All right, guys. Let's get right into it. We got PS g blowing it happy Friday. We got Real Madrid. Also, bottling it against I actually got Martin having a beef with Alexi Lalas. We have grant wall talking about white supremacy in the Malays. So it gets a little a little political gets a little heated here on the podcasts over here. Lads also guest fan questions at the end, we got lads Darby preview all sorts of good stuff in this episode. But before we start that we're gonna have a brief ad, and then we're going to right into the action. So thank you again for tuning in. And hope you guys have great weekend. If you're drowning in IRS tax debt, please get ready to take down this number to take advantage of a new IRS tax forgiveness programs that may hope for yourself from IRA's collection agencies. 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This thing of hey, I'm competitive, and I'm Martin Frazier. And we are loud Americans discussing soccer, better known as lad. Today is Friday March eighth twenty nineteen happy Friday. Everybody this podcast. The lads podcast is brought to you by overtime media and holy shit. Martin. It is upset city. I cannot believe this Champions League week. I mean upset after upset after upset, but before we get it all the Champions League. We got some major headlines to get into. I always like to say, how are you? How are you doing bud? I'm really glad you asked me how I'm doing every single podcast because nobody I'm worried how I'm doing. Yeah. I know you're worried I know it's more of a wellness checkup and everything, but I just pretend like it's it's a long lost friend, which you are just asked me how you doing buddy. And I'm just like all someone cares for one. I'm doing. Yeah. For once for real. I'm doing great. It is still cold as hell outside, man. Like, it is it's twenty two degrees. It was twenty two degrees last night. And I about cried Cav, I almost cry myself. I swear to go you're. I forget you're such a softy for the cold. It's so funny. But I mean it has fucking freezing. Well, I mean, I can't even argue that because if it drops below fifty your boys bitch and hard about the, oh, I know I biked into work today. I think in twenty five degree weather, and I literally got the work. And I was like fucking hate myself. I hate everything all the coworkers. Good Marty caffeine, like don't fuck and talk to me. I'm looking eight you all I'm sure like, oh, the Cavite house nothing. Nothing's good. Don't anything. But Marin, what are you drinking for this podcast? I I'm still I'm still drinking shitty. I'm good. Drink emiss-. I'm I'm drinking like the the what's it called the dad beer of choice Mitchell. Oltra? Oh, this is what my this is where my stepdad drinks. I mean, low car two point six carbs sponsor us, but it's what was left in my fridge over the weekend. One of my friends brought it over because he's trying to like, you know, beach week it up, and I'm like, well, maybe it's not drinking all, but you know. Also in March. So. Yeah. I spring break has already started for NC state. And I don't know if I'm getting older more angry or college kids are just more of notches. But the mount of kids that have come back to my neighborhood from colleges has essentially just made me in a worse and worse mood. So I've just been drinking shitty. Beer every single night. Watching the highlights of some beautiful beautiful sauger all week long. And I'm drinking shitty. Beer, y'all. And I'm Yona kids. So what's the best beer to do that with Bud Light the up my God? Call me fucking shit. I'm blanking of God. I want to say Clint Eastwood Clint grade three no GRANDE Torino because that's me, except I don't say racist things because I'm a decent human being. Whoa. Martin. It was a different time man served in our country. Fixing did hero. So he can say whatever he wants. I also a drug meal. So we gotta hate him for that too. Yeah. I just you know, that's what I got out of grand three like if you're old and served in the military, you can say racist things. And that was the moral of grand. Oh, so that was our grand jury, no review. All right. Martin before he get into PS g completely blowing it again, which is just I can't even stop laughing Real Madrid blowing it, and and I brought this up to you before the podcasts even started like Porto also upsetting Roma which is like no one's talking about that at all. And also Tottenham on whatever. Martin you have a beef with Alexi Lalas, which I'm going to read off real quick and set you up. I said before the show, I'm the assist guy for the slam dunk or the the alleyoop. So I'm gonna alleyoop you right now. Okay. Gimme that past. Gimme that rock. Okay. I'm Elliot Baena. I'm setting you up with a sweet cross. Okay. So Alexi Lalas tweeted. I believe yesterday are whatever we're in the future. So this would have been Wednesday. He said, do you think an expanded forty eight team Qatar twenty two twenty twenty two World Cup joint hosted with other countries in the region will help foster change solve problems, men defenses, etc. In the region. If so then I'm all for it. You responded with it's all fine and dandy to say a world couple fix tensions. But jump back into reality. Alexi? Also, I can't believe I'm saying this are we fica national team just going to continue to ignore the whole slave labor aspect of Qatar World Cup build than hope that soccer eases the tension. So you also responded today, but it's opened up with that. Why are you so upset Alexi? Do you think he's just ignoring like like just trying to put this whole like limbo kind of like haze over the actual struggles? And like horrible things going on in the Middle East. Well, I I think it's fold or I know it's twofold because I'm angry, and I know one angry in the circumstance, which is rare. But the first all this is probably the most empty statements that I've ever read on Twitter and Twitter's full of empty statements. But this this tweet by Lexi has literal. No. Meaning he says, do you think an expanded World Cup will help Qatar will help Middle East will foster chain solve problem mend fences. And if you do then I'm all for it. Well, no shit Alexi. No shit, only psychopaths and terrible. People would not be for the World Cup helping out the Middle East. So first off way too fucking put everybody in a catch twenty two. They disagree with you. They don't want. In the Middle East. They agree with you will then they agree with an empty statement. So fuck you for that one. And to look the Middle East just to put it lightly just to gloss over the generational fucking hatred and struggle that that has happened in the Middle East. I don't mean to you. But this is lads explaining the struggles of the Middle East. So they'll tell you what I tweeted because I have to real broad because I don't know so civics, and I don't wanna fat. So please, please. No, we're not like NPR or anything facts from us. We don't fact. Yeah. So so go on go on. So this statement is essentially ignoring the decades, the generations, the years of political religious societal economics of CO economic fucking issues about land ownership that has just plagued the Middle East for so fucking long that that is why that in a number of other reasons, including US adventure. But that's not the type of podcast get into that is why they're there is so much conflict in the Middle East. And this motherfucker is just tweeting out just as casual as can be that a forty eighteen World Cup can foster change and solve problems. Like that is just a beautiful thought. Lexi, but my God, it's a dumb one. Like, it's it's like, it just doesn't make sense for it to ever help the Middle East, and that type of way you look at the past two World Cups last World Cup was in Russia. Did that ease tensions at all? Or? No, no, it did fucking not the second. Last World Cup was in Brazil Brazil now has a a authoritarian leader as part of their country. So did the World Cup really helped them that much? No, it did not real quick. I saw today on my Google news feed that he liked the president of Brazil this is very random, but I guess it works. Yeah. I'll throw it in. There tweeted about like, golden showers, and I think he may have tweeted a golden shower like video or something was that's my source. Could be that would be that'd be real groundbreaking. But I was very I showed up on my feet. I'm like I was surprised, but I'm also like us twenty nineteen like the president of a country tweeting like go about golden showers or possibly even a video. Like that sounds about right sense. Go on. Gotta hate twenty nine hundred. But yeah. To just close out this shit house read that Alexi Lalas has put me through. Worthless. Tweet absolutely worthless. Tweet and I love that he made the distinction of including a forty eight team World Cup instead of just a World Cup like somehow increasing the number from thirty two teams to forty eight teams will make all the difference in the world and mending peace in the Middle East like this pissed me off so much for. So very little reason to the point where I looked at the tweet again this morning and tweeted about it again. And he finally replied, quote, what statement now's like Alexi, the tweet that captioned from you, man. You don't you you stupid cow. Just look what I couch. I can I just say something real quick hit me Alexi Alexi Lalas must be so confused by our account just because a couple of days ago. I tweeted both I recently just started wearing a mustache. And I remembered Alexi Lalas also ginger like me, so I put a picture side by side of like who did it better and he liked commented saying like, I dislike that you're looking into my eyes. And I said me too. But Alexi must be used. Do these guys like me or not? I don't know. But I feel like he doesn't understand that there's two people running the Twitter account. But when when my boys starts beefing of someone I don't care if I like are not my boys beefing with you. I got I gotta get his back. I mean, so through so now we got beef. We got beef Alexi you're saying some dumb shit, which you know, is not far off Alexi Lalas, usually I don't like him because he'll just speak his mind and he'll call shit out. And then other times, I'm like, sometimes his mind is dumb. And this is one of the points where his mind is super dumb. I just I don't know. Blaze meal so much. But it did it just during I reacted. It was a very blanket statement. I like I saw two I didn't really pick up on it until you got pissed off on me. I should be. You're just feed off someone's being like angry too. That's literally me, and you all the time when we're hanging out just feed off each other's anger or excitement or drunkenness. We're just like you're getting fucked up. I'm getting fucked up. Let's do let's do this weight. Like, you're in the wrong. I don't fucking care. Let's go. So let's transition Alexi Lalas. We'll keep you posted with our beef. So far, I mean Alexi feel free to come on the podcast and discuss moving on speaking of other soccer, commentators or pundits. I don't know what to call grant wall. He's a reporter. He's a reporter. I a big j journalists he recently did a piece on white supremacy in molest. So apparently, I'm going to paraphrase this apparently there's been some white supremacy groups in the New York f c. New york. Red bulls, organizations and grit walls pretty much calling out both MLS organization saying like what the fuck do something about this a lot of their supporters say like, hey, like the clubs have been aware of this. Like what's going on in my whole thing is like one fuck Nazis been saying that from day one of this podcast fuck Nazis. I even tweeted at grant wall that gift of like Rick Rick in summer from the show, Rick and Morty being the shit out of a Nazi which is classic. But yeah, so all I gotta say is fuck Nazi. And what is what this white supremacy? Like we talked about a couple of weeks ago about that dude from Florida trying to raise white supremacy. He wants to go fight, the Millwall firm, or whatever he wants to start his own firm and just fight people. I don't get like why white supremacy is going toward soccer. I guess we're trying to mimic like hooliganism white supremacy over in England, which is just like not cool. Not cool, man. Where soccer is supposed to be. Like, fuck racism is supposed to be like, the only sport. Where like you get people like eleven people from eleven different countries could make a starting eleven like it's supposed to be the most like multicultural sport. Which is the most watched sport. And we have a World Cup where everyone from different countries compete. So I don't get this whole white supremacy thing at all. But I think that's about it. So fuck Nazis Martin. Yeah. Fuck Nazis for real and not to get serious all of a sudden. But. In in two thousand eighteen the United States of America. Saw an unprecedented rise in hate groups, specifically white supremacists. And so it's not surprising that this this horrible incidence of growing ranks of white supremacists has leaked over into the soccer world. But I am. I'm just appalled. Not only by the fact that it is twenty nine thousand nine people are still white supremacist. Like fuck you all but I'm just appalled that the MOS. And the New York City foundation board team is not doing anything and reading through the comments and reading a grant walls report, it appears to. It appears that both the New York City of C have been aware that there is a certain sect of their supporters who are outwardly racist than that white supremacists. And yet they have done nothing to contain them. Even the ultra 's of New York City f c have are aware and have taken it upon themselves to try and make change. So it's really really pathetic that the organizations that are in charge or not taking any action. I do hope that because of grant walls reporting there will be action taken. But this kind of goes back to just how shitty people or sometimes. And I just suck. We've been just I people suck. You should have dogs before you have kids. That's just my fucking thought process, and I won every non white supremacist fan out there of soccer to band together and get them the fuck out of our community. City. This is not the place for that light. Kev said we can have a starting eleven of an individual from. A separate country. If you look at the French national team who just won the World Cup all their roots were in France where in Africa, and they all came to Paris because Paris has been bringing people of different ethnic backgrounds to Paris to France to build their soccer community, and you can see the results of that. So if you're a racist, if you don't if you're white supremacist, if you're a fucking if you hate any type of person for the color of their skin their religious preference, their sexuality, what have you don't bring that shit into the soccer world, this auger world is about hating people? Because they're Liverpool fans. Not hating people because they are black. All right. All right. I know you wanted to slip that in there. And we'd also say fuck to other terrorists hate groups. Yeah. Antiga or whatever. But they're not soccer fans because they just wear black hoodies and sunglasses and or just Dicketts so moving on let's move on to the NFL show. We're talking another sport. And the reason we're talking another sport Martin is because the NFL is trying to copy soccer. They are allegedly. This is just a rumor the NFL has thought about loaning off their young players to the new alliance American football league, or whatever the af I don't know it's called so NFL just what the fuck give credit. I'm just saying like, you're welcome. I tweeted that at SAM's army today. And he said like, what do you say said promotion relegation or get the fuck out of my face true. I would like to see some progress in in football. Can you imagine you've got three tiers, right? Fucking. Now. The NFL the af and the XFL boom, you can have goddamn like Cleveland would have been relegated to the third of vision years and years and years ago, we would have new teams and shit. I would love for some pro and reggae. And I don't know why I'm abbreviated other than I'm a fucking douche bag, but give me some promotion relegation in football. And I love I I love that the NFL is copying soccer. I think that works out for the fans as well as the player themselves because I think a shitload of talented players young players. Just don't make it in the NFL just because crazy amount of people trying to get into the NFL. So this would give you kind of like a G league type of way to get into the NFL and on the Batman copy away soccer's the best sport. What's the best form of flattery copying, dude? I'm just saying I feel like. Patriots would be like the Chelsea and just like loan. I don't know why. Be like Bill bell. Check the like, no send him down send them down get someone else. And then who do you who do you think? I don't know. This is just like I just thought of it. What team do you think would be the first NFL team to be relegated because Cleveland's pretty good. Now. I'm thinking about the like the jets. I'm trying to think who sucks he was like really bad in the NFL save San Francisco's rebuilding. I mean, the giants are good organization Bill, maybe Detroit. But even then they're like always middle of the team bills. Bill. Sounds ability angles. I'd say bills Bengals and jets Jaguars. No. Because big dick Nick is going there to save them. Yup. Big dick big, dick Nick is going there. He left his condom Lee Johnson took a picture of it. You'll have to tweet ever. It was amazing. All right moving on. Let's talk some man city man city is under investigation a four. Formal investigation by UEFA. Okay. Okay. For a breach of financial fair play rules. This could result in man city being banned from the Champions League to see it. You just hate to see. Oh, I really I really doubt. They're going to be banned from the like. But I like I like tweeting that and putting that on our Facebook. Just because everyone just like everyone were just commenting guests fuck city or all the city fans are like Fuk, you this is not going to happen. I just wanted to put the most extreme. Result. I mean, they could possibly app it's highly highly unlikely, but I mean, what do you owe someone on the Facebook had a great question. Had a great comment. I'm sorry. I don't remember. Your name is a top comment on our Facebook page, someone said like PS Jesus hundred vestich in because they can't make it out of the quarter-finals. So they're not worried about ESPN also shut out to whoever that is. I'm very sorry for not giving you credit, but that was very very funny Marin, do you have any comments? I mean, I feel like man cities had has had it coming for a while. I mean, I'm sure other clubs have. But I feel like man city has been very agree GIS and almost like like open about how much they're like like going against financial fair play. So I know you as a Manchester United fan must be like, you know, salvaging at the thought of them being banned. Yeah. I mean, I it's kind of ridiculous that and I think I've brought this up when there were allegations that was going to be investigated. I think it's I think it's absolutely ridiculous that Chelsea is getting a transfer ban before the likes of Manchester City PS g Boers Lona and Real Madrid have even gotten any type of real punishment. And I I agree with you. I don't think they they will get banned from the Champions League. Just because there's too much money to be made. But I do think that the UEFA organization will find them pennies on the dollar and nothing will change Manchester City in the. Three years, or I guess two and a half years that pep Guardiola has been engorge. They've brought in eighteen new players. That's a whole new fucking squad. The only players off the time. Yeah. Right. The only players that are that remain in the starting eleven from Pri Pera is Katie b Aguayo and company sometimes so Sova drew davits ova sorry off the top of my head. I'm missing a couple. So it's it's crazy that Manchester City has essentially replaced their entire squad in two and a half years, or I guess it'd be two years because transfer window was in summer, and I think there has to be some type of accountability held to not only them, but any club that that does that. And we actually we have this group going on Instagram, and I got an a fight with our city fan about it this morning, and I just I think that they should be punished. I don't think that they should be banned from the Champions League. I don't think UEFA should hold their transfer targets or they're. Transfer history against them in the Champions League. I think that they should just be given a transfer ban. They misuse the financial fair play in transfers don't ban him from a competition ban them from transferring doesn't that punishment? Make more sense doesn't that punishment fit the crime or my talking crazy here as the world, dawn blind? I think you're fucking crazy, man. But yeah, oh, we'll see. What happens? My thought is nothing's going to happen. They'll pay some like ridiculous fine than UEFA like well, you bring in so much money when you're on the DC. So all right. We're about to get it to PS g blowing it Real Madrid fucking blowing up before we get in that we're gonna break for a brief ad right now guys, let's talk about sex good sex. Remember the days when you were always ready to go. Now, you can increase your performance and get the extra confidence in bed. Listen up blue dot com. That's blue like the color, blue blue dot com. Brings you the first Shuba with the same FDA approved active ingredients as Viagra and Silas. 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Do you have to remember that are universal death taxes and PSE blowing a lead in the champions like my God Martin. I God let me just before we even begin the what's it called the percentage. Win for PS was ninety seven percent. Having to nil lead at Old Trafford two away goals. Martin right. I do not think this is how it was going to go at all. It was the last Jedi but not shitty. I could not believe it. Let me just say your start your the this is the team that beat PS g to heya the Las mowing Linda off shore. Fred Tomei, Chong Greenwood Lukaku and Raffard. Yeah. Yeah. Literally children children who had to go to school the next day. Like Celtic Tommy had attest today. Fucking live that kid. I I I hope the fucking teacher. Just like fuck it ripped it up a go out like I cannot believe this. But Martin I'm going to turn it over to you some of my talking points about this game is even a PS. She had all the possession. D just looked absolutely solved next Manchester United, and this is when you see this lineup against Manchester. United all your PS. She has to be like, oh, we got this in the bag, right? Like walking in there to know lead at home away goals at that. And I I'm just dumbfounded that these. They're just it was one of the biggest choke jobs, and I'm going to say this. Now, I think this upset or this bottle job by PSI is worse than the bar. Celona one. I agree. Because even though the Barcelona one was more goals and more like like in terms of like, I guess scope, I guess how much how many goals they had to score at least Barscelona had their full squad. Right. And it was up at Camp Nou. Yeah. I I just want to take a trip down memory lane. Real quick. Let me rewind time back to a cold night in March nineteen ninety nine in Paris in the ninetieth minute on a corner, kick and gun. Gomersall char got the winner against PS g there in the Champions League. And it was meant to be something that all they said before the match itself he said to the players that this is going to be a hard game. There is going to be non lot of opportunities for you to score on goal. Your going to work harder defensively than you ever had in your life. You're going to run harder than I've ever seen you run. But when you get those chances you finish it Manchester. United had five shots on goal. The first shot was the Ramalu Lukaku goal in the second minute. The second shot was the rash goal or the Radford shot that g g boo spilled the third shot was Ramalu caucus follow up that ended up being a goal. The fort shot was dilutes fucking shot that ricocheted off Kim bay that led to a penalty, the fifth shot was Marcus. Ashford's penalty to win it Manchester. United capitalized on every single chance that they had manches nodded look death in their face and fucking punch them in their mouth parasail Germont can make all these fucking excuses. That name are was not in the squad that if you wanna go the Klopp route that mentions not it's injuries interrupted the rhythm. But Manchester United was not supposed to win this game. There are no if ands or buts about that. Like you said PSG had a ninety seven percent chance to win this game. PS looked the better team almost ninety percent of the game. But when push came to shove when all the pressure was on who the fuck stepped up. Marcus rash. Furred manque born and bred Manchester United stepped up to the plate. And knocked out passenger Mon, and I just wanna give an insane amount of credit to this Manchester United's. Squad and soldier because I did not expect this. I don't think any Manchester United fan truly expected this. Trust me, I wanted with all my heart. But I did not expect manches not to be able to get a result yesterday. And for them to be able to do this. Have I got I got to say that I have not felt loved like this for matches nut and soccer since sir. Alex, retired soldier has brought back just just a heightened love of soccer. Whether it's manches nodded, whether it's Premier League Champions League anything. I don't think I realized how sports depressed I was in the past five years under the trio of managers that Manchester. United has had but Salk jar has injected just pure exhilaration into veins of ever Manchester United player staff member coach and supporter, and I could not be happier. I. Good good. Now. I'm just going to say like I give immense credit to how soak shar set up his depleted squad when you have players such as pug, bum marchisio Sanchez Mata. I mean, the list goes on. I think there's like twelve different players who are matych. I can't even it's like essentially, you're starting eleven not even making the cut have nine senior players injured nine nine. I I also not only I I want to get into the United credit. But I think you have to say that PS g bottled this to know, I almost put a little bit of an edge to PS fucking up so hard because on paper, you look at both these squads, and you think it should be a three nil route at home for PS g and I just so let's move onto the controversy though. And what you were saying like PS fans will look for excuses in the main one will be the controversial penalty harassment, which I don't think it's controversial at all. That was a handball by all means. I think the defender had his position oh wrong. And that's his fault. So I don't think PS fans can be looking at that such as neymar who was on the sidelines who. Can we just admit it? Neymar fucked up. I go into PS. Gee, I think he's going to he's going to look back at these years appears PSE and be like, I totally just wasted. So much time of my like prime like, you gotta you gotta think like he was on a trouble winning Barcelona Cy playing for historically great club in Europe. And well, I guess PSE domestically. But no one gives a shit. They don't even count that as a trophy anymore in the top five leaks. True. But I am just like dumbfounded, and I just want to bring up the quote from neymar which posted which got a lot of if you see the comments on the Facebook, people were going pretty much tearing name or new Astle. So this is the Instagram posts by name are about the penalty said, this is a disgrace. They put four people that knew nothing about football in charge of looking at the replay for VR. There is no penalty. How can it be a Haibo when it hits his back? Go fuck yourselves. Okay. Yeah. I mean, I mean, that's I mean, we can just say like don't be a bitch. Like you're being a real baby back bitch right now. Neymar what do you do? Do. You're hanging out with what's that guy ninja the guy played the the fortnight guy like they fucking pan to him when they pan to name. Our like, I think it was in the seventieth eightieth minute. They waited on name or the camera waited on name or for good, twenty seconds. And I saw that green here weirdo up there. And I was just like I bet you that's one of neymars weird fucking celebrity friends watching the game with him. And I found out I found out later because someone posted that the most or the best part of neymars night was hanging out with ninja. And I was just like who the fuck is a ninja. And so I put two and two together and figured out that green here weirdo was ninja. So I've like how like separated you are from like mainstream media in society. It's like you're such a hermit like cracks me up. Every time I had to call for all the listeners I had to call Kevin to give me advice on how to work my phone like two or three times this past week. So it's getting worse. Martin Martin rarely texted me, and he's like, hey, can you uncensored tax, and I went no. And he went, well, I just fucked it with this girl. God, dammit. It was like I was like I was like dude, you can't unsee what it's Pandora's box. Once it's mnopening. You can't back and Senator something I swear I've had a phone that was able to do that. Like the few you're in the future in the pa-, time traveled or something and stopped. You're done. You get John dot circle. But yeah, I so let's talk about the penalty Rockford which there was like pushing shoving referee couldn't break up. ES g were being sore losers to my eye anyway and Arash for cool as a cucumber to powered it not even like put it in a quarter just powered it pass boof on which again like four such a youngster who's actually English youngster. Yeah. He's still young. Yeah. Like, it's just incredible. That he went up against a legend like bouffant in. Honestly, my big takeaway is poor befallen. He's going to retire of Champions League. And it's just sad to see because you know, you just want him to win at least one, and I feel like he thought he could just show up at PSE, and they would finally, but I I don't know if he's looked at their history, not too. Great, bud. Not too. Great. Nah. I mean, I do feel for g g g g is in part of Paris, Jim on in my opinion, Jiji's another entity entirely, but jumping back to the controversy and the penalty itself. I as I mentioned undestand don't think it's a penalty. By the naked eye. I don't think a referee would give that a penalty. I think R would give that a penalty. I also think that it would not be a penalty of de LA Delo did not throw up his arm protests. So by the naked eye. I would not have given it a penalty. But seeing it on slow MO there's no question that that ball hit competitive arm. I guess the question then goes to whether it was intentional or not and his arm was out from his body. So obviously, you can make the argument you can say, yes, it's a penalty or no it's not. But one thing that I wanted to ask you about this controversy about VA, or in particular is that I thought VR was supposed to eliminate controversies refereeing controversies. I thought VR was supposed to eliminate the focus on one single match deciding moment in a game. And there are two. There's definitely one example of it in Manchester United's game. And there's a question example of it in the Real Madrid game. So VA are at this point, man. It's it just seems like it opens up more dialogue about the ref. When I do not want to be talking about the referee. I want to be talking about the game. So I am curious to know what your thoughts about VR. And and just the. The absolute focus on VR and the referee decisions that you know, VA or has of make made us focus on do you like that? Do you like more want to talk about VAR because we are focused on it so much more. Or I thought in my opinion that VR was supposed to let's take a step back from the refereeing yet. Well, I think this is really put you in a pickle Martin because you hate VR VR, which was your best friend in this game. So I flip it back to you, son. Well, then let me answer you with soccer. God's gave me VA. You are for that game. Because the first match can Penn bay should have gotten a red gets down the field. Thirty seconds, forty five seconds later scores. A goal. We're not talking. We're we're not talking first leg. We're talker. Don't like that. So they gave mar a our thing soccer. God's smart. You're changing the argument or just change in what we're talking about. Just no. But I don't like VAR if that was the question, I don't like VR and even after this. I I still don't like it. I still don't want even though it helped me. I mean, I I can be appreciative of the A R. And trust me. I am very appreciative that we got that penalty. But I still don't want to see it. I still hate focusing on on the refereeing decisions. I wanna talk soccer. I wanted to talk about the game. And I think VR takes away from that. And so, well, it's another reason I hate VR. Well, my thing is that I've still and you can you can pull up the record books on the other podcast and go back. I've always said that you should get just like a short thirty seconds to look at call. Yes. You and if you can't call it in thirty seconds. Then what the fuck like, then you don't. No. And then you there's not enough evidence for you to say because like. It takes away from time with the game in leg, if it's that close of a call, and you can make thirty seconds. Then you there's not enough time or evidence. I only I don't think that's fair to the players the fans or anyone. So that's where I lie. Just don't like how much time it takes up even though like all we want as sports fans we want the game to be more accurate. I think no one can like argue with me there. But if it's an infringing on the game like this, and it's kind of bullshit. And it's also like you got to change the rules. I don't know what isn't a rule book about intention versus unintentional. I do know says if the ball hits your hand in the fucking box like that that's a handball and thus the penalty. So we've kind of changed it to like, oh was he intentionally doing that? Or not. I don't think he was. But a ham bowl is a handball in the box, which is clear. So that's not what the refereeing rules say. And I don't know if you got a chance to read this or not, but I just saw this really random article. About the new rules that Fivas's introducing next year. And apparently goal kicks are going to be allowed to be picked up by outfield players in the goal box. And the keepers vox. Oh, let it go. Yeah. So there's a there's a lot of new rules every single year, and I'm like ninety percent sure at least in the English Premier League. And I don't know if it's in the champion Champions League or the French league or what have you? But I I'm ninety percent sure. That in the Premier League in order for a handball to be called in the box. There has to be intention. I I'm pretty sure fact check me on that. But that whole thing is I'd rash. Steps of big for twenty one year old and my my final fucking thing on this game. Kev is I want to give some mad credit to Ramalu Lukaku. The man has Fahd goes in his past three games. He scored two goals against PSE once in the first minute or the second minute. And then he got his second goal. And I think it was the fifty fifth minute or something like that. So Rama's is on the form of his life. I just love to see this this Manchester United spirit is back. Have like I can I think I can confidently say this level of emotion and excitement surrounding Old Trafford, Manchester. United fans have not seen since sincere, Alex Ferguson retired. And I I cannot be more grateful for it. So thank you all if manches nodded board does not make Ali the permanent manager. Kev. I am a huge Leeds United fan as you know. I will say goodbye to Manchester. United and jump on that leads train. All right. You've you've heard to here you heard it here. I got I do want to leave with a couple of facts about all these Salk Shari's tenure pier. Are some of the things he has done since taking over Manchester. United most points one in the opening ten matches most wins from first games. Most consecutive away wins in all competitions longest unbeaten run by a new boss. And now with this win over PS g the first team in history to progress from Champions League knockout tie after suffering a two nil home defeat in the first leg. Wow. Beast. And one more facts PS g the mount of money they spent since twenty seven is. This is from ESPN is one point one seven billion and Martin guess how many trips past the court the champion's league quarterfinals? How many Kevin how many zippo mille big oh big zero bitch. Does that mean? Kev. Does that mean money can't buy glory can't buy you class? A happy as I fucking love the saga. God's your your one more first off there in farmers league. It'll always have always will be a God damn farmers leak. They're all high and mighty after that first match of Manchester United day Maria is like right Dame. Marie is like I've made the right choice. Go fuck yourself day, Maria, your bigger bottler than people want to believe and. Yeah. How's that? Fucking beer tasting Manchester. Probably pretty fucking shitty. Now, probably sour but kept. What is in Bobby? Do. What isn't Bobby do at this point get the fuck out? Thank you thought. You are go go be the next Glasgow. Like, we said in the last podcast. All right. That's that's enough shitting all over PSG's. Alright fans also one more side thing. I I hate to keep talking about this. Everyone blaming Emory about that Barcelona shambles fuck, you know, Emory. It is PS g it is the culture. It is the players. It is not nice fall. Talk to Thomas Tootill who I guess he's he's getting sacked to all right moving on to another team blowing it Real Madrid. Flowing. You know? Real Madrid blowing it against Tiv of also youngsters I XE so Martin what what is your big takeaway from this match. I mean horrible upset getting blown out four one. I mean Jesus Christ. Did. So I think I can say this is truly an end of an era Real Madrid went from winning three champions leagues in a row under Zana don's Dane, and led by Cristiano Renaldo. And I I do not think that the man sorry. I'm still Manchester the Real Madrid board truly knew what the absence of boats, Dane, Rinaldo would do to that club. And I I think this club is truly in crisis mode now because a team like Real Madrid can exactly quote, unquote rebuild. They have to continue the Bill that they have to consider other options to build a certain struck structure. They can't rebuild like arsenal is kind of doing or they're gonna soa bunch of players. They're going to suck for a season. Get some new players and then build up from there Real Madrid. It's too big to do that. So I think they are truly in a crisis. And I think all of their pain and suffering that has occurred in this twenty eighteen twenty nine hundred campaign of theirs came to a head in this Real Madrid a ex Champions League game at the same burn Abell where they were with. I can't think of another word then embarrassed they were just embarrassed from start to finish a ex just took the game to them attacked like there was no tomorrow and. Rao Madrid upbeat and beep bad, and I would be shocked. I would be shocked. If solorio is the manager next era mortar seeing rumors that my boy, the special one Reno is the highest has the highest odds to replace the Lori. So he can ruin a Real Madrid some more. Yeah again. So I think there I think for Madrid easter's any Madrid fan any Madrid player. This was a true. Oh, fuck moment. Because right here right now, you see everything clearly that Madrid is in good Madrid is in great anymore candles rid loss. Yeah. I mean, we just have to cancel Real Madrid. They're canceled. You know? And I just saw today also that Marcelo's rumored to you event is also terribly out of form the whole squad just seem so limp. Dick, and I feel like Real Madrid fans have essentially just been coasting because they're like, well, we're still in the Champions League. And we're still doing well in that. And now that they're out. It's like they have nothing to grab onto Martin. And it it's it's just incredible shout the I x you. I saw funny tweet. And again, I'm not we're not trying to shit on man city fans. But there's a funny to either someone said I x is a bigger club. The man city. More club for sure. Ahead like ten thousand likes or something like that. I was cracking up. It was it was like a Liverpool account, of course, with like Van Dyke as the Twitter picture, whatever. But I saw that. I let out a giggle. I I'm sorry man city fans. I couldn't help myself. But to talk about the game unreal performance. I believe DeJean was told I I don't know how true this is. He was told by the Barcelona camp knockout Real Madrid. He said that before and after the game. And I was like I mean, that's just I mean, he's going to be whoa. He's going to be walked in with open arms at Barcelona now for sure but unreal performance. Also, I got a mention Tadic who was absolutely unreal. In this who I believe was sold. The I XE from Southampton for like ten million dollars something like that. So what a steel for that player. I mean, I just let let's just look at at. It's real quick. If you didn't know anything about soccer. And if you saw haddish's performance against Real Madrid. You would've thought he was the best player in the world. He had an absolutely brilliant game. And he was okay for Southhampton. He wasn't anything special. Just like a daily blend was for Manchester United and now. They are both on Asia and just be Real Madrid. So it's got to be absolute scenes in the Netherlands. I saw this tweet that said that Jack's better be careful or teams are going to start buying all their good players. That's already happening ethic. Classic. But I wanted to talk about realm MOS real quick have what foolish move. So if you don't remember. In the first leg. Romo's purposely got a yellow card because ram Madrid were beating I two one. And he said that he needed to save himself for the later matches. And well, he was watching from the stands at the same burn bell. And he was filming a documentary during the asp eating that Madrid soft furred, and I don't I don't necessarily subscribe to the idea of karma. But this is karma in a nutshell. This is like is the saga God's looking down. And being like, oh, no, no, no, no you step over the line Sergio. Now, we're going to couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. It really sure cribs. I I'm sure the soccer world is so feel so bad and researcher Rama's, you know, he thought the game was one. And obviously it was not. I don't know where he got the security maybe just because Real Madrid has. Nothing but invincible the past three years in the Champions League. I mean, also we got to point out Courtois who I mean, what a fall from grace this guy. And now everybody hates them Athletico Madrid fans hate him Chelsea fans hate him. And now he's at Real Madrid. When they're falling apart like what a fucking moron. And I think you were at one tell me Martin like why don't they saw killer Navas like what are they doing like? So I that's all I really got this game. Real Madrid is officially cancelled. They are cancelled. Better luck next year. Hopefully, they get men Bob a or neymars they need they need. They need some dudes. They don't have the the thing is they don't have any dudes right now. Like the dudes they have are not good. They're dudes are old dudes living on past glory. And so I think I think they really need to target some young guns here. I think killing him Bob a has to has to has to be their number one target in my if you could choose name or Imbaba fuck neymar joined Barcelona again, take him, Bob. A he is twenty years old. He's gonna be he's already proven that he can play at the highest level. And no, I'm not talking about the French league. I'm talking about the World Cup because he was a star the entire World Cup. So if if I'm Real Madrid, go get your man and sack your piece of ship president Peres because he is ass. Get a mountain. Yeah. Oh, I saw that there. Thinking about getting rid of. I mean, there are just a dumpster fire right now apparently Sergio Rama's got into a fight with Peres in front of the whole locker room. And they're they're they're they're apparently just trying to get rid of BrahMos now, which is like what the fuck. All right. Let's briefly talk about which is another like amazing upset Porto upsetting Roma Roma. Who are also a dumpster fire, which Claudio Ranieri is apparently walking into the job, which is a pretty nice upgrade from Fulham. Which I just recently heard about I don't know if I can confirm that. But I think I saw it on Twitter today that coronary is either the new Roma management or something? But he is. Okay confirmed. First I heard here on let's. I that's that's incredible. That happened so quickly and porta. I think there was some controversy. I only saw the highlights but shot out the Porto. I mean Porto who have Champions League glory with your old the special one Martin. I can't believe it. And I can't believe no one's talking about it. And then again, I'm not gonna talk about it that much because I don't know that much. But I think you had to be known people should I'm I'm telling you, this is my my journalism, you do more research about it. And then you tell me about it. So that's what I got. Yeah. That sounds fantastic. To me. I'm all on board on that. The one thing that released out to me about this Porto Romo game was the coming together of Edin gieco, and Pepe Pepe screamed fuck you. That's a quote that's a direct quote. He screamed fuck you too gieco and gieco fell over like Pepe headbutted him. So don't fuck up. Don't fuck with pepper. Otherwise, he's going to hit you with his words. And it gives me such joy such such such joy to know that I- Casillas is in the Champions League. And he's moved past the first round of the knockout phases. My boy. Cassini is making a comeback. He's he's gotta be like he's got to be ordered them Bafanga. I think may he never die. What is dead may never die shut game of thrones reference? Guys. We know about that. But yeah, it's just a Casillas is just like a staple like, boo fine. Where it's like when he's in the later stages. You're just like. Yeah. And also Tottenham be Dortmund who we've said for weeks. Now Dortmund's falling apart at the seams comfortable for Nell total over two legs. And I really don't have too much to say about this game. Because I was watching I XE destroy Real Madrid. Obviously right up in watched highlights from the game. But all I gotta say is Tottenham watch out. That's a team, you know, or hitting a, you know, I'm, you know, I know starting them they're the bottlers allegedly historically. But I you know, they they have a solid squad. And they've been in recent years doing really pretty well in the champion's league. Oh, yeah. And they're going to major boost with deadly alley supposedly fit for this weekend's match and Justin time their entire squad. Is you know coming back from injury. And look, I got this prediction completely wrong. I thought doorman had a better chance of upsetting Spurs than United did against. But I love to see the English clubs going through. We already got to United and Spurs hopefully, mentioned dot damage city and Liverpool left. Hopefully, they don't go through. But English power A m impressed that the Spurs did not bother with this time against Dorman depending on who they get next next round. If they get Porto. They will absolutely bottle it. Mark my words. Absolutely. All right. Well, we're gonna move into fan questions. Oh before we do fan questions. Martin. It's the lads Darby this weekend. Baby. We have you mentioned that we haven't even mentioned it. So the lads Darby is my team arsenal versus Martin's team, Manchester. United and Martin I want an all my heart for arsenal to beat you at home at the emerets. But after losing to a bunch of farmers today in the Europa league three one I believe is rent as or something like that. And as Papa Papa Socrates look. Absolute trash, I'm gonna I'm going to give you my prediction right now. I think United beats us to one. But you know, there has to be a loser in this. So we have to pick our we'll give me your prediction, and then will pick the punishment for the loser. I actually haven't given this game. A lot of thought left. I think I think that manches knotted we'll be able to to win as well. So I think we are both both on the same side. However, I wouldn't put a pass y'all to get a sneaky little cheeky draw at the end like you did earlier in the season. So I'm going to say Manchester United by one goal. Okay. Well, I appreciate your honesty. So what should the loser do Twitter vote? All right. We're gonna put out a Twitter poll or a Twitter question thing. So make sure to follow us on Twitter at lads underscore podcasts. And we'll let let the people give the people what they want. What do you want? The loser to do. It's probably going to be Kevin probably. It's always Kevin is Kevin I apologize. I don't think knock on wood. I don't think I have lost a bet that I've made with you in a while. Yeah. This is. Oh shit. So if your team if you're if you're if you're if you're team Kevin make sure you're doing a less punishment than usual instead of shot getting a four Loko all right before we move into thin questions because we love you guys so much. Stay tuned for this quick ad, and then we're gonna do rapid-fire questions because I got to get pissed but real quick here's an ad. This is the overtime podcast network. And we're back baby. Martin we're going to start out from our Facebook. Follow us at loud Americans discussing soccer. First question comes from Jason Levin. He says has insurrection gone down yet my direction or erection beakers did neither none other okay? On down. I am wrong hard. I've been rock-hard since about five pm when I called Kevin yesterday. And I'm not all card because I called Kevin now a little bit cards because I told Kevin let's let's say, well, it could be we we're not sure it could be a bit of both. All right. That's good. You know, I hear that. You must be having a lot of blue. That's good moving on next question comes from Stephen S bonanza. He says will Leon upset Barca who oh he has like ten questions. Fuck. Who will come in from dribs, the manager will bail finally leave we'll Klopp choke against buyer. And like he does every big game. Find out on the next episode of dragon Bosie sorry wrong show. Shit. I'm not going to answer. All these the one that I'm most interested in is the Leon, and no I think Barcelona has that in the bag, but I don't know there's been crazy upsets the champion. It's the greatest sport in the world got an the next thing. You know, we're going to have like fucking Porto versus Leon in the final. And that's no fun. No, I'm gonna pick the Klopp versus Byron question. And I'm actually going to say, no, I think club finally gets one over Byron and move on over the hump because Kingsley. Komen as well as Robin aren't playing for bar Munich. They've already confirmed that and so I think this depleted Byron squad. Even though they are having a terrific second half of the season. They were able to hold Liverpool to draw at Anfield. I think club funding gets one over Byron. But Byron please my boys prove me wrong. We shall see moving onto our Instagram at lads podcasts. Please give us follow. First question comes from shoop AJ. He says who is sadder Madrid fans or PSG fans. I have to say PSG fans Martin. I mean Madrid fans you've had a treble of Champions League in the past three years. I mean, aren't you exhausted from winning if I'm PS after all the money spent not even getting passed into past the quarterfinals like I as a PS fan, especially going against that Manchester United squad. I'd have to be wasted IRS PS she fans, but how many real PSG fans are there. I was going to say that to Kevin have you ever heard of the old adage, you never know how much he loves something until you don't have it anymore. That's that's the thing for sure. But that's that's what Real Madrid is right now in my mind, they had something they knew they fucking could win it again. And again three years in a row. And now they've lost it and not only that they've lost the COPA del Rey. They're out of the Tato race to quote a Real Madrid player. Danny Kara Hal this season is shit. It is over. I think Madrid fans are said real. I couldn't have said it any better moving on to hood rich eight oh five he says when will all get a contract soon and a season or never Martin. I'll turn this over to you. I've already said on this pod that if mentions not it does not give them a contract. And I'm done with this club. He's done more for this team than the previous three managers. I think that they come by going. Yeah. Combine I think they are going to give him the contract. However, I think that they're going to wait until the end of the season to announce it he might already know I know that he has the support of the dressing room. Obviously he has the support of the fans, obviously, he has the support of the ex players. So I think it's just a matter of time and give the man whatever the fuck he wants he wants to name his first son, Manchester, United let them do that. He wants to be paid Googlers of money. Let them do that. I don't care what this man wants mansions. Not give it to that, man. So do you think just to answer the question? So soon or you think they're gonna wait till the end of the season. I said, okay. Oh, you just say, oh, I'm not listening, obviously. Next question comes from Brock Biard exc- Kay. He says does I XE have a deep running them. And if they snapped out of right? Mid Ken, and if they saved out Real Madrid, Ken Leon pool and upset too. I already said I don't think Leon can upset Barcelona. I think Barcelona's just just too good. I I just I just maybe I'm just it's a messy guy. So maybe I just have too much faith in them. I don't think I really put out all their cards against Real Madrid. And they're going up against even the Real Madrid on paper is a better team. I think this Real Madrid side is not the one obviously that usually shows up in the Champions League. So I don't really think I act as a deep run in them. I agree with both your points. I think if I ask it's lucky and gets, you know, Porto because they're obviously going through if they get shocker if they go through if they get Leon if they go through then I think they could make a run. But I don't think it's going to be deep. I think the quality of teams that are left in the pool from teams like city Liverpool. Byron you've Intisar Athletico, obviously taught them I think the quality of teams around them are are too much for them to handle. Yeah. I just I just could not imagine it. But then again, I couldn't imagine these upsets over the this week room. Yeah. That's very true. Next one is from Sweeney junior. He says I XE Porto in the finals, am I right? Oh, please. I pretty sure that would be the lowest rated Champions League in the past. Like, I don't know thirty years. I like as much as we love. These Cinderella stories. You have to understand like it's not good for the game. If you're having. I XE Porto in the final one Cinderella team. I think you can one. Yeah. But you need a big name on the other side of that of the field. Yeah. The sell tickets and get TV ratings like people, there's this is a business guys. All right moving onto our we're gonna rapid-fire because I'm about to piss myself again, these Mitchell of ultras man, they just drink so easily got damaged water. It's literally drinking water. I've had I'm really hydrated right now refreshed. I'm so refresh a little liquid lacrosse fuck. You lacrosse the Croix look LaCroix. Look, look, ROY. That's pretty much drinking like alcoholic LaCroix. They make those do they air crawl. That's what everybody every girl. Oh is that what is that? What that is. Yeah. Every single fucking girl and drinks bear claws down here. Oh, just out. It's like a alcohol. Alex seltzer. Oh, fuck me. I might have to hop on high h you there. All right. So I hate you fold. You're the one saying they're delicious base you I'm not I'm glossing over the fact that they're delicious. I hate you. Okay. Well, that's fair moving onto our Twitter questions. First question comes from Tottenham Hotspur world, shutout the will reward of your Tottenham fan. Please. Check them out has Ali done enough to get the job permanently at United. If not what else does he need to do. I don't literally unless e win. Like, I don't know. What else he'd have to fucking do? He's he's like us. Just be like a caretaker make sure you don't fall out of the top six. And now, he's he's just fucking crushing. It like, I don't I don't think there's anything else. He could do maybe like FA Cup. Right. Like that'd be like fuck and cherry on top to this already like phenomenal like interim job. I mean Marin like this is one of the best interim. I mean, I was thinking about this earlier. Like is he the best? Caretaker after manager gets sacked coach of all time him and goes hitting definitely up there. But I mean, I just I'm I think mansions nodded has already privately confirmed to him at least I hope that they've already privately confirmed to him that he will be given the job and they're just holding off on the announcement. So that's my hope, and I think that he should not be expected to do anything more to deserve that job. The man deserves a threat through one hundred percent give that man the job. Don't even consider anybody else. Look what he's done. Next question comes from young leg at Anthony show. He says what are you thinking if you're pay? I said this earlier run get out like like like, the what's it called the horror movie get out like you need to fuck and run out Paris for them. Yeah. Like, you got your money. You got some glory. You got some trophies just it's time. It's just grow up. I I'm gonna tell him Bobby right now grew up, oh, some adult speak to young Imbaba, a grow up son grow up in Bombay godly. Get out of this. She grow up for once. What are you twenty? Now, you're not a teenager. How about you fucking grow up? All right next. Question comes half and have scars podcast Cam in United actually, win the Champions League last night smelled like Chelsea and twenty twelve team spirit and and. Team spirit and fight over the shop Martin. I mean is this the team of destiny is this the this could it could it happen? I would ship my pants if it did. But I'm gonna be so jealous. I'd like I wouldn't be able to talk to you for like a week. It'd be here. I would be obnoxious for a year. But I don't think they will. Unfortunately, I think the quality of teams around them similar answer to that is Jack's one. But I think the quality of teams around them is just too high. However, I have not seen a team that mimics the passion that I've seen in this Manchester United squad. So who the fuck knows? I mean Salk show is is well accustomed to winning champions leagues. And I think I would not put anything past mentioned not at this point. I cannot believe United has gotten to this heights and such short time under soldier or. So who the fuck knows do soccer Ghodse a weird, dude? It's beautiful. Game. People forget, it's it's it's really beautiful next question. Oh, I guess I didn't answer it. Who I mean, I could see semi final. I'm not, you know, I could see them making in there. But just you know, it's the it's the drawl you never know who you're going to get. It's the exact if Man United get Porto watch out. I'm just you know, we're taught them. Oh. Marin that isn't those shot. That's a little peashooter. Pew. Pew. All right next. Question comes from at soccer. Swap make sure to check them out. They have a bunch of other shows blogs channel soccer. Swap are awesome. We're very happy to be a part of them as well. They say does the lack of competition for PS g which they use the money sign for the S and P S G. Nice. Nice. The lack of this lack of competition for PS in the French league, which seems to hamper their Champions League aspirations every year lead to their owners pushing strongly for a European Super League. Oh god. It not this again will they I know they are the PSE owners are absolutely PSE. Manchester City owners are behind that push for the Super League. So I think I think that's one reason PSG once it, but I genuinely genuinely genuinely think that you can go back to one answer whenever you questioned his motives money money money money money. They want that Super League because they would be playing against Real Madrid's every weekend. Manchester City's fucking buyer Munich's. Do you know how much money would be in that Super League? That's what PS G is after they don't wanna have a tougher competition. They want to succeed in the Champions League. Four fucking sure. But they don't wanna have a tougher competition. They just want money and glory. Sound sounds just like doesn't it? Let's move on to our discord channel, which is like our chat room, essentially. Where you can go there. You can chat talk soccer talk, beer, the other people who enjoy the show and also enjoy soccer. So if you wanna join it hit us up for the link on our other social media's that I've mentioned I don't know why making this a long winded. All right next question comes from your boy garf- he has Garfield picture as his thing. What are some upsets you guys see happening the Champions League that no no game between Barkan? Leon look scary, dude. Everyone is putting their money on Leon. I know see this. I dude everyone the only other. I mean, the other two games are buy giants. You have you Ventas Athletico buyer Liverpool? So neither of those would I mean size would be an upset like a motherfucker. It'd be a spectacular comeback. I wouldn't inconsiderate like an upset because it was true. I don't see shock a coming back. But I mean, it is three two. So if anything I would say this I feel like I'm a man city hater today on this podcast, but I would pick shocker the comeback three two. I I kind of agree with you there. A city has had trouble with shock this entire Champions League campaign. But if I'm just looking at the upsets and the highest probability, I gotta choose events over at LEGO just because I saw that a team can come back from a two-goal deficit and event hisses playing at their stadium. And they've got an angry squad that's going to be paranoid with that athletic Madrid squad. So I I am beyond excited for that game as well was all of these games. But I think event is has the best chance at the next upset. Next next question comes from or. Or? I can't even fucking talk to piss so bad not related to the Champions League. But can you compare Premier League teams to fast food chains? Oh. Oh, oh God. You're making us are making use our brain. Let's start at the top Manchester City. What's your brand new fest food chain that over Chick-fil-A? Yeah. That works a. Yeah. Chick-fil-a they're closed on Sundays. That makes sense. Yeah. They're great service everywhere. Ooh. Yeah. Ooh. Kind of annoying kind of a little over the top. Yeah. Okay. I'm gonna say Liverpool is Wendy's name that was in my that was in my head. They're red. They feel like they haven't won anything in a while. I haven't gone to them in a while and eighth there. But I feel like I'm getting a little hungry Martin. I wanna go eat. I feel like I want to eat at Wendy's. Who f- are mentioned nodded his McDonald's, dammit. Howard fucking everybody likes it. Kev. I can't believe I'm doing this to you. And I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Our snow is Burger King. Try dammit. Donald but will never reach the heights through fast food. I'm sorry. Kevin. I'm sorry on them isn't even fast food autumn's like ruby Tuesdays or some shit. I think Chelsea has to be Taco Bell because. Yes there because sometimes there it's great sometimes it's complete shit. So. And players in and out, so talk. Oh, and it comes out real quick. Yeah. And they always have a you know at Bob last. I don't know. I just wanted to say Bob last, nothing Chelsea it's blue. It's green. It's heels deal aqua. What color is? Okay. So that was that was pretty good more. I'm proud of ourselves. Yeah. Okay. Last question probably too late for the pod. But this is from the cunning stunt aka Kevin stepdad, probably too late for the pod, but has Martin stop streaking? It. I can be do you want to be? No. Yeah. All right. Well, that's our show guys. Make sure to check us out on all the social media. I've mentioned thank you again for seeing to overtime media network. There's all types of other great shows on there. And that's about it. You guys have a great weekend. Oh, I'll be interviewing critics myth. If you remember him. He's our Bundesliga expert whose way smarter than us like when critic does the interview I just let him talk because it's going to be the most advanced soccer talk you've ever gotten on this show. He's fucking brilliant. So stay tuned for them interviewing him Sunday. So I'll probably post this Sunday night. So you'll have something. Nice Monday morning. But decides that Martin we're gonna be talking shit to each other the whole ads Darby, so get ready baby. He's y'all. Some.

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