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It is All Saints Day when when we observe All Saints Day in the Church allstate is actually on November first. So you get Halloween on December thirty first and then All Saints Day on November first and for those of us who are Lutheran. We not only get Halloween but we get reformation. So last Sunday for us was reformation nations Sunday when we celebrate the time that Martin Luther nailed the ninety five theses his ninety five theses to the door of the church and Vittenberg and started a debate. an argument Quite heated argument with the Pope and ended up splitting off from the Catholic Church and forming coming a new church which he did not want to be called Lutheran but it was and it is But that was less than they and this Sunday we observe All Saints Day a day when and we celebrate and remember the lives of the saints in our lives those who have gone before us those who have died especially in the last year but he can remember number anyone in your life who has died in for me. That is definitely the the people that I remember on All Saints Day or my grandparents and I and I have two aunts. Two of my father's sisters have died and miss them all terribly. I especially miss will miss my aunt's especially miss all of them I should I should. I'd say My my grandparents loy miss having the living grandparents and I am happy that I had them for as long as they. You did But I of course always wished that I could have had them longer my maternal grandfather. My GRANDPA Harry died. I when I was in junior high school and then my paternal old grandfather my grandfather John Kramp John died when I was in Twenty when I was in college and then my grandmother my maternal grandmother grandma. Sylvia Leah died shortly before I left for when I moved to California for the second time for my second call and my grandmother my my last last remaining grandparents my grandma Mary. My Dad's mom died while I was in that second call so The my grandmother's died relatively close together and have memories of course of all of them and I could just. I could tell you a million stories my GRANDPA Jerry. Very of course died I so I have fewer memories of him but so many he was he was so gruff and grumbly and he was. I think different with US grandkids that he was with my mom and her siblings but he cute oil grown. If you'd give them a hug he'd he'd grow and like like you're just squeezing the stuffing out of Iraq. So grumpy about getting a hug but he would always you know he he. He never turned thugs down and he would. He would definitely have been upset if we hadn't give him him. Those squeezy. Hugs my favorite thing about my GRANDPA. Though was that this is terrible. He would We all had to be up and dressed on Christmas morning. Mum No jam. Nobody has an art family for opening Christmas presents. We would spend every Christmas at my mom's parents house and Everybody but he had to be up and dressed before we could open presents and so of course we kids were chomping at the but to open presents and as soon as we'd all get downstairs I get into the living room. My grandfather would stand up and go to the bathroom with a book. I don't even think he had to go to the bathroom. He just every year did it to torture us so we'd have to wait longer and he probably wasn't in there that long but it always felt like it was hours. and Oh why why would he do that. guess he was teaching us. Patients thinks cranberry and my grandpa John was just. He loved his grandchildren so much. Maybe maybe in ways that weren't always helpful for the other adults in our lives. Were drying to you. Know Give us rules and guidelines and boundaries. Because my grandpa John just he loved us. I mean I I have a picture of me smuggling with him and I am way too big to be sitting on my grandpas lap. I don't even fit it and I don't care if he was around now and I didn't think I would squash him. I would sit in his lap. Still an snuggle. He always had a change purse and he would give us money and mm-hmm whenever we saw him he always was just he would spoil us. He would give us what we whatever we wanted. which sounds terrible from parenting standpoint but oh he just he loved us so much and My Dad's mom was grumpy. I I guess She loves US IN A DIFFERENT WAY and I think she she. She loved US and she took care of us and she she just loved us in a very different way from a from her husband from my grandpa John. That was my grandma Mary and In the there's my grandma Sylvia who who as I said died right before I left for my second call so she was alive to be at my ordination But Not Alive to be at my wedding. I'm glad I got out of her for at least one but I really wish all of my grandparents could have met my husband and I think when I think about All Saints Day and My own faith than I think of my grim Mary them excuse me with my grandma Sylvia the most because well first off when she died let me tell. Oh you that when the pastor asked us about memories and stories about Are Mom and our grandma. All the stories. We came up with revolt. Around food. My the Kremlin was Norwegian. And she loved us through food. She Fed us very well and a lot and I think if it would have been socially acceptable the bullshit of served as dessert for breakfast because we got deserted every meals every meal. If I would go after my grandfather died I will. Even before he died. I would go and spend a couple a couple of weeks with them in the summer but after he died she would make lunch and she would make like four chicken breasts and expect me three of them because they were just going to sit in the refrigerator. It'd be like grandma. I can't eat three chicken breast. I can't even need to All of our stories revolved around food. But for me she was just a solid pillar of faith. It wasn't something that we talked about because we were. We are Scandinavian. Avian Lutherans and If you're from a family like that you probably didn't talk about your faith growing up either. It was just a given. If we went to grandma's as we knew we were going to church we went to Christmas Eve service and we always spent as I said Christmas with them and If I went to stay with her or we went to stay with her over a weekend we knew would involve church and Her Church was both familiar to me and sort of exotic to me. Because you know we. We went there whenever we were in her at her house. But it was still different from. My Church was bigger than my home. Church and Different the you know just just differences so it was. It was both familiar and kind of As I said exotic and special and she just modeled faith for me when I think about a good solid woman of faith. I think of my grandmother and I don't mean solid in the physical way I just mean solid and she always attended. She was a member of the quilters. Group Yeah just very very very solid solid in my my Lutheran Scandinavian grandma kind of way I can emulate her even a little bit then. I think I'll be doing okay She was always involved. She would talk about her church in her church friends and we go and visit and yeah very fond memories of that church even though I haven't been there in well since her funeral so twelve years. Now wow no not twelve years. That can't be right now. Eight years ears but still long enough We stopped when she got older We stopped having Christmas at her house and started having it at our house and she do we would bring her to our house for Christmas and it just was never quite the same. I always loved The traditions that we had at her house going to Christmas Christmas Eve Service and I always felt so late. Although I think it was probably like seven or eight o'clock not late at all I miss that I miss her. And I miss my grandparents I missed my my aunties to my dad has three sister and three sisters. Sadly two of them have passed and and One set of twins. He'd win so twin so one. Half of that set of twins has died. I always think of all of them on All Saints Day and there are many many other people. Pull that I think of on All Saints Day Who are the people that you think of when you think of first off the people that you love in your life who have died But who also do you think of. In terms of your life of faith who comes to mind as as examples I could could name many many more. I mean I had at a professor in seminary who Sadly died while I was on internship who I was in awe of of him the entire time he was just amazing and wonderful and he gave me the most incredible gift of encouragement. Before I went on an internship so I I hold him up as one one of my saints Dr Robert Smith Just amazing and I learned so much from him and I have so many wonderful memories of him but so many other people. So who are those people for you. Who are the saints in your lives? We are going to take our first break of the podcast but when we come back we will be doing what we normally do which is talking about the texts xts and since this is the first part up sewed we're talking about the ultimate tech's assigned for this Sunday so stay tuned you're listening to the GMC Bible Study podcast and I will be right back. Hey there podcast fans. 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Your Hollywood fits golden state media concepts under ten podcast. Take care of that Jordan and Keith is entertainment tonight access Hollywood. I'm Jordan guy laughing. That's key Yankee not all inclusive look of pop culture Welcome back to the GMC. Bible Study podcast on this all saints Sunday Sunday. As I mentioned before the break we will turn our attention to the texts assigned the Old Testament texts assigned for this week and the first of those Old Testament texts comes is to us from the Book of Isaiah Chapter Twenty Five verses six through nine those versus are as follows on this mountain. The Lord of hosts will make for all peoples a food of rich a feast of rich food a feast of well aged wines of rich food filled with marrow of well aged wines strained trained clear and he will destroy on this mountain. The shroud that is cast over all the peoples the sheet that is spread over all nations. He will swallow up. Death forever are then the Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces and the disgrace of his people. He will take away from all the Earth for the Lord has spoken it will be set on that day a low. This is our God. We have waited for him so that he might save us. This is the Lord for whom we have waited let us be glad and rejoice in his salvation relation so that again is Isaiah Chapter Twenty five verses six through nine and it's pretty easy to see why this is assign for All Saints Sunday. Am We have the promises that are given There is the on this mountain. The Lord of hosts will make for a feast. Make a fee for people's Feast of rich foods and well age winds but then The Lord will also destroy the shroud that has cast asked over all peoples and of course a shroud is something that is used for For bodies for coffins CETERA. So this is talking about death the the the shadows casserole people's sheet that has spread over all nations. God will swallow up death forever. We are giving we are given The promises that God makes with us that we will Be With God forever. And so then of course God will wipe away the tears from all Oh faces and this is the Lord for whom we have waited let us be glad and rejoice in the salvation that we are being offered by these by these promises says that God makes by the Covenant that God makes us. This is an amazing gift that we're given and we remember not only the saints in our lives who've gone before arrest but we remember the promises that have been given to us as children of God and the promises that have been given to those saints as Children of God. Whenever I do a funeral final service I always not always depends on the person but usually it's A person who had been baptized. If if not then I don't usually talk about this. But if the person who's been baptized than talk about the the Baptism of promises in the Covenant that the Covenant that has been made with us when we are brought into the family of God as children of God through the Covenant of Baptism through the sacrament of baptism and and how baptism and Christ's death and resurrection are so closely tied together because in our baptism we are baptized into were baptized into a death. Light Christ's and a lifelike Christ's and we are baptized into the promises of the resurrection. which is something that we remember on this All Saints Day when we remember the people who have gone before us we are comforted by the fact that we they have been given given these same promises that they have been given the covenant brought to a given to all of us but given to them as well by God Do WanNa look a little bit of commentary for this text and this commentary comes to us from Michael Ruffin who is the editor of connections smiling. Hell was pelvis publishing in Macon Georgia and he says that. Of course all saints Sunday is a day you to remember those who have died it is difficult to do so without remembering that we are going to die too. And that's not something that we talked about. Yet I mean maybe sort roundabout Lee as you remember the covenant of God's promises but it's true you know we we face our own mortality when we think about those who've gone before us So he he says that it's it's about remembering those who have died it's about facing our own mortality All Saints Sunday. He says offers an opportunity to proclaim the hope. We have in God as we face the reality of being mortal Oh people living in a broken and dangerous world and he says that Isaiah Twenty five six through nine helps us to do just that so he He says that our passage occurs within is h Isaiah Chapter Twenty four through twenty seven which is a distinct unit within the book of Isaiah because of its intense hence interest in the future and a supposed affinity with apocalyptic writings this section. It's often called the little apocalypse of Isaiah that's a bit of a tongue. Twister the little apocalypse of Isaiah more recent scholarship downplays the apocalyptic nature of these chapters. But there is no denying their interest in God's future working out out of God's purposes but in anticipating a Glorious Future Isaiah Twenty five chapter versus sixty nine acknowledged difficult and challenging present for its original channel readers whether this passage These three chapters whole originates with Isaiah of Jerusalem or with exotic or post celek writers and editors as he says seems most likely it acknowledges that the people being addressed experienced death of course they do as we all do do. The text may have in mind the deadly experiences of warfare and exile that Israel and Judah have encountered but the fact that the passage addresses all peoples leads us to consider the universal experience of death. You know and then he goes on to say that. All Peoples Die All nations even are subject to death. This is not an experience that anyone can evade or escape so he then chain Changes perspectives doctors. From what is to what will be and says that this passage further develops a theme. That's I addressed in Isaiah to one in the days to come the mountain. The Lord's House she'll be established as the highest of the mountains and shall be raised above the hills. All the nations shall stream to it. Now we read that God is going to bring about the promised. Wonderful Future on this mountain which is Mount Zion and the glorious future will include not only Israel but all nations. This future will feature a communal celebration and God will provide a bountiful feast that all nations will gather together to enjoy Oy the divisions and conflicts that take away so much joy from life will be gone as all nations fellowship with each other and with God God's great the future will include full provisions and complete community and this future will also feature life without death. Isn't that amazing. This this this feast that we're being shown this future. Promise a life without death when all all people are brought together when all our as one and that is not something that we experience in the world today right we we are not as one. We have conflicts with our neighbors with our family with other other people with Other countries are so much conflict in the world world and yet we are given this promise that one day this feast will happen. God's kingdom will be reality right now we just have this vision of God's kingdom and it's a beautiful wonderful vision and sometimes we see that vision the in breaking of God's kingdom in our world all that sometimes we ourselves can affect some of that vision in the world around us but we have that to look forward or to to give us hope to give us hope that not only those who have gone before us Are At that feast but that we will be at that feast that we will be. We have been given these promises and we have that future to look forward to so you get this really beautiful picture. And maybe you've seen artwork that depicts the this this heavenly feast One of my favorites is from John August Swanson and it depicts not only people at the feast but animals of all kind and he he he uses such beautiful brilliant colors. There's so much movement in his in his paintings and there's just so much going on in this in this artwork of this feast where not only all peoples and all nations but all God's creatures are brought together for this amazing feast and That just that gives me hope even though the world around me sometimes makes me not so hopeful. Time to take our second break of the podcast when we come back. We'll be finishing up by looking at the song assigned for this week. So stay tuned you're listening to the GS MC Bible Study podcast and I'll be right back. It's cutting getting into your exercise time. It stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. 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Now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast hard cast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching the golden state media concepts podcast narrower is here nothing less than the podcast blitz with endless hours of podcast covered from news sports music fashion looking entertainment fantasy football and so much more so stop located around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to fill that podcast is the whatever it may be visit. Www Dot M. C. podcast dot com. Follow us on facebook and twitter and download us on itunes soundcloud and Google play Welcome back to the GMC Bible Study podcast before the break we were talking about the first Old Testament texts assigned for this week. which came? I'm from Isaiah. And now we would moving on to the Psalm assigned for this all saints Sunday that Psalm. This week excuse me comes to us from Psalm. Twenty four the the Psalm in its entirety and those verses are as follows the earth is the Lords and all that is in it the world and those who live in it for he is founded on the seas and established it on the rivers who shall ascend the hill the Lord and who shall stand in his holy place those who have clean hands and pure hearts who did not lift up their souls to what is false and who do not swear deceitfully. They will receive blessing from the Lord and vindication from the God of their salvation. Such the company of those who seek him who seek the face of the God of Jacob. Lift up your head Oh gates and be lifted up. Oh ancient doors that the king of glory may come in who is the king of glory. The Lord Strong and mighty the Lord Mighty in battle lift up your heads or gates and be lifted up. Oh ancient doors. That the king of Glory Remai- come in who is the king of glory. The Lord of hosts he is the King of glory that is Psalm. Twenty four are and we definitely pack that a little bit. I think we have the the first part. The Earth is the Lord's and all that it's in it The world and those who live at live in it that that's pretty easy to understand For God has founded on the season established on their rivers God of course has created in the world and all that is in it and so the Earth is God's all it is in the earth on the Earth is God's the world and those who live in it and then it asks the question of who shall ascend the hill of the Lord and then moves on into some other directions so I do want to look at some commentary because yeah The Psalm is not quite as clear cut as maybe we would like it to be so the commentator for the section in is mark thrown fight. He was the Elva be level professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary in Saint Paul Minnesota and he says Psalm Psalm. Twenty four is notoriously difficult to interpret. Thank you professor thrown fight. Because I was feeling very dumb as when I read through this I think and I don't know what's going on here. So well virtually everyone sees that falls into three parts which are versus one and two versus three through six and versus seven through ten their disparate nature renders most attempts to explain their interrelationship conjectural. At best and speculative worse pieces well here goes yes. I do appreciate a sense of humor in a commentary I hope you do as well. He says by far the most common approach to psalm. Twenty four sees it as a liturgy that sketches the return of the Ark of the Lord this rate return may be identified with an actual battle. David's kids bringing the ARC to Jerusalem which you can read about in Second Samuel Chapter Six verses thirteen through nineteen or Chronicle Chat I chronicles Chapter Fifteen twenty five through sixteen? I three it could be Solomon's completion of the temple constructed in I kings and chronic second. Chronicles five it could be part of the pre exotic Feast of Tabernacles or the Post Exotic Babylon Ian Festival marking the advent of the New Year since Israel did bring the Ark into battle and enjoyed military success as result one assumes it would also have been brought back and that its return would likely have been uncelebrated remember this is the Ark of the Covenant Not The one in Indiana Jones but Yeah so the creation and divine kingship. Our constituents who've of other ancient near eastern professionals and these are clearly present in verses one through two and seven through ten and the Holy Mountain in the sanctuary appear in verse three for six uses of capillary found in pilgrimage texts versus seven through ten mentioned glue. God's Glory Lori five times and many passages locate God's glory in the Holy of holies in the Jerusalem temple or in the tabernacle that preceded it in addition each of these three sections is assigned its own setting versus one through to as pilgrims approached Jerusalem verses three through six of the city's gates and versus seven through ten at the actual ceremony. So you're getting some idea a little bit more of a picture as to what's going on here may break it down a little bit look. At those sections From those contexts of the setting as pilgrims pilgrims who have arrived at the city's gates and then the actual ceremony or liturgy or celebration itself. So he says obviously much of this reconstruction is conjectural presuming a number number of rituals and ceremonies of which we have no record especially versus three through six usually construed as a test for admission to the temple but the quality's oldies addressed by this test or moral while admittance to the temple was denied only for physical reasons. Recent work on the song he says provides a measure of encouragement originally for this reading. First of all there is a growing consensus that Psalm. Twenty four is an entrance liturgy due to its placement in a series of psalms displaying a concentric trick structure second. He says investigation into the religious culture of the ancient Near East has provided several examples in which statutes or or idols. Were let out of the temple only to be returned to the temple later in what may be described as cultish parades. So if the art can be construed as representing God's presence without breaking the force of the First Commandments prohibition against idols or graven images we have backdrop for the obscure Mini Literature Liturgy yes so anyway versus one through to celebrate God as creator of all of course versus three these through six make clear that only those who seek God can enter the temple As indicated by the hill of the Lord and his holy place but the seeking is a matter of the will heart refers to what we would call the mind so matters of the heart in Hebrew have nothing to do with the will I'm sorry have have to do with the will not feelings or emotions so similarly the adjectives pure and clean belong to the spirit of the sphere of ritual in our way. The of thinking in the Selma sculpture are matters of morality and suggests that the proper qualifications would be concerned with integrity and honor. Those who gain admittance are showered Howard with blessing vindication and salvation and then versus seven through ten depict God's parallel entry So presence to sorry excuse me Into the presence of God as Creator and Redeemer The worshipper enters a receives seve's the blessing vindication and salvation that he seeks so he says in this context of All Saints The the text provides or proclaims victory of God not least the victory over evil and death. That is ours in Christ Jesus so as we await wait his triumphal return we can take heart that our loved ones lie safely in his care and I think that last part is the most helpful at least for me in describing driving this text so you can look at this text from a little allergic standpoint. It's he you know often when you read psalms they're the easiest. I understand of the of the text that we read not this week this week. It's I don't want to say convoluted that's not quite the right word. But uh-huh definitely difficult to wade through and and get to that but I appreciate the description of Liturgy Energy and trying to put it in more of a context and then But the victory of God at the end you know th the the worshiper the pilgrim And after doing the pilgrimage and reaching the place of God's dwelling and gaining admission admittance by passing by bypassing the the test whatever that may be then as it receives the blessing the vindication of salvation that is the victory of God and make sense in the context of All Saints. I think we're going to wrap things up for this episode. I WanNa thank you for joining me. I hope that you take some time today. Day and this week to think about the saints in your life think about those loved ones who have gone before and also think about the saints The saints in faith. Who are the people even people? You didn't know saints who have Inspired you in your lives of faith. Who are those people? And how did they inspire. You hope you'll join me again on Wednesday when we will be looking at the second Set of texts the New Testament texts assigned for this week. In the meantime have a wonderful rest of your weekend and An an amazing beginning to your week. In the meantime please do remember that you are a beautiful and beloved child of God thank you. You've been listening to the Golden Golden State media concepts Bible. Study podcast part of the Golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it eh. WWW DOT JESUS MC podcast dot com download. Our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and Google play and just type in Jesus Mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports arts entertainment and even weird news you can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program. 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