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VP 175: I get it Testosterone


VELOCE veloce podcast. The loss of podcast. Hey sexy friend talk is making me bitch. Maybe WanNa get a piece of that pretty good WanNa talk about sexy teens erections. It's a very creepy field. I can guarantee that underway. Theft will come up again. None of this is relevant. Hokey cokie balls seven hundred and fifty middle all of Rome. Welcome to the Venezia. PODCAST study and monarchy. This is your grumpy uncle pizza. He will say words at you. Corre question I have three employees employees to start work at eight. Am and leaving four PM. They are good at their careers. But I don't like that they're commitment only lasts for work hours. Only what should I do a CEO. Why I think the first thing you should do is stop pretending to be a CEO? This does not sound like a CEO question Because is used for some reason what stood out to me the most was you said. They are good at their careers. And I don't know why that struck me but immediately I thought this isn't an actual CEO. Speaking so there's something somehow fishy in the language choice of this question that makes me think it's not a CEO uh-huh pretending to be a CEO. And I'm pretty sure most of the high powered amazing people on who are spending their free time answering asking questions of other. People are not really the people they pretend to be. There is a possibility that this is a lazy employees or or an employee WHO's only committed to their work hours in his looking for excuses or arguments on their behalf or is trying to find out what their CEO could do to them. But I don't really buy that either. You're a serious answer to this question. Is what is your expectation versus their reward for achieving that expectation so you seem a CEO. Go to expect people to go beyond their agreed upon work hours. That's not a terrible thing if they are rewarded for doing that but I would bet if this was a serious question from a real person that you want that extra commitment but you don't want actually give any sort of extra ward and this is one of the faults of managers and people in positions of power is have these expectations for other people that they themselves the Phil if a CEO stays later or worse harder they get bonuses the average worker if they stay longer and demonstrate more commitment may get overtime. There are actually a lot of salaried employees who don't so there is no benefit for them. Do anything the on their work hours so as CEO as the person in charge if you want them to do more than is agreed upon within their contract which you should respect as is the person who created that contract and signed as the other person on the contract you need to put in place some kind of reward system for extra commitment and realistically mystically. That is where shortsighted. CEO's go row. You actually see this in a micro version in like fast food restaurants you have. The shift manager expects everyone else to come in early and stay late and do extra work and work that they're not actually contracted to do because they're the manager and you're not so you should do what they say. Mrs This is. There's no reward for those employees to do that thing. They don't even get respect from their shift manager more often than not. They refused to do it in for them. There's no real you lost in them. Quitting that fast food job moving to another fast food place which is very easy for them to get because they have a little bit of experience so for some reason this question struck me and I. I think it's because it didn't sound like a real. CEO A real CEO would know that if you want people to do more to commit more to stay later there has to be an incentive to do that's kind of CEO WANNA one. How do you get people to do what you want? Well you have to offer them. Something doesn't necessarily have to be fiscal. Didn't have to be money to get them to do what you want. It could be something else you get more time off later. You get a bigger bonus at the end of the year you get something else you get an improved Medicare package some other benefit you get to set your own work hours. These are all things that are fully possible within the realm of the CEO to decide side. which makes it confusing to me that is? CEO would come to a place like Kwara at half to asses question because if you're real CEO this would have been the stuff you should know if you're going to be successful so if you're a real CEO. I assume you are absolutely should at your job. And if you're not a real CEO that actually would make more sense because you do not seem to afraid. Somehow somehow it's I. I was pretty much came this question. Someone with the knowledge of an actual CEO. So I am an older older man. I'm forty seven and I'm still doing judo and I'm still trying to maintain a certain level of of health and fitness. I thought One of the things I should look into as an older man getting even older was testosterone supplements. Because I know that factually speaking my testosterone levels will drop sooner or later body just won't produce enough and the downside of not producing enough testosterone is a drop in muscle mass and bone density. There are other personal performance issues. But that wasn't actually what I was looking into. Those are certainly benefits. I wouldn't complain about that WHO But realistically speaking I wanted to maintain a certain level of health as I move on into even older years so I looked up to saucer and supplements and they are effective for maintaining your current level of testosterone. They will help with muscle mass and bone density and other performance Ormes issues. The problem is the actual testosterone supplements. That's not how your body's supposed to get or make it. So there are a bunch of downsides like it's really bad for your liver it's really bad for your testicles testicles is really bad for the things in your body that helped make testosterone so turns out. There are more cons than pros to testosterone supplements so I had to look cup natural ways to improve my testosterone and it was really interesting because there were three things you can do to increase your testosterone one. Get more sleep to exercise more and harder and three eat less sugar. Basically eat no sugar now l.. Surprisingly three is the hardest. One for me. There's a lot of sugar around the sugar in most foods and I have since September cut out significant vacant amounts of snacks and sugar in my life. Not all but I'm moving that way and in four weeks maybe five weeks now I. I have lost about five kilograms of fat so I haven't increased my exercise regime significantly. I haven't changed much about the way of my life. I have just cut out snacks and when I'm hungry and it's snack time in my office because that's what I was doing. That was the problem at my office after breakfast before launch. I'm a little a peckish and I would eat a snack was usually something sweet now. I just drink water. And that has had a significant impact on my way. So I was looking up testosterone in general like how you produce it and how it works and things like that and I found the weird thing is testosterone is really really connected to an image a mental almost power or ability because the activities you do the more manly. They are the more testosterone you'll produce so they measured men doing manly things and how much testosterone they're producing and more manly image. The thing had the more testosterone they produce a me doing. Judo is probably pretty good for my testosterone. Judo's were fighting. It's pretty manly sport. You're throwing other human beings around You are in combat so image wise. That's very high on the scale. I don't think judy was not on the list. But they did do like mixed martial arts and stuff like that. The number one manly thing you can do to produce test ostrom is cut wood and I realized that is actually really true image. Wise if you think about every movie you've ever seen when they WANNA show a man being manly what do they do. They put them out in the field. They take off his shirt and they haven't cut some would have split would and in my head I was like. Is there anything more manly than that. And I actually couldn't come up with anything you might find equivalent sees but you will not find anything so singularly manly image wise than a man in the country with his shirt off PECs rippling sweat rolling down his firm back splitting wood with a satisfying Ka Chunk Chunk and as he has to jerk the handle of the axe a little bit in a sexual way. But it's not sexual because he's just trying to get the acts out so he can split more would he's a man to man stuff and you can't argue with that. And then they got they got in the avengers movie. I think it was the age of Altron or something. I don't remember which movie they had. Eh Captain America's splitting wood. He was splitting wood. Manley like and then they had iron man come out and he split would but not as well because he's less manly they then than Captain America and yet that scales right so judo's good but if I retired from judo and I want to maintain my physique. I think you're gonNA find a lot of split. Would around my house. Despite the fact I don't have a fireplace so the joker ochre movie has come out and it is released of a torrent of memes and whatnot on the Internet I have noticed something. And it's the same thing that happened with Rick from Rick. And morty and it's people professing the data get rick or they get the joker or they relate to rick or they relate due to the joker and I think this is ironic because it actually demonstrated that they don't understand the character because rick is supposed used to be a genius. He's misunderstood he's the smartest man in the universe and he's really rude and hateful to everyone around him and he's alcoholic and he's an alcoholic because he's trying to drown all his emotions all that kind of stuff the Joe. I actually haven't seen the movie so I can't say too much but it seems like he just has a mental break and then becomes violent criminal but both sort. You've profess that they hate society the way it is the kind of want to burn it all down and it's because people don't understand them they start fighting back against the world and people like to identify with being alone in the world and fighting against everyone else. That is actually a very romantic idea. The Western people have the thing that I think. People don't get when they say I relate to rig or I understand right get rick where I relate to the joker I understand China joke right. I get the joker. I think the thing is they don't because they don't see that rick is an asshole. He is written as an inherently negative and bad person who is selfish again. I haven't seen the joker movie so I can't give you any sort of details on that I'd have to see. See it before it could actually come back and talk about the character but the joker is broken. And he's a shitty person. He's an awful human being. So if you get that and you relate to that then you don't understand what it is to be an awful human being and so that is is the last time someone said something because for me it was someone said. Rick and Morty I get Rick and I get oh you get being alcoholic who has no human relationships that are valuable eligible and they were stumped. They were nonplus now. If you got rick if you related to rig you would have a witty comeback and put me in my place. You would talk about how I am. A false image of what a man should really be or something like that. But this is the core issue is they. Don't understand the way. The characters been written his own purpose and it's been written as a negative influence. If you relate to that you're saying you wish to be a negative influence now. A lot of us like the anti hero as concept upped. But now we're taking fiction to reality and you don't get what it is to be a negative force in the real world because then then you're just a piece shit and if everyone hates you everyone hates you and it's your fault and that's the bit I think they're missing more than anything else that everyone who hates rick hates rick because of the way Rick Is. It's his fault he could be nice to all those people he could treat them. Well he could help them out. The joker goes out and purposely is negative. He's an asshole and everyone hates him because he's an asshole because he's mentally broken in this movie. And if you relate to that is because you might be an asshole and you're looking for a way to justify it and if that's what you're actually spending your time doing you'd actually be better served by trying to not be such a fucking asshole all the time so next time you meet someone and they say I get the joker I understand the joker where I relate to the joker or I know what the the joke going through ask them to define the character first and then ask them to relate those traits themselves and see what they say. Because I bet they don't actually come up with the jokers asshole in Seoul. My the United Kingdom has very noble intent and one of the things they tried to do was make take a porn blocker and recently it has come to the news that the U. K. Porn Block initiative is dead and primarily. Because how could it survive. This is one of those things you are fighting a wave of semen that you cannot stop. You will never stop people from getting even if they were successful successful in blocking porn my prediction is that if they ever managed to do this like that actually blocked porn on computers Internet. Two Point Oh would suddenly emerged. They would create a new internet that was primarily porn that was accessible to people and people would move to that almost instantly. They would say other reasons they would say because it's faster because it's more table is more technologically advanced but at the end of the day it would really be where porn goes is. Where technology goes? You've probably heard that the reason Blu Ray Trey was the more successful format over. HDD is because the porn industry went with Blu Ray There's a similar alerts story about VHS versus versus Beta cassette tapes back when they were thing the porn industry went with vhs and that's where everyone else followed the Internet has made blocking anything essentially impossible so legislation countries trying to block it out. I live in Japan and actually looking at full genitalia in Japan is illegal and yet there is no way they're going to stop me getting on the Internet and actually seeing this. If that's what I want I have actually actually found naked pictures by accident which is really weird thing. They wanted to make an age verification system and the primary issue there is. They've actually tried to make age verification systems for other things but then people just find a way to fake their age so whatever system make them up with whether it'd be your social insurance number number or some sort of ID that you have to. I assume scanned into the computer something. I'm not sure how that would work. It's never going to be effective because any sort of thing you associate with age will then be altered so that I can see my naked bodies of the things I wanna see so the UK porn blocker is dead. And if anyone is surprised is by that. I think they don't actually live in the real world. I ate some chips last week. That in itself is not particularly a news worthy but it did bring up a story. We were talking about chips. Because in Japan they have a lot of odd flavours. We were talking about best flavors of chips and one of the worst ones that I thought when when I saw it with Egg Salad Sandwich flavor which I thought was immediately disgusting. My Co workers. Two of them actually said it sounded good to them so I know have less respect for for them as people. We were talking about weird flavors in Canada where I come from a very popular. Chip is catch-up. I myself find quite disgusting but Canadians. Like it. Also dill pickle which is not as offensive but I could only every one or two before I was overwhelmed by the dill pickle flavour. I am very much a traditional chip enthusiast. I like salt vinegar. Probably my British roots but easily. My favorite chip is the DORITO. Now the DORITO has to be from America. They actually have doritos in Japan but they've changed the formula a little bit so they are not quite doritos which is even worse than not Doritos he does. I would actually rather eat a different chip than eat a slightly change Formula Dorito because then I'm not satisfied with my chip experience but one of the things I've learned recently was the amount of calories in Doritos are excessive. Like crazy crazy calories and and as you know once you start eating chips like that you tend to eat way more than you should. So you're getting way more calories than you think you are. That's probably one of the aspects of Doritos. It's so satisfying. Is they fill you up. Because they have so many calories somebody else. People don't tend to know is that Doritos were created did as a way of selling stale Taco chips. So they had these stale chips and they're like oh we cover it with something cheesy people actually taste the stale chip. Yep We don't actually have to throw them out. We could actually sell this. You know wasted products so essentially if you're like me and you like to re does what you really like his garbage. One of the desires of chip companies is to sell the health aspects of chips. Back when I was youthful they came out with a product called Olestra. Now less was something I think. They sprayed on chips in. It made it so your body could not absorb the fat which sounds perfect because you are eating chips you can eat as many ships as you want you absorb any fat. You'll just poop it out later. It's going to be maybe a bigger. But that's actually a fine thing because you aren't getting any of the negative aspects of eating chips but you're we're getting all the positive satisfaction of eating. Your chip. Alestra was essentially an oil so as an oil that kind of coated the stuff and then your body couldn't process it so you had to poop that out now. The thing is with oil in the human body in volume they do not mix well and as I stated previously one of the problems eating chips is we tend to eat too many. We eat a lot more than we should. So Olestra caused very significant problem. If you go on the Internet you could actually searched the word Alaska and the next words that would probably come up would be anal leakage because there was so much oil in your system. Your finger couldn't hold the oil in place in your intestines and it would start to slowly leak out of your but this is probably not what you expected this story to go and it's not where the people who made this product expected it to go because I guess they hadn't taken into account when people sit down. Eat a bag of chips. Eat the whole bag. Even if it's way too big for one one person. Because North Americans indulge too much. That's how they've been raised. The downfall of Alestra as a product was not the fact that it caused ause Dana leakage. It was the fact that they had to put something on the bag. That said may cause anal leakage. which if you are in publicity eighty or advertising or any sort of promotion the last words stamped on your product are may cause anal leakage? So that was the end of Alestra and the end of the electric style chip that you would absorb no fat from so science. At least we know. Oh he's still working on the perfect chip the loss of black the loss of the loss of Veloce podcast the loss of podcast crossed. Hey sexy friend. He's making me bitch. Thank you for listening if you have questions or comments you can tweet at villers. AP through email Veloce podcast g mail DOT COM. You can find the podcast on night. Younes stitcher Kost or go to velizy. Peter dot com slash podcast. That's not how they would say other H._D. H._d..

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