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The. Hello curious humans. There are so many amazing things out there, but it is impossible to keep up with it all. That's where we come in. We sift through the noise. So you don't have to in this weekly rapid fire podcast. You'll hear all about ten things that were currently enjoying in our lives. Each of us has exactly two minutes to dive in and tell you about one of the things we've chosen, and before we talk about what we're going to talk about I want to tell you a little bit about my co host. Karen is a chemistry professor by day and a punk rocker by night she's actually in two bands. She's in city of pieces and all girl punk band hot sheets. Now, these are just two things that she does and it's probably enough for most normal humans, but she does a ton more. She's also the CO host for radio EXOTICA. She founded came Jozy, the radio station here in Salem Oregon. She's a tactic Salem speaker she has to other youtube channels and she's an amazing mother with two amazing boys and the cutest dog ever fish sticks most people call Griffin. I'm Lebanese warm fuzzies. Thank you and while I'm sitting here, Baskin in the love let me tell you about my co host Brian brands a video producer, but is also the hardest working community advocate. You will ever find on this planet. He is deeply involved in curing and volunteering uncountable local events. Ted Ex Salem. SEALANT progressive film series, real film snobs. He is also a longtime volunteer at Sundance. Film Festival he works at their reverse city. Rockstar Academy is involved at Make Music Day. The list goes on and on Brian is committed wholly with all of his heart to making the world. A better place is one of my dearest friends and best of all, he makes me laugh sometimes a bit too much because I'm going to break this Mike but Gaza so much fun to do this show. Oh Gosh. Thank you. Thank you so much It's still hard for me to hear about things like that but Yeah. Here we go. Well just makes you extra. Awesome. Let's be something samples of topics we draw from. I talked a lot about sustainability stuff. I like that kind of stuff to I. of course, I talk about movies and TV a lot. Yes and I bring in lots of music stuff I, know you too. Yes. Music's pretty cool. It's and. Attack, of course, oh my gosh I'm a tech nerd. About that new gadgets that I buy or. And I love love travel local travel long distance travel all about travel. Yes and for podcast I talk a lot about other podcasts because there's so many amazing podcasts out there and I like to share them. Yes and maybe related to travel and I also I know a couple of languages and I. I really love things that are language related. Yeah. I. Love Those cushy to include about those. I think we both talk a lot about mindfulness. That is true. Yeah. I and also I like talking about philosophical and religious concepts. Cool. Yes and I always like to try to bring up amazing humans. Or know what kinds of things they're doing because again, there's so many amazing people out there doing amazing things and we'll share those a lot. Oh, for sure and of course, me being a chemist and scientists I talk a lot about science Yes and I am not a chemist or scientist, but I still like to talk about science from a non science person's point of view I love it. We both love it so. Things we have in common. What else do I talk about? Oh I love to talk about books I. Don't read a ton but I buy a ton and I like to talk about them. Hey, and to our longtime listeners, we love you and do not worry. This is the exact same show. We just have a different name, very good point and to all of our new listeners. Welcome. We've been broadcasting this program it used to be called cool sheets throw local radio station came jozy since November. Two, Thousand Sixteen and now summer twenty twenty relaunching worldwide as ten bestest with a new episode every Monday at ten. Am Pacific One PM Eastern be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a single episode and head over to our website. Ten bestest DOT com. That's one zero bestest dot com. You can find out more about our cool sheets get show notes some links and also sign up for a monthly newsletter. Thank you all and stay curious.

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