Apple Car progress, ARM on Macintosh, and recording from Apple Watch Ep.195


You're listening to the apple insider podcast. Welcomes this episode of the apple insider podcast. This is an experimental episode where William is traveling the world on IOS only normally we record with Matt's. So if you hear sound quality issues or note that we have difficulties. Well, this is our second time recording the episode. We're gonna get right through it then that's William the wilted Gallagher. All right. We'll again, I prefer wondering like tweet to set that butts writes. Yes, What's going on in the world arm processors for MacIntosh. Okay. I'll have. I'll have to do. They do them in blur this Intel. Stuff is garbage. Let's just forget about it. We're going to go to arm. Okay. I won't can understand intelligence taking very long time to do what it promised, but ready can apple seriously just switch over. It's a big job. The signs in the past when apple switched over, it's always been a big task, but the way that they've addressed it has been through neat tricks like running classic software legacy software in. Relation. The change from the Motorola sixty. Eight hundred sixty thousand processors to the tarp Assi was a monumental shift that required a huge undertaking and some software got left behind, but a lot of it worked in system eight. The shift to power PC was difficult. One. The shift to Intel was a much easier one. At that time they been able to compile ten for until they'd be able to get fat binary is going for Intel. It's still required some legacy software. So they wrote into emulator called Rosetta. And then after that, you know, it's not that hard any longer. The difficulty is going to be part of what we're seeing play out now with marzipan apps where we have you. I kit in advocate and one of them's going to win out in the answer is it's the one that's on iphone. That's the one that wins. So when everyone gets on board with that when marzipan becomes a little bit more fleshed out, that's when this change makes a lot of sense that makes you quote who who issued the. Analysts note says that we should expect this really, no later than twenty twenty one, so twenty twenty or twenty twenty one. You'll have arm processors in McIntosh. Probably add AFC center advantages to that. I can say that apple likes to control absolutely everything. And yet they're office reasons why. But that just sounds to me like everybody's gone IRS is likely to make the MAC cap. If it's particularly insightful. But you look at something like much to word present, which he's bets on the ipods on the MAC. It's Bessette because they started again on the have thought few features they've ditched the decades of judge foot. No, no, no, no. They didn't start again, the code that is running office apps from Microsoft on less. Is these same code that is running office apps for Android is the same code as running office apps for MacIntosh ended for windows while I'm trying to remember what features it they have doesn't have they have unified the. Owed base. It is a unified code base in years. Past office, MAC and office for windows were entirely separate animals. They did not share unified code base and with office two thousand sixteen they do. And so what is what has happened here is that they have aligned and underlying it all is the same heart. Now, some features aren't surfaced in some features aren't present and the UI is different, but at the heart of it, these things are now the same. And that's a big victory because it was a monumental undertaking except surely much softwood like Todd is a slow up on. I honor doesn't crashes often was the MAC, so that doesn't sound like it can have all these features these hang of compile time, perhaps they choose to that. Yeah, absolutely. So that suggests that this than just component for a different machine for the that make choices of optimization will look subdued. Oh, that's to put office on max small. They want to reach as many people as they can, especially in the age of Google docs, especially in the age where they would face antitrust again or face complaints. Again, if if they did not have office on platform, so it is something that they would definitely do. The question is, could they poured it? And I think the answer is yes, as as many different architectures they've currently got it going for anyway. I mean they are visited arm with surface RT and not forgotten about that. Yes or no, you know, well that they're doing it again. They've got another product other arm in it, so they're going to keep looking at this and they're gonna make sure that office runs on it, whatever it is if we compile it for arm for the other thing and the code base is unified than our MAC gets. It's well. Okay. That makes sense. I think it's an interesting change in the world where before allegedly, arguably, MC soft at didn't go on the ipads because. Wasn't gonna succeed in it was it was going to be a rival and now feel like that's actually what's broken. Mike subs hold on would predecessor uses well, they've. Remember when they said that they were still focusing on what windows phone could be right now that we know that the answer is nothing that that windows phone took a dirt nap that this is not an issue, but I wanna talk about something else that popped up in Mingji close note, which is that besides his thinking that that this changes apple into a full stack arm shop a full stack shopper. They own everything including the graphics processor end the CPU because they would obviously if they're putting any series chicken MAC that they're also working on advanced driver systems systems for the apple car. And at that will also use a TSMC chip that is he said the launch, he thinks between twenty twenty three and twenty twenty five. So the apple cau- is not dead while we knew that it wasn't dead, but it's, it's still there. It's still evolving. Now there he thinks it's either going to support high automation of driver tasks or complete automation, including Navin driving. Now, this is interesting because we know that the apple maps crew out were dry. The world to to map everything. And I actually spotted an apple maps vehicle last weekend. I was standing in much driveway preparing for a road trip and the apple maps minivan rolled past my street. Did you follow it? I did not, but I photographed it. Okay. I think evidence if people following Patchett news, Google maps. 'cause just getting ahead of it a few times so that they would becomingly recorded somewhere now and you know, Google does this thing where they blur phases out and I expect apple as well if they'd even give us a street view. But if there's a street view from apple maps, they'll see me holding my iphone up photographing them, but I took rapid fire shots. I've got really great pictures of the apple Macs vehicle driving past me. I know nothing about. 'cause he said, particularly, notable type opposite cameras. It has put extra in the show notes. That's what will use for this week accents, but so that's going on now. Also adding fuels the fire for the apple car. Is a patent application which was published on US PTO site at in trade office that shows apple is working out a way or has invented a way process to use multiple DC converters to handle down converting voltage. So what happens is electric vehicle uses in eight hundred volt battery pack because you have to have that much juice to run the wheels, right? And it's not just about voltage purely it's also about Milan hours or amp hours because you have to have a huge amount of amps to be able to to run that for any length of time and k. so. So that's why you get these giant battery packs for cars. Now, the Motors obviously take that eight hundred volts, but the infotainment system the the bus for power, windows door locks and everything else is low voltage uses twelve OT seat, not in the rest of the world. Cars could use even lower. I mean, you could you run the computer off of five volts and three point? Three volts. So. You have to regulate and down convert from eight hundred volts at twelve, right, right. That's sort of like a massive emotion joke. Well, so what happens is when you do that you, you tend to lose potential energy in the form of heat. Right? It's not a very efficient thing always. 'cause that enters gotta go somewhere. So you spend some heat, but whenever mind that the reason this is interesting is this patent says they're using multiple DC converters. So what happens is first of all, they use the one to drop from eight hundred twelve, and then they throw a second one in mine to regulate the power and and the reason that you do this is so the reason that you do this is that when you have that voltage drop these, these electron IX are sensitive ones to to power transients. They're sensitive to spikes sensitive drops. They're sensitive to fluctuations. And so use the second power converter as a way of regulating smoothing out that so that you get solid, twelve volt DC all the time as opposed to one the dips or surges based on unpowered regeneration or power drop in demand when you give guy give power to the Motors. And so this is both an interesting patent and it's also a good sign that on the car. Now you were talking about earlier when we were talking. About this offline and you'd ask me why on earth tesla tesla, do because you wrote a tesla from the airport hotel than you. I I on Sundays I think is much too, but yesterday I was picked up ex school, just tesla car delivered to my hotel. It was great, but you know, it worked. They hadn't time for the time Tessler. This mcglade one example needs to differently. Tesla has done this differently. Tesla's doing is they have the eight hundred volt battery in the floor of the gar in an upfront in the front trunk, or from if you will. They have a twelve volt normal battery. Oh, I didn't know that. Okay, ROY. But that still means it's done, doesn't well would they haven't is they've given up right? They've separated out the systems and Apple's solution is to run everything off of the one battery with one battery management system with with one charge controller. With all of the stuff that they can do off of one unit as opposed to sort of throwing their hands up and saying, yeah, right. So we've got the big thing and we also get this twelve normal. Bat seems need to do it this way, but not. Well, and it's also so there's a functional benefit there, but there's also the this is apple patenting, things that they can patent. Our part part of having a patent word chest is amassing and patenting the technology so that should it come up. You have later where you think they might be Lewis's in patent trolls around that never happens around technology. That would be interesting like an apple vehicle, no kilt now. Keeps the lawyers busy, I suppose, unseen. If that's a case. So I take it then. Puffins the interesting to the engineering the the point here is that it looks so much like that will definitely be calm. I thought the thing was a stoked trying to make a natural automobile and lagoons trudgy things with other manufacturers was maybe they were gonna Bali test via these things. Well, this was like, no, they coach, you know, there was this poaching employs going back and forth between tesla for a while, and you know Elon Musk who has a big mouth said that apple employs weren't worthy of working at tesla. They just weren't high enough calibre. So you see, this kind of thing on apple was trying to work with BMW earlier on to to see if there was something they could work out, freezing their platform that didn't seem to pan out. And so apple is going their own way. Now, why is this important? Well, Google's were on it when you know the Uber lifted working on it, there's there's a ton of energy being poured into this. No. Ocean of fixing transportation and automated driving fixes transportation in a key way. And that way is right now there are approximately and I- anywhere from forty to sixty thousand people that die in automotive related deaths every year in America alone. Now, if I told you that forty to sixty thousand people were going to die every year, you would say that was a pandemic, yes, right. I said if I said forty sixty thousand people were going to die preventable deaths due to illness, you'd say, oh my God. Why isn't somebody doing something not undo tummy? They are on this. Is it okay, right? Because because we think of driving as normal and having risks associated with it. This is just what people have come to accept and the future of the automobile is one where maybe that isn't acceptable anymore, what there are few things that happened yet. Right. So first of all, Oberlin lifted working on this, right? They like the idea and they're not alone. GM is working on it through there. Their thing with Avis rental cars and they, they're also sharing that technology because the idea here is that you know if you had a rental car company, you would absolutely want your self driving car doing it rather than trusting going on the insurance, the person driving, right? Yes, yes. Protect your investment in your in your fleet. If you are a insurance company, you know you're, you could change the world just by simply saying that people who use self driving are going to have better rates to good fiesta. Kick on that right, considered uninhabitable. Yeah, you know. And along with this car, ownership changes, if Uber and lift do this and you can simply page one in every need than what's the value in owning a car. Okay. Isn't that funny? My mind just went symbol, tiny, achieve joy driving that, but also attended enjoy the servicing. The counselor has of it things, but no, hang on the third thing with saying, I was going to introduce a calm on at the same time. Few people are gonna need. As full missed the boat. It's a good question. I mean at the same time, this is all happening. There is things like bird and lime that do bike share and electric scooter share. And if the truth is that city infrastructure allows you to ride a scooter in protected lane on a street, then you need a car necessarily. Might me you might need a car for doing grocery shopping just because in terms of carrying stuff. Yeah. But you know, for your quick commute to work, you could do electric bicycle. You could do a scooter last night when I was being driven while I admit I was looking at the tesla equipment, budget, Glenn side of the window. One point genetic show winning on Iowa. So somebody wrote by on is skateboard on a just residual they did in traffic. It was quite impressive. Essentially. Upset you can. Okay. I think a quite what those forget costs. Give me a metro scandal. Yeah. What we've reviewed a couple of those apple insider said that mainstream now they're available is not just. Hitter be with three soldiers on engine. No, for years now we did. We did boosted. We did when that was called ebor DHS or something like that. There was another one I saw CS that I quite liked that I wish I could get a hold of, but I haven't gotten a little them. We're looking at doing a one we'll review. I'm sorry, one warm wheel. So instead of escape were skateboard has the board and it has to trucks with four wheels at the corners. Basically a one wheel says, you know what? Forget all that you've got a board and then stuck in a hole right in the center of the board is a really giant wheel, single one. And so you sort of balance like a seesaw on the thing I was saying before a k- it's getting comes from Kutch to help a boat. I like it yet one one, large rubber wheel with a motor in the center of it? Yeah. Sorry from the phone numbers transport is China jink. And because of that shit ministers by send our Zine the unbundling of transport. Yeah. Bundling of transplants. A great phrase guy. Yes. Now I'm going to tell you about PDF element for a moment. We'll get right back into it. PDF element is a complete PDF solution via cross platform. Windows, MAC, Android, it's intuitive and easy to use, especially if you're familiar with Microsoft Office mentioned before we have little doubt that most users will be able to quickly get up and running with it. It provides facilities for PDF creation, editing form creation, digital signatures, and commenting plus integrated optical character recognition of CR. So that scanned paper documents can be turned into truly edible tedious given that it's so much cheaper than acrobat. It makes a lot of sense for small business use a spoke. Did you see Facebook introduced a video chat device? Yes. We've got a few, it is. Well, we got a few of those. This one is a screen with a camera on a speaker and has Alexa built, and they partner with Amazon for that, and it's freezing using video chat over Facebook messenger, okay, satisfied, Google home hub plugged into Facebook. It's not about that something something kind of like that. Now they, they were very clear. They stressed that they have privacy credentials that it doesn't monitor retain the crypts. Two calls that the that they have physical mechanical means of disconnecting the camera that they're all about the privacy rights. That sounds brilliant. Well, they lied. Okay. That's Jimmy. They allegedly might as we walked back to the pets well, so I don't have to walk it back too far. And I'll say that because after the reports saying that no data collection for dole for advertising purposes, they then admitted that, yeah, actually. Okay, fine. Some data does get collected. So in a statement that they provided to Rico, they advised that while porter lessons show advertising data about who users call and the apps used on the device can use an advertising decisions on other Facebook own services. Okay. That seemed like at least a ninety, nine percent. Reversal of things surprises me from Facebook reversal. The privacy. Oh, no, no reversal shouldn't surprise you every other time. They've said, no, no, no, we don't do that a couple of weeks later. Yeah, we do that. That's Facebook's history. No, no, we would never. Yes, we do. No, no, no. We don't yet run a newspaper running advert in the New York Times. Full-page ad apologizing yet. We did that. That's the Facebook rinse cycle repeat is. We don't do that. Oh, yeah, we do and you know what? We knew all along we did and we're sorry, but we're gonna keep doing it. Okay. I I'm in such bad for me, but at this I have previously been aware that it's sometimes better to do something in apologize afterwards than to ask permission first. But I'm talking about when I was in the BBC in things and feuded dirt. Nothing have hummed. This is different differences messing people alive. Why would you keep placing your trust in them? Why would I put my trusting Facebook. Actually, I think more than anything else coming into the reason. Well, earlier this year when the camera Janik scandal broke, we ran stories. We ran two stories one, how to delete your Facebook account in the other, how to delete a lot of your activity and minimize your exposure on Facebook. And at that time I wrote the one about Pershing, your activity, and I purged all of my activity back till like two thousand nine and the past week. I said, you know what? Forget it. I've had enough. I deleted my account a okay, I did notice. You've never sent me a friend request benches took as personal. Okay. How do you feel out there alone in the wild without Facebook? I feel okay. I'm alright. You know, I had someone call up to interview me for a documentary. They're doing on the first iphone launch, and when they sent the invite requests to speak, they said, can we just talk the Facebook messenger? And I wrote back and said, actually, no, we cannot. I've deleted Facebook and it was really they. She wrote back and she said, that's so refreshing. That's so interesting that someone talking about iphone and apple doesn't even have Facebook any longer. There you go. I did it the right time. I got a bunch of people requesting sending the Email saying, what happened? Can we still get in touch with you? Will you know what? Yes. If that's the result that I deleted it and they noticed and and we can go ahead and talk somewhere else. Yes. Perfect. Okay. Yeah. And I like it feels to me as if I have decreased the vulnerability surface of my identity way. That's quite a fries. Okay. Put on a two shifts. I just add up all put on a digit while you're doing that. I want to tell you that almost every day we hear about something on the news about a cyber attack. Sometimes it's just a bunch of pranksters. Sometimes it's a foreign country with vast cyber resources trying to hack our power grid, our banking systems or our military's information that works. The national security agency plays a big part in protecting our country from cyber attacks, and you can help the NSA is hiring technical professionals to serve on the frontlines of information security. If you work in computer science, networking programming, electrical engineering, you. Can help keep our country safe design, new hardware systems networks, right faster, smarter programs protect America's critical infrastructure or help uncover what our adversaries are planning to do. Next Bryn Mawr about careers at the national security agency today, visit intelligence, careers dot gov, slash NSA. That's intelligence, careers dot gov. Slash NSA an essay in all capital letters. Right. So t shirts, ready? Are you an extra neck? Sell Intel, basically, rush. Rush in watch my ideal. Got, yes, I undo very well. Okay. So I'm sorry, I'm bundling t-shirts. We somebody's reducing face perfect tone. Imagine what we're moving on from that because we're gonna talk about something that's a little more tragic. Yeah, there's, there's been an a story going on past couple of days about a Washington Post journalist named Jamal Khashoggi who was killed in Turkey, and the reason that we're talking about it specifically is because the apple watch keeps getting brought up as part of the details of the story. Now Khashoggi wore a cellular series. Three LT series, three apple watch, and this is known just because there are many photos of him and you can see the little red dot on the crown, right? This is an interesting thing, and we're even getting wrapped up in this race. Lewis, let's start first of all. He was a green card holder in in America. So someone on the path to citizenship, legitimately in America were for the Washington Post. The Washington Post is, of course owned by Jeff Bezos. Bezos has not commented at all on this story. Now I, it's interesting, partly because normally he stays out of the news fine. He lets the post run their own way, but you would think as the owner of the paper, he would have something to say about this. He has not news reports. Keep mentioning the apple watch as the source of data for a questioning by hit squad. So he went to visit the Saudi embassy in Turkey, and when he was there, he he, he was costed in assaulted by a hit squad, and there's an audio file. The audio file of this was reportedly synchronized with his iphone, which was in possession of fan, say, who was waiting outside the consulate during this exchange. Some people are presuming that was within bluetooth range. But the thing about consulates is that they tend to be very secure. They tend to have no wireless signals coming in and out intentionally. Yes, but right. It's a part of securing the console. And so what we don't know is is how this audio was transferred to the iphone, how it made its way to I cloud, how it made its way out of the watch for that matter. We don't know what app he used or anything, but. There's there's reports suggest that Saudis wiped certain files from his device or devices. They were unsuccessful deleting data from I cloud. Now, if if the apple watch recorded this attack, it's not clear how that happened. It's not entirely clear that it really was the apple watch. Although that's whatever saying I should point out. I often record India on my voice. Isn't that cool to just press record? Really handy. A quick record in a impromptu speech, shoemaking something, yes. So your your task is to take this app and others, like if you can find them and record with your iphone off and see if the recording goes to cloud and then record when you are off wifi and see what happens when WI FIS restored. Because in your case you have a wifi watch. Not not watch. Yes, but we want to test and figure out how the data got out and where it we're go in your exam. Now the the other concern here and how we began to be part of the story is, is that this is weird. So you know, it's possible that, like I said, this isn't a part of an apple watch recording at all that this is a part of this information compan- pain at the same time on Monday a Demane. That's very similar to our own apple insider was purchased registered in Panama. Now we're apple insider dot com, but someone registered apple insider dot org, and they redirects to ours for every story. There is pretty much except for the ones talking about Jamal Shaggy's murder. Those those they took Mikey Campbell story, and they edit it and reworked changed it and posted it on their bogus domain. And they alleged that apple CEO, Tim cook and spoken to us in broken English. Now, obviously, Tim cook speaks wonderful. English. She's well educated, man. The broken English should have been a tip off to people that this is not what happened, but also the domain should have been a tip off. Oh, slow. Sir. I, I often done by the you fall. I could now rather that, but you it's, it's gonna get harder though in the future to tell because Google has said openly that they want to do away with the RL. They think the URL is an impediment to using the internet and they're gonna get rid of it. So it could be more difficult to tell them the future. But there's there's no good reason why the assailants would want to impugn apple insider. There is no good reason that we can think of why why this is happening other than maybe people in Panama wanted manipulate Google search results and take advantage of our Google rankings to do it. That's that's the simplest explanation we can come up with by that makes sense. Piggyback on after insiders area. Long decades of audience figures, but did they try to do for anybody else? Just like make it look like the multiple sources? Not that we know of NY times dot org didn't appear than I don't know weird. Okay, right, soft, appease. We're. Yeah, in other news. So Google is going to start charging Android vendors for the play store and Google apps. Android used to be this entirely free entirely open system with all of the the services free to people who wanted to do it new certified to be a play store provider. And then along the way they started taking core services in core functionalities out of Android and placing them into apps. And one of the reasons to do this was that the apps could be updated via the play store whenever Google wanted as opposed to Android OS, which had to be updated with approval from carriers. And so it was really difficult to get people to update the Android OS on their phones. Vendors didn't wanna do it because they wanted to cell phones and carriers didn't want to extend afraid of new operating system running on their their network. So Google said, you know what? Fine and run around all of this. We're gonna put all the functionality into our Google apps and play store. And if you went up dates, you'll get them that way. And that's fine except that the European Commission has decided that that is now antitrust wasn't there incisive shrimp something about. Hundred tell his could have access to the stories they did things. I mean, presumably complied with the conditions is not out of science. The basically what's going on here is that they find Google five billion dollars. And so Google has agreed that they're going to start licensing play and licensing new Google services naps that they put out on play to handsome manufacturers, which has the knock on affect of other gonna eat that cost, or are they gonna pass it on to their consumer while the such. A lot of profit margin in Andre much now to state the cost front. You think so probably not. What's going to happen is that everyone's Android phones, gonna get slightly more expensive as a result and they won't notice because, well, you know, phones thousand dollars from apple. No, yeah. So, yes, ten bucks of an Android phone becoming eleven doesn't say that big ado plus I don't know how many people Andrew fines on them rolling carrier subscription thinks that I might price might even be less month. One of, but yes, I don't see what people tend to business. Everybody suddenly decides to start buying Underwood funds because of this annoying, Tony increase on instead spend like you said, one thousand hundred ninety four posted on sanctioned Tommy. Well, it's, it's going to be interesting. It's it's going to be an interesting thing to see entirely. So what's what's going to happen here is Google doesn't really want to do this, but they're gonna do it. Google also wants to have some way to combat combat. Samsung. We'll talk about that in the next story. Just a moment. Remember the days when you were always ready to go with blue shoe, that's blue like the color. You can crease your performance and get that extra confidence in bed. Blue dot com brings you the first Chewable at the same FDA approved active ingredients as vagrancy Alice. So you know, they were since their Chewable. They were up twice as fast as a pill. You can be ready anytime day or night Lucia's prescribed online ship straits your door in a discreet package? 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Yeah. 'cause if they can work out a settlement that's advantages to them that's better than being judged. Okay, that makes sense. I Don live hod in order to reach settling before will thirty days really make a difference. Lock could be agreed to thirty days and I presumed that confidence. This is one of these things where in twenty eight days that extinction judges don't usually look kindly on that yet. You had your thirty days. You're not getting. More unless you've got a really good reason and they don't so or at least I don't suspect they do though the point of this is that they're trying to get rid of and clean up as many legal disputes as they can in order to reach financial targets in the way that works is that when you have legal clouds overhead, they depress your your stock price. Okay, that makes sense. And so if they can clear up these things than their stock price will be boosted. It'll come back because people be reassured by them, so so they're trying to get up to about seven dollars and fifty cents in earnings per share for their two thousand nineteen fiscal year. Facility. I mean, it'll these companies always have these things going on hanging over the heads for day particularly came now they're trying to prepare themselves to as bulls and make them targets, but some Hutchison I don't know that now see when you start talking about that a good question, who would want them, you could say apple would want them because it would just go ahead and let them take the cell modem and they wouldn't have to use the Intel modem. You could say appaled want them because then they would all the IP around the Snapdragon CPU's which would be a bad news for Android. Say that Samsung should buy them because then Samsung can use the Snapdragon as their own property and also restrict supply to other customers for it right hallway has the cure and processor, but LG Google pixel HTC Otto who who they using, but you can use media Taecker they can use Snapdragon. There are a very limited number of arm CDs out there that you can just use. And so being able to buy Snapdragon which is, of course, one of the better ones would be a big way to go. For their part would really hate that because Google wants to be able to release flagship designs flagship phones and they do that because they're fighting a war against Samson. The problem is that Samsung is almost synonymous with Android, but War I can understand why Google would like, I think you're saying that everybody equates some sun with under non daughter sons longer than parole. Google reinvented, but isn't some some Indian. A lot of money to the difficulty is that when Samsung has as much control as they have, they get to define what Android is, and that's not what Google wants it to be. And so years ago Samsung's working on a scape patch plan called Tipton. Oh, oh, yes. Yes. Well, Google's working on escape hatch. OS called fuchsia Kyushu is not Android future can run Android applications, but it's not putting system that's separate from an entirely. And so few should be away of of Google regaining control over what their mobile s.'s. And that's, that's something that they need to. Now if Google bought Qualcomm than Google would have control over the process or supply and phones and everything else. Okay. But just, you know, I would probably be subject to Maura anti-drug stuff from a keg. Yes. So it's it's very much picture a bunch of people in room with each with swords point at each other. Yes, that's worth says, okay. Yep. Now in late breaking news, late late, late, breaking news. Apple has set out invites for the upcoming event. Yes, this, yes. Now the this event is focused around what looks like making stuff and creativity. They're, they're going to do it in Brooklyn, I believe. And yeah, it's happening in in New York City in Brooklyn, and it says there's more in the making is the tagline here, and the apple logo is a unique is a large number of of different versions of it in. They're all artistic and they're so each person who's getting an invite gets a randomized one. They're aren't all saying k. through many there. Oh, no, but there are ton and it's it's probably likely that whole bunch of designers were tasked with coming up with a ton of these things, and they just randomize the list and sent out a bunch. Okay, let's. But that tells me that it's probably an ipad event and it's an ipad event focused around creativity, so expect to see something about ipad pro Napa pencil. Yes, that makes sense. Okay. We were expecting. Piper. If we were expecting a pencil, I mean, generally won't assumes wants coming. I don't remember being well evidence trial, even if there's no pencil too. And it's just the same pencil. If the event focuses on the artistry and the things that you can do, then that's enough, right? Yes, yeah. Route to that now. Right? I really like that. I mean, I quite like apples, cryptic Qasr, but the feels like the our gang bit further. This is need one because in the past we've always gotten the same invite from everyone here, unique artistic invites Brent this folk articifial invites. And this is on October the thirtieth. Yes, it is. I'm k. right. Clear diary for the this is the episode. This is all the time we have. I wanna thank you so much for joining me and we will be back next week with more. Thank you very much. Nice talking to you from Los Angeles. Where can people find you on the internet now that we can find you in Los Angeles. -at's w Gallagher. Great. I met de marks. I want everyone to go ahead and send William Email at w. Gallagher at apple, insider dot com. And if you can figure out how you're gonna use the apple watch to record in situations where you don't have collectively and then get the data out the out to cloud. Let us know because this is an interesting exercise in not really sure I'll even try it, but I'll get eleven. Good. Go, okay, record. Turn your phone off and see what goes. All right. Okay. Here's our bedroom. We'll talk to you all next week. We'll see you back then.

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