[213] Divisional Round New Orleans review & Championship Game preview against the Green Bay Packers


Every year the nfl. It's a new team as far as goals go. We have one putting the finger well coming to the buccaneers observer. Podcast this is row fellows. Today is january. I should look at every top. Twenty seconds zero twenty twenty one and we are two days away from beating the mess out of the bankers pinker pinker into then bankers the packers in the nfc championship and go into disip. Who can't do that can't you can't look past the team. That's what they've coaches say can't do that his fans we can't do it. That's right we got a good show way today. We're gonna be talking about the saints game. What we saw twenty two. We're gonna cover some news and then we're gonna talk about the upcoming pack game. See what a what we think's going to happen and some information on concerning that We got any factor followers now. No because we didn't even watch the last podcast. Did we listened to all the with the. Here's what we did get. We got a lot of comments that me and monitor divorce. Apparently now low energy. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. It was my fault. I was totally distracted. Normally when when. I don't have stuff prepared lot or i'm distracted by something. I'll tell molly i'll say. Okay what is it. We say you take this one year at him and i didn't tell her that because i was distracted and so she kinda caught off. Guard me to sit in there. But the way theo as far as i know we're not getting divorced. Beg refund today. i'll i'll yeah. Let me take over that that'll be in fact Follow jagger follow up. Yes we get a divorce papers. Were filed really like we were so excited on monday. We recorded say. I think that we the odroid atlanta had worn off and the hangover. And we were both just so drained. That's why i felt. I was very tired and drain and it was. We really should have recorded even though we were hung over because yeah the adrenaline still there. We were really excited. We talked about it all day monday. I nabbed we recorded one sunday right after the game but like we said last podcast man. We worship as everyone wanted that one planet. of course who wouldn't want want. Hillary probably would have been better than everyone by you and me. I think the main reason why we didn't do it is because i went off on cussing tangent for about twenty minutes. And i you know called out a lot of people in the media by name and you brought up certain incidences and stuff like that and it was just. I wanted it to be you know happy this. This is a positive thing. I don't want to did all say that until after we'd lose or after the season to realistic. Yeah ain't nothing like blame people who've i love it all right. Let's move on to the saints game. What did we see What was it we said happened and the game. I mean what was our our viewpoint of the game after watching the broadcast. The i haven't watched your tippy so this is still fresh for me. I'm not tainted ma. Tv's i the defense killed it. That's what i would say so. Yeah it was. That game was definitely about the defense. That's it okay. That'll work here. My notes from all twenty two. This is probably the us not. I've ever taken video videos out in the second one was thirteen minutes and a lot of what was me talking about penalties. You know this too much. I don't like doing that. And i don't put all the penalty stuff in there by far but You know it's the saints. And i'm really sick. Her uncle i seen visit. They just do all these little things that makes it. You just come. And it's like we had a We kicked a field goal. Now talking about our special teams and there's a rule that you can't stand within the shoulders of the long snapper ramp. You can't leap over the long snappers you. You can't put your hands on it leap over. You can't put your hand on any player and leap over them. And you have to be. On the line of scrimmage in order to leave you can't get a running start as it's kind of weird rules at got nowadays We actually got flags a few games ago. Devon white did for standing too. Close to the line of scrimmage in front of the snapper. yeah ridiculous. Rock didn't even move. He said there anything. Put his arms. He just stood there and they flagged him for it. Well the saints. What they did in one of our kicks is they had two guys. One guy grabbed the back of the long snapper. Suzy snapped up and pushed him straight down. Another guy grabbed the right guard in pushed him straight down and they had a guide jump over top of those two they they purposely push them down. Yeah you can scour the rulebook. I was like man that's gonna but it's right on the age is in honestly. I love stuff like that. It's kind of like a bill. Check thing it shows a lot of strategy a lot of planning. What at the same time. Like drew brees when he gets you know he throws the ball in the dirt when he's getting ready to get sacked and there's a running back that's fifteen yards away and they won't call it intentional grounding because there was a running back over there you know it's the the What's the heart of the rule. Though the intent of the rule. Yes the intent of the rule to not put your hand on the long snappers because he's defenseless. you know and so what they do. Instead of having the guy who's going to leap put his hand over them. They just two other guys grab grab all of them and push them down. It's the same thing same thing you know what i got on this for someone who hates authority enrolls. You're like a walking and you know all the rules on the different specifications for each rule. You think you do. And then they don't call it. And it just aggravating change. You know what they like. They did this year with the holding. You know they they put a memo out and said yeah. We're not really gonna call holding the watch. It's blatant and They everything up. You're like wait a minute. Here's we watch football for fifty years and holding always been holding announced not holding any more or less the platen come on in of course we had a couple of holding the rest. Were terrible in this game We played a disciplined game. But they They you know. They did their usual stuff. Where they they held in certain moments and drew brees did the thing again. We were great with us and we talked about this in the podcast before the game had gerbils is really good at getting people. Jump off signs and it's not just drew brees. It's some of his offensive. Linemen will do this. You know flinch right before when he does a hard. Count the flinch alignment turn his head real quick or a debris judd his hands out of. He's in the shotgun forward in this time. He did ahead bob he. He did like that when he started to work in like six years ago. Watching philip rivers. Do that get called. The they used to call it all the time. Yeah but i guess that's one of the things they're not calling it anymore like the the game. Who was it a couple of weeks ago. We played a redskins. I mean the washington football team the guy. The quarterback was sh- shooting his hands forward multiple times trying to get to jump off sides either during the hard count stuff and they never called so anyhow. They tried doing that with us a couple of times here and the we we. We beat them Our defensive lineman would jump but they would go across the line they would actually just fall straight down and it made the offense of guys think that they had crossed the line and they would job move and start pointing in offense got called. It was great. I mean there was a lot of chess match stuff going on his game. Yeah our offense of game plan was great. Do you think of the coaching. The all the veteran players are both i think of coaching. This was a really good coaching game. Yeah that's how i felt. I think after the second game was that it was really a failure of coaching. The second game against the sense. Well dr defense the coaching great. We we did and we do a lot of complex stuff. It will really weird stuff all throughout the game. This game. We didn't as much We did do some complex stuff but we we were. We played more man coverage than we have all season long. And i talk about how we will drop our outside. Linebackers will drop them into coverage. You know when. I talk about it here on the podcast. About how many times we do it this time. We did it once. Thank god that was what we didn't play zone. You know when you drop them back and that one time we did it james whizzes touchdown barrett gone back. But it wasn't it wasn't bears fall by any means carlton eight ball. I believe so. Yeah i believe it was. Carlton davis he got. They got confused. I mean it was. It was a confusing play. You can look at the defense and none of our guys knew what was going on. Our defensive line was confused. everybody was confused. And how could they not be running for us to come in now. Yeah got how they starting them off as wide receiver. He was out spread out. Yeah yeah and they did a double date or double hand off thing. They handed it to somebody coming in and motion and then he tossed it to jameis winston who had run in the opposite direction. Motion is any of this. And i think it's perched on this one. I was talking to senator. Oh you're screaming on that one that you were a so angry going. He's only in there. Because germany has a noodle arm and can't throw that far matter. Yeah and drew. Brees did not play well during this game. He was a large part of the game. I actually you know we always talk about. Did we win. Did we lose the obey beat us. We lose it ourselves. You know the stuff like that. They lose it themselves. I was right on the line with this about. They lost this game. Drew brees did not play well and it really wasn't because of our pressuring i mean we we. We got some pressure in. There never really hit him. Hit him a few times but not a whole lot but we were in his face and in his lap and so he was happy to get the ball out but he was just throwing bad pass as bad decision. Every every interception we have is a bad decision by drew brees. Now the devon white interception was beautiful. I mean he just. He reached out and grabbed. That thing was a work of art. The last interception of the game. Which is the last pastor breathe probably will ever though interception us love it hear. The buccaneers david. That tipped the ball up. Yeah in mike. Everton ended up intercepted him. I we have three quarterback sent whole game per espn but yeah. It's hard to get drew. Brees in aaron rodgers is going to be just as hard more difficult. Because it's kind of like tom brady. You feel pressure they're gonna throw it. Yeah this is how it is erin like you don possibility that. And he's gonna run to go although he doesn't do that as much anymore. But we'll talk about that. We'll talk so anyway. Yeah drew brees did not play a good game. They had dropped passes. But we had seven seven dropped passes to in enzo to rock one by antonio brown to godwin and we can beat them by twenty four. Yeah yeah the one beautiful plant beautiful. Play the one that i think it was. I can't remember know the one with mike evans. Where do who's the guy that always covers. Twenty seven lattimore. Lattimore a jumped up and knocked the ball out in the end zone. That was that was a great play by him. At that was a beautifully designed offensive play and they had been setting it up for the the the first part of the game and it was it was so it was really a work of art. Ed dolly it would have beaten anybody else in the league but lattimore you know. He's he's pretty good. Especially pretty good with mike evans. Anybody else yeah. That would have been a touchdown for sure when yeah. It was. Beautifully designed beautifully designed. We had some. We have some really. There was a lot of good chess match going back and forth but besides that we were fighting just like every down we hate each other the say in the book and ears man. They were fighting litter especially our defense. Our defense was in their face every down when we were pointing out of a d. yellen at their sidelines You've yellen film. You know we tackle them get up in their face rattle. We were pushing even little. Smb sean murphy. Bunting walking by an offensive lineman like going back and he sticks his arm out in in like elbows. The guy in the stomach you know just like get outta my way. He played great. Smb was law over the hillman. Bevan white were the key to our defense isn't love that me. Kind of s has mountain had the best season. Show up when the lights are bright awesome. Yeah he really really did and he was all over. The field and winfield to would feel was the well. Gosh all of they. They just played really good. They were really sound. Although i say that but we had like three busted coverage is one of them was on the james winston play But a a couple of them drew brees didn't see which that's unusual for drew brees. Yeah he he did not have a good game. I don't happen. That will happen. Hopefully we can move that into the the packers game. Because i said that playing the packers that they did not they played pretty bad a game we brought our if they bring their their a plus game we bring our plus game will win but we'll talk about all that anyhow okay so it's going to say that shipping is on the field. It translated later said the players on social media like talking shit and they never do that. Our players that do not do that ever ever ever ever and so for them to be comedy and after the game. I think that just shows i. I don't know that they got under our skin but to me. It just seemed like we were waiting for that moment. Yeah we definitely physical. Yeah we were. We were tackling some great tackling in this game. And you know we were just hit norman and not saying sorry. That's danger ryan jensen in forty seven. What's his name on the saints. Yeah alex ends alone. You ends alone. Whatever they do not like each other. I mean there's probably at least at least a dozen times where they were questioning chauvin and and there was quite a few times where you saw jensen. When he snapped the ball he sought forty seven out. It was crazy. I do too but he he had jensen was so calm cool collected in this i mean he was. He was hitting people and and do as a nasty but a that whistle blew. He'd turn around and walk away. There was one time where he got up in. Somebody's face and started pushing. And then you saw some click eighty when he just turned his back on him and walked away. It was great. it was great but Yeah remember when. I came here for something happened but you saw johnson and a guy go in onto the saints sideline. Yeah and there was the that was him. Okay hayward like that the whole game whole game. It was great. I love to see. Apparently nobody on our offense guy because everybody was kind of picking on him. I don't remember seeing him in the first couple of games. That blonde hair. I remember seeing him. But i think there's a couple of lawmakers injured or maybe his hair does wasn't long at the time. Yes yeah my my first. Two notes are one bucks talking shit on defense every playing pushing shoving getting up in their face and in my second note was the shaun murphy. Bunting is all over the place a plane fantastic with great energy and then i got a note third quarter at nine fifty their last score. That was the last time. They scored third quarter. We scored seventeen unanswered points. After that. that was the touchdown to smith on cockrel. Right after davis got hurt and which it was a great coverage by cockrel it was liberals really i mean he literally had his hand on the ball trying to get it out of so cannot knock him for that. It was twenty to thirteen at that point and then we just went on a roll after that. Just it was the turnovers. It really did it. So you know fifty eight barrett. He dropped back in coverage one time. That was the touchdown. Throw by winston Nobody else we played a totally different defense and we have all year long. It was great. It was great. I loved it. I mean it was really the only the play on the plane and bring out something you've never used before. Yep yep yep you're exactly right they did and we did it on offense to You know because. I said this to you when we were sitting in the bar We were running. And i was like third lining up the same way for this run and they'd never do that. Bucket is we do not line up. We do not run the same place ever you more than once in play but we were doing basically the same play i was. I was just like what they're setting something up here. They're sets up here and they did and it was. It was awesome. I love this stuff. Man that's chess. You know because we don't do that we we have. Our set plays that we run. We don't care what you're doing on defense. We're going to do this but we didn't do that this time. You could see us changing plays according to what. They were doing defenses. eventually they did. They weren't expecting so where we setting them up to do something. Yeah we have quite a few times. We set up which was great. I was like this is. That's kind of what you have to do. Against quarter or so experiencing degrees narrating the truck can't get turkey him and ted making you know playing how you want him to play or doing what you want him to do. Yes and you know. They've been watching our our film all year long. They been seen as you know. We play a lot of zone We drop our inside or outside linebackers back coverage a lot You know we we do To deep safeties. We'd want to you know we. We disguise things and we didn't disguise things. This time we didn't drop are outside linebackers in the coverage. I just totally bid stuff. We'd never do before. And i think that'll probably help us against aaron rodgers to who is another -perienced smart quarterback you know they're sitting there go with shit we don't know what what gonna do so that they were lining up exactly how they executed the play like. Because i know we do a lot of disguises and stuff typically so. They weren't actually disguises times. What you're saying no not a lot not like normally mean normally you can look at our defense before snap snap defense imposts snap defense and his too fucking defenses. This time you you could look at pre pretty much. Tell what they were doing. You know they would play that but they were. They were expecting us to change. Yeah we did right so we wouldn't during the play in the screwed him up. You know smart it was it was it was great. It was great coach. Gregg coaching are run. Game was fantastic. A way way way underrated they are run game and our defense is what one us of this game that we we. We were open up great halls. We were getting positive yards like just about every time and it opened up play action for us and two for net rain. Great ronald jones ran great. But our offense aligned really did great blocking is this. I mean they. we didn't get they. Don't get enough credit for that. We've been doing it. Great for the past number and we did it again and listen to and you know the saints got a pretty good run defense. We re open up huge holes so not like a four net. Close the game we had. We had Four minutes left. I think it was and we needed a first down to to be able to run out the clock and he went. We ran for net three times in a row. You got three yards four yards and then five yards i down and it was victory formation after their and they were stacked the box you know we we got into run formation. They do we run it. They tried stopping it. They couldn't do it. Nothing they can do. And that's a really impressive. I can get re run d. r. run game was pivotal themes fiennes. Just firing on all cylinders. If the receivers were quick dropping ball like even close yet we had a few missed tackles here especially for. Tsl's a but you know we. We had some really good solid tackles and we didn't have disastrously in this tackles popoff. Three runs right. Yeah so you know. Seems like we've got that a little bit under control but our truck passes manage. Just would i don't get it. I don't get it. I don't either especially with tom. Brady's accuracy brian. That's the thing it seems like. It's it's just too accurate for was like almost as prizes. It's in their hand in. That is a thing. With our wide receivers evans godwin these guys. They're they're used to happen to get themselves in a weird positions to catch the ball. But you don't with brady's right but antonio brown. Yeah all my gun. She's to he. He dropped one. It was a screen pass. He'd swung out to the flaps. A screen pass. He had three blockers in front of him with only one defender and it was a good forty yards open-field if he would have caught that the chances are pretty good it would have been touchdown but it would have definitely been twenty yards. No dad went. It was just like all he just dropped it. Flat amy right in his hands. Yeah his like he was excited he was like. Oh go ahead touchdown so there you go. There's what we have and you know. I hope that we can carry this forward. This momentum I hope that our our offensive line played great. All the guys they'd great Detainee did pretty good. I mean handsome screwed up plays but they all did. Every single one of them worst screwed up a couple times more pet. Did jason didn't cost us right right. Well you know. That's a lot of brady's saying you know you you mess up off as each is gonna throw the ball. He's going to get it out fast. but yeah. Our secondary are linebackers defensive. Line was you know they go okay. again they had a series where they just dominated and then the rest of the game. They basically did what they were supposed to do. Yeah well i mean. It's hard winter. Breeze he does not make it easy on the defensive line. He's he's so damn hard sack so if we can carry this going in and we'll we'll talk about that. So that's the saints game going over my notes real quick. Make sure there wasn't anything. Stand out at a missing. I had a lot of notes on my sheets. But not on a lot of notes. That i felt were important to talk about for the podcast. Here i'm going to start going through some news. Yeah go ahead and hit the news all right. Most of this is it coaching. The coaches are just going on around league. That i found interesting of course not time of year so but the for i'll go through this i the. Nfl has announced not the super bowl will host twenty thousand fans. Seventy five hundred will be vaccinating. They had to throw the centene vaccinated healthcare workers that they're giving free tickets to the game. What yeah wait a minute. Hold on whereas i again so twenty. Two thousand aren't going to be at the game us so what what how what are we. What is raymond james stadium. Hold seventy thousand somewhere. So we'll we'll say twenty percent capacity. Okay now out of those twenty two thousand seven thousand are to healthcare workers what you said vaccination a vaccinated healthcare workers vaccinated healthcare workers. So that's bird tickets. I know these tickets going for like twenty thousand dollars. A piece need to sell your ticket. I would like to book but two bucks. Yeah yeah like how are they selecting says people and so that only leaves fourteen thousand. They're gonna sound twenty lamb here now might make a career switch real quick can do it okay. So coaching searches around the league. The rails are hiring were he mourns as defensive coordinator which shining absolutely ridiculous because everywhere. He's gone the defense is trash. Like what is why is he just as coveted coordinator. I do not understand. I the rams yeah. I'm not really sure what happened to their defensive coordinator and another former buccaneers coach. Dirk cutter has announced his retirement. Yes i saw that very sad. He so young to be retired. Dennis fifteen early college. I don't know. I mean when you retire to if you had made and coach money. I don't know how it just seems. Like i mean he really is an offensive guru. he he's schemes. Players opened better than any coach in the league if he asked me You know i was one of the things used to drive me crazy. About james winston is he just wouldn't see these open. Receivers that cutter would scheme open is like You know you're the guy wide open in the end zone and you're throwing you know some crazy ball to the sideline on out routes like what do you do but yeah i mean he did it us. You know the atlanta game. We know any skin guys opens. It's a it's very hard to to do that in nfl. I imagine these guys get so burn out though like it's such a grind and especially you know i mean he's had he had the bucks tenure which was just three years and then he was only there two or three there you know i'm sure it just becomes a lot be moving your family and you know to keep having to go new places and unfortunately the nature of the business is not very hard to succeed there so i i can imagine why you would just get over it and was running to be done. Yeah i mean. I understand it too but it might be one of those things where it's come back. Yeah i mean for the right opportunity. Not he's a friends with or you know something like yeah. 'cause i mean these coaches i mean. He's been he's been coaching for what thirty-five years. Yeah winston eighty s. Yeah all of these coaches had become. That's what they've done their whole life and they it's not like they spend eight hours forty hours a week you know. It's a is what they did. They re live eat. Breathe this stuff you know watching film development schemes and cutters definitely that got. He's to me. He's more like a desktop clipboard. Hoarders what were you know. He's he's much more into the the scheme and up stuff that he has the raw raw personnel type stuff probably never make a great head coach but office coordinator. He's he's the top list of you asked me so i think the nfl's losing something there. Either back he will. He will take a couple of years off right. Yeah he's he. He just signed with atlanta. What a year ago two years ago you know and you probably got five year contract with them. So he's just going to live off. That money for a couple of years might even go coach to high school or college. That's that's taken a break for football coaches you go coach high school or college awhile and then come back but yeah he's too young or come back in. it will. Tough year for falcons. The whole team is going to be gone is gonna be a whole totally different team and probably affected him mentally and emotionally. Yeah you know he's distraught. He'll get over it in a year. Oh come back. Hopefully i like dirt. Were near this looks crazy to me. I'm just i can't believe this. The texans interview josh mccowan for their head coaching vacancy. Thank you quarterback. Yes and he's still under contract as a quarterback by the team like what can do is is bill. O'brien still lead initiate. Because this creek coach i b. I mean he wasn't a good quarterback so he was tough. Yeah yeah can't do teach know. Yeah i know. I saw that part. What he's young too. I don't i don't know and it just seems like a huge leap from me. A quarterback to jumping into a head coaching role. Like to me. you do what. Ba does with all these former players you know. Have the assistance have the position coaches and then he kind of move up that way like a huge but they also interview jim caldwell so they're kinda going both ends of the experience spectrum no experience two years of experience so i don't know what is good experience the colts right when they did put again. What's his face peyton. Manning wants to see that coach for the coach for the detroit lions. Yeah remember. he's the one. I was talking about from the dolphins when i think fell being fired. He took over as interim head coach. And then he's been heading coach at new orleans. He's he's kinda coach. I'll like you know just that old old style tough mentality so it'll be fun to watch him with detroit. Who knows a full. Even last you know those type of coaches are you gone you know. There's you know the players of they've got too much power now they don't want they don't want to the very few player that really want to be out there. Busting their butts all the time. And i'm not. I'm not putting the players down but you give me a choice between going out there and run in two days or sitting in the house plane. Xbox sit in the house play xbox better. But that's probably why you're not in the nfl ralph. That is the the sole reason. Only reason kicker kicker you know so so it'll be interesting because he's old school and he's not apparently to own school but young. Boy the sean mcvay other lamelo floor covered i. I'll talk about now before and a second son. Just i don't get it The last i've seen were thanks Speaking of the falcons they are expected to hire. And i don't know m saying is wrong. i hope to guy and but this is how. It's spelled dean pees as defensive coordinator flake year eights. Ps that's how it's done. That is unfortunate. I'm sure he's used to buy now. Grade school was probably the worst time of his life. If eat if that's who they hire. I'm looking forward to that address chunk and then they're also expected a higher dave rag on as offensive coordinator gold and this last one. This has no connection the buccaneers whatsoever. Or maybe don't know he might a coach there but it was just somebody that i recognize. So i thought i would bring it up Vikings offensive coordinator slash assistant head coach. Gary kubiak is officially retiring from the nfl. Yeah he's the vikings assistant head coach. Offensive coordinator yeah. So i now and you're you kinda wonder like vava's choice whereas the retire enviro you no no. There were dumpster. Fire this year. Devon white has nineteen tackles for a loss or no gain this season. He is leading the league in this thing. Handy miss games now that that's normally volatile david's. Yes says the young box passing the torch. Yeah the water. David played good zaentz. Yes yeah great tackles and just the old school plate your feet push ordering their gut. Tackle tackles the pad crack in tackles. Rod cast is love. It miss those days. Miss kind of tackles x. Actually we had quite a few of it on our on our defense. You look like these guys were bannon determined not to. I think they were bound and determined to put these guys in third and they probably practice for deonte harris a little shifty fast mother. They were writing for have even though we didn't play even though he got to really long run backs on special teams. That won her. All right so we got the packers coming up and Some of the other podcasters have decided that you know cheese this week and i screwed up eight cheese on a sandwich yesterday while he was thinking about it with the chick-fil-a always get the deluxe with bacon. And they said there's american cheese. Okay i was thinking about something else. I guess for i. I'm not willing sacrificing bye-bye. You love your cheese. Lasagna fantail an quiche season are all cheese but you know i was thinking sliced cheese. That's what you that was. You were willing to sacrifice this point. I walk across single right dom taking the team here doing your part. So we're going to lambeau field which she knows a very iconic field to play in. It's it's an old school you can get and i think they're going to have fans in the stadium not full capacity but again around twenty thousand. Now it's I i wanna say at sixty five hundred odd other still thought they were for this game. They were owned up some more. I have in my at sixty five hundred fans will be in attendance our. Yes so yeah. That's not going to help them. The crowd is not going to be a factor in this game week when they played the rams one of the deans. Lambo leave there on. Nobody there to play another his teammate. If they did beat the mess out of the rams okay but you know the rams they were hurting they had players out on the andrew whitworth tackle. He got hurt at the end of last season in november and he had just come back he came back in seattle game the first week and then the second week it was his first day back are not as i back. It was the second gate back against green bay. And so you know the packer and not saying that as whitworth fault but he got got injured during the season they started allowing a lot of sacks compared to when he was in so i think it did have an impact in him. Coming back from ira. He's maybe not necessarily one hundred percent so they did. They got four socks on jared goff and they were rattling him like he did not play. Well he just looked. I mean they just kind of eat the crap out of them so there was that we have a secret weapon coming back in the davita van. Oh my gosh explanation point. I was watching. I was watching footage of a hill hitting a sled. I was like all man. He's back it wasn't like he was taking light either. He was hitting the damn thing. Oh my gosh. I did not expect this at all. Meaning are and neither did the media apparently because they were all pissy that the nfl covered it. Peter schlager schleyer jose. He i think he tweeted i. Then he was coming back and be a had they had asked him like two hours before that the press conference and he was like you might be hearing my nappy. A media funny. Yeah well i'll tell you what if vita comes back. And even if he plays normally he plays what Seventy percent of the snaps seventy ran in that area hillman helmeted sue normally are between sixty five and eighty percent depending if he comes back and he plays half of that you know if he does forty percent of thirty percent of the snaps it could be a huge factor especially in the run game. No it'd be like twenty twenty snaps maybe twenty snaps out of sixty. Yeah so well. And that's what they really. The packers really killed the rams last week in rushing right up the gut and they had hundred and eighty eight yards rushing total. Aaron jones got ninety nine. You know they're not gonna do that against us. It's not happening even with vida al lake you know. They're they're not getting that much. And so i think that was one of the major differences in that game and another side of the ball. The rams a hotter pretty good day rushing to cam akers had ninety yards and a touchdown. So i feel pretty confident that we can win that battle with vida. You look at our football team right now and compared the teams that are left. We are the best football team. No question about it. I mean we've got a great running game we've got great receivers when they can catch all We got great coaching. We got a great offense of line. We got a great defensive line. We got great land backers secondary's on fire. There's no other team that can say that we are above average at every level except special teams tackling plock edmund. It's it's like there's no other team that can compete now. You bring vida. There's no there's nobody in. Yeah that's it's ridiculous how we're going to curb. Stop everybody for if we play if he plays thirty percent of the plays this weekend. Then there's no doubt we're gonna win and if he comes back in the super bowl and plays fifty percent sixty percent of is. There's there's nobody in the league. That could stop that man. And that's just gonna free every body else up out dominant. We were defensive beginning of the year with him and then he gets out and we slowly started getting worse We played great last week. Defensively a lot of that was due to juries. Now now i'm not trying to take this away from our defense. Our defense played great. They came running to play. Yes yes when we need it. On and they were they were they. Were ready to draw people in dirt. They were hitting hard. They do had a lot of energy so by taking anything away from them. But when you got vida cover that middle and yet sue in that middle that just freezing inside linebackers do whatever they wanna do. You know they don't have to worry about anybody. Run up the middle for dang sure and plus the pressure. That's feed of gets on quarterback so quick and this is going to be ridiculous. The the packers lost their left tackle in week. Sixteen in you. Now that yeah. They're left tackle. David bachtiar remember that an acl tear in week. Sixteen and then they've got billy turner playing in his place and turner played right guard last year for the team and he was pretty bad but apparently got replaced lost his job. This season and yeah interesting to see who we put over there. Jp peer barrett right. And you know i mean. But he didn't aaron rodgers thing. It's sacked last week by the rams hair raja's again he's hard to sack he's like drew brees. It's like if you get pressure on him. He's got throw it. We did to four times. Yeah so hopefully we can repeat that or something yeah. We intercepted him twice. One with a pick. Six right yeah so yeah we got four sacks and then we hit him twelve times so we need this shit out of them and they ended up pulling him at one point and they put in their backup. I think we sacked him to yes. I mean that's not going to happen this week. Maybe a yeah. I know i know there are different team. We're a different team. We're better but they do. They play a little bit different. Now you know from what i saw like you said they do a lot of runnin especially that power running straight of the middle and Uh can happen. They do a grabbed on. Rpo's crap time and the pros killed us with the chiefs. We had no defense against it. We look like try. And we're gonna have to come up with something and if we if we get vida back that'll free up our linebackers to stop the harp. And you know it'd be great. I'm super excited about getting feedback. Silver exciting especially if he goes out there and he's not he's been gained ready shape. I i will say remember when he met from his calf injury last season and it did take him. If you game the sick get back in. That was his first season. Earn now well now. I don't think so. He was injured both seasons and he's playing. He had injuries early and then came in. And then it kind of took him a little bit to get injustice But even still sixty percent. I will take any day. I i'm excited about the number of reps said when i saw him running and hitting the slate and everything i was like. Wow you can't even tell this guy just had a broken ankle he's out there hidden ronin and it's easier to come back from than like an ligament tear i've always heard sure okay So yeah that's that's super exciting. Man super exciting. He's like my favorite player. He's just so much fun to watch on. Film is there's this. I've never watched anybody. That's fun him You know. Aaron donald. He watch him and just the strength and the power in the speed. You're like wow. This is incredible but the has got something. That's just a it's just like almost every play just the way he just tossed his guys and you just see house how much they struggle with strong. Yeah just in. The center of gravity is so low. You know he can take hit from the side or double teams. Fuck man super exciting. It plus you know when he when he bullrushes or decides he's going to get to the quarterback you've got to two and a half seconds. He's going to get their union stopping. So that's that's super exciting and if we can get him in early and Yeah i get aaron rodgers. He gets frazzled. Emotional elmo chenal incentive pissy bitch and it's just so easy to get him out and remember the last time him in sioux kept going out. It was like talking. Shit can you imagine getting vena back. And being able to host the two of them together the quarterback. Everyone's been talking about how good the packers have been playing the last six weeks in. I wanna either breakdown else tells why the wrong. Well it's one of those things like They played really shitty teams. Not washer football team. Thank played the bears twice the lions eagles panthers in the titans so the only winning team they played then was the titans. We'd be besson. Did beat the shit all in titans. Those like forty to fourteen was absurd so you could make the argument that yet. They'd beat the crap out of la bad teams and they also beat the crap out of the good teams. So i could see where you could make that case but again we have to remember the quality of your opponent matters to say. Oh aaron rodgers playing lights out. Well yeah. He is but he played really crappy teams. So i mean. I do think that it diminishes out a little bit. Yeah yeah we're going to have to be on our cues. Of course you can say that about every game but you know those those. Rpo's man. i mean. I don't want to say. They run exclusively but they do it a lot. You know in the win. The came to city chiefs played us. They did a lot. Rpo's burned us with that crap. We had no answer we a so. It was so discouraging to watch it. Because you knew it was coming and we didn't even try to stop it. You know it was basically. We just tried to tackle him after they call it the ball or whatever. It was like Man so did the packers on diesel. We'll play now. The changed up They they rented a couple times with us but now they're just doing it crazy out constantly. That shame offense. You know in the shade tree. There's probably a name for the floors. He's from the shayna intrigued. And they're all -fensive people and then the rpo's the really wants abroad in the league and the floors you've seemed like he's just embraced it and Aaron rodgers the really embrace it. 'cause you know aaron rodgers. His whole thing used to be kind of like roethlisberger was broken. Plays that really. He would capitalize on you. Flush him out of the pocket he'd run over to the right and zig it down the field fifty yards to an open receiver. Or you know. He'd run it for twenty yards. Whatever he's not doing near as much now you know he's really standing in the pocket you know doing these three step drops singing it and not not really relying on his innate physical abilities like used to now when i watched the rams game and tell me if you noticed concern not it looked to me like the rams were plano out his own defense because air. Rhonda's just destroyed them in the seems like every time he throws the middle of the field. There were three is kind of around the non anywhere close. I mean the dude would kind of get tackled but they were still picking up first downs like it was nothing. Yeah in aaron rodgers is crazy accurate. Yeah he's knuckle whole lot of bad balls and the intercept and it was hard. That's why we got to last game. I wouldn't count on that. This game would surprise me if we did too. Because we're awesome but you know he just generally makes good decisions. He's got a rocket arm fast release and got some good receivers to he's kind of onto atoms. And then that laird. Scott smith and his preview he wrote. I'll read a bit from his piece. Davante adams was the. Nfl's was unstoppable receiver and twenty twenty. He has caught at least six passes and all but one game so far this year including the playoffs and incredibly his scored in fourteen of the packers. Seventeen games who lathered now devante. Ok yeah he lasted without like he finished the season with one hundred and fifteen catches for one thousand three hundred seventy yards and eighteen touchdowns just ridiculous and the latte. The last total leading the league's eighteen touchdowns. I'll missing two and a half games so gonna stunned receiver here. A lot of its yards after the catch. You know break. Aaron rodgers is like brady. He likes to throw the ball very accurately. So these guys can just keep going with. It won't get it very very big factor in their game. Well that's why are tackling is gonna come in but to coverages. We gotta make sure we don't we. That's that's the danger of playing man coverage. Now i love man coverage mainly because i'm selfish and it's a mix it so much easier when watching game film dell who screwed up but Yeah we played a lot of man coverage soda. Instead of the saints. It was very interesting. We both played similar defenses but on man coverage if you screw up that's an open receiver whereas own coverage. If you screw up. There might not be a receiver in your zone. So it's like no harm no foul but you screw up on man coverage you know you trip you fog and you cover the wrong guy. Something like that's an open receiver that you know a year. You have to really be on your ps and qs when you play coverage you know honestly. I don't know what would be best with rogers. You know 'cause zone coverage has got a lot of benefits to it you know it's it's better for run stopping You know man coverage is horrible for run stop you know because you can have the receivers run down the field a bit next thing you know you got your secondary's down the field. So by their soft run. Yes zone you know. They're all turned around. Basically looking at the play happen they could see if it's gonna be iran. They can run up and stop it so you know. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. And honestly i think this game playing a a good mix. More heavily zone might workout better. Because they're in such a good running team. I don't know i honestly don't know i don't i don't have an answer for this is going to be so entertaining to see what Our defensive coordinator is going to pull up because he did. He did a great job. Last week is in scots. Most piece he was talking about. Carlton davis you know. He does in every Supreme sorry In every preview he does like the key matchups and so davante adams and carlton davis was one of these key matchups and he said about carlton davis that he allowed one reception for sixteen yards against new orleans and receivers could only get one point one yard of average separation from him when they were targeted with him in coverage yeah are sticking our got stuck to their receivers last week. It was really good when nine man coverage like i said the only time they had open receivers was when we had blown coverage. I think they'd happened three times. A day twice bruce. Brees didn't even see it. So yeah we had a pass breakups. The easter would they call him are infants. Toddlers toddlers the secondary man. They were pissed salty. So and then you gotta worry about rogers. He's rue seventy four deep passes in two thousand twenty which was the second most in the league and he completed thirty one. Which was the most in the joe and on those passes. He had twelve touchdowns and no interceptions. So i know well. I love to pick one of those off land into a false sense of confidence he did. I'll say he got huge confidence. Yeah and he will throw some dumb throw. He really will and a lot of times. Hold gopher the deep shot when he's got a better guy on because he just wants to get that shot in there so we got an opportunity. That's a good point. Be nice to see winfield touchdown or interception or whitehead. i'd like to see whitehead. Get one Man there's gonna be an exciting game. I know it's going to be so nerve is the is still supposed to snow. I don't know i haven't seen you know. Okay let's talk about this now because every mentioning that. I feel like i hate the cold. I hate it so much. I just hate. We live where we live. you know. it's not. We don't get along of snow. Maybe but it does cold to me Like now it's like in the forties like right now and i can't handle is too cold. I think a few years ago when our was really cold and we were getting in like the teens regularly and i was just absolutely miserable. But as everyone's kind of making a big deal about the weather and i think the team is trying to poop mindset mindset mantra. They her every time they talk about it they're like it's a mindset it's a mindset the mindset of trying to talk themselves out of the fact that they're not going to be freezing there in two thousand two when we broke this streak of never having one in less than thirty two degrees now as last time. We've done it so before between it. So the between two thousand three hundred twenty nine thousand nine. We have not won a game below forty degrees until this year so this year now granted from two thousand three to twenty one thousand nine hundred thought but we've only we only played four of those games in that period. And so you're like it's a rare thing. Snow games a real rare. But you know. That's where. Tom brady was snow game. Against the the rate of course this year we played twice in less than forty degree weather and that was. can you guess where it was washington and of chicago. Who would we. would we play between the atlanta vikings. No they were gonna dome giants so we won both of those so the you know how about this for football math. Okay we beat the packers. The packers beat the rams. The rams beat us house our so. Kill us right calculus. Okay but you know what they have. Lost three of four conference championship games under aaron rodgers. Okay he's only one but on the other hand and this is the first time they played a game at lambeau never done that. They've never done that with roger really but he has a career. One hundred and eight point five passer rating at lambofield and they are eight and one at home. This season phenomenal long around. Cancel out right right so they were thirteen. Three last year made it to nfc. Championship got beat by the forty niners. Right yes the forty niners. Yes they lost at san francisco right so the thirteen three this year. Nfc championship now. If you think that the last year's forty-nine or teams are better than the this year's buck beat and now if if we win this it will be a simply amazing feat in because you got. Tom brady changed. Everything's been playing same. Basically the same system with saint coach for twenty years. He comes here totally different system totally different language and we go to the super bowl with this man that that is a huge accomplishment. Are you worried about patent homes. Were what's his face and buff allow as his aim johnson. I'm not worried about buffalo at all not claim city. You always got to worry about them because they're just so tricky but We played them close in first time. Yeah we plan that they were right. I think the league them figuring out. And i think i think if we can stop these. Rpo's with roger. We could definitely do with kansas city. You know on the same team really. Kim cities a lot more trickier. They do a lot of just weird stuff on offense but You know as far as deep threat up running attack and all that stuff takata the same team offensively and so if we could beat packers i don. I don't think came city. It'll be that difficult. And i'd love to see. The bills became the city. Mean to me. Do i would love. Because i want to see tom brady. He'd met here. It is the bills have been beat by tom. Brady for twenty years. They finally go to the super bowl. Tom brady beats clancy on my ass. I would just. Hey that would be five super bowls that they've lost they have never won the superbowl. I don't think they've gone four times. They went four times in. Lost will be five times. Wow wow so that. That'd be a great story line there. I think that'd be a better story line then but see here we are. We're talking about the skip. It over the packers man coach. Sorry what you know. And i think another thing with the rams lake how the packers beat the rams last week was they. I mean they got to go off a lot and that is not happening with us. Like they're not getting past our offense offense. Wine will need them if they do. Brady yeah you know. He's he's just. He's just very hard to tackle and cossack frazzle. Yeah we say this. You know like brady just going to do it. But you know. Every quarterback has their off days. But this We have just way too many eat players great coaches every even if brady doesn't play well you know which i think so. The we're talking about turnovers earlier we are now at a plus twelve. Whoa in turnover ratio. But they are The packers are an a plus seven. Now close yeah. Seven eight five down. Yeah yeah but they. There's were not interceptions. Were fumbles so right. Yeah yeah. Rogers does not throw interceptions and we are ten and no when we want when we win the turnover battle sweet voice. We a great tournament. That devon white intercession was so beautiful. And then the vaughan david baton pass catching it. And then jamal dean's interception was beautiful man. Smp's interception or winfield punching the ball out right into devon would bounce right up to seven whitesands. The defense plays like this. There's no question it's going to. It's going to be s. No doubt about all right. I have the out just a little side note. I watched the mic'ed up from last week. The whole front the whole league and air. Rhonda's was miked up and there crime worse so much worse. That matlin floor is such a beta. Like i do not understand. Only isn't like i don't know how they respect. I don't think they do like. I know it's a first of all. He looks like a model. That and that's the same thing when shopping do not get. I don't get it. How do you get the respect of these guys. You should have scars and missing teeth and stuff. Just it's just the sport and like peak masculinity and you have a bunch of ways that are you know sport it's competition it's testosterone. And then you have these beta males on the. I don't get it but Well that's always been a thing with me and coaches you know like even bruce arians. How can you have these coaches. That are so out of shape. Andy reid yes. You're you crack me up with you. Were talking about. Bruce arians came. He said he's wearing a maternity dress. Fake it won't. You said that. I could not see who looked like maternity dress. A i pac man. He was looking rough on the sideline in after the after game conference. I was really worried about him. I was like maybe he looks bad but it must have been the lighting solemnly. Probably he's got a lot of red undertones anyway so alcohol. I now okay. I'm like after the injury report. Then we wrap it up fast all right antonio brown his out lane. He's not playing now. He didn't know that now they're worried. About what the plane ride his swelling. I guess the same shit. Where roge- joe i don did with last week interesting so that means uh scott. He'll be out there in johnson. Both of them. Johnson quite catch. Yeah social media keeps replay and from all the different angles. There was there. Were so many. Plays in this game where i went this was. This was the play that sealed the game. I made a few plays later. This was the plane sealed. The game that that one. I was a third and eleven and he caught that there was just like. Oh we got to kind of okay. Winfield got hurt. Apparently in practice. Thursday i guess because he did not practice friday he is questionable. Did it what. What's the injury Ankle mike evans with his knee. Injury was limited all week. He's fine chris godwin with a quad injury. He's limited all week. He's gonna play Ronald jones with the quad and the finger. He was limited wednesday and thursday and it was a full participant on fridays. And he's got to go jeremiah. Ledbetter returned practices week with the calf injury and he was a full participant all week. We've got our whole defensive line back yeah aly. Maher pet has a pec injury but was a full participant. All week sean murphy bundy and has a quad slash ankle injury and he was limited wednesday and thursday but a full participant on friday. Tape ep with his knees. He did not he and actually his knee. He's listed with a knee injury and then slash not injury related and he did not practice all week but he doesn't need. Sue had his veterans day off on friday. So he's fine. And then jordan whitehead had a knee injury. He was limited wednesday thursday but a full participant on friday. They had me scared every second. I was like winfield and whitehead are gonna be out. Oh my god. That'd be disastrous. Yeah i i haven't heard any more about so antonio brown's only one that's for sure correct and then winfield's listed as questionable so i don't know we'll see On the packers side. They've got like as many guys as we do. I think maybe a little bit more defensive. Linemen kingsley kiki. A has a concussion. He was limited Wednesday and thursday and the not participate. Fridays of he is out and then cornerback. Kevin king has a back injury. He did not participate. Friday and he is questionable. Says why backer chris. Barnes has a thumb injury. He was limited all week There ticker his backup. Rookie alcott kick are mason. Crosby has a shoulder injury. He was limited. All we know need your shoulder to kick a ball. So that's your matt gaetz doing little Running back aj dylan quad injury. He was limited all week. Wide receiver allen. Lazard is it lasted or lazard. Good question he has arrest lash back injury. he was limited all week tynan mercedes. Lewis has a knee injury. He was limited. Wednesday did not participate there say and the muslim fulcher to spend on friday safety. Well redman has a knee injury. He was a full participant wednesday. But that was limited thursday friday and linebackers areas. Smith has a thumb injury. he was limited all week. Oh my good lord. I cannot read this wide receiver. Equa nemea saint brown liquid namias but has a niece slash ankle injury. He was limited all week. Tackle rick wagner has a knee injury. He was limited all week. And then whoa wait a minute. Rick wagner yes see starter we he's starting for Bacteria now that's Turner building turn the bacterias are left tackle. Turner played right tackle. Ricky wagner place left tackle. That's not pretty sure. That's not their such common names And an but he's got an injury and then jamal adams are running. Back has an ankle injury. He limited all week. Who tiller banged up up sometime year. Think oh and when we brought or when we bought vida back we cut erwan fired to make room we real. I think you probably just drive the test. Let team by you. Probably just blown up. They're like oh man that's yeah yeah well you know he. He gets money for. That sure probably paid us moving expenses or are you corporate extra yes uh-huh you know i'm i'm going with a really wanna say like thirty one. Seventeen us right. I really do. But i get last week. I was going to be a shootout. And our defense stepped up. And shut that down donald. They're going to do that this week because with back. But he's not gonna be playing all the time man see. This is a tough one. I'm watching who wants to be a millionaire. You a friend. So he pulled the audience okay. I'm gonna go with bub-bubba only give us thirty five. Okay give them twenty seven. I like they put up thirty two against the ran's held the rams to eighteen. I don't think they're gonna do that to us. I am going gonna say gosh ralph without score. I'm must say thirty to thirty two or thirty to thirty two. Like that's what i am and trade you ever younger model could lord three months dre. Aarp cardon male. Think about other day. How i was. That's what happens. Used to mock me about that all the time. You point where you don't really want to think about patient care anymore. They're running other okay. Thirty two to go twenty nine man closer than i. Yes sir all reality there you go take a risk without like that one. I thought it last week was going to be a shootout a close game. But we wrap that up basically in the third quarter. I don't like them as much unlike my corpus. That's all right. I'm going to stick with it stick. Yeah let's go with so you know we don't know how this is going to turn out. I have a lot of confidence. We're going to win but again it's going to be at lambeau going to be at lambeau in the snow. Maybe that's tough. That's gonna be tough to play but we got a lot of guys that he used to play in them. Tom brady in one rock. The you know they play a style office. We have seen that we have difficulty with. So it's not something. We encounter a lot so it's going to be interesting. I think we got it. I think we got it. I think we're gonna win this. And i want to have that same feeling i had when rhonda barber intercepted donovan mcnabb. And he was running down the field. And i said we're going to the super bowl. I want to feel that again. I want to have that moment. Where i know it like i turned to you seven minutes. Nineteen seconds left in the fourth quarter. And i said we're going to the nfc championship. You didn't play like oh there's still plenty of tomlin china temper my expectations. Because i did not wanna fall like that a so far to fall when you're like he has and then i can be the saints fans. Yeah yeah they had us up twenty to thirteen third quarter head. They were moving down the field. All right so we got this man. We got this and you know Molly and i. As far as i know we're not getting divorced so that's all true as is back found. We lose this game. We might though you know. It'd be like i'm gonna blame it on us back your ass up. You're the one of made me like this stupid team. Would you say our daughter has been walking around saying she doesn't like the buccaneers redskins. Yes now like And i told our we're gonna put her effort option. No i told her flat out. I said i'm going to open the door and put you outside and shut the door. And i'll throw your stuff out there too and you'll she told me she's got a friend that lives right down the here. I'll just go down the claris. What defines me during the lockdown. We weren't going anywhere especially not taking her anywhere. So i had to go grocery shopping and she really wanted to go. I mean she had the worst cabin fever. And i was like no. You cannot really sociable. She yeah so she was having a rough time and honestly sorry. You just can't go with me. And she was like well. You can just leave me in the car and you know like in the grocery store parking lot and now i can't and she was like well why not i was like won't because someone else will call the police on me and she said well then what happens like what happens to me and i said well you'd go to a new family and she when i got out house own options there at hurts amid you're willing to risk leaving us as a family just to go to grocery she was just gonna she don't care. Hi guys. we got this other one's been way too long out for last episode. Okay yeah they go and of course we waited too last minute to get this one out too well true. We didn't until tomorrow let's go scandal. You'll get a few listens in on this. Hopefully make everybody feel better about what's getting ready to happen to get you out up. Ooh we need that. I feel like if we can get the same swinging through anybody. That was the big game to moon. Saints are tougher team than the packers are. Thanks so they're just a different team. We're used to the saints. We know how to play them. Well actually we don't but we did we we. We learned how to play them packers. Different beasts are different team than they were when we played a word different team than they played us. So it's going to be interesting. Man's going to be interested in. It's going to be held in most iconic stadium in the league. I think air minders are really wants vengeance. He he's gonna he's gonna be trying hard on this one. Yeah but pay if we could frazzled. Murli we got this game wrapped up and we got beat. A back abuser back. Give me those twenty snaps. It'll be the most glorious twenty snaps the ball history. All right guys. Everybody think positive. Where your gear. All week long all the way until sunday where proudly go out there and let's make new fans we're we're we're raking in fans. Tom brady team. Everybody loves it. Everybody i've talked to. His team is so awesome. So we're getting fans every day. We win one more game. That's that'll be more fans You go out there and sport the put gear on it and be the most awesome football fan on the planet. We gotta apostol is proselytize. Recruit evangelized preached the gospel. Here's yeah all right. That's gonna wrap it up guys We got a great game sunday. What time is it three. Three real five sunday eastern time span. Let's do this okay till next backs.

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