho at my head around that. Yeah, you know, do you know hard? It is for me to go anywhere. Like, what anyone is remotely anywhere near my building or house, the restroom. Yeah. Yeah. Me too. Yeah. I'm shy. Like you. Visit Robert in Copenhagen. I didn't go for eleven days. She got a hotel room eleven day. Hold on. Did you buy separate hotel room? So, you know, even when he went to work my body like what if he just comes back, and it wouldn't let me go. Genius. If you if you can afford it. It's like fuck it. I'm just gonna get a hotel room to shifts in the middle of the night and go downstairs to the spa bathroom hotel. We were staying rule seal. My body was like what if he wakes up in texts like where are you know, you other Swedish boyfriend? Like, one of my former female co workers, I won't say your name. I don't wanna throw into Jessica. She used to tell us about the same type of thing when she'd get a new boyfriend she'd go six seven eight nine without ever taking a poop. And we were we were like, I mean, of course, we've always, you know, there's always been jokes about girls. Don't poop, Emily, reg. He's. All that shit that old joke been going on for months, but the point obviously, women poop, they're human beings. Just like us just like men that has to go somewhere. There's way quality for generation. Been fighting hard for everyone except for Emily's. She does not have a butthole, and I want everyone to recognize that she is different than everyone. Everyone else's mouth fairly just can't imagine taking shit on somebody's pillow. For any reason. Yeah. Frankly, discussing really don't get king people's cars either. But that seems like it'd be way more of a rational move in this case than taking shit on the man's pillow. He's a minute eighty-seven videos to the courts of her beating him in the lobby of their building in the elevator of their building in the hallway into their apartment and security footage from inside their apartment, so us. I do you genuinely believe that. This is going to end up being like a there's two sides to every story situation. No Johnny's like, no. That she has earned as a voice of the metoo movement taken away like having a role to speak the UN for women's rights. Okay. But you don't think there's like a chance. She's not lying. No. She is a lion asshole. I don't know shit about. I don't even know what the fuck. She looks like frankly, allegedly allegedly. I say allegedly while I was taking a sip it sounded like a rubbery. Didn't work any other. Johnny depp. Amber heard news. I got some. So Scott says as manager voice after she started tweeting about it all these like, amber her defense team started coming out, and she doesn't mean like, amber her man, she wouldn't see any of this because she doesn't get notifications from people. She doesn't follow. But only you there's like team, amber, Mira, queens. All these different bullshit DC got the Michael Jackson people online. Fucking sucks. These people suck go. Go say anything about Taylor swift next. No, I'm not messing with the Taylor swift people in the beyond say people, I stay away from I'm not scared of any of the other fan group freaks, but those two will ruin your fucking life. If every single one of your Instagram's is filled up a little be hot be emojis for the rest of your life. You're gonna go insane. At some point. That's what happened if you piss off the beehive. That's what happened to Rachel. My she do when. Finished. Introducing Beyonce's no-no she has an unfortunate close name resemblance to the girl that Jay z allegedly cheated on beyond say with. So her entire comment section was. People see emoji people. She was Becky with the good hair. And she wasn't now. Sorry, rich. I love you pain in the ass for her. Anyway, moving on Rb p 162 brought to you by post meets the ongoing conflict between you and your stomach is out of control as always you gotta eat because you're fucking hungry. But and you need sustenance. But you're busy in and you don't have anything at home, and you just don't have time to go to the grocery store. Whatever that's where post mates comes in. It's the app that adds a delivery option to your favorite restaurants. 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Use the code Rb p that's code Rb p for one hundred dollars of free delivery credit for your first seven days. Save the hassle. Get the food you love fast at post mates with code Rb p next segment Mia Khalifa reads, a short story Ross wrote stoned clearing a lot of space. Yeah. You haven't given you a small water Cup you of some kind of lip balm sunglasses. I've known me it was going to be on the show today for like a week or so which afforded me the ability to prepare her a special segment before I took my weed hiatus. And because I enjoy forcing people to read asinine short stories that I write when I'm stoned why not do the same for miss McLaughlin. This one is actually inspired by a true story from my life as you will see, but I'm not gonna say anymore. I'm just gonna give it to you me, and you can take away. Sure. No. It's short ca. Compared to most things though read to start reading right there. And you'll be good just just just read that. Oh my God. This thing has more sections on hamlet. Now, it's like it's two three minutes. Four minutes. Maybe max max you like reading ready, your literate, you can read I would point you do look smart. Thank you. Let me take you back to a simpler time a time before Instagram's and chess naps before tweets twits, twats and books full of faces a time when people still left their doors unlocked, or at least they're back doors, leaving your front door unlocked fucking stupid, a time when people let their kids play around in the streets of suburban neighborhoods without a care in the world. It was the year nineteen ninety nine on the eve of a new millennium and young Ross bolan was being taken to a New Year's Eve party by his parents. Part three. It was one of those adult parties where enough adults have kids that they can all get together and let their kids run wild while they get shit faced. And if one of them dies or whatever, it's like shit. Well, all our kids. We're running around, and it could it could have happened to anyone. I'm not about parent. The party was being hosted in a massive mansion three stories in total with with with guest quarters that had been taken over by toys for the families. Three young boys part for. If you were alive for it. You'll recall that this was the New Year's Eve where people were all afraid of their computers would stop working and the world's banking systems would fail and the power grid would collapse. I I don't remember. Oh shit. You weren't in the country doesn't you weren't in America. People were literally building fallout shelters and stick and stocking up with their year's worth of Rahman. That's just live on was. Yeah, that's true. We were bomb shelter. Yeah. What a bunch of morons. But I digress. The juicy meat of the story takes place in our so into the party the party the party of which there must have been a dozen what what? Oh that was supposed to say this gone. The kids of which there must have been does all grown weary of standing around watching their parents, pound drinks and gobble down finger foods. So they went outside to play a game of flag touch football. The ages of the kids were varied. The fuck is what they were all flag touch. It's just flat. Again, again, I'm just correcting myself as we go here again. Okay. I didn't know this was going to get live edited. As exactly why I needed to quit smoking weed for a little bit exactly what flag touch footfall free. If you have an intern. I'm even have that. I'm the proof reader if I'm high, and I'm proof reading can't even do that correctly. See it gets to read it out loud. I'm sorry for interrupting this is a great story about me. Please you notice mistakes, and you read something out loud. That's a trick for all you kids out there. Yeah. Thank you. Jeff for that. Okay. Meal. Continue the ages of the kids was very they. They were all boys Ross being the oh, you're speaking in third person. And now, you are you are I'm me. All right Ross being the oldest at like, I dunno shit. I can't do math thirteen years old. The second oldest boy being one of the hosts children at twelve and the youngest boy being his little brother at roughly eight Lubitsch pitch. So flag football is all is all good fun. But the kids are all hopped up on sugar and shit. So things start to get overly aggressive Ross on one squad the clear dominant athletics specimen on the field. And the next oldest kid is on the other squad with his little brother as well. And the competition is brewing. Well, at one point Ross finds himself with the football and nothing but open field in front of him. He has a chance to take this thing all the way past the giant oak tree in the neighbor's yard for six. That's when the eight year old son of the hosts pop. Up from behind said giant oak and starts running towards Ross clearly being an athlete being a competitor being a future New York Times bestselling author bestselling and eventually we have to assume award winning podcast hoses. Russ had no choice, but to hit this kid with a stiff arm can't let the little men grab that flag. The game is the game. Well, underestimating his own hawkish strength rush. Ross stiff arm the little man too hard and he flew several feet into a small tree. Several feet. Literary. Exaggerations he cried and cried and cried like a little bitch. The parents all had to come out and make sure everyone was okay. And that ended the game. So Ross went into the new. I thought that was a typo Lenny up again, the new William get Gygi with it. Dude. You really missed out on this whole thing. You miss the whole William you really did living in the Lenny right now Linea was Will Smith album he put out before. I god. Yeah. It was the continued almost into the new with a dud the end Noah dub dub A win. You can't combine your references from ninety ninety nine with your references from today, the audience me, I don't I don't think that could have been done any better. This is complete nonsense fitting that to audible for future jobs. I'm not sure this is going to be the one that gets me the Pulitzer, but it's on the right track in I can't believe you didn't know what the William was. No. I thought it was a typo. I so I said millennium. Not us. Like, this w for one Bo he should've had it for the upside down same letter. Yeah. William not even near each other on the keyboard crazily was only will Smith's second studio album, and it was came out in ninety nine. And it's one of the ones that I believe he wanna fucking Grammy for you know, we've given this man Grammy's for wrapping up the album with the Miami. I think. Has to be that one to my aunt. That was a great song. If nothing about four hours worth on a loop when from El Paso to Miami moving there. Oh, yeah. Fantastic. Core ride from hell nothing. No, nothing nothing for an entire Texas State. But the entire drive Miami. The having was so pretty and songs great next segment. Appreciating the onion the onion? Yeah. Yeah. Y'all know onion. Yeah. You're familiar with the onion. I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how fucking funny the onion still is after all these years for those of you have no idea what the onion is. You are a moron. And you need to educate yourself is based in Chicago. It started just as a print publication way back in the late eighties in in Madison Wisconsin in the spring of ninety six they began publishing online in two thousand seven they began publishing satirical. Satirical. News audio and video online that kept the point is they've been expanding their content offering ever since this reading their compete here. I know this is literally from Kapiti laughing 'cause remember my favorite video sketch. They did dude they're the fucking best. Have you seen? Don't get enough trevy seen the one whereas the two girls like on the morning show talking about their friend who's been kidnapped. No, they're just gossiping about middle school ball. But that's a perfect onion video see in the thing about the onion is they've they've got their comedy down. So pat. The you like when you read an onion headline. You know? That's the holidays, you you're not really sure. No. 'cause it's been knocked off so much in these people really is. Yeah. That's what I meant. Okay. Well that too. But even then they've done such a good job in the Trump era. Even of finding ways to continue to make hilarious fun of everything that's going on in our society. So like, this laughing all the way to the gallows. Thank you. Yes. I was well and for the record like back when the onion was just a print publication. I remember I used to grab it from like they would have been newspaper bins in like some of the restaurants in sandwich shops, and she didn't say markets, Texas, where AJ goes to school now at Texas State university in I would like grab one laugher ten minutes. Put it back when I left after eight my sandwich, or whatever. And that was how my relationship with the onion started, then they moved online, then they started making video they've just gotten bigger and better here's some from their Wikipedia in nineteen ninety nine comedian Bob Odin Kirk who's the guy who plays call Saul saw Goodman mister show. Bob and David. Yeah. Praised the public. Also, people don't realize that about Bob Odenkirk that he's actually like ridiculously talented comedic -ly in this done all these different things. Things and people just think he's the guy from breaking bad. He's definitely not if you're of a certain age might think that. Yeah. But he's at a fucking great career. Anyway point is he said, it's the best comedy writing in the country saying this of the onion, and it has been since it started. And I was thinking about it name somebody who's more consistently good at writing comedy than the onion in the past thirty years in SNL s another count. Fuck not of does not beat the onion. No, there doesn't exist. It's the longest standing. Britain comedy that I'm aware of that's been incredible. The entire time through I remember watching a video of like their their process on their pitching headlines, and it's just brutally mean everyone's like noted that note of that. That's through for real. That's how you have to do it to get the best of the best. When it comes to like, creative stuff. I swear to God people down. So here's some here's some funny on your headlines for you. All right. Well, this is content theft now. No, that's exactly what we do kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day. And it's just a photo of a kitten. Eighteen worried he might be Christian. That's that's one of my all time favorite ones. Dickhead in Sanchez. Jersey turns out to be more Sanchez. I mean, they take on everything, man. Sports, sexuality, religion politics. There's nobody's off limits, and they make fun of everybody. Equally kinda similarly to south park's upends, some good offshoots to all all shoots fence. They've got click whole which is basically making fun of BuzzFeed the right? It's like a list of goals and shit like that. But they're hilarious. They have like av club now that they run to serious reviews. Yes, I I actually met like people have taken the idea and in two years and run with it. And to be like specific in the way, click whole is to BuzzFeed redux covers like Jessie Abell parodies. That's true. They really funny. That's the hard times does video games. They're really good. Can't remember who wrote it, but one of my favorite ones this week was about all the J K Rowling stuff. And it was like the the true history. Harry Potters you gave the whole time as you were. Yeah. That's a great fucking line. They've they've always been at patriot whole y'all member when the election was going on the most recent one, and they launched patriot whole it was basically the most hardcore right wing satire possible in they took over the site for I believe that straight up. Click whole became patriot hole for awhile. And now it's fallen back and patriot holes like a subsection of the site where you can find all the political ship. But point is the onions unflagging believable. Everybody should read it, and I was trying to just directly steal their content by reading there. But to give them they're doing proper credit. If you wanna read more funny shit from the onion, you go to the fucking you have like link notes in the podcast. Yeah. Okay. I'll give you that sketch does talking about to put in there. He's really good. Yeah. I'll add it. Sure. And you can watch it on there. So the sketch. Jeff was talking about the available in the notes below the episode with all the other sound or the time cues shit. Cool. Cool cool, cool cool. Next segment. Houston rap song of the week. Ooh. This is quick. You know, you k-. Yeah. Yeah. They one of their songs quit hate in the south. It came out in two thousand seven was actually on their last album that they made before Pepsi died. And it was the first one that they made since he had been released from prison after his lengthy prison term. International players and them to be my first dance song that is one of the all-time great rap songs ever met. It's an unbelievable song in Andre three thousand verses. Incredible. His verse specifics the beats and credit the music videos fucking shit like everybody in that just dominated. But this is a great song to it's got hooked from Charlie Wilson, Willie d the ghetto boys shows up give it a listen that you Houston rap song of the week Yuji ks quit hate in the south. It's song that they made back when the south was getting ripped on pretty consistently for being simplistic and juvenile in their rhymes and their songs and then juvenile trout. Slow MO to and back that s up slow motion for me is my favorite of the two. If I have to pick one of those to grind with chick on. Now. I'd go I'd go with back that s I'm slow motion for me guy. That's just the difference between you and me. I think it's because back that I was up is such a busy beat song that no one can tell that. I'm off beat when again, actually dance. Yeah. Okay. So this is strategic for. Yes. Exactly. Well, hey, before we get into the next one Rb p one sixty also brought to you by Fulton Rourke, we've been talking about Fulton work for very long time. Now, we've told you about their awesome, solid colognes smell amazing, but a travel friendly and don't smoke the whole room. We've told you about their award winning line of bar soap, shaving cream, shampoos. 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If you want fifteen percents off your entire order, just use the code Rb p checkout Fulton and Rourke dot com today. Use the code Rb Pia checkout to save fifteen percent. That's F U L T, O N and ROA. Arcade dot com. Code are BP next segment. The last thing what got a push notification from Bleacher report that says Gruden cried after MAC trade Jon Gruden said he cried for three days after trading MAC thought it was going to be James harden injury or something you just fuck invade my part report. Sorry, do that happen to me at one point? I got very bad sports. News broken on the air. And it was it. Remember what it was? Now, it was like a year and a half ago. Remember coming back from summer camp. And my dad telling me Ricky Williams had retired diehard dolphins fan. And I just thought he was lying because he's an asshole. And then he likes showed me newspaper. And I was like this is my summers ruined. Ricky Williams is one of the most interesting fucking lives AB ever heard, you know, about his. Yeah. Those really good though, like told his body does like a bunch of good shit now for kids and stuff and coach UT think. We'd advocate. Yeah. Yeah. Heavy. We'd advocate very big in the Weeden, which respect. Hey, I got a few hotline calls to play before before you leave. There's three calls that we're gonna play. Here's the first only two of them are from Russ. That's true. This is Christian from Sacramento, California. Huge fan of the pod. I was listening recently listening to episode. I think it was one fifty four while you were talking about the the documentary about about the Michael Jackson accusers. And I know the this isn't the topic of what you're talking about. But you mentioned during that Saguenay that Michael Jackson was a God amongst everyone else, you know, being that having that status as Bigalow celebrity, and then you said that we don't really have anyone like that today or in recent history, which frankly after statement that I would have to disagree with. I would say Drake currently is that level right now especially in the rap game. But I think everybody in mother knows Drake is and I was like your thoughts on. On this. And if you disagree with me on Drake's, if you think someone else's I love it he ending. So anyways, love applaud Jan gang gang keep it up. But now before everybody destroys cheese. Good line to wait. Our turn here prints, and I was like, I wholeheartedly agree. But that took a turn for the retarded Christian zag Ramento. You just tried to say that Aubrey Graham is on the same level as Michael Jackson, man. That's not the same. Michael Jackson stood as a symbol to all black Americans. And then black people around the world that they could achieve superstardom or even just success and break all racial economic and societal boundaries that could be prince two he was on letter. Did that's not saying? Because I think Princess way better than Michael Jackson. But at that point in even I mean prince was an icon all on his own in totally different way, almost but nobody had ever done for black people in the in the in the realm of celebrity in the way that Michael Jackson did up into that point, which is really really wild to think about he inspired entire generation of black people to believe that they could do things bigger and better than everybody before them Drake inspires teens to be emotionally open with their girlfriends. He doesn't carry anywhere near the kind of weight and still not text them back. Michael Jackie will in some cases. That's dating the kid from stranger things they had they have a bit of a close relationship that is a little uncomfortable because she's still underage it. She's like fourteen who are we talking about Bill? Yeah. Dude. Her and Drake or like best friends. They're like really close like a kid, but he's a child become friends with a child. It's the Michael Jackson should all over say. I had adult friends when I was like sixteen but I met them from working retail. It was like my managers wholly different situation. Yeah. If your if your child, and you're hanging out with dolts, and it's not because you work with them. Something weird is going on is like, and I don't think these two actually were to. I'm not gonna commenting rake. The point is the comparison between Drake and Michael Jackson is just completely off base. There's no disrespect to Drake's career. Like, I know he's done a lot of good in a lot of communities, especially in Toronto in Houston and elsewhere and his list of hits his long. It's fuck rivals anybody's to pretend his cultural impact has been anywhere like anywhere close to Michael Jackson. Yeah. No, Michael Jackson, Drake. This is not an actual comparison that we're going to allow to happen next. Call up raw, Ethan, Tennessee. Traveling to Texas for the first time to pinions coffees are good buck, the Paul, and that's it. That was Ethan from Tennessee who has to opinions about Texas one collages are good. So let's talk about that. I got Kaladze person. Yes. Absolutely. But only at the place that's midway between here and Dallas close to Waco. Yeah. Which is spelled o checklist. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Check stop. Yeah. I I will not hack. I don't care how how long the line depending on what decade, I think. I was there. Let are you making USSR jokes over there a little bit? Because that we me and her talk about Andrea lock they keep changing their name. Okay. So we never know. What it actually we talk about Ukraine a lot because people like that Ukraine, and it's just fucking Ukraine. Why do people say though, you don't know? But no one says Germany extra pride like saying, you're from the, you know, but no one says that's fucking. This is a second time this week. You brought up the you. Why says example? It's because it's a lie. The Ohio State University would also work people. Always do she's about to throw heavy objects that Jeff it's getting heated. What you love qualities. I love clock. Good. We're Kaladze podcast have been too long since we mentioned collage. Glad we're on the clutch train here. Second. Fuck the pollen. Yeah. My car is no longer silver. It is pollen. My house was once a blue. Now, it is Paul in my lungs were once black and buy cigarettes. And we'd now they are yellow fan Paul, and I'm fucking dying in this city. It's because you're white only. White people have allergies wise that y'all are weak your immune cell. We were supposed to be strong. Now, we're not we're actually the weakest race that'd be hardened by a civil war and not have any allergies melatonin. And also like makes you impervious to allergies. Absolutely. A white people who were not good tone an idiot Mellon. No melatonin is. Oh, that's yeah. Melatonin hope you fall asleep bed thought it was. I thought I was taking wait in here. Here for that yesterday yesterday on the phone that that I had gotten a an original Harry Potter drawing from the book by the illustrator from Harry Potter, and he goes, oh, cool Tolkien. Foreign? First of all, honestly, good effort. Yeah. Honestly, a pretty good effort J R R Tolkien. So it's like two other people. Good God one more call. And then we'll be done with the hotline. Alex. I live in North Carolina. I've been listening to the pond, I think our mon- episode eighty five not all there yet. But I'm getting there a few times you talked about tipping and like the five percent ten percent tip. And I just wanted to say that kind of trash maybe not. But I am a churchgoer. I know all about giving I'm not gonna tithing. So I feel my tip for other people. I just give to people I like to make someone's day. I like to over tip. I just got picked up a fucking pizza Little Caesars, and I gave the cashier five dollars. 'cause guess what? She's going to be happy. So I feel like everyone out there needs to be better tippers. You don't always have to can always live by the law. But if I don't get back into the other way, and if other people don't think booking give someone a good tip make their day. I mean money makes you smile they're going to have to say, though, bash me, I have an opinion on this. Yes. Okay. So. So I will not tip at counter places because they get paid this is for tip for pickup. No, no, no. Like, if I'm at the coffee shop, and then they turn the screen towards the option tip to I don't tip because they get compensated fully hourly on salary. Okay. When you're at a restaurant and a server is serving you. I tip twenty percent, right. But at counterplay says that try and get you to tip extra that money is not going to the employee's. So like at Jack in the bucks when there's a tip line. No, no. I'm talking about like. But you mean like at barley radio coffee shop, exactly exactly any place. That's like just to counter place. They are making they are getting paid salary. So where does it would've tips? Go you're going to the restaurant. Yeah. That's making getting redes- redistributed back to the employee's. It's going to the rest of his always give another book or to or what they share it shames me out like Toronto, you should always tip twenty percent unless the service was so unbearably bad. Then you tip ten to fifteen percent unbearably bad to the point where it is definitely not the kitchen fault. It is the terrible. Servers fall jumped on the table and yelled at. Yeah. They then acted annoyed by you asking for a drink or everything that I think for some people is difficult though. Like by some people, I mean stupid people they can't determine whether or not it's their waiter waitresses fault. Or it's the kitchen a lot of time. And then the servings of getting fucked because it's something that was completely. Their controller whatever just tip twenty percent. If it's one hundred dollar check you'd pay you tip twenty dollars. If it's fifty to test a tipping and pay everyone Europe. It's amazing way. What tip which was complex? That was uncomfortable for me. I'm like, I didn't know. This was shipping is left from the great depression. Yeah. We've just never reverted since it's the worst system. It becomes up lights the worst because like people on your shame. Yeah. It is it's shamed. For not standard amount to look this person in the eye after they pick up, my receipt, and how bad do I have to feel about? And like, I don't want that in my meal. I just wanna taste the food. Enjoy it and leave and so charged me another twenty percent on the meal and pay your fucking server. Yeah. Don't nation my job or problem. Right. As a restaurant tour just get rid of it and pay everyone. They're supposed to be paid. That'll never happen though. You obviously you go to a lot. Yes. You gets good restaurants while you're gonna be opening a restaurant. So this something, you know, a lot about nothing about it. He knows everything about it. Whatever, you know, enough to at least have a conversation with me, she'll be there opening night. When we sure she will when we when we go to a place that has an automatic ten or fifteen percent added to the tip already like a lot of nice restaurants will do that. So that you don't have to worry about it. That's basically their way of doing there for any parties over five or six. Yeah. That's. I've always known about that Matt always made sense to me. I'm like cool. Sure. Yeah. You don't wanna deal with somebody fucking the waiter wagers? So just worth their ass off this big party. I've always understood that it's always been weird to me when it's like me and Taylor, and we get it back and there's already a tip on. I love it. When that happened. I never knew that you didn't have to add additional. I I always thought that was like, oh, it's because it's fancy. Yes. Second. Now second there's a curb your enthusiasm where like he's tipping the waiter captain in this whole thing breaks. But I like that is a good episode. But the point is found this out like literally three weeks ago. So I've just been setting money on flyer. Been really nice my entire shits hundred good karma coming our way. What I'm trying to like something needs to be hooking it up because I've been overdoing the fuck out of it. Also, I gave a homeless, dude. One hundred dollars today. He's spending it on crack, and that was responsible because he probably did spend it on a gift card. Yeah. But here's the thing sell it for crack. Oh, yeah. Him on the dollar. You know, what I any time? I see like. I'm not gonna say where almost just gave away literally where I live. But so you're that's why you need. Jeff exactly in the cloud. King. You know? So there was a pet store in the vicinity, and I always see this homeless man with a dog, and I have never given the homeless men anything but twice I've given him a bag of dog food. I care more about the dog than him for sure. And he'll the Doug people. Yeah. In all seriousness. I if you gave me the option like you can save the guy. Yeah. Or the dog? So anytime, I go to the back door to get my dog's food, which I usually order on Amazon unless like, you know, they're starving. Right. I ran out. I always get an extra bag. I give it to the guy in the dog. Let's nice of you. Thank you. I care more about the usually when someone approaches me and says, I hail you buy a meal usually good for it. Or like when I used those cigarettes give them a couple of Lucy's yet. What I've had to do the gestation be like yoed can you run like run across the street with me to water when they ask. But when I see going another look. Another look if I'm at water burger, and you come up behind me. And like, hey, would you buy me a burger it'd be like? Yeah. Okay. But usually in what about two burgers. Said yes, we'll give to one. My house closed on I'm gonna take all the burgers. And you're gonna pay for saying if you ask for money. No, wait, that's the chicken. That's the Z's. No, no, no going on about. I tried to show. He didn't. He wasn't familiar with that internet me from like ten years ago that was like all ticks wolf fries. Oh, three. Oh, I kept trying to show that he goes. I'm not interested. It's not so long. Listen video. I can't fucking remember. I'm looking for. Hawks in black and white for ten minutes. Yeah. It was like a series of videos unforgivable was the was the the ongoing joke in the bitch. Give me a chicken sandwich and some waffle fries. In for some reason. It was the funniest thing any of us had ever seen seriously. Where if you if you showed that to somebody who didn't see then? Yeah, they're like showing Harley bit my finger, and yes, nineteen doesn't translate. So it has to be something you saw VIN in for whatever reason it was like one of the first funny YouTube videos, go viral is like random black. I would love to know where that guys at now, by the way, because that's just like there's no way. Meals at chick. It was not Barack Obama. It's just some of some other racist. You're black other guy with melatonin. Okay. Now before you leave you have a a new what is it called Jeff from extension an extension tender plugging in its you can get it at me as fired dates dot com. Yeah. And it would what it does for you. Is it swipes for you? Even when you're not on Tinder. So you're cyncially weren't getting the. Yeah. Exactly it kind of remembers your swipes and what you're into. And it swipes for you. And it can also automatically send a message for you. When you're not even on the app to numbers game. Yeah. Yeah. If you use the same line on all your matches that to say, whatever you want, right. So you're automating the process of of people being able to match up with as many you just don't have to waste time on Tinder it's more fun to like open up the app and be like holy shit. Have you don't have to work for six hundred thirty six new matches. I haven't even looked at my fucking phone. The odds of you having sex then are gonna go way up. Yup. That's why you could meet his fire dates dot com. It's mostly for the sex. That's what tenders for we. Appreciate you being here with us today. Obviously where there's we follow along or oh, what's the code people on his dates dot com. There's a code. It's my fucking names Ross bowl and not or BP. It's just Ross what you. What do you? You get with the coach, Jeff what did they get with the code? I'm pretty sure it drops the price of the first month through dollar. Oh, cool. The prices normally like just dollars anyway. So a dollar is pretty manageable for anybody. So if you're looking maximize your tender swiping, go to me as fire dates dot com and type in Ross bolan and you'll get like money off. You'll get laid, and you you can think wrong you'll have six, but just thanked me not me keep this between you in them this mea spire dates dot com that Ross's fire dates dot com. That's a whole nother deal where we're really regret calling me. Aspire swipes oh, really regret. I don't put that out into the universe. Now just makes me feel bad. Yeah. Me too. It's never it's never too late to rebrand. It's too late to rebrand MIA'S fire dates dot com. Don't sometimes it's definitely too late to rebrand. Like, for instance, you can't rebrand your Mia Khalifa. You got trying to do for five years, but you're still Mia Khalifa. You're a different Mia Khalifa. You're not going by George FLA Mont. I tried that was the weirdest two weeks in my life. When you went by George will mon- where else can we follow you in info? Where did you have an issue with a Stocker recently or something feel you? I talked to you about it on a one of the podcast. I did with you. I had one like a year and a half ago. Oh, fuck really? Yeah. Which is why I'm moving now. Stockers? Don't stock. If you're a creepy horny, dude, just stay home. Don't follow anyone around follow online. Just stay home. You've got a computer guy me as fire dates, and then by me is fire dates dot com and use that to get a thousand swipes on your fucking tender. But we can we fall you on Instagram just Google his name don't do that do anything. But that. It was the worst advise. Dole, Kugler Instagram dot com. Sleep on Instagram meekly on Twitter, the DC sports girl on Snapchat, or you can just put in the bat emoji, and I come up that's Napa. So Joe's the sorry through Jeff has contact Snapchat. What happens when Christian bale goes to Snapchat? And he's like alright I get to pick. My mo- emoji wasn't in there. Like oh. So I. Back gets bumped. That's good. Christian Bale's fucking better manager than I don't think Christian Bill once the bat, I think he only I will link wish the bad if he asked me on Snapchat. If Christian Bill. New day is like what is put I have countless Batman art all over my apartment. I'm yeah. I have a shit ton. I'll just put filters on all the Batman faces and send them to him all day long food record. I haven't been in a report she puts up. Yeah. Should I see like big ass? Batman poster is very noticeable of all the Batman. I think Michael Keaton Val Kilmer are more likely to be after your bad emoji than building to the to that role. Migratory. Would because he thinks it's funny. Yeah. But fat the Kilmer's with that Kilmer. He would be doing it because he would want because he said, yeah. Yeah. 'cause you need people don't know him from anything else. Kiss kiss bang bang. That is heat Google what an idiot that will do it for. We have why is high in this room? Rb P one sixty two is fucking over go to Rose Bowl and podcast dot com. Sign up for the newsletter thirty dishes coming soon rate and review Tele friend, a family member co worker do all your legal obligations falls on Instagram at the podcast on Twitter at Rose Bowl and pod whereas on Facebook. Nobody cares where fallen heroes bone on Twitter, Instagram Snapchat, at W R bowling on all three AJ. You can say yours at a normal speed. Where can people follow you, Twitter and Instagram at capital AJ C A P, I T A L AJ and then. Yeah, just DM. If you have any ideas suggestions on video work on another way to say that I was like capital H. I'm like, it doesn't matter. What font? They put it in see, you know, then he spells it that's where he lost me. What what's happening? It's like when someone reads, you a phone number, and they go like one eight seven to ninety and you're like, I don't know. No, it's the individual numbers or you can group them. But you can't do both can't change changing. Now. It's like my brand. So you can't rebrand either. Yeah. That's it. You can't ice Tf. Emily, always be a part of me. The three was real screwed. Jeff you want new friends. Yeah. At Jeff solo J, E R F A confusing. See now, she did it spill the first bend my bio on Instagram. Sure that we rowdy gentleman dot com slash Rb p p one five fifteen percent off. Okay. It you next time on episode one hundred sixty three or VP 163 coming soon gang gang, gang peace be with you. And also with you.

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