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Take. Off. So. Much. Well Hello and welcome to watch Rod-. The podcast for all that crap. We'd love to talk about on E. broths me. Ronnie Ronnie Karen High and that's been over there being hi, how's it going good? How are you doing today? Just fabulous just fabulous over here for a vendor print rules reunion recap. It's the final episode of what we know has vander pump rules. That will never ever be like this again. Cake I will never ever be the same I, mean who knows even coming back I mean a lot of people are saying a sticker fork in it. It's over a lot of people are saying it's going to be fully revamped. Who knows who knows what the future has? If I had some of that spooky slow Mo version of the theme song to play right now I would. besties of our. As, Trixie monocle slowly drowns in the pool. Yes, well, everybody here. We are with reunion part three before we get started. Let's shout out. Some black black owned businesses, shall we? I will start. There is Compton Vegan there. A food delivery service and their food looks delicious. I'm looking at their instagram right now. They're instant. Is Compton Vegan K. comp Vegan both those artists together. you can also find them at a better plant based future dot com, so go check them out Compton Vegan Wow, I would order from them, but there a little too far away. Okay. You got today well. One of our all time favorite listeners lauren. Commons says I just want to give you a shout out to a pair of hair. Geniuses at Salon Obsessions in Silver Spring, Maryland Berry and Kim Connell are amazing. You keep your edges. There's no shifting and your hair is laid for the Gods Unisex hair at its best. The website is W. W. Dot Salon. Obsessions dot com, so yes, go go go there for sure. Get your hair done because by the way. Here is a major issue right now for first of all of us during the spent look, adorable bins and a headband, you could see it because we're on captains on demand today, so hi, everybody, watching you can see these patriotic dot com just go to Patriot and look for the command section of the sign up for that. Ben Is wearing a headband. Today's here's very very long. I'm very jealous. My hair is. Is Long. I was actually in to try to Give it a Brett tendrils because my hair is also very greasy right now, because honestly, I have not shower today, so my hair is greasy and I was like this is like a per. It's almost like Brent length so I, mean I could try to make tendrils shall I try to make a tangible live on the show here I'm GonNa pull out a piece. And drop it down. No, it's not really. Really have to do to it. Oh, that's really not a good. That's not now. It's like. Making us something you have to practice, you have to watch You have to watch like a lot of Tito's on Youtube to learn how to groom like you're supposed I've been watching this lady who tells murder. She tells you about murders while she doesn't make up Torio. It's so good, and she just starts to blink faced, and then she's like. Wow, then there was this girl you know. She was so in love with this guy and she collected dlrs. Dlrs might have recognized her from the door the door so on TLC, and she fell in love with the wrong guy. Let me tell you and she just you sit there and watch her. Put on makeup for a good twenty minutes, and she just tells you all about a murder fascinating staff. Do you ever feel like she just making up the story, she's going with it. No, you. You can google all that Shit. Trust me. I go because you know. I'm very late on the fascination with a murder that everybody everybody's been on for the past decade or so I mean I've always I was raised on that kind of stuff, so I guess I was never that fascinated, but who knew you just have a have a ladies sitting there putting on makeup and telling it to you in a way, I mean it changed my life. I man. We've been I. Think we've actually been low key on their murder trend for quite a long time. Someone actually tweeted at us that apparently we had a whole bit about Countess. Luanne Blake marrying, Steven Avery from murderer back in like episodes, three hundred and something so I mean we're that was that's. That's like nine hundred episodes ago on this show so I mean. We've been on the murder beat for quite a while well being of death. Yeah, speaking of death this entire cast. So speaking of your still predict Jacksonville, murder, somebody waiting for that to come true just want that reminder out there in every episode also this speaking of things changing very quickly. This show I mean just every week, something new and crazy Stasi in those guys. All got fired last week and this week Oh and then we got. Apology from der, Pro Vander prompt will go into during the show a little bit 'cause. It's like a Lotta Horseshoe. Has I'm sure you guys have read, but we'll go into that a little bit throughout the show, and then Stasi Fulda Roxie Hart from Chicago and right with things started to go bad, but I'm pregnant and everyone went. So by the way, so I had very mixed feelings about this pregnancy is because on the one hand. I'm just so glad that we don't have to watch a pregnancy storyline on this show, but on the other hand I am so furious that we don't get STOSKOPF pregnant on vanderbilt rules only because it would piss Jackson Britney off so badly because they wanted to be. Yes, the first ones to have a baby and vanapope rules. They've been trying to push that we. We just want start a family because they're rebranding themselves as just like good Americans you WanNa family, and so the fact that like a star, though because them to the baby storyline was like so deeply satisfying to me, just like that it was anyone that beat them. I mean there would have been the best would have been, if honestly was Tom area not that I want them to have a baby, but like it just would have pissed off. Jackson Britney's so much. 'cause Arianna as always had that story of like. People need to stop asking me when I'm going to have a fucking baby. Yeah It's crazy. It's a crazy time to not be able to drink. That's for sure. but wow, you know so things just keep on changing and now the anti-jackson movement. anti-jackson are out in full force, trying to get rid of Jack. Switch on my God. I hope that happens. That'd be very. Object, just start over okay. I think it's going to be a little harder. Though because Stasi like with Saas in Kristen, all their stuff with faith, they like talked about it. They were like it was on her podcast. It was just like full on documented and undeniable whereas. That please please please correct me if I'm wrong because I just, I'm not fully up on all the stuff. Oh my God. Is there documented stuff I'm. There's a whole game around fire Jacks or canceled Jack or something I had not been following. Look at all the evidence right there i. mean it's all was because I know that there was people. There was the stuff we talked about last week that there was rumors that Bernie. Said some racially insensitive at the the kind way to put it things about faith, but that was just sort of like. I I'm not saying that she didn't say it, but like I I. Right wasn't. but yeah, Jackson let me just go through Jackson twitter. It's a fucking horror show and a lady from ninety. Day, fiance came out and posted some comments that he had left on her thing COSC- he says something like your boyfriend's knows is huge like he needs to know star something like what you can't say to a personal like stupid jacks idiot, and that was obviously racist at which brings us to our next. That's just one of many, but that is what's bringing us to our next topic, which is Lance Bass so lance vastest week went on his podcast, and it was like what Jackson I mean. We just had what Jacks I mean. We knew that he was an asshole. But you know I called to tell Jackson I I didn't agree with it and I've seen that ninety day fiance post and said you just can't say that, and he said. What's the big deal was saying? People's noses are big. I mean Jewish. People have big noses to. Oh, Geez. Oh, see I, didn't know any of this. mean. Funny I'm laughing because search a cluster fight. Yeah, that's. Would someone is such an idiot, and you're like. Wow, the depths like like there is a very dark comedy, and all those like that someone can be such a supreme idiot, and so awful like that's actually kind of wiry laugh at so many of these shows 'cause like she's just like. How can someone be so terrible? You also what I. What I did see as I saw that Lance's husband. People come Turkey because. Turkey or Turkish or Turco, Toco or people Turkey I think or maybe. A Tarzan. That's how he wants to introduce I think. Tarzan his name stars I don't know. His husband basically tweeted out and it was like. Listen we always knew he was an asshole and we were just like really hoping that he wouldn't be an asshole and. And lands basically said. If we're going to go into business together, you have to like. Be asshole any to see some real growth, and we didn't even want to officiate the wedding, but that Jackson Lisa were begging, begging and begging, and since he was already going, he's like okay fine. I'll do it. Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah, so that's another another voice that just went on and on because people were giving him shit like why is it okay? You guys were just officiating his wedding and now to save your own ass. You're out there like Oh. We don't agree won't down with Jackson. He's like no, no, we always knew it. We didn't know all this stuff. Very Least Savannah? Like Dea every woman, the World Das, poor people. It's me Vanda pump sitting on tiny center lear, which is inside the biggest Antalya, which is inside an even biggest. Now listen. It's come to my attention that people who once worked for me might have done something bad. Which I knew nothing about it I. Know I did it's like Lisa. You gave starchy your lawyers to use against faith. What are you talking about Sean just Barra. My lawyers on the way out darling for that thing I know nothing. Kidding I own civil restaurants where the meal may not be occasional magic trick, but boom on right behind you now, but I'm still apologizing and here's what I had to say. We have many restaurants with many employees, and there are many many diverse people. There are some people who watch some people are. A little bit less wide, and some people have records, but the point is this. We have many people of many different colors at restaurants, and what you're seeing juice to fraction of our employees, so what I'm saying is we only want why people on my show? Pretty Right I. Mean that's pretty much our. It was. It was very ridiculous. It's like well I only just found out. That Jack's even working in my restaurants. That kind of bullshit apology so that that happened. Then Lance You know a few days or a couple of days. I don't even know when this interview happened really I. Find All my news at the best news source facebook groups. He he came out and said Oh. Yeah, we've I guess on the PODCAST. He said we've gotten rid of Jack's. He's no longer part of the company stepped down which I'm sure that everybody was really worried about your just add jacks or whatever the fuck. Businesses. Wasn't repacked sale Seattle's just dying to know what's going to happen to just add X.. Yes, all all. Their sales went from seven to four, so they really had changed things up. Yes, and so he said we got rid of him. And then Jacks comes out on e. the next day em line, and he's like what no. I'm still part of the company I. Don't know what they're talking about, so I thought that Jack's news to me. I thought Jackson, said no I volunteer. Step down because of all the attention. Sorry, I'm trying to fix all my like strange Brett tendrils that I like summoned by mentioning my hair in the back of like fully carrying out, but. I thought Jackson and Lance Bass was saying something like we told him Yes to go away, and then Jacks Jackson take on, it was more of. Like a heroic martyr of like well with everything, going on I thought I would just step away because I. Don't WanNa, hurt the business, Yada Yada Yada which of course jacks would would give himself that kind of. That kind of edit if that makes sense, yes, and no one has asked about beer cheese yet. Which is really what I'm talking about where you're always people who've asked about your cheese have been us. We're the only two people ask about the beer cheese, and that was the one question when he crashed our show. It's out by south, West that was the one question that got him mad. When I think I, think said like. I said like what's going on with. The beer. Cheese is like man like why guys always out trying to get me. People always trying to get think you said you're making beer cheese and I want to know where the beer cheese is. He also got mad when we made fun of his hockey. Maybe. That's got a man. Maybe that's what it was. Not the beer cheese. Well, the point is this tax is terrible and by the way, if just in case, you know you listen. Bid Up up. Rules isn't the only place you have to go to. If you want to see a little bit of racism, you can also go to blow. Deck Med breaking news my hours ago. Peter From Below Deck Med. Fire. Unit. He's barely even been bravo. He got fired for posting something extraordinarily racist it's actually horrifying I. I actually I was like what did he posed? What this idiot post and I saw it actually like sickened me on his story, so this wasn't even something that was on earth eight years ago. As far as I can tell, it looked like something posted to a story, it was so terrible. It's not even worth even bearing where it was, it was a stupid mean that he posted and Just getting so. was, giving him shit about an on twitter. Like what the FUCK DUDE! Why would you post something like that? And he's like would I've is bondage, you know. People of many races Le are into bondage and sexual and trust me. I get very sexual with every race. Oh, you fucking! Thing So Bravo basically said We are going to be re editing. The second half of a below deck mad to like minimize his appearance, and they are so like on behalf of the editors also. Well mostly like the racism is terrible, but then like these poor editors now have to like fuck in work overtime to fix all this shit. The all the story lines are probably GONNA. Give me up because dumb ass and you know I mean I'm. I'm acting like this is the worst part of this this whole thing, but like fuck you unit about that. Let's just say that just disgusting. There's GonNa. Be a lot of brief flair for sale I'll tell you that they're going to need a lot of ex. Working Editors going to be a lot of flair on these shows just briefly share. We need that brief flare to come on, and so I think that's. Pretty much all racist and problematic stuff in the Bravo universe. For today. John Luther. It actually doesn't even, but you know what we'll just leave it at there is there more. Are there more people? Oh, now now there's rumors that brandy from real housewives. The Dallas got fired. She got fired there. There's rumors that Kelly's gotten fired. She says. But we we'll see. Camera Barney's I guess at fire hat back ads. And so we'll see it's. Everybody's on the chopping block at the moment over there. It's a it's a bloodbath America. Kids over there Bravo I'll tell you that much. Rob You're out, fix along. Loop seal well. Now, we have you know. Benefit rules out three vander pump rules. The end of Andhra pump rules as we know so here we are for reunion part three Everybody's coming back from being at least doing a me. Up and and he's like is why is Tom Sandovol not here? We too many minutes to. Look. So some finally Tom Comes back from his break and. And Hey all summer long stuff is cars and Bush to get engaged, although sent bow to an early grave. Get it 'cause grave sort of runs with engage you think about there's both a long a grave. That he gave himself that proud mob. Proud cockeyed smile and the odds like wow, you got the as sound in two words congratulate. Look, so then we saw a montage of Sassy nagging Bo for a ring so really one of the more insufferable sausage montages. We've seen a best thing about this. Whole Montage was the Dixon zoomed format? So we saw so many people stay watching it and Britney is just furious if hilarious like. Notice, it need just sitting there like. Just so mad about smiling. Glimpse Act She mad because stathis engagement storyline like infringed on her. Now wait until I. Really got short shrift was Lala. Her engagement is like barely acknowledged except for when she says my fiancee, but like she's not getting any sort of. Wedding fiance kind of loved ones from the producers, and by the way I say, thank you, thank you very much. Yeah good. So everyone's laughing and stuff like Oh. My God this is like a Sal. Area seeing. And she's like I. will say this. She does her karate chop in the camera. I will say this. She met or women wanting to get engaged. Not Make the person engine hot. Try to surprise them out. Karate the camera all you do not give a fuck about people getting engaged case, stop it. Stop putting it on television I'm offended. Yeah, literally do not care if you are like if like wanting to get engaged, is not a personality. Okay, so like I'm not I'm like I. Don't care if you're waiting. If you're sitting there waiting for the ring I'm like. Does, it literally is I would rather watch badger juvenile. During an aerial yoga class watt all surrounded by. Riot hard. Like I literally do not care if the question is not been pop to you yet, like literally just like. Tell me when it's happened. I'll be there. I'll be there for the for the moment. I'm okay if you say I hope we get engaged. I hope he pops the question and I'm even I'm even there for you. I'm even okay with a story line. That's like. Should I stay or leave. Because what's the point of me? Putting in at this person's already, but I don't care about is. Are you gonNA, pose are propose when you GONNA propose. Where's my ring? Whereas my rank, whereas my ring like I, don't care about any of it. Okay, none of it, I don't these are just basic things we all do. It's like people who have weeklong birthdays. Fuck that fuck you. It's like people who are like. Hey, guess what it's quarantine time, but my kids graduating from high school, so let's all drive around the house for two hours, so we can say hi in a fun way that only we're going to give you your arm germs. Okay, it's like I. I. Just want to pass by with empty diet coke cans and throw with the kids like me. So then we get another montage of SAUCIER MBO fighting about. Getting engaged because they get the first montage was wears the ring and the second one was. Are, you going to pop the question and so so Andy's asking why saucy was crying so much that one? There was like that one dinner that we were supposed to care about where they went out to dinner and she thought she. She thought that boat was gonNA propose, and then he didn't and so. She like lost her mind. The Wall it's because he had a mike pack in his pocket, and just like a ring box Mike Packs. Do not look like ring boxes. Okay now you're just seeing things wherever you go. Yeah, but that's just pure lunacy. Is Rectangular as well. Did you think that was a ring? Picking any kind of rectangle or thing. I went to the supermarket, and there was an entire sack of wedding rings like those were sardine-tin. This now I'm pretty sure wedding rings. So Tom Schwartz is like. Oh, so what sexier appeanas bowls or ring bulls well? Tom You live at urine, Must Hollywood. You should know that sometimes. A ring bulge can be a penis bulge. Warren Jackson case it was. I really have his ring in his penis as we saw. So, and it's like Christie. And Carter said Carter told Bo that he needed to thank you for setting them up. You agree and she's like Oh my God. No I. DON'T AGREE WITH CARTER Like resent every seen after that. was you cheering on Carter and being like yes, Carter? Stopped trying to kiss their ass. They don't want to be your just stop. Okay, got exactly losses, your pathetic point and sauces like but you were defending him in every interview did up to this moment, but I do appreciate you saying no right now sell Chris. Always was that he was defending me and like I, don't respect. And she tries to say something and Lollygag. Now just leave it at you. Don't support Carter just like Noah. I. Don't I don't even know. I stand on the stupidest. You but I do know one thing. I don't want to hear your voice on it like I really don't care what you have to say. Right now I am out. Suppliday went off about crop tops while she was wearing a crop top dress. La La I feel betrayed by you because you were supposed to be our hero and you've turned into this. For you, we were all rooting for you so any like well lead the you share had your share of unruly bartenders and defiant waitresses, and by unruly defiant. I Made Racist. This year was here. Turn managed the managers themselves So, then we see a montage of Max and Danika. and Andy's like lease. Love sure you wouldn't continue to employ Max Danika if they weren't good at their jobs, so we'll take some good managers. Andy just won't do say I. Only just found out we had managers, and if I'd realized this I would've Ottoman long time ago. I had no idea that was a thing. Cold Sexual Harassment Anti. Bloom my. Aimed when I. Came out and I want to assume every dog in the world I will not let one of my managers try and stick his stinky inside of youth. Thank you. I thought Danika was the name of new blend thought it was a brand names when they said data is acting up. I said, get a new blend. We can't go another night without pureed. Beat seep, and then she but for real guys. She's the thing that makes special, is it? He puts him serve many hours now. Would I prefer that he wasn't banking staff of rules, but with Danika, the thing is he needs to grow up and soft and opposite. Just get so black and white, and being just gets it wrong over there. You know I mean. You're yelling at Danika Max's the one fucking everybody into restaurant causing appro. How's that? Okay? Yeah, it is! You don't have a central HR unit there but. no, it's totally fucked up because first of all when she's like well, he's the reason why he's such. A good manager is because he puts in so many hours, and he's also a great bartender. Who can step in whenever? Wow I. Wonder like is that like Those rare skills in l., A. Mac, the only one who is capable of putting an hours and mixing A. It just feels like such a cop out. She's with the staff loves him okay I'll give a little bit of that, but of course it seemed like the staff is like also sleeps with him and by the scenes with him. To the staff and when she's like now, when do I wish he wouldn't sleep with the staff? Yes. You are the boss you say. Do Not Sleep with the staff. It's as simple as that you write a memo and say there shall be no sleeping with the staff. These are your employees, and you are opening us up to liabilities by sleeping with the staff. Let alone the fact that it's also just like fucked up. I mean that is basically sexual harassment well not. Even with two ending adults, it's just it's fucked up because that's a workplace and it always ends badly. Yeah and this show. It's a little weird, because everybody fucks each other on the show. That's what shows about, but they're not working with each other now I. Guess You could make the argument that peters hooked up with people before or whatever but. I mean the thing is this I mean it's sort of? It's sort of also an unfair question in a weird way at Ashley. Because basically Max is, they are not because he's a great manager. He's there because he's a character shown seats with everyone, and so it's basically A. it's like a soap opera, right? So now Lisa has to pretend like there's a real like administrative reason why he's there, which is like though she probably is like because he's people, find him good looking. Then he sleeps with people in grits. Drama like that's really what the answer is. Getting on him, she's like getting on him and you know okay. The reason is like causes drama and he's supposed to do that, but then it's a problem with Danika. Every time problem with the guy. She attacks the woman. You know we're used to seeing that sadly enough for men all the time, but when it's the woman, it's like come on Lisa every single time. You're going to take the guy's side every single time this whole. FUCKING WELL EPISODE Yeah exactly I mean the issue of Danika is that she she messed up an order, but that table one time and she pushed Brett Willis. She hands on bread, wheelies and UM. Basically she said that Bradley Savannah Pump had bought for each other. That's really the problem for release. That's where she goes next. She's like 'cause raquel sticks up. I? She's like. Is All said it manager in the world. She knows table numbers and leases like listen I think she's been downright rude and look I hate to make this personal, but I do have a personal issue when she's going on national television saying I'm having an affair with Brad. Now that pisses me off. Your the one joking about fucking Brat in every episode that you see him. You're the one about the joke that he's so hot and you WANNA Fuck Brat. He wants to fuck you. What are you even talking about? So then? We see the clip of Danika doing this on the after show and she did not say that they. Say They were having an affair? She said like she's grossed out by the fact that they're trying to do this I'm like mother, son kind of thing because they're both hot and both probably fantasize about each other, which is a very different thing. It's actually A. Cheeky comment that sort of cheek comment at least Vanderbilt makes left and right about everyone and everything under the sun, but it clearly hit a nerve by the way because Leeza has never been bothered by. I have children I have a husband. Bouffy Slough Cheeky Diamonds Roseanne. Hanky panky cotton on. Ballerina raccoons! We're very hurt by watching Vata. We I also have Richardson that is a reference to someone who was not why two is sort of on the show a little bit once every three seasons so Chris like Donegal oh. You're lucky that you have a job. Because like all I was manager Cadet Oh. By the way I'm just like imagining right now i. just had this vision of Pandora watching Dana's interview and being like. Me You're having an affair with Pratt mummy. Just like it'll cloak little lantern, coming into the just comes into the room with a little lantern through the fog. I had something to other mummy. Dora, she's like Yeah, all I did was one manager to second Dick and then Jackson. Jackson is trying to pipe it and like. I got married. And, 'cause like I'm Lisa I'm lying. Sorry like that. But, like obviously, I know you're not my fucking. Brat but like surf that came out the wrong way I. Guess I'm also my nose. My muscles are completely collapsing during the course of this WHO. Really came out the wrong way. Knows Holzer her like this by this point. Completely collapsed okay, this is why people start injecting things. Are even breathing. Structural integrity ever nostrils has come under review. So at least has. Definitely came out the wrong way. Thank you very much I've been married for thirty seven years. I have two children. One really another. That's a busboy. Why took under my wing? And then there's also cedric who was my child at one point, but anyway I don't need to hear that. Spoof E. G.. O.! Diamonds Rouge. Ted Demand Camp she'd been made me. It's time for commercial. It's time for CRAP INS comedy show. 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Montano Simba's rocket science. It's Dana easy way where we will Giovanna, Rockland you the incredible. Edible Matthew Sisters Wyndham beneath our wings, if Joe Wyndham. Let's go on a bender with Lauren Vendor. She's really. Oh, it's Lindsey radio. Give them hell. Miss Noel is a asked water. It's Rosen sadie Shannon out of a cannon Anthony Yeah. Let's get racy with Miss Stacy. Let's take off with Tim. La Plagne Gino Shrinking Violet Kuchar. We love you guys so. So then Andy's like. Is banning slow one from talking shit. Something that a General General Majesty really be focused on Max's like no and I can. I can agree. That was like a really reactive moment and I handled incorrectly. I APOLOGIZE TO LISA I'm Tom and to make it up to them. I had sex three more waitresses just to show. How invested I am in the business? Yeah, he answers in such a guy from vendor pumpers way he's. He's like well. I, Apologize Lisa in Tom but like like I just like I felt backs out because like I mean I didn't know like I. I didn't know why you didn't Mike Meals. A sudden like you're like always like hooking me up with your friends I was like who what exit signing you're looking at right now. There's literally nobody in your house dude he was like. Hat's just looking around like thing. Yet. That's why he was mad Danika. Because, you were like hooking me up with your friends. I just thought I, felt backstabbers, Brett, and Max. Do, a really good job of just painting themselves as these poor guys who've just been the victim of women because down 'cause like Ya know I'm annoyed because what happens. Is You fucked these girls? And then I'm working with them. And then they are complaining the entire time, and like it's like annoying we now, and he's like I'm still talk to them this to this day. Well not so much talk to them, but we like follow each other instagram, which is the same talking so i? Don't see your point. Yeah, she's like. Well, she says that and he's like well. That's not true and like you're the one like hooks me up with girls, and then like you get out of me like it's like going to the bar, and then getting me saw mean like Brett. Do you want a shot and then I take the shot, and then you call me an alcoholic because I took the shot. But guess what. If you're alcoholic and you took the shot somebody offered you. You're still in alcoholics like you're not magically not an alcoholic for that shot, yeah! Exactly it's called. Use judgment like you can have standards for yourself. You can say you know this. Is Robin a good idea for me to sleep with this girl? Because there are a million girls in Los Angeles, a million outside of Sir and the the whole vander pump empire and then. You know who's been standing up for Jackson hole time so I guess we shouldn't really be surprised by this answer. She goes dental, or do you have a problem? Because like I? Think that you wanna Fuck Max and that's all I. Hear from you right now as you want. To be fair, I also hear a bird version of Morrissey seminal hit the more you ignore me for call. Kakaako call Cuckoo Cuckoo, call anyone else no. uh-huh, getting pretty dramatic in here. Call Kakaako! Call Call Call Call Call! Call, call, call call. Cow. Fickle coca-coca could talk car. Cook. Could call. Sorry. That was my weird version of electric slide by a bird Gog. Gaga all right. Now Stop. coca-cola Cook Cook. Cook Coca coca-cola Cook Hey Nervosa. macaca mccaw. A little bit of Cocco on the side, a little bit of Cock Oma mud a little bit of cock. Is that he wants to listening to me. You Cook on number five, so the dogs are barking of course because it's Jackson Britney Morons don't know how to put their dogs in the bathroom like everybody else K.. Tax You guys chill. And Bogus guys. Why don't you just like the dogs in a room and Brittany's? Can here you? God they are like this is actually the thing that may have piss me off the most about them. Over the overall three episodes was indignant like behavior attitude over the handling the dogs, because clearly they've all been told to get. To like to put there to take care of their dogs and the fact that they won't and that they are like now matt other people. I'm like this represents everything with them brings like. Yeah, we can hair you and Jackson. It's just going to happen when you have dogs. Just GonNa happen like. Put Your dogs in a cage in a room anywhere in a basement and the not in the car, but like somewhere and their long they are. It's like if you start to McDonald's monopoly board. supersize every day. What are you GonNa? Do just let your does your board. Well and then Brittany Goes I. Don't understand what this meant. She goes well. The equipment is going bad. The equipment's going bad what I don't know. It's like well. Listen, we do have dogs. Okay, and we're supposed to get a babysitter and say we'll. There's also a pandemic going on and I don't want my dog. Actually like people just don't want. To ask. Please I'm feeling I feel Jackson as the first person I. If you go through Jackson Social Media I'm sure he has tweets about. Let's open up this country. Let's country he'd be the first one 'til like us. An excuse you. Finally, he acted. He had a tweet. It was like Oh, after he was trying to be LMS for like two days or whatever he had a tweet that was like Oh, so we all have to stay in, but it's okay to protest. I guess that's the number told me about that. So and he's like well. Listen guys guys I'd love to fight about your dog some more, but I really love to pave it to slash aiming senile cake. Absolutely Fun All right. Let's just music video, James. You're no stranger to terrible youtube. Youtube produced music videos. So think about that and he's like well honestly and they thought it was pretty own. Pretty, Raunchy and the. Monks on man. A really needed on rig needed more blue paint being thrown on her face. Okay, how about just like big streams of pain just falling on her boy? That's how you do a music video unday Mino fucking James over there shooting music videos with La. La. WHO'S GONNA tone? So Andy like Brad you said that Shema violated you. Let's go with the she shoe again because I was fun discussion and he's like Okay I. Get it. That was dramatic. It's what I actually meant to say. was and she accustomed off and. On your. Arm! You don't want to. Explain our guy stopping such a better. No probably. Probably, not the best up tactic to take. I think one thing that we're learning is that we're not blaming the quote. Unquote victims wherever we're not saying you should've spoken up. As much is a victim. Address say! I'm not saying that bread is a victim, but I'm just saying. She knows correct. Take I think she should just. I think you just lean to the fact? That bread is TV it's because he is. He is fully to face. And Jackson's like. I came downstairs and I heard something about a blowjob La. She offered a blowjob and he said. Who Does that? Who does that I mean whenever I go. Whenever I go to orange theory I mean like I know I never get blow jobs at the gym. Never ever ever so Anyway, go on question. Yuccas Atkins Jackson's thing is that he never watches the show, which is such a lie because you know that he watches that said like twenty times an episode. Yay Twenty up. He watches every episode Twenty Times so anyway. She knows like Air Wise. I jaw okay. La La makes those jokes like what she's really going to give him a blow job for a Range Rover yes. Yes? She's given so many fucking blowjobs. She's in a mansion right now in the hills. Yes, he. Gave a blow job for a ranger over. That wasn't a joke. This is not a good argument. This. Do you see where she is broadcasting from? Okay? Do you see it this? You want to use la La as corroborating witnesses in Okay Sina. Yeah never never never tried to emulate Lalas behavior. Okay? How about that? Well so I was just trying to be plenty I'm thinking like how am I going to pay you money? Okay, like a girlfriend status or money or like I. Don't know like. Maybe we'll get married sometime because he's connection or money. You know something like that, but she. You did like bread to do thought that. You could get together well I mean. I'm just saying that we might clip. Actor now and then we see a clip of Sina starting to cry where she's like, but matter Bob I don't want to be made him I. Really don't. Don't like sure he's nice and everything I really like him like he's great, my. Horse stable like I opted not worse than like Seriously I don't want Arou-. She's like. Just, like wanted him to be like a friend and like I'm like a floaty person. I'm single and like anyone who knows me knows that I'm also like good comedy, and so one of my favorite bits is the be like I'm GonNa, blow, job or money or something, which is like a classic, so it's just like a law is like a lot right now and breath. See Oh. The camera winking himself Andy Es. Charlie's like so jolly just so quickly on your date with Bradlow that allow and she's like a and jacks goes because he doesn't belong to sugar. DADDY DOT COM. That's why. You're the one who's friends Lala. You're the one I was like rumored to literally have been. A horde acts like. Give me a break I like. Are you seriously gonNA come after somebody jerk? Charlie's basically like i. just felt like weird, because like the whole sheet I knew about the situation. She knows like one of the few people who would like my to me so. When I like went on that brand I just like too much, so I took myself out of that situation. He starts shit talking Sheena. Like that's what Brett did on that day all he wanted was like trying seen in trouble. He always does that, so Brett's like well. This is what and then the line of saying this is. Why can't have friends that are girls? Because you? You guys like you take you take things to another level day. I realized that Brett shares a lot of. DNA with Carl from Summer House like that like that very like trying to himself as this Nice Guy, who's just being honest. And sounds like the victim to these crazy women, who toy with his heart and emotions, when he just trying to bare his soul to them, you know he's like trying to get people like he flirts with people to try and get them to like him, and then he acts like they're crazy for. He's asked leaving them basically now he's trying to make. That yes, that is an amazing term. So. Charlie I can just go home and writing in your diary then whatever? I mean Charlie is amazing, so then where she Brennan now well up until I saw the last three episodes. He's at darn quarrel. I'm going to be so for up. Your astronaut arena apology. That, you're going to be like so happy like when I take back everything I sad so I'm just sort of like sitting. Here are still waiting. I don't know do I. Have to give them like a job or something for him to say at this job. So, he laughs. He's like. He loves in away like Oh senior. You're so full of Shit, but then he goes. Yes I. Did say that because in the moment I felt bad, but you know like it doesn't just because I'm not saying that now. It doesn't mean that I felt that way in the moment and Malo clowns all palms. which is not necessarily wrong, but the fact that she indeed herself looks like a circus clown at this moment doesn't help, but she. Just Had trying to. Not Trying to genetic shame her just the fillers. She has cloud fillers clouds if clowns were to get fillers. Clowns were to get fillers. They would look like that. They're getting bigger by the second I'm telling you. They're growing during this reunion by going to have to clown feet. You know those like she's Redfin. She's going to be sending red balloons. All these people in the Cath and we'll be careful so. You. Look Down Storm Gutter and there's Lalla. Hey, she shoe! Ah! DIST- ruin your life with Innuendo changes. Really it really does so. Brat is like Oh senior okay I'm sorry for making you think that I wanted something even when I made it as clear as possible to anyone who would listen that I didn't which? Is Brad. It's not how bad he's. He's making every article I'm sorry you're so in love with me okay. Yeah. Sorry! Sorry that I misled you. Even though any idiot could tell. I was being perfectly clear and not misleading. It was so you're not apologizing and you're framing yourself to somehow be this like this guy who so valiant and noble who people can't help, but like misunderstand. When you did say to her that you were going to apologize left and right, and now you're walking it back, but somehow to saying like sorry. For misleading, not apologizing for being dishonest, and she's like, but here's the thing I want you to apologize for his. You're saying one thing to my face and then behind my back. You're saying all this other stuff and he's like Oh. Okay? We'll look I'm sorry if I. Gave You the wrong impression, and do you live to only fuck me? Okay? I'm sorry about hot I'm sorry. Dick Mataya. And, he also says you're you're you're so defensive about it? which is like like major major sliding right there? Yeah, so Areana. Who's still the drunk queen on a bar with a Martini you know like host and carry. Hair. Life She's like Oh. Really well listen. It's not sorry for the wrong impression. Say sorry for say one thing to her face, and then something else on her back, and he's like, but I don't believe I did that area. She's all right then. You'RE NOT GONNA. Apologizing that's that. Van Orient I I apologize I apologize. That sheena misled you to believe that I was being to face. So you know even though I clearly wasn't being that way. Yeah, so then we asked Gary on about her depression and she's like I'm going to. But y'all still sucks. Depression side in custody Christian space and she's doing prayer hands I noticed that, too. She's like supporting your hand over. A hand Maggi pray hand emoji. seriously. She's like. I'm feeling fear depression also Hashtag blessed. That's it. Actually the real news year is that I caught a fly between my hands, and I'm just waiting for the right moment to let it free, so you guys can all see it as a moment of my blossoming person personality. All the flies free. So next stop Andy is like wow Britain jacks might of Anna Fairytale wedding. But when they came home, she realized Zach left dollars very persona back at verse sales. You're that right brewers sales. OUCH, Ouch! Wow, that's an embarrassing name for a castle. All just mentioned enver sales you got married in a fake castle with mispronounce names, so your from here in the clips of Jackson. Just being a fucking monster rage texting. texting everybody you know slut shaming kristen for having a sex video and trying to bring that on camera when he's the innocent one is like. How could you try and make me look bad on camera? I mean just hypocrite. Hypocrites sought after Hypocrite Jackson. Basically yeah, we get the shot. That was my favorite of Brittany's through the season. Because I've just wanted her to admit this this entire time when she said well. Know when he was that person, so they'll have to deal with it. That's right. You fucking do am I. Hope he just listened to that clip over and over 'cause the feelings are if you ain't gonNA happen sister. And during this entire montage of Jackson's being terrible, Britney's try to. Laugh like crazy. Look at all those antics of Jack's well America sweep couple well, what could be a well on my goodness? Gracious? Yoga your guy. You're cool guy. And then the clip of him being like. My brain. It's like sprained. Like I've got US rain rain, okay like. Problems like he can't be mean to. People have mental problems. Like. How am I supposed to stay? Stay with my wife when I'm just going crazy, just crazy. And comes back and bring us shoe. She, you and Andy. Jacks seemed to spiral at the end of every summer, and he's like well. Good now I'm good now you know the the the downfall at the end of the summer Andy! Like incredibly working on myself, Andy and he's like how how are you working on yourself and he goes. Well. You know like I work on it. You know like wings. and Coke and random holes in the general vicinity of the gym that. Helping I'm working out and we're. Just trying to be a better person. That's all just trying to just trying to be a better person, which is like so like vague. Unspecific easy rhetoric to throw it someone to deflect away and Ariana's like Can we move onto a different subjects? We don't spend the last forty five minutes. Does reunion on the stupid thing brings like? Even though Jack, and then, of course, the other thing that happens a lot is that Britney will start saying something, and then jacks like jumps on socially I live yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Don't be. Rude, yeah there. That's a terrible couple at a kid sports game. There's always that terrible couple. WHO's like the other team? Know, they're the couple were like the rules. Don't apply to them. Which is why their dogs were our everyone else in the cast like this has a dogs. By the way in case you didn't notice lease of anti-trump literally has the entire population of Idaho's dogs in her living room, and she. Even she found ways. She's rich. She could start more pretty easily. I mean so somewhere. In the basement with a sea of dogs, just trying to like keep them all quiet, but but the point is as everyone found a way to keep the dogs quiet except for them, right, it's like oh well, we just can't you know the rules? Don't apply to them, and it's probably Jack leading that charge then. Brittany just is like a blind defender to his bad behavior despite what she said so. My Dogs I love it. I am so no because. I get really triggered by sanctimonious dog owners I'm sorry, everyone. We all know it doesn't mean that dogs are bad. It doesn't mean that dog owners are Bat I'm saying sanctimonious dog owners, the ones who were like well I know my dog is good, so it doesn't have to be on a leash I know my dog would never do. This is not a problem. I've told the story many times many many times that one time I went to a dinner party, and this guy was talking about his dog, and I just ask theoretically like. I was curious. If your dog over tax them on. What would what would happen well? My dog would never attack anyone I was like. No, I'm just saying like directly. What would you have to do and he goes well? My dog wouldn't attack anyone, so it's not even an issue. Well. What sort of dog do he goes? He goes half pit, bull, half, Wolf, and I was like I'm done I'm done I'm not gonNA. I'M NOT GONNA deal with this. So that's what they they remind you that like that. Of. People who think the rules don't apply to them and then get mad at everyone else for being like annoyed at them. We'll have been makes you feel better. People like that. Get a lot better when they have children. Children a well, that's true. We I think we all know that chiltern fix everything's yeah. They fixed. Guys get my parents. They're just thrilled to be alive and together so anyway. Ariana's like. Yeah, this is the same shit. Carry on. It's in a different place today I've just thrilling up, you know. Martini in my mind like this is just the same shit as every other reunion like work in progress work in progress. Blah Blah Blah. And then we get some good briefly are here I? Don't know I. Don't whichever editor did this? If bree if this was your parting gift to Vanda pump rules God, bless, because then we get a montage of every single banner pump reunion of Jack's declaring that he's a work in progress every single one so good and taxes so Mavin. That clip is shown. He's like well. Look, I'm going to be a work in progress to my life. Like when he want. I'm Working Progress GEICO FAIRFAX AND Braille you literally contradicted yourself. I'd like to show you. How much in this trumpet sell us a calm down the trumpet? I will tell you how much you contradict yourself right after I'm done going to bother him by. So Jackson's like listen I was around with you. Guys didn't get along. I mean come on, come on Tom. Your friends would come to my house from Saint Louis and stay with me, 'cause you guys didn't get along and he's like. Well not. Criminal Vouch for me. The one I called a compulsive liar in the clip. We just watched. My witness. She's like your actor witness. You know the one about having sex with me for months and areas liaise. For me. seriously then Ariana gets out of a chair and like Jackson's father Jackson. Jackson or she starts doing his dance. She's like I. AM drunk I don't Care Jackson's bother. Folk you you're cool Raquel. Fuck you, so you want to have a real conversation, 'cause you're act like a child. CONGRATS good for you. Suddenly, I like so angry right now like like. I am just like at level fourteen out of ten pretty much because the dog shit so when Bernard. Shaw you act like a child I'll tell you acting like a child your husband at all times. Okay and I. Don't care when she says. I have to take my husband I yell at him on since. The amount I don't believe it I do not believe it. I I believe. Do some token yelling. Somebody can say you yelled, but I do the way that Brittany yells at the other people, but but really gives a pass to Jack's itis something. nope, Nope, nope, I don't care if you yell at him behind the scenes. Who Cares I, don't I? He's an asshole period. The fact that you tied yourself to that you did the. Issues, then Tom is like what you say, you want to be person, but then you start tweeting and tweeting all these fucking lies lies lies on. Everybody's cracking up because Jackson's. Stand on this you know and Ariana. Still like you still want this the last topic the reunion to be around Jackson. He's like Oh because you were so awesome. Just so you're so perfect. You Never Mirror. A. Perfect. Kuka. and Ariana goes. I'm carpet and she starts yelling. Cameron clapping at them like I'm a garbage per se. That's why I'm on this show. This kind of One of the most brutally honest moments in the history of Bravo. So so. How garbage or do you WANNA talk about yourself being garbage. That's fine, but I don't want to hear this hero Shit. You know and he's like. Oh well. This wasn't a few you area on I got married I married now so awful, so hey, Jack! Why are you still pissed at Max's beach? Cleanup Day and Jackson. Andy I woke up and I just wasn't. I would just like in a bad mood and I just didn't feel like driving to Malibu when they're three park right here. That are full of trash full of trash. I'm like just say he didn't WanNA. Go, which is actually. He does ultimately say that. I will give a reluctant to Jack's. He's like this. I DIDN'T WANNA. Go which I. Think is totally fair, but but he's a tra-. twenty-five cars to save the world I mean these perks are full of trash. I'm like okay. Don't act like you have some alternate environmental cause to go along with. You didn't WANNA go. You want to stay home and jerk off and play with Kinsley. On everybody's giving him. Sit about that like come on, Jackson Brittany's like what is the truth? And Crystal. Don't say for the environment I mean. Give me a break and a as well. And I had a good time to. The Blah Blah Blah and she starts like going off on them. It's accessing. Let her he's like it wasn't a bad hand. It wasn't even about Max. Look I I apologize this time. I apologize like five hours after it happened was like a record for me. The might give the fake apology out I. Mean you see it takes like until the reunion? So you're welcome your? And then they cut to footage of like five hours afterwards and just him rage texting everyone again. Don't part of your all disinvited y'all disinvited. Did they even get into. They even get the reunion. Even touch on the rival parties pool parties. I don't think it did no. Oh. Yeah, and yet it didn't end weeks ago. Yeah, I can't even remember and today even owing to talk a little bit about that police prank, but yeah, anyway, so Jackson Jackson Jackson. It's like listen. Listen I. Mean Come on. I'm very good at apologizing. Always apologized like I'm really good at it. He's like. I don't think you really good in apologizing because I've seen you apologize over and over again at reunions and not mean it well I meant it this time. He just gives Andy that evil like I'm GonNa Spank you. If you don't put down the Goddamn boxer fruity pebbles in the store and he said No. Yeah and Jackson's like Andy I mean. Haven't you just like apologized people and just like not meant it just to get by and is like. Not Really. Wasn't that. Jack summed up in one small question. I mean there you go everybody like Jackson James. Yeah. How could he say well this apology? I really meant and NC. Haven't you ever just apologized? Just you can move on like okay so. Thirty! So he's like come on, and the adult believe that and then Brittany's like you know, Oh, points things guy i. don't know what I wrote there I don't know. When, in doubt, just he's a cool guy gu-guy. Right now looks like to apologize, but maybe put some sunglasses on. You'd see your real cool. So Andy has one of his best questions of all time because Britney. Is it daunting to realise you'll have to apologize for Jackson behavior for the rest of your life and she's like it's hard. Listen you can't. The first free Fredonia Frito. Pie. He's already Saudi free, though and he's going to be tough and taxes like listen. Why are you pigeonholing me to be the rest of my life like I mean come on out. No one's perfect, NO BURP! He loves doing that Deflection, but it doesn't even make sense why you pigeonholing meet the rest of my life. I don't think that's the proper use of pigeonholes. Also afraid of all the pigeons whose holds you're going to try to find so andy is like listen. I'm not trying to be an asshole Our eighth reunion and it's the same conversation with just some different people I mean like I don't even have to ask if anyone's had a boob job anymore, because it's just the same shit over and over again. And Jackson like well. You know we're tight group, Abby. Goes Yeah Right. Brittany's like. We just gotta own up for stuff he shouldn't have. Just own up to Jacks and area I'm a work in progress. Around The. Ladies who launch. Jackson I thought I was doing better. Okay, like of course. I'M GONNA. Have some bad days, and then Stacey tries to explain like you are instilling fear in our house and bring me is making a scared of hurting her feelings, so we can't say anything to Brittany and we have to be honest with you. Okay and taxes like well when it comes from you, it's fine and areas like Oh, when it comes from Stasi. It's fine, but anyone else. Yeah. Exactly and by the way like this is another example of. Would anyone be friends with this couple? At this point right? Because he, he operates on a like, his whole Mo is if you say anything against me lead. We're not like like I'm. Like. Reign of terror is gonNA come from me. And then with her. If you say anything against Jacks, it's GonNa be a whole SOB story. I've friends, so you can't like. The point is this. You really shouldn't be in a situation with with two friends. Where are hard truths to say? Like that that you can't say like how about friends class. In, and they do it over and over again and the rest of this reunion, which is hilarious and I love that she spelled it out so clearly ev literally like in the next five minutes. Brittany like turns her head. Decry them and. Turning. Literally, but how about you be friends with people that you don't even have to bother saying mean like saying hard truths to right. How about you just be friends with people who are like nice and cool who you don't have to worry about like how they're going to take your your kind criticism, right? With them I guess, but then the other part of that is like. If you have to be friends, the because you're on TV okay I get that, but don't stand up for him every fucking. You. Know like this reunion. was them like you can't talk like that Charlie. How dare you speak Jack that way, have the. But then they drained like act like they're taking a strong stance later when they're not and they never. Do you know just so hypocritical? I agree so so what was? His reaction to Jack, he has mental problems and he's like well. He obviously does he know he. He got up and down up and down. I mean it's like it's not a fucking last, so please. Let let me hear what you have to say. Please and she. was like well. He probably does have issues and like my best advice to him. Is like find a therapist? Because that's what you do, okay and sandoval like yeah. Well and and he's like well. Listen La La that ran recommended a good double fried chicken sandwich. Tell me where. I heard that ran found. A great therapist named Colonel Sanders. and was like Andy Haden just record. He actually paid for that. La La. I'm having trouble. Hearing you. Your lips are so big. It looks like you're just a little girl in a well at this point, could you? Ask. Those balloons around your lips. Flat and you're actually hovering near a ceiling fan. We want to make sure you're safe, so come on down. Yeah, he didn't struggle. Mama Andy He paid for that, so shunned Jackson. Even show up and Jackson. No, you're my boy jobs. You know you're my boy. Yeah, oh by way there's also talk that Randall stopped following Jack's on Instagram I. Don't know if Oh, yeah, we'll Lila. This is typical to you. Know while it comes an act so nice, but always seen of La La is she will be friends with the most popular person you know. The second th-this people got in trouble. She totally did everybody and it was like I'm calling faith you. You know when the rumor was. She pulled a knife on faith and was saying that she was hiding all this stuff around her house to see if eighth was gonNA. Steal it all of this stuff. When all this shit went down, she immediately called faith in the stops, being friends with everybody Salah. You know she, doesn't she? She's done it all season. That was sort of thing with James. She made up with James and the. She couldn't be nice to James because the girls wouldn't let her, so, she had to like James again you know. Yeah I also feel like if it had been someone else who had like five way for people who didn't actually watch the show what happened was that Randall found a really good therapists allegedly and set up not only set up an appointment for Jacks, but also paid for, and then Jackson show up. Now and then Lalla just like you know you're my boy. You're my boy and I. Love You so much, but like other peop-. What I hate is that lake? She was really rude to someone like Arianna all season long who has always been Ariana and Tom have really been in las corner for like years when people other people weren't. And but now she has put her she's. She's now like a not faith, but she's. She's really gotten behind the Jackson and and for what look. He's an asshole like you. Did something really nice. Randall did something really really nice, believe it or not, but when Jack. fucking, Jackson therapy. He's the highest paid. They shouldn't have to accept the point. Is this like her like her judgment is terrible. Terrible, so see Sandoval is like yeah, 'cause. He doesn't WanNa do shit about it. That's why and he doesn't care and Jackson like. What is Pick Jack Session. I classic and then Britney Justice Dossey told them they were doing and then Brandon I. Don't even love. Their big goal betty okay. Your dime your friends spent like forty five thousand dollars on your ten event wedding. Okay, I think they like you. Love. Lou Economic. Jackson. Must Nice, but like it's my meemaw cocaine me. Mom going to take you. We're GONNA. Go shopping now. GonNa see you. Long. Even live. Living with my. I guess our friends, though even love what part of Randall buying a therapy session for Jackson's not showing love to you. Come on, Joe, maybe take a randall. So. Lalas likes turns red. Turn. Brian Jacks guys are people I Ryder dive. A Brittany like. Puts up like a hair wall. She liked looks away. It's. Like if you if fantastic SAMs models were three d. you know those pictures when you go, get your haircut it a cheap place. Bad highlights like to the side. You know I'm Su-. Want so we're face and she's like. Mom. And Say I. Try not to cry because I like the nothing to Y'all I've done nothing to Ya'll. Guy. Oh God. It's so sandoval. Senegal starts now getting mad, because because Jackson's saying that everyone's make it was dixit me. This is what everyone does making digs to know. It's always at the at the end of the at the end of the at the end of seasons always day. Jack Sticking Oh, man, like we just want to help you. Do you see I'm not even talking about you Tom? I'm talking about like everyone else. Go Oh. It's not Utah Insignificant Okay. IT'S NOT UTAH. You're just a bad friend. Okay, my Tom! Tom! So then Brennan. Does this whole thing the end of the day? That's my husband I'm GonNa. Take up for him and no one notices that they do the same shit sometimes. I'm like you know I think you want to feel like you're taking your some noble cause like you attack you created that noble cause for yourself. It's like me finding a piece of shit on the street. And then someone comes to clean it up and saying listen. No, no, you can't clear way that shit because this is my shit and I have to take up for it. I have to take up for it. It's like. Ben Take up for a different 'cause, not that piece of Shit Industry and also stopped sitting in the streets then. I'm sorry it was Kingsley do all the same things to. Bake and COLLINA. Park rind a pig andy. Mother in. An. Gout a therapy guy. And therapy. I`Ma go person. I'm a garbage person. A person garbage do out the garbage wants me to do. Do you want to hear the coffers of that because I'm got one. Claw Cocoa Cocoa. Cool Cocoa Cocoa Mariposa. Jack. We started therapy last week. which I'm so sir so. Letting macaroni and cheese councils therapy well, not that kind of therapy. It doesn't this house. Watch your mouth. What your dirt! Therapy, not that kind of therapy. So Britney's well I. Do want to execute better a work on it all the time like it's like a piano class. You know maybe just keep. Like I'm always yelling at them and. Goes I hate that for you I hate. I hate that for you. So then. Jackson like Oh, come on like who were Tom area anyway like who cares what town airing thing like? Saddam Schwartz of all people is a little bit of a voice. Of Reason. He's like no jacks. No, this is a good thing It's a good thing like the time I I brought skittles for Baba. So like you've talked about having mental health issues, and we're saying just be more proactive instead of saying instead of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results be proactive I mean I don't know a proactive really means, but I hear it's really cool. It. I'm pro actors. You know I always really like actors. You know what I do when I. Have Problems is I. Start taking walk on the beach and then don't remember what happened for the next twelve hours works every time right papa. which point now? Tom has like three beans at a burst. Identify their entire rooms, just like bloody SPS, you say. Something man, it's exhausting A. I'm I'm racking my brain trying to help you tags. I'm racking my brain and jacks goes I. Don't need any help. I don't even mean. By just had mental issues, okay? On my mental issues, you guys just need help. Two million, so the yelling at each other in that segment, and and then and he's like okay. No one get up and then everybody just gets up. Yeah. So Jackson. I feel like Andy always has something against me I. Don't know what it is. It's like Oh the nurses. The Narcissism Complex rears had yet again and he goes oh Lee. Against you. I got the skin, but is wearing down over the years Ami. Yeah, it's called too much micro derm abrasion from groupon jacks okay. You look like you look like a piece of chicken. This being wrapped up to go okay. Like Stop Stop. So. Kuku I'm sorry, would you say? This is the remnants of Kuku. Yeah, so and he's like my job is a call people out music but I'm the best. I've ever been on the best I've ever been, and then what I have three bad day as three bad days come. I love how he can't keep his story straight like his those the story leading up the wedding is that he's a changed man, and everything is great and I'm the best of the best of me is the best of Jacks, but then his story after the wedding was I'm losing my mind. I can't think I. Want Her people I. Don't know what I'm doing I'm unraveling. Which one is it jacks? Which one is this the best of you or is this? The like I need help. I need to have a work in progress. Andy tells them but I think. The problem is is that you don't watch the show Jackson okay, because there's a disconnect because you don't see what we're seeing and I'm responding to shed. Tapping on the show, you know, what am I supposed to do and he's like. Oh, well if I slip up just a little bit. It's all we talk about. He's like were watched the show. Okay? Yeah, and he's like. Did you see what happened to start seeing Kristen last week? Okay, it's not just you okay. We grill all of you. Sort of well just fired the girls, but not you. He'll get in. That's my boy of saying that Jack Acts like he's the only one who gets shit on this show. Know Y'all get a lot of shit, so stop acting. Jackson already been fired. There is no fucking way. Jacks is coming back to this show. He will be fired right. I think he will be at this point because the the the. I think the momentum online is getting pretty strong. I mean who knows what the shows even coming back. Who knows so andy like? They'll just revamp. Though just have on the. Andrew Pump. So? Yeah so and Islam. Yeah you gotTA. Do you gotTA. Watch it. He's like this is the worst reunion. Ever I'm working progress working progress. So then we have oddly enough as it starts to like. Come into we as we come towards the final stretch we we go to some smaller story things, so we have. Now we talk about Sheena, getting that psychic for Dana for her birthday, when Dan was not emotionally prepared for it at all, and she was like well. As a lot of other people on the show have been on. Hollywood. Miriam having that experience film room was like Song Credible and like I found out like my. Crop tops to and I was like on my vying, and so like I feel like is like sort of selfish in that moment for me, because I was just like assuming that because I had a really amazing spirits that also have amazing experience to, and like we could maybe share like an emotional op together. You know what I'm saying and I liked it dame, actually sick, 'cause my problem with this whole thing was like she knows trying to be nice like she. Still Sina and it was stupid, but an insensitive, but I think that she was coming from a good place, and I didn't like the daynet kind of turned it. You know and using it against her. But I liked this well. First of all data's crying, which when people cry like I'm such a big sucker for that, but also you know her mom has story and wanted so fucking sad but I like that. She said like look honestly I know she meant it in a good way, but it just really put me on the spot. Because I've still really hurt by my mom dying and like I've had to take care of myself. My whole life because my dad is relationship didn't work out so I've been like on my own, and like people think I'm a bitch. Because I've resting bitch face, but it's like active bitch vase like it's all the time you know like it sucks. Being tough as like my only option average pointed spend. Oh. Yeah do I. He has something at the doors. That little delicate rap of A. UVA other broken birdie coming here. I'd like you to meet the rest of your family. G Gish wiki SP- Lou fee, poofy times, Rusi, Koon and cotton. In. Bandy meet your new system. At last. You finally have a sibling. What about Me Ma'am Oh? Yes, Max, do yes. So. It's a sad segment and. An Jacks tries to hijack it. He's like I. Don't know of anyone can see me grind up here, but I'm grind to listen to. This is the only season I got married, but also I lost both my parents like within the span of five minutes. Both my parents! Both, my parents! Know you while you lost one of your parents, which tragic, but you then iced out the other one that was gusting. He is a disgusting monster human, being my God, so kristen I lie Christy, going wish we could argue. I wish like because if we could hug you, we will all be around July one big circle. It would like this. Oh Oh oh! Jackson like listen. You know what lost my parents at the same time. You know it was car accident. Unfortunately, Dodge Challenger. Don't know if any of you heard of that, but a fallen insurance claim on that but you guys. You don't understand the paying guys. No one else understands and and he's like well. I'm curious talking to people about this. Makes you regret all the staff? Your Mom Jacks and Losing time with your mom right now. Don't you realize that basically Yeah Jack? Like yeah, especially now with the virus like I, have no idea on. My mom is like she could be dead in the entry for all Jack's. He's our people not allowed to talk on the phone or email or text. Often an Igloo up in the Arctic circle like like she up and abandoned them, and they're like. Where's mom a wonder? What's happening with mom? She's exactly where you left her like. Don't Alex House my mom doing. I mean it's just a shame that I stopped talking to her like no, you created this situation Jacks. Deal with that. Then you went on national TV in trashed or ask honest and one that will. Mysteries to me on this show, the one of the great cooled cases that I hope we find out about one day is what happened there because I just don't? I've never believed that he's just like she didn't tell me about my dad. Being a sick as he was just doesn't sound right because he wasn't interviews before that saying like his dad was at stage, a high stage or just none of it really i WanNa know what the real fight is because I. think it was about money or some shit you. You know that he didn't get what he wanted and stormed out of there and obviously I don't know but I want to know I wanNA. Know I think it's probably a lot of projected guilt. I would not be surprised if his situation I mean there's I'm sure she's not great. either. By the way she did rear this monster. You know yeah, but mortified by it. Because when we saw her on the show like was like Oh. God Jax, you know. At least it's like. Aren't you embarrassed and she's like us. But that, but that being said I would not be surprised if he was like if he called her, and it was like actually come visit dad public. If you want to you, can whatever data I wouldn't be surprised. If like she did not, if she did not say, you must right now, let's say and then he didn't go and so now he feels really guilty that he didn't go and and he's now blaming her, and it's like You can't blame like your mom for that. Necessarily I just feel like there's is not the story that Jack's telling us there's. Back to one another railway. So and he's like well. That was switchgears gears right Ariana. How did you feel when you saw? Was La la talking about your house, and not Stasi after all of that, and that was. Thank God he. I'm thank, God. That's all I needed, but I didn't need that question answered so I'm glad yeah. Yeah Saas like I have a bone to fucking pick with everyone in this situation Sheena. How could you be so messy? I guess that's on brand for you also. And she's like well. I direct quota the wrong person and I swear you chimed, but I'm so sorry Stasi Brett's like hey. I just want to apologize for misleading Sheena into giving the wrong quote like even though I told her the right quote words, but she's just like in love with me so I apologize for making your fall in love with me and I'm married. And stuff like yeah, well, you can say I'm Regina George. That's true and you can say that I'm bad credits doc- because that's been true as well but to say it so easily. It's like you're just like waiting to get it out like I like you. What is it? How many years is it going to take for you to understand that I like you? starseed's ongoing desire for areas. Approval is the gift that keeps on giving, or was it that kept on giving loops so around has like. I lost it I sound I. sounded like a psycho I get it, but also garbage person. That's what I am. Thin Gimme a G. Give me an don't anymore. Letters because I just wanted to get. She's still doesn't get put on the spot about it. Yes, she doesn't really bothered me, yeah! Yeah. But. Then we go to Senegal group taxed everybody like a ranch joke about marrying rants, setup, O or whatever. And Jacks. Like what does it say? What does it say like? You can't look at this because you refused to group? Fuck you. You don't know what it is. Yeah, and so now we start talking about the Dana Maximum Brad triangles like. Are we really ending this reunion? On this note? Maybe they thought. They would end on this note 'cause they're going to pivot towards them next season. I don't know about two three of the trailer gone so so chain hard. Yes, so, why does Max view like? He has a say in Dana, hooks up with Max like. Well at the time like Britain terrible like he was becoming the Sandovol to my Schwartz like. Oh man, you willingly give Schwartz. That's sad. That is sad and it's also really try hard to be like. We're the next time and Tom like no, you're not. Virat fired yes. Fired and fired both like but Max. You didn't even seem to be fully into the relationship anyway Denka. And the way that you talked about it like Oh if I fuck her, would you be mad if I par like honey? This is dual partnership so if she chooses to have sex with you. Okay, that's what it's all about. Okay, all about mine. Nationals have their inverted. Okay, Hey, adverted. So. Yeah, Brett Cyclo. Listen I was just I had to consider. My feelings are I and I think Max Branch. Day, and Lisa says cheers to that. Brett's like breath. I asked Max I asked maximum. But you weren't Iraq that was the thing you weren't direct. which is so true like and that's breads whole thing that he never he always acts like he's being super honest. He's actually never upfront with how he feels or what he thinks what he says. So. So there I know. I'm so sorry. I'm like totally bowing out of the section I think it's just such crap. This all such a lie and Dana Basically Brent the Andy asked about Brian, Donna's relationship breath like well. We were together, but then I realized like Dina's. She was just a little, too in the meander moving a little. Too fast. I didn't need to shoot with her anymore. You know so Dana. That's bullshit. I dumped you because you said that, and it was ridiculous like we were seeing each other like a couple of times a week, and then I was like WanNa. Go to a movie, and then you're like well. This is moving too fast, so I bumped you. Yeah! He goes so I was being honest with you. I was being honest. Oh shut up. You weren't being honest because if you were if you had been honest all along then. You like you wouldn't have made her. Like. If you've been honest all along. She would have no exactly the sort of pace that you allegedly wanted to be at and probably would not have even bother, but you wanted to get some action, so you supper there a few times and then when she wanted to. See a movie instead of sleeping with asthma, it's gone too fast fast. Lame, so then we get to the finale party where Danika got in a fight and got kicked out. Over thirsty, thirsty, little SHEENA, twin, and everybody's basically cheering her on except van trump, of course who has nothing to say about anything else that just happened is just when it comes back to Danika sick, but lack Ford someone on the floors explosive as you are. Going to have to talk about that going forward, missy. Yes, she's like when your in hospitality Danika. You really going to check yourself because I cannot have a loose cannon on the floor I might. Did you not see La last season? Who Cursed? Outpour Raquel called the seaward, and like honestly, if if they were still maintaining the is that Lala did not have a sugar, daddy was not living in the hills. You would be a hostess again this season come on and I wish they would have asked Annika. Getting kicked out of the season Premiere Party because she got kicked out of that to you. Didn't see the I think. I think there were police there with her. That got kicked Oh yeah I heard about that. I think she got arrested or something at the season. Premiere Party so I. Don't know I'm not sure if that happens to don't sue me. Okay, it's just stuff i. read on the Internet. Okay, so then we move onto James's apology to Fatman. Fat Mine Fatman. Fact. He's a big man. He's A. Mom with. Face in the fat body because he's thought man yeah good. I just love it. They're like James Let's watch your apology clip. His mom, that's why. Say, so how's your relationship with Randall? been he's. It's been really great. I mean ever since apologize about thought man. He's been really treated me like a skinny man me really wonderful. I don't see any evidence of him being fatman anymore physically. You know what I'm sayin I. Don't call them Fatman anymore and now it's called mime. Really, push, La back into my life, so we have to be thankful for that and lawless, like I thought it was just like amazing Justice James Growth and my fiance's just like the most amazing man of ever met in my life. What a waste of Space Jesus Christ so final where it's kristen to miss your friendship. Does anybody still care and then kristen polls are like Oh. Of course I am a monumental moment. About America all Ooh. Do I wish I could have shared relationship with Alex with him? Yes, do I wish I could have shared my house with him. Yes, do I wish I could have shown them that time. That I got some peanut butter and it was crunchy. Creamy I was like Oh. Yes. And Creek Katie's just so bored Katie has not. This is like the best reunion episode with Katie never saying one thing, and this is like my favorite thing, not one damn word came advocating. Taking my notes so then Andrew Punk is a speech about how we've been through so much as in the world as a country, and she really wants people to have the same co he's in. We had going into this. I have to say I only recently found out that there was a pandemic. No one told me, but now that I know I would say it's unacceptable and we have to spend our time appreciating each other. And acts like yeah. I'm good with how things are you? Whatever I'm good without things are. Actually open if Jackson Tom Hung out together, both be good, but the had talked is whole time Andy. Here's It's all your say what are you? What are you watching the good wife in quarantine? Gang. I've been watching. Perry Mason so she's like. Jacks have this quiet moment where she's like she's like. Don't get so angry at me. Josh Excellent Guitar. Contract, these people don't contradict me. which is that fucked up bullshit? We've been talking about for like three seasons now about how like Jackson's circling the wagons around their relationship, which is totally manipulative thing to keep like the woman under his thumb like an in control. It's just like A. To me. It's a sign of terrible. Terrible things so Lisa's like. She's like what I want to see. All these people is a concerted effort for all of them to put it all back together. This is not good. We all have to come together as a terrible team of. People who do problematic things all the time, but still some however job at my restaurant. Yes, I just want to get back to failing upwards. Can we do that? You. So then Andy brings on all the men. Will some of the man? Thought Peter. Peter's moment to come back right. This is when he comes onstage. There's little shots CDO and they do that, but there was no, they didn't even. They didn't even ask Peter to make Zoom Square. Peter so lame so. Basically we see all the guys and Andy's like Randall for years. You were reluctant to be on the show. She wouldn't even say your name. About some salad. That's pretty much it. So what do you have to say about that? Now that we've got gotta face to the beautiful tossed salad image. We say about that. Well I was petrified for years to come onto the show. You know, but then you know once the divorce was finally. I got rid of a few mistresses than I was like okay. I can do this all right so I came on here and you know what the end of the day family and I just wanted to support you and everyone made it fun. Easy plus production offered me. Me to to Fried Chicken patties per day per they don of per diem. Who is more particularly him and couldn't turn that down so then we seabrook still hot and here he says a lot of things, but just hot and she's like well. They're like well. Hey, does be in quarantine Machina. Make you digger even more because only I've leaned handle, and she's a good p seen in. Such good friends. That the end of it like you all of each other. She has a big heart and Australian. Didgeridoo, thank you and then seen as like Kesse me. Did you notice academy and he kisses her keeps looking at the camera. Is I did not notice that. Like he does on. Camera time there God forbid. All just won't take these moment on television to announce that Moro, we will be having blueberries in the pancakes. Always blueberries. It is laver's pancakes moral, and that's pretty much it. retinas like I love you guys, even though we schooner each other Andy Goes. Wow, will I can't wait to see you all in person. Sue and sausages. Thank you, Andy, which was sort of a hilarious bit of irony there. Well there we go, it's over, so get the. To. See what the Hell is going to happen now. On vanda pump rules who knows who knows big question marks but in the meantime I'll tell you what's happening in the world of watch. Crap ends so. It's going to be I. believe that's our next episode, right? Selling sunset about we'll be our fifth episode of the week, so we'll be back after that next week, and of course we'll have a bonus up this weekend. All that good stuff, too, so check it out. Go check out our other shows Sunset season two episode to. And, that will also be video. We're going to record that right after this, so that will also be a video available on crap demand. Guess what he thought. What thin! Right everyone have a be safe animal touch with the next episode.

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