Super Bowl Ads 2019: Stunts, Self-Deprecation And Celebrity Sightings


Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from Comcast business having the nation's largest gig speed network was just the start. Now, they're providing gig fueled apps and solutions that exceed expectations and help businesses perform Comcast business beyond fast. Some Super Bowls are thrilling and summer like last night when the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams and the lowest scoring Super Bowl game in history. Of course, the game is only part of the spectacle, where the halftime show and the commercials anymore. Exciting. We have a tweet review here from one Rachel Martin of NPR news who writes, you wrote Rachel well that was horrible. Don't think you didn't love it very much NPR. Tv critic Eric Duggan's has his judgment the most unexpected moment in the Super Bowl. Halftime show. Didn't come from headliner. Maroon five or guest Travis Scott, it came courtesy of characters from the cartoon SpongeBob squarepants who introduced Scott's part of the performance. Musical genius who needs no introduction. The cartoon clip was a shoutout to sweet victory. Assam spongebob. Squarepants once played on an episode that parody the Super Bowl was a hip surprise. And a halftime show that also included appearances from Outkast member big BOI and a gospel choir. Maroon five frontman, Adam LeVine, stripped off, coats and shirt until he was bare-chested showing off his tattoos while singing one of the group's biggest hits moves like Jagger. Gives me. Show. It was professional mildly. Exciting the kind of ineffective Super Bowl halftime show that the NFL might have been hoping for after its controversies over players kneeling to protest police brutality. But it was also kind of boring like most of the Super Bowl commercials press to avoid social media backlash. Many of the ads in Sunday's game were not edgy groundbreaking or even all that funny. Consider one but lights commercials which featured medieval characters from last year's but light Super Bowl ads preparing to watch a joust a beautiful day for a date. Date things out lucky. Loincloth cold Bud Light comfy thrown I don't have the plague anymore when they're but night is killed by a character from game of thrones called the mountain then a dragon sets fire to the jousting arena. And the whole thing turns into a game of thrones commercial. I'm not quite sure how scenes of carnage and fire cells cans of Bud Light. Maybe it makes you thirsting Harrison Ford fared better in an ad that showed fictional failed products, featuring Amazon, Alexa, including dot collar. Ordering dog the Barco you'll want. I'm not paying for England dog food ordering gravy yet. There is nothing funnier than watching Indiana Jones chases small dog around his house, Pepsi earn some multigenerational cool points by having chance the rapper remix. The backstreet boys hit I want it that way. And the Washington Post scored with a serious ad ended reinforcing the value of journalists and journalism as images of reporters like slain columnists, Jamal kashogi appeared on screen. Tom Hanks provided a reassuring narration when our nation is threatened. There's someone to gather the facts. To bring you the story. No matter the cost knowing keeps us free. Now, I might be a bit biased. But seeing some of the most expensive real estate in television used to remind America that journalism is a key to democracy seemed like the best use of a Super Bowl ad that I've seen in quite a while Americans.

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