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The 'Umbrella Academy' Recap Show Episode 1


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I'm your host and joining me as always is my co host my writer Dai say Hey Ryan Dan we're back. We're back guys ed as promised we are here for the benders choice you guys selected the show that we were going to recap and everyone voted for the umbrella academy by a landslide so we are covering the umbrella academy season one. Finally Radio finally has yet to air. But it's definitely in the works so I think this is perfect. This is a great time to kind of pick apart season. One one deep dive into what we're doing so right. What would your first thoughts on this? This episode I I liked how now even though they have the superpowers. I like to how in this episode is more about the people you know what I mean. It was more about kind of fleshing out their issues which I which I think. Is something really cool that I'm like I'm kind of watching it. I haven't fully Banjo asked yet so I know what I know. So far is very interesting. How they're kind of focused immoral like okay? These these people have these issues but oh yea we have these powers to. Don't forget about that at that. Kinda cool what about you. I mean I was down comfort from from Jump Street. It's based off the graphic novel and even though I'm not the biggest book nerd I'm very like what am I. What am I describe myself? I'm a I'm a casual comic book nerds like I know the stories ACA wicky. It's a death while I actually sit down and read the graphic novel. Probably Right Right But I know of a lot about the background so I knew about the background of the show. I'm really drew me to. It was the fact that it was created Darkhorse the which is the publisher. That did hell boy. I'm like Oh it's star wars do that research because I like the comic books but I hadn't read those and I was like well. What is like I had to go back into my research on it? Dark Horse Comics And the IT was developed and created by Gerard away from my chemical romance was as one of my favorite bands back in the day rock band. And Yeah I had to educate you bring an amusement park and go back on. That had exactly I was like okay. You sold me. It's dark horse. which I know is going to be? I mean they they're not DC. They're not marble but they do their thing and right right Gerard Way. It was a part of it. He C- he conceptualized. This idea and then on top of it wasn't Netflix. And a superheroes and kids that grew up and became here so I was like unreal. Everything right there in the time travel was involved. You Know Mary. J. Blige was in it like why not. So that's what drew me to it but just to give. Everyone is analysis for New Listener people that haven't watched the show Also caution Russian Matt Spoilers But yeah turning back. Oh Yeah just started off now but Roz around a dysfunctional family of adopted assembling who were basically trained to become superheroes and they basically reunite after the death of their father who was very eccentric man. And because there's like a threat of this apocalypse so they have to come together to save the world that's the show in a nutshell and the kids. That were the seven children that he adopted that were trained rain there. He called them. The umbrella academy and the kids will have mashed tattoos so it was like it was serious business like they were his children but they weren't. They were almost like superiors like they were. Yeah they're like bill super soldier immigrant for example literally in the graphic novel you he would not let them call it like they kept trying to call him and he was like no no. I was saying why wait. I'll hurt myself and I'm not even a member. Look Yeah exactly I mean. I didn't read into graphic novels but I do know He. I mean he at least recognizing need some type of motherly figure. So mom was there in a weird to ooh. Yeah it is so weird. I'm going with this but we're not going to reveal who mom is just know that mom is their mother and she is the heart of that household takes care of them and then they got and then they got that Daddy. That's just hard as rocks. I mean that sounds terrible. But like he's rough. It really is sounds like and they call him Mr Monocle in the novels ause like yeah. He really was legit dislike there because he had things he would accomplish. Yeah he was very much. I mean there was a a seem team in this episode where I mean. Obviously he died in Claus was like yeah. You Know Dad's you know playing tennis Hitler like that was the type of man that they consider him. They didn't think he was a good man. They loved them but yeah he didn't treat them right he they were machines. There are soldiers that have so. Yeah that's the the sad truth about the shout Out these these children were very loved. I mean loud but not the way they should be So yeah let's let's get into it so we open up with What I call labor pains their forty women who forty three women around the world spontaneously spontaneously gave birth? They weren't pregnant like the first thing we see girl at a pool she's still in Flat Tummy Audit. She's a cute boy. Says that jumps in a pool. Next Zeno she'd given birth and heard time blew up. You see that you see. That's what happens. There is an element of almost like supernatural Scifi science fiction. She's like forty around the world on October. The first nineteen eighty-nine gave birth to children simultaneously. Now of those forty three children. Seven were selected for the umbrella academy whether or not they were chosen because of their abilities or the fact that those mothers were like. I'm not going up biking. I don't care if I just found John was having a kid. You'll only get so this right ray. centric man this millionaire billionaire. Probably Reginald Hargreaves he he adopts seven children he brings home in New York. He has beautiful like Gorgeous Mansion in the center of the city and he raises these seven kids like they are the next. You know Super Soldier superheroes they are the umbrella academy Ish The problem is is that only six of those kids are really elite extraordinary. One of them Vanya Who's played by Ellen Page's just quite normal so good violin-playing no to open house actually opened up with the fan of the opera theme song so I was I was with it I was like guess girl? Am Bet El Peso. We're going to run through the siblings. Because that's basically what this episode was about this episode was about in the groundwork introducing these siblings who they are their powers. There's some mystery some of them but we're going to run through them so we have Vanya argues who is actually number seven She's played by Ellen page. And she's a meek violinist with apparently no supernatural abilities. No superpowers and she's a normal one and that's so we get we're like okay so must have been really hard growing up in a house. You're basically pushed to be super here on. You're the only one that was like she just it but I do wonder doing her for something about the violin. Though I mean maybe maybe not because when I was reading being the When I was reading I thought they were trying to hint at something like she was doing something weird as far as volume play in? But I don't know if they just changed for the TV child. She's a talented violinist. Leninist and we will leave it at that. We don't from what we're told she's ordinary so that's all I can say for now but I'm digging for the extraordinary as well as that head and getting so the next the next sibling Glenda's actually number one and that's That's Luther Hargreaves played by Tom Hopper. You might recognize him. From game of thrones. He played Dicken Dicken again on Brando. The older brother of Sam Well Tar Same Wealth Harley. Up Addicted Randall. Dick entirely actually his. His Dad was randolph so he was the one that got you know set on fire by did it because we knew he was theories. Okay you heard the time. But we know he's going to be any wouldn't he wouldn't bend the knees so he got that on fire but he's wrong that's a big Mesa a strong He took them planes save so he's called number one also called space boy and he's an astronaut. I'm I'm with super strength. And he's been living on the moon for four years. He was on a mission for his father. So that is luther. Luther is huge. That is a big a hum like blanket. Bring us on the Mavericks later because it might get the might be talking later on the episode because because the fact that the reason like you just like I was gonNA say on B.. He woke up out his bed on the on. The Moon owned is huge. And I'm GONNA get Hallway. That's a big boy phone. Maximum meet Diego. Hargreaves sees number two play by David cast the houses that cost Castagna Janda gasoline. Debt that's banish Yeah Yeah I will tell you to handle that one. 'cause that's what I was thinking I was like. How do you say well I it will be done yes? That's his name is. Just that's all. That's an awful but David. SMU END UP. He plays the go hungry. So he's actually the legit aged trueblue superhero like he wears a mass. He fights crime yes throwing knives his superpower is. He's He has the ability to Kurt. The trajectory of anything he throws so whether it be a nice A broom what have you. He has precision when the throws them things So any cute There Hey hey boy number two so next we meet Alison Hargreaves. She's number three. She's played by Emmy Labor Lampson it. She's a celebrity Just use a movie star. But here's the thing about her. She has the ability to control minds. And that's done with. Yeah I really like one one simple phrase and also say is I heard a rumor so you'd woman and not only does she have the T.. But she could make the things. I heard a rumor that you say and next thing you know you think you think you smell like wink. xactly child's life story okay. Hey look look let me think I heard and you make it come true shoot. I you know what I could do with that right right right. Same control anybody. It don't matter who you are. She says I heard a rumor is over. So don't don't let them finish uh-huh basically saying you know what I gotta go somewhere. So that's that's That's Alison next. Max is probably my most favorite character on the show. He is number four in. He is described as a flamboyant Mboya drug addict. What the ability to communicate with the day dude? I love policies a free Spirit he does what he wants. He don't care. He went to wear a sister's dress. Cool you WANNA do drug cool. He sarcastic cool like causes that dude and you have like Klaus because he actually played Simon in the immortal instruments the film so he was the nerd. I'll GEICO fail. Okay now my guy and then he communicates with the day My Best Cool Dad. That's why he was just like I. I think that's pretty cool. Yes yeah we we get that you know I. I probably would want to people on drugs because 'cause they want the same. Yeah they like. Don't come back club if you're talking to Deb all UK they released might WanNa drown out with a little sauce. So that's that's right. You cracking up the entire season like everything he does is just. There's like over the top. He just is. He's team too much and I love it. Yeah he's got guys. Yeah so we have Klaus then we have number five was probably a close second like he's one of my favorites. So number five doesn't avenue. I'll take Tabei eight and gallagher but he doesn't have a name. All the children had names. I'm thinking number five left before they named themselves. So he's all he's just number five and he has the ability to jump through and space and we'll get you know we'll get to him specifically because he's kind of a plot point in this episode but he had disappeared for almost seventeen years. He was gone from their household. So he's yeah the whole time. I love him so we're up suicide suicide. That's number five. Let's see who's next who'd I leave out deadly anybody. Yes I left out Ben which is Kinda yeah. Yeah but that's kind of weird. He you know I feel I ben. So ben is played by Justin men Ben Hargreaves. He is number six and he is a boy who can summon monsters from his body so he summons horrors from his bodies. We don't really get the full details for that and he died horribly and we don't know how it's it's honestly it's never really explained by Ben is dead We see him as a child. I think we see him as a teenager. Maybe a young man. There's a statue of him out in the garden of their home vendors no longer with the siblings and ended horribly and we don't know happen but it's because clouds can communicate with the dead. He can see Ben and he's the only one so it's really interesting and I really spent the entire season trying to figure out. Well what happens a bed. So he's kind of an enigma fucks financial because I was curious elite because we we the the mystery of you know what happened into Reginald Hargreaves the father. We do learn that in this season but we never know what happened in Tibet. So I hope that skits touched on in season two So that basically is a dynamic and then on top of that you know as far as the household. We have mom Tom who was their mother. She's always been there something off about mom. Yeah but but she's you know she's that loving. I mean really. Who was my dude? We have Pogo Pogo. The scene and EMO watching the same show right like the way he inter- have plotted rewire. But he's dope no but it's just the way that they introduced him I was like I don't know he's been very why the Alabama just smart you know where his came Katie Nice. He wears glasses and he's basically like almost like the family Butler but not really. He's just like he watches over there. Guardian Service Pogo there and then obviously at a certain point in time was reginald original hargreaves. Who It's kind of been a mysterious character throughout the entire series? That is the lay out of the house of the Hargreaves. It As watching this episode. We get flashbacks of the kids as children. They were all alive or together because we don't know what happens at number five If you I notice so so basically died so all the children. They've been a strange apparently for awhile. Now you know Luther is on the moon out in Hollywood Apparently vanished preparing for this big violin solo clauses Dila Costa's which is do do drugs Robin ambulances. Doing his thing like I said number live number five is disappeared and Ben is dead so everyone is everyone a separate. There's only five of them left and Diego's doing his thing just throwing knives and saving families and whatnot. Yep so they're all they all get brought back on Because the death of their father and I mean honestly some of them really have their just their Duty Diego does not mess with his day. Don't fool with his dad he's like he's evil. I mean it is what it is. I really don't care that he died. It is what it is and Ed classes just like yet I feel like everybody. You just can't stay in there. 'cause he really could give two fs about dead. And then Luther Career Orange Ryan what you do is just like he's still. I mean there's we're gonNA steal certapro alison just like. I'm here for my dad. Von You know. She loved her dad. Apparently she's the only one that really didn't get his love one got love but she was the one that we're in the most uninteresting than most ordinary of course it again the of his attention all the kids all the other kids got umbrella. Academy Tattoos are got a Sharpie sharpy of umbrella mirrors surreal out. There like dame ish can't even get a Tattoo House So yeah so she pulls up. You Know Alison greets arms. Like Hey says glad to see you Luther Luther Diego's like why are you here. Like I can't believe he showed up after all you did so we learned that of. I never wrote a little. Tell all book and review all the family's secrets and you know she was. I think the title of the book was called Extraordinary ordinary supplement. That basically. She was the the already nor exhilarated only ordinary one in the home and so she talked about her. Dad was in Ish He worked death in the house. She was left up because she didn't have any powers. Why are they shot? If you're just treated like that where you just follow him around. He's like he's like a tell all book I'm like. Why didn't you lose? China is twenty at the time. This is twenty eighteen twenty nine about this team but yeah so she wrote this book the families really not too happy they all kind of hate her for it Because she told some things that she should know towed clear. She's not welcome. Luther stoop around the house. Because he don't believe there'd father passed from a heart condition. He's heart failure. Where's his monocle at? He always at his monocle. He loses is up Diego's like look me check. The House. No forced entry. He died like plain. Simple Luther is like I don't know about all that because he told me actually look out so luther is you know he's trying to vengeance and then diggers eagles look dude. We don't have to avenge nothing. There's nothing you need to do. Dad died the black girl nerds. PODCAST will return in just a moment often. Do you think about your socks. 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O.. M. B. A. S. DOT dot com slash nerds for twenty percent off bombast dot com slash nerds. He popped out the corner report. I'm looking at the clouds and they're trying to steal everything he I can't wait to buy at opinions. I was through through our life. The ended up stealing skirt. She's like my skirt he's like yes let's be like he's just a great way this here I I mean they basically are meeting set up his affairs and once again. Luther won't let this go. He's like we gotta we gotTa figure out who killed Dad and Diego's like hot on you. I think one of US did of course stupa behind Luther. He all big and broad me but he don't got no brain and you are really dumb you really think this is no he. He knew really but he likes folded so hard. No like so hor like it was just an old yeah. He didn't give them no type of finding he was like but wait wait. Why don't you say I'm GONNA head out? Yeah I'm like on Al.. Say he just he just Allie just looks back on their little mine. They are cute and Die Norma's but he's a little he's a little Little heart aftermath. I don't understand why he number one I solano any also think about it. He's the oldest so he's a lot of responsibility on messenger for data. GotTa Take Care of you guys. We they all come together. So he's the oldest seat carries that that cross and other like me by we were all born reframe time. You just happen to be bored of minutes you know. They're not worried about number one. Also don't they're like portrait of them the keys. Those are my you like darn incredible. Yahoo I mean I like how they had those kinds of without having to explain everything that showed the progress of the home like you see them all and the only it'll sees ben Ba five is gone and then we'll see a portrait of five over the mantle and then we don't see Ben Anymore and then we see a statue of been so it's like okay okay. So five. Apparently has disappeared has been gone for sixteen years almost seventeen years. Ben Is dead. We don't know how and the rest of the kids are just left trying to figure things out now after their dad died so okay and they have a chip. You know for a guardian. And there's something wrong with their mother who's never aged like is this. Is this Salah going on when you watch. This shower. Basically accuses them of murder. They all go their separate ways in the house. Mm so you know Diego's kind of open on the couch Allison's in our old room looking at Seventeen magazine Vanya on the steps Claus Claus House up to no good. I think the kids in a kick out the Mongia so luther he you know he goes to his dad study he pulls pulls out. The old record starts to play and access one of my favorite scenes because you can see all the personalities analogies and I love the final when they like when they pull out the camera pulls out and you can see like there. s a nice you Dan all. They're separate rooms. You can kind of get a lay out of the house. It was so cool. I loved that part. Missa go dancing my good times. Hey No like. It's all going to be better her until they hear annoyed. And opposite this point they've been trying to convince Claus who can communicate with the dead to talk to their father to figure out what happened to him. Classes drugged up though class. Clouds can't really concentrate awesome because he's high when that found that blue like him and he was like Daddy make her child weld and they all run outside. And there's this giant blue black hole and they're like what is it like step away and here come Dombi clouds and we want the fire extinguisher. And he's like blowing uh-huh yes yes. Well we're paying skirt umbrella. I'M GONNA go sit down somewhere collaborate and they see this face come through and low behold it is number five five and it's he looks exactly the same. He's thirteen years old exactly the last time they saw him. But let me tell you something. He is a grown man okay. He is grown GROWN A I guess. He went so far in the future. They he was like he was in the future for forty five years technically even though he was gone for sixteen so he's fifty eight eight years old and a fourteen year old body and they're like well what happened. Where have you been? He was like look. Dad told me not to play around with time and I did so. That's where Yeah I've been. You know took me on figuring out but I basically had to something about going taking his conscience and like Astra elite like putting it out there but he calculated wrong so he actually got find another version of his versus the insist in all of time so yeah banks in the body Davis thirteen-year-old South and even though he thinks like you know a fifty eight year old he still wants to things that a thirteen year old want. So you know he was. He was hungry. He wanted some Peterman Gelia Elliot marshmallows. Apparently which is what by would make him Ray. She was waiting for my comeback homes Keeps makes me so sweet. Yeah But the light on Mogo was stepping peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches. I five also still has grown. So he's like I just want a cup of coffee. It's how now I love how sometimes it's like Kitty. Sometimes he's like well. Dang oh you'll get this and they look at him lay. Yes should you be at Romance Eh. 'cause it's awkward and they actually have their memorial for their father so they have their earn their proper for this memorial there in there also. Let's Sambre because they're also out there with Ben Statue and of course there's obviously tension between Diego and Luther and they start going at in Luther is being all. Da Go quick with it and he's like come on big boy let's go and they start swinging and as powerful as Luther is Diego's eggos too fast worms pop. Luther is being for no reason because he should never been able to land at me blows. He shouldn't have been allowed beaver. No reason like he got his other other. You know dig a slick out the way. And of course he punches DA- Ben Statue so hard it breaks apart. Great You ruin Dad's funeral and then you broke Ben Statue like come on man you got better to this and of course the echo can't just leave enough alone so not only does he beat up his brother but he throws a knife atom but Diego who knows what he's doing so he just clipped them. But you just don't know what to stop do you. He's just like get out of here. So you know violence. Well he was is my father too and she leaves and Pogo Tries. It's geared to stay and she was like look at team should they hate me. I wrote this book. I'm not now welcome here. It's okay I'm leaving and you know what it's like. All right. Take care of yourself. And she leaves Diego's over it. He has has gone to buy your brother and Klaus you know tosses like let me go with. He's just too much he's like. Oh relieving let me go get my things and are- leaves I'm Alison Basically Pepsico back to California. Apparently her marriages fail in Diego's have their that out there. Be Shady You know so Five is in search of a good cup of coffee so he basically teleport's to the car they're like. Where are you going? You can drive like I can do anything. I want. Dips out so the only one left in the house is Luther. He's just looking around trying to finding again. He's looking for his dad's a monocle. He's like something's wrong. He did not die of natural causes. Dad always says Monica while we later learn that the has the monocle just like ooh. Didn't you kill Your Kill Your Dad like why do you have as Monica. Why did you make such a big deal? And nothing happened to him but she got he was just angry that you could believe you so angry and of course classes being as I wouldn't call him drunken south he was just being as high regular self. It's like come on. We're hungry and that right. That's what he's talking about Ben so we get we get our first glimpse of bag in the backseat and they're talking about waffles. Right and the way they cuts in asking you will so smooth but yet dark anything out. That's pretty is our liked it. Because you like you say we're like we were like talking like he's Florida's Ford is over therapy or something 'cause you still lays out there and if you notice route that he was kind of speaking in third person. So I'm assuming Ben was there the whole time. Yeah but calm uh-huh everybody's gone their separate ways for the most part Five is at this great little spot called it. Looks like it was grease or getty's donuts. Let me see them. Go back to notes. This was a gritties. I WanNa go with that. But I'm not a hundred it so he. He is a tow truck driver there as well on their their ordering and Agnes is cute little lady. He walks in and she's just like what would you like or for egg so the total but it's like declare and some coffee and then she asked like. Do you want some chocolate milk for your kid. And he's like a kid wants coffee black and cream like he was just an old man and he starts talking to the driver length. Yeah I remember. I used to come here when I was a kid places. So crappy now. He's a sneaky with my siblings. Reminiscent Agnes is out there. Just getting her together and a whole kill squad comes through a whole squad and you not the whole it must have lease gas Okada. It might be a fifty eight year old man trapped in a thirteen year. Old's body but let me tell you something five can handle this as as tamerlane delicate like with with ease like barely what matter of fact I think Thai came off he stuff and put it right back on my ass. I got my tie in shorts and a schoolboy outfit and he said data a whole he was jumping through time or I guess it would be time for one side. Yeah there. He was breaking necks. He used a pencil. What else did you notice the? Yeah the I know her noble laugh. Forgot the group that does it. The song was playing and it made a real common. I liked to have made it kinda funny. Even though they get in they was getting tow but they they had this huge. Like I'm the elements that I thought was hilarious. Even though this like what's he supposed to be thirteen fourteen like body but it's like a wholesale very alive serious trauma Keller. So he could do art at and he's working. Yeah yeah that was my second. Have you seen where they were dancing. We must this'll be my second favorite thing because you just don't expect it like he he's GonNa get guy and I was like Oh man Meta got to go find him again. His show outlet you can throw. He was standing okay. Coffee shops or shop. Our wasn't a counter. You put a tracker out. Like he wouldn't even the new comfort corner them. Kill them all but he smooths out. Oh poor DAB way out dropped it on the table. Left are all think he dropped it on. Tape can left it outside like yeah come find route Goer Bolivia not at least he restated. Eli Oh what am I highlighted are like. There's nowhere to related to your list. I don't know whereas our aflaid we should so oh so actually put in my outline poor agnes changes so bad for her shoes just sitting there. Like okay. Okay 'cause granny. She was already baffled. Coffee remember number two so five ends up paying the visit and she's just like well like he just shows up she's like are you bleeding. Then he just like no big deal. I got to tell you something she's like. Why does the tell me something like why are you here? He's like well. 'cause you're ordinary I can trust you Dane. You cold blooded like you normal. That's why I'm here and she's just like okay. I'm listening and he's like so look at dump into the future and you know earlier episode. He had told a siblings that there was nothing in the future. It was it was crappy like it was a ish and cost like I knew it. So apparently he accidentally set himself into the future Apparently only a few days into the future into the AQAP basically apocalypse and he was like. I don't know how it happened. I don't know what happened but the world ends in eight days and I have no idea how to stop it in. Alviti I can say is okay. Let me put on a pot of coffee and that is the episode. And I mean we didn't didn't really die of so much into it because it really wasn't much. Yeah about you know we got introduced to these amazing siblings. Have all these powers. We have a mystery here so like what happened to five. Would he see in the future like why did it take him so long to come back. No what happens then. What happens Reginald What's going on with finding? Yeah I know she really normal. So there's there's just so many questions and who's after five. If you set the world ended. WHO's in the future after? Get Him so it's just a select going on as a lot of questions but it was. It was cool. I like that. Sometimes you can appreciate a good setup episode so if it's done right like I'm just like Oh my God let me get to the next episodes can i. Can I have to spend a few scenes and we had a little bit of flashbacks so we saw you know the kids wanted to say good night to Reginald. Oh and I forgot this review in. Everyone's went their separate ways. An it also mom you know she sitting down and she's looking at all these paintings and you're thinking she's just sad or she's in trance by this paintings by the paintings. No instance are charging station. She's a whole robot. Say I think she was a whole row by And I was like what is happening. I mean he kind of I. Guess the kind of alluded to her during the funeral. But I didn't pick on. Maybe she was just like but I was wondering why Salaam her reveal but it wasn't one eight she'll exactly the same and she was almost like short-circuiting but to us not knowing knowing that she was a robot or Cyborg was the fact. That Mayo maybe just old age. Maybe he no he you know he's read. She kept her gong and but she still owes us. She's forgetting things. No Oh she was short-circuiting so she actually has a whole charging station but she raised him this mom they love mom. They love her because she was really the only source of love and and compassion that they had because their father was very cold So we have that we have mom we have we have pogo. Who was my dude There's so many things went on this show You know luther big. Why is he so big? What happened to him for no reason? We see the kids. When they were younger robbery they stopped it? And we get to see like kind of everyone's powers in action we saw Ben's powers and action You know the monsters the horror. That's what he's called the horror so there's so many there's so many different things shoka girl something different directions So I really watched everything the one weekend so. I'm so looking forward to break in this down. So like what are you. What are you want saw? What are WHA? What's what are you looking forward to more clouds? Yeah definitely yeah glasses. Definitely one of those Klaus von. Yeah I just feel bad for her all the time his whole Alzheimer's episodes. I WanNa know like he's going to pick up for her. She's not just a little lonely personal I in the corner but yeah clouds. Is that goal there. COOL CHARACTER WE WANNA see by really stuck with me as I mean I know. She's central to the show and I love Ellen. Pays he's was. She had the kick puppy look and holiday. We do week I don't do. Have you ever get this by now. But I'm very like Kinda hard exterior and I'm like all like honest business so ooh yeah. That's why I don't eat now. I get where you go bro. Yeah I just I hate it for. I don't know what else to do that. Hey let 'cause I agree with you. I feel like at some point. She needs to stand up for herself. I'm literally tired of seeing each go round. And just take they little jabs like she didn't have the right to do what she did. But at the same time I one of those people that were like you know as a as an audience member you WanNa know more like give her some. Don't let her be. That person gets continue to do that too. So that makes me curious. Because I'm like she going to get any anymore anymore. I think little samples of hair. Like come on out for yourself you always going to be in victim. Yep Episode episode where she was like okay. I had enough like you know I mean hey hey I can play the violin waiting for her to stand up for her to do something like I expected her to do also ABC. Here's what she said about Reggio I wanNA roar back him because this do create it these people around him that he could control. You know what I mean like. Nobody really had a you know like what happened in your life. Or what's in your brain where it's like everything around. You had to create like it was met with I force upon you and you had to learn how to deal with Reginald. Reveal about how this a he made pogo or you some experimentation pogo to talk. made a robot and mom are his case truly super or did he make them Subaru. So there's there's a lot going they're like our explaining. Why and I guess we'll get to all this and maybe that's part of his thing but explaining how these women you know I just I was pregnant and it was the most random you know the rental places you had to say like? Oh we're having a baby right now is just the most random you know all of your hoping that. There's a little bit of explanation ashamed. Obviously they want to keep you going for to come. But they're still kind of explanation of why the happen guests and we will definitely get to that so yes so that's why you know. Probably our audience definitely chose umbrella academy because it has everything it's one of my analysts. 'cause we should go. We should probably go through. But I think this was definitely like 'cause because you know let Netflix releases. Like a list of other options like definitely. Yeah definitely in the top and I didn't think about it and I say I can see it in the I think the first month that had about forty two million viewers And it was renewed within literally that same month when it dropped eight hundred nineteen and they renewed for season two so we knew off top. We kept It was one of the most one of the more popular shows and it was. You know praise for its casting was praised its visuals. You know some of the acing. The tone was criticized. But it's a comic book like I was entertaining. Yeah so yeah. We're adults coming up. Yeah it's going to be good so look forward to next week's episode food as always if you guys have any questions thoughts any theories on what's going down. I'm sure some of already seen the entire series but we definitely I want to hear your thoughts on your favorite. I WANNA okay. which number is your favorite so Atas at black girl nerds at black girl geeks at BGN? podcast yes ma. Handles Gelga underscores no as Melanin. Mommy two eight one six. I never remember my mom. Is this your instagram am. I felt like he wasn't getting out you as an adult underscore the cool blurred but anyways you'll see me tweet and we have We Have Ryan November era era. So get at us. It's also your also your Edgy Ryan. No the the energy is Ryan Ryan spell our way in any and then just being because it just cut off Bennett so be in. Okay okay okay so those are handled. Let us know your thoughts. Tell us be our Graham flitted L.. Let us know your favorite your favorite Superhero your favorite number and we will talk to you guys. Next week by the black girl nerds. PODCAST is produced by Jamie broad knacks. The opening theme song to our show is written and performed by Sama's various instrumentals metals are performed by Sam Sky Blue and shoves Zillah you can find various episodes of the black girl nerds podcast on Itunes Stitcher soundcloud audio boom. Google play music and spotify.

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