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Update on Season 2


Hey it's Tara Palmeri the new host of Broken Jeffrey Epstein and I'm dropping him with an update. The broken team here at three uncanny four is postponed the launch of our second season. Like you were trying to figure out this corona virus crisis but we plan to be back soon. And we'll keep you posted on our return. In the meantime we'll keep digging into the Epstein story which seems to be developing by the day like the latest on d'alene Maxwell epsteins longtime friend who many of called his co-conspirator. She's been out of the public for months. But in the middle of this pandemic she decided to sue epsteins a state to cover her legal insecurity. Fees get this the court documents. She's filed claim that Epstein. Promise to always support her financially. She says that she has in writing will be back soon with even more on the Epstein story check this feat for an update on our release schedule in the meantime. Here's what's coming on season two of Broken Jeffrey Epstein. It's just a crazy story. But it's even crazier when you're watching the government confer with the person who abused me. She was appointed as far as. I'm concerned you don't ask questions. You just stay out of the way. And it's literally like Alice in Wonderland you think finds the rabbit hole as soon as you got on that door and I heard her voice and I knew exactly who was. I turned white ghost. I wasn't a prostitute. I wasn't a stripper. I wasn't on drugs. I wasn't from a broken household. There's never been a case stronger than that case ever. Everybody's like why keep fighting? Why but at the end of the day. The people committed a crime. They need to be held accountable period.

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