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Missy Elliot, Lebron James, Channing Tatum, Colin Jost, Michael Che and 7-Year-Old-Periodic Table Expert Finn Hathaway.


Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love. Happy listening, welcome to Ellen on the go. I like your announcer voice. I know it's only when the first normal. A normal. Andy welcome to Ellen on the game, but just just just say, at the way you say into Ellen on the go podcasts at seriously, everybody is talking about at least everybody sitting in this room has been talking about you sound like Trump a little many great people, many great people, lots of tremendously big or saying that this is tremendously the best podcast out there this week. We're gonna be talking about when LeBron James and Channing Tatum were on the show was so fun. Also, Missy Elliott got to meet her viral protegee Mary alsi, which was one of the real highlights of this week. I'm Mary Connolly. I'm Ed glavin. I'm Andy last ner. I'm Kevin Leman. We have the best stuff to share with today's. Let's either my favorite clips. Yes, without we had so far, I mean the best. So there's a woman named Mary Halsey and she's singing karaoke for a really long time and one of her favourite go. Oh, to karaoke tracks is working by Missy Elliott. Time -clusive here. Peaceful. Thing now flip EMMY burst as your. He sure. And the video sort of blows up over the summer. We're not taping shows yet the minute we get back, we call Mary. And then of course we start making calls to Missy Elliott. Now Mary's Mary's happy to do our show love to your show. She thinks that she's going to appear on the Ellen show at some point and doesn't frankly understand why it's taking so long to get to come to the Ellen show because she does not know that at the same time we are working furiously to try to get Missy Elliott here. Now, let me tell you something about Missy Elliott. First of all, she's a rap icon, right? Second of all does not come out much. Don't see Missy Elliott on a lot of stuff ever any white lives in Virginia someone's right. She's a bit reclusive and she's a genius. We Johnny Norman, Ellen, get MRI to come and surprise this woman. Now, Missy had tweeted about this woman which was how we found out about me, right? So Mary Halsey is here and she is Ellen talks to her and she is hilarious. She is what you see when you have this woman on the show, is this unfiltered just regular person from road. Thailand. Yep. Getting to meet someone. She loves in Ellen and be on the Ellen show, and she just that was enough for Mary Halsey. So he asked her to perform her karaoke version of Missy Elliott and about a minute into her performance. Missy Elliott sneaks into the shot and surprises her and things with us Mary. Hi, Ellen. Okay. First of all, who's the person behind you walking around with ice cream? Like that's not a big performance of yours. MS Lynne, Lynn, and I just met her that day. Okay. So she she doesn't seem like she was impressed that she should have been? Oh, no, they were all having a blast say good. All right. So is that something that I, it was like a picnic or something. It's like something you do on a regular basis? Well, it's a once a year at Goddard park. They have a karaoke Sunday Maha. And so this is the thirteenth time they've had it. It's the second time I've been there. Okay. And did you do work at last year as well? I did do work. I don't know if there was any videos that didn't make it to, you know? Well, it made it to me because I think it it got it went viral because Missy Elliott sought and then she put it out there and that's how everybody got it. That is how it all. Yeah. I mean that must've been amazing that Missy Elliott Sawyer. I, I have to sit back. I can't even tell you it was a shock. I never expected this ice. Put it out there and said, I want to go viral, but I never thought it would happen. It's. You got your the funky. White sister? Yeah. Now. Did you decide that day you were the funky white sister actually, Yellen. And I've been saying that for I've been seeing that song for fifteen years and I started to there's time in between where the music begins, the beat start before she starts to sing. So instead of it just being an empty time, I decided to fill it in. And of course, I am her funky whites, MRIs, funky white sister right in. All right. So you've been doing karaoke along time? Obviously, s I have. And so what made you first of all? I can't believe you, you know more words of that song than I do, but what made you pick that song? Well, it was a contest in two thousand and three, and the song had come out in two thousand and two and was really popular. Yeah. And I said, I could do that tongue. Maybe I could try. I learned I read the words and I, I studied it and the reaction that I got was so positive that it became my go-to song. Yeah, everybody wants to get you understand what the lyrics mean in there. Well, I do, but I wasn't thinking about him when I was singing them. Right, right. No. All right. Well, we can't have you here without you performing force. Will you do it. Vira buddy. I'm Ellen show Burstein exclusive MRs spunky white sister. Is it were work pain. Every Bursik as your win is sure win yet if you gotta make the search find out how hard it gotta work. Is your win yet? Is your premises win? Yep. I like to get to know ES AGA show you what a hurt, Nanya like Tokyo number two, iphone. Ya. Let's stick dead called me over on the bed. Lamey on his so far. So you do you don't know you won't bow downtown innate it like a bulk to see my hip. Some addict stole truck things asked him still. What is this. Try to time you sex, blah, blah, blah, work hit. I needed to watch. Boy boy is good to know. Ya isn't word. The work is. Is. Get a pedicure. Itunes, let's get drug as close. Don't of. A Halle Berry post. Tricks on young. Sure is my favorite guest we've maybe ever had she, yes, we talked to marry. She sang with Missy. We've been through the commercial break. We came back for another act and Missy and Mary Halsey sat on the couch together to be interviewed by Ellen, and it was the first time. Missy had been here in ten years, probably ten years, and there was a moment where I thought well shouldn't just be Ellen in Missy and all my God. Mary made that act I. And so because this happened during the summer and we weren't on the area and I know that you waited for us to call you because I did Ellen. Yeah, I I know I waited by, no, I know everybody wanted you and we appreciate it and we wanted to reward well. I have no idea you blown me away. I am. Yeah. Yeah, I can hardly just sit here. We got. All right. So. Using your high-profile, she could them. Hi girl. You just ask. So you see a lot of people singing your songs, I'm sure. But what what was it about Mary that I mean, I think I know, but what was it about everything? Yeah, everything. I mean when she first MRIs funky white system, like who is. So when I listen, I'm like, see, no all words, but the sound of fix. Yes, other Nori at all of that. And then it was, I don't know if you even know the lady that was walking in the back. I just met her that day all and I thought she was eating a Cup of noodles, and I thought it was good. Most amazing thing. I was like, know all the words. Yeah, and I forget my own words like amazing. I, I don't know that many words and I love that song. I know most of them, but but help you. You do. All right. So when you sing the lyrics backwards, which we all do, it's your admit yet. It's like that was an accident, right? Yes. It was accident in the studio. The tape, the real ended up going backwards. And so my lyrics heard my rap going back and I said, keep it in. I'll make words around debt part flipping reverse. I'm only just saying, I mean, there's only just revert. Right, and isn't your Britain written yet yet? What is there. What you thing down flip it and reverse it backwards said what it is. So. Yes. Mary? Yes, man. All right. Missy, we'll come back. It's been ten years, and I said, come back more often. You're not here often enough, and you told me that I could be your co host. Yeah, I'm gonna move to LA and I'm gonna come here every day. Correct? Yes. You're going to be my co-host and you can. You can sit with me. You can sit with twitch anywhere you want. Okay. All right. Your head. I don't want to be outside Ellen. You're you're, you're need to oversee. No. Express to you how often you can be here, but you can be here everyday. I'm not convinced it's not Melissa McCarthy doing character still some extensive makeup. She's so frigging funny she's down and goes all the Ellen show just is natural and his comfortable and thrilled for every single part of it. 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So they didn't really know each other that well, but they did the show together and they head tremendous chemistry like they had been friends for a good long time. So you get a movie together and I know animated movies you're not ever in the booth at the same time. So had you even met before the movie? No, that promise me that I was going to get to meet him and I never got that was moving. Moving to say. You know the movies done, they like, yeah, you just see him when you see him and I'm, this is the first I'm saying. So. And did you had you seen magic Mike? Had you seen the movie? No. No? No, I haven't seen. Maybe you should go see because I went to see the Vegas show, and I'm not the kind of person either you you and I both. That's. Doesn't look like either of us would go see it, but I'm telling you would enjoy it. It's really, really good. Yeah, enjoy it. You should go. See. And now he's opening in London, which you know maybe go see it in London minimum stage. Yes. You're a good dancer. Okay. No, you're good. This guy. Well, I don't know. Not too many people are like this guy, this guy which are in a league. So seriously, I have to say everybody here in Los Angeles is very excited about you being part of the Lakers. So. I haven't been to a game yet, and you may get me to a game to get you to again to come lesson? Yeah, door policy that writing. That I could come get the tickets apparently absolute. We're both gonna go you and together. All right. So you you get asked to sign a lot of body parts. I assume you get asked to sign of grease armpit one time and armpit. That's it was weird. I didn't. I wasn't comfortable with. It wasn't. It wasn't a five year old now. So I'm always like, oh, let's not do this. Now feel like back in the day, I would have been like, you have signed this and then now she's all different like everything's changed, but they're not five year old girls asking you to sign. Another cool thing that happened this week is Ellen got to do an actual weekday update with Colin Jost and Michael Chang from Saturday Night Live and they agreed to it. They send us like a pile of jokes themselves. Writers got together in pitch, Elena pilot jokes is really funny. It's really fun to see her do and it sounded real. Yeah, and look like the real weekend update. Yeah, it sure did. So as you know, we shoot the show here in Los Angeles so many great things about being in Los Angeles, the weather, the beach, and you're never more than ten minute drive from a car dash in any there. There's always one near you, but there are some things that I can't do because I live here like I can't be on Saturday Night Live again because it's in New York and and they also tape six hours past my bedtime. But I'm a huge celebrity so I can do whatever I want. And so I thought I would bring my favorite part of Starlight live here. So the first time ever. It's weekday update with Colin, Michael and me. We do update with Colin Jost, Michael j. and Ellen Degeneres. I run we going right into this. Yeah, this is how it works professional. Okay. All right. Good afternoon, everyone. I'm colleges and I'm Michael Chang, and I'm in the center, this hot land sandwich. I'm Ellen Degeneres the seventy th primetime Emmys are September seventeenth hosted by Colin Jost and Michael j. and they've made some changes this year. It's on Monday instead of Sunday. Also this year, if your acceptance speech goes too long, Cardi b. will throw her shoe and you. New research shows that one in seven adults have tried electron cigarettes, a group known collectively as DJ's. Not on your side column ventriloquist and Illinois was arrested for distributing anti government. Propaganda Starbucks. They're trying to make a case against them, but is accomplished. Refuses to talk. He's a dummy, can't as easy. He's a France. Recently, France recently banned the use of cell phones for children in school according to one French official. It's important for kids to have their hands free to smoke. This week, a sixty four year old man, Wisconsin set a record by consuming his thirty thousand McDonald's Big Mac. The record is for longest suicide attempts. Good, good one in Germany, Amanda Germany is claiming to have his set. Sorry as Clayton to set a Guinness world record for most body piercings. Unfortunately, his story has a few holes. Several parents complained kindergarten. I read that one earlier. I thought it was fine. I thought it was really good. It was joke that was week not you. Me, try it against rollback. A man in Germany is claiming to have set a Guinness world record for most body piercings. Unfortunately, this story as if he holds it. Same amount allowed. All right. At least you scream the word Germany here that several parents complained when a kindergarten back to school event featured a pole dancer, let me rephrase that. Several mothers complained when a kindergarten back to school event featured pole dancer. Thank you. Pinterest, anyone, any Pinterest fans here? Sorry, I should've asked. Is there any white women here tonight? Interest has a new feature that makes it more accessible to blind people. Even though one of the only perks of being blind is that you never have to look at anyone's Pinterest. Divorced woman in England wore her wedding dress for a ten k. mud run where she once again, lost out to a younger woman. That he's. They did. They were just said, according to a new poll Taco Bell was named the best Mexican restaurant in America. The polls also said that Hillary was going to win. So. Oh, you'll too soon. This is another. Fast food news. The restaurant chain just salad has announced they will no longer offer customers the option of having their salads chopped up. So don't sit there and tell me that white people don't have a tough too. Yesterday was national bike to work day though. Everyday is bike to work day. If you have enough, do you is. I'm being told that we're out of time. We have to go to break. One of my favorite things about our show I have to say is, is the young kids little kid fee NAM's that we find and our human interest producers find, and these kids are geniuses in or experts or excel in certain areas, and they're young. Every time we have one of these kids on, I go home and just look at my kids and go get off the fortnight and do something, please it, isn't it true that sort of when you're alone with your kids over the weekend, you go, these kids they got going on. They're they're pretty good at stuff. They're they're holding their own, and then you come to work and you realize your kids are really not doing anything at all. What's so fun for us about having these five, six and seven year old kids who are so brilliant, this kid Finn, he has this insane knowledge of the periodic table like it's not just that he's memorized periodic table. You give them, you give them an element number. He gives you the element and what the element does, and some of the things that's used in and. I just don't underst- like I just I can't. I I have an average level of intelligence at best. So when I see stuff like that blows my mind fan. Okay. So you're seven years old. And I like you glasses. First of all, thank you. They're really great. Did you lose some teeth? I see there's teeth missing how many teeth? Six. These two have already grown in. Okay, that's good. And then to have not grown in yet? Yes. Yeah. And then have you, did you put the teeth under the pillow for the tooth? Fairy new? No. Why? Not? Because I just haven't done it quite yet. Okay. How did you get interested in the periodic table? Well, like to mess for a while, and I heard that chemistry had a lot of mathematics, so I just tried to get interested in chemistry. You got interested in chemistry. How old were you? Six. Sure. Okay. I don't think I ever even got into chemistry and so all right, I'm gonna. I'm gonna quiz you on some things because this is really impressive. Let's talk about what's the name of this element connection and what's the atomic number one hundred eighteen? Okay. And what do you know about this? It's it's the heaviest element yet made. Okay. All right. What does this one? European. Okay. What's the atomic number sixty? Three. What do you know about it? It closed under travaillent lights. And it's named after the continent of Europe yet. That's that seems right. What's the name of this silicone? What's the atomic number fourteen and what do you know about it? It's it's one of the most abundant elements in the earth's crust about twenty seven percent. Well, I didn't know that. All right. What about this one? Titanium? What do you know about it? I know that titanium titanium is used in is just wrong steel but much lighter. And then let me see what is. What's this one technician? Okay. And what what do you know about it? That is the lightest radioactive element. Okay. What is radioactive mean? Radioactive means that that it's Adam darn stable parts of the nucleus control in with an also barnacles beta particles or gamma rays. The crime. The crime. Checking that you know that all right now. So I'm going to quiz you on because you you were telling me things. But now I wanna know if you know just by the atomic number, what seventy? Seven iridium that's right. What is thirty? Seven Rubicam thirty eight strontium five four on thirty two germanium thirty one gallium thirty six thirty. Six is correct on seventy two seventy two half him. Wow, that is unbelievable. Mazing. You this. I asked somebody what this is. Is this your elements? What do you have in there? So my three done in going to show is. This one's. Piece of bismuth. So bismuth is eighty dollars in when crystallized it forms into its formed into this. It's very colorful. Very, it's nice if somebody says that's mine, you know, it's none of your business. What else have I have this. This piece of copper and and I got this up to the Denver museum of nature and science. So this is so this'll some sculptor copper, I got there. It's pretty cool. Very cool. And what you don't have platinum, right? No. Why not? Because it's very rare and very expensive. It is. So you don't have any of their? No. What if I gave you platinum put in. We didn't realize how expensive it was. So we wanted to buy you platinum, but it's really expensive in. It's it's, it's very, very expensive. Come around here. You can stand on here and that's what we could afford. Very, really, very pretty. It is tiny, but, but you can sell that someday and you'll be okay. It's amazing. It really is. And we. The reason that I think it's so it's so much more unique and compelling on our show, and I'm obviously biased. But the reason I think it is that we don't really do anything with them to prepare them for television appearance, right? We don't. We don't tell them how to talk to Ellen. We the the extent to which we produce them is we show them how to get from the entrance area to their seat, and that's it. We want them. I mean, the most people on our show celebrities and regular people, I think are completely unfiltered. They have no sense that there are there spontaneous. Yeah, they're Ellen is best that way too. And this kid comes out and he sitting with his feet up on the chair and he's almost in a semi lying down position kind of the way Andy sets and an Ellen just just just has fun with them. She treats him like any other guests on the show. She doesn't treat him like a seven year old. She doesn't treat them like a five year old. She just treats him like he's any other guests in that chair. And the dynamic is always whole Larry. To me. It's even more hilarious now, as we on the air so long, Ellen has no kids. So. You know, as she often says, she has no kids. So she has a really clean house with a lot of expensive stuff in it, and it's always magical. So we got a question on Twitter from Devon. Was interested in knowing or she, I guess Devon could be women. What's our backgrounds were before we ended up Ellen and I'm going to start with head Godden. I think we should start with Andy last night. I was in rehab. That's actually a lot of people. A lot of people come straight out of rehab and start working on the Trump that's kind of where we find most of our employees. No, I I, I've been doing talk shows my whole life. Really. I started at the Morton Downey junior show and and went on from there to a bunch of talk shows including Rosie, O'Donnell. Then I took a brief number of brief cents and rehab. I got better. I moved out LA and I got called by Mary Connolly and and here I am at the degenerate show for sixteen years background, you're in, you're brilliant. And all we have to do is keep you sober. Thank you. That's true for a fair number of true fun fact about me, I before the show was working on another Tele picture show called the Caroline ratio. I was consulting on it. It wasn't a show that I launched. I was consulting on it at the same time that I was consulting on it. Mary Connolly was consulting on Mary Connolly was already hired to be the executive producer of the Ellen show when it launched Mary Connolly and I became friends and six months later when the Caroline show was going off the air, Mary Connolly got them to move me and my family to California to work on the Ellen show. And story. I was going to be an Imaginaire and build theme parks, Disney before I got here and it's why for the games that we get to do is get to sketch up a game and build them, which is insane. And I came from the page program. So to marry calmly, all of our stories go back to my calmly. And if you step. I wanna get into entertainment. I strongly suggest you check it out Michael Eisner Regis Philbin I'm sure more modern references from there. But it's listen to over the last episode and if you haven't go back and listen to it, we sort of tell the trajectory of Kevin lemans career here at the show which is kind of unbelievable how you know we hired him. He's back stint. I'm back selling, producer, assistant, and now we all basically were married. We hired her. What about you? We hire Kevin, we promote them and we made him guy Mary. What did you do before this? I started my career in television as page at NBC in New York. It was probably the best job I ever had. I met friends in that job that I'll have for my entire life. It was a great job because I didn't know specifically what I wanted to do in television, and that job allows you to do a bunch of different things and fun fact, I worked in thirty rock thirty Rockefeller plaza at the same time as Ed glavin Andy last nerve. And all three of us were working on different shows. I was working on the David Letterman show. Ed was working on the Donahue show, and Andy was working on the Rosie O'Donnell show, and we were all in the same building at the same time and did not meet until years later, but I was NBC page. I got hired to work on the David Letterman show is a receptionist. I stayed for. Ten years left as a producer, moved to California for a number of years. And then when back to talk shows and was hired to launch the owns generous show, and you introduced us to some of the people, you've introduced us to some of the people from the Letterman show in their brilliant and you got the Letterman show and Dave to allow us to use his theater when we took the Ellen show to New York right years ago, we went to New York and and the good folks at the Letterman show starting with Dave allowed us to use the sullen theater. So Ellen did a couple of shows from the Ed Sullivan theater in New York City. And that was just highlight for me and just Zelter in my brain of doing two shows at the same venue. And for those of you who don't know the Ed Sullivan theater is where the Beatles premiered in the United States where the Rolling Stones premiered where the who premiered some of the greats so subscribed today on apple podcasts or wherever you're listening to us right now. Thank you so much. Listen to Ellen on the go and don't forget watch l.. On weekdays, even more Ellen fund. Don't.

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