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Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host. Johnny taft. This podcast is the full show. From today's episode of undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate. So skip Shannon. Let's get to it. Welcome to undisputed. We are live from Los Angeles. I'm Johnny jabbed was skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe. It's friday. Good morning. How are you? Are you Mr. sharp? I would like to be greedy burst boarding this to shot. Good morning Taff. Why are we being so our okay? Good morning, Mr. sharp. Thank you today. Good hard you. Hey tomorrow is savannah, states commencement. They're going to be one hundred and fifty young men and women going to receive their degrees. And I want to take this moment to say, congratulations as you finish one chapter of your life and start to embark upon a new one just remember, savannah states famous motto you can get to anywhere from here. You have been quick with the tools to become successful in any chosen profession you choose again. Congratulations for once state alone to another. Oh, wow. Well, maybe we do big down there. You can get to the mountain top of undisputed from savannah state, everyday hobby down do they? Wow. Yes, they do. I hope they believe that. To get you on today's show. We'll the warriors win without. Kevin durant? Jason Kidd be the next Lakers. Coach new day another option we are going to start in Philly. The Sixers we're on the brink of elimination last night, but they stepped up big time against the raptors Philly got huge contributions from all three of their stars. Jimmy Butler had a team high twenty five points and drill and bead. Ben Simmons bounced back after struggling in the series and bead at seventeen and twelve Simmons added twenty one points game seven we'll be Sunday back in Toronto, Shannon. Who you got who wins game seven? I'm gonna take Toronto. Skip. I believe this is the reason why you fight so hard in order to get home court throughout the playoffs. Because if it were to go a game seven you must feel comfortable having that game in your building teams normally play better role players play better. And you have the crowd behind you to give you a little boost. But they need to get up to start. You don't wanna have that doubt creep in there? Trying to raise demons of the past get we know what happened last year, they're the number one seat and got swept we know what happened here before they were number two seed and gas web. So the playoffs have not gone very well for the raptors over the last couple of years, they change different coach got a wide. Now, Danny green. They traded for us. All they don't want the same thing to happen again differ roster. Same raptors. So, but I do believe that they will win game seven because I don't know can I can you tell me Ben's going. Give me another twenty one point game. Jimmy Butler has been their best player throughout the series with the exception of the first game. I believe game. Three. Would you say? Joel embiid. Okay. What about game too? When he went thirty when Jimmy Butler with thirty three and teen and then game four and five. He's been consistent route. We know Joel Embiid is the. Best player but in this series Jimmy has played the best. So I just can't put a whole lot. And like, you said get this kind of performance from Joel Embiid. He looked a lot more active last night. Didn't have great. You know, great numbers. What seventeen eighteen seventeen and twelve but a plus forty I don't know if I've ever seen that before have you ever seen a plus forty? I don't remember. It's a little bit of an anomaly, not sure really says much but go plus forty they were plus forty on the core mine of twenty nine when he was off the court. This game wasn't as close at the final score would indicate skip. So. Watching this game last night. Philly front run a little bit a couple of shots go in and they started going bonkers. And Steve was telling me listen to the sound. They had a big lead Toronto cuts into it. And all of a sudden fans are booing. Yeah. I believe it will be a different situation this time around. I believe Toronto wick wa and they have a lot of guys have game seven experiencing. I think that's gonna come in. You know that game seven that can y you know, an NBA finals Danny Green's been game seven of power, Saul has been Marcus all games. So I like Toronto to win that game game seven going to face the Milwaukee Bucks. So I picked the Sixers going into the series, excuse me throat. I will use that if you'll get this from savannah, stay after about half some of that. But you'll be real smart. Skip you, buddy. I've actually got hairspray my mouth. I hope it's not my fault. A little bit machines belt. It was. Thank you. I picked the Sixers going in. I'm sticking with the Sixers in game seven. Because I'm gonna say this one more time, I do not trust number two. Biggest situations. If this game is close into the fourth quarter as I think it will be number two will fade. We saw him fade late in game three and we saw him fade in different ways in game four even though in game four he did hit a big shot at the end over the Walking Dead. That was Joel Embiid after he got that switch to me, the raptors at heart are still the raptors the new demar derozen is number two now has stopped. Its hey, the north and we'll see how he responds under huge home game seven pressure in his new digs. He wanted out where he was often a complimentary star instead owner jaded, he under underappreciated any. Okay. Well, we'll see how that goes. And I'm sticking with the Sixers because I think we saw again last night there just the better team. They are definitely the mentally tougher team. When. When they wanna be when they need to be when they come out with fire in their eyes and in their stomachs and last night. They did they got pushed back to all. And I think they'll still be backs to wall when they go back to Toronto for game seven where they did win game too. So it's not like this has been strictly home in home. And last night to me was a tour to force of just how dominating this team can be win. It feels like why did it feel like it? I guess just because it got humiliated. It got shamed. It got heavily criticised over the last forty eight hours, and it said, okay, watch this. And when this team says watch this this team is good enough to beat the bucks in the next round against got to win game seven. It is it's good enough to beat the bucks because it has that much star power and firepower at the top. So what did we see last night, obviously as you point out? Jimmy Butler is just a cold blooded killer. Jimmy Butler will will his team to crucial wins because he demands of his teammates that they raise their games to his level. And he did it again last night with nineteen points in the first half that set the tone. He wasn't that great in the second half because he didn't really need. Need to be because other guys began to rise and shine and what about bin Simmons? You have been highly critical, and you should have been highly critical. I have no issue at that. Because he deserved all of your criticism in last night when his button was pushed don't ask me. How why? But button got pushed he was dumb Nateing last night. He is six feet ten inches tall in his Brett Brown said yesterday at the shoot around to Brett Brown. He's the fastest player. He's ever seen on a basketball court because it sixteen he's got long strides. And once he gets unleashed in any breakaway situation. He puts so much heat on the defense because he gets there so fast and either kicks it to somebody because he can he can pass. It got a great I or he can just beat you to the rim and get again, we know he didn't have much shot. But but if he gets to the rim somewhere close to the rim, the ball's going in the rim, and he's gonna shoot a high percentage made nine of thirteen shots last night all over the paints. Okay. But I'm saying, but if he gets. Is there? I yes, he's gonna score prior to last night. He had average twenty eight points over the last three games. He had one last night. Okay. The question of Toronto be able to keep him out of the paint. Like, they did the previous three games. I believe they will. Yeah. Are you are you willing to trust? What you saw last night from the Sixers going to trust that. Yes, I'm going to trust that when push comes to shove, and again now we get down to the bottom. Bottom line for the Philadelphia. Seventy sixers. When Joel Embiid inexplicably feels like it. He's easily the best player on the floor in this series. Because he's the best player in the east post LeBron, and he he's on his way to becoming one of the best big men ever. And we didn't see it in the first half last night because he basically walked through the first half. And then I don't know what happened in the third quarter. But something special happened in the third quarter because he started to either recover from his many viruses that he's had or maybe his knees just uncritical little bit. Maybe they started to feel a little better, maybe his meds kicked in. I have no idea. What happened? But something happened to Joel Embiid and the third quarter because that was a tour to force just in the quarter, ten points, six rebounds in I don't know if you happen to catch this, but he blocked two shots late in that quarter. Oh, yeah. We don't don't everybody. Okay. Can can we maybe those two shots? I don't know the two shots. That got. Did you see that? That's a body bag is he still alive. Did they have to pay the ball going up? Any did he? Little get that stuff out of here. Messages messages said he made number two look small he told number two. You don't belong in this paint. I own this. You remember Sunday? He don't don't everybody just dunked on. Nobody everybody. Nobody. They just watched him. Okay. Mike, Scott, come on gay. He got Embiid got some of that room. You know, I it just struck me last night number two feelings might have been so hurt by those two blocks. He might need a day off on Sunday. This one out. We sure we he's he's capable just saying, I just I'm aching my. I heard you hope you hope that's what the case may be. But I don't believe I believe you'll see a virtuoso. I believe you're gonna see something special. I don't see what. Yeah. Yes. You have you saw Sunday. For free. Did you see living twelve last night? I work. I why make them mega. So guess what? That's what's going to happen. Well, I mean for Toronto you fought all year. And this is what you'd hoped that? If a game it gets game seven it's going to be in our building. And they got the team granted, we know what it at Joel Embiid and Jimmy Butler, and Ben Simmons Tobias Harris. Yes. But we have yet to see them play really well consistently. Yeah. Jimmy Butler is being consistent for the most part. But we haven't seen that consistency consistency. From Ben Simmons nor Tobias airs, and I guess that seventy two hour blog that Joel Embiid had maybe pep toy KO. I I don't know. He said he felt better. He looked a little better in the second half. Now, we get an opportunity to see what's going to buy. So I know we got some do on this. I don't we got you this with well. I know I got six points because that's. We're not doing that. Why not doing it? No. That's what Vegas told me. You told me that the Sixers are the better team. Yeah. So why would I give six months to the better team because Vegas told you too much conviction? You have a number two. I am conveyed. You have faith big. Yeah. Yup. The new Dhamar Rosen. They call it. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Do they call him the hill? Yes. Well to me, they call him the Claude. He got clawed last night by Embiid. He go to liberal. I guarantee he delivered around evil. Yes. So we got two cases, right? No. We don't we got six nap points for one. It's your teen jump band wagons. You use it you love the Sixers all year long. And all sudden, you don't love him because I don't love number two. And now you love that band. I know at were, of course. Okay. You so how'd you Joel Embiid missed like what ten of the last eleven games in the regular season? He missed a game in the first round of the playoffs. He's been herky-jerky in this. I can't be I can't put no faith in that. I can okay with this team who needs to be pushed to the brink in our sponsors. So it's to the brink in your team your new team in your betting on the wrong horse again. Your teen has demons home game seven deem as this team has come up small and failed that city repeatedly. And now it has a chance with the new star to break through and do something it has not done. That's why they got it. That's why they were willing to mortgage fig about what they gave up the Gable demar derozen who wanted to be there. When no other free agents wanted to come more stay there. Chris Bosh left Benz Carter left, Tracy McGrady left. He was the only star. And that wanted to be there and yell and they traded him for an opportunity there. No assurance. There's no guarantee that who is going to stay. But they say, you know, what to for an opportunity just to have that board year. Yeah. Who knows what could happen? This is why Gotti. So you go move heaven and earth to get a guy like that watch. What happens on Sunday? There's no question in my mind. Oh, well, then give me six be. Well. What do you mean? No question in your mind. No, then put your money where your mouth. I try to get you to give me a bit the other day. Give me twenty four. I bet they won't be up about twenty. But I gave it to you. Then you Bamut accepted with such conviction. You said when I'm scared. You're scared. That's what you do. Okay. To one. But don't come crying to me. Because right up straight on. Let's go. Six and a half dog. Yep. That's what you feel like oh, Monday, picking the Sixers. So it's a question of who who are the Sixers are they the ones in in game five that fell behind by forty points in the fourth quarter. Or are they the team last night back home that that had our twenty four point lead in the fourth quarter before winning by only eleven but it was much worse. Do you think let that happen in his building laddy will have that glow? Who start glowing who's the mass? Okay. I'm gonna do you huge favor. I'm gonna just hand you another case back. I will take four and a half points. You do I made a huge. I'd want to have three and a half. You got the crab no ham, claw and a half four and a half year and a half going once going twice go. Oh, come on. Oh, my t Joel Embiid is the new beef to ease. I layer each like a game every night my ri- Jimmy Jimmy bullet if mentally way more mentally than number two. We'll he is. Okay. Well, that's the best player is twenty one to two one two two one two is actually number Lau better player than Joel. I got this four and a half. You'll you'll do that. I'm good come on. Claw? You got the best way layer in basketball. Look it out. Oh, we got a bunch of guys surgery Baca played three game seven market, Saul three three any green y'all Jimmy Butler played at one game. So I got no experience. Amir johnson. Play the two JJ ready has played them. Find. Okay, you J J J continue to hot shooting. He is not hot shooting made three out of ten threes. That wasn't that. Great team. Didn't he made a contribution? Yeah. He showed up. Ben Simmons showed up you believe that in the game seven. Game seven is when legends of me, come on four and a half. That's all I just conceded two and a half point to you got the better team. You got Joel Embiid who's the beast of east Jimmy Butler and all star Ben Simmons all-star, you got a great human JJ Rennick. Why you were a little measly points for me. Give me straight up. My best players got West Nile. What about you? You tell me in the fourth quarter has he's always. Okay. So straight up skip. I'll think about it. It's four and a half because I just been seated. Jeez. You guys. Cuts across scared. Just going to end it like that. We can't come to an agreement. We got a couple of the show progresses. He'll lose start feeling good about himself. Like, I'm up thirty four cases. What the heck is two cases. Come on. You got Nick nurse on your side. He's got experience. He's been there and done all this. What are you doing? Would it be? I know you got Brett Brown. Yeah. Oh spurt. He's been a pop in so many games, and he might be back with pot next year. Though, he said I knew early on it shoot around that this team was gonna come play. It's just whether or not they do it again. Dinosaurs. Ricks? We got this. Get me a wig your corn rule re a Monday, really. To jersey him. All right. Looking forward to seeing that we got a lot to talk about before that one the warriors. Will they win tonight without K D? We'll talk about his injury next. Oh, forget you. Can check us out every day and the FOX channel exam. Stressful games are exhausting with the expert help from our friends at mattress firm. You'll find a new bed you can slip into after being on the edge of your seat. Plus right now, you can get a king bed for a Queen price or a Queen for twin price for savings up to seven hundred dollars during mattress firm's Memorial Day sale. It's easy to sleep like one of the pros. Shop now at mattressfirm dot com slash sale. For one of the best deals around upgrading your mattress. We'll have you sleeping like one of the pros. Get a king bed for a Queen price or a Queen for twin price for savings of up to seven hundred dollars. Shop the Memorial Day sale online now at mattressfirm dot com slash sale. It's one of the best deals around. Kevin Durant is out for the rest of the series against the rockets. The team announced he suffered a mild calf strain, and we'll be reevaluated next week despite the loss of Katie Steve Kerr, still said. The team is in a great spot with game six tonight in Houston. Let's take a listen to more of Kerr on Durant. Yeah. I think it's good news. You know, calf strain. He's had them before he's responded. Well, and obviously we're disappointed. He won't be able to play you know in the series. But. For able to win the series and move on looks good for for his return. You know in the not too distant future. Well, just find somebody on the bench. You can give us thirty five points. Two blocks and eleven boards and nine assists. He's been the best player in the NBA games in the playoffs. He's been phenomenal. And so. It's obviously a huge loss. But our team has confidence. Trust each other. They've won championships together. So we come out, and we give it our best shot. All right. We'll luck. It could have been worse, Shannon. Now that we know Katie is out at least for now who win this series of it with Golden State's give they take in seven. Would. I be surprised, but I'd be shot. Golden State won game six no knowing how James harden likes to pull a disappearing that for that series progresses. The bigger. The more meaningful the game are no I wouldn't be shocked because I think when we look at this Golden State team, we get so admired, and rightfully so we'd Kevin Durant and his what he can do as a Steve Kerr mention these averaging thirty five points a game, and he's doing it in a very efficient manner shooting. Fifty three percent from the floor forty plus percent from three point land ninety percent from the free throw line. We've never ever seen this before in a playoff. So this is what he's doing. So we know what he represents give. But if you go back and look at it for their five starters have won a championship without without K D, man, if you look at the first year they won that championship when they figured it out when they inserted Iggy. The starting bigeye was bogut. So I'll believe covari looney in the bed off the player that Andrew bogut now. Maybe he doesn't protect the real is will this year as they bogut dead back then skip, but he the bed office weapon and step will be more gritted, the LA be more aggressive. Draymond you see when when when Katie went out, you see the notion that a Draymond started playing when he hit that big three started grabbing all these boards the ball will move. So you have a great luxury K D because when things go in basket, we can just dump it down to it. Big filling. Go do what you do. And we got to we got three. Are we got an one three point of the hard? Yeah. I'm arrive with the rockets, but they no way I'm picking team in a game. Seven on the road against the warriors. Jane hard who up without the best player on the planet. James hard comes up smaller than many me and Chris Paul who he got cement blocks on his feet a tab. Oh, no not in the game seven on the road. But I will take the night against my Bevan judgment knowing what I've seen from James harden in game six in very building. With the best player out Cooper was out for the Spurs and lose by one hundred seventeen points. I saw Chris Paul last couple of games. I saw what he did. No, no. I'm not thinking of the game seven, but I'm gonna take them tonight's but awards win this series and seven. Way. Cain. Chris Paul take his state farm agent on the floor with him to get him out of trouble. Does he's always there for me lives with them, right? And things go wrong. And if you could take him out on the floor. He could say, Chris, I got this. Right. Well, maybe you bring cliff maybe cliff a little less injured had little left wear and tear on his bite, and he might be better than Chris Chris has been playing like he is clear. That's what he's doing. So I am picking the Rockettes tonight in game seven only only because I picked before the series. I don't flip like other people. I know. I don't flip. I this ever from the joke. But there have been other moments on this show. Okay. Maybe wrapping maybe a couple of times. I would not bet a drop of do on either of these games. If in fact, there are two games because I'm with you. I will not at all be surprised certainly not shocked if Golden State just goes in there and does what it did on March thirteenth, which we don't eat. Kevin durant? We got this one right here. So I'm with you. I was ashamed. Four James harden. The way he disappeared the other night after K D had gone out late in the third quarter because that was an all time disappearing act. Yes, it wasn't that he went down in flames. As in went over eight from three in the fourth quarter. As is want to do. He just said, no, I'm going to avoid that one tonight. So he just he truly disappeared. So tonight, his legacy is back on the line tonight. This game is all about James harden tonight. He has a chance to atone. He also has another. Huge opportunity to reinforce his reputation as a regular season wonder right because in Houston day that that slogan. Fear the beard. I think it starting to take on a negative connotation because they're smart basketball fans are sophisticated. They know what has been happening regularly to him in big playoff close out games. So they are fearing the beard for another negative reason. Like. No. So we we steer. Again. James harden in the playoffs goes from potential mount Rushmore in the regular season to mount rush- less like there's gotta be some mount rush- less out there. We're we're all the regular season wonders belong on that in the end. Right. Where you can't trust them. So what have we seen in these playoffs? Once again, this is why love the NBA and some people get worn out because their seven game series, but the beauty of the seven game series. Is it he reveals or exposes who you really off? That's what I love about. This tonight is a defining game for for a lot of players on the court for Chris Ball for Steph. Curry James harden, you make. Interesting points because the playoffs feeling all sports reveals who will all they do the deeper you get in a seven game had you played one and done when you're this is it, and that's going to reveal a lot too. But in these it's like you could have a big game in game two. But what are you going to do in game six and seven who are you who are you really do you have as I call it basketball backbone do James? I'm not sure because I don't have any proof that you have a basketball backbone win. It really matters the most. So you brought up one of the meltdowns but history meltdowns for James harden, twenty fifteen close at game at Golden State Western Conference finals, not a pretty sight. James harden, set the playoff record of twelve turnovers in a game. It's hard to have twelve turnovers in a game. But he did at Golden State. He shot two for eleven that night and over three from three the threes of the ones that always. Get him under pressure because he just loses. It he goes south. You mentioned twenty seven twenty seventeen game six it's at Houston. It's the closeout game six there's no Tony Parker. And no number two for San Antonio. And they lose by thirty nine points. How can you do that? James harden in that game total ten points. He had six turnovers he was a minus twenty eight and plus minus he shot two for eleven in two for nine from the three point line. It's just that's an all time meltdown and a lot of Hugh Stony in still haven't recovered from that game, right? Then about last year twenty eight teen. How 'bout no Chris Paul? But you're you're you lost him at the in game five, but you're up three to two with the game at Golden State. And then a game in your house a game seven. You're James harden. You're in the right. And you might even be MVP again this year. I don't know it's between him and Janas, but he's got a shot. Yes. He do. Okay. You're that guy. And what a James harden do. Those filed two games he shot six for twenty five from three point line six for twenty five. How about game seven at home? He shot two for thirteen from three in his playoff career in fourth quarters and overtimes James harden is to for sixteen from the three point line. It's just showing you again, and again, no, no, no, no can't live up can't live up can't live up to regularly. Say boy, boy, you got a hard head. And maybe I'm hardheaded. So against my better judgment. I'm gonna take the rockets in a game six I'm gonna say James harden snap out of this long game six especially in his building. And he will play really really well like I said against my better judgment because what is history showed me history of said in those who do not remember in study history of destined to repeat it. So I guess I'm get destined to be in the same boat. I was in a couple of years ago, we need fall down the stretch in a game six at home. But you know, K D I just can't believe how they lost that game. No K D you win that game against what's get this for the Western Conference should have been it. Should it be? I had it. Steph will be because here's the things get when Katie once they when Katya ride. I believe staff. Tolls. Look at brought you come here. You wanted to be you wanna take much Cohen. Although on the reigning MVP. I want unanimous go. Hey. It seems like they take very backseat decay de Stephan cly because like if I am I shooting too much because remember there's a reason why he roster right now because the guy that he played with he felt he shot too much and the ball didn't move enough. Am I shooting too much? So more tavern. Not they would defer to him. Yeah. Skip the moment. K D limp to the locker room you look Kerr's demeanor. You look at Klay Thompson demeanor. Oh, we ain't got anything to worry about ain't. Nobody is going to be worried about are. We taking too many shots Steffes quote about we're in the huddle right after K D limped off. Yes. And he said we were smiling at each other. And I didn't know how to interpret that except to me and it's easy to say in twenty twenty hindsight game back. But were they really smiling? Were they saying, okay, we got this. We don't really need him. We're not all about him. Because the narrative through the whole plow they go as he goes. And he. Went to the Lockwood. He knows because he said later also a katie's be cared throughout the entire to layoff. Which is because he had he hadn't been put up those forty three the nose Pippi's, the clippers might have got him. Because remember that close I game. He got fifty against the clipper. Yep. So I just believe that Steph will go back to being Steph. You'll be ultra-aggressive the ball will move Ripley Yardley on timely manner. The picks will be set better. And these guys look don't underestimate staying a in clay, you don't underestimate his warriors team. There's a reason why March thirteen at Houston Klay had thirty Steph at twenty four and one zero six to one zero four they obviously they were smiling not Katie got hurt. But they were like, you know, what they K D. We're not they got us about watch watch. What happened and then boom, boom, boo. Steph right away, go to work, then Klay all of a sudden goes right to work, office rebounds. So we go see James harden James wrote, this is about you much in in Vegas is just heaping pressure on James harden shoulders because it has the original point spread was seven and a half, seven and a half. Really? So they're just saying, no K D. No hope for Golden State, basically. Right. They do have in game. I wonder what the line went to one of Katie lipped off. I wonder what if you could abet being. Did Houston become a slight favorite. Yeah. So it's always going to be bare probably out to believe they would have scale. Okay. Especially if I'm not mistaken. They ended up taking Lee they took like a one or two point lead. The rockets did took a one point lead. Yeah, right away. Thanks to James harden. He made a shot floater. They gave their first one point lead. There have been a lot of great regular season players. But if you want to be remembered. Yeah, if you want to be talked about twenty thirty years now. Yep. Play willing to play offs. Okay in it is all about James because I just don't expect that much from Chris Paul. I've been critical of him in the past when when he was more in his prime I used to call him CP zero as in zero rings because he was revered another as a regular season star in. If I go back to his early days in New Orleans when they used to play the Spurs and the ploughs the Spurs were scared to death of Chris Paul because he had that bulldog mentality a little bit. Aiko he'd go a little bit over the edge of the gray area. But he could score at will at about six feet tall. He can't do that anymore. So I'm not sure his legacies on the line because I don't know that we can expect him to do what we expect James harden to you for a long time. He was the best player on that New Orleans team. He won't you know, at the best player superstar, you get more accountability. You get more of the blame when things don't go. Well, yeah, this is all about Dave heart. This is all about hard because you can't put up those historic numbers in which he picked a put up and then come up small in the playoff. No, no give if he'd avenue just say because either superstar if he'd average twenty seven points a game and they position, but you every thirty six and you go, and you have five six seven games, and what you scored seventy points. You have three or four games you go sixty and you go thirty two straight games. Only wilt has more consecutive thirty point games. You do that. And then come off mall in this moment, you live. Now, you're not getting over that. Because guess what no matter what he does. Look LeBron the Brian is going to so many finals since what happened in Dallas. He's played so well, but we always go back. Nope. We ain't a week you LeBron critics in haters always go back, but you know, how small I've never ever seen a superstar come up so small. That's what you always predict. That's gonna come up very soon on this show right now like as we speak. It's about come up again. Yeah. It's about to come up. You'll see you'll see two but to finish off. James harden? Another legacy is on the line for the visiting team. And that is Steph Currys, and I've demonstrated to you many times he's come up even smaller than he is in a lot of big playoff moments. Well, not the other night not at home because once Kevin left Steph. Curry went crazy, crazy great. He took the game. Over he scored fifteen points down the sixteen points down the stretch and save the game and the series for Golden State because Houston should have won it. And Steph did win it in clay was pretty good too. But tonight at Houston is a big step night. Because I think we're back to the seventy three and nine Golden State Warriors. We're back to the two time to straight year MVP Steph curry what you got. Well, I think he's got a lot. I think he's gonna play with supreme confidence whereabout allies guarantee. Moakley? Remember when they were down one and that game six, okay? See would he dropped Levin? Three on the head win for forty. He's capable now. You can go nuclear that. Do can do it. Nobody can get as hot as late. Well, we saw. Early in the game the other night, he might five six shot. Okay. So I like it you US how you about these playoff defining moment. Neil. About to see something tonight. This is going to be the James harden game for better or for worse. The Lakers have had some defining moments lately, maybe some forget, but here's the thing. They're still without a head coach Tyler rejected their offer earlier this week, which has LA looking for other options. The Lakers are expected to interview Frank Vogel, but our friend Rick Bucur tweeted, the Jason Kidd should be the top choice. Bucur said about kid quote. There isn't another coach available to the Lakers who has LeBron respect and has developed young talents and their skills and trust so Shannon. Do you agree that kid would be a good fit believe you be a good fit? And he may be the only in the best skip. The thing is with the bra. Lebron knows how difficult it is to win in this league into win championships. So Jason Kidd will already have had that. Now, Lanta hall is another guy. That's being mentioned. He did when championship with the Portland trailblazers back in seventy seven. And he was on that triple team out. Bogle? We know what his exploits were in Indiana. He got running into LeBron led teams in Miami. And in Cleveland. Lebron also respect coaches that have one sees the game thinkers, that's what Jason Kidd was Jason Kidd thinker. I don't know if he had the greatest office of talent skip. But if I'm not mistaken, he's second in all time. He the very unselfish player Ron played with him in the two thousand eight Olympics. Yep. Bear very high lev him thought highly of him when he was a coach of the nets. So I think he comes in will garner a lot of respect because he played the game. He played the game with a high level, and he won many high level. He also, I think that's something to be said for that. But this process going completely off the rails invisible. What happens when you have people in positions that they're unqualified to be in Linden, Kurt Rambis? I'm sorry. They can be good friend that could be closed. They want to genie balls, but the unqualified with this, rob Lincoln. He's unqualified. He only got that job because we know what? And then genie. Had jeans Kobe combing. Yeah. Head genie cut her teat under her day on that side of it marketing and sponsorships are not the same things. They're not even in the same building the football. People are at one place that does valley. The the other side the marketing and the sponsorships they're down at the stadium. So is two different areas. And we thought gym was terrible with doing a terrible job. Gene must be twin. You like, Jim? I could do you one better. I can do worse than you. And nobody thought someone could come in and be worse than jimbo's genius proven. Everybody be allowed like I got this whole magic genie. I'm worse than my brother. This is all, you know, this is I wouldn't be surprised if they go into June without a head coach, absolutely not. So back to Jason Kidd. Our man Rick Bucur reported or I think it was really an educated opinion that you wrote that LeBron would have respect for Jason Kidd of these candidates remaining. He'd have the most respect for Jason Kidd. I'm here to ask a big question. Does Jason Kidd have deep respect for LeBron James because I'm not sure about that. In fact, I have big doubts about that. And by the way, this is going to bring back up twenty eleven the epic fail the meltdown by the superstar LeBron James and his first go round with Dwayne Wade in the heat. On the other team starting point guard. He played thirty six minutes a night was Jason Kidd. So Jason Kidd witnessed up close and personal the melting down of LeBron James. So he saw that. And I'm going to remind everybody that Jason Kidd is a tough guy. And he is a specially demanding on the defensive end. And so what happened he coached his first go around as a head coach with Brooklyn the net, and they have jersey jersey, but it was forty four and thirty eight that year, and they they had a big first round win. They wanna play off series. And then he actually got traded to the bucks for two second round picks. Will why did the nets won wanna get rid of him? At that point. Why did they accept the trade because he was demanding more and more power inside the organization he wanted far more input into personnel decisions. And he finally ru-. Too many people raw above him in the organization. So they're like, good riddance. We will try June get two second round picks back. Well, is that the right guy for genie buses operation? She wants no part of that Kurt Rambis ones zero part of that. We're probably not skip because they like a guy like Newt Walden lose game power. No, I know and he's like best buddies with genie. So so it's all field. Son, Bill Krief in like, a son. So Jason Kidd in Milwaukee was hard on the young players. So that he's going to be really hard on these young players, and he was especially hard on everybody on the defensive in. Well, as we all know, and I don't shame and blame him for this. But LeBron is the inner city seventeenth year. He just can't lock down on the defensive end the way he used to he has to concentrate on orchestrating the offense of in. Well, trust me, Jason kids, not going to sit still on the bench for that last. Lebron, you know, we know you do I don't think Jason Kidd is built that way. Lebron's not anymore. He's not running a lot anymore. He more airy cover some ground. Okay. Rome, disrupt. Okay. I got it. But Jason Kidd is a stickler for for textbook defense connected defense, and he's just not he will hold LeBron's feet to the fire on the defensive in. Lebron is going to he's not gonna love that kid. Against that. What Jason Kidd was trying to get the young remote. You said young guys LeBron going in the year seventeen. What guy you know, cheering you're seventeen guys can't play like that and Jordan join complain. Oh, D like that. Skipping your thirteen and fourteen about year, fourteen and fourteen he couldn't you can't sit in that chair like that. But when he was LeBron's age last year in Chicago, he was first team all defense that would your twelve that way. Wale also page thirty four, but what you already say the bride at this point has played three to quibble with three more themes than Michael Jordan at this point. So I think the thing is as a coat you have. Okay. This what I wanna do this? I'm going to do it. But you know, what you got players. Let's say for the sake of argument coach Bill steps aside and someone outside of Josh mcdaniels not that job. Yeah. They not going to say a Brady routine radio. You do what you do if the been served you wail LeBron keep doing what you do the big dichotomy difference in what you're talking about is bell. Check just coaches defense. He doesn't have much to do with offense. So in this case, it's both like Jason Kidd would coach both ends of the thing. Coach Belichick the advantage that he give Tom Brady him being the mind that he of one of the greatest mind he gives detail Tom, Tom, this is how I would Tang that formation now. Visit if you did this this what I'm so. That's why. Great got a great mind. But now, we got two miles. Yeah. Old Jason Kidd, Jason Kidd, had a great mind scale Diddy. I mean, he like the brain they call them in the brain. I dunno. Jason's in the ballpark. Eighty ballpoint buddy selling peanuts and cracker. Jack guy the play Monday. Hit a home run, really guys. Not in the playoffs. Yeah. Go keep doing local. Okay. Skip. Well, not at the plate. He's he's at the studio. Right. Right. Because because of the chaos going on Lakers. Okay now for one other made for Lakers curveball. I would like to toss into this land nece so yesterday interesting quote from the Commissioner, Adam silver, and I'm going to read it very quickly. He said the goal is going forward. It should be roughly fifty fifty of the new officials are referees entering the league should be female. He said same for coaches, by the way, so fifty fifty of all the new coaches coming into the league should be female last quote from Adam silver. There's no reason why women shouldn't be coaching men's basketball. So who is the most prominent female assistant as we speak. It's the one named Becky Hammon. And there's one other one with the wizard who is that Christie toddler was with yoga this year. But this year Becky Hammond, graduated actually from the back row of assistance to sitting right next to the catbird Kabards seat. And again, I watch every Spurs game in the last couple years. She didn't really participate in the sideline Huns this year. She was she was talking a lot line huddles. So is she on the verge? Maybe so who is running the Lakers as we speak genie bus and Linda Rambo's both of. Them are female. So is it possible that Adam silver who trust me is having input into this situation? He's trying to monitor it from afar, but he will often suggest owners maybe you should think about this. Or that? Would he suggests that they think about hiring a female coach? Yes, Viggo do it. You don't want to be in that situation. Is it just too big a circus for? Yeah. Would it not be the all-time epicenter of the NBA universe? If Becky Hammond was the new head coach the Lakers coaching LeBron James in his seventeenth year. It would be something. But again in that circumstance, LeBron could then become the co coach for sure I mean, he would just have all the everybody goes say he wouldn't do that to a man if that was a man the Bronwyn do then he would do it to a first time head coach skip you remember what he did air supposed to the court quake boat. Let him know hold up. Don't talk to me sideways. Well, just me I have a lotta respect for Beckingham. Because she did it's all the way back in two thousand fifteen but pop asked her to coach these summer leads ver- summer league team, and they won the championship. So I think she's got game. I think she could do this is this too crazy and big for. Almost would fit in with with what's happening. It's almost like the the predictable conclusion all this would be Becky Hammon would be the head coach. I hadn't thought about skipping. I don't hate it. No, no, no Becky with move opportunities. Right about that. It's more. The lakers. Is anyone going to be at this point? Do you on this job that they have going on? But it's just intriguing that two women are running the Lakers. And by the way, we have some other female owners just quickly. There's gale Benson who after husband took over pelicans. And Anna cronk is is running the nuggets because her husband runs the Rams. So so he's she's taken that over and then Gail Miller in Utah. Yeah. Her husband is passed. So anyway, so they're not. From from Adam silver yesterday. How we want fifty fifty. I mean, this this is his 'cause this is what he is pushing for he wants female representation among his referees, and his coaches where they NBA really really high when it comes the equality. Do they both as far as I know my? Minority or women and lacks in you know, different John than that. And. Yeah, I mean, I love out himself. He well. He wants to be his legacy when he leaves his job. He wants to have achieved this kind of fifty fifty representation Becky can hold around with pop maybe could hold her own layers. There's truth to that. If she can get through that poppy pop is not like that. Pop pop is different. He would be hard to work with. Oh, he's gonna be hard. But he's not going to be hard. I don't believe he's hard with her like he would mail other says what about you? He he'd been on the he'd been on the front row eagle. He may. I love him stud. I don't know why no one has made a run. I don't know. Why? Yeah. Mr Lee meal meal, knee alone. Yeah. That'd be famous. We're going to. Can hold his own to Dell. Because the guy just keeps talking about his new team. Lots to say about long, we'll discuss. Ways. Core pool is not a bus ways. Core pool is not a taxi ways. Core pool is not the metro in DC writers ways. Core pool is not a slug line. What is ways carpool and new app lets neighbors co workers and fellow commuters ride together to work and home fast. Drivers say Hello to that express lane and get reimbursed for gas riders getting affordable commute and help. Save the planet and carpoolers get to know their neighbors and co workers a little bit better and ways core pool is smart. Not only does it match you with people who are going your way it connects you with people who you'd actually wanna ride with. So you can commute smarter with no headaches people if you use ways already, you know, it's built by a community to give you the best traffic pitcher in real time. All the time ways, corporal phones with the same high quality standards and efficiency down though, the ways corP app today to catch a ride or give a ride to work or home ride together with ways carpool. Junior hasn't been a Cleveland Brown for that long. But he's already making headlines. Odell told G Q recently that he planned on being in Cleveland for the next five years and turning them into a dynasty like the patriots. Well, yesterday Odell clarified his comments on Instagram writing, quote, never meant the Browns are the new patriots or going to be the new patriots. I just have great respect for what they've done. But definitely recognize the work that has to be done to get there. Shannon. Does Odell have a point. No. No. You know, what give you with the Vanderbilt when Harvard of the south, I would SS you which is the Harvard or the HVAC you. So we both very well educated. Now, I didn't graduate Magna cum laude skill. I graduated coom didn't make it to. But God graduated. Thank you. I graduated. Thank you lot of June. But this is what he said in g Kuskinka I plan on being here for the next five years. Trying to bring his Minna championship there as possible turning the Browns into the new pages. What about miss I read? Well, usually, I read that statement here, very well highly impressed comprehend even skip. What did I miss? I'm not saying we're gonna be turning the Browns into the new patriots. And then he said, we didn't read it read that party. What player wouldn't want to be like the patriots you because I'm kind of thing. The everybody says I want to win the patriots. But are you willing to sacrifice what the patriots players? Do. You. See the old adage just give everybody wants to go to heaven. Nobody wants to die. Everybody wants to win the patriots. But nobody wants to sacrifice tell minute time. You saw. Julia nettleton act light. O'day on the sideline would he didn't. Catch a pass the time. You saw gronk do it those running when they don't get fifty fifteen cares in a game. Good point. Tell me the time you saw Julian element of gronk or anyone go on vacation before a playoff game didn't turn out. So well, no, you see he talks about that. Oh, easy. That's the easy part is talking about it the sacrifices that those players make very few players are willing to make those sacrifices because if you did you might have a little bit more success. So only missed me with all that broad talk about you wanna sacrifice. No, you don't you wanna get your numbers? Think about it. L might catch fire passes one week. He might catch one the mixed. Yeah. The guys might get twenty carries. They might get five. Nobody says a word because at the end of the day is about winning championships. Yep. There's no doubt in my mind. He wants to win a championship. But he wants to win that championship. His way. His way if the hundred and five catches fourteen hundred yards and thirteen to fifteen touchdowns. And if I can win a championship like that. Now, we're good. I ain't trying to win championship catching fifty passes. You see that's the thing. Elleman dunes elements says you know, what the sacrifices here. I catch one plas. I do a great job blocking. I open it up for someone else to have success. And then down the road, my time come haven't figured that out yet. But okay. Quick point of clarification before I launch you got it backwards. Harvard is the Vanderbilt of the north. Harvard is the Vanderbilt of the north that's the truth. But if you feel the you know, the Harvard ABC that'd be told. Yeah. Yeah. Did you make it to commencement? I hope so. I won't you want. Yes. Any all the parents of these graduates? Please stand up my brother's up. Okay. He'd been taking care of we take. Well, that's nice. So he made it your commencement. He made it. He made it. Now back to our man. Odell. I'm going to put this back in perspective. Because this is what I believe happened. Remember Odell was back in his former city New York City at a huge gala event met gala and his feelings had been rubbed raw by the fact that his team is former team had dumped him and send him packing to Cleveland as he calls it out there. Yes, exactly. Where is that? So sure when G Q started interviewing him, it's like childish wounded pride talking. You're gonna say, oh, well, I got a much better situation now because I've joined the new patriots. Yes, right. That's what he's trying to tell you. I'm much better off. Now, I don't need these. Plus, I'm more happy. He's never been happy to he's never been this happy. So it started there. And then it just ran off the rails because what he proceeded to do whether he knew it or not was he painted an even bigger target on the backs of all of his new teammates. We're the new patriots. Now, one of his new teammates can stand up under that kind of pressure and expectation and that is the quarterback. So when he went to the new Brett farve is Baker Mayfield Baker will be just fine with that. Because they probably believes in his heart arts, I'll I'm going to be better than that's how he operates. So that won't crush him. But they're going to be other teammates who under the scrutiny in the new expectations of the new patriots. They're going to hear this all year. It's going to be come a negative mantra for this team. But you're the new patriots. That's what Dell said he's your new leader. Right. New patriots. And by the way, it's week eight Tober twenty seventh at Foxboro they get to play the old patriot Newbridge replay the old pigeon. You gotta work out now. And do you think the patriots quarterback won't have that stuck in his craw? That oh, these are the how he gets. He just goes a little psycho. When things like this get said about his team. So the point is that that Adele is saying I always aspire to be great. So he considers himself. Great. And he's had stretches of great Ness. We've seen the potential greatness in started on in that first year on that fateful night. Yeah. And he made the greatest catching the his. History of catches on used car car. But but again, losing their losing effort and he's actually out of that game for while. Then he came back, but they lost in the point is if you're that good, if you're that great, then you rise above what any nobody would say about you on the internet will this is all in response to all the abuse took from quote, unquote, nobody's on the internet. So is he not a prisoner of victim of reading his responses on all of his social media platforms because that's why he responded this way. He's trying to clarify and he completely backed off new patriots. And he's trying to put it in the context of why shouldn't I wanna be the patriots wouldn't everybody willing to sacrifice those Sacramento? Great. So he didn't say in the first quote that you read he didn't say we wanna be the payments. He said, we are we are the new patriots. And he obviously hadn't he hadn't even set foot in Cleveland yet to speak hadn't really worked out with the team yet. And he's not played a single down a football for the Cleveland Browns. But you're already proclaiming your new team. The new patriots question. What do you think would happen if an element or gronkowski oil HOGAN or an amendola would have all of a sudden they don't have the amount of targets that they thought they should have. And they sling the helmet on the sideline or they kick the kicking men or they just act the fool on the side. What do you think coach Belichick, but gang coach midtech? What the hell you think Tom Brady going to? They just won't stand for it. No, no matter how good you are. You're going to be gone seriously. How would he handle? Could you know, what he did that because he knew he could get away with you not put you don't see look at your Seco high. He behave when he got there compared to what how he behaved when he was in fifth netted. Yeah. Look at Randy malls. How he'd be? Hey there compared to how he did in Minnesota and in Oakland and remember at the end when Randy began to misbehave even a little bit. You gotta go out. They they'll give them like, you know, what you gotta clean slate here as the Hanes worth. We don't you worry about going to take take. He don't follow with nobody. I know he gets you about it. If you're not doing your job. But see that's the thing. Everybody talking about. Oh, I wanna win. I wanna win. Yeah. But you wanna win your way. Yeah. You'll wave audibles getting out of yard touchdown. They say, okay. Do you rings had just died Tom Brady? Yep. And the guy has just admitted rings. Dominated ring his wrong. That's what these guys don't understand. There's a price to be paid for success January February return, which is the Super Bowl must be paid on a daily basis must be and I don't know if these guys are willing to do it. I definitely went on the sideline. That's not sacrifice. Remember bell? Check did let gronk get away with a lot of frat boy behavior off the field after out let that go because according to all their nobody practiced harder. And nobody knew the offense better than gronkowski believe in Tom Brady believed in gronkowski's football idea. He trusted his instincts to be where he is supposed to be when he's supposed to be there. No help. But if he five now, he doesn't do that Joey no money thrown. No helmet. No tell you what I was gonna Michelle. I won't Michelle. You know, what I supposed to get thirty touches and come out in the press carbon say, I. More touches. What do they go have with? Well, he just won't they draft him because he was a really good kid at Georgia. And he did he did more catching the job with the big magnet Kamrul. Of course. I agree. Like these guys here every time about Odell. I think about Freddie kitchens and the Brasher he needs to set some high standards you quickly and remember. What Freddie kitchens response? West Adele, verse Alba stop. We didn't do you know what last year we didn't win. Anything finished third in the division. I don't know. All of this stuff is coming from. It's coming from this perfect match. Guess what they do? Then finish third into his last. Getting a playoff match goes name perfect. Oh, perfect match the Browns accomplish anything. Let's see what they can do put them together. We're gonna talk about a different game will the Sixers. Find a way to beat number two and the raptors game seven. Actually, maybe we'll have a bet from these. While the Sixers state alive last night with a blow at win at home against the raptors Philly got huge contributions from all three of their stars to be Butler had a team high twenty five points and drill and beat them bounce back after struggling in the series and bead and seventeen and twelve Simmons at a twenty one points game seven we'll be Sunday back in Toronto joined by episode one and be a analysts Chris Broussard, Chris you said it when you got out here, they stay alive. But who do you got game seven? Will you guys know pick Toronto six, but I'm going to stay with them in seven. This was the tough you guys know when you pick you obviously wanna pull for your pick. But this was the rare occasion where I picked Toronto. But I really am kind of pulling for Philly. Just they're more exciting there. No more exciting worry if they get to the next round. Yeah. That'll be a more exciting series. So. Philly show me something last night too. Because every everything was pointing to them just laying down in was getting tons of criticism. And rightly so been Simmons same thing and rightly so and they both showed up in beat wasn't tremendous offense of the, but he's been pretty good defensively in the whole series. And so I thought he showed the obviously Jimmy Butler. It's been great. But all that said, I do think Toronto wins it. I'm gonna trust in why? And. With. I don't know why. But I believe Toronto rest on their laurels at times. I think they get complacent game one against Orlando. They're thinking we're going to destroy it is they lose. I think after blowing out Philly and game one. They let your foot off the gas find themselves down to one I think last night they thinking we got this. This is over Phillies about to lay down, and obviously they get hammered. So in Toronto, I know that Kraus's going to be going crazy. They really believe one. They got a chance to win a championship. You know, all these teams now Katie because we'll see if he gets back mix series if they advanced so they they're going to be rowdy, and they're going to try to impress Kawai to even more. And so I think it's going to be a great atmosphere. I'm going with the north took Toronto. I'm taking Toronto with you. Chris the thing that concern me they played like they played game. Six like, we got game seven building we good. So even if. If we lose this. When we go in home, and I don't like that. So they ain't no guarantee you never know you stepped on a string camp away. Something happened lost twice. Yeah. If something happens to wise over so if you can take care of business a game early. You take care of that you you do all that. But like, you I have the utmost confidence most fate. They call him the gospel. Matthew, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John gawk wind? Call. Yes, he go to deliver straight blast. I know you wanna talk about these free throw if we can get laid to the board quarter. He'll crumble won't twenty two years old only a one person one final VP young than that. And that's urban Magic Johnson one in his rookie year twenty and again a year late two years later at twenty two. So I'm ask you one more time. If you have that much space faith in your man, if you're just spitting faith, you're just coming out there. You're losing fame in number to give me the six and a half. It'll be dude. It's why not that shows a lack of faith. That's just the super. That's that's all that is. Because you you're talking like it's going to be fifteen or twenty point. Oh, don't remember the last time there in Toronto they fell behind by forty six Sixers did in the fourth quarter down forty point. Would you do think they'll win by more than six I will give you that? Joy. Listen our expert. I would though. What are you talking more? I'll give you four. Accepted. Is gonna argue all day about this word is thank you answer. You want to talk so good. I got. Got. We got one or two cases one. Okay. Good with this. Okay. Picked the Sixers before the series started. I'm sticking with them to win game seven. I do not trust your, man. Number two in a close hard-fought fourth quarter of a game seven. I just don't and we saw him start to disappear and unravel and fade late in game. Three in late in game four, and I know in game four he hit a big shot at the end. But he also that was the second shot he'd made in the fourth quarter. He missed four free throws that kept that game close and he had to crucial late turnovers. Just trust me on this. I know what I'm speaking of when it comes to that guy. Can't really trust him when it's he the north. And you said they're trying to impress him will again, he he he might not impress them that that might be the ish twenty nine and twelve. Lever last night that game seven in which they lost as a twenty one year old. He had nineteen and sixteen. It got overshadowed founded by hall of famers where he's in a comfort zone, by the way. When did she from three last night helped me out? I forget four four or over four for four. Thank you. I just wanted to record record getting this narrative that he can't play down the stretch. Ok. Okay. Do you see what happened in game three go look at that? When they're on this tear in the third quarter. He scores no points in the fourth quarter from the field tear in the third. He was and then all of a sudden when it was time when you got them you got hand on throat of the home team. Sixers you just disappear. You score. No baskets in the fourth quarter. That was James harden that he pulled you like that we took it over. Okay. We game took it over. We'll last night my team that used to be your team. He loved the Sixers all year. I know you until Joel Embiid started getting sick every other right? My team took it over last night because that was a tour to force, and I will give you it has been a tour Defar a lot of times in the playoffs. But last night, even though they trail by forty light and game five last night. They're up twenty four in the fourth quarter. They just said watch this. This is what this team can be when it wants to be when it needs to be when it has to be and last night, it knew it had to be backs completely against the wall. And they said watch this and it started with their their leader as Brown calls Jimmy Butler, the adult in the room, and he is that when when he is his button is pushed he is a cold blooded killer. He will will his team to a crucial win because he will demand that everybody come with him. And he scored nineteen out of the box last night in the first half and set the tone. Trust it. I. The thing. Jimmy Butler has never been in a game. This be all right. He's been passed birthright one. So we got one game seven on the never been in. Again. I don't I don't know how to explain this about bin Simmons, and he is rain criticism on Ben Simmons. And as you said, rightfully so I get that. But Ben Simmons has special written all over him in moments when his button gets pushed as we saw in game three at Brooklyn, all of a sudden, you say all he can do some things nobody else can do. He can get down up and down the court the way nobody else can he can fly and he can pass the basketball, and he has good hands around the basket. Even though he's not a shooter, but he can score and a high level by making all of his shots. He's nine out of thirteen mirror at Brooklyn that ninety seven of thirteen he'll just if he gets his hands on the ball up around the rim. He's going to either dunk it or score. We're gonna put a agree with what you just said about been Simmons. Here's the problem. We have no idea which right? Okay. I mean, look. Everybody in the pre game. Twenty one last night. You put in faith in that push comes to shove. I do it. What about what about the guy the other night? He was doubled up. Oh, my Tom, Tom. Now, they're flying it in the game before airplay. You have no idea what he's going to eat tonight going. Well, Embiid feels like literally feels like it. He's the best player on the floor in this series. He just is on both in. Nope. I'll take the seven foot two guy over that guy. Yeah. Okay. Day whole lot of times if the player that you have have. But he was a one time quitter he knows. All sorry did. Well, he quit on Spurs. And you know, what messages got sent late in the third quarter last night because my guy Joel I don't know what happened all of a sudden he came back to lie. I agree. He lives. Walk through the first half. And then I don't know what happened. How do you explain in the third quarter? He just took the whole game over on both ends of the floor. He had ten points and six rebounds, and two blocks guess who blocked late in the third quarter twice? I don't know if you happen to catch this. But it was number two that he blocked he made him. Look like number two is what happened, you know. Whoa. Did you see that eat this of eating things Cooper? How about that? Is that not eat this ball will not happen? Our on how about this one. Get that stuff outta here on a grid Doyle Lazarus and bead nobody nobody rises more than. Nobody falls more than you. He doubled up on the sideline the next minute. He's getting thirty three and ten all time. Great. And then he disappears again. That's a big outta be dissipated. Is it possible? That number twos. Pride will have been so hurt by those two blocks. You'll need Sunday off though, mind good. He takes I think he's like this. This is daddy. Off up snow now. As off. Gate. Ginny just did a flat line is daddy asked why they gave him twenty two games off. And guess what? The next team is looking they go give him thirty. If he can give you thirty and twelve on the nightmare of in the playoffs. In philly. I got four. That's all I need you. I don't need the four I know need big Sixers are gonna win this game. If you're right. This is a serious coming of age for the Sixers if you're right that next series. I think it'll be Canadian do Janas. It'd be a great one. If they win the night if they win win this next game in beedon Yang. Laki have a we have an advantage. But I'm just saying we aren't really he's got the talent question is up here and in here. And so if they show that JJ. This. Glad we found. Yeah. Know what Jay Jay's going to give me? I don't know where Ben Simmons going. Give me I don't know when MB is going to get. I know what to buy. Four we have that game tonight. We got a big one. Well, the rockets finally take down the warriors. All right back to the NBA. Kevin Durant is out for the rest of the series against the rockets after suffering a mild calf strain in game five despite the loss of Katie curse. Still said the team is in a great spot with game six tonight in Houston. Let's take a listen to more of what Kerr said of. Okay. Yeah. I think it's good news calf strain. He's had them before he's responded. Well, and obviously we're disappointed. He won't be able to play you know in the series. But. For able to win the series and move on looks good for for his return. You know in the not-too-distant future. Well, just find somebody on the bench. You can give us thirty five points. Two blocks and eleven boards and nine assists. He's been the best player in the NBA games in the playoffs. He's been phenomenal. And so. It's obviously a huge loss. But our team has confidence. Trust each other. They've won championships together. So we come out, and we give it our best shot. All right. Christopher starts still with us. Look, it could have been a lot worse with Katie. But right now, he is out. So who wins the series? Now, I am sticking with Golden State. I'm gonna say they do it in seven, but I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit if they get it done tonight. And I mentioned yesterday that Katie was a luxury. Right. A great luxury. Not in the sesame beyond that. He was a crutch that, you know, look, if we don't play our best we got K D when things aren't going, right. We can always go to K D, And he's going to deliver his he can get his shot off when everyone's nobody can stop him so on and so forth, and that can lead to a little bit of complacency. And so I think without that crutch there they know they have to be at their on their game. And after play terrifically I'd say yesterday as well. They're twenty nine in four in three. Two years with staff, and no Kevin Durant. Guess what? That averages out to over eighty to seventy two wins. Sound familiar three in the regular season without grading? So this is still a great team. Andrea Gua Diallo has turned back the clock. He's playing his best ball season. Draymond green is playing his best ball season. And I know the death is an issue because Andrew bogut, especially can't really be a part of this series because Houston's going small so much. I think he'll be fine if they advance and the next round, but Houston doesn't go deep either. That's the thing. They got six guys playing twenty or more minutes Shumpert getting a few minutes Daniel house like they're not playing Gerald green. They're not going deep. So and they're going to have to chase around a more mobile if you will Golden State on it. So I think that can wear them down a little bit. And finally this these two games if it's. To are. They are huge James harden and Chris Paul's legacy, especially Chris because he's older and this could be pretty much the end of his prime hard. Obviously we'll have times in the future where he can change the narrative, but at this point is career if they don't win this series. Then it is going to be a serious Mark on both of their legacies for right now. And we'll see how they stand up to that pressure. I'm sticking with Golden State. I picked him in seven stick with them going seven. And I said this earlier would be shocked go to state one in six no considering how James harden comes up small in the most meaningful ballgames. No, absolutely not. We've forget that this nucleus. They're starting for now wit seventy three and nine this starting for one championship under Igwe dollar was the finals MVP Steph curry, the two time MVP league MVP the last time he wanted was unanimous. I think we unanimously. I think we forget that that just how good this team was Kevin Durant with Kevin Durant did for this team. He made them unbeatable in seven game series. That's what he did. 'cause they were already a great team. You don't win seventy three games. And not be a great team. Not have got in there. And now the katie's out basically, they're probably gonna start Kvant loony. Well, basically when they win the championships they started Andrew bogut. So maybe looney can't give you defensively what bogey got, but he bought more on this fine. Yeah. So don't be surprised. It was like a bird was lifted. Katie anyone to get hurt in north not because he they know that virtually guaranteed them title, but it gays death in clay the ability to not have to worry about whether they were taking Katie off but taking too many shots. Because now they don't have anybody to worry about what you do looney. Thank you gonna get fifteen mind. They'll get an X. Eight shot. Iggy. No. But watch out ball moves night. Okay. Watch how these picks get set tonight. So James harden, you better be on your best behavior and see I'm gonna disagree that look, I don't believe Chris prime any more. We hadn't seen that Chris for a long period of time. But James harden is not gonna get any easier because what historically great player playing now going to play with that that drew step back job job dribble know, who was their team is pretty much. I mean, we know there are more Amaury moves around and might change things. They not getting rid of Chris Paul k then contract. Does his contract. Only contract is worth is John walls. Both of you. Eat knows them goofball contracts, and you will goofy eating he loved that. That's your word week. It's his new word of the week. You also who also. You also series. I'm picking Houston. Again, game seven only because I picked him to win the series because I will bet not one drop of do on either. I don't trust either game. You I will not all be surprised if it's over two night. But this is interesting to me about the man, we just you guys were just talking about. Kevin Durant is he the cake or the icing is he this? But here's the point. It shocked me that Steve Kerr has already ruled Kevin Durant out of gay potential game seven with a calf strain because to me today's medical is. So advanced that that if you have that much time if you have Sunday you all the way to Sunday. So how many hour? So so if you have twenty four hour heat in ice and stem treatments, the electrostimulation treatment and deep tissue massage. If it strained it's probably some kind of spasm spasm reliever. It'll let go something. It'll just magically. I know this. It'll just let go and all of a sudden you say, I wait a second. I'm okay Steve Kerr is showing no fear. No desperation. He's basically saying let's just shelf Kevin for the for the conference finals. Like, let's just make sure we don't have to have Kevin for game seven now again, maybe they're just saying that and maybe he would make a magical intern saying, maybe, but it seemed to me like Steve Kerr's like you hear that. We only meek you bombs. That is correct. Because they saw up close. What happened to James harden? When there is no Kevin Durant in it's his game here here. This is your game win, right? Yes. And what did he do? He disappear. Word in ways. We've never seen him. Disappear. He usually just flames out my going over five from three this time. He said, I'm not gonna shoot I'm just not gonna shoot I'm going to stay out of harm's way this time and again, his legacy is teetering tonight. If in fact, they get to a game seven, but especially the close out game six at home because we've seen him just epic fail and close outs close out twenty fifteen at Golden State in the conference finals he had an NBA player record twelve turnovers in that game. He shot two for eleven over three from three. And then the classic game that the worst of all was the twenty seventeen against my Spurs game six Houston. There's no number two. And no Tony Parker in they lost by thirty nine because he scored ten points to for eleven from the field to for nine from three. It was just six turnovers into me. The most telling stat knows two games. You mentioned was. Eleven field attempts. Yeah. That's it. That's eleven so he's just not gonna shoot. How about last year? They're still up three to two with. No, Chris Paul after they lost him in game five. So you got to you got one or home and one Golden State to win to advance right to go to the finals. And what did he do he shot six for twenty five combined from three in those two games? It's it's horrendously he shot to for thirteen in game seven at Golden State from three if you remember if we go all the way back to win. They went to the finals. And he was an okay, see. Yeah. He had a tremendous game one. He did from game to five he was was wanted poster up, and I give him a pass on that. Because he has. So you're right. It does seem to be a pattern. And if he comes up small in lose imagine next season for him. He could average thirty four points in new artists that he did this year. It'll mean on the Bisco he's gonna go down in stone. If he flames out tonight as nothing but a regular season wondering, right because he's just shown you again. And again, I told Shannon earlier what I love about the NBA playoffs especially in seven game series. They either reveal or expose your basketball backbone who. Are you really James harden? And tonight is the night for him at home with. No, Kevin Durant. You're a seven and a half point favorite. Right. Are you open to side think it's gotten down to seven because a lot of people are saying, I don't know a lot of in Houston right now. They're fearing the beard for the wrong reason, they're fearing what he might not do tonight come up big big in the flip side of that is Steph split ac- his post-game legs these online, you still make a case that in twenty fifteen should have been the finals in BP. Iggy was but but he's not had great moments. And he had a really great one the other night to position them to to do this tonight. So this this team seventeen. Of that ballgame he went on. It was big time. Remember what he was on pace to do before? Kevin Durant winter. I know they lost that finals but that regular season. I never seen you Alan Iverson talking about I've never seen anything like this. When he averaged thirty was unanimous MVP, Tim Legler who we worked with, you know, who I have great respect for is not as I think this was an overstatement, but he was talking about he could be one the best three players of all time. I mean, but that's that's how dynamic he was. And let's see if he can recapture that because none of those guys are all other Igwe dollar. None of them are old. They're older. Right. So the question is are they still as good as they used to be? And then can they be we'll see I have a feeling they feel real good about themselves going back there feel real good about who they're playing. They do. I don't think they believe in James or fear. Jen. Why would they at this point in? Remember, they went there on March eighteenth. No, Kevin Durant in Steph and Klay just said watch this and it was a close game. But they won at one. Oh, six one four. Okay. This has to be one of the biggest games in hardens creir. Right. I mean, those fans is several, but yeah. But I say, this is the biggest guess. Yeah. You're either going to atone or are you just going to reinforce your regular season one? Well, he goofed last six and seven last year as what am I game six against San Antonio in your Building cO, I didn't play. He that went off. I think the fact that he has such a historic regular season such a great season that I mean, it just if if he's in this position next year, it'll be the biggest game it just. It just the more. He keeps doing well in the regular season. But phoning in the play offs. Okay. Well, someone else didn't have the best playoff performance. Every irving. Does he need to act a little bit more like Batman? I'll explain exactly. So the Celtics were eliminated in five games by the bucks on Wednesday. And a lot of people are pointing the finger at Kyrie Irving as the reason why he shot just thirty five percent in the series and yesterday, former Celtic Kendrick Perkins was on the heard and went after kyri take a listen, wait rewind about it. You know, just you know. Okay. Yeah. I struggled okay. Onto the next game. And kind of like, I don't care attitude, and, you know, just basically I mean throughout the whole process. I mean, he was just I thought he had got it. But he was just a bad leader. And he he didn't represent the the problems about I mean, and it was proven that in my opinion. He's not a bad, man. I mean, he's a great player. Kyrie's the elite player, but he's not a Batman. And he's a bad, man. When he's on the team when the Brown, but he's not a bad, man. He can't cares on team. All right. Christopher signs. Still with us. Chris what would be the best fit for kyri in free agency? I gossiping Cairo step to Kendrick. No interest, sixty Levin him. No. But I say this with my head and with my heart because I worked in New York lived in New York covered the Knicks. I know what it would mean for New York and the NBA, I know fans outside of New York Knicks garbage. But what it would mean for the league? If New York was great. So I think the best k case for kyri. This summer is to go to New York with Kevin Durant. I would love to see that second my second choice. I think best for him would be believe it or not stay in Boston. If you're sure you're going to be into trade for AD, Anthony Davis and get him to stay focused. I re- kyri AD or close. So if you can get Anthony Davis there get some of those young guys out there that had issues with kyri. Then I think that's a good look third. I would say L A LeBron. Here's. The problem to me. And I've been told this car is not going to rejoin the Brown. They're cool now they made up, but he's not going to go back to him. But the problem, I think they'd be a great tandem. But the narrative that you went and joined big brother with dog hiree. You don't have that with with Kevin Durant? You're kind of like a one eight I think they're games would fit well together. They're great friends. Kyrie's from the area. You got gotta maybe they'll get the top pick you either keep Zahn or you could trade him for a D. So I I like him in New York. I think that's the best fit me with Katie yet. Well, clearly, he's not a Batman. So going into Gotham wouldn't be very good. You're on. I don't know if that's going to be good. I like to see reunited you see. I know a guy that went to a seventy three nine team. And then give a crap with someone said about him, or what is legs we've gone beat. Because it was the best thing for him. Now me and Katie in Carey in New York, too, moody, irritable guys having to deal with the media. If the apple lost the game that there's the thing we know how much we don't like dislikes, the media Nadi attention that narrative, and I I'm with you. I will want LeBron China try to kill that narrative. But that wouldn't go away. You went back to big brother, which a tail between laying. Well, he's hold on. That's what it would look he said he wanted to leave Cleveland to run his own team. How does go into the Knicks to join K D says I'm running my own. You're combining just like when LeBron with Tamiami. It wasn't viewed as the same thing as Kevin Durant going to the golden late because he was a bunch of guys come. We'll. Combining again, we combining you took it upon Allen my saying it, but I think that'd be the third best. I refined Hardaway that. It's just not a great talent. And makes a great leader leadership. It's about knowing what to say when to say how to say it, and where to say that because Kyrie set a lot of things that rubbed these young guy the wrong way because he said it publicly, and I'm a firm believer. If there's something that you got something to say to a player a Mela Blair teammate, Tim private don't go in front of the media because is never going to be perceived the way, you meant it. And maybe you made it the way it was perceived. But then guys are not gonna take very kind of that. So you see LeBron took a lot of the blow that can't carry got carry started taking punches that LeBron James used to take him. And he got an opportunity he liked that all of a sudden what made Ronald great lease guilty. I've been out there by the newborn a great leader. Everybody can't leave. See you can be born great or you can have greatness thrust upon you leadership you born to leave. Born when you go to the military. That'll okay, you know, what Judy Gobi leader or skip going to be leading. Nah, we live in bigger. He just led the Lakers right to the couch. Live very with our filibuster. In the military dead on. They don't say you lead. You're going to be leading. They say you figure it out. And then all of a sudden. That's okay. You're the leading it doesn't work that way. I would have been I got it. I am with Mr. Broussard on this one. I believe that it should be Katie kyri in in Weiss, e it just makes all the sense in the world for both of them. And I believe both would would be able to handle the New York media just fine because they both been under heavy scrutiny and criticism in somehow it just fuels both of them when they get on the court. They just play the median ask you. They just sometimes they don't. The thing about K D is it doesn't hers play. Fuels right. Right. And so. Yeah. Well, but here's the point if it's K D And Kyrie in New York, and they do hit the lottery and lands I on whether they keep Zion or trade him straight up as you suggest for a D or you guys suggest okay? Then in New York kyri wouldn't even have to be Robin. He could be Alfred about. Am I wrong, really know, you know, just? He goes on to the book. Here is not Bruce Wayne in Batman. Butler. Happy budder he'd be really happy. Right. No, he eagle the interesting thing about the three of those guys. And even if they don't get is true Kadian kyri. None of those three guys really are great like with the media. You're right. Lebron would take all the bows and arrows and all that none of those guys. But I just think with two of them or three of them sharing. Yeah. The battles with the media. I think it'd be easy. And then the other thing Kendrick said that was amusing to me he said that Kyrie is Batman only when he's on a team with LeBron. Wait a second. That means he's really not Batman, do they share Batman suit. They wear it on different words that he only superhero would another sleep. Well, hero hero. Have even more powers was willing to give the Brown was willing to give him and told you. I close trying to partake all with the he would go stand in the corner. You saw skip. Lebron goes stand in the corner coury dance on okay? But he needed to dance on because he needed a closer in Kyrie did close for him. But that's all kyri had to worry about doing is. I'm just close. I don't have to lead. I don't have to deal with the media. I'll just close UK close when you fix you. See you see what's trying to do. See skip wants to everybody to save this LeBron legacy. See carry that guy supposedly saved a drowning man, but he couldn't swim and Phil and couldn't say himself because he went to Boston the very situation the ads for and guess what? More overhead. He couldn't come up out of. No, that's a whole different thing. That's a whole different kind of swimming. That you're talking about is to lead. Yeah. I'm gonna give kyri this because obviously didn't do a great job leading this year. But they were in a tough situation because when you got a bunch of young guys on rookie deals Jason Tatum. Jaylen brown. They Terry Rozier their main priority as much as they wanna win and on that to show that I'm a star. So I can get mad dollars deal or lows, and so that's a conflict that he had to deal with that that can't be time. Plus what in the locker what they were without him. Right. Look at all the shots that drain them Brown, and Jason Tatum rose, you got wing cow rewards, and they're now he comes in. And you get rose you're going back to the bench, you Jalen Brown time with coming off the bench. Wait a minute. We went to game seven Eastern Conference final. Did you say what? And now he comes back. Did you hear what Rozier told Yahoo after they just lost the Milwaukee? He said, I'm one of the best point guards in the league. He didn't say I'm like, I should be. Started. Right. I'm one of the best point guards. Nobody sacrifices much as me. So that's the type attention that you had in that situation. If Kyrie could lived up over the last four games, he shot the ball all time bad. It's historically bad. What he did if he had rose and shown and started making his threes, then we wouldn't be having this conversation, but he flamed out of notion. Now that these great young talent becomes remember? They got Jason Taylor, and Jaylen Brown now all of a sudden what makes the pelican while those guys? Unless you think they all got that? They got rushed into the background by guy who who tried to take the team over in failed to lead it and Griffin knows kyri as well as anybody. I know he likes him. But he might have extra insight on how much thinks kyri was apart. At all. I know is that all of a sudden Jason Tatum doesn't look like, oh, he's so much better than Kyle. Kuzma, all of a sudden, Jaylen Brown, doesn't look he's so much better than Brandon Ingram. I wish show about that one the problem. The Lakers guys voted to air their value has. Also is not also it went all the bronze on the call. All in all his you know, what you're sixteen in the man average more points rebounds, analysts been k b ankle. But that's none of my I don't even know why brought that up and h thirty four Michael Jordan and LeBron was thirty four this year. Michael Jordan won the scoring title was first team all defense. So thirty four doing that skip because you know, LeBron hip played the equivalent of three more season, the fiery man, he is he's the fittest. According to you, the finished athlete ever. See isn't a million a year on his okay, right? Yes. So how can you start wearing out your only thirty four? Okay. We'll came into Rams missing the playoffs. Yeah. So it happens. It happens. Skipping injury happens. But even when he was healthy. His all the numbers are career lows Roker all level numbers. No, no, I don't need. I don't need to go college graduate high school, if I levels number say twenty seven eight stepped up clear when United step over clever to name a guy that would like number. I care about is in the games. He played they were twenty eight and twenty seven where he liked that twenty eight and twenty seven. I wouldn't say they kiss up. I want that kind of energy. Okay. Would you say that same keep you know, LeBron is going after somebody else he was in Philadelphia during this series talking to? Why he was? Even mentioned it a couple of days yesterday. I think and then I got it confirmed yesterday. He was in Philadelphia talking about this. What's he doing there? Don't worry about you. Do your. How would you like that? Join forces. Maybe he's greasing the skids for a little deal where he gets traded to Philly. Is that poss- known? Brought that up. Yes. No, be a good basketball. Yeah. He wants to stay over to Twitter three. Yeah. You. Content. Although what what what would this this seven this year O'day drop down when they probably miss the playoffs. I don't think they Sean say Murray back emerging. You want to be the best backward. Every Dame's each every tired. Steph acclaiming defense to play both ways. And I would love it. If number two got caught in the crossfire of being the scapegoat for the Los Angeles lake your Chris every time India will Braun it's not his fault. Here's the thing. Lebron can do all the recruiting. He wants guys, but there is drama with the Lakers. You know, what there's actually a protest going on this afternoon, so Shannon. I don't I'm not sure if you're heading there. We're going to talk about what the fans are doing this afternoon. We'll discuss that you'll be. Now. Hearing the latest on the Lakers soap opera, a rally as actually scheduled outside of staple center later today to protest genie buses decision making the amount of influence, Kurt Linda Rambus have had on the team. Now Yahoo's, Vincent. Goodwill says genie should sell the franchise writing quote, the favor daughter of the late. Dr Jerry Buss seems clueless in how to lead this is a mess of massive proportions and headed into free agency. It's the worst possible. Look for a franchise trying to attract star free agents and resemble a model sable organization. Shannon had the Lakers hit rock model voi- answer. Yes, or no. I agree with everything that Uelmen wrote to answer that question. Yes. But here's the thing. No. How do I see this? Here is not gonna even get even worse. My that process. -bility we're about to have the the draft order announce no head coach. And then what thread you wanna come into comedies monks? Give she does it in. This is what happens when you have people in positions that they're unqualified the whole. Yeah. This is what you get lending Kurt Rambis should not be involved in this decision. Making rob linka should've never got the job Janney. I got the job because she's the daughter of the Dan that owned the team in this in this where we are. I mean, can you imagine when Dr bus was alive? They haven't protest because the organization is being so poorly run. I mean, I don't even know if they had a protest when Jim that just lets, you know, I don't even believe they had a protest jam was running the team. I don't remember one fan. So now, oh Julie going to bring stability. She's so much better rid. I can't tell I better not hear I heard what they told me. But I know what I see mass mass. That's what they got going on here skip Bayless. And I you know, what is a matter of fact, I need to get out of here. 'cause I didn't make sure I make trip I'm heading down. There will be right out there with me a sign are you? He shouldn't leave leaving money yet with my my LeBron jersey. I gotta take it out the frame autograph. Really? What you're sighing say like throw Jeanie under the bus or something like that. Genie must go. Jeannie musk's? Okay. Linda, Kurt you. Okay. It has come to this. For LeBron James. He is now playing for a franchise whose fans are staging a protest in the parking lot outside that franchises famed arena in which championships have been won. Yes. How could it come to that for even for LeBron? He didn't sign up for this. I still feel sorry for him in. I feel sorry for those fans who are protesting because I've been through this before with Jerry Jones in the dry years dry whole years in Dallas. I've seen it happen with James Dolan, the owner of the New York Knicks. These are all family held businesses. And the problem is for the fans, they're not government offices. You can't vote genie out of her office. Right. You can't because she owns it. And she still I'm pretty sure loves owning it even though it can be a lot of shame heaped on you. They're going to be some nights. When you go to a restaurant when people are. Going to heckle you or particularly here. Shame with that money. Okay. Which brings me to the bottom line. This the only way to really drive home your protest, if you're a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers is unfortunately to quit watching and buying the Lakers. Right. That's the only way you can really drive at home and have impact is if enough fan say we won't watch anymore. We will quit buying Laker gear anymore. In overtime. We won't go to the games anymore. We won't buy tickets anymore. If the building gets half empty and the TV ratings plunge trust me, she'll be in trouble sh she'll have to sell at some point because she'll have to admit I'm losing too much money. Is that going to happen? No. It's not going to happen. Because the these diehard fans, they can't quit watching. They just wanted to change. They want genie out genie is not going anywhere. She went to court to aalst all of her brothers. That's how she sees control. Roll franchise. And I think she's having the time of her life. How how about how about we don't want to out? How about we want to out of the way how about that? Well, get out just got higher. Why won't you hire? Someone that's not your friend and not the not the your friend's husband. That's gonna make decisions in the best interest. See they're gonna tell genie. What she wants to hear not what Jeannie needs to know. There's the difference between the two and so most times when people become successful. If you don't hire your best friend and put him in a title. They're unqualified to have. Okay. Hire people that have your best interest. I heart. I got it for years. Cowboy fans have nearly rioted over Jerry bring in somebody who knows football to run. This franchise you need to fire yourself from being the G GM, this friend right is, but I will give Jerry this, and I've always definitive on this count. He did play college football at the highest level. And he was on a national championship team as a starter at offense guard the sixty fifty four fifty four Jimmy Johnson on that team. But they were started for team that won the national championship by vote. Days my vote, but but still he at least did that much. So has he made some bad decisions? Yes. As he hired a great draft master, and we'll McClay that sort of changed life inside the franchise because there was a loaf new Jimmy Johnson. Yeah. And then you saw when he fired Jim in he took over and now usually the will McClay years. So you see the difference in between. He and Barry Switzer did win a championship together. With obviously a lot of players picked in school, by Jim the exception of Larry Allen, most of the player. I will give you that. But the problem is people want to Jerry out for years and having too much fun. What John he's known. Hey, trust me genie's having too much fun right now because she's become the primary decision-maker with Linda Rambus and Kurt for the Los Angeles. Lakers. You don't think that's a rush? You don't think this is this is the time of her life. Say goodbye mosquito Jerry Jones own with this head the same with worth the same amount. And he didn't own the Cowboys with anybody know who he was. Okay. Well, that's why he bought the Cowboys. I wrote a whole book about this nine hundred eighty nine he was making millions and oil fields. He was striking rich left, and right, and he went to an oil and gas convention in cobblestone Lucas and he woke up one morning, and he just said my life is just empty. There's no fun here because you can only make so much money, and he her he read a little blurb in the San Diego union Tribune that the Cowboys for sale and he called me. York from Kabo and said, hey, I hear that called Salma brothers who were the brokers for the Cowboys sale. I hear the teams for sale I'm going to buy it. The guy laughed at him on the phone. But he did he pulled it off. Okay. So in his life change much for the better. You don't think he's had a whole lot more fun. Owning the Dallas Cowboys. He spent a hundred and thirty million abide is worth five billion. That's a whole nother issue. You're making even more money running the Cowboys. They just got we've seen you seeing that Steve bomber the late Paul Allen. We STAN Kroenke seen a, Sean. These guys were billions. But we would know who they I mean, unless you that top guy, you know, the Bill Gates Jeff bay guide to your hundred million ninety billion. But you get that little that when I say small rain, you get ten billion to five billion. Notes OJ JJ ain't got no b but they know Shay team sooner what what kind of. All aboard the team uniform porno team fan well enjoy that rally today chance. No if you're not just well received. Tony Romo is the honors way to being a two sport. Dr. All right. Here's the thing. Guys. Tony Romo is on. The course right now at the Byron Nelson in Dallas Romo is even par through six holes. But he's still just in one hundred forty six place yesterday. He shot a seventy six which included chip in for eagle before. The chairman started though, Romo had ten thousand one odds to win but forty six people actually bet on Tony through super book USA, which was the most of any gopher Sheehan. Are you surprised by all the attention Romo is getting no four to six people donated to worthy calls, they Vegas. They call. It Betty I call it donating because twenty role but was not going to win that tournament. So Vegas is a worthy. Call. To they're worthy. No, I'm not surprised Tony Romo play quarterback for the Dallas cowboy he was a very very popular quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL he's very good at what he does. Now. I don't hear him broadcast. I don't listen to the sound. But you tell me he's very good at what he is. Really good. But you know, what? So no, I am not surprised when we see athletes go because remember Steph curry tried to make the cut I think it was on the dot com. Tour a lower level or not it wasn't web dot web dot com. The last two years right event in the bay area. Right. So so I'm not surprised is going to go on a lot of attention. Because when we look at an athlete, we like, we do this all the time Westbrook would have made a heck of a running back or db. This guy would have been a heck of this or heck with that. So we want to see guys branch outside the sport they play and see. But skip this is a different animal. My brother's avid avid golfer plays all the time. And as he's he's like. He's like bra is like the guy at the local blacktop if really really good. But when he goes up against a pro that's a whole different ballgame. Now, get this all skill Buttle Watson, ROY macaroni Tiger Woods. That's all they do. So you think there's just like Bubba Watson can catch a pass. And he might be good for golfer that catching passing, but he may not Tony Romo might be goodbye. Golfing standards for normal guy that goes out there and plays with his buddies. He's really good by those standards. Really good. When you go play with those goals do that guy to do that for Levin. They beat the brakes. I'm amazed that right here right now as we speak. There are seven players at a professional golf tournament in Dallas, Texas that are worse on the scoreboard. Then then Tony Romo is. That's that's really great. And it's also really really bad. So here's what just kills me about this. I turn on that term. Because you know, I'm a golf nut yesterday to watch on the golf channel tournament that I covered for years in Dallas called the Byron Nelson. Classic. And it's now moved to a course that Tony belongs to call trinity forest. And it's a brand new course in south Dallas. And so he's a member there. So he really knows this core. You got that? And what do I see yesterday as the coverage opens guess who the Tiger Woods was yesterday? The Byron Nelson Classic. It wasn't a pro golfer. It was a quote unquote amateur named Tony Romo. They followed him every shot the whole day like tiger. He was having the tiger affect on the Byron Nelson because he's become a much bigger celebrity post cowboy playing days, then he was as the cowboy quarterback do you realize for years? I just railed on TV at my quarterback. Remember, he's my starting quarterback for ten. Ten years Tony Romo every year. Almost every year. He tried to qualify for the United States Open. It's hard because golf as you. Well know is the most time consuming sport of all there's nothing close to how much time you have to put in to practicing. You're putting in your chipping and your short irons, and your long irons and your hybrids, and your driver. It's just so much work. And yet he's obsessed with golf and it killed his football career. Agree. He cared more about golf than he did. And now we're seeing on full display live TV on via CBS every Sunday afternoon. His high football, I IQ, unfortunately, it wasn't attached to any better judgment on the football field because he would see it and feel it the right way. And he would see it before it happened. And then he'd say, but I think I'll try this. No, don't try that. Don't throw that. You would think for someone that could call it diagnose the play. Yeah. What are you getting pig? Why don't hitting? Thank you. That's the whole point. Now, he's a star for his football accurate when he never was as a Dallas cowboy, and it just kills me that he's become such a celebrity because nobody except me really cared about him trying to qualify for the US open. Now, he's become the darling of the Gulf crowd. Then he's a really good player is a really good point. Good. So. How? Hey, but but Steph two years ago, it's called the Ellie Mae classics web dot com. It's the minor league this but Steph went seventy four seventy four and he tied for one forty eight. But for me to go out there and shots shoot seventy four. So that's really good really gone. Okay. But it's not really good in this. The reason why they're call pros. But Tony every time I read an interview he's he's got this dream in his head like he's going to pull this off. He's going to become a real player is attention his competitiveness somewhere. Good golfer. He's a little busy right now. Doing something else will lead the warriors to a win tonight. Final topic of the day. The rockets are in a must win situation tonight in game six against warriors. Golden State is up three too. But they will be without Katie. The rockets are perfect at home so far in the playoffs, and they're a seven point favorite, so Shannon. What will be the final score tonight? The rockets get them scale better some going what eighteen to one twelve rockets. Get a win stave off elimination and head to the bear your game seven one eighteen is a lot of points. Who's going to be scoring all those points. What you think is gonna be a ninety point ball game. I think they're gonna have our time breaking a hundred. I'm going to say what I'm going to say would no conviction. I believe that the rockets as they did at home in games three and four especially four. We'll try to turn this into a football a basketball game. I think there's going to be a whole lot of bumping and grinding a whole lot of extreme physicality. And I do not trust James harden to come up big tonight. I do not trust state farm insurance to come up big. I'm not sure about him. So they need X factors. They need Gerald green to come off the bench and make five threes. They need my man. Austin rivers to make four threes. They need tucked to make three threes. And we'll get to one hundred eighteen I'm gonna go lower scoring. I'll go one twelve one eight and that was the score of game. Now. Got it again. Thank you for listening to the speed podcast. I'm Jenny Taft. Keep an eye out for the weekend addition of the podcast tomorrow morning featuring this week's best segments. Have a great weekend. Everyone. Of money. Of one.

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